DELAWARE TECHNICAL & COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                             PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL MEETING
                                    Tuesday, June 5, 2007
                                       Terry Campus


PRESENT: Judith S. Caldwell, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Orlando J. George, Jr., President; Hope
W. Murray, Vice President for Human Resources & College Relations; Gerard M. McNesby, Vice President for
Finance; Lawrence H. Miller, Vice President & Campus Director, Stanton/Wilmington Campus; Janine W.
Reed, Administrative Assistant to the President; Brian D. Shirey, Esq., Chief Legal Counsel; Daniel L.
Simpson, Vice President & Campus Director, Terry Campus; Ileana M. Smith, Vice President & Campus
Director, Owens Campus; Cornelia N. Winner, Assistant Campus Director, Stanton/Wilmington Campus.


OTHERS PRESENT: Robert S. Jameson, Chief of Public Safety, Stanton/Wilmington Campus (conference
phone); Robert H. Messner, Acting Assistant Chief Technology Officer, President’s Office; Willard C. Wood,
Chief of Public Safety, Owens Campus (conference phone).

MINUTES: Minutes for the May 8, 2007 meeting were approved as submitted.


Dr. George expressed appreciation to Mr. Miller, Dr. Winner and staff for hosting an outstanding Employee
Recognition Event on May 17, 2007 and to Dr. Murray and Nancy Vodvarka for planning and carrying-out the
formal morning ceremony.

Dr. George thanked Campus Directors and staff for planning warm, dignified and family-oriented graduation

Mr. McNesby and Dr. Murray will insure an announcement is posted on MyDTCC in early July once the
budget and bond bill have passed.

Dr. George approved the draft Academic Affairs Plan for July, August, and September 2007 as proposed by
Mrs. Caldwell, who will be retiring June 30, 2007.

       Instruction –
              Lead - Dr. Fran Leach will provide overall leadership, chair meetings, support Linda Fantini
                     with curriculum changes in Banner, etc. She will report to Connie Winner.

                       Stephanie Smith will provide leadership to these areas: Planning & Assessment
                       (including accreditation). She will report to Dr. Ileana Smith.

                       Dr. Leach and Ms. Smith will be working closely together with coordination of all of the
                       above items.

                       Dr. Hope Murray will oversee Office of the President operational/administration issues
                       for Planning & Assessment, E-Learning, and Articulation. In addition, she will consult
                       with the Deans of Instruction for academic issues.

       Student Services –
              Lead - Dr. Wilma Mishoe will provide overall leadership and chair meetings. She will report to
                     Dan Simpson.
       Corporate & Community Programs –
                Lead - Dr. Sue Zawislak will provide overall leadership and chair meetings. She will report to
                       Larry Miller.

       International Education –
                Lead - Tony Digenakis will continue to supervise Carla Stone, the International Education
                       Committee, and Tech Prep. He will report to Jerry McNesby.

       Institutional Research – Kim Sudler will report to Hope Murray.

       Academic Affairs – Linda Fantini will coordinate with Fran Leach for curriculum work, etc., and will
                       report to Hope Murray on Office of the President operational/administration issues.

       Email – Linda Fantini will monitor the day-to-day calls, emails, documents, etc., and refer them to the
                        appropriate persons. Dr. Murray or any of the other people listed in the Plan could be
                        the referred contact.

       Board of Trustees Workshop – Dr. Fran Leach and Stephanie Smith

       AdHoc and President’s Council Meetings – Attendance may depend on agenda items.

New Student Orientation was scheduled as follows:

               Wednesday, August 22 – 5:30 p.m. – Stanton Campus
               Wednesday, August 22 – 6:30 p.m. – Wilmington Campus
               Thursday, August 23 – 9:30 a.m. – Terry Campus
               Thursday, August 23 – 11:00 a.m. – Owens Campus

Delaware Tech will be highlighted as one of the top 12 in the large company category in the News Journal’s
July 29 supplement. Employees voted anonymously.


At the conclusion of a special meeting held on April 17, President’s Council asked the Collegewide Chiefs of
Public Safety to review and make recommendations concerning 17 items designed to enhance the safety and
preparedness of the College community. The Chiefs met on a weekly basis since then, and gave a report on the
status of their progress at this meeting. Chief Wood expressed appreciation to Bob Messner and Brian Shirey
for their assistance with this team effort. President’s Council approved the following recommendations:

      Pursue a public address system to be considered by individual campus committees (given the
       differences among campuses both in terms of geography and facilities), together with other methods of
       notifying students, staff and visitors inside and outside of buildings, such as television monitors, digital
       signage and equipping patrol vehicles with an outside speaker system.

      Adopt a system for mass notification (in addition to e-mail which has already been tested) via text and
       voice transmissions, and select DTI’s vendor to provide this service. Methods to acquire and
       continually update cell phone numbers were discussed.

President’s Council Minutes 6/5/07                                                   Page 2
      Extend the College’s policy regarding I.D. badges to not only include all employees but also students,
       and adopt a uniform Collegewide I.D. card system.

      Limit number of access points on all campuses. Site surveys will be conducted by the campus
       committees to determine appropriate access points. All doors identified as “main entrances” will be
       monitored by cameras and when possible by Public Safety Officers.

      Update Emergency Procedures Manual. Each campus will designate a Crisis Management Committee
       that would supplement the crisis management approach. The committee will consist of three sub-
       committees: a) Emergency Response Subcommittee will develop an all hazards emergency plan or
       modify any existing plans that need updating; b) Needs/Threat Assessment Subcommittee will identify
       security/safety needs and conduct potential threat assessments; c) Crisis Communication Planning
       Subcommittee will develop a communication plan for communicating the College’s emergency plans to
       the campus communities and dealing with the media. The Chiefs’ Committee will review existing
       plans from each campus to ensure a Collegewide coordinated approach.

      Purchase 800 MHz radios (2 per campus – one base, one mobile). Mr. Shirey and Mr. Simpson will
       assist in pursuing funding. Current radio frequencies have been supplied to the State Police for their
       mobile command post.

The balance of the Chiefs’ report listed the remaining 12 items identified by President’s Council which are
either still under review or require no action.

Dr. George expressed appreciation to the Chiefs for their leadership and attention to detail, and will await on-
going reports at future President’s Council meetings.


Mr. Messner gave a DIET update as follows:

       Administrative Videoconferencing Rooms
             Remote access to these systems has been disabled & passwords were changed

DIET Positions and Staffing
       Director of Applications – Filled by Walt Adkins (LDP graduate)
       Manager of Ed. Systems and Manager of Admin. Systems are (internal) posted. The next series of
               postings, if necessary, will be external

Banner Updates
       New Banner server went live on 5/20/07 (12 minute processes now take 2 minutes)
       Common matching coming mid-July; Training will be offered in June, and staff have been advised of
             the training dates
       Upcoming Initiatives
             Online admissions with web payment (“Top 10 Digital Colleges Survey” initiatives)
             Table of authorities (supports online admissions)
       Announcement application rewrite underway; some delays have occurred
       Upcoming Initiatives
             Content Management System rollout
             CCP in Blackboard

President’s Council Minutes 6/5/07                                                   Page 3
Emergency Communications
       Mass Email Application Update
       Text messaging & email DTI solution ”NotiFind”
             Integrates with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity initiatives
       AdHoc will discuss “how” and “who” should have access

Center for Digital Education Survey
       Mr. Messner will insure the College is recognized in the next edition of this survey.

Dr. George and President’s Council expressed appreciation to Mr. Messner for his leadership.


Dr. George condensed the present graduation program in an effort to complete the ceremony in a timely
fashion, and asked Deans to adopt the process used by the Stanton/Wilmington Campus. Copies of the revised
program and process will be distributed Collegewide as appropriate.

ITEM 4.        FY09 BUDGET

Dr. George gave a budget update for this year and discussed planning for next year’s budget, with particular
emphasis on financial aid and meeting the growing demand in existing programs and expanding/updating
programs especially in the areas of health care.


Effective January 1, 2007 the State of Delaware revised its travel policies to become more closely aligned with
those in place for the federal government. Because the College was not notified of this change until late
December, implementation of these changes was delayed until a further review by Business Managers and
Office of the President fiscal staff. Ad Hoc recommends the College implement these changes effective July 1,
2007. The revised travel policy will be posted on the College’s website and presented at inservice.


Mr. Shirey distributed an updated legislative roster of pending and new legislation affecting the College
(attached). He reviewed changes in Senate and House legislation since his last update to the President’s


Deans Fran Leach and Stephanie Smith will facilitate the Board Workshop to be held in September. They are
in the beginning stages of planning. They will send a draft outline to AdHoc for their input and then to the
President for his input and subsequent approval.


President’s Council reviewed the Board Agenda for the meeting to be held this afternoon.


The next meeting of the President’s Council is scheduled for Tuesday, August 21, 2007 at the President’s Office
beginning at 9:00 a.m. Possible items for that agenda were discussed.

President’s Council Minutes 6/5/07                                                   Page 4

Dr. Murray presented an update on the CCIF initiative.


SEED Update – Mrs. Caldwell presented a preliminary summary of “SEED Student Performance” after fall
2006 and spring 2007. Dr. George asked Mrs. Caldwell for a comparison of SEED versus non-SEED retention
statistics with GPA tracking.

ADJOURNMENT – The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

                                                         Submitted by:

                                                         Janine W. Reed
                                                         Administrative Assistant to the President

President’s Council Minutes 6/5/07                                                   Page 5

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