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									              Weekly Celebrations                                                                        CATHOLIC PARISHES
                                                                                                   South Shields, Whitburn & Boldon
Sat      Holy Rosary         5.30 pm Dec‟d Yelland, Coyne & McKenna families                          Fr John Gibbons        Tel: 5367447
27th     Sacred Heart        6.30 pm Edmund Gibbons
Vigils   St Vincent‟s        7.00 pm People of the Parish                                             Fr John James          Tel: 4561858
         1 SUNDAY OF ADVENT                                                                           Fr Michael Weymes      Tel: 4563536
28th     St Bede‟s           9.30 am Charles and Catherine Sanderson                           
Nov      St Gregory‟s        9.30 am Dec‟d Members of Adams and Reynolds Families
         Ss Peter & Paul    10.30 am People of the Parish & Ian Whale
         St Oswald‟s
         St Bede‟s
                            11.00 am Michael & Catherine Youlden
                             5.00 pm For Oral Exams & People of the Parish
                                                                                            FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT year A
Mon      Weekday Of Advent                                                                              27th/28th November 2010
29th     St Gregory‟s        9.00 am Eucharistic Service
Nov      St Oswald‟s         9.00 am Private Intention
         Holy Rosary         9.15 am Eucharistic Service
         Ss Peter & Paul    10.00 am Muriel Mould
Tues     St Andrew, Apostle, Patron of Scotland
30th     Holy Rosary         9.15 am Peggy & Derrick Baxter (A)
Nov      St Oswald‟s        10.00 am Repose of the Soul of Betty Clark
         St Gregory‟s        6.30 pm Deceased Priests [LOM]
Wed      Weekday of Advent
1st      Holy Rosary         9.15 am Eucharistic Service
Dec      St Gregory‟s       10.00 am John and Ann Mulligan
         Sacred Heart       10.00 am Theresa Pallister
         Ss Peter & Paul    10.00 am Ken Anderson
         St Bede‟s          12.00 am Ralph Kelly
Thurs    Weekday of Advent
2nd      Sacred Heart       10.00 am Private Intention
Dec      St Bede‟s          10.00 am Dec‟d members Attard & O‟Connor Families
         St Vincent‟s       10.00 am Dec‟d members of Howey & Baggott Families
         Ss Peter & Paul     7.00 pm Tom McLaughlin
Fri      St Francis Xavier
3rd      St Oswald‟s         9.30 am O‟Connor & Jopling Families                                     … to the house of the God of Jacob,
Dec      St Gregory‟s       10.00 am Priest‟s Intention                               that he may instruct us in his ways, and we may walk in his paths.”
         Holy Rosary        12.00 pm Holy Rosary Parish
         St Bede‟s           7.00 pm Students of Marine College                     `Advent, this powerful liturgical season that we are beginning, invites us
Sat      Weekday of Advent                                                          to pause in silence to understand a presence. It is an invitation to
4th      St Gregory‟s       10.00 am Priest‟s Intention                             understand that the individual events of the day are hints that God is
Dec      Ss Peter & Paul    10.00 am Martin James [SVP]
         Holy Rosary        11.00 am Eucharistic Service                            giving us signs of the attention he has for each one of us. How often
         St Bede‟s          12.00 pm Senior Citizens & Housebound                   does God give us a glimpse of his love!‟
Vigils   Holy Rosary          5.30 pm Norman Catley                                                               Pope Benedict.1st Vespers of Advent 28/11/09
         Sacred Heart         6.30 pm James & Margaret Hardy                        Pope Benedict XVI often calls our Christian way of life, countercultural.
         St Vincent‟s         7.00 pm People of the Parish                          An Advent life of hope is the chance to be countercultural in the face of
5th      St Bede‟s           9.30 am Coltman Family                                 a society whose Christmas season is full of commercialism and
Dec      St Gregory‟s        9.30 am Dec‟d members of Cochrane and Smith Families   materialism. We are countercultural when we say "no" to greed and
         Ss Peter & Paul    10.30 am People of the Parish & James Joseph Duggan     then reflect on Gospels calling us to change. Together, we have the
         St Oswald‟s        11.00 am People of the Parish
         St Bede‟s           5.00 pm Birthday Thanksgiving & People of the Parish   opportunity to change our hearts and rediscover the real treasures in
                                                                                    life - those given by Christ. That is true hope.
                                                                                                               Holy Rosary & St Bede’s
                                                                                                       or 0750 6749261

                                                                                                                     Mass Book: page 26

                                                                                         Confessions: St Bede‟s Sat 9-10.00 am          Holy Rosary Sat. 5-5.30 pm
 In the first part of Advent we hear readings from Isaiah who gives us images of         Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: Holy Rosary, Fri. 11-12.noon & St
 heaven, a place of perfect peace and togetherness. These include texts that are         Bede’s, Saturday, 9-10.00 am. This hour of quiet prayer is open to all.
 also read on the Sundays. The Gospels are then chosen to show how Our Lord              Greeters: The Children‟s Liturgy Group have organised a rota of children to
 was the fulfilment of Isaiah‟s prophecies: each day the Gospel narrative illustrates    greet and welcome worshippers at St Bede‟s on Sunday morning. If you would
 the fulfilment of the First Reading in Jesus Christ. As we await the second coming      like your child to join the rota, please see Mickilea.
 of Jesus, we try to contemplate what life after death means.                            Children’s Nativity: The Children‟s Liturgy Group are preparing to perform a
                                                                                         Nativity Tableau during 9.30 am Mass at St Bede‟s on Sunday, 19 Dec. If you
          ST                                                                             would like your child to be involved, come to the Children‟s Liturgy 9.30 am.
        1      Reading             Psalm                         Gospel
                                                                                         Priests’ Training Fund: ends today. Please hand in your contribution ASAP.
Mon     Isaiah 4:2-6               Ps 122:1-9                    Matthew 8:5-11          Baptism: Taylor James Dunn will be baptised at St Bede‟s today [Sunday] at
Tue     Romans 10:9-18             Ps 19:8-11                    Matthew 4:18-22         12.00 noon. Welcome to our Parish Family.
Wed     Isaiah 25:6-10             Ps 23:1-6                     Matthew 15:29-37        Scripture Group meets at St Bede‟s Presbytery on Tuesdays at 7.00 pm. Next
Thurs   Isaiah 26:1-6              Ps 118:1,8-9, 19-21,25-27     Matthew 7:21,24-27      meeting is Tuesday, 23rd November. All are welcome.
Fri     Isaiah 29:17-24            Ps 27:1,4,13-14               Matthew 9:27-31         Parish Council: Meeting at Holy Rosary on Thursday, 2nd December at 7 pm.
Sat     Isaiah 30:19-21,23-26      Ps 147;1-6                    Matthew 9:35 –          Soup Lunch: There is a Soup Lunch after mid-day Mass at St Bede‟s on
                                                                 10:1,5-8                Wednesdays in the Presbytery and Holy Rosary on Fridays in the Hall.
                                                                                         Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group meets every Wednesday at 172
                                                                                         Bamburgh Avenue at 6.00 pm. All welcome.
                                       Advent                                            Christmas Raffle Tickets are on sale at St Bede‟s - £1.00 per book. Prizes
                                                                                         include Christmas Hamper, Vouchers, and Christmas Cake etc.
For the Church, Advent begins a new year, a time associated with resolutions.            Indian Celebration: Friday, 3rd December - Feast of St Francis Xavier. Mass
Resolutions are noble in intention, but fragile in practice. We probably rely too        St Bede‟s at 7 pm.
much on our own efforts. Advent is a new time, a new opportunity for growth, for a       Quiz Night: Friday 3 December St Bede‟s Hall, Quiz, Bingo, Pie & Pea Supper
deeper realisation of the Lord‟s presence among us. Since becoming our bishop,           £3.50. All welcome.
Bishop Seamus has emphasised the need for spending time in prayer. Bishops               Deanery Day of Recollection: Sat, 4 Dec. See Cluster page for more details.
and Priests, in charge of their own time-tables, can easily create time for prayer. It   Christmas Celebration for Senior Citizens at St Bede‟s Parish Hall on Sat, 4th
is not so easy for most of you with many responsibilities. However, Advent is an         Dec. Mass at 12.00 noon followed by a Hot Lunch and a Christmas Show [See
opportunity to look at our personal time-tables, to see if we have space for private     poster in church porch] Please give names and addresses to Ralph or Norah.
prayer. We will have 20 minutes before daily Mass each day in Advent for private         Car drivers needed - give your name to Ralph or Norah.
prayer. It is a time when we should allow God to speak to us, not a time for us to       Advent Alms: Don‟t forget to support St Cuthbert‟s Care; see Cluster
fill with personal devotions. This is not a denial of personal devotions. It is a        page for more details.
recognition that God always wants to give us more. We can discern the                                      Ecumenical Service Baptist Tabernacle, 28 Nov. 6.00 pm
generosity of God in private prayer.                                                                       Penitential Services Holy Rosary            10 Dec 12.00 noon
Advent can be so crowded with Christmas preparations. These hectic activities                                                         St Bede‟s,       18 Dec. 10.00 am
can leave us exhausted; too tired to appreciate the presence of the Lord with us.                          Carol Services             St Bede‟s,        13 Dec. 2.00 pm
Prayer in Advent will enable us to obviate this danger.                                                                               Holy Rosary       16 Dec. 2.00 pm
Thoughts for Advent: 1. Give % spent on luxuries to CAFOD. 2. When thinking              School News: The children have once again been busy raising money for
about presents, what about CAFOD‟s World Gift Projects? 3. Set aside half an             Children in Need. They had a „no-uniform‟ day and a St. Bede‟s „got talent‟
hour each week, for Prayer and reflection. The Gospel of the day may be a                competition - amount raised to come soon.
source for reflection.                                                                   Also congratulations to Abid Rahman, a year 6 pupil who has just been awarded
                                                                                         one of only two scholarships to Harrow.
           Sacred Heart
Confessions: Saturday 6.00–6.30 pm.                                                                                         For further notices or for more info
Please pray for: Fr John Gibbons, Peter Arthurs, Carol Hannen, Grace Marley, Hazel Watson,                                      Please see the notice board
Eileen Martin, Jessie Gray, Patricia McKeag, all the sick in St Benedict‟s, St Clare‟s Hospice
and all those in South Tyneside Hospital. If there is anyone ill or housebound and not being
visited, please inform John Hardy.                                                               Collections: These will be announced or placed on the notice board in each Parish.
Please note: Mass on Thursday this week will be slightly earlier - 9.45 am at Sacred Heart.      Cycle of Prayer: During Advent and Christmastide we are asked to pray for these
PARISH ROTA             This Week                          Next Week                             intentions: Openness to the Word of God; Migrants and Refugees; Expectant
Readers                 Mr M Oliver, Mr F Totton and       Mrs C Roger, Mr P Arthurs and         Mothers.
                        Mrs K Smith                        Mr D Smith                            The Annual Priest Training Fund closes today. Anyone wishing to make a
Eucharistic Ministers   Mr D Godfrey and Mr D Smith        Mrs Urwin and Mr F Totton             bequest, please complete the form at the back of the Fund Account Booklets
Children‟s Liturgy      See list                           See list
Bidding Prayers         M Tierney                          M Hunter                              available at the back of Church.
Counters                Mrs Saunders and Mrs Urwin         Mr & Mrs Tierney                      Rosie Thompson Memorial Service: will be celebrated in St. Gregory‟s Church
Book Keeper             Mr Smith                           Mr Tierney                            this evening [Sunday, 28 Nov. at 6.30pm]. All are welcome.
Advent Services: 4.00 pm Sunday afternoon- Advent Reflection each week                           Deanery Day of Recollection: Requested by Bishop Seamus: every Deanery in
                   7.00 am Friday morning- Mass at the Sacred Heart church                                                                                   th
                                                                                                 the Diocese is to have a Day of Recollection on Saturday, 4 December. The venue
Thoughts for Advent:                                                                             for our Deanery will be St. Mary‟s, Jarrow. Tea and coffee are available on arrival at
Set aside one half hour each week, e.g. Thursday 7.30 pm. It may not be at this time, but a
                                                                                                 10.30 am. Please bring a packed-lunch. We will finish at 2.30 pm. Please give this
regular time tends to focus attention. See also inside cover of Bulletin.
                                                                       th     th
Who Counts? Poverty and Homelessness Action week runs form 29 Jan to 6 February                  initiative from Bishop Seamus your full support.
2011. See Diocesan and Cluster page for further information.                                     Deanery & Cluster Carol Service & Christmas Mass Times: Every Parish has
To add anything to the bulletin during December can you please contact Denis Godfrey.            been circulated with a poster advertising these times. Please consult.
                                                                                                 Deanery & Cluster Advent Services of Reconciliation & Confessions: Every
                                                                                                 parish has been circulated with a poster detailing times of these opportunities to
                                                                                                 prepare ourselves in meeting the Lord of all forgiveness and reconciliation. Please
        St. Oswald’s
 Deanery Day of Recollection: Please give your full support. See Cluster Page.                   Legion of Mary: Annual celebration of the Immaculate Conception will be held at St
 Bulletin: If you wish to add anything to our bulletin during November, please contact           Bede‟s on Wed. 8th Dec. commencing with Legion Prayers 6.30 pm and Mass 7 pm
Today’s Mass is 07956068156 by Wednesday evening.
 Myris Groom on on page 1. Readings page 81, cycle A.                                            It will be followed by a Pie & Peas supper, £3.50. Names can be given to any
Anniversaries: Grace Balback, Annie Murphy, James Bertram, Doris Finn, Michael                   Legion member. We extend invitation to all our Auxiliary members.
Sullivan, Margaret Briggs and Florence McGrory.                                                  Annual [Friends of St Clare’s Hospice] Carol Concert with the Sunderland
Please pray for: Fr. John, Jenny Clark, Catherine Bailey, John Gilchrist, Mavis Brady,           Singers, at St Paul‟s & St John‟s United Reformed Church, Beach Road, South
Walter Carter, Robert Scott, Ged Nixon, Carol Cunningham, Peter Hanratty, Olga                   Shields on Thursday, 9 December at 7 pm. All welcome.
Hobbs, Christine Makins, Nancy Stoker and the sick and housebound.                               Youth pilgrimage to Lourdes in 2012 is now open.                 For details, email
Scripture Sharing: Tuesday at 7.00 pm. All are welcome.                                
This week: Eucharistic Ministers: T. Brown, L. Fitzpatrick and J. Taylor.                        Christmas Day Lunch at St Gregory’s: This is for people who might otherwise be
Reader: A. Hutton. Bidding Prayers: M. Hunter.                                                   lonely. Transport can be organised for guests from NE34, NE33 and SR6 7 if
Next Week: Eucharistic Ministers: Sr. Mary Augusta, P. Brown and P. Gulbrandsen.                 needed. Please telephone 456 5134 if you wish to come.
Reader: M. Ellendon. Bidding Prayers: M. Kent.                                                   Advent Alms Collection: This year‟s appeal will be in aid of the 5p Bus, a project
Priest Training Fund: The fund will stay open until Nov 28 for private donations.                run by St Cuthbert‟s Care. If you would like to support the work of St Cuthbert‟s
Grand Christmas Raffle: Tickets £1. Drawn To-day. Please support it. Thank you.                  Care on a regular basis, contact Amanda Tweedy on 0191 242 4803 or email:
Church Notices: Contact Catherine Slater (5369248) or Teresa Featherstone               St Cuthbert‟s Care is also seeking
(5374285). Please see cluster page for Mass Intentions.                                          donations of unused items such as toothbrushes and soap, socks, hats and gloves.
100 Club: Winning No. for this week was No. 8. W. Carrahar £50                                   Contact Ken Hitcham on 07866 548 316 or for further information, email:
Tree Lighting Service: Service takes place on Monday, 13 December at 7 p.m.            
Christmas Altar Flowers: Any donations, please give to T. Featherstone. Thank you.               Christmas Card for a Prisoner Appeal 2010: Please write a message in a
Advent Services: 4.00 pm Sunday afternoon. Advent Reflection. Each week.                         Christmas Card and send to: Prison Advice and Care Trust, Park Place, 32 Lawn
7.00 am Friday mornings Mass at Sacred Heart.                                                    Lane, London, SW8 1UD and it will be forwarded to a serving prisoner before
                                                                                                 Christmas Day.
World Gifts is a chance to give Christmas presents that make a difference to people in
need in developing countries. Leaflets are at the back of the church.
                                                             th        th
                                                                                                         St Gregory’s & St Vincent’s                                      Harton
                                                                                                                                                                        St Gregory
Poverty and Homelessness Action Week runs form 29 Jan to 6 February 2011.                                                & St Vincent
Christians are encouraged to consider whether the way we live bears witness to the                             0191 4560724 (Mon, Thurs., Fri morning)             Cleadon Whitburn
truth that in God‟s kingdom „the least shall be first‟. Next year‟s population census will
probably exclude the „hidden homeless‟, and destitute asylum seekers. Questions for us
to ponder in Advent are: Who counts in society? Who does the counting?                       Tuesday, 30th November: Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament: 10-12 noon/6-6.30 pm.
Who decides who is included and who is excluded? Who has a voice? Whom do we                 Wednesday, 1st December: Morning Prayers of the Church at 9.30 am.
value and why? Who counts in God‟s eyes?                                                     Friday, 3rd December: Morning prayers of the church at 9 30 am.
Christmas Fayre: Friday, 3rd December, St Gregory‟s School 2-4.30 pm. All welcome.           Saturday, 4th December: Rosary for Vocations at 9 30 am.
Beds Wanted: The SVP require beds urgently for needy families. If you can dispose of         Responsorial Psalm: I rejoiced when I heard them say: “Let us go to God‟s house”.
a spare bed, please ring Jim Turner on 4211487 for collection.                               Please pray for the Sick: Paul and Monica Whalen, Mgr Gerard Lavender,
The Northern Catholic Calendar 2011 is on sale at the back of church, priced £2.50.          Philip Callaghan, Joseph Fay and Ellie Kraal.
Advent Extra: Limited copies, „Your Journey to Christmas‟, 5 minutes with the Lord           Anniversaries: Charles O‟Reilly, Mary Elizabeth Howey, Michael Cronin and Fr John
each day of Advent; 28 days of Daily Reflections, plus puzzles, recipes and much more.       Kennedy.
Cluster Mass & Individual Confessions at 10 am, St Bede‟s on Saturday, 18
                                                                                        th   Rotas for 4th/5th December:
December.                                                                                    Vigil Mass at St Vincent’s: Welcomers: J and P Hansell; Readers: F Harrison and
                                                                                             S Chapman; Eucharistic Ministers: J Reid and R Gavin
                                                                                             9 30 am Mass at St Gregory’s: Welcomers: A Seymour and A Wright
          Ss Peter & Paul’s                                                                  Readers: Jim Grant and H J De Birch; Eucharistic Ministers: *J Montgomery, D McGurk,
                                                     M McKibben, J Stewart and M Thirlwall; Bidding Prayers: E Watson; Coffee: J Little and
                                                                                             S Smith; Newsletter: C Jordan
Sacrament of Reconciliation: NO Confessions on Saturday 4 December, (Deanery                 Samaritan’s Purse: Many thanks to all who donated a Christmas shoe box. This year
Day of Reflection)                                                                           the shoe boxes have gone off to Romania. We sent 101 boxes.
Please Pray For: Julia Riley, Sarah and Francis Gribben, Mary Trint, Veronica Helps,         Reminders: [1] Deadline, 27th/28th November for numbers and details for Christmas
Margarie Ord, Joe and Marian Gilmartin, Margaret Haggerston, Anne McClaren, Ray              Party attendance on Friday, 10th December at 4 pm. [2] Prayer Group meets at 4 pm in
McKie, John Stephenson, Bill & Maureen Jennings, Ella Burdon, Dorothy Hodgetts, Eileen       the meeting room on Wednesday, 1st December
Sutton, Monica Gagliardi, Kathleen Egan, Muriel Mould, Julia Riley and Veronica              The Parish Pastoral Council Meeting will be held on Thursday, 2nd December at 7 pm
Williamson; Frs: Vincent Melia, Dominic McGivern, Mgr. Ged Lavendar                          in the meeting room at St Gregory‟s. All council members are requested to attend
Advent Sunday Services at 4 pm every Sunday of Advent. An opportunity in our                 please. The meeting agenda is posted on the notice board. If you have any issues you
busy lives to spend one hour for ourselves with the Lord before the Blessed                  wish to be discussed or any other correspondence for this meeting, please pass to the
Sacrament: time for silent “Me ,with only you, God” time; 5 suggestions to help us           parish secretary by Wednesday, 1st December. Thank you.
experience Christmas in a different, more personal, life-giving, way; bringing us            Parish Bulletin: In an effort to reduce paper waste, starting next weekend, bulletins will
together for encouragement, support, and help in our faith in “God-with-Us”. Please try      not be placed inside hymn books. They will be handed to you on entering church so you
your best to come – at least once!                                                           can have an individual one or a family one. The cluster bulletin informs you of all service
100 Club: We are still in need of more members of this club, as we have lost a               times in the cluster and is especially useful as we approach the Christmas season.
number in this last year and in order to be able to keep up the same amount in prizes.       Needed: More writers for Sunday and Holy Day Biddings, to ensure that the “Prayer of
Ladies Group: Next Group Coffee Morning is on Tuesday, 14 December, 10.15 am                 the People” is not just Prayer of the Few. Please contact Ted Duffy, Tel: 529 4713.
in the Parish House. Christmas Lunch will be at the Grand Hotel, Scarborough at £25          A big “thank you” from Leona and Paschal to those who helped and supported the
                                                                                             coffee morning, held for the orphanage in Sri Lanka. A total of £226 was raised which
per head, comprising a four course lunch, dancing and afternoon tea. The Annual
                      nd                                                                     will be greatly appreciated.
Social Night is on 22 January in the Parish House.
                                                                                             North East Ecumenical Women’s Group is holding an afternoon of quiet reflection
Senior Citizens Free Christmas Party in the Crown Bingo Hall, courtesy of Tom                „Preparing for Christmas‟ on Friday, 3rd December, 12 noon-3 30 pm at Brunswick
Hearn and our SVP, on Wednesday, 15 December after 11.00 am Mass. This party                 Methodist Church, Newcastle. Bring a packed lunch; drinks will be provided. More
is now full. The Brothers thank everyone for their support over this last year.              information from Bernadette Askins [Tel: 536 7627] or from notice board.
Raffle Tickets: in aid of Church funds, £1 per strip for 15 good prizes. To be drawn at      Service of Reconciliation – 7 pm at St Gregory‟s on Tuesday, 14th December
Parish social evening on 28 December at South Shields Catholic Club.                         Christmas Eve, 24th December: 7 30 pm Carols before 8 pm Holy Mass at St Gregory‟s
Times of Reconciliation Services/Confessions/Carol and Christmas Services in                 Christmas Day, 25th December: 9 00 am Mass at St Vincent‟s, Whitburn
the Cluster and Deanery are on our notices at the back of Church. Please consult to                                             9 30 am Mass at St Gregory‟s
save having to ring the priest to ask him “What time is Midnight Mass, Father? –             Feast of the Holy Family, 26th December: 9 30 am Mass at St Gregory‟s
normally a minute before the Carol Service!” [Oh, what a Ba-Humbug man he is!]                  Christmas Carol Services and Mass Times for all parishes in the cluster can be
                                                                                                                            viewed on the Notice Board.

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