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									                                   Iowa Council on Homelessness
                                         Meeting Minutes
                                         March 21, 2008

                                      Voting Members Present:

Allan Axeen – HACAP                                     Mario Hayslett – Criminal Justice Ministries
Jerry Bartruff – Dept. of Corrections                   Joseph Jones- Iowa Finance Authority
Jean Brown – Central Iowa Shelter & Services            Doug Keast – Dept. of Workforce Development
Dr. Susan Dawson – Allen College                        Jennifer Manders - Project Concern
Dennis Dietz – Habitat for Humanity                     Gordon Miller – Department of Public Safety
Donna Eggleston – Department of Education               Patrick Nestvedt – Catholic Charities
Rebecca Falck – SEIDA Community Action                  O’Hern, Joe – Iowa Finance Authority
 Agency                                                 Donna Phillips - Attorney General’s Office
Tim Fitzpatrick - Proxy                                 Tom Schmit – Community & Family Resources
Kelli Foltz - Department of Veteran Affairs             Steffani Simbric – Iowa State University
Diane Foss – Dept. of Economic Development              Bob Steben – Department of Veteran Affairs
Melissa Fulton – Consumer                               Robert Uhl – Consumer
Jeff Gronstal – Department of Public Health             James Walker – Keys to Awareness

                                      Voting Members Absent:

Bill Brand – Department of Human Rights                 Dr. Allen Parks – Dept. of Human Services
Anne Brown – Dept. of Corrections                       Nancy Schultz – Heartland Family Services
Christina M. Canganelli – Shelter House                 Kevin Squires - Consumer
Ann Davidson – YWCA Fort Dodge                          Harry Waller – MOHM’s Place
Lori Elam – Scott Co. Community Services                Mike Wood – Mental Health Assoc of Siouxland
Ann Hearn – Linn County Community Services
Terry Hornbuckle – Department of Elder Affairs
Janice Loving – Consumer

                                      Others Present:

Krista Bowersox - HUD                                   Christina Kelly – DV Shelter
Ben Brustkern – Cedar Valley Friends                    Amy Kurtz – City of Sioux City
                of the Family Program                   Fred Lempke – Iowa Veteran’s Home
Jenny Carr - Algona                                     Roberta Milinsky - YSS in Ames
Maria Clark - Proteus, Inc.                             Jodie Miller – Iowa Institute for Community
Ranelle Clark -Davenport                                Alliances
Denny Crousey – Comm. Action Agency                     Erin Porterfield - MATCH
Carrie Dunwald - YSS - Boone                            Rick Schloemer – Scott Co. Housing Dept.
Ron French – Shelby Co. Comm. Outreach                  Cheryl Smith – Algona
David Hicks – Youth and Shelter Services                Kelly Thompson-Reyes – John Lewis
Jane Hoffman - John Lewis, Davenport                    Julie Williams - Davenport

                                   Iowa Finance Authority Staff:

Lyle Schwery – Homeless Programs Coordinator            Cinda Motis – Administrative Assistant
                                   Call to Order & Introduction
Chairman Keast called the March 21, 2008 meeting of the Iowa Council for Homelessness to order at
9:55 a.m.

Introductions were made by those present at the host and remote ICN locations.

A quorum was established.

                                      Executive Committee Report
Chairman Kiest reported that the next meeting will start at 9:30 a.m. for people who would like an
overview of the Council, history of the Council, why the Council exists, role of the Council and role of
the committees. This would be a good time for you to join us with your questions at the next meeting May
16, 2008.

Lyle Schwery received a request from an organization in Washington D.C. that is working on some new
legislation going through Congress. A few months back he had submitted a grant application called
SOAR which is a technical assistance grant that goes to the states. Basically, it helps with training people
to get signed up for substance abuse and mental health disability payments or SSI/SSDI. We didn’t make
the cut in Iowa, because there was only a limited amount of money this time. There is a bill moving
through congress to get more money for this in the future. It is funded through SAMHSA. We have been
asked to send letters to Senator Grassley and Senator Harkin who have influential positions to help move
this through for additional money plus set up a national technical assistance office that could help us with
that. We are going to draft some letters and have our Chair sign them and send them out.

               Continuum of Care Committee Report – Dr. Dawson from Waterloo
Dr. Dawson informed us that as of today, HUD has not released the supernofa yet. The finish line has
moved again from the training and the number of points or amount you have to have for the state to fund
any program keeps moving up. We have to see how we can best qualify ourselves for the maximum
amount we can get.

Lyle Schwery added there are 26 or 27 projects up for renewal this year; and if you deduct this amount
from the prorata need amount, there is only $30,000 remaining for any new projects. We can go 15%
over our prorata need for a bonus project which means permanent housing projects targeting exclusively
chronic individuals with disabling conditions that have been homeless for a long time. Last year, our
application was over 800 pages. This year all of that data needs to be keyed in. Each continuum will
have two people with passwords. The application deadline has been pushed back maybe into August. We
have been told that the electronic submissions will be done by the applicant which probably means our
Des Moines office site. The project sponsors will not have access to the electronic system. HUD assures
us that once this system is in place, they will be able to make grant awards in the same year the funding
was approved which means before October 1. We will keep you informed.

                                Policy and Planning Committee Report
Joseph Jones reported on bills HF2497 and SF2161. The bill that has to do with codifying the Homeless
Council into the Iowa Code under Chapter 14 Iowa Finance Authority Chapter has changed. There was
an amendment on the Senate side to make sure we include on the Council someone from the League of
Cities and someone from the Iowa Association of Counties. That bill passed the Human Resources
Committee in the Senate. On the House side, it incurred a couple more submissions from representatives
in order to make the amendments. These stipulations were that there always will be one minority member
of Council and one member under the age of 30 on the Council. That bill has actually passed the House
and Economic Growth Committee. Joseph foresees the House bill will be debated on the house floor in
the next week. This will be debated and passed on the Senate side.

The other bill is the Certificate of Employability and is a bill in the Human Resources Committee that
counts out 25/50. Human Resources voted out of committee and doesn’t have the companion bill on the
Senate side so will have to go through the process for the Senate side.

Both bills will have to be completed next week.

                                 Public Awareness Committee Report
Donna Phillips reported that the Public Awareness Committee hosted a Legislative breakfast for the Iowa
Council on Homeless on Tuesday, January 22, First Floor of Capitol. Several visual aids were presented.
Julie and Dave Eberbach ran a power point presentation on the Point in Time 2007 count which
continuously ran during the breakfast. An informational packet, talking point summary and letter from
Doug Kiest were great handouts. At least a dozen legislators attended. Among the legislators that
attended were Senator Jack Hatch, Senator Amanda Reagen and Senator Roger Stewart. Senator Amanda
Reagen ended up sponsoring the Senate bill regarding codifying the Iowa Council on Homelessness.

March 21, 2008 Agenda
Chairman Keast introduced the agenda for the March 21, 2008 meeting.

Motion: On a motion by a Jeff Gronstal, seconded by Diane Foss, the Council unanimously approved the
March 21, 2008 Agenda.

January 18, 2008 Minutes
Chairman Keast introduced the Minutes of the January 18, 2008 meeting.

Motion: On a motion by Gordon Miller, seconded by Dr. Sue Dawson, the Council unanimously
approved the January 18, 2008 Minutes.

                                     Nominating Committee Report
James Walker reported on the slate of nominations for the Chair, Vice-chair, and Secretary for the
upcoming two-year terms. The Chair is currently from a state agency and Vice-chair is from the general
public. According to the by-laws, the next Chair must be from the general public and the Vice-chair from
a state agency. Election of new officers will take place at the May meeting pending the Council’s
acceptance of the slate of nominees this year. New recommendations
are: Chair, Jenny Manders, Project Concern, Dubuque; Vice-chair, Gordon Miller, Iowa Department of
Public Safety; and Secretary, Al Axeen, Iowa City, Hawkeye Area Community Action Program, Iowa

Chairman Keast introduced a Motion to accept the slate of nominees of the Nominating Committee.

Move: On a motion by Dr. Sue Dawson and seconded by Donna Phillips, the Council unanimously
approved the motion to accept the slate of nominees of the Nominating Committee.

Chairman Keast introduced a Motion that the nominations of the Nominating Committee be closed.

Move: On a motion by Jeff Gronstal and seconded by Mario Hayslett, the Council unanimously approved
the motion that the nominations of the Nominating Committee be closed.
Lyle Schwery mentioned we still have one open slot on the committee to fill and we are waiting to see the
legislature’s results before we fill that slot.

.                               Research and Analysis Committee Report
Al Axeen reported on the Point in Time count and they are still waiting for some clarification on some
numbers. He commended Eileen for her process. There will be an annual report that will be submitted to
the Governor.

                                         HMIS Committee Report
Jody Miller reported on the Point in Time count. Some minor changes could possibly happen. We are
waiting for counts from 3 emergency shelters. Some street count totals could be missing. List of street
counts was compiled and e-mailed out statewide. From the preliminary results, 52 transitional housing
agency programs and 48 emergency shelter programs submitted counts for the balance of state. Seventy-
eight (78) families were counted in emergency shelters, 292 families were in transitional housing, and 2
families were on the street. So, 1,155 total people in those families. There were 343 singles in
emergency shelters, 328 singles were counted in transitional housing, and 75 singles counted on the street.
So, there is a total homeless count of 746 for the singles. The shelter and street count grand total was
1,901 people for balance of state. So, 61% were families and 39% of that total were singles. People in
families made up the 41% of the total people in emergency shelters and 74% of the total persons in
transitional and 9% of the street. We have received raw Point in Time data from Council Bluffs, Sioux
City, and Des Moines CoC. For Des Moines, a street count of roughly 85 people being reported on the
street. We need to confirm one household with children for a total of 4 people, 78 households and no
children and 81 people within those. Polk County will be out next week and then we can compile the
whole statewide total. Iowa Institute is taking over the responsibility for compiling the balance of state
housing inventory chart for the supernofa. Iowa Institute will be publishing an annual report based on the
data collected from the HMIS system and 2007 report is expected to be done by the end of May.

Lyle Schwery mentioned that these numbers do not include Des Moines Polk County, Sioux City
Woodbury County, or Council Bluffs Pottawattamie County. Those are in separate reports.

                                            Reports & Activities
Lyle Schwery reported on the HSOG and ESG process for the Homeless Assistance Program. They have
finished scoring the applications and made award recommendations and these will be approved by the
Board April 2 and letters will be sent out in mid April. There were 123 applications. We had five more
than previous year. Scores were higher than previous years. On the downside, we had the same money,
higher scores and more applicants. The highest amount granted was $31,000 and minimum award is set
by the administrative rules at $10,000. The total amount available was $2.4 million in a combination of
State and Federal funds. Please check the website, because we are posting new information frequently.

                                             Old Business
Chairman Kiest mentioned a group that has completed a Kaizan process about identifying young people
who are aging out of the youth social security system. They have completed a Kaizan process and the
Council has agreed to have them come back. Chairman Kiest will contact the representatives for a future

                                                   New Business
Al Axeen reported from Iowa City on a new shelter. They are diligently working to get it off the ground.
There is a lot adjacent to it that is up for sale and there is an internal debate on this now.

Donna Phillips, from the Attorney General’s Crime Victim Assistance Program, reported that they are
anticipating a 22% cut in grant money this year for crime victims which amounts to $850,000 and also
anticipating some other program cuts of 5%. When you talk to legislators, please mention that the crime
victim funds have been cut as well.

                                       Next Meeting Date
Chairman Keast reminded members of the next Council meeting date, Friday, May 16, 2008 at 9:30 a.m.

Chairman Keast adjourned the Council meeting at 10:53 a.m.

Dated this 21st day of March, 2008,

Respectfully submitted:                                 Approved as to form:

Cinda Motis, Administrative Assistant                   Al Axeen, Secretary
Iowa Finance Authority                                  Iowa Council on Homelessness

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