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					Holy Mass This Week …                                               Daily Mass
                                                                       8 a.m.
Saturday - July 8
5:00 pm George Pike (15 Anniv), by his
                                                                  July and August
5:00 pm Anita Bouthillier, by her family
                                                                Monday thru Friday
                                                              in the Convent Chapel
Sunday - July 9
8:30 am Richard Allen Valquette, by his
parents                                                   (Morning Prayer before daily Mass
      and                                                           at 7:40 a.m.)
8:30 am A Special Intention
10:30 am Eunice Partington (1 Anniv), by
her family                                    OUR RELIGIOUS EDUCATION PROGRAM…
                                              welcomes all children and young people who attend public
10:30 am Gloria Scirenski (Birthday
Remembrance), by her family                   schools (and those in Catholic Schools who are preparing to
                                              receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist, and
Monday - July 10                              Confirmation).
8:00 am Saint Cecilia Parish Family           Beginning in the Fall of 2000, we will offer Kindergarten
                                              religion class along with Grades 1 thru 7 on Sunday
Tuesday - July 11
8:00 am Gloria Scirenski, by the family       mornings in the School from 9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. Following
                                              religion class, children are expected to participate in the
Wednesday - July 12                           10:30 a.m. Mass in Church where a special Children's
8:00 am Lina Luchesi, by her husband          Liturgy of the Word is celebrated. Children in Grades K thru
                                              6 are invited to leave the main assembly in the Church after
Thursday - July 13
8:00 am Florimond Demers, by his estate       the Opening Prayer of the Mass and process downstairs to
                                              the Church Hall where the Scripture readings are proclaimed
Friday - July 14                              in children's language, making God's Word more
8:00 am Ann Blaszkow, by Jackie Walsh         understandable to them. Then, the whole group of children
                                              "breaks down" into smaller groups by age for a discussion
Saturday - July 15
5:00 pm Lillian Carrier (4 Anniv), by her     on God's Word, relating the message to their young lives.
daughter and son-in-law                       The group re-gathers for General Intercessions (Prayers of
      and                                     the Faithful) and then returns to the main body of the Church
5:00 pm Rollande and Wallace Forest, by       for the Liturgy of the Eucharist (children process back into
the Mandeville Family
                                              Church during the offertory collection).
Sunday - July 16                              Grade 8 religion classes are held on Monday evenings from
8:30 am Father Bertrand Richman, by a         6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the School.
friend                                        Grades 9 and 10 form our Confirmation Preparation
       and                                    Program; young people meet in small groups in the homes
8:30 am A Special Intention of
                                              of their adult leaders for sessions in the Fall/Winter and
Thanksgiving, by a parishioner
                                              Winter/Spring. The meeting days and times are flexible
10:30 am Loretta Trottier, by the Faculty     depending on the schedules of those in the group.
and Staff of Saint Cecilia School             Each year our religion program is a growth process of
     and                                      understanding our faith and applying it and God's love to our
10:30 am Theresa M. Santilli, by her family
                                              daily living.
                                              For more information about our Religious Education
       Have a Great Week!                     Program, please contact Mrs. Mary Ann Chase, our Director,
                                              at (401) 723-9463 extension 12. Her Office is located in the
                                              basement of our School.
OUR PARISH "VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL"                                Parish Time, Talent, Treasure …
                          th             th                        Adult Budget of 7/2/00: $ 4,090.00
will be held from July 24 thru July 28 from 9 a.m. to 12           Children's Budget of 7/2/00: $ 16.00
Noon in the Church Hall. This was a tremendous success             Maintenance and Repairs: $ 23.00
last year and those who participated as well as those who          Education Scholarship: $ 293.00
led it were truly enriched! Children in grades K thru 6 are
                                                                  A heartfelt Thank You! to those who weekly
invited to participate in the "Blockbuster Bible Adventure."
                                                                  and faithfully and so generously support the
This is "fun learning" about how God protects, cares, loves,      work and ministry of our Parish! God bless
saves, and is always with us! Bible verses, crafts, games,        you and your intentions!
movie munchies and much more will fill the 3 morning hours
daily! The cost is $10 per child to help defray the expenses      A profound Thank You! to Mr. Louis
                                                                  Departhy who has served for the past few
of the program. Sign up early by telephoning Mrs. Mary Ann
                                                                  years as our Parish "errand" person. Louie,
Chase at (401) 723-9463 extension 12.                             we thank you for your generous donation of
                                                                  time and energy, for the many errands you
THE LIGHTNING STRIKES …                                           ran for us, and we wish you well! God bless
                                                                  and keep you always!
of Tuesday, June 27th did a considerable amount of damage
to our Parish buildings. The telephone system in the              A generous donation was received by an
Rectory was "hit," destroying a computer card in the              anonymous donor in honor of Saint Jude in
electronic telephone system. The fire alarm panel as well as      thanksgiving for a favor received through the
                                                                  Saint's intercession. Thank God, thank Saint
the fire alarm radio call box in the School were totally          Jude, and thank you to the grateful
destroyed and had to be replaced. The 1-year-old "state-of-       parishioner who received God's favor through
the-art" fire panel in the elevator addition, providing fire      the intercession of Saint Jude!
alarm protection to the elevator, the church hall, and the
church boiler room and kitchen, was totally destroyed and         In Prayer, We Remember …
had to be replaced. The control panel of the elevator was          the repose of Alphonse Fregeau; may he
                                                                     rest in God's eternal peace!
"burned out" and had to be replaced and re-programmed.             the safety of travelers
All of the above systems have been repaired and are in             the protection and recreation of those on
functioning order again.                                             vacation this week
The major (and most extensive hit) came to our bell tower.         to thank God for abundant graces and
The lightning blew a hole about the size of a basketball into        blessings
                                                                   for all prisoners on their special Jubilee
the corner of the copper roofing, also causing a large piece                     th
                                                                     Day (July 9 )
of the limestone, decorative corner of the tower to fall to the
ground. There is a hole in the roof of the tower about the        In the Sacrament of Baptism …
size of a basketball.                                             celebrated by Deacon Louis in our Church
As reported by the Pastor at all Masses last weekend, the         last Sunday, Amber Paige Hereth became a
insurance company has agreed to pay for all invoices of           member of God's family, the Church. We
                                                                  congratulate her Parents, Godparents,
repair work caused by the storm. This includes the $30,000        Grandparents and Family! God bless one
cost of erecting and taking down the scaffolding on all 4         and all!
sides of the tower that will be needed to thoroughly inspect
the tower and repair its damages.                                 Welcome to our New Parishioners…
Since the insurance agent believes that it will take at least 8   who recently registered in our Parish: Donat
weeks to complete the tower repairs and has no objection to       Gervais and his son Thomas; Dawn
                                                                  Marsello and her son Nicholas; Michael
our use of the scaffolding during this time, we have engaged      Handrich. We are glad you are part of us!
the services of an architect, Mr. David Coe of the
architectural firm of Perry, Dean and Rogers of Boston MA.        Holy Year Jubilee 2000
Mr. Coe is designing a plan to return the Cross and ball
ornament to the tower's top. The architect's fees as well as             Open Wide the Doors
the construction costs necessary to return the Cross to its
place at the tower's top must be paid for by the Parish!                      to Christ!

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