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									Job Shadowing
    A required
    for students …
What is
Job Shadowing?

• √out a career cluster or a specific type of
  work by spending time at a job.

• Learning more about your potential future
  away from the school building.

• Student arranged for 1/2, or a full day.
Why Job Shadow?

• Gain first hand knowledge of a job.

• Observe & ask questions of people in
  the field that you are interested.

• Evaluate experience & be evaluated.
How to Job Shadow…
• Follow steps in the “J.S. Handbook”
    • To be gotten from your assigned Counselor.

• Choose cluster; do Career Research
    • Return to your Counselor.

• Review Rules & Parent Permission
    • Requires student & parent signatures.
    • Return to your Counselor.
How to …
• Call job site to ARRANGE your visit. You
  can follow the “Phone Script”, but get
  dates, times, location, lunch, dress, etc.

  CONFIRM your visit 24 hrs. in advance

     • Hand in all materials to your Counselor.
     • This must include the REGISTER form
       which will be given to attendance for you.
     • Remember to sign out with attendance if you leave
       during school hours.
How to ….
• Make sure that all your school
  commitments are taken care of …
          Enjoy your job shadow!!!

• Ask pertinent Interview Question-D.

• Evaluate-E your job shadow experience.

• Remember to have the employer, or your
  mentor, Evaluate-F their experience.
How to …..
• Write a thank you note to the job site.
    • Save a copy for your Counselor; it could
      also be mailed for you.
• Complete, collect and return all
  forms to your Counselor.

• As time permits, your Counselor will
  review your J.S. experience with you.
 that some clusters are more difficult to
 JOB SHADOW than others.

   For example, many Job Shadowing
    opportunities within the area of Health Care
    Careers are regulated by the LakeShore Health
    Care Alliance

   you may find Ms. Wiesman in room 101 to be
    of assistance with Career Cluster #08
 Enjoy Your Experience !!!

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