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                                                                       of education, came in contact

                                                                       with the ideas and the work of
                                                                       Froebel, she at once
                                                                       experienced the delight always
                                                                       attached to the discovery that
                                                                       the problems exercising our own
                                                                       minds have been successfully

                                    mainly owing to her enthusiastic   solved by some one who has
                                    efforts that the value of the      started from principles such as
                                    Kindergarten was early             ours, and who has cultivated the
                                    recognised in the United States,   same ideal.
                                    and that its first American
This is a customizable free         promoters were encouraged to     She found that Froebel had
kindergarten newsletter             maintain, amid many              carried into practice that very
template for Microsoft Word.        difficulties, a standard of real kind of training of which she had
This template contains an           efficiency for the teachers of   realized the immense
excerpt from Lectures in the        Froebel's system.                importance, and that he had
training schools for Kindergarten                                    placed in a clear light truths
teachers to demonstrain how       Miss Peabody had long occupied which she had already more
text and paragraphs look in the   herself, theoretically and         dimly perceived. Eager to inform
template. This text can be        practically, with educational      herself about the new system,
overwritten or removed.           subjects. Not satisfied by merely Miss Peabody travelled, in 1868,
                                  intellectual methods of            to Europe, on purpose to visit in
This template is also appropriate instruction, and impatient of the Germany the
for elementary or preschool       superficiality which was too
newsletter templates likewise.    often approved, she made it her Kindergartens established by
                                  great aim to train character,      Froebel, who was no longer
Begin Excerpt - Among those who and, by a simultaneous               living, and by his best pupils. On
in the last twenty years have     development of children's          her return to America, she[vi]
helped to spread a knowledge of mental capacities and of their       devoted herself for many years
the educational principles of     moral nature, to prepare them      to the introduction and
Froebel beyond the limits of his for the responsible duties of life. improvement of Kindergartens
native country, Miss Elizabeth                                       and of training institutions, and
Peabody's name deserves to be     It was not surprising that when    to enlightening, by her writings
specially remembered. It is       Miss Peabody, holding such views and addresses, mothers.
                       Excerpt: But all the more is it necessary for the American
                       kindergartner to vivify the invisible guide; she should present
                       order to the mind, by her genial questioning and conversation
                       over the work in hand, rather than exert an arbitrary power
                       which might stimulate the reaction of obstinacy or the
                       subterfuges of cunning. To govern is not the whole thing. The
One of the             question is how we govern; whether we so govern as to make a
pleasantest            cringing slave, a cunning hypocrite, or an intelligent, law-
                       abiding, self-respecting, willing servant of God. I have seen a
observations that I    magnetic teacher produce a marvellous obedience, and apparent
made of the            order, by his imposing presence and keen satire. He imagined
kindergartens of       that he governed by moral power; but as soon as he was out of
                       the schoolroom, the children were the victims of their own
Germany—and I went     impulses, to which seemed given a stronger spring by the
to the very best       enforced repression.
ones, those kept by
                       There is no order which is more than skin deep, unless it be the
the kindergartners     free, glad obedience of the child to a law, which he perceives to
whom Frœbel had        be creative because it enables him to do something real. Nothing
trained—was the        short of the union of love and thought can produce spiritual
                       power, i.e., creativeness. It is only spiritual power that
happy absorption of    inaugurates order—the Eternal Beauty may be inaugurated in
the teachers in the    childhood and among childish toys.
children. Perhaps it
                       There is reason, on their own account, why we want our pupils,
might be harder work   in this art of kindergartning, to be in their disposition and
to govern American     circumstances above merely pecuniary motive for entering on
children.              the work; and that is, because it will be long before the work
                       will pay much in money and study and labor.

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