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					                           The Hospitaller
                                                    THE PRIORY OF THE WESTERN UNITED STATES
Volume 1 No. VI                           SOVEREIGN ORDER OF ST. JOHN OF JERUSALEM, KNIGHTS HOSPITALLER                                 May 2006

             MESSAGE from THE PRIOR                                                  MESSAGE from our HERALD
                  By H.E. Bailiff William E. Peacock, GCSJ                                       By Robert K. Leonard, KSJ
                                                                                               Priory Herald & Editor-in-Chief
                       As we approach our Chapter-General meetings
                       on May 11th, there is much good news to             It is a great honor to become the next Priory
                       report. Each of our California-based                Herald. I have a very tough act to follow.
                       Commanderies has either completed, or is in         Under the leadership of Priory Herald
                       the process of finishing, major commitments to      Sandra Farris, The Hospitaller evolved from
                       their respective charities. There is more detail    a newsletter for the St. Joseph Commandery
                       on the inside of this, the sixth issue of The       to become an all-Priory newsletter in 2005.
                       Hospitaller, but a quick summary may be             It now represents the four Commanderies:
                       useful:                                             San Francisco, The Military, The Sierras and
                                                                           St. Joseph. It is a very time-consuming job
                   Bill Stein, Commander of the San Francisco              to gather all of the important news,
 Commandery reports that $120,000 has been sent to his                     information, and photos and Sandra did the job superbly.
 Commandery's two primary charities after a phenomenally
 successful Christmas Ball chaired by his wife, Jan.                       I’d like to thank Dame Colleen Wilcox for all her help as Herald
                                                                           for the St. Joseph Commandery, keeping up with us all to bring us
 Phil Dirickson, the Commander-Elect of the St. Joseph                     the “Member News Flashes” article.
 Commandery, reports that a commitment has been made to the
 Little House in Menlo Park in the amount of $200,000 when their           The Hospitaller is published twice a year during the spring & fall.
 charity completes a turn-key new kitchen facility for an expanded         This spring issue covers the San Francisco Commandery's
 Meals-on-Wheels program.                                                  Christmas Ball and he Priory's Investiture Service at Grace
                                                                           Cathedral and Reception/Dinner Dance at the Fairmont Hotel. It
 Commander Christopher Barnes and his Western Military                     also includes the biographies of our new members. The fall issue
 Commandery have designated the California Veterans Home in                will cover the Western Military Commandery's Annual Fundraiser
 Yountville as their target charity, and their Spring Party on May         Party and the St. Joseph Commandery's Garden Party.
 13th is focusing on wounded veterans returning from Afghanistan
 and Iraq through their Purple Heart Appeal.                               Since a picture is arguably worth a thousand words, The
                                                                           Hospitaller has become one of our best recruiting tools for
 Brooks Mancini, Commander of the Sierras, has scheduled his               Aspirants. Therefore, please pass this issue on to anyone that may
 first Investiture for Saturday, June 23rd, 2007, and he is already        be a potential new member of our Sovereign Order. If you need
 honing in on a couple of worthy and qualified charities.                  additional copies, please contact the membership chairman of
                                                                           your Commandery.
 As you read through this issue of The Hospitaller, you will
 observe many opportunities to lend your shoulders to these, and           During 2006, I will be working with the officers of our Sovereign
 lots of other, activities of our Sovereign Order. It is every one of      Order to also launch an official Web site for the Western Priory.
 these possibilities that help us serve the Poor and Sick in Christ,       A prototype has already been created and we are in the process of
 and your efforts and support are always appreciated.                      fine-tuning it. It will eventually be linked to an official Web site
                                                                           portal for our Sovereign Order worldwide. We hope to post each
 Yours in St. John,                                                        copy of The Hospitaller on this Web site so that it can be easily
                                                                           downloaded on your computer desktop as a PDF formatted
                                                                           document. We think that this is an essential next step for us to
                                                                           take, especially for recruiting Aspirants.

                                                               IN THIS ISSUE
Christmas Ball 2005                                                  Page 2     Ecclesiastical Event - St. Thomas More Church         Page 19
Investiture 2006                                                     Page 6     Some of our Charitable Activities                     Page 20
Biographies-New Knights, Dames, Squires & Demoiselles                Page 7     Member News Flashes                                   Page 21
Humanitarian Award - Bailiff Glen McLaughlin, GCSJ, MMSJ             Page 17    Sovereign Council Meeting - Scotland                  Page 22
In Memorium-Chevalier David H. Rammler, KGSJ                         Page 17    Priory Membership News                                Page 23
First Investiture - the Commandery of Hungary                        Page 18    Regalia of the Sovereign Order - Order Now!           Page 23
First Cocktail Party - Commandery of the Sierras                     Page 19    Save the Dates!                                       Page 24
              Christmas Ball 2005
               The San Francisco Commandery
              By H.E. Bailiff Janice M. Stein, GCSJ

    San Francisco’s most elegant holiday party! The City’s only White Tie Event! The San Francisco Commandery’s most important
    fundraiser! One of the Fairmont Hotel’s most special evenings! Superlatives cannot adequately describe Christmas Ball 2006 – Russian
    style. You just had to be there.

    Our magnificently attired guests (no crowd anywhere looks better) were lured into the reception (vodka, caviar, Borscht) by Russian
    musicians in costume and then led to the florals (red and green hydrangeas and red roses) amidst hundreds of votive candles and yards and
    yards of red silk ribbon. Bay Society provided dinner music. Then the room came alive with the Massenkoff Russian Festival: balalaikas
    and domras, colorful costumes and the Russian Folk ballet. World famous bass baritone Nikolai Massenkoff ushered in the dancing for the
    evening with his beautiful rendition of the ever popular Lara’s Theme.

    A good time was had by all and the dance floor remained crowded until the very last note. The focal point of the evening was the White
    Cross Pledge, introduced by Jan Stein. In a matter of minutes, guests completed pledge cards at each table setting and placed them in the
    shiny red square envelopes with the White Cross of the Sovereign Order. The gracious participation of almost every person in the room
    quickly yielded generous funds for the charities of the San Francisco Commandery. All of this against a wonderful backdrop of warmth,
    camaraderie and fun. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

                                                           Investiture 2006
                                                    By Dame Suzanne Gable Tognazzini, DSJ

    As we, the seventeen Aspirants, approached the inspiring Grace Cathedral on Nob Hill and entered the massive Ghiberti style doors, (which
    are copies of the Baptistry in Florence, Italy), I was struck by the suitability of this spectacular, buttressed and gargoyled Cathedral for our
    Investiture into the Sovereign Order of St. John. Grace is the third largest Cathedral in the nation, and its massive size, dignity and
    distinguished Gothic architecture offered a perfect backdrop for our most impressive and solemn Investiture.

    I have been to Grace Cathedral many times, but on this particular Saturday I was so moved by the Procession, beginning with the bagpipes
    and the many flags, the clergy and our distinguished leaders. As I joined my fellow Aspirants and walked toward the Altar, I sensed the
    Congregation’s awareness of the importance of this event. Looking to my right, to my utter surprise and delight, three of my grown children
    stood smiling in support of their mom.

    Earlier in the day, the class of ’06 had all been together for a wonderful brunch at the Huntington Hotel, where each of us was asked to share
    a little about ourselves with attending Officers, Primary Sponsors and our fellow Aspirants. By the time we were seated in the very front
    pew, I felt that we were already a solid group that was dedicated to helping make possible good works for the charitable organizations that
    our Sovereign Order supports. Each, in our own right, had made a commitment to help those in need and less fortunate.

    As we stood, were knighted, and received our red robes and enameled neckpiece badges, I know that each one of our new Dames and
    Knights indeed felt as fortunate as I that we were among those few chosen to dedicate time, energy and fortune to the work of our Sovereign
    Order on behalf of the Poor and Sick in Christ. I was already looking forward to participating in this esteemed organization.

    We then proceeded to The Fairmont Hotel where we had the most elegant and wonderful evening, dining and dancing. It was truly a day
    always to cherish and remember.

    From left to right top row:, Jason J. Davila, Kermit S. Claytor, Anthony J. DeToto, Tiffany C. Titolo, Weldon S. Wood, Jeffrey Reed, Curtis M. Olinger,
    Richard Miletic. From left to right, lower row: Angela A. McConnell, Rosemary T. Wong, Suzanne G. Tognazinni, Edwin E. Elliot, André J. Le Gallo, L.
    Owen Brown, William E. Peacock,, Finn C. Jenssen, C. Richard Rivera, John L. Maltbie, Charles E. Marsala.

            Sovereign Order of St. John Aspirant Profiles – 2006
Chevalier Kermit Sean Claytor                                Society and the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Society
Kermit Sean Claytor is the founder and principal of          (Lou Gehrig’s disease), diseases that respectively
King’s Mountain Capital Group. Since 1993 he has             afflicted his father and mother. He is completing a five-
worked with many clients concerning investments and          year career as a Squire in the Sovereign Order of St. John
wealth preservation. His prior experience includes           of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller by ascending to rank of
analyzing global capital market activities and economic      Knight of Honour. During his squire-ship, Jason has
trends with Standard & Poor’s MMS International. He          served the Order well. He was recently asked to join the
was an early pioneer in on-line dissemination of real-       St. Joseph Commandery Council as Junior Membership
time market intelligence and information. Kermit has         Director, responsible for cultivating the membership of
served as a Market Analyst and as the Managing Editor        new squires and demoiselles, and furthering participation
for an international staff in the U.S., Europe and the Far   by current squires and demoiselles.
East. Prior to joining S&P, he served with the Field
                                                             Chevalier Anthony J. DeToto
Operations Department of Standard Pacific of Northern
                                                             Anthony DeToto was educated at the United States
California. His professional experience began with an
                                                             Military Academy at West Point. During his military
internship with the Federal Reserve Bank of San
                                                             career he served as Company Commander and Platoon
Francisco, where he served as a credit analyst, the first
                                                             Leader for over six years. His honors included the
undergraduate ever to hold such a position.
                                                             Marne Leadership Award, and the Hero of Hoenfelds.
Kermit is a member of the Young Professionals Advisory       He also served as captain and coach of the Nuremberg
Board for the Private Bank of the Peninsula, and is an       Rugby Team. Anthony is a Private Wealth Advisor with
active member of the Guardsmen, a San Francisco-based        the Merrill Lynch Private Bank & Investment Group, and
philanthropic organization dedicated to serving the needs    also currently serves on the Board of Advisors of Land
of at-risk youth. He is a member of the Mounted Patrol       Bridge Capital. He served as regional vice president of
of San Mateo County, the San Mateo County Sheriff’s          Pragmatech Software, worked for the PRT Group in new
Search and Rescue, and a founding member, treasurer,         business development, and was an insurance broker with
and trustee of the Mounted Patrol of San Mateo County        Brown & Brown.
                                                             Anthony is President Emeritus of the West Point Society
Kermit is an alumnus of Santa Clara University, where        of Columbus, Ohio. He has served on the board of the
he majored in economics. He resides in Woodside,             West Point Societies of Chicago and Silicon Valley, and
California with his wife of ten years, and their three       continues to serve on this board of directors in San
daughters.                                                   Francisco. He is a board member with Lead 21, and has
                                                             served as a volunteer with Junior Achievement, and
Chevalier Jason John Davila                                  Habitat for Humanity. His many interests include
Jason Davila is a native of San Jose, California and         philanthropy, children’s charities, conservation, green
currently resides in Los Altos Hills with his wife, Lani.    housing, and Free to Choose. He enjoys road and
He is an avid skier, motorcyclist, golfer and hunter.        mountain biking, golf, sailing, tennis, and Army rugby.
Jason received his B.A. in Economics from the
                                                             Edwin Earl Elliott
University of Colorado, Boulder, in 1993.
                                                             Edwin Elliott earned a B.A. degree in Regional
From 1995 until 2000 Jason was engaged as the owner          Development in Business from Antioch College in 1976.
and operator of the Silicon Valley Athletic Club in Santa    He has been a licensed California real estate agent since
Clara, a state of the art athletic facility whose            1978, and currently resides in Burlingame, California.
membership grew to 2000. Jason and his brother sold the
                                                             Since 1981, Edwin has been associated with BayMark
athletic club to Club One in 2000. Since the sale, they
                                                             Financial, Inc. BayMark Financial is a private, full
have focused their efforts on building a large commercial
                                                             service mortgage company specializing in trust deed
and residential real estate portfolio.
                                                             loans on California Bay Area properties. He is a Senior
Jason has been responsible for the development and           Loan Officer specializing in loan origination, property
management of the John and Diane Davila Foundation.          inspections, and loan negotiations. He is also a member
Established as a memorial to his parents, the foundation     of the loan committee. Edwin is a 50% principal in
contributes to the funding of The American Cancer            100,000 square feet of mixed-use properties, and a junior
                Sovereign Order of St. John Aspirant Profiles – 2006
    partner in new mixed-use development projects in the        with the Directorate of Operations, he was assigned to
    greater San Francisco Bay Area.                             countries in South East Asia, North Africa, West Africa,
                                                                Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the Middle East.
    Prior to this position, he held sequential positions with
                                                                He was Chief of U.S. Intelligence in four countries, and
    Home Buyers Magazine, LG Associates, a new
                                                                held senior positions at CIA Headquarters in the Near
    subdivision-marketing group, and Elder Nelson Financial
                                                                East, Latin America, and Western Europe.
    Corporation, a financial planning company.
                                                                During his five years in the corporate world, Andre
    Finn C. Jenssen
                                                                received recognition from the President’s Commission
    Finn Jenssen was born in Albany, California, and grew
                                                                on Critical Infrastructures Protection, for his innovative
    up in Berkeley. In 1966 he received a B.S. degree in
                                                                work in information security. He is the President of the
    Real Estate and Insurance from San Jose State
                                                                San Francisco chapter of the Association of Former
                                                                Intelligence Officers, a board member of the Collection
    His business career includes experiences with Hartford      Concepts Development Center, and the California
    Insurance Company and Mantes Scale Company. Finn is         University of Protection and Intelligence Management.
    the founder, president, and CEO of Jenssen Scales, Inc.,    He is founder and president of “Le Gallo Global Risk
    in San Jose. In business since 1972, the company is a       Solutions. Andre has been a speaker at U.C. Berkeley
    distributor of industrial scales and balances.              and Davis, Harvard Law School, the National Defense
                                                                University, the Institute for Public Policy at Rice, and
    Mr. Jenssen has served his community in many ways. He
                                                                was a Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution at
    has been a member of the Rotary Club of San Jose since
                                                                Stanford from 2002 to 2004.
    2000, where he currently serves on four committees. He
    also currently serves on the East Valley YMCA board of      He and his wife, Cathleen, have three children and two
    directors, and the San Jose State University Business       grandchildren.
    Alumni board. He is a past member of the Kiwanis Club
                                                                John L. Maltbie
    of San Jose, and has been a member of the board of
                                                                John L. Maltbie has accumulated over 30 years of
    directors for the San Jose Museum of Art, the board of
                                                                experience in local government executive management.
    directors for Books Aloud, where he also served as
                                                                After graduating from San Jose State University with
    chairman, the board of directors for the American
                                                                Bachelors and Masters degrees in Public Administration,
    Beethoven Society, the International Society of
                                                                John began his career by serving as Administrative
    Weighing and Measurement and the Norse Federation
                                                                Officer for the First U.S. Army Adjutant General Field
    Santa Clara Valley, where he served as president. He
                                                                Office in Pennsylvania. He then left the military service
    received the Woody Woodland 2000 outstanding
                                                                and began a distinctive public service career. He served
    achievement award for the scale industry.
                                                                as Administrative Analyst for Santa Clara County,
    Mr. Jenssen enjoys travel, history, trout fishing, and      Assistant City Manager, and City Manager for the City
    raising rare fruit trees.                                   of Milpitas. Later he accepted positions as City Manager
                                                                for the City of Glendale, Arizona, and Assistant County
    André J. Le Gallo
                                                                Executive for Santa Clara County. He is currently
    Andre Le Gallo comes from successful careers with U.S.
                                                                County Manager for San Mateo County.
    Intelligence and private business. Born in France, Andre
    enlisted in the U.S. Army and obtained a commission.        John Maltbie has taught graduate level classes at San
    He has a B.A. degree in International Relations from        Jose State University, the College of Notre Dame and
    Lehigh University, attended the Johns Hopkins School of     Arizona State University.      He has participated in
    Advanced International Studies, and the National War        numerous civic commissions, including Joint Venture
    College. He speaks French, and Romanian, and has            Silicon Valley board of directors, the Vision 2010 team,
    studied Arabic and Spanish.                                 the Governor’s Juvenile Justice Work Group, the Health
                                                                Plan of San Mateo Commission, and the San Mateo
    As     the     National   Intelligence  Officer    for
                                                                Medical Center board of trustees.
    Counterterrorism, he headed the department for
    information on global terrorism, and provided terrorist     Among his charitable activities are several Rotary Clubs,
    threat analysis to policy makers and Congress. While        United Way, EPA One, the Peninsula Partnership for
           Sovereign Order of St. John Aspirant Profiles – 2006
Children, Daly City Youth Project, YMCA, Boy Scouts,       Theatre. She served as Director of Development for the
and the Glendale Boys and Girls Club. He has been          San Jose Museum of Art and the Community School of
awarded many accolades, including the Ralph Title          Music and Arts, and as management consultant with the
Award for Excellence in City Management.                   Nonprofit Practice of KPMJ Peat Marwick in New York.
Charles E. Marsala                                         Angela McConnell has been a member of the National
Charles Marsala is a member of the Atherton City           Society of Fundraising Executives in Silicon Valley, and
Council, and is the current Vice-Mayor and Mayor elect     Leadership Mountain View, Class of 1993. She served
for 2006. In addition to managing town affairs and         as vice chair of the YMCA, El Camino, and has been a
budgets, he represents Atherton on many county and         board member of the Arts Council Silicon Valley, the
state boards, including the County Library Joint Powers,   Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College, the
the California League of Cities, and the Local Park        Institute for Nonprofit Organization Management at the
Foundation.                                                University of San Francisco, and the Mid-Peninsula
                                                           Support Network for Battered Women. The Association
He served as youth chairman for the New Orleans March
                                                           of Fundraising Professionals has honored Angela as
of Dimes. In college he was a member of the Crescent
                                                           Professional Fundraiser of the Year. She received the
City Lions Club, and philanthropy chairman for the
                                                           SRI Organon Toastmaster’s Community Leadership
Tulane Chapter of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. Charles
                                                           Award, and received the Athena Award as 2005 Business
continues his work with this fraternity by serving as
                                                           Woman of the Year from the Chamber of Commerce in
advisor to the Beta Rho chapter at Stanford University,
                                                           Mountain View, California.
where he has formed the Legends for Youth Programs’
Golf Tournament to raise funds for the local Boys and      Richard Miletic
Girls Clubs, and the Catholic Youth Organization.          Richard Miletic is the CEO and owner of RVM
                                                           Properties, a firm that he established in 2005. He owns
He has been a Northern California board member of the
                                                           and manages various real estate properties, including a
National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, a
                                                           19,000 square foot office building. Before establishing
non-profit organization educating at risk youth on
                                                           his own company, Richard was a director for SAFCO
starting and running businesses, and SV2, the Silicon
                                                           Technologies, where he started and operated the Hong
Valley Social Fund. Currently, Charles is a board
                                                           Kong office, providing sales and support for Southeast
member of the Selby Education Foundation, a board
                                                           Asia. In 1996 he purchased ZK Celltest, Inc. in
member of the Heart of Silicon Valley, a member of the
                                                           Sunnyvale, California. Following his successes with this
Peninsula Volunteers Advisory Board, the Full Circle
                                                           company, Richard established ZK Services in Chicago in
Fund group, and the CYO Golf Tournament Board. He
                                                           2003. The company provides RF testing services to
has opened his home for concert fundraisers to benefit
                                                           major wireless cell phone operators.
several non-profits. Last summer’s event in his home
raised funds for the Support Network for Battered          Richard holds a B.S. degree in general Engineering from
Women.                                                     the University of Illinois, where he is a member of the
                                                           Alumni Mentor Program. He received an M.B.A. in
Angela Ann McConnell
                                                           Marketing/Entrepreneurship in 1988 from DePaul
Angela McConnell graduated with a B.A. degree from
                                                           University in Chicago, Illinois.
Manhattanville College in 1985. She received her M.A.
in Nonprofit Administration from the University of San     His community involvement includes support of the
Francisco in 1995.                                         Atherton Education Foundation in Menlo Park, the Boys
                                                           and Girls Club of East Palo Alto, Forest Forever, the
As current CEO for the Community School of Music and
                                                           Special Olympics, Teen Challenge, and the Sisters of Pro
Arts in Mountain View, California, Angela successfully
                                                           Ecclesia Sancta in Lima, Peru.
completed a $12 million capital campaign to fund the
school’s first permanent facility. Prior to joining the    In his spare time, Richard enjoys family, golf,
Community School for Music and Arts, she served as a       racquetball, scuba diving, film documentaries, skiing,
management consultant to Bay Area nonprofit                and ice hockey.
organizations.    Her clients included Masterworks
Chorale, the Hakone Foundation and San Jose Repertory
                 Sovereign Order of St. John Aspirant Profiles – 2006
     Curtis Marshall Olinger                                       Road Federation. He is currently a vice president of the
     Curtis Olinger is an avid sportsman and a member of the       International Road Educational Foundation and sits on
     St. Francis Yacht Club. He has been the leader and            the board of the Association of Equipment
     member of numerous bay and ocean racing teams. His            Manufacturers.
     racing accomplishments include a 2004 first place winner
                                                                   Jeff and Margaret, his wife of 27 years, and their three
     in the Express 37 One Design Season, a third place
                                                                   children reside in Vacaville, California.
     winner in the 2003 Big Boat Series on the Transpac 52
     Flash, and a second place winner in the 2004 Coastal          Christopher Richard Rivera
     Cup.                                                          Christopher Rivera is a marketing professional who now
                                                                   resides in Mill Valley, California. He received his B.S.
     As a loan consultant with the GT Financial Group, Inc.,
                                                                   degree at the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, studied
     Curtis has executed millions of dollars in real estate loan
                                                                   computing networking at the University of California,
     transactions, and has implemented direct consumer and
                                                                   San Diego and Berkeley, and is a Cisco Business
     affinity network marketing campaigns that increased
                                                                   Leadership Program graduate.
     production by 37%. Prior to beginning his career at GT
     Financial, He was project manager at Almer, Inc. in San       As a Navy Lieutenant he was responsible for training,
     Francisco, where he supervised the building of a 52-unit      communications and logistics planning for many
     condominium complex. He implemented cost cutting              operations.   He received an early promotion, two
     purchasing strategies and developed an extensive              commendation medals, and was deployed in China,
     Microsoft Project tracking program to measure and track       Korea, and Japan. He ranked as the number one junior
     building processes to identify inefficiencies. Previously,    officer in each command.       Christopher served as
     Curtis was the manager of the internship program at UBS       marketing manager for Alcatel’s Wireless Access
     Painewebber, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado.           He was      Division in Petaluma. Currently, as Director, Product
     promoted to manager of the internship program after           Management for Cisco Systems Optical Networking
     serving only one semester as an intern. He taught and         Division, he leads the product marketing and
     organized the internship program for 12 interns. Curtis       management team for Cisco’s Primary Service Provider
     earned his B.A. degree in History at the University of        Business Unit, and has been recognized by Cisco
     Colorado, at Boulder.                                         Systems as one of two finalists for the company’s
                                                                   “Pioneering Product Award” in 2003 and 2004.
     Jeffrey Reed
     Jeffrey Reed is president of Valley Slurry Seal Company       His charitable activities include support of the U.S.
     based in West Sacramento, California, and International       Naval Academy Foundation, the U.S. Naval Academy
     Surfacing Systems based in Chandler, Arizona. He has          Alumni Association and the Petaluma People Services,
     been involved in the asphalt pavement and maintenance         who provide financial support for community services,
     industry for three decades, and holds three patents in this   and food and clothing for homeless families.
                                                                   Tiffany C. Titolo
     Jeff is a graduate of Gonzaga University in Washington        Tiffany Titolo has served as an account executive, a
     with both a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering and a            senior account executive and an account planner for
     M.B.A., and is currently a member of Gonzaga’s                McCann Worldgroup in San Francisco. Her clients
     Engineering Advisory Board. He joined Valley Slurry           include Microsoft, General Motors, Hitachi, and the
     Seal and has been president since 1978. The company           Oakland Athletics Baseball Company. She has managed
     does contracting and technology transfer in 11 western        all marketing communications for the Oakland A’s, was
     states and 30 countries around the world. In January          responsible for the General Motors California Initiative
     2005 he became President/CEO of Basic Resources, the          “FindYourStyle” launch, managed strategic planning on
     holding company and owner of Valley Slurry Seal, ISS,         a confidential branding campaign for Microsoft, and is
     and seven other contracting and manufacturing firms.          currently tasked with the global pre-launch campaign of
     Jeff is a past president of the International Slurry          Windows Vista.
     Surfacing     Association,   the   Asphalt    Emulsion
                                                                   She began her career with an internship for the Haan
     Manufacturers Association, the Rubber Pavements
                                                                   Foundation for Children where she assisted the director
     Association, and past vice chairman of the International
                                                                   in redesigning their marketing strategy and the executing
            Sovereign Order of St. John Aspirant Profiles – 2006
the Power4Kids campaign. She also designed the              University, her M.Ed from Louisiana State University
website and researched donor prospects. Tiffany served      and her Ed.D. from Brigham Young University in Utah.
an internship in San Francisco with FD Morgen-Walke,
                                                            She has served as a classroom teacher, media specialist,
where she composed releases and managed databases.
                                                            student activities director, and was one of the first
As an assistant account executive with Grey Worldwide
                                                            California Mentor teachers. She is the co-author of the
in San Francisco, she managed worldwide production in
                                                            best selling educational book “The First Days of School”,
21 countries, releasing an average of 50 print adds a
                                                            and is presently the CEO of Harry K. Wong Publications.
week.       She composed “Global Creative Style
Guidelines”, revised the worldwide production process,      In her personal life, Rosemary is a member of Kappa
and managed all global creative assets on Oracle’s          Delta Pi and Phi Kappa Phi. She serves on the
extranet sites.                                             fundraising committee for the Tibetan Aid Project, and is
                                                            a board member for Self Help for the Elderly in Santa
Suzanne Gable Tognazzini
                                                            Clara, the First Days of School Foundation, Meals on
Suzanne Tognazzini grew up on the east coast until she
                                                            Wheels of San Francisco, and she has served as chair of
came to California to complete her college education at
                                                            the Star Chefs and Vintners Gala. Dr. Wong has been
Mills College in Oakland, where she graduated with a
                                                            honored as the invited commencement speaker at
B.A. degree. She currently lives in Foster City, and is
                                                            Riverdale High School, and presented with the Silicon
the mother of two sons, two daughters and grandmother
                                                            Valley Woman of Achievement Award.
of two grandsons. For over fourteen years Suzanne has
owned her own landscape design firm, and designs and        Weldon S. Wood
installs gardens from San Francisco to Los Altos.           Weldon S. Wood is a practicing attorney who was born
                                                            in Boise, Idaho. He and his wife Ruth have two
She began her charitable activities as a foster parent in
                                                            daughters. The Woods make their home in Redwood
Kansas City, Kansas. She has been involved in many
                                                            City, California.
community activities, including Peninsula Volunteers,
benefiting Little House in Menlo Park, the American         Weldon received his J.D. at Willamette University
Lung Association, served as ticket chairman for the         College of Law and has been admitted to practice law in
Hillsborough Concours d’Elegance, and college and           California, Idaho, and the United States Supreme Court.
career counselor for Serra High School. She designed        His specialty is the trial of civil cases.
and implemented the habitat gardens at the Coyote Point
                                                            Before coming to California he served as Law Clerk for
Museum, including the Hummingbird, Butterfly, and
                                                            the Idaho Supreme Court, Assistant Attorney General in
Medicinal Use gardens, installed the residential gardens
                                                            Idaho, Municipal Judge in Boise, and worked for
for the Dickens House, benefiting St. Matthew’s
                                                            McClennahan and Greenfield in Boise. His current firm
Episcopal Day School, volunteered to design and install a
                                                            is Robinson and Wood in San Jose. Weldon has served
butterfly garden at the Coyote Point Decorator
                                                            as president of the American Board of Trial Advocates,
Showhouse, and volunteered to design and implement
                                                            regional vice president and director of the Defense
raised vegetable gardens at the Center for Independence
                                                            Research Institute, and director of the Association of
of the Disabled in Belmont. Suzanne served as the
                                                            Defense Counsel of Northern California and Nevada. He
regional director for the Garden Club of America,
                                                            is a member of the International Association of Defense
documenting historical and noteworthy gardens for the
                                                            Counsel,           the          Association          of
Smithsonian Institute’s Archive of American Gardens,
                                                            Defense Trial Attorneys, the American Inns of Court,
and is currently the Hillsborough Garden Club director,
                                                            and the American Bar Association, and is currently an
and chairman for community events.
                                                            Advocacy Skills Workshop instructor at Stanford Law
Dr. Rosemary Tripi Wong                                     School. Other memberships include the Commonwealth
Dr. Rosemary Wong was born in New Orleans,                  Club of California, the Sainte Claire Club of San Jose,
Louisiana, and currently lives in Saratoga, California      Phi Gamma Delta, and Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity.
with her husband of over 25 years. She and Harry Wong
                                                            His charitable interests include the Lucille Packard
have three children and four grandchildren. Dr. Wong
                                                            Children’s Hospital at Stanford and the Leukemia and
received a B.A. degree from Southeastern Louisiana
                                                            Lymphoma Society.

                                            Humanitarian Award Recipient
                                      H.E. Bailiff Glen McLaughlin, GCSJ, MMSJ

                                         The Sovereign Order of St. John presented H.E.Bailiff
                                         Glen McLaughlin, GCSJ, MMSJ, with the Humanitarian
                                         Award at its March 11th Investiture in Grace Cathedral
                                         for his outstanding community involvement and civic
                                         contribution. Glen has been honored in receiving the
                                         Silver Buffalo Award for service to youth by the Boy
                                         Scouts of America, the Junior Achievement Silver
                                         Leadership Award, The University of Oklahoma Board of
                                         Regents Alumni Award, the Sovereign Order of St.
                                         John’s Medal of Merit, and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon
                                         True Gentleman Award. Locally, he has served on The
                                         Health Trust Board, The American Cancer Society Board
                                         of Santa Clara County, The O’Conner Hospital
                                         Foundation Board and has been President of Silicon
                                         Valley Junior Achievement and the Santa Clara County
                                         Council of Boy Scouts. He joins Dame Janice Stein and
                                         Chevaliers James Morley and John Sobrato in receiving
                                         the Humanitarian Award.

                   Chevalier David Hans Rammler, KCSJ
                                1928 – 2005

Chevalier David Hans Rammler, KGSJ, a scientist and entrepreneur of national standing, passed
away on October 10, 2005 in his Woodside, California home of cancer at the age of 77. David
was invested in our Sovereign Order on June 27, 1997.

He was born October 2, 1928 in Los Angeles and earned a BS degree in 1952 from Loyola
University in Chicago, a PhD from UC Berkeley in Biochemistry in 1959 and a law degree (JD)
from Santa Clara University in 1970. David served on active duty in the US Marine Corps from
1952 to 1955. Rammler joined Syntex Corporation in 1964 where he became director of the
new technology investments before founding Vanguard Associates in 1980.

In 25 years he founded or co-founded two venture capital firms and more than 12 biotech
companies with a wide range of focuses, including HIV/AIDS testing, transplant procedures and
pest resistant seeds. David’s companies developed medical equipment for such things as
electrophoresis, cardiac imagery and minimally invasive surgery. He published 37 peer reviewed
papers and two books.

                                                                           The First Investiture
                                                                     of the Commandery of Hungary
                                                                               By Dame Gay J. Crawford, DCSJ

                                                       The inaugural Investiture for the Commandery of Hungary was held in Budapest in the
                                                       265 year old Saint John Hospital Chapel on March 25. Coinciding with the spring festival
                                                       of Budapest, the sun shown brightly on the lovely 120-seat chapel in the oldest hospital in
                                                       Hungary, where twelve Aspirants were welcomed into the Sovereign Order.

                                                       Respecting the rich language and culture of Hungary, the program and the liturgy were in
                                                       both English and Hungarian. Conventual Bailiff Sir Albert McQuarrie, attending with
                                                       Dame Lady McQuarrie, was the Investing Officer. Attendees came from Scotland,
 Left to right: Commander Douglas W. Daniel, KCSJ,
 H.E. Conventual Bailiff, Grand Counsellor, Grand      England, Denmark, Germany and the United States. The American contingent, all from
 Prior Sir Albert McQuarrie, Kt., GSCJ, CMSJ, H.E.     the Priory of the Western United States, included Bailiff Glen and Dame Ellen
 Bailiff Glen McLaughlin, GSCJ, MMSJ.                  McLaughlin, Chevalier Colin and Caroline Macnab, Chevalier Alan and Barbara Blake,
                                                       Dame Susan Nycum and Alan Buckley, and your writer, Dame Gay Crawford

Commander Doug Daniel, (formerly of the St. Joseph Commandery), along with his wife Dame Judit Hegedus, planned a wonderful three days
for our Knights and Dames. Tickets were made available to attend some first-rate festival events, including Swan Lake at the Budapest Opera
House. On Friday morning we went on a bus tour that gave everyone an opportunity to view the Parliament building, the Royal Palace and to
hike the steps of the distinctive Fish Bastion.

The Investiture gala dinner was at The Hungarian Academy of Sciences, overlooking the Danube River. Guests were treated to an art tour, music
and an exquisite meal, topped off with fireworks from beautifully presented chocolate cakes in honor of Dame Judit's birthday.

        From left to right, Top Row: Chevalier Alan D. Blake, KSJ, H.E. Bailiff Glen McLaughlin, GCSJ, MMSJ, Commander Douglas W.
        Daniel, KCSJ, Chevalier Colin L. Macnab, KGSJ, Chevalier Thomas M. Whatley, KSJ. Bottom Row: Dame Ellen M.S. McLaughlin,
        DSJ, Dame Susan H. Nycum, DGSJ, Dame Gay J. Crawford, DCSJ
                                       Cocktail Party at the Commandery of the Sierras
                                                       By Commander Brooks T. Mancini, KCSJ

                              Saturday, February 18th was cold and snowing but that didn’t stop a group of outstanding potential Aspirants
                              from attending an elegant cocktail party hosted by Commander Brooks Mancini and his wonderful wife, Diane,
                              to learn more about our Sovereign Order. In addition to the interested individuals from the Reno, Nevada area,
                              Bailiff Glen McLaughlin, and his wife, Dame Ellen McLaughlin, along with Bailiff Bill Peacock, Prior of the
                              Western United States and his lovely wife, Nancy, flew in and lent their experience and knowledge about our
                              Sovereign Order.

                               Among those attending was Brigadier General Bill Scott, USMC (Ret.), who quickly asserted his rank over
Colonel Bill Peacock, USMCR (Ret.). General Scott and his wife, Sharon, had spent 30 years in the Marines, after which he then went on to
become a Vice President for United Technologies and Martin Marietta. The Brigadier is the Senior Warden at the Trinity Episcopal Church
in Reno where the first Investiture for the Commandery of the Sierras will be held next year on Saturday, June 23rd, 2007.

Ty and Suellen Cobb, 4th generation Nevadans were also there. Ty retired as a Colonel in the Army and served President Ronald Reagan in
the White House as a special assistant to the President on Soviet Policy as part of the National Security Council. Another multi-generational
Nevadan couple present was Leo Seevers and his wife, Diane. Leo, now retired, was in the banking industry all of his life. Leo Seevers also
has the distinction of being the only person on the planet to have chaired the Chambers of Commerce of both Las Vegas and Reno.

Others present were Steve and Nancy Trollope, transplants from San José, where Steve is CEO of a large leasing company. Dr. Robert Clift
and his wife, Linda, a registered nurse, entertained the group with stories of their charitable mission to northern India. The couple had raised
funds to provide training in medicine and nursing to people in a poor and remote area of the Punjab. Linda Clift is extremely active in “Step
2” in Reno, an organization similar to the St. Joseph Commandery’s “Parisi House on the Hill” where women with drug and alcohol abuse
convictions are treated and recover while maintaining their family unit with their young babies.

The group of wonderful guests invited by Diane and Brooks showed a strong interest in becoming Knights and Dames in our Sovereign

                 From the Heart of Palestine and Israel
                    A Special Ecclesiastical Event
                   By Chevalier Reverend Ernest W. Cockrell, KGSJ

Three Ecclesiastical Chevaliers of our Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights
Hospitaller, had visited the Holy Land in recent weeks and months: two Roman Catholic priests,
The Reverend Thomas Dowling and The Reverend Labib Kobti from the San Francisco
Commandery; and an Episcopal priest, The Reverend Ernest Cockrell from the Saint Joseph
Commandery. Their visits to Palestine – a return home for Fr. Labib - hatched an idea in the mind
of our Prior, Bill Peacock: a cost-free evening for Knights, Dames and guests to hear a first-hand
report on the situation in Israel and Palestine. With warnings duly heard, noted, and weighed
concerning the controversial nature of such a report, Bill Peacock pressed on, setting the date for
January 18 – a timely moment in view of all that was happening in the Middle East, including the
Palestinian elections preceded by recent hotel bombings in Amman, Jordan, a place where all three Ecclesiastic Knights had visited.

Eighty people gathered that night beginning with California wine and hors d’oeuvres in the parish hall of Fr. Labib’s parish church, Saint
Thomas More, in San Francisco, before heading over to the beautiful sanctuary for the program. Labib began the experience with a 15-
minute video of his recent visit to Bethlehem with Tom, which showed the reality of the people and place, including views of the concrete
wall Israel is erecting. Tom shared his impressions of the situation there, giving more insight into the humanitarian needs of people in the
Occupied Territories. Ernest related his experiences interviewing Israelis and Palestinians, especially the peacemakers on both sides, who
receive little, if any, exposure in the mainstream American media. Their presentations were followed by an opportunity for people, in a safe
and open forum, to ask questions concerning the situation, with the three priests responding with their perspectives, the program ending with
everyone singing Ernest’s song, “SAMA,” (“Listening”) composed by him during a trip to Jerusalem.
Returning to the parish hall everyone was treated to a spectacular banquet of Palestinian food provided by parishioners from Saint Thomas
More, many hailing from the Christian city of Taybeh, themselves a witness to the diaspora from there, leaving the Christian population of
Israel and Palestine at only 2%. Special thanks to Fr. Labib and the people of Saint Thomas More for their outstanding hospitality, to
Chevalier John DuBois and Dame Gay Crawford for their excellent coordination of the event, and to our Prior, Bill Peacock, for his
courageous vision in bringing together such a night.

                                        Some of our Charitable Activities
                                     The Parisi House on the Hill: a charity of the St. Joseph Commandery
                                                       By Chevalier Alan D. Blake, KSJ

      Knights Fenwick, Horton, Parisi, Blake, Peacock, Sobrato, Marr and Rodgers at the most recent facility dedication at the Parisi House on the Hill.

     Bravo to all Knights and Dames who so generously gave of their time and resources. Due in part to your gifts, the Parisi House on the
     Hill is the only substance abuse program in Santa Clara County that accepts women with young children, providing compassionate
     care that results in an astounding, over 70%, success rate. Thanks to a matching grant from the Sobrato Foundation, the St. Joseph
     Commandery was able to present a check for $200,000.

                California Veterans Home, Yountville                               Veterans Home and of wounded American service personnel
             Charity The Western Military Commandery                               of the global war on terror will be The Western Military
            By Commander Christopher P. P. Barnes, KCSJ                            Commandery's primary charitable outreach in 2006.

     The newly established Western Military Commandery lunch                                        San Francisco Commandery
     series has included a visit to a historic Nike missile site in the                          Exceeds Charity Fundraising Goals
     Marin Headlands, a tour of the Presidio in San Francisco,                                 By Commander William D. Stein, KCJSJ
     guided by historian Chevalier Phil Gioia, and a visit to the
     Yountville Veterans Home at Yountville as described below.                    The San Francisco Commandery completed two, three-year,
     Knights who attended these lunches included Chevaliers Bill                   pledges totaling $120,000!
     Buchanan, Bob Leonard, John Roush, Chris L'Orange, Phil
     Gioia, Anthony DeToto, Palmer Wilkins, Don Bradley, Del                                                      Our      first   $60,000
     King, John Fitzpatrick, André Le Gallo, Bernard Vash, John                                                   contribution funded the
     Staples, Keith Kerr and Terry Howell. Various outside guests,                                                furnishing of the music
     as well as our Prior, Bill Peacock, have also participated in                                                room for the George
     these events.                                                                                                Mark Children's House,
                                                                                                                  the first hospice in the
     As part of this Commandery lunch series, Knights of the                                                      United States providing
                                                        Commandery                                                care to terminally ill
                                                 recently visited the                                             children in a residential
                                                 State        Veterans                                            setting.     The George
                                                 Home at Yountville                Mark Children’s House was built by a Member of our
                                                 to review possible                Commandery, Chevalier Bill Gisvold, KGSJ, and his wife,
                                                 charitable projects               Kathy Hull.
                                                 there. The visit on
                                                 6 April was timed                 The second $60,000 completed
                                                 to coincide with the              pledge continued our long support
                                                           Yountville              of Clausen House, which provides
     Founders Day activities. Following lunch at an elegant local                  training in independent living to
     restaurant, the group was greeted at the Home by Captain Bart                 developmentally disabled young
     Buechner, USN, (Ret.), Deputy Administrator, who outlined                     adults.    This pledge supported
     the 122 year history of the Yountville Veterans Home, the                     their     Assisted    Employment
     current status with 1,200 residents, and plans for the future.                Program, which trains these young
     We were then escorted on a bus tour of the facility by Colonel                people to do regular jobs, places
     Dick Hum, Public Affairs Manager. During the tour we were                     them in suitable employment
     shown the rehabilitation wing that will house recovering                      situations and then assists them to
     veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns and were told                  ensure their success.
     about the need for charitable funding of certain facilities there.
     Following the tour we entered the newly refurbished Lincoln                   Your Commandery Council continues to look for worthy
     Theater where we were included in the Founders Day                            charities that assist the Sick and Poor of Christ and are in need
     celebrations of music, awards and refreshments and had the                    of our Sovereign Order’s support. Input to your Commandery
     opportunity to talk to residents of the home and some of the                  Officers from our Members is important.
     dedicated staff who support them. Support of the Yountville
                                              Member News Flashes!
                            Dame Sheri Sobrato, DSJ, and Eric         success in fulfilling your vision for this 501c3 institution that
                            Brisson were married in a beautiful       contributes to our Bay Area community by helping entrepreneurs
                            ceremony in San José on February          succeed.
                            4th. The Brissons will divide their
                            time between the South of France and
                            Atherton. Sherri is a Member of the       The British New Year's Honours List of 1st
                            St Joseph Commandery and is               January 2006 included one of our
extremely active in charitable endeavors throughout the San           distinguished Knights. H E Grand Prior
Francisco Bay Area as well as internationally. We welcome Eric        Emeritus Ian A. P. Roger, GCSJ, was
into our fold, and we hope he and Sherri will be here often. All of   awarded the MBE, so becoming a Member
our Sovereign Order of St. John wishes our newest couple the          of the British Empire. The medal was
very best!                                                            presented by the Honorable Martin Uden,
                                                                      the British Consul General, on January
                                                                      13th. Ian Roger served with the British
                     Chevalier Paul Huber, KGSJ, joined The           Army in World War II, and he has been active in England’s Not
                     Health Trust Board in September 2005.            Forgotten Association, so successfully raising funds here in the
                     The Health Trust is a nonprofit                  United States for wounded British veterans that his effort id
                     corporation committed to advancing the           second only to the Queen herself.. We say, Aye, well done, Ian,
                     wellness model in Silicon Valley in order        and many well-earned congratulations!
                     to make it the healthiest community in the
                     United States.       It provides support
                     services and grants for many Health                                   Arts Council Silicon Valley recently stated,
                     programs in Silicon Valley. Paul and his                              “Rarely does any one community
                     wife Nicki, co-chaired last summer’s, “A                              experience the generosity from one
                     Knight in Gatsby’s Garden” held at the                                individual over a sustained period of time let
Los Altos Hills home of Chevalier Steve Finn, KSJ. Paul is a                               alone three generations of the same family”.
Member of the Priory Council and chairs Priory Charity                                     Such is the generosity of the Sobrato family
Selection Process Committee.                                                               who were bestowed the Lifetime
                                                                                           Achievement Award by the Arts Council.
                                                                                           Congratulations and many thanks to
                      Commander Brooks Mancini, KCSJ, was                                  Chevalier John A. Sobrato, KJSJ, and his
                      elected as Chairman of the Board of the                              family for their extraordinary example for
                      YMCA of the Sierra and took office in                                us all that giving back to our community is
                      December. The YMCA currently has two                                 vital to its ability to thrive. At our last
                      branches, one in Reno the other in Sparks.      Investiture, John was promoted to Knight of Justice. His
                      The Y has plans to build three more             leadership in our Sovereign Order and in the community at-large
                      branches over the next few years to meet the    is exemplary, and we all applaud his efforts to find and fund
                      growing demand of the area. Chevalier           exciting, worthy and effective charitable activities that serve the
                      Mancini had been involved with the YMCA         Poor and Sick in Christ.
                      of Santa Clara Valley before his move to
Reno 2 years ago. When Brooks resigned from the San José Y’s
Board, the CEO there called the CEO of the Y of the Sierra who
says he met Brooks at the Nevada-California border when he                               Congratulations to Chevalier Fernando
came across. Brooks is the Commander of the new Commandery                               Zazueta, KGSJ, who, on March 29th, was a
of the Sierras, which includes western Nevada as well as the Lake                        Community Leadership Honoree at “Una
Tahoe region on both sides of the state-line.                                            Noché de Honor” (An Evening of Honor), held
                                                                                         by the Mexican Heritage Corporation which is
                                                                                         the operating organization of the Mexican
                                  In November of 2005, Chevalier                         Heritage Plaza. Their mission for the Mexican
                                  Bill Musgrave, KSJ, President                          Heritage Plaza is to affirm, celebrate and
                                  and CEO of The Enterprise                              preserve the rich cultural heritage of the
                                  Network (TEN) celebrated the        Mexican community and showcase multicultural arts within the
                                  award of a $2 million grant from    region. Their original goal was “to develop the city's first
                                  the    U.S.    Department      of   Mexican cultural garden”, and from the vision of Fernando and
                                  Commerce.       The grant is        his colleagues, the Plaza has grown into one of the largest Latino
                                  enabling TEN to modernize its       cultural centers in the nation that includes a 55,000 square-foot
Sobrato Center for Innovation, which supports technology              cultural center with state of the art theatrical venues, a
entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Many community leaders turned        Smithsonian-affiliate gallery and luscious thematic gardens that
out at their November for this event, including San José Mayor        serve as a regional resource for cultural programming and
Ron Gonzales, in support of TEN. We add our congratulations,          education.
Bill, and our best wishes to you and your colleagues for continued                                                                     21
         SOVEREIGN COUNCIL MEETING                                                 A warm welcome awaits you in Scotland
                   SCOTLAND                                                        for the 2006 meeting of the Sovereign
        By Dame Ellen M. S. McLaughlin, DSJ                                        Council of the Sovereign Order of St. John
                                                                                   of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller. A
                                                                                   variety of events and entertainment have
                                                                                   been planned from Wednesday 27th
                                                                                   September to Saturday 30th September. A
                                                                                   welcoming committee will meet members
                                                                                   from overseas and transport them to
                                                                                   Dunblane Hydro Hotel situated on a hill
                                                                                   overlooking the picturesque town of

     The Itinerary
     WEDNESDAY 27th SEPTEMBER - Registration. In the                       reception hosted by the Priory of Scotland after which dinner
     evening, The Grand Prior of Europe, H.E. Conventual Bailiff           will be served in the Great Hall with music by the Queen
     Grand Counsellor, Sir Albert McQuarrie, will welcome guests to        Victoria School Pipe Band. The Rt. Hon. Lord Robertson of
     a drinks reception followed by a buffet dinner.                       Port Ellen, ex Secretary General of NATO will propose the toast
                                                                           to the Sovereign Order and Judge Leonard Murray will respond.
     THURSDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER - The Sovereign Council                       To complete a truly Scottish Evening, Commander Glenn
     meet in the morning. For the golfers among you, golf is being         Wales, Deputy Prior of Scotland will propose the vote of thanks.
     organized at Gleneagles, St. Andrews and other local courses,
     depending on numbers, so book early. An escorted day trip to          SATURDAY 30th SEPTEMBER - The day will be free until
     Edinburgh has been organized for sightseeing and shopping.            transport takes you to historic Dunblane Cathedral for the
     The town of Dunblane with its many shops and galleries is             service at 4:00pm, where we will be joined in praise by the
     within easy walking distance from the hotel along the Dunblane        world famous Phoenix Choir. Following the service H.E
     Historic Trail dating back to the 12th century. In the evening the    Conventual Bailiff, Sir Albert McQuarrie, will welcome
     Lord Provost of Stirling will co-host a Civic Reception in the        members and guests to a reception and gala dinner in the hotel
     hotel with Chevalier Dr. Maurice Taylor, the owner of Dunblane        with dancing to the music of the Darloch Ceilidh Band. At the
     Hydro.                                                                conclusion of the evening H.E. Conventual Bailiff Sir Albert
                                                                           McQuarrie, will lead a fond farewell. Approximate cost for the
     FRIDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER - The Sovereign Council meets in                above package per person is ($650.00US) excluding Golf.
     the morning. Golf will be available together with a trip to the
     famous Tullibardine Distillery and shopping centre with time for      SUNDAY 1st OCTOBER - Dame Margaret Rolfe and Dame
     a tour and a stop at the coffee house and gift shop. In the           Lady Rhoda McQuarrie are arranging an interesting 6 day trip
     evening you will be transported to Stirling Castle and welcomed       into the Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland for those
     by H.E. Commander Donald Storrie, Prior of Scotland, to a             wishing to extend their trip.

     For more information regarding this important event and for registration details, please contact Dame Ellen McLaughlin via email at, or by phone at 408-867-5366.

                                  Stirling Castle
                          Special Reception and Banquet
                         Hosted by the Priory of Scotland
                        By Dame Ellen M. S. McLaughlin, DSJ
     Knights and Dames who attend the Sovereign Council meeting in Scotland will have a
     wonderful opportunity not often available. They will attend a reception hosted by the
     Priory of Scotland in Stirling Castle followed by a grand banquet in The Great Hall.

     Stirling Castle is known as the Gateway to the Highlands as it defends the intersection of the
     main north-south and east-west routes across Scotland. It sits high on a volcanic outcropping
     and has been fought over more than any other castle in Scotland. Stirling Castle is closely
     associated with William Wallace of “Braveheart” fame, and Robert the Bruce, the two greatest
     battlefield heroes of Scotland. The castle overlooks the battlefield of Bannochburn, the site of
     the greatest Scottish victory over England. More recently, until 1964, it was the regimental home
     of the Argyll and Sutherland highlanders, a famous regiment of the British army. The King’s Old Building still houses their museum.
                                      Priory Membership News
                                      By Chevalier Alan D. Blake, KSJ
                                         Priory Membership Chair

 Our Priory of the Western United States is growing and the need for continuity and consistency
 in the new member process has emerged. To that end, as Priory Membership Chair, it is my
 mission to demystify and facilitate the process and procedure for our Members wishing to
 sponsor Petitioners for membership in our Sovereign Order. In this capacity, I am available to
 explain the responsibilities of Primary Sponsorship, and I will also provide you with recruiting
 tools to help you.

 Please contact me at the beginning of your recruiting effort by phone at (408) 230-2600 or by

We have produced marvelous Photoshows of our recent events for you to view with your potential Petitioner. These
Photoshows can be emailed to your potential Petitioner, or if you wish, we would be delighted to email them directly to you
for your own enjoyment. You are encouraged to have fun with the Photoshows as so many of our Members are well
represented in their finest form.

                                                                Regalia of your Sovereign Order
                                                                          Order Now!
                                                                    By Chevalier David A. Fleming, KSJ,

As your Quartermaster, I am pleased to report that our Regalia inventory is well in-hand.
Ordering pieces of Sovereign Order Regalia for your personal use is much easier as we now
have a full-color Regalia Brochure that displays each item clearly. An accompanying order
form is located on the Regalia Brochure that can be faxed or mailed to me for fulfillment of
your order.

The Regalia Brochure can easily be emailed to you as it is in “PDF” format, thus enabling you
to store it on your computer and re-use it as needed. For more information, or to request an
order form, please email me at, or call me at (707) 448-7448.

                                                     SAVE THE DATES!
                                                By Dame Ellen M.S. McLaughlin, DSJ

                                Upcoming Events - Priory of the Western United States
                                Military Spring Party - 2006                           13 May (Sat.)
                                Summer Garden Party - 2006                             9 September (Sat.)
                                Sovereign Council - 2006 - Scotland                    26-30 September
                                Christmas Ball - 2006 & 2007                           2 December (Sat.)
                                Investiture - 2007                                     10 March (Sat.)
                                Investiture in Reno, NV - 2007                         23 June (Sat.)

                                             2006 Worldwide Investiture Schedule
                         Commandery of the West Indies                                       January 14, 15, 2006
                         Priory of Western United States                                     March 11, 2006
                         Commandery of Hungary                                               March 25, 2006
                         Commandery of Washington DC                                         April 30, 2006
                         Commandery of New York                                              May 20, 2006
                         Vancouver Commandery                                                June 17, 2006
                         Commandery of Cleveland                                             September 10, 2006
                         Commandery of Houston                                               October 28, 2006
                         Commandery of the Palm Beaches                                      November 12, 2006

              The following Members of Le Petit Conseil will serve as Investing Officers for the Investitures below:
                  H.E. Conventual Bailiff Lawrence Owen Brown, GCSJ, MMSJ, Grand Commander:
                  Washington DC, Cleveland
                  H.E. Conventual Bailiff Al R. Wagner, GCSJ, MMSJ, Grand Marshal:
                  New York
                  H.E. Conventual Bailiff David R.L. Rolfe, GCSJ, MMSJ, Grand Prior & Grand Hospitaller:
                  Western United States, Vancouver
                  Grand Prior Sir Albert McQuarrie, Kt., GSCJ, CMSJ, Grand Counsellor:

                  Houston and the Palm Beaches will be determined later with sufficient notice for planning purposes.

                                                            The Hospitaller
                                                    THIS NEWSLETTER IS PUBLISHED BY
                                               THE PRIORY OF THE WESTERN UNITED STATES
                                           SOVEREIGN ORDER OF ST. JOHN, KNIGHTS HOSPITALLER
                              PRIOR                                                          EDITOR-IN-CHIEF
             H.E. Bailiff William E. Peacock, GCSJ                   Chevalier Robert K. Leonard, KSJ, Priory Herald & Editor-in-Chief
                   CONTRIBUTING HERALDS                                                      ADMINISTRATION
     Dames Sandra L. Farris, DCSJ, Colleen B. Wilcox, DCSJ                                  Lori L. Rothenberg
                     NEWSLETTER DESIGN                                                           PRINTING
                       Lori L. Rothenberg                                           Pacific Printing & Fulfillment, Inc.

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