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COURSE                                          RESOURCES

Creative Writing                                Realia, source materials, worksheets, computers,
                                                internet, learner’s experience, Interactive
                                                whiteboard, digital camera etc.
AWARDING BODY                                   TUTOR AND VENUE

City and Guilds                                 Joy Foster, Ings Adult Education Centre

                                                DATES AND TIMES

                                                Monday 1:15 – 3:15pm

UNITS                                           NOTES

Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing
When following the planned scheme please tick the items as you cover the work, pencil in any
changes and possible future improvements for review at the end of the course.
Previous Knowledge                   The learners have mixed educational backgrounds.

Approach                                      Combined active – passive,. Particular regard given to
                                              learning styles (Honey and Munford) – Pragmatists,
                                              Activists, Reflectors, or theorists) and any special needs
                                              which have previously been identified or become apparent
                                              as the course progresses.
Training Methods                              Formal for imparting knowledge, informal for hands-on
                                              experience with learners progressing at their own pace.

Teaching Activities                           Mainly group discussion/demonstration, role play/ tapes,
                                              videos, interactive whiteboard, to assist learners in various
                                              settings – whole group, small group, pairs or in a 1:1 setting
                                              as required.
Student Group                                 This is a mixed level group of L1 – L2 learners. There are 8
                                              learners in the group. Their ages range from 20 – 80 years.

Aim                                           Learners to improve their speaking and listening, reading
                                              and writing skills through the vehicle of creative writing,
                                              leading to the National Test at L1 or L2 in Literacy.
Objectives                                    Knowledge and understanding in the listed learning
                                              objectives, set on a weekly basis, with reference to the
                                              relevant core curriculum levels, elements and national
                                              standards for speaking and listening, reading and writing.
Assessments                                   Continual ongoing assessments will take place during the
                                              class by observation, questioning and practical activities
                                              which will be monitored and marked. Feedback will be
                                              given both individually and collectively on a weekly basis.
Progress monitoring                                          Individual student progress/Evaluation reports will be
                                                             completed with information derived from marked
                                                             assignments and observation reports.
Teaching Methods          A – Demonstration        B – Discussion           C – Group Work         D – Individual Work
Key:                      E – Observation          F – Practical            G – Presentation       H – Project Work
Please use the key to     I – Question and         Activity                 K – Role Play          L – Talk/Lecture
indicate delivery         Answer                   J – Research
methods used              M – Field Trip           N – Written Work

Curriculum DURATION             ACTIVITIES                                 EXPECTED OUTCOMES
SLlr/E3 – L2    Week 1          Health and Safety                          Learners to understand health and safety
SLc/E3 – L2     2 hours         Recommended procedures for keeping         implications within the centre. New learners to
SLdE3 – L2                      safe in the classroom                      be shown around the centre and complete the
                                Paperwork – To complete                    necessary paperwork. Learners to understand
                                Introduction to the Course                 the outline of the course.
                                Initial and diagnostic assessment          Begin initial assessment if not already done
                                Learning styles questionnaire              so.
Assessment      Week 2 – 4      Learners to undertake initial and          Learners to complete assessment so that
SLlr/L1 – L2    6 hours         diagnostic assessment and other            learning levels will be established in order to
SLc/L1 – L2                     creative writing exercises.                write an individual learning plan for each
SLdL1 – L2                      Persona Poems                              learner.
                                To allow learners to get to know each      Persona Poem
Rt/L1 – L2                      other at the beginning of term. Learners   Learners become acquainted with each other.
Rs/L1 – L2                      to bring in personal photos or small       Learners will have understood parts of speech
Rw/L1 – L2                      personal objects to become the basis       e.g. noun, adjective etc.
                                for their poem about themselves or their
Wt/L1 – L2                      partner.
Ws/L1 – L2                      Whole group introduction and
Ww/L1 – L2                      explanation. Analysis of a persona
                             In small groups look at examples.
                             Identify parts of speech.
                             Write a persona poem about themselves
                             which can be used as part of the group
SLlr/L1 – L2   Week 5 – 10   Group project – Celebrating our City.       Learners to celebrate each other’s knowledge
SLc/L1 – L2    10 hours      Learners to start a group project on the    and experiences of Hull and recognise the
SLdL1 – L2                   city of Hull. Topics to be decided by the   rich diversity of the city.
                             individual learners. Whole group            Learners will be able to listen and respond,
Rt/L1 – L2                   introduction to the topics in order to      ask questions and express feelings and
Rs/L1 – L2                   share ideas. Followed by small group,       opinions. To follow information, narratives,
Rw/L1 – L2                   paired and individual work based on the     explanations and instructions, adapting
                             individual needs of the learner.            speech and it’s content to take account of the
Wt/L1 – L2                   Laminated pictures of important places      listener’s purpose and situation at the
Ws/L1 – L2                   and people of Hull will be used to          appropriate level for the learner.
Ww/L1 – L2                   provide stimulus for discussion and          Learners at L1 will be able to read and
                             creative writing activities. Ideas may      understand straightforward texts of varying
                             include Hull Fair, William Wilberforce,     length on a variety of topics accurately and
                             Hull City, King Billy, and Feren’s Art      independently.
                             Gallery etc.                                Learners at L2 will be able to read a range of
                             The interactive board will be used in       texts of varying complexity accurately and
                             each session to show PowerPoint             independently.
                             presentations or photographs of Hull.       Learners at L1 will be able to write to
                                                                         communicate information, ideas and opinions
                             In each session Hull’s ethnic diversity     clearly using length, format and style
                             will be celebrated as the group looks at    appropriate to the intended audience.
                             Hull’s population and explores the city’s   Learners at L2 will be able to write to
                             many facets. For example, Japanese          communicate information, ideas and opinions
                             Haiku on Hull Fair and celebrating the      clearly and effectively, using length, format
                             work of famous poets such as Phillip        and style appropriate to purpose, content and
                              Larkin.                                       audience.
                              Individual learners will work at their own    Learners at L1 will be able to write to
                              level on topics of their choice to write      communicate information, ideas and opinions
                              poetry, prose and opinions. Group and         clearly using length, format and style
                              paired work will be differentiated to allow   appropriate to the intended audience.
                              ideas to be shared and the group to           Learners at L2 will be able to write to
                              grow together.                                communicate information, ideas and opinions
                                                                            clearly and effectively, using length, format
                              B, C, N, D.                                   and style appropriate to purpose, content and

SLlr/L1 – L2   Week 11 - 15   Group to plan, make and give a                Learners will be able to plan, research and
SLc/L1 – L2                   PowerPoint presentation on an                 create a PowerPoint presentation in order to
SLdL1 – L2                    author of their choice.                       communicate information, ideas and opinions
                              The group will discuss the authors of         clearly and effectively, using length, format
Rt/L1 – L2                    their choice in a whole group setting         and style appropriate to purpose, content and
Rs/L1 – L2                    then pair up to research the author           audience.
Rw/L1 – L2                    using the internet, books, newspaper          Learners will be able to listen and respond,
                              articles etc. (Wk 11 & 12)                    ask questions and express feelings and
Wt/L1 – L2                    When information has been gathered            opinions. To follow information, narratives,
Ws/L1 – L2                    the pairs will use PowerPoint to make a       explanations and instructions, adapting
Ww/L1 – L2                    short presentation to present to the rest     speech and it’s content to take account of the
                              of the group. (Wks 13 & 14)                   listener’s purpose and situation at the
                              The pairs will present the PowerPoint         appropriate level for the learner.
                              presentation on week 15 when the rest
                              of the group will note down the relevant
                              points of the presentation.
SLlr/L1 – L2                   Diamante Poems – Group to write              Learners will be able to:
SLc/L1 – L2    Week 16 -17    diamond shaped poems with seven                   analyse the poem using speaking and
SLdL1 – L2                    lines to incorporate oral, analytical               listening skills
                         thinking, reading and writing skills.              feed back to the whole group
Rt/L1 – L2               After initial group introduction, learners         Identify the structure of the text
Rs/L1 – L2               to work in small groups of 3 -5. Each              Identify nouns, adjectives and verbs
Rw/L1 – L2               group has one example poem and                     Identify suffixes (ing)
                         tasks:                                             Make judgements about the text
Wt/L1 – L2                    Identify the structure/form of the           Identify synonyms
Ws/L1 – L2                       poem                                       Produce a diamante poem
Ww/L1 – L2                    Report orally and informally to the
                                 group on the tone and feeling of
                                 the poem
                              What is the relationship between
                                 the first and the last lines?
                              What is happening in the middle
                                 of the poem?
                              How can you tell?
                              Highlight the nouns, verbs,
                              Observe synonyms- love-hatred,
                                 peace-war etc
                         Working individually and using a
                         template if needed, learners to write a
                         diamante poem.

                         B, C,N, D
SLlr/L1 – L2   Week 18   Chinese New Year. A celebration of the       The group to experience the Chinese New
SLc/L1 – L2              Chinese Year, The year of the Rooster        Year through sight, taste, touch, smell &
SLdL1 – L2               on February 9th 06. Presentation of the      sound and to have gained and understanding
                         traditions of the Chinese New Year,          of the Chinese culture.
Rt/L1 – L2               followed by group discussion and             Each individual will have offered their
Rs/L1 – L2               practical activity in small groups and       informed opinions of Chinese horoscopes and
Rw/L1 – L2               pairs, looking at objects connected to        found their signs.
                         the Chinese New Year and the
Wt/L1 – L2               opportunity to taste some of the sweets       The group will have understood adjectives
Ws/L1 – L2               traditionally given at New Year.              and will have used a thesaurus to find
Ww/L1 – L2               Individuals to find their birth sign animal   appropriate adjectives to include in their piece
                         and use this to think of adjectives which     of writing.
                         will be used as the starting point for a      Each group member will have written a piece
                         piece of creative writing.                    of creative writing, a poem or an informative
                         BCNDF                                         piece of writing on the Chinese New Year.
SLlr/L1 – L2   Week 19   Valentine’s Day                               The group should understand the use of
SLc/L1 – L2              Sample Up and Down Poem.                      adjectives, adverbs, feeling words, power
SLdL1 – L2               Group to write a structured poem on           words etc.
                         Valentine’s Day, using thematic words         Learners to have learned about the structure
Rt/L1 – L2               or phrases as a basis.                        and format of a piece of poetry and
Rs/L1 – L2               Group to storm related key words –            experimented with adjectives, using a
Rw/L1 – L2               adjectives, adverbs, feeling words,           thesaurus to find words which will fit in to the
                         power words etc and chose one key             poem and make it work.
Wt/L1 – L2               word as a focus. E.g. Love, Romance,
Ws/L1 – L2               Valentine.
Ww/L1 – L2               Learners to write the word down the
                         middle of the page, one letter per line.
                         Learners can work individually, in pairs
                         or in groups.
                         Learners to fit words and phrases
                         around the letters by choosing kindred
                         words. (May be chosen from the
                         stormed list)
                         The first and last line must be connected
                         in some way.
                         Group to read out their poems to the
                         rest of the group. B, C,N, D
SLlr/L1 – L2   Week 20 - 21   Haiku – Group to learn all about Haiku,     The group will have understood what a Haiku
SLc/L1 – L2                   an important form of Japanese poetry. A     poem is, its origins and its make up.
SLdL1 – L2                    17 syllable verse form consisting of        The group will have learnt what a syllable is (a
                              three metrical units of 5, 7 and 5          beat in a word) and will have had hands on
Rt/L1 – L2                    syllables.                                  experience at counting syllables to create a
Rs/L1 – L2                    Each Haiku to contain a Kigo, a season      Haiku poem of their own based on the
Rw/L1 – L2                    word, which indicates in which season       seasons.
                              the Haiku, is set.
Wt/L1 – L2                    Session to start with an explanation of
Ws/L1 – L2                    what Haiku is and some examples.
Ww/L1 – L2                    Make sure that all learners understand
                              what a syllable is.
                              Group work to storm ideas for Haiku
                              Small group work will visual stimulus on
                              the seasons.
                              Paired or individual work to write Haiku
                              L, B, C,N, D
SLlr/L1 – L2   Week 22 - 24   Writing a Renga – A group of Haiku-          Learners to have understood the definition of
SLc/L1 – L2                   like verses linked together by two or       Renga poetry, collaborated in pairs and
SLdL1 – L2                    more poets who take turn to write the       written a poem.
Rt/L1 – L2                    verses.                                     Learners to have improved their:
Rs/L1 – L2                    Introduction of the session explaining            IT skills
Rw/L1 – L2                    the meaning and form of Renga.                    cutting and pasting pictures
                              Group to choose laminated cards with              use of clipart
Wt/L1 – L2                    random subjects written on them. Group      Learners to have utilized and exercised their
Ws/L1 – L2                    to get into pairs and try to write a free   speaking and listening skills etc.
Ww/L1 – L2                    Renga poem together on the chosen
                              Copy up poems onto the computer and
                              illustrate with clipart/photos etc.
                              Read out poems to the rest of the
                              B, C, N, D
SLlr/L1 – L2   Week 25 - 26   Story Baskets. Group to choose a card     The activity is to exercise and improve:
SLc/L1 – L2                   from each of 4 baskets containing:            Negotiation skills
SLdL1 – L2                          Time                                   Creativity
Rt/L1 – L2                          Place                                  Speaking and listening skills
Rs/L1 – L2                          Character/s                            Discussion
Rw/L1 – L2                          Object                                 Planning and drafting a piece of writing
                              When the key words have been chosen,          Analytical skills
Wt/L1 – L2                    each member shares the cards they             Reading and writing skills
Ws/L1 – L2                    have picked with the rest of the group.
Ww/L1 – L2                    The Learners are allowed to trade cards
                              with each other to make a better story.
                              Cards are then used as the basis for a
                              short story.
SLlr/L1 – L2   Week 27        Headline Poems/Prose                      This exercise develops:
SLc/L1 – L2                   After initial introduction group to be        Skimming and scanning
SLdL1 – L2                    given a selection of newspapers and in        Planning and developing a piece of
Rt/L1 – L2                    small groups look through them, cutting          writing
Rs/L1 – L2                    out the interesting headlines.                Exercising choice
Rw/L1 – L2                    Each learner to choose a topic or theme       Negotiation
                              and 10 – 15 headlines. Learners to            Discussion
Wt/L1 – L2                    arrange headline so that they make a          Creativity
Ws/L1 – L2                    writing frame for a poem or piece of          Reading skills
Ww/L1 – L2                    prose incorporating the headlines.
                                                                            Presentation skills
SLlr/L1 – L2   Week 28 - 29   Twist of Fate Poems. Learners to write    Develops writing fluency and grammar focus,
SLc/L1 – L2                   structured poems using contrasted         speaking and listening skills and reading and
SLdL1 – L2                    themes/topic/ideas as a basis.               writing skills.
Rt/L1 – L2                    Incorporated oral, analytical thinking,      Knowledge and understanding of opposites
Rs/L1 – L2                    reading and writing skills. Learners         Paring down of text
Rw/L1 – L2                    produce an artistic swirl of words that is   Highlighting key words
                              read in two directions.                      Finding adjectives using a thesaurus
Wt/L1 – L2                    Learners to storm opposing pairs e.g.        Free writing
Ws/L1 – L2                    day – night, racism – tolerance, men –
Ww/L1 – L2                    women etc.
                              Free write for 10 minutes on each
                              subject, circle 5 key words for each one
                              then use a thesaurus to find as many
                              adjectives to describe the 10 key words
                              as they can.
                              Write in contrasting spirals on the page,
                              using colours to illustrate the different
                              lines of text.
                              B, C, N, D.
SLlr/L1 – L2   Week 30 - 35   Group to create a newsletter from a          The group will have used speaking and
SLc/L1 – L2                   collection of their work over the course     listening skills to negotiate the contents of the
SLdL1 – L2                    of the academic year.                        newsletter, IT skills to put the newsletter
                              Using Microsoft publisher to create the      together and organisational skills to organise
Rt/L1 – L2                    newsletter, they will collect stories,       the photocopying and collating of the
Rs/L1 – L2                    poems, factual and fictional stories to      newsletter.
Rw/L1 – L2                    feature in the magazine along with
                              pictures and digital photographs of the
Wt/L1 – L2                    members of the group.
Ws/L1 – L2                    The finished newsletter will be
Ww/L1 – L2                    photocopied and copies handed out to
                              other learners in the centre.
                              B, C,N, D, H.

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