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Double T Health Service Corps, Leadership Meeting
April 7, 2008
8:00 p.m.

   Welcome:
   Elections:
        o Here are your new 2008-2009 Officers
                      President: Ryan Fleischmann
                      Vice President: Melissa Ames
                      Secretary: Maxie Davie
                      Treasurer: Kelsey Kelso
                      Recruitment: Hilda Benavides
                      Public relations Chairs: JD Escobedo and Kelsi Shough
                      SOAC Rep: We need one person to attend this meeting (all of the
                         student organization on the main TTU campus have a rep) on the
                         first or second Wednesday of every month. Meetings are either at
                         6:00 or 7:00pm. Please let me know if you are interested in

       o   Upcoming Events:

                          April 16th: Spring Cleaning
                               o   Clean out your closets and help those in need (People
                                   brought items to the meeting)
                          South Plains Food Bank Farm
                              o The Food Bank really needs volunteers to help at their farm.
                                   Right now, they are in the process of getting the fields ready
                                   for planting (digging, laying mulch, planting, etc).
                              o April 19th 9:00-12:00pm
                                        We are signed up for 10 spots
                                           (E-mail was sent out about this earlier today)

                          Habitat for Humanity Build Day
                                   o Contact Stephen Herrmann @
                              if you want to participate.
                                       He will be e-mailing some information that you need to
                                       fill out and bring to the build.
                                              April 11th 1:00-4:00pm
                                                      Update: It went well even though there
                                                        was low attendance.
                                              April 26th 1:00-4:00pm
                            Arbor Day April 25th: It is a campus beatification program designed
                             to build a sense of community; plant flowers.
                                 o Please e-mail Ryan @ if you want
                                      to participate. We need at least 6 people to be there. You
                                      would just need to be there at 1:20-3:00pm; the other stuff is
                                           11:00-1:30 Free food for TTU students
                                           11:00-? Free t-shirts with TTU student ID
                                           11:50-12:50 Live music
                                           12:50-1:20 Ceremony and Awards
                                           1:20-3:00pm Planting

                            Who will be here over the summer?
                                         Possible events to do over the summer.
                                                 Summer Camps Presentation:
                                                         o Crosbyton Brave Camp June 16-19
                                                            & 23-26, 08,
                                                         o Lorenzo Summer Camp July 14-17
                                                            & July 21-24, 2008,
                                                         o Ralls Summer Camp 30-July 3 &
                                                            July 7-10, 2008,
                                                         o Spur Summer Camp June 9-12 June
                                                            16-19, 2008
                                                 Let me know if you will be here over the
                                                     summer and are looking for volunteer

   End of the year party: There will be a separate e-mail sent out about this as well
       o BBQ
       o Time: 7:00pm
       o April 24th (Thursday)
       o Location: Wagner Park (26th and Flint)

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