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									                    Read-Aloud Lesson Plan
Title: The Relatives Came
Author: Cynthia Rylant
Illustrator: Stephen Gammell
Suggested Grade Level: Third
Strategy: Monitor/Clarify
Submitted by: Dana Holmes
School: Wrens Elementary School

                      This is a wonderful work of fiction. The illustrations are
                      colorful and bright, and they catch your attention. The
                      vocabulary is simple, basically two and three-syllable words.

Before Reading:       I have a favorite relative, my grandmother, Christine. She is
Prepare               my favorite because she took care of me when I was sick and
                      made me feel special when no one else was around. I lived
                      with her until I was five and moved back in with my mom, so
                      really she was my first mama. The title of the book I am going
                      to read to you is The Relatives Came. This book reminded
                      me of my grandmother. While I am reading to you, I want you
                      monitor and clarify your understanding of what I am reading.
                      Monitoring and clarifying are two strategies that good readers
                      use as they read. When you monitor and clarify, you use
                      illustrations, reread, or read ahead for clarification and

During Reading:       Who are the main characters?
Guide                 What can you tell me about the setting?
                      Is there a problem in the story?

                      At the beginning, we see the relatives packing up and getting
                      ready to visit or travel to a different place. They live in
                      Virginia, but our story does not tell us where they are going to
                      What do the relatives mean when they say, “They left when
                      their grapes were nearly purple enough to pick, but not quite.”

                      What is going on in the middle of the story? A lot of hugging.
                      Do you think they really care about each other? How can you
                        How did the story end?
After Reading: Extend   Who can demonstrate how to monitor and clarify? Remember
                        when you monitor and clarify, you use the illustrations, reread,
                        or read ahead.

                        If you had relatives like these, how could you make the world
                        a better place? Whisper to a neighbor.

                        How long did the relatives stay? What did they mainly do
                        during their visit?
Vocabulary Lesson       There was an interesting word in that book that I think we
                        need to know.
                        The word is relative. What word?
                         Relatives are people that are related to you by blood or
                        In the book, the relatives go to Virginia to visit.

                        You know I have a lot of relatives around Burke County.

                        Can anyone else use your word in a sentence? What word
                        are we working on?

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