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2008 LDS Camporee by 5gi202gp


									                LEHI’S JOURNEY
                            2009 LDS Camporee
                 October 23-24, 2009 at Bovay Scout Ranch

 Come join us at the annual Camporee for LDS Scouts ages 11-13!

Friday Night:

           6-9 PM     Check-In (Bring Medical Forms & Roster)
           9 PM       Opening Ceremonies and Fireside
           10 PM      SPL Cracker Barrel


           Breakfast and lunch will be provided by the camp. Each patrol will need to furnish
            a Dutch Oven.

           Youth activities including Archery, Fire Building, First Aid, GPS, Compass and

           Adult leader training on Boy Run Troops, Youth Leader Training, and LDS Church
            Policy & How to use the Troop Committee

           3:30 PM Closing Ceremonies, Campsite Inspection and Checkout

                            DETAILS & REGISTRATION AT:

Questions? Contact Camporee Specialist – Pat Moore 281-755-5106

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