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					                             CSE 1341 Honors – Fall 2007
                                    Lab Syllabus
      The Lab component of CSE 1341 Honors is a helpful and vital part of the overall course. The
  Lab sections are conducted by very knowledgeable teaching assistants (TAs) who work very
  closely with your professor.

Lab Sections:
      Section N31H – 11:00 – 12:50 Tu: Patterson Hall 214
      Section N32H – 1:00 – 2:50 Th: Patterson Hall 214

      Jason Moore – jmoore@smu.edu

Course Information:
      All assignments, handouts, etc for this course can be found at the CSE 1341 WebSite:


      Attendance is taken at each lab. Attendance will not be marked if you appear and then leave
  before the end of the two hour lab session. The only exception is in the case that your
  assignment for that week has been properly submitted. In any case, you MUST go to lab to
  demonstrate this to your TA.

Program Design:
      In this course, specific design guidelines are required and must be completed for each
  programming project. Details are beyond the scope of this document but more information may
  be found in the CSE Programming Course Supplement at

Submission of Programming Projects:
      In order for your assignments to be reviewed and graded by you TA, you must submit the
  files to the appropriate place on Blackboard. No assignments will be accepted by your TA via E-
  Mail or on any physical media. Files must be submitted to Blackboard by the assigned date and
  time. Don’t forget to click the submit button!!!!
Late Submissions:
    Assignments may be submitted late ONLY WITH PERMISSION OF PROFESSOR. You must
  request a late submission link in Blackboard from your professor. The TAs are not allowed to
  open Blackboard submission links. Past that time, no late programs are accepted. Note that you
  may submit you assignment solutions early. If you have to be out of town or are ill, you may
  attend another lab section other than your own but please notify both TAs as to the situation.

The CSE Help Desk:
    The Help Desk is a service offered by the Computer Science and Engineering Department that
  is staffed by all departmental TAs. Your TA will have assigned hours where he/she will staff the
  Help Desk. The goal of the Help Desk is to assist you with specific questions that you may have
  with respect to your homework or programming projects. The TAs are also able to help explain
  concepts as well as help you with your understanding course material and assignments. The TA
  is however is not there to write your code for you or give you answers to homework questions.

    In order to make the best use of TAs time, it is important that you arrive at the help desk with
  questions. If you are struggling with a programming project, you may be asked to show your
  design documents.

Login Problems:
    During the semester, you will make extensive use of the PCs and UNIX servers from the
  School of Engineering. It is very important that you fix any login problems during the first week
  of lab. Please email help@engr.smu.edu with any login problems you are having with Windows
  or Unix. Login problems with Blackboard should be directed to your professor. Include your 8-

Academic Ethics and Collaboration:
    You are expected to create, edit and print your own assignments and take tests without
  outside assistance. All work is expected to be your own. In particular:

        You should never look at or review another person's work for any given assignment. This
         includes looking at papers, solutions, or computer screens where another student's work
         is displayed.

        You should never give or receive solutions/answers to any questions or projects or any
         parts or questions or projects. This includes but is not limited to source code, design
         documents, homeworks, etc.

    If you collaboration on any assignment for any reason, you will receive an F in the course
  and may be brought in front of the SMU Honor Council. It is your responsibility to know and
  understand the University's Honor Code and the expectations for collaboration in this course.
  The professor of this course reserves the right to impose less sever penalties as he sees fit.

Other Info:
    Please see the CSE 1341 Lecture Course Syllabus for information on religious observance,
  disability accommodations, and excused absence for university extracurricular activities.

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