Review of the National Development Plan 9 Is it MDG Based? by 5gi202gp


									Review of the National
 Development Plan 9
  Is it MDG Based?

  Botswana Presentation
         Important national planning
   Vision 2016
        Aspirations of the nation for the year 2016 which are more ambitious than the
         MDG goals

   National Development Plan 9 (NDP9) 2003-2008: 6 year plan
        Mid term review 2005

   Annual Project Review
        October of previous year

   Budget Speech
        February

   National Poverty Reduction Strategy (NSPR)
        Strategy itself is not time bound as a Policy document
        However projects within the Strategy are to be implemented within the NDP 9
Is the NDP 9 MDG based?
   Ambition

       Its is based on Vision 2016

       Vision 2016 is well aligned with the MDGs
        and in fact is more ambitious than the
Scope: is NDP 9 aligned with all
the MDGs?
    It is aligned with the following goals:
        Goal 1: Poverty and hunger (as per the NSPR)
        Goal 2: Universal primary education (as per RNPE)
        Goal 3: Gender inequality (as per SADC protocol on
        Goal 4: Child mortality (as per NPP and NSF)
        Goal 5: Maternal health (as per NPP and NSF)
        Goal 6: HIV/AIDs, malaria and other diseases (as
         per HIV/AIDs policy)
        Goal 7: Environment (Yes)
        Goal 8: Global partnerships (yes in progress)
Rigor-are the targets substantiated
with analysis of needed inputs?

   Not done for all sectors
        completed-environment, HIV/AIDS,
        education, Health
       Some sector reviews ongoing e.g. gender,
Timeframe-grounded in a long
term assessment of needs?

   Based on vision 2016 goals, NDP9(2003
    – 2008) strategies, programmes and
    projects were target were formulated

       Annual budget supports implementation of
        the NDP9
What are the major challenges?
   Establish issues of:
       Information availability
            Data requirements to facilitate monitoring and
            Qualitative research in all sectors

   Time bound milestones and check points

   Financing of the process of MDG based
         What are the next steps

   MDG audits of the NDP 9

   Identification of information requirements for an MDG based national
        particularly in the area of poverty
             Finalisation of Poverty Assessment
             Preparation of a poverty map
             Socio-economic database
                   Time series data on basic indicators

   Needs assessment to determine the key financial and human resource
    needs in attainment of goals

   Develop a sound monitoring and evaluation system for tracking
    progress towards attaining the goals

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