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					              WITT & SOHN
Tunnel          IGW   Ventilatoren

Witt Group Profile
Established over 60 years ago, the Witt Group
has expanded into one of the world‘s premier
manufacturers    of    industrial fans.  With
manufacturing facilities in Germany, the UK,
and Switzerland, JVs in India and China and
licensed manufacturing in Canada, Japan,
Korea and Indonesia, in addition to a network
of agents, the Group is able to supply
                                                   Witt Group HQ, Hamburg, Germany
products throughout the world.

Over the past 30 years, the Witt Group has added Tunnel Ventilation Systems to
its range of centrifugal and axial-flow fans. Alongside a range of jet fans, the
Group has researched and developed a number of systems that can be used
for ventilating tunnels.

                                Precise, quality engineering has enabled the
                                Witt Group to establish itself as one of the
                                market leaders in tunnel ventilation systems.
                                The Group is able to conduct the whole
                                process from system design to installation,
                                commissioning, staff training and also service
                                and maintenance.

                                With a reference list of over 500 projects,
                                including many major contracts such as the
                                renovation of many stations for the RATP in
                                Paris, the Palm Jumeirah Tunnel in Dubai, the
                                XiangAn Tunnel in China and the renovation
                                program of the three old Elbtunnel tubes in
                                Germany, WITT&SOHN AG can call on much
                                experience and technical knowledge to
                                design world-class systems.

Working to DIN EN ISO 9001 quality systems, we
can ensure that the product quoted is the
same as the product supplied, with regards to
performance, noise and other characteristics.

 Pictured are a number of    •Tunnel Jet Fan
 products used for tunnel    •Axial – Flow Fan
 ventilation systems:        •Banana Jet ® Fan
                                            Witt Group Profile
Besides WITT&SOHN AG, the following
companies are members of the Witt
Witt Contracting GmbH
• Pinneberg, Germany
Meidinger AG
• Kaiseraugst, Switzerland
• established in 1900
• producing mainly special centrifugal
  fans for chemical industry (up to
  explosion-class 0)                                                        Meidinger
                                            Fan Systems Group Ltd.
                                            • Halifax, United Kingdom
                                            • established in 1950
                                            • producing mainly
                                              - parking garage jet fans
                                              - centrifugal fans for general purpose
                                            PSB UK Ltd.
                                            • Halifax, United Kingdom
                      Fan System + PSB UK

PSB Parking Systems Deutschland             Alldays Peacock
(a division of Witt Contracting GmbH)       • established in 1625
• Pinneberg, Germany                        • Weston-Super-Mare, UK
• providing mainly
  - engineering for parking garages         FläktComp Sweden AB
  - full tunnel ventilation packages        • Växjö, Sweden

LF Ventilation AS
•Næstved, Denmark

Witt India (JV)
• HQ in Hyderabad, India
• producing axial fans and tunnel
  ventilation fans with impellers from Germany (acc. to
  WITT&SOHN’s quality standard)                                              Witt India
• sales activities in India for WITT&SOHN AG
Kruger Witt Asia Industries Pte. Ltd. (JV)
• HQ in Singapore, Sales offices in China, Hong Kong,
  Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia.
• producing mainly tunnel ventilation fans with impellers
  from Germany (acc. to WITT&SOHN’s quality standard)
• sales activities in Far East for WITT&SOHN AG
                                                                       Kruger Witt Asia
Axial-Flow Fans
WITT&SOHN AG is renowned for its
range of axial-flow fans, which are
installed in tunnels world-wide. The
range of fans is shown below:
                   400mm – 4000mm
         Inlet Size :
Casing Thickness : 4mm – 16mm
          Volume : Up to 2,000,000m3/h
                   Up to 7,000Pa
          Pressure :
      Fire Rating :Up to 700 oC, acc. EN12101-3
Impeller Material :Corrosion resistant cast
                   aluminium, steel, special alloys.
                   Steel, aluminium.
 Casing Material : Special alloys

                                                       Axial – Flow Fans are commonly used
                                                       in shafts for tunnel ventilation or for
                                                       exhaust fumes / smoke from the

                                                       up to 4000mm
                                                           up to 2000 kW
                                                       Axial-Flow fans as shown on the left
                                                       are installed in wind tunnels of
                                                       aerodynamic testing facilities.
WITT&SOHN AG manufactures large
Axial-Flow fans for wind tunnels
• impeller diameter 4000mm
• and shaft power of about 2,0

                                                       • dampers              • installation
                                                       • frequency            • supervision
                                                         converters           •commissioning
                                                       • silencers            • maintenance
                                                       • performance
                                                          testing acc. to ISO
Possible accessories & services:                          or AMCA standards
                                                          Axial-Flow Fans
Very often tunnel ventilation systems have to fulfil
various requirements:
• Normal operation - several fans are operated in
                                                                         Stall   !
  parallel at low flow rates and pressure drop

• Emergency mode - depending on the location of
  the fire, higher pressure losses and flow rates have
  to be generated to extract the hot & toxic fumes.

                                                  Some decades ago the volume flow
                                                  rate and pressure were adjusted for the
                                                  different ventilation modes by using
                                                  dampers or adjustable pitch angle in

                                                  Because of the disadvantages of both
                                                  these    methods WITT&SOHN AG has
                                                  developed stall-free axial fans which
                                                  enable parallel operation of several
                                                  fans at all possible ventilation modes.


 Axial Flow Fans with           WITT&SOHN AG
 Variable Pitch in              Stall-Free Fans
 Motion                         combined with
                                variable speed drive
 Complex + sensitive            Simple + robust

 Risk of stall during           Stall-free fan curve – no
 operation (if a train passes   special or faulty detection
 the tunnel) – complex stall    required
 detection required
 Parallel operation very        Parallel operation, no
 difficult (complex start-up    special procedures
 procedures required)           required
 High costs of investment       Low costs of investment
 and maintenance                and mainteanance
Tunnel Jet Fans
 Jet fans are found in most tunnels throughout
 the world and the WITT&SOHN AG range is
 comprehensive.       Various   designs   and
 accessories are available, information on the
 fans is found below:
                    400mm – 1800mm
               Size :
 Casing Thickness : 4mm – 10mm
          Volume :  Up to 320,000m³/h
                    Up to 2,800N
             Thrust :
       Fire Rating :Up to 700 °C, acc. EN12101-3
 Impeller Material :Corrosion resistant cast aluminium,
                    steel, special alloys.
  Casing Material : Steel, stainless steel, special alloys
                                                                               Rheinufertunnel, Germany
A large range of reversible and unidirectional jet fans is offered by WITT&SOHN AG .
The symmetrical fans can be manufactured to generate a partial or complete
reversibility (i.e. 40%, 60%, 90%, 98%). Additionally, our standard range of jet fans offers a
thrust from 35N up to 2,800N. Higher values are possible on request.

                                                    With a number of different lengths of the silencers,
                                                    nearly every required sound pressure level can be
                                                    achieved. In addition, the specially-developed
                                                    impellers can operate at very high tip speeds and
                                                    run at very high temperatures. X-raying of the
                                                    impeller blades and the impeller hub is not
                                                    necessary, but can be done upon request.

         Soori Tunnel, S. Korea                            Jet Fan Quick Selection Table
  Dia-             Type           Thrust   Vol. Flow     Outlet       Rated      Efficiency       Sound        Total
  meter                             N       Rate         Speed        Motor         N/kW        Pressure       Mass
   mm                                        m³/s         m/s         Power                    Level, free      kg
                                                                        kW                      field, 45°

   630      Uni-Directional, GT    600       12.8         41.1         18.5         32.5          80/3          ~500

   630        Reversible, GR       550       12.3         39.3         18.5         29.7          80/3          ~525

   800      Uni-Directional, GT   1200       23.0         45.8         45.0         26.7          85/3          ~800

   800        Reversible, GR      1100       22.0         43.8         45.0         24.4          85/3          ~850

  1000      Uni-Directional, GT   1120       27.8         35.4         30.0         37.7          80/3         ~1,400

  1000        Reversible, GR      1000       26.2         33.4         30.0         33.3          85/3         ~1,450

  1120      Uni-Directional, GT   1350       34.2         34.7         37.0         36.5          80/3         ~1,600

  1120        Reversible, GR      1280       33.8         33.3         37.0         34.6          85/3         ~1,650

  1250      Uni-Directional, GT   1700       42.8         34.9         45.0         37.8          80/3         ~1,800

  1250        Reversible, GR      1600       41.5         33.8         45.0         35.6          85/3         ~1,850

  1600      Uni-Directional, GT   2250       63.0         31.3         55.0         40.9          80/3         ~2,400

  1600        Reversible, GR      1990       59.4         29.5         55.0         36.2          85/3         ~2,500

The table above shows only a small selection of the tunnel jet fans that are typically found in tunnel ventilation
systems. Please note the high efficiency and thrust of our unidirectional and reversible jet fans.
Testing                                                     Tunnel Jet Fans
                                                   A comprehensive testing procedure
                                                   ensures that our products meet the
                                                   required specifications. WITT&SOHN AG
                                                   has modern test facilities including a
                                                   heat test chamber. All tests can be
                                                   certified by nominated bodies such as
                                                   GL & TÜV.

Quality Assured
All jet fans are tested according
to ISO 13 350 and all axial-flow
fans according to ISO 5801.
Additionally, all fans must pass
the factory acceptance test
before delivery. All jet fans are
tested and certified according to
EN12101-3 (F200, F300 and F400)

                                                   Standard Accessories
                                                   A standard range of accessories
                                                   is offered with all fans, these
                                                   • Mounting structures      • Vibration control
                                                   • Vibration attenuators    • Safety wires (material:
                                                   • Protection grills          1.4401)

Special Accessories
In addition to standard accessories,
a number of additional options are
also available, these include:

• Bearing temperature monitors (PTC)               • Halfenscrews in 1.4529
• Bearing temperature monitors (Pt100)             • Safety chains 1.4571
• Space heaters                                    • Terminal box 400°C/2h
• Certified calculation for mounting structure     • Vibration control
• Anchor Bolts in grade 1.4401 (stainless steel)   • Service switch in IP65
• Anchor Bolts in grade 1.4529 (stainless steel)   • Temperature Sensor
• Safety switch                                    • Outlet Guide Vanes
Banana Jet ® Fans
         Inlet Size :   400mm – 1800mm
Casing Thickness :      4mm – 10mm
          Volume :      Up to 320,000m3/h
             Thrust :   Up to 2800 N
      Fire Rating :     Up to 700 °C, acc. EN12101-3
Impeller Material :     Corrosion resistant cast aluminium,
                        steel, special alloys
 Casing Material :      Steel, stainless steel, special alloys

WITT&SOHN AG has developed the patented „Banana Jet ®“ Depending on
the tunnel characteristics the Banana Jet ® generates 20-50% more effective
thrust than a traditional jet fan of the same size. This jet fan reduces the costs
for new tunnel ventilation systems and enables tunnel system upgrades (due
to increased traffic load or new fire rules) without high costs.

Banana Jet® reduces tunnel installation loss factors
                                                                         A significant part of the airflow
                                                                         of a standard jet fan sticks to
                                                                         the     ceiling  and    so    the
                                                                         transferred       impulse       is
     Traditional Jet                                                     significantly reduced. To take
                                                                         this effect into account several
This problem has in the past been overcome by                            tunnel installation loss factors
the use of Saccardo nozzles, where it was possible to
blow air into the tunnel with a small angle downwards. As an extension
                                                                         (Kempf-Factor etc.) have to be
of the Saccardo nozzle solution the Banana Jet ® was developed to be     applied.
used where Saccardo nozzles are not practical.
                                                                         The Banana Jet ® with the bent
                                                                         outlet airflow directs the impulse
                                                                         jet slightly towards the centre of
                                                                         the tunnel, therefore frictional
   Banana Jet ®                                                          losses due to swirls at the ceiling
                                                                         are negligible. So with Banana
                                                                         Jet ® tunnel installation loss
                                                                         factors such as the Kempf-
                                                                         Factor can be ignored in most
                                                                         of the cases.
Banana Jet® benefits
                                              • Fewer jet fans, lower investment costs for fans
                                              • Lower power consumption, lower investment costs
                                                for the electrical system, especially cabling.
                                              • If niches are required, then they can be smaller
                                                and shorter, lower civil construction costs.
                                              • Lower operational cost because of reduced
                                                power consumption and fewer fans to be
                                              • Less turbulence of stratified smoke layer at the
                                                           Banana Jet ® Fans
            Banana Jet® gives a more efficient velocity profile

Traditional Jetfan                                         60m                   120m
                     20m               40m

         High velocity at                                   High friction and background
          tunnel ceiling                                            velocity losses.

Banana Jet®                                                60m                       120m
                         20m            40m

 Low velocity at tunnel
                                                             Low friction and background
ceiling, but high velocity
  In the tunnel centre
                                                            velocity losses near the ceiling

                                                  Banana Jet® Quick Selection Table
 Dia -       Type          Effective   Measured     Vol.   Outlet   Rated   Efficiency      Sound      Total Mass
 meter                       thrust     thrust      Flow   Speed    Motor     N/kW           Pres.         kg
                               N          N         Rate    m/s     Power                Level, free
 mm                                                 m³/s             kW                   field, 45°

 630       Unidir., GT         780       600        12.8    41.1    18.5      42.2          80/3         ~500

 630     Reversible, GR        710       550        12.3    39.3    18.5      38.4          85/3         ~525

 900       Unidir., GT      1560        1200        23.0    45.8    45,0      34.7          85/3         ~800

 900     Reversible, GR     1430        1100        22.0    43.8    45,0      31.8          85/3         ~850

 1000      Unidir., GT      1450        1120        27.8    35.4    30.0      48.3          80/3        ~1,400

 1000    Reversible, GR     1300        1000        26.2    33.4    30.0      43.3          85/3        ~1,450

 1120      Unidir., GT      1750        1350        34.2    34.7    37.0      47.3          80/3        ~1,600

 1120    Reversible, GR     1660        1280        33.8    33.3    37.0      44.9          85/3        ~1,650

 1250      Unidir., GT      2210        1700        42.8    34.9    45.0      49.1          80/3        ~1,800

 1250    Reversible, GR     2080        1600        41.5    33.8    45.0      46.2          85/3        ~1,850

 1600      Unidir., GT      2930        2250        63.0    31.3    55.0      53.3          80/3        ~2,400

 1600    Reversible, GR     2600        1990        59.4    29.5    55.0      47.3          85/3        ~2,500

   The table above shows only a small selection of available Banana Jet® fans. Please note the
incomparable high efficiency and thrust of our Banana Jet® fans compared to traditional jet fans.
Road Tunnel References
Road Tunnel References
Shown below are a selection of project references from our 500+ worldwide
tunnel installations.

                              PROJECT                      COUNTRY
                              Y-Trasse S1                  Austria
                              Clem Jones (NSBT)            Australia
                              Tunnel San Rafael            Bolivia
                              El Salto Kennedy             Chile
                              XiangAn Xiamen               China
                              Noroskalatunnilin            Denmark
                              Palm Jumeirah                Dubai
                              Tunnel San Eduardo           Ecuador
                              Tunnel El Azahr              Egypt
                              A8 Tunnels ESCOTA            France
                              Elbtunnel                    Germany
                              Tunnel Patras                Greece
                              Shing Mun Tunnels            Hong Kong
                              Dublin Port Tunnel           Ireland
                              Gran San Bernado             Italy
                              MHI – Tunnel                 Japan
                              Soo-Ri Tunnel                South Korea
                              Penchala Tunnel              Malaysia
                              Drechttunnel                 Netherlands
                              Ringveg Vest Bergen          Norway
                              Tunnel Warshaw               Poland
                              Tunnel Faial / Pinheiro      Portugal
                              Tunnel Lefortovo             Russia
                              Tunnel Sittina               Slowakia
                              M40 con C/Embajadores        Spain
                              Muskötunneln                 Sweden
                              Kirchenwald/Lopper           Switzerland
                              Dudullu Tunnel               Turkey
                              Ascot Racecourse             UK
     Rail and Metro Tunnel References
                  Shown below are a selection of project references from our 100+
                                                    worldwide tunnel installations.

PROJECT                       COUNTRY
Wiener Linien, Vienna         Austria
KCRC Westrail                 China
Palm Jumeirah Monorail        Dubai
Metro Toulouse                France
Metro Lille                   France
Metro Lyon                    France
Metro Marseille               France
R.A.T.P. , Renovation         France
Tunnel Perthus (TGV)          France
BVG U55 Berlin                Germany
Attiki Odos                   Greece
Metro Delhi                   India
Modi’in Train Tunnel          Israel
Metro Bari                    Italy
Metro Bucharest               Romania
Metro St. Petersburg          Russia
Jurong Rock                   Singapore
Metro Madrid                  Spain
Metro Valencia                Spain
Tunnel Abdelajis (AVE)        Spain
London Underground            United Kingdom
Citytunneln Malmö             Sweden
Airport Zürich                Switzerland
Jungfraubahn                  Switzerland
Xin Zhuang MRT Taipeh         Taiwan
Metro Bangkok, South Line     Thailand
Metro Istanbul I – III        Turkey
St. Louis Metrolink           USA
Metro Caracas                 Venezuela
                      Witt & Sohn AG
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                      Fan Systems Group
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               Tel:   +44 (1422) 378 131
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                      Meidinger AG
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     Australia:       Fantech Pty. Ltd., Tel: +61 (2) 88 11 04-14, Fax: +61 (2) 98 31 36 76, Email:
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