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									                                                                rg t re o h m rovement Programs
                                                               Ta e a a f r t e I p
Eiiiiy                                                       HORNE STREET


                                                                                                                                                      SEAGAZE DRIVE
                                                                                                                     PIER VIEW WAY

                                                                                                                                     MISSION AVENUE
                                                             CLEMENTINE STREET
To be eligible for the programs:                                                                                                                                         Economic Development &
                                                                                                                                                                         Redevelopment Department
      Applicants must be the owner of                        NEVADA STREET
      the building or have written consent

                                                                                            CIVIC CENTER DRIVE
      from the property owner.

                                                                  SPORTFISHER DRIVE
                                                                                                                 DITMAR STREET
      The property must be of legal
      conforming use (retail, office or
      commercial).                                                                                                   FREEMAN STREET

Ineligible improvements include
                                                             NORTH COAST HIGHWAY
purchase of inventory, any interior
                                             SURFRIDER WAY
improvements, fixture or furnishing
improvements, and purchase of
                                                                 TREMONT STREET
business equipment and/or displays.

Upon completion of rehabilitation
                                                                                          CLEVELAND STREET
work, the property must conform to the
                                                   reas targeted for t e p
                                             Other a                  h rogram:
Zoning Ordinance, Design Standards
and Sign Guidelines set by the                               North Coast Highway from the 800 block on the
Commission and must meet minimum
City health and safety standards.
                                                                suht Hro dieo tenrh
                                                                 ot o abr rv n h ot.                                                                                   “PUT A NEW
                                                                 a m l r v n o t re r e.
                                                                C r e o D i e a d M n e y St et
C all us to see how these programs can
                                                              Wi c n i St et f Cleveland to Myers stret
                                                                s o s n r e, rom                       e
work for you!                                                   o t ; l v l n rom Oak to Wi c n i St et.
                                                               suh Ceeadf                  s o s n r es

          OC E A N S I D E                                    Ohra
                                                               t e reas may qualify, p e s c n a t
                                                                                       lae otc
    ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT                                        the Economic Development & Redevelopment
       & REDEVELOPMENT                                         ea m n o i c s o r l g b l t
                                                              D p rt e t t d s u s y u e i i i i y.                                                                    YOUR PLACE
         DEPARTMENT                                                     City of Oceanside
          (760) 435-3352                                            Economic Development &
                                                                   Redevelopment Department
                                                                                       300 North Coast Highway
                                                                                                                                                                      D OW N TO W N ”
                                                                                      Oceanside, California 92054
                                                                                            (760) 435-3352
         The Oceanside                         Architect                                         Financing
    Economic Development &                     An architect will be provided free of charge to
                                               prepare conceptual designs and working             hs s rn, o   on
                                                                                                 Ti i agat ntala.
  Redevelopment Department
                                               drawings. Interested in using your own             t s eae f 0 f lgbe ot
                                                                                                 I i arbt o 5%o eiil css
is offering an innovative program
                                               architect? Contact the Economic Development       paid after the project is completed.
           to help you                         & Redevelopment Department to discuss
                                               reimbursement of the fees.                        If 3 or more businesses participate
        “Put A New Face On                                                                       together the rebate is 65%, and 75%
                                                                                                 for an entire block.
           Your Place!”                        Eligible Improvements
                                                  Correction of building, non-conforming         There is a $25,000 cap per applicant.
                                                  signs, and zoning code violations as they      Rebate Process
                                                  pertain to the exterior facade.
                                                                                                 Payment wil be made to the
                                                  Repair, replacement, installation or re-       applicant within 30 days of written
                                                  moval of exterior items such as signs,         acceptance by the Economic
                                                  doors, windows, awnings/canopies, light        Development & Redevelopment
                                                  fixtures, entrance ways, and decorative        and Building Departments.
                                                   aca tutrs
                                                  fsi srcue.                                     Applicant must provide:
Commercial Facade/                                Exterior painting and decorative facade
                                                                                                    Proof of payment in full for labor
                                                  treatment (includes alley).
Operation Paintbrush                                                                                and materials
                                                  Minor landscaping directly related to the         A release from the contractor (if
Program                                           exterior of the building.                         one was used)
The program offers property and business
owners financial assistance for exterior im-
provement of their building.                      Awnings and canopies

Help us revitalize downtown Oceanside
with a new paint job or other exterior en-
hancements. The City will pay for 50% of
your approved improvements.

To be eligible your property must be located
within the Redevelopment Project Area. A
map of the eligible area is on the reverse

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