Darien Youth Club Invitational Tournament Rules by 6MgQeS


									     Darien Youth Club Invitational Tournament Rules 2008

1.   Play is governed by Official Baseball Rules, and Pony League Baseball rules, unless superseded
     by these Tournament Rules.

2.   Teams are allowed to roster at least 11 players to a maximum of 15. Teams may be selected in
     any manner according to your league guidelines, however, all rostered players must have
     played half of their games within their recreation league during the regular season. Teams not
     having at least 10 rostered players at a game will take an out each time the 10th position bats.

     Team business managers must present birth certificates of each player and proof of league
     insurance coverage prior to the start of the first game and shall remain in Darien Youth
     Club's possession until the end of the tournament or until a team is eliminated, at which time
     teams may request their return. Official league age as of 4/30.

      Mustang (9 & 10) --- 6 innings
      Bronco (11 & 12) ---- 7 innings
      Pony (13 & 14) ------ 7 innings

     Although there is no limit to the number of runs a team can score in an inning. If at the end
     of the designated inning a team is ten (10) runs ahead, the game is completed.
            Mustang - after 4 innings (3½ if home team is ahead)
            Bronco & Pony - after 5 innings (4½ if home team is ahead)

     Games that are cancelled due to rain shall be considered complete games after the
     designated inning. Incomplete games will be continued from the point of curtailment at a
     later date.
            Mustang - after 4 innings (3½ if home team is ahead)
            Bronco & Pony - After 5 innings (4½ if home team is ahead)

                                    Pitching     Bases
                     Mustang           44’        60’
                     Bronco            48’         70’
                     Pony              54’         80’

     All Field conduct will be sportsmanlike and gentlemanly at the risk of ejection from the
      A.    One Manager, two coaches and one scorekeeper may occupy the dugouts or playing
            area. The base coach may not change position during an inning.

      B.    Player base coaches must wear a protective helmet.

      C.    Managers ONLY may discuss rules with umpires and/or tournament officials.

      D.    Managers, coaches, players and spectators should direct their comments to members
            of their own team. Each manager must make every effort to control the action of the
            teams’ fans.

      E.    A coin flip shall determine home and away teams. Home team shall occupy the third
            base dug out.

      A.   All on deck batters must wear protective helmets.

      B.    Only rubber spikes and gym shoes are allowed for 9, 10, 11 and 12 year olds. Metal
            spikes are allowed for 13 and 14 year olds.

      C.    All balls will be supplied by DYC.

      D.    Bats: 9 and 10 year olds are NOT allowed to use "big barrel" bats. Bat barrels must
            be 2 1/4" or smaller. For 11, 12, 13 and 14 year olds, big barrel bats up to 2 3/4" are
            allowed. Bats that are dented, cracked or with missing end caps will not be allowed.
            Pony level bats must be drop 5 (-5) or heavier (length to weight ratio).

      A.   A tournament pitcher may only pitch a designated number of innings as follows:
                                Per Game Per Tournament
                   Mustang          3                 6
                   Bronco (12s)     3                10
                   Pony             3                N/A


      B.    One pitch constitutes an inning.

      C.    Balks: Bronco and Pony – there will be NO WARNING for balks.
            No balks in Mustang Division.

      D.    If a pitcher hits three batters in a game, he must be removed.
      E.     Any player warming up a pitcher must wear a protective mask.

      F.     A pitching change must occur on a manager or coach's second trip to the mound,
             except in the case of an injury.

      In any DYC tournament, a player removed from the game may return, unless the player is
      removed from the pitching position. That player may not return to the pitching position. The
      batting order may not change and roster batting is in effect.

      A.   Stealing, lead offs and batting order
                           Stealing              Lead Offs             Batting Order
           Mustang         Allowed              Not Allowed             Continuous
           Bronco          Allowed                Allowed               Continuous
           Pony            Allowed                Allowed               Continuous

      * Mustang players cannot leave a base they occupy until the pitched ball has reached or
      passed the catcher. Once a pitcher has stepped on the rubber, runners who leave bases
      before the pitched ball reaches or passes the catcher shall be called out and the pitch shall
      be considered a dead ball.

      B.     Infield fly rules shall be in effect in Bronco and Pony tournaments. Mustang does not
             have an infield fly rule.

      C.     Dropped Third Strike rule only applies in Bronco and Pony.

      D.     Base runners MUST avoid all contact situations. Leaping over a defensive player will
             result in the runner being called out.

      E.     There are to be no fake tags by defensive players if they do not have the ball in their

      A.   A discussion of ground rules should take place before the game between managers and

      B.     All players on the batting team, except the on deck batter, must remain in the dugout
             except for retrieving bats.

      C.     Bats, helmets and equipment must be kept in the dugouts during games.

      D.     NO SMOKING on the field.

      E.     NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES in the baseball park area.
      The umpire may declare a forfeit under the following condition:

      A.    A team fails to field nine rostered players within ten minutes of the game's starting

      B.    Failure to complete a game not officially called by the umpire.

      C.    Failure to comply with an umpire's directive to remove a fan, coach, manager or player
            previously ejected from the area. The term area shall be defined as the umpire's field
            of vision from his position on the field. Each manager is responsible for the actions of
            his players, coaches and fans.

      Should a player, coach, fan or manager direct remarks to other than their own team the
      following procedure will be used:

      1.    A warning will be given to the manager. The umpire will designate the disruptive
            person(s). The manager should then attempt to correct the problem.

      2.    If the person(s) designated by the umpire fails to comply with the warning, the umpire
            shall then inform the manager that the offending person(s) has five minutes to leave
            the area or the game shall be forfeited. In the event of a forfeit, the umpire shall
            immediately notify a DYC official.

      The primary concern of the DYC is the safety of players. Dangerous play will not be

      A.    Play shall be halted immediately in the event any player is injured. The umpire shall
            have final say on where the base runners are positioned.

      B.    A runner is automatically out if he, intentionally or unintentionally, runs into or
            interferes with a fielder who is attempting to play a hit or thrown ball.

      C.    A runner who fails to slide or fails to attempt to avoid a fielder who has the ball and is
            waiting to make a tag is out.

      D.    Base runners MUST avoid all contact situations. Leaping over a defensive player will
            result in the runner being called out.

      E.    A fielder may not block the path of a runner attempting to reach a base unless the
            fielder has possession of the ball or is in the process of fielding the ball. There shall
            be No "fake" tags.
      Umpires are in complete control of all games from the game's scheduled start time. The
      following is a guide to the control an umpire may exert in officiating a game:

      A.     An umpire will offer a warning to players, coaches or managers for, but not limited to:
             * Throwing of equipment
             * Improper or unsportsmanlike conduct
             * Harassment of the umpire

      B.     An umpire will eject players, coaches or manager for, but not limited to:
             * A second infraction of a previously warned issue
             * Profanity
             * Destruction of property or equipment
             * Any act of physical violence

      A.   A game may not be protested based upon an umpire's decision.

      B.     When based upon an interpretation of the rules, a protesting manager must, at the
             time the play occurs, notify the home plate umpire and the opposing manager that the
             game is being played under protest. The home plate umpire should then notify a DYC
             official of the protest. DYC officials will immediately consider the protest with the
             umpires and managers and render a decision before play is resumed. All such decisions
             are final and not subject to appeal.

      C.     All protest rights are withdrawn, if a manager withdraws a team from the field under
             any circumstances, prior to the game's completion.

      D.     No protest will be considered after one or more pitches have taken place.

18.   TIES
      In the event of a tie in the final standings, the tie breakers will be as follows:
             1. Head to head competition
             2. Least amount of runs allowed
             3. Most amount of runs scored
             4. Run differential for all 3 games
             5. Coin flip

      A.   Lineups must be turned in fifteen (15) minutes prior to game time to the official

      B.     The official score and batting order for each game will be maintained by the DYC
             official scorekeepers.
    The DYC will provide a trophy or awards to each rostered player to a maximum of 12.
    Additional trophies or awards will be provided to teams with more than 12 players at a cost of
    $10.00 each. Since the trophies awarded will be based on a team's final standing, extra
    trophies will be sent directly from the manufacturer via UPS.

      Games will start promptly at the scheduled time. Due to the nature of our field availability
      this may not allow teams to warm up on the field prior to their scheduled start time.

      Time Limit: No new inning shall begin 2:15 after the start of the game. The official scorer
      will determine the official start time. In the event of a tie, the game will revert to the last
      full inning in which one team was in the lead, if the game has exceeded the time limit above.

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