Bristol Sewer Care Awareness Brochure by Sarahsinthekinchin


									HOW CAN YOU HELP?                           STILL HAVE QUESTIONS…

Maintaining one of our most valuable and    More information on Infiltration and Inflow
necessary resources is very costly. The     and Sanitary Sewer Overflows can be
best way to minimize these costs is to do   found at the following web link or by
your part in keeping our sewer system       contacting the Bristol Water Pollution
healthy.                                    Control Department.

1. Remove sump pumps or roof       
   drains/gutters that discharge to the
                                            BE AWARE - BECOME INVOLVED
   Discharge rain water and groundwater
                                            If you think your home or business may                A Public Guide for:
   over land or to a drywell.
                                            contain a sump pump or roof drain
                                            connection to the Town’s sewer system,
2. DO NOT dispose of oil or grease          or if you would like some additional          Understanding Sanitary Sewer
   down your sink or garbage disposal.      information on how you can help the Town      Overflows (SSOs)
   Place in watertight container and        of Bristol in its effort to reduce SSOs,
   dispose of in trash.                     please contact the Bristol Water Pollution
                                            Control Department for assistance.

Bristol is a coastal community and is
fortunate to have many natural water
resources nearby.      Recreational water
bodies such as Bristol Harbor, Mount Hope
Bay, and Narragansett Bay are enjoyed by
many residents and visitors alike.
However, these resources can be polluted             Town of Bristol, Rhode Island
due to sewer blockages and overflows               Water Pollution Control Department
caused by the improper disposal of grease                     Plant Avenue
and/or excessive inflow and infiltration                   Bristol, RI 02809
being introduced into the Town’s sewer                   Phone: 401-253-8877                     TOWN OF BRISTOL
system. Please do your part to protect                    Fax: 401-253-2910               Water Pollution Control Department
these natural water resources and your
surrounding environment.                               Matthew A. Calderiso, Jr.
                                                                                                 Bristol, Rhode Island
SANITARY SEWER OVERFLOWS (SSOs)                   FATS, OILS, & GREASE (FOG)                      INFILTRATION & INFLOW (I/I)
A Sanitary Sewer Overflow is a discharge of       Nearly half of all sewer blockages are the      I/I is responsible for the majority of all
raw sewage from a sewer collection system.        result of FOG.                                  SSOs in Bristol. I/I comes from cracks in
A discharge into a basement or from a sewer                                                       sewer pipes and manholes as well as
manhole are examples of SSOs. When a                                                              through inadmissible connections to the
manhole overflows, sewage spills onto Town                                                        sewer including:
roads and yards and into surrounding water
bodies.   SSOs can cause severe health                                                                 - Sump pump discharges
hazards, damage home interiors, and
threaten wildlife as well as the environment.                                                          - Roof drains
Most communities with aging sewer systems                                                              - Yard drains
have SSOs and must work to minimize these                                                              - Window well drains
harmful and unsightly occurrences.                                                                     - Storm drain catch basins
                                                  As per the Town’s Sewer Use Ordinance,
                                                  grease removal systems must be installed
                                                  at all connections to the Town’s sewer from     The excess “clean” water, which sewers
                                                  users conducting food preparation or food       are not designed to carry, causes the
                                                  processing operations such as:                  sewer system to overflow.

                                                      - Restaurants
                                                      - Schools
                                                      - Hospitals
                                                      - Nursing homes
                                                      - Other establishments which regularly
                                                        discharge grease to the sewer

CAUSES OF SSOs                                    Grease removal equipment is not required
Two major causes of SSOs are:                     for private living quarters but residents can
                                                  help improve the condition by collecting and
                                                  disposing of grease with the household
1.   Buildup of fats, oils, and grease, or
     (“FOG”) along the sewer pipe walls and       trash. Grease should NOT be poured down         BRISTOL’S EFFORT AGAINST THE
     in sewer manholes.                           the sink or in the toilet.                      CAUSES OF SSOs
                                                                                                  Bristol is working vigorously to protect its
2.   Excessive rain water and groundwater         DISPOSABLE WIPES                                residents from the harmful impacts of
     entering the sewer known as Infiltration &   Household cleaning wipes should NOT be          SSOs. The Town continues to invest in
     Inflow (“I/I”).                              flushed down the toilet or drain but should     sewer system rehabilitation, replacement,
                                                  be disposed of with the trash. Household        and upgrades, in addition to inflow
                                                  cleaning wipes do not “break down” like         investigation and removal. These efforts
                                                  toilet paper and can cause clogging of pipes    are intended to help reduce the number
                                                  and damage pumping equipment.                   of SSOs in Bristol.

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