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					                                                                                                               Essex show an
                                                                                                                 occasion for
MEASURED in round terms Essex Police are
about 580 short of the strength needed to
police the force area. This amounts to a 20 per
                                                         over 100 applicants since 1st April running
                                                         two interview sittings per month in April and
                                                         May instead of the usual single session.
                                                                                                               'Police' humour
                                                                                                               THE ESSEX SHOW this              Mets recruiting Sergeant for
cent deficit.                                              And in the same period 54 men and women             year was, once again, held in    "poaching," whilst on the
  Mr. J. Duke, Deputy Chief Constable                    have actually joined the force while only 28          bright sunshine, and those       following day the whole of
reported these facts to the Police Committee at          have left, a profit of 26.                            officers who attended, on        the opposition found that
                                                                                                               duty, were able to bask in the   they had come without their
their June             stating that the                    The police Committee were told that to              glorious weather.                keys to the ofice and had to
needs 2,758 men.                                                                                                                                go on bended knee to the

                                                                                                               Essex Police Stand.

appears to eqjoy her attentions.

brackets are:- Back Row   - Peter Wood, (Clacton); Bob   (Chelmsford).

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                                                                      scurrying about the opening up the coffers is the threat            minute stuff about transcendental meditation for young
   BE THANKFUL                                                        of a strike. And that is all the police would need if the
                                                                      crunch really came.
                                                                                                                                          policemen who are under stress.
                                                                                                                                             For years people have been worried about the police
   WHO ELSE would stand for it? At a time when pay                       Most policemen, being responsible citizens abhor the             mind, asserting that after only a short time in the force
   increases of up to thirty per cent have become normal              thought of strike action and would not want to use it.              policemen can see no good in anyone. But now that the
   the police are given rather less and have the additional           On the other hand many young people coming into the                 police. are themselves worrying about the police mind
   frustration of seeing some of it blowing away in the               police see nothing out of the ordinary about apparently             the subject is close to becoming a music hall joke.
   wind of inflation before it is even paid thtee months              responsible people withdrawing their labour. Some                       With the whole of society going mad who are the
   later.                                                             teachers are not above such things and their behaviour              police to remain unaffected? Are the police not men of
      It all makes the big-deal enquiry look like a time-             must influence their pupils' views on the subject.                  the people? Delving into the editorial Oxford
   wasting ploy to keep the faithful in line for a few more              But while we would not dream of inciting mutiny,                 Dictionary we found that, basically, to meditate means
   weeks. If one thinks about it, of course, the enquiry              sedition or anything else of that sort, what about a                to think and we conclude that if policemen can be
   obviously was nothing of the sort because such                     good old-fashioned full-blooded work-to-rule? There is              induced to think for as long as 20 minutes twice each
   manoeuvres ate just not necessary. In the end the                  not much in the regulations about working to rule but               day, transcendentally or otherwise, no harm can come
   police have to accept what they are given and both                 of course one has to bear In mind that in our case it               of it.
   sides know this full well.                                         would not be a go-slow, which is something else                         We are indebted to the amateur psychologist who
                                                                      entirely, but a go-quick.                                            has been associated with the editorial staff for some
                                                                         Which would mean that half the service would have                 time and who has a certain cure for stress. Apparently
   HARDER.WORK                                                        to work a damned dght harder than they do now if the
                                                                      action were not to breakdown &er the first half hour.
                                                                                                                                           the bowels are involved, at least their regularity has
                                                                                                                                           some bearing on the subject and this state of affsirs is,
    ALL THIS talk of strike action, motions at conference,                                                                                 in turn, brought about by exercise and fresh air.
    letters to the editor, apologia by the Federation, is                                                                                     So much so that recently we were worried to hear
    rather odd. Have these people not observed that strikes
    are out of fashion for people who really matter?
                                                                      JUST THINK                                                           that a member of the editorial team had faked a
                                                                                                                                           nervous breakdown because he could not face reporting
       All that is needed nowadays to send everyone                   WE HAVE much the same views on the latest laugh-a-                   a cold in the head.

                                                                          They think the Federation is like a whining toothless dog
                                                                                                                                         little more than a delaying            long whilst the cost of living
                                                                                                                                         tactic used t o keep                   increases, our standard of
                                                                    you of our feelings as to the        over the years, when the         Federation Members happy.             living declines and our
                                                                    unsatisfactory result of the         Officials concerned appear      We have listened patiently             position in the 'Pay League'
                                                                    recent pay negotiations.             to ignore the Independent       to promises of better pay,             drops further and further
                                                                       Perhaps you can explain           Recommendations. It seems       better conditions, shorter             behind.
                                                                    the logic behind Independent         as though the Enquiries are     working hour% etc. for too                 This pay settlement would
                                                                                                                                                                                probably have been
                                                                                                                                         iter-attacks                     I     acceptable had the increase
                                                                                                                                                                                been granted immediately,
                                                                                                                                                                                but b f ~ e ~ t e m b ewe will be
                                                                                                                                         shout about someone else               f o r t u n a t e if the entire
                                                                                                                                         who is trying to do his best           increase has not been
                             I Gan only say that I wish             entirely that it appearsthat        enough has been done. for the    under difficult conditions                  allo wed u p through
 Wony beads                  that you had thought a little          the pay review has not been         Constable in particular.         without any extra reward for           inflation.
                             more about the content. I              taken into account and we           However I do believe that        his efforts. Your reference to              he Police Federation is
         Prosecutions Dept. appreciate the strong feelings          have merely got a cost of           this was as much as we           the toothless whining dog              only as strong as the Official
                 Chelmsford                                                                             could get from the               can only be reflected in the           Side allows it to be and like
               16 June 1975                                                                             Government at this               attitudes shown in your letter         some whining, toothless dog
Dear Sir,                                                                                               particular time and it           where You appear to be the             having been thrown a scrap,
   With reference to recent                                                                            remains to be seen within the     sneaking cowardly dogs                 snatches it up and runs away
reports that policemen are                                                                             next few weeks if the Staff       waiting in the background to           with its tail between its legs.
turning to meditation, can                                                                             Side of the Police Council        nip at the ankles of someone               ~t seems that the only
the powers-that-be confirm                                                                             were wise to accept this offer    trying to do a job to the best         protest which we could make
or deny that "worry beads"                                                                             befors a complete clamp-          of his ability.                        would be to resign from the
will now be standard issue                                                                             down on pay settlements is           Coming t o t h e most                Federation and cancel our
and a Guru appointed to                                                                                announced.                        important point in Your                subscriptions. After all if we
each Divisional Head-                                                                                      Dependant upon where          letter about withdrawing                      going to keep a dog we
quarters?                                                                                              one is within the pay scales      from the Federation and                           one which will bite
          D. E. Smith (Mrs.)                                                                           this settlement amounted to       cancelling subscriptions -             when the occasion demands.
                                                                                                       between 25-35%. including         talk about cutting off your
                                                                                                       Threshold, which is about         nose to spite your face. The                  Yours faithfully,
 Convalescent                                                                                          what is being obtained            collapse of the Federation
                                                                                                                                                                                            D. L. CONNER,
                                                                                                       elsewhere. I n d e e d t h e      would make Whitehall laugh
  Dear Sir,                                                                                            Engineers settled for f 7.50      their heads off, because,                               Sergeant 88
     I have just returned from a                                                                       p.w. recently and the 27.5%       warts and all, the Federation                     P. N. CAMPOUS,
  fortnight at the Police                                                                              turned +down by the NUR,          is the only negotiating body                          Constable 23 1
  Convalescent Home, Hove,                                                                             but accepted by the other rail    we have or ever likely to get.
                                                                                                       unions is about E8 per week.      You should remember that                    D. K. RICHARDSON,
  after being away from work                                                                                                                                                                Constable 1314
  for several weeks. I was able                                                                        We have got a little more         without subscriptions there
  to take my wife with me at a                                                                         than most other employees         would be no money to buy                               N. J. HIRST,
  cost of only E24.50 per week                                                                         recently. This is fact and not    paper, materials for                                   Constable 844
 (for my wife). What a                                                                                 speculation. As police            administration, postage, etc.,
                                                                                                       officers we learn to deal with    none of which is officially                      D. K. WOODING,,
  wonderful place.                                                                                                                                                                            Constable 5 14
     You are met at the door                                                                           facts and not what                            Continued on page 3
  by the Superintendent and                                                                            something appears to be
                                                                                                     , from press reports.
  his wife, who introduce
  themselves on christian                                                                                  It would be illuminating to
                                                                                                       compare our pay with other
                                                                                                                                           He wants another referendum
  name terms, no rank at all in                                                                                                          To the Editor,                         countty, where a small select
  the home. Everything is so                                                                           industries where you would
                                                                                                       see that we do not do so             I write this letter on a            band of men make the
  friendly as you step in the                                                                                                            subject that will arouse a             important decisions without
  door.                                                                                                badly when the value of
                                                                                                       housing is taken into             heated debate if it is printed,        proper reference to its rank
     There are several                                                                                                                   or at least it is my intention         and file members. I
  amenities at your disposal,                                                                          account. It is no use saying
                                                                                                       we shouldn't take this into       that it should because I feel          personally am very critical
   snooker table, table tennis,                                                                                                          that we are as guilty as the           of this practise in the unions.
  tennis and automatic free                                                                            account as it is an
                                                                                                       emolument to be taken into        rank and file trade union                 I feel much more could
  membership to the Anglers'
   Club and Bowls c l u b .                                                                            consideration - other             member in not taking                   and should be done to
                                       OUR PICTURE shows the latest suggestion for                                                       sufficient interest in the             ascertain from members,
   Outings are arranged by the         decorating the helmets. A suitably perched green-               employees have to pay tax
   Home about three times per                                                                        , on earnings and then find         running of the Federation.             what their opinions are on
                                        finch ought to augment the old chrome badges at                rent and rates from what is       My letter is an attempt to              any particular subject. Essex
, week, all free of cost. The                                                                        1
                                        considerably less expense than the new enamelled                left. If you look at the pay     make pegple think with the             Federation Representatives
   food is really first cl?ss and,     emblems. Then perhaps we could cap it with: 'Per
   unlike Oliver Twist, you                                                                             scales you will realise that     hope that in the future all            should take a lead in this
                                       Ardua Ad Astra' in gold letters around the brim.                                                  policemen will take a more             issue and hold their own
   never have to ask for more.                                                                         the basic pay of a Constable
   So if you are ever ill, had an          In the fact bird Tn questioon was fledgling green-           on top rate earns, with the      a c t i v e i n t e r e s t in t h e   "Referendum" regarding the
   operation or are recovering         finch which was found in a pose resembling the coma-             housing element f 80 per         Federation.                            right to strike. The result will
   from injury and wish to get       , position on the playing fields at Headquarters during            week, and he doesn't have to        I understand that at the            be of great interest and may
   away for a while. I stronnlv        the recent heatwave. A First Aid expert was called for           - down the mines for it.
                                                                                                        go                               recent Blackpool Federation            provide a major policy
   recommend you pay a visit.
                                       and after several anxious moments, the bird made a                   As I have attempted to       Conference a motion calling            decision for the manner in
      We have to keep the home         temporary recovery. But, unfortunately, the effects of          'point out elsewhere the          for a strike referendum was            which future controversial
   going and spread a little           being in Police custody took their toll and the little mite      sniping at the Federation is     rejected. It appears to me             subjects are treated within
   more among the County               passed away.                                                  , sniping at yourself - you         that our representatives act as        this Force. My hope is that it
   Forces.                                It is also rumoured that this incident sparked off         1  are the Federation whether       they think fit and are not             will result in o u r
      You would never regret it,       speculation amongst members of the economy-                      you like it or not. Have you     representing the opinion of            representatives being given a

   and I am sure on your return        conscious Police Authorfty and they are now working              ever tried to do something to    the majority of t h e                  "brief' by the majority of
   will encourage others.              on the theory that a number of finches, trained as            l better     conditions, like       Federation olembership.                members when attending
              Sincerely,               carrier-pigeons, stowed in the helmet, might in time          ' standing for election to try to   This is a situation similar to         future conferences.
                       J. W. Eley      replace tlie expensive personal radio.                        i get changes made? It is very      which has *developed in the                   Yours faithfully,
   Colchester                                                                                        I easy,f.q    ggnteeg lawyers to    Union .structure of this                             R D. BROWN
                                                                                                                                                                                        THE LAW, JULY, 1975   3

FEDERATION METHOD Came the crunch and Mick was asleep
DESCRIBED BY STAN -in bed not at the wheel he would add
SEVERAL members have Board. If it is a matter
asked why we have an affecting only that rank it
annual conference, who will be pursued by that
attends and what happens, Board or it can be taken to
so I will briefly outline what the Joint Board for support.
it is all about.                        All matters affecting all
     Your representatives on a the Force are taken to the
                                             Board and they
Divisional / Departmental Joint dealt with either are
                                      then                       by
basis are normally elected
annually in December and letter or joint consultation if
they serve from 1 January it is a matter which the Chief
until the end of the year. Constable can do anything
                                      about. Or it may go
During their year of office national committee to the         if a
they should attend, or change in Regulations or
 arrange for a deputy, the procedure is required to
 quarterly meetings both of
 the boards of the rank they o b t a i n a s a t i s f a c t o r y
 hold and the joint boards conclusion.
 where all ranki up to Chief             All this takes time, and
 Inspector are represented. care must be taken that other
 Each officer of these boards conditions are not worsened
 is also elected annually from by the changes sought.
 the representatives.                  Those with some service will
      In practice, if you don't know that conditions have
 like the performance of your improved enormously over
 representative, you can kick the past few years, and these
 him off next year, but quite have not come about by
 often there is difficulty in themselves.
 finding someone sufficiently            From time to time we hear
 interested to stand for elec- rumblings about members
 tion and despite strongly leaving the Federation and                 P.C. Mick Macauly, stationed at Southend, purchased a                       However, he was still stopped by friends and colleagues
 held views of members about their strong views and                   gleaming motor car six months ago.                                        until the whole story was published.
 the apparent lack of effort or frustrations are understood,             Shortly after he bought it the car was involved in an                    Now. however. he wishes that he had not gone so far.
  success in negotiations, there but really you get nowhere           accident whereby the driver's door was damaged.                           becausk he is still being asked why he gave thcaccident sd
  is general apathy in trying to by being disunited. Our                 Fed up with explaining what had happer~ed, Mick                        much publicity.
  find the person members organisation is the only one                decided to let everyone know just what had happened, a1.d
  might consider the best man we have got and when the                painted the sorry saga on the door.                                       Picture by courtesy Evening Echo.
  to represent them.                   going gets rough we should
      Ideally the representative unite - rather . than
 should be articulate, both disintegrate.
 orally andliterally; he should          ~t this year's Annual        matter was under debate            up with it and our Motion               at length on this subject.
 be firm in his commitments, Conference, Essex put                    immediately following a            was rejected by a large                    Our Amendment to the          Stan Smith
 but able to listen to other forward two Motions for                  rather bitter discussion           majority.                              Motion that there should be     replies-from P2
 arguments and profit from debate and an Amendment                    about the London Allowance             Our second Motion that             security of tenure for Police
 them; he should not be afraid to a Motion from Greater               and there is a strong feeling      where facilities were not               Officers who retire on supplied by the Police
 that his career might suffer Manchester.                             among other Forces that we         locally available under the            pension or medical grounds Authority; all services, such
 because of his involvement;             I had the job of proposing   should maintain the principle      National Health Scheme,                 was carried.                       a s death benefit which
  and         perhaps       m o s t our Motion that eligible          of one rate of pay at all          medical and dental treatment                one interesting debate incidentally amounts to
 importantly, he should have members should receive the               costs.                             should be obtained privately            was concerning the use of a £80,000 Per Year; insurance
  a strong feeling for the best London Fringe Allowance,                 I had the feeling after         a n d the full COs t be                 referendum within the adminiswation; legal advice
  interests of both his own with Sergeant Tumlinson of                proposing the Motion that          reimbursed, was remitted to             service on                  police and assistance, and many
  members and of the rest of Haflow Traffic as Seconder.              attitudes might have been          the Joint Central Committee             should have (he right to other things presently taken
  the Force.                           We knew we were in for a        softening but other speakers      for further study and action,                       I conside,+ that the f o r g r a n t e d W o U l d
      The blusterer and the rough time as we had                       had a hostile reception on         a n d i t obvious1 y w a s             ~~~i~~ was included on the automaticaily cease.
  canteen lawyer who woo already been made aware of                    the points they were trying       f a v 0 U r a b l Y r e c e i v e d.    Agenda in order to sfrow the          YOUrefer to keeping a dog
  younger or less experienced the opposition from many                 to make and consequently           C o n s t a b l e I r wi n, t h e      depth of feeling among which will bite. Nowhere in
  colleagues with a half-baked other Forces.                           the debate dragged on and I        Proposer, was thereby                  police officers over the your letter is there a
  argument are soon exposed              Unfortunately for us, this    feel that the delegates got fed    relieved of the need to speak          G~~~~~~~~~ apparent suggestion as to how this
 when it comes to cold, hard                                                                                                                     unwillingness to put the bite can be inflicted. YOW
  debate. When things are not                                                                                                                    remuneration of members of letter appears to be a tirade
  going as well as W woulde                                                                                                                      the Service in the proper born Out of fIUstrati0ll and
  like there is inevitably a                                                                                                                      place in the national wages lack of knowledge of the
  ground swell of discontent                                                                                                                      structure and also t h e facts of life, without one
  with the Federation, but                                                                                                                        d i f f i c l t y i n g e t t i g conswuctive suggestion. It
  remember YOU are the                                                                                                                            officialdom to take prompt really is high time that
  Federation. It is not some                                                                                                                      a n d p r o p e r a c t i o n t o members of the Servicd
  body apart from the Service                                                                                                                     improve conditions o f realise that this is part and
  who are inflicting things                                                                                                                       Service.                          parcel of the conditions of
  upon you, but it is YOUR                                                                                                                           ~h~~~          a s q u i t e a the job and there is never
  views which are being put                                                                                                                      voci~erous minority view ever any likelihood of there
  forward by a voice elected                                                                                                                     that the referendum should being the power to strike. So
  by YOU.                                                                                                                                        be held but the Motion was f a r t h e               effective
       If you elect someone to                                                                                                                   lost by a very large majority, Pressure h a s been the
  speak for you, he should                                                                                                                       mainly probably because of resignation of large numbers
  have your confidence and                                                                                                                       the realisation that no matter of police officers when times
  support and you must not                                                                                                                        what the referendum result were really bad- At Present
  expect him to sway like a                                                                                                                       was the vast majority ofi recruitment has doubled and
  straw in the wind because                                                                                                                       Police Officers would not go W a S t a g e h a1 ve d a n d
   you may happen to disagree                                                                                                                     on strike even if the facility detections are as high as
   with a majority view. Our                                                                                                                      were to be granted, and one they have ever been. What
   s y s t e m is c o m p l e t e l y                                                                                                             cannot see any Government can we counter these facts
   democratic and despite what                                                                                                                    of any colour permitting this. with, for if things are as bad
   some may think, it is a                                                                                                                           The Motions on shift as you make out there would
   highly            respected                                                                                                                   allowances which I reported be a flood of resignations.
   organisation despite its                                                                                                                      on recently, were defeated            I am sorry if the tone of
   limitations.                                                                                                                                  quite heavily and the views this letter upsets you, but if
        Getting back to the way                                                                                                                  of the Joint Branch Board you take the opportunity to
   we work, matters affecting                                                                                                                    were expressed by speakers a t t a c k t h e F e d e r a t i o n
   members of the Force are                                                                                                                      from different parts of the publicly, and remember 'The
   dealt with initially by local                                                                                                                 country.                           Law' has a wide circulation
   representation. The first step                                                                                                                    Reports in the press about to the other media, then I
   is to allow the Divisional                                                                                                                    drunken delegates from other reserve the right to reply to
   Commander            to      put                                                                                                              Forces is a matter I cannot your letter in the same copy
   something right if it has                                                                                                                     confirm or deny. I certainly of 'The Law.' Although I
   occurred without his                                                                                                                          never saw any signs of consider myself your servant
   knowledge - and it does                                                                                                                       drunkenness, merely the I am not your kicking boy
   happen.                                                                                                                                        usual jollity of a large body and I will fight back.
        If this approach fails then                                                                                                             'otf m e n i n c o n v i v i a l          Yours faithfully,
    the representative, who must                                                                                                                   surroundings and I can                     STAN SMITH,
     have       the    facts      IN                                                                                                              assure members that their Fedeation Office,
    WRITING, will then bring                                                                                                                      representatives behaved Police Headquarters,
    the matter to his particular                                                                                                                  impeccably as always.                  rhdmaf4
    Entertaining I.P.A. groups from
I WRITE about the visit of        travelling all night and would     the group around the Houses
the group of I.P.A. members       be tired.                          of Parliament.
from Bad Kreuznach, from               It was decided to leave          On their arrival they were
the point of view of the          them free to do as they            met by Derek ~ i b b o n swith                                                             m    .         I

organiser, and to give some
idea t o anyone who
                                  wished, until the evening,
                                  w h e n t h e y w o u l d be
                                                                     a permit obtained from the
                                                                     ceremonial office at               Notes by                           marries
contemplates looking after
such a group, the things
which have to be considered.
    The visit all began with a
letter in late January 1975,
                                  officially received in the
                                  Club room at Southend
                                  Police Station, with a few
                                  I.P.A. members, make them
                                                                     Cannon Row, for the coach
                                                                     t o be p a r k e d o u t s i d e
                                                                     w e s t m i n s t e r ^'bey.
                                                                     Unfortunately they could not
                                                                     visit the ~ b b e that day
                                                                                                        Chieo Bates                      I the far north
from Eberhard Henke, in                 Since there would            because of ceremonial              were taken home by
which he told me that he was      undoubtedly be those who           rehearsals which were taking       Cambridge I.P.A. members,
bringing a group of fifty-five    were energetic, arrangements       place.                             for a meal, and then to a
I.P.A. members to England         were made for them to visit                                           Social, where the Cambridge
at the end of May and was
looking for assistance with
                                  the Pier at any time they
                                  wished on the Sunday. At
                                                                            Theft in the                City Police Dance Band
                                                                                                        supplied the music.
accommodation. He wrote
to me, he said, because he
                                  their own request a meal was
                                  booked for them for Sunday
                                                                              House                        In spite of all working
                                                                                                        long hours because of
                                   lunch time.                          There was also a
had been talking with Otto                                           disturbing episode when one        'The Rapist,' still the
Krueger, the leader of a                The money was duly                                              Cambridge brethren had
                                   deposited in confirmation of      of the Germans had her
 group from Mainz, who had                                           purse stolen in the House.         time for friendship.
visited Southend in 1974.          the visit and the planning                                              On Thursday Edgar had
                                   went ahead.                          This delayed the party so
Otto had recommended that                                            that they were late in             accepted a Civic reception
he bring his g r o u p t o              We learned that the group                                       by Councillor Norman
                                   would be coming via Ostend        arriving at Golden Lane
Southend, and so, could we                                           Section House, in the City,        Clarke, Mayor of Southend,
help.                              and Dover so our contact at                                          at 'Porters,' which everyqne
                                   Dover was asked to receive        where Mike Sims, together
    The most immediate                                               with the assistance of             enjoyed very much and
problem was time, for many         them there. He arranged that                                         where many photographs
                                   t h e g r o u p would be          Section House Sergeant
establishments were already                                          Tony Armfield, had laid on a       were taken of the visitors in
booked at this time of year        welcomed to the country and                                          the Mayoral Chair and with
                                   were pointed in the right         meal for them.                                                         AFTER HAVING been a Cadet with Essex,
 in readiness f o r the                                                 They were also late at the      the Mayor.
 forthcoming season.               direction.                                                                                               Janet Hopkins was sent North to do her basic training
                                        Dave Taylor from Tilbury     Tower of London where Joe
Anyway, I obtained details
 of v a r i o u s t y p e s of     arranged that a car would         Ashley, of the Mets, had
                                                                     arranged for a German
                                                                                                              Shopping                      at Dishforth. Perhaps she did a little studying for she
                                                                                                                                            arrived home with a new boy friend and the promise
 accommodation with prices         keep an eye out and report                                                                               that if she learned to cook Yorkshire pudding and
                                   when the coach emerged            interpreter, who by the time          The visitors were then left
 and sent them off with a                                            the party arrived, had                                                 could stomach black pudding she would be accepted as
                                   from the tunnel at Dartford.                                         free to do some shopping in         a wife to the new boy friend.
sketch programme of the                                              disappeared.                       Southend.
 things we might attempt to        This news was then passed                                                                                   Well, after much practice, including arranging a
                                   on to me, still in bed, as it        The party then wended              In the evening we had a
 do in a week.                                                       their way to Harlow where                                              transfer to the wilds of Yorkshire, Janet made the grade
    Then it was necessary to       happened, when that time                                             Social at the Clubroom at           and on Saturday, 7th June, she eventually got 'hitched'
                                   came. It was then hot-foot to     they were received and taken       Southend where we were
 speak with our Chairman                                             to the homes of I.P.A.                                                 to Norman Butterworth at St. Nicholas Church,
 and members of our local          the hotel to welcome the                                             pleased to see members from         Ingrave.
                                   group and settle them in.         members for a meal and then        the Port of London
 I.P.A. group to make sure                                           back to the Harlow Club            Authority, the Ministry of             For the ceremony she wore a white crepe and lace
 that we had sufficient people          Brochures, supplied both                                                                            dress, white floral head-dress and long veil, and carried
                                   by the local publicity man        room where they spent a                               K
                                                                                                        Defence Police, ' ' and 'l'         white freesias and red roses.
 who were ready to assist,                                           pleasant time, culminating in      Divisions, Metro, as well as
 both with the arrangements,       and by the English Tourist                                                                                  She was attended by bridesmaids, Mary, her sister
                                   Board, in German, were            the appearance of items of         some from Harlow and other
 and to act as couriers to the                                       uniform on the Germans,                                                and Jean, her new sister-in-law, who both wore lilac
 visitors when they went out       passed out to the visitors at                                        parts of Essex. The retired
                                                                     which was the cause of much        members were also well              dresses.
 for the day, since they had       this time.                                                                                                  Best man was Colin Knight, a friend of the
                                        The I.P.A. ladies then got   hilarity. Bishop's Stortford       represented.
 intimated that they would                                           joined Harlow I.P.A. on this                                           bridegroom.
 travel with their own coach.      cracking and produced                                                   Edgar had contacted a
                                                                     occasion.                          catering firm, Hans Ueber,             After a reception at Brenfield Squash Club for the
    This was one immediate         sandwiches and cakes for a                                                                               eighty guests the couple left to spend their honeymoon
                                   buffet in the evening at the         The couriers on this day        who did a German finger
 problem solved, of course,                                           were Edgar Easlea and his          Buffet for us which went           touring the South coast.
 with the group providing
 their own transport b ~ it   t
                                   Club room.
                                        The visitors were escorted    wife, Hazel; Jack Porter and      down well, as did the                  Janet is now a W.P.C. serving at Brighouse    -    but
                                                                     my wife, Joan.                      German music and singing           we don't know if she's joined the band yet.
 also raised a series of small     to the buffet where Edgar                                                                                   Photo by courtesy of D. LIPSON.
                                   Easlea welcomed them on              On Wednesday my wife             when everyone was swaying
 problems in itself. Parking                                          and I, assisted by the
 would have to be found at         behalf of the Southend group                                          arm in arm.
 each place visited.               and the Essex branch.
    Back came a letter saying           Only three of the party
 that they liked the idea of       had been to England before
 staying at a hotel together. I     and so a pleasant evening
 had already been given             was passed in breaking the
 special terms by the manager       irrt. It was good to see so
 of the Westcliff Hotel, due to     many young ,,eople amongst
 the size of the group, and the     them.
 fact that they were staying            Monday was a Bank
 for a full week. These terms       Holiday and so Southend
 were acceptable to the group,      was fairly lively. The
 and I was asked to book the        weather was kind and the
 hotel for the period May 25        sun shone brightly. We
 to 31.                             would like to have claimed
                                    this as I.P.A. organisation.
                                        Edgar arranged with Mr.
                                    C. J. Morehouse for the
   Now here was the first           party to visit the Kursaal
crunch. I was being asked to        amusements and be the
make myself responsible for          guests of the con-
a booking, which even for            cessionnaires on the
bed and breakfast came to           rides. There was much
about &1,200. The manager           amusement, particclarly on
was most helpful and offered        the dodgems because they do
to book, subject to what for        I ~ V Lhave ihem in the area
 him        was       normal
confirmation, at a half of the
                                    from which our friends
                                                                                                        The I.P.A. party meet the Mayor
total price. So I obtained            D r ~ n k s and sticks of      doughty Jack and his wife,            Speeches were made,           Scotland Yard, as arranged was taken to bask under the
details of the hotel bank and     Southend rock were then            Clarice, took the party out        plaques were exchanged and       by Wally Clayton. The trees of this pleasant London
this went off in the next         dispensed by Mr. Morehouse         through Essex, with a              b o b b y ' s helmets were                                       On
                                                                                                                                         women visited Madame Park. our return to Southend
letter.                           and he offered t o take            lengthy stop en route at a         presented to Hardie, the         Tussauds        and      the
    Hardie, as we later came      anyone home who wished to          chemists for various               leader of the group, and also    Planetarium, this trip being some of the members of the
to call him, had said that the    swim in his pool. Twelve of        concoctions. The villages of       to Joseph Lingen, the Chief      organised by Phi1 Cronin.    German group went off to
group would like to make          t h e g r o u p were then          G r e a t Bardfield a n d          Officer of Bad Kreuznach.           Lunch was taken at New sample the English discos
two visits to London; to see      conveyed there and enjoyed         Finchingfield were seen and        Flowers were presented to        Scotland Yard by courtesy whilst others got ready for
Southend; and to visit a          a pleasant swim. In the            then,      by     previous         the ladies, which was a nice     of the Catering Officer, Mr. the long journey home on the
Police Station.                   afternoon they visited the         arrangement with Dave              gesture by those who             Mazza, who laid on a "morrow.
    I then gave some thought      Historic Aircraft Museum           Bailey, we met Laurie Fuller       thought of it.                   sumptuous spread.               At 8.30 a.m. the following
 to a more specific               and showed much interest in        in a lay-by, who took the             It was surprising by now          he afternoon was spent day we said our goodbyes to
programme, for on visits          the German aircraft there.         visitors into Cambridge            to see how many Germans          in visiting Westminster the Germans with the feeling
abroad, it is usually an              Some of the younger            where they partook of an           were speaking English and        Cathedral, Westminster that we had acquired many
exhausting time. The idea         members were taken to the          excellent meal a t t h e           that the English were finding    Abbey, 10 Downing Street, more friends in the I.P.A.
then was to balance activity      discos by Graham Welch             Farmers Union.                      German         words      to    Horse Guards, Trafalgar        The week was a towering
with a certain amount of          and George Cook to round              A most extensive tour of        communicate.                     Square, Buckingham Palace success and we owe that
leisure.                          off the day.                       the colleges followed, where          The following day saw         and the other sights of success to all those who
    We knew that the group            On the Tuesday Edgar           many of the places not             Gordon Oakley and loan,          London.                      played their part, even in the
 were going to arrive on a        had enlisted a willing             normally seen were shown to        his wife, assisting my wife         A diversion was made to smallest way, in doing
 Sunday around breakfast          volunteer in the person of Sir     US.                                and I to take the party back     Battersea Park for tea and something towards helping.
 time. They would have been       Stephen McAdden to show                  In the evening the group     to London. The men visited       drinks, where an opportunity   The whole. event reauired
                                                                                                                                                                                           THE L4W. JULY, 1975      5

                                                                                                                                                                              couldn't see him as he's so

                                      I Harlow CP. Oficer retkes 1                                          THAT distinguished looking
                                                                                                                                                                              small and they thought the
                                                                                                                                                                              row he was making was just
                                                                                                                                                                              a cricket chirping. Frank
                                                                                                                                                                              enters, places chin on hatch,
                                                                                                                                                                              peers a i Mrs Henn, and findi
                                                                                                            gentleman with the head of                                        that his tea is higher than his
                                                                                                            silver hair - the one                                             hand can reach. Obviously
                                                                                                            everyone wants to salute                                          Southend will be dry until
                                                                                                            because he looks as if he is a                                    they grow!!
                                                                                                            senior officer - yes that                                            It's the year of courses by
                                                                                                            one, Sergeant Derek Rowe                                          the look of it, myself and
                                                                                                            of Harlow Crime Prevention,                                       Swifty, Ben (the wandering
                                                                                                                                                                              Jew) has returned to the fold
                                                                                                            has put his ticket in.
                                                                                                                                                                              and is now full-time motor
                                                                                                               After 25 years he is                                           cycling again. Those other
                                                                                                            calling it a day and starts                                       well-known part-timers (old
                                                                                                            work as a security adviser                                        timers?) Mitch and Suner
                                                                                                                                                                                                   -. - .
                                                                                                            for a large private company.                                      Bugle have emerged frLm
                                                                                                               Derek joined the Force at                                      their fag-end filled,
                                                                                                            Colchester and has been                                           chocolate-paper-stuffed cars,
'Why did we ask for so                                                                                                                                                        to breathe the air we all like.
much and settle for so                                                                                      stationed at Castle
                                                                                                            Hedingham, Tolleshunt                                                Essex Show '75 has been
little?"                                                                                                                                       LAST MONTH I l e t Frank a n d g o n e w i t h f o n d
                                                                                                            D'Arcy, Chelmsford and
    That to my mind sums                                                                                    S o u t h Benfleet b e f o r e    and his pen out to play and memories for all. We even
up the attitude of Police                                                                                   moving t o H a r l o w in          he scathes me! I've finished had the pleasure of Harry
Dfficers all over the country,                                                                                                                 my course at last and ran- Cook from Grays Traffic on
and t h e r e h a v e b e e n                                                                               October, 1961.
                                                                                                                                               Swift and I finished equhi a motor cycle. Les from the
:xpressions of frustration                                                                                     In 1965 he completed a         last - or was it first? To garage with the newest by
md disappointment, some of                                                                                  Crime Prevention Course at         correct last month's column pass to look after, came on
 which I am sure will be                                                                                    Stafford and was appointed        I did start the course on a his vintage Triumph (nice
 qgretted once the heat of the                                                                              C.P.O. for Harlow the same        Triumph but it couldn't one, Les). Look forward to
 noment has gone and people                                                                                 year.                             stand the pace and after two t h e p l e a s u r e of y o u r
 *ink logically about what Is                                                                                  Always looking for a way        days I moved to a proper company next year, mate.
 iappening in this country                                                                                  to get the message of the         bike - a Norton.                   Here are the certain
 Ind the possibilities of severe                                                                            Crime          Prevention             Speaking of proper bikes 1 comments regarding the
 ~estraint on all sections of                                                                               Department, Derek even            will let it be known that my above Norton. It's a crop
 he population.                                                                                             took time off t o talk to the     Norton, "nothing else will spraying, head blowing,
      Like many members I was                                                                               Press on his retirement to        do," so SIR told me, was the chain stretching (I don't
 iery disappointed when I                                                                                   push the message over.            p r i d e o f t h e P o l i c e have that problem, mate)
 iaw the agreed settlement,                                                                                                                   Exhibition a t the Essex heap, but full marks to Mick
  )articularly in respect of                                                                                   He told the Press, "My
                                                                                                            last public duty was at the       Show. Certain comments Lawson. He 'bulled' it up a
  hose members who have                                                                                                                       regarding that appear later. treat.
  leen s q u e e z e d i n t h e                                                                            Essex Show and it marked
                                                                                                            the end of 25 years service.          A point has been raised        So if you see Sparky
  ncremental scale and do not                                                                                                                 - it could have been a pint riding it and he tells you that
  iave as great an increase as                                                                                 "I enjoyed every minute of     - anyway should the he did it - ail lies.
  iome others. I was not at the                                                                             it. If I had the c'hance I        mobile canteen, small              REMEMBER: Mirror -
  legotiating t a b l e a n d                                                                               would do it all again."           variety, turn UP at your Signal             Brake - Gear -
  herefore I will not openly                                                                                                                  event, please stand on the pray!!
  :riticise the members of the                                              1. Before you throw up your     details can be obtained on        nearest Triumph to reach the       Footnote: Ben has been
  zederation on the Police                of adversity it is imperative
                                          that we stick together and       hands in horror you -might       application to this office.       hatch. Frank and Geoff, the o, holiday for some time
  :ouncil until I hear more                                                like to know that your                                             littl'n, found this out a t and has returned with some
                                          try even harder to make the
   rom them on what went on.
                                          organisation work better.        increases in pay since the           MOTOR CAR                     Beeleigh Races. Geoff spent of his holiday snaps. We
   t seems from today's events                                             last increase in subscriptions       ALLOWANCE                     twenty minutes trying to get have great pleasure in
   hat they were given an idea            There are still many other
                                          conditions of service which      have gone up by over 70 per         The Regulations have just           U
                                                                                                                                              a C P of        - no, there reproducing one from his
   hat some harsh measures                                                 cent and the increase sought     been received giving effect to    wasn't a big queue they just album.
   re soon to be taken by the             have to be fought for and
                                          they will not be obtained        is less than that figure. When   the increase in the allowance
   iovernment and in their                without the wherewithal to       you look at it in perspective    from January 1. In future
   ~dgment and who would
                                          carry out the negotiations.      we are asking you t o            there will be very little delay
    ke to have been in their              Remember too that by             contribute a further 6p a        as they will not have to await
   hoes - they decided to                 withdrawing subscriptions it     week, which is about the         publication of regulations.
    ccept what was obviously              will mean that those non-        average cost of one daily        Now that the mileage bands
    he last penny available.              contributing members will        newspaper, and we all suffer     have been lengthened the
    Lecently, NALGO, with all             not be entitled to any of the    from the effects of inflation.   Joint Branch Board are
    leir powers to strike have            benefits obtained from the                                        negotiating for the upper
    ettled for an amount of £5
    er week for some of their
                                          moneys so collected. Indeed
                                          we aie so hard up now that
                                                                                RETURN OF                   limit on engine size to be
                                                                                                            raised at the same time.
    lembers. Only time will tell          two adverse court actions on           PREMIUM
       our negotiators were right         behalf of our members would           INSURANCE                     PLAIN CLOTHES
        settle for what they did.         break us. and because of this       A1t houg h the "Open         ALLOWANCE
    h%-    wonders if under the           and the difficulty some small    Date" whereby members          Within the same set of
    ircumstances it would have             Forces are having, a decision   could increase their holding Regulations the payment of
    :emed fairer to accept an              was taken at the recent         in this scheme has now the new rates for plain
     icrease across the board at           Conference to increase the      passed I would remind non- clothes allowance have been
     iis time and deal with the            subscriptions to 15p weekly     members that they can join authorised and will be paid             "YA, ICH HABE ZWEl CREUSEN MITT DER OAKEN LEAVE UND ICH
     uestion of differentials and                                                                                                                                   HEISS FRITZ VON BENTLY."
                                           with effect from September      the scheme at any time and as soon as possible.                     (Ben on a reconditioned Wehrmacht bike, wearing his German Army gear.)
     :-structuring at a more
     litable time but I think that
     iis point must have been
     ~nsidered and perhaps it
                                              Manager leaves Colchester C./. D.
      ould not have resulted in as
     igh an increase for many
     ~embers. Talk of resigning
      om the Federation by
      uious sections both within
      is Force and in others is
      ,ally a sort of despairing
      :tion, but I am sure that
      Ice the disadvantages of
      .caking up an organisation
      hich has taken a lot of hard
      ork over the years is
       alised then the suggestion
      ill not be taken up. In times
  great deal of co-operation
  d we got it freely, from all,
  :mbers of the I.P.A. or not.
  It was most helpful to
  ve friends and contacts in                                                                                                                   SEEN HERE after their "amalgamation" at Marks Tey
  rious places, for whilst                                                                                                                     Methodist Church on Saturday, May 31st, are Det.
   U can do things away from                                                                                                                    Sergeant Rodney Booth, of Chelmsford Division and
  :places you want to visit it                                                                                                                  W.P.c. Josephine Dudley, of Colchester. .
     much better to have                                                                                                                          Details of t h i amalgamation were administered by the
  meone on the spot.                                                                                                                            Rev. William Jones before an assembly of approximately
   The conclusion I would                                                                                                                      80 guests.
   y if you contemplate                                                                                                                           For the ceremony the bride wore a full-length white
   ything like this don't just               REG GLADWIN, who served 25 years in the Force, finishing as Sergeant at                           classical style dress, with train and carried a bouquet of
   ntemplate but get on and                  Colchester retired a ain on June 20 when he left his position as CID OEce Manager at              orchids, freesias and white carnations. She was attended by
     it. You'll get help. Your1              Colchester. He hatworked in the CID since 1962, first as a clerk.                                 a page boy, her cousin, Master Mark Roberts, aged six
   t tired. But you will have                  At a lunch-time get-together he was presented with a pint pewter pot, suitably                  years, who was dressed in a mauve Edwardian costume.
   nde friends and given                     engraved, from CID colleagues and a brief case from others at the station. Det. Ch.                  After a reception held at Copford Village HalI the couple
   ~ c pleasure in the spirit of
         h                                   Insp. Derek Wyatt made the presentations and the party was also attended by Reg's old             spent a fortnight's honeymoon in Yugoslavia, returning just
   '.A.                               I      boss George Ambrose, ex Det. Ch. Insp.                                                            in time for Mrq Rnnth t n r - m - 4           -I--&--
                                                                                                                                                            ..~.~.~. .........................................................................................
                                                                                                                                                    ? ...        p;

             Grays pipped .at the post
                                                                                                                                                    ....... Wednesday 9th July

                                                                                                                                                     .?.ff'                                                                                        .......


                                                                                                                                                    , .
                                                                                                                                                     . -                                                                                           ....

                                                                                                                                                    :.:.:.: Hoe Mills, Ulting,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ..., .
                                                                                                                                                    ... Starts 10 a.m. (draw) fishing 11.30-4.30.

Headquarters win b y a single point                                                                                                                 .......
                                                                                                                                                                 Regional P.A.A. freshwater fishing chamvs.
                                                                                                                                                         Presentation at H.Q. at 6.30 plus (C.C.).                       z: .;
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         .         .:..:

QUITE the worst turn-out              l o n g j U m p a n d t h e n , 3rd out of 3 teams. '                    of~nspector Ray Powell look $$$                                                                            :'
for years rewarded the                anchoring his divisional          Winners were Clacton                   a hefty outfit. Chelmsford,                                                                               ZZ.T
                                                                                                                                           :S:;S .~
                                                                                                                                           .. :.: : : :
                                                                                                                                           ; .:. . . .
                                                                                                                                           ' :. : ,
                                                                                                                                            :      .
                                                                                                                                           !: ;..: ; : *
organisers of the 1975                team, HQ, broke the tape in who, under the generalship                   finished 2nd.               ~.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:~:!:.:::!:::!~:::::!:~:~:!:.:~:~~.!:<~:~:~:.:.:.:::y.t:t'.::!:::t:!:
athletics championships for           the relay event, following by
their efforts as only 30              a leg in the winning house
athletes contested the inter-
divisional team event.
    Some alterations to this
                                      team, Chelmer, in the cadet
                                      relay. A good day!
                                          The best finish of the day
                                                                                                                  Force singles KO contest
year's rules had curtailed the        came in the girl cadets relay
                                                                                                               THE Force Howls Section
list of events and reduced
scoring to the first 3 in each
event. This meant that only
                                      when all three teams got up
                                      to a blanket finish, all within
                                      a yard.
                                                                                                               held the inter-divisional                      BOW&" b h d in
leading contestants scored
                                         Mr. J Duke, Deputy Chief
points and gave             but       Constable, attended t o
expert teams a chance                 p
against larger bodies who                   ent award        and
                                      remarked as he handed the
have gathered in points
weight of numbers in the              Charrington Cup to the
                                      aging. captain of the HQ
past.                                 team, "A triumph for the
    And so it turned out.             veterans.,~
Headquarters with only a
seven-strong handful in the
arena, first held their own,                 G~~~~ pulled
and then, by winning the                And not only did @ays
final                   carried      fail to win the athletics cup
the           one point. Sadly       but were pulled away in the
G r a y s 3 w h o had come           tug-o-war, which they had
determined to recapture the          held for 10 years, placing
title they lost last year, were                    ,
the team overtaken, literally,
in the home straight.
    The day was miserably
cold for late May and
performances were of a fair
standard only.
                                                                                  k, Denis Sheppard.

   With three wins at 100
mts, 200 mts and high jump
Maria Oldall, HQ, was the
most successful competitor
of the day. Close behind
were Bert Wallace, wins a t
hammer and shot and 2nd in
javelin, Tim Mildinhdl, wins
                                                                                                                  .Force Sports Association                                                                                                         c

at high jump and javelin and
2nd in 100 mts, Peter
Taylor, Grays, wins at loo
mts and 200 mts, and places
                                                                                                                 h desperate search for cash
                                                                                                               THE AGM of the Force suggestibn that the levy sional clubs. This would
in high jump and shot, and
Graham Butler, 1st
steeplechase and 2nd 800
   Another sprint double was
achieved in the cadet contest                                                                                          ional      Secretaries. to X45 from f30.

I     loom P. Tixybr (G) 11.6s; T.Mildinhall (B) 11.9s; K. Sanderson
I   (G) 12.6s. 200m Taylor 24.8; Sa
I   800m A. Down (SW) 2m 12.9s; G. Butler (HQ) 2m 13.3s; J.
    Weatherley (B) 2m 18s.
I     3000111 steeplechase G. Butler l l m 00.8s; C. Skingley (SE) 12x11   I
    28.6s; Weatherley 12m 38.6s. 3000m walk D. Sheppard (G) 14m
I   5.6s; J. Hedgethorne (HQ) 14.38s; M. Faulkner (Cl) 17m 7.6s.           I
I   1600m relay H.Q. 4m 11.5s; Grays 4m 12.9s; Clacton 5 mins.
      Shot A. Wallace (SW) 11.53m; C. Butler (G) 11.23111; P. Taylor
I   (G) 10.2Om. Javelin T. Mildinhall 51.09111; A. Wallace 45.43~11;D.                                                                                                                                  for "standing in the water".
I   Murrells (G) 43.80111. Hammer Wallace 37.12111; J. Missendon (Cl)      I                                                                                                                               Duty commitments had
    33.88m; M. Beale (G) 25.40111. High Jump Mildinhall 1.80111; A.
I   Armstrong (HQ) 1.65111; C. Buller and K. Bevell (G) 1.50111.           I
                                                                           I                                                                                                              and indoor games and the
                              W OMEN:                                                                                                                                                     athletic secretary, having
1     lOOm M. Oldall (HQ) 13.9s; K. Purkiss (SW) 15.2s; A. Ellingford          THE Force Rifle Team who        The team consisted of 8                                                    reported one of the best
                                                                                                                                                          By Rob Wolton
    (Cn) 15.3s. 2Wm Oldall 28.4s; Purkiss 31.8; Ellingford 32.8. High
    lump Oldall 1.2Om.
                                                                               won the Essex County
                                                                               Summer League in 1974 in
                                                                                                               members and were DC.
                                                                                                               Wolton (Colchester) average
                                                                                                                                                                                          years ever, did not seek re-
                                                                                                                                                                                          election, the only sectional
                               TEAMS                                           Division 2 have at last         score 96.3, PS. Brangham               Pistol Section being separate secretary not to do so.
I     H.Q. 24pts; Grays 23pts; Southend West 15pts; Basildon 10pts;            received their winners          ( H Q ) 97.3, D C . . Byde            from the Rifle Section. My
I   Clacton 5pts; Chelmsford 2pts; Southend East 2pts.                                                         (Colchester) 95.1, PC.                job as the Secretary for the
        lOOm K. Rowe 12.3; A. Odell 12.5s; A. Masson 12.6s. 200m
                                                                               medals. It has taken a long
                                                                               time but apparently like
                                                                               everything else the Small
                                                                                                               Harvey (Southend) 93.2, PS.
                                                                                                               Breading (Grays) 94.0, PS.
                                                                                                                                                      Shooting Section at the
                                                                                                                                                      moment is fully occupied
                                                                                                                                                                                                          to stay dry
    Rowe 24.7; Odell 25.4; I. Learmouth 25.8s. 400m V. Mullender               Bore Rifle Association for      Snow (HQ) 90.0, Pc. Carter             organising the Rifle side. I
    56.7s; A. Watson 56.8s; C. Odell 58.2. 800m Mullender 2m 8.9s;                                             (Tollesbury) 95.7, Ds.                 do not have the interest in
    Watson 2m 11s; L. Reeve 2m 21.6s. 1500m Reeve 4m 32.3s; D.                 the County have had
    Dutton 5m 9.1s.                                                            difficulty with finance. The    Watson (Chelmsford) 9 1.5.             the Pistol side or the time to
       3000m steeplechase A. Vowles l l m 21.6s; Dutton l lm 30.2s; C.         Force team competed                A team of five have again           do any of the paper work THE IMAGE of Traffic
    Owen 12m 17s. 3000m walk M. Dunion 13m 37.6s; M. Spellman                   against five other civilian    entered for the Essex County           i n v o l v e d r e s p e c t i n g Wardens dripping and
    14m 36s; B. Schulz 15m 10.8.
                                                                               clubs from Essex County         Summer League for 1975, it            affiliation fees and all the squelching miserably about
       Shot A. Southern 9.30111; N. Draper 9.10m; M. O'Sullivan
    8.30m. Discus Southern 25.70m; O'Sullivan 25.33m; R. Simmons               and came out top. The team      will be the same as last year         other items that go with the their duties is apparently not
                                                                                                                                                                                          one the Police Committee
    21.35m. Javelin A. Elliot 39.24; A. Odell 31,31111; O'Sullivan             consisted of DC. Wolton         with the exception of PS.             job. I hope that we can sort wish to see.
    27.41111. Hammer Southern 30.30111; M. Cook 23.50m; W. Spooner             (Colchester) with an average    Sanderson who is replaced              something out very soon.               So when they heard that
    13.13m.                                                                                                    by Ds. Watson. For our sins            This does not mean there is Wardens often get wet
       High Jump Southern 1.50111; C. Odell 1.50m; M. Mattack 1.40m.
                                                                               score out of the 10 rounds of
    Long Jump Rowe 5.56; N. Dermott 5.14m; O'Sullivan 4.88111.                 97.9. PS. Brangharn (HQ)        of winning last year's                 any bad feeling between the several times a day when the
                                                                               97.4 DC. Byde (Colchester)      competition we a r e in                two sections as there is in weather is bad they agreed to
                          WOMEN CADETS:                                                                        D i v i s i o n 1 whece. t h e         some civilian clubs between the issue of an extra
       l00m B. Burgin 14.3s; B. Ruby 14.5s; M. Hiccs 15.2s. 200m B.            96.9 PS. Breading (Grays)
    Ruby 30.0s; M. Hicks 30.1s; J. Collins 30.8s. 800m S.'Keeble 2m            97.0 and Ex PS. Sanderson       standard is the best.                  the pistol side and the rifle mackintosh, giving them
    51.6s; J. Collins 2m 52.5s; A. Marshall 2m 53.4s. 200Om walk S.            of Grays 97.7.                      Congratulations to the              side, on the contrary we three each.
    Couzens 13m 25.4s; B. Wright 13x1155.4s; A. Dempsey 14m 59.4s.                                             Force Pistol teams who have            work very well together                T h e Committee also
      High Jump Collins 1.25111; V. George 1.20m; J. Smith 1.15111.              In the Police Athletic        done so well in the last year.         mainly becacse we rarely agreed to allow an additional
    Long Jum Rub 4.24111; Hicks 3.87m; Dempsey 3.67m. Shot
    George 8 . h ~ HewitJ 7.41111; Smith 7.06111. Javelin George               Association winter league
                                                                               1974175 the Force team
                                                                                                                I agree whole heartedly with
                                                                                                                John Page and his
                                                                                                                                                       come in contact with each s h i r t , p u l l o v e r a n d
                                                                                                                                                       other except for annual skirtlslacks for women
    25.52m; Smith 18.41m; Ruby 17.98111.
                                                                               were second in Division 4.       sentiments regarding the               reports and the such like.          wardens.
                                                                                                                                                                                  THE LAW, JULY, 1975    7

:Force Long Distance Swim :
         WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6, 1975
                                                                                                         The Secretary of State is
                                                                                                      empowered to consider the
                                                                                                      desirability of providing
                                                                                                      more frequent reviews than
                                                                                                      annual if the rate of change
                                                                                                      in the general level of prices
                                                                                                                                               appreciated by the members.
                                                                                                                                                   The officers elected for the
                                                                                                                                               e n s u i n g y e a r w e r e : ,pp
                                                                                                                                               Chairman. G . -- Hodges, :-?&E.
                                                                                                                                               2 6 0 ~ ~ i i n g f i e l Road, A MONTH of extremes in
                                                                                                                                               Chelmsford; Vice-Chair- the distances covered by
                      Start at Westcliff Jetty                                                        requires this. The provision             man and Treasurer, H. S. police walkers has meant

                         Finishing point at
                   "THE LADY SAVILLE"
                           at 1 1 .l 5 a.m.
                                                                                                      of more frequent review
                                                                                                      other than annual under the
                                                                                                      Social Security Pensions Bill
                                                                                                      is considered satisfactory
                                                                                                      and the operation of this
                                                                                                                                               Phillibrown, 7 Dalrymple splitting the squad. Though
                                                                                                                                               C l o s e , C h e l m s f o r d ; the long distance men
                                                                                                                                               Secretary, B. G. Brinkley, 93 usually have a go at the short
                                                                                                                                               Sandford Road, Chelms- stuff, these gestures are not
                                                                                                                                               ford; delegates t o con- reciprocated by the juniors

                                                                                                      might, to a degree, offset the           ferences, W. S. Pope and W. who carefully avoid the long
        by kind permission of the Essex Yacht Club

                                                                                                      five months gap contro-                  Hindley.                                races.

                      Refreshments available                                                          versy. The five months gap is                The branch social will be               Thus the Essex Police
                                                                                                      in any event not provided for            held on 27 September, 1975, championship, though it
    Entries to P.C. Sid Sadler, Southend, by July 20.                                                 under the Bill.                          in Headquarters Staff Can- developed into a procession
                                                                                                                                               teen, 12 noon for 12.30 p.m. towards the end, had an
                                                                                                             T h e M e m b e r * f o r The licensed bar will be i n t e r e s t i n g S p e l l m a n -
                                          Undefeated in the league                                       Chelmsford, Norman St.
                                     the Force took on Felixstowe                                        John-Stevas, was written to available from 11.30 a.m.                          Hedgethorne struaale for 3rd
                                     the following week and with                                         and a reply has been re-                          Part-time                     lace which thi- vounner
                                                                                                         ceived fully supporting what                                                   walker won in a ~ersonal
                                     exceotional- - bowling from
                                        -   r-----                                                                                                    security duties                  best time. He repeited this
FOLLOWING their first Johnson dismissed them for                                                         we say, he is "making repre-
                                                                       T H E m o s t i m p o r t a n t sentations to the Govern-                   The Firm "QUIDS IN" two days later in the Essex
league victory against 68 runs.                                                                                                                whohaverecentlytakenover Championship, also a t
                                                                       measure before Parliament,
Mistley the Force played                  Although they only had to insofar as pensioners are ment on the issue."                              the former premises of Melbourne, again a few
Great Bromley in a friendly get, what appeared to be an concerned, is the Social                             The Motions for the Marks & Spencer in High seconds separating the two.
on May 24.                           easy target, the Force lost Security Pensions Bill, 1975, Annual Conference have Street, Chelmsford, are                                               In         the         Essex
   Bromley batted first and four wickets before they which completed the Com- been received and deal interested in employing ex- championship Mike Dunion
were soon in trouble at 27 reached the winning total.
for 4 against the three-
                                              High scoring
                                                                       mittee stage on 20 Mav and chiefly with pensions in- policemen on part-time basis really let rip, slipping

                                                                       is expectez to become an Act creases and the need for a six as security a t shop. The firm through the 13 minutes
pronged attack of Johnny                                               before the Summer recess monthly review in view of will pay market rates of pay barrier for the first time to
Johnson, John Stonehouse                  The next match was but it will not become opera- the rapid increase in the cost and hours to suit by arrange- clock 12m 58s, probably the
and our senior professional, played against FrintOn when tive until 1977.                                of living. Branches will be ment. Anyone interested fastest time by a junior in
Nigel Grainger. Wickets fell the Force got off to the best                                               meeting and instructing their s h o u Id c o n t a c t T h e Great Britain this year.
steadily and Bromley were start of the season, reaching                   The Bill seeks to revoke                                             Manageress at the shop or                   Police walkers were
                                                                                                         Delegates on their behalf.
finally all out for 96 with 61 before losing their first the Public Service Pensions                                                           Mr. Wratten "Weathergore among a party of 30 Essex
~      i returning figures of 7 wick e t . A g a i n a m in i review provisions of the
              ~     ~    l                                                                                                                     Ltd", Warwick Mill Middle- compet ttors t o race a t
for 26.                              collapse in their batting Pensions Act (Increase)                          Association ties               ton, Manchester. Tel. 061- Rotterdam on June 8th. A
    It looked an easy task for brought them to 104 for 5 1971. After this Public                                                               643 9236.                               truly international meeting
the Force team but they were and 143 for 7, before a S e ~ i c e                pensions will be in-         Good news at last! The                                                    with competitors from
 soon in trouble losing the partnership between Nicholls c:eased under the ~ r o v i -ties have been received and                                                                      Mexico, Italy, France,
first wicket with only and Sanderson took the final S'OnS
                                      score to 224 for 8 in 45
                                                                                  the Social Security those which were ordered
                                                                                   Act*                  have been despatched. I still
                                                                                                                                                  C~llect~r                            Belgium, Germany and
                                                                                                                                                                                       Holland was organised well
two runs on the board.                                                                                                                          A COLLECTOR of military
    Laurie Austin, perhaps OverS.                                         The Bill is intended to have seven left for disposal, medals, cap badges, uniform throughout with one lapse in
the find of the season                    Although without their provide a Scheme to replace c o s t f 1.25,, i n c l u d i n g insignia, buttons, hats and the lap scoring for the junior
 retrieved the situation and, front line bowlers those the Existing Social Security postage.                                                   all accoutrements, Melvyn J. race. Dunion won fairly
 after his personal tally of 34 that were called upon did Flat Rate Pension for Retite-                      We look forward to a Gravenor, of 9 Ashgrove easily from 3 Metro cadets
runs had been added to the magnificent service and ment, W i d o w h o o d o r good day, and weather, for Street, Rangiora, New and,. indeed, this race was -
 score it seemed that the quickly had Frinton in all invalidity by a system of the annual garden party for Z e a l a n d , h a s r e c e n t l y the usual Met v Essex
 Force were reasonably safe Sorts of trouble with their earnings related to pensions pensioners on 10 July. The branched into police badge struggle with 4 from each
but in the finish had to settle first wicket down for 5. made up of two components numbers who had hoped to collecting.                                                                team in the race.
for a rather delicate draw From there on it was (a) a basic component the attend number nearly 600                                                                                         Mark Spellman here had
                                                                                                                                                   He is keen to hear from
 withatotalof84for8.                 impossible for F r i n t o n equivalentofthepresentflat and all those connected with others with similar interests the misfortune to be sent
    The                              t o ever reach the Force rate pension and (b) an addi- the arrangements are to be and will refund postage on round again after indulging
                        week saw total despite a number of tional component, the congratulated for the hard any badges, helmets, etc., in a sprint finish with a
 the Force batting first On a dropped catches, and they equivalent of an occupa- work put in to make the anyone sends him.                                                              German youth, but in fact
 good wicket at Copdock in were finally all out for 88. tional pension for employees Party a success.                                                                                   was the only walker to cover
 the Two Counties League. A               At this stage in the season whose employment does not                                                                                        the full -distance. s o
 reasonable start was made the Force have played five entitle them to a pension                                                                                                         technically, was probably the
 but then a quick mini
 collapse brought the score to matches in the Two Counties benefit of a p p r o p r i a t e
                                                                                                             AGM Chelmsford                      Pistol            - -                  winner.
                                                                                                                                                                                           This trip was followed by
 53 for 4. Taking advantage League which they entered standard, e.g. the Police
 of the good wicket revival          for the first time this year, Pension Scheme.
                                                                                                                        branch                Corn ifion                               the long journey to the Isle of
                                                                                                                                                                                       Man for the National 20
 brought the final Force score and have won all five, a                                                      This meeting was held on                           -

t o 1 6 2 ~ o r 8 , w ~ t ~ R o d E l l i s ~ a ~ t i c u l good ar~~       AnnualReview                 3 1 M a y , 3 1 m e m b e r s ,AT a meeting of the newly miles championship. The
                                                                                                         a t t e n d e d a n d 1 9 s e n t formed Force Pistol Section day was hot and                                 was
 leading the run scorers with h p e d , t h and one, it bis
                                                        at can      e     These two pensions are to apologies for absence. The it was decided that Ch. Insp. ~ ; t e ~ a ~ ~ ~ l a ~ ~ , ' " ~ , " U
 35.                                                                  be reviewed at least annually Deputy Chief Constable (J.
    A l t h o u g h t h e F o r c e maintained.                                                                                                                      (Corringham)
                                                                      to determine whether they D u k e E s q ) g a v e a n John Sutton t h e S e c t i o n Hedgethorne rolled past
 Captain performed strangely                      A.G.M.                                                                                       would be
                                                                      have retained their value (a) interesting talk on the Force Secretary with Graham S h e ~ ~ a rin the closing                     d
 in the field by taking Greene
                                                                                                                                                                                      ',,w 2
                                          The Force Cricket Section in the case of the basic and the Force Welfare Harvey (Southend East) as
 off after he had captured two Annual General Meeting will component -"in relation to Officer (Sgt. Easlea) also his assistant.
 quick wickets his reputation b e h e l d o n T U e s d a y , the general level of earnings spoke on his work especially                           The           C o m p e t i t i o n down by hay fever.
 was rescued by            spirited September 23, at 7 p.m., and prices obtajning in as regards pensioners. Both
                                                                                                                                               Secretarv is ins^. john Page
        l g        Y     h 0 9 followed by a presentation Great Britain" and (b) in the speakers were thanked by (withan;).
 Culham and Greene who Stag Dinner at The Green case of the additional the chairman (G. H. Hodges)                                                 The new section has Essex Police 3000mts, Chelmsford
 dismissed the opposition for Man, Howe Street, Great component in relation to for their very interesting a o o r o x i m a t e l v t w e n t y 29-5-75                                    1stM.M. Dunion 13:37.62ndD
 143 runs.                           Waltham.                         price levels only.                                                  L   A

                                                                                                         talks which were greatly m e m b e r s an; a n y o n e Sheppard 1 4 : 0 5 . 6 ; 3rd M.
    With this success under
 their belts the Force team                                                                                                                    interested in this type of Spellman 14:36; 4th J. Hedgethorne
                                                                                                                                               shooting and wishes to join 14:38; 5th B. Shulz 15:10.8; 6th
 played the City of London in
 a P.A.A. match on June 3.
   Batting first the Force
                                               Derek Rulten still in Boxina                                                                                                             D. Murray 15:26.8; 7th J. Roche
                                                                                                                                               the section should contact 15:35,2; 8th W. Stephen & A.
                                                                                                                                               either John Sutton or John Masson 15:36.8; loth M. Faulkner
                                                                                                                                               Page.                                     17:07.6.
w$re in serious trouble at 14 W H A T S O M E m i g h t been for several seasons the National A.B.A. and                                                                                Southern Track Competition,
for 3 but were rescued, once consider to be a rough, c h i e f t r a i n e r t o t h e held at the Royal Naval                                                                          Hacknev 31-5-75
again, this time by Err01 u n d i g n i f i e d a n d even Colchester Boxing Club. , Establishment, Shotley,
Greene who scored a well hit dangerous sport, is for PS                                                  Suffolk. It consisted of film
                                                                                                                                          IPA Weekend                                      2000-mts: 3rd R. Sheppard
                                                                                                                                                                                         11.03; 3 ~ 0 n t s 5 d D. Sheppard
                                                                                                                                                                                         14.17; 12th D. Murrav 15.42: 15th
58, and Fred Nichols, D e r e k R u l t e n a m o s t                     Derek told the Law, demonstrations, discussions, THE CAMPING CLUB of J. Roche 16.21; 5000mts: 8th B;
playing a captain's innings absorbing pastime - that of "With boxing as with so practical sessions and some G~~~~ ~ iwould like to Schulz 25.55; 11th M. Spellman
                                                                                                                                                         ~              t ~ i ~ 26.27; 16th A. Masson 27.25:
for 29 runs, bringing the boxing.                                      many other things there are lectures involving the
                                                                                                                                                                members of the 10,000mts: 2nd M. Dunion 47.41;
score to 177 for 8 a win-                                              always new tactics and mechanics of boxing and 1.P.A. to the East Essex 7th J. Hedgethorne 52.55: 17th W.
ning score.                                                           techinques to be learnt." His such elementary subjects as Feast of Lanterns at White Stephen 58.00.
    Playing Brantham at
                                            Former Champ              words seemed to be borne how to deal with a bloody Bridge Farm, Margaretting, Team placed 3rd, qualified for final
Colchester in a league match
                                          Derek, who is stationed at
                                                                      out by the fact that he has nose.
the Force again batted first Stanway Traffic is the recently taken part in special
                                                                       Eastern Counties' Coachs'
                                                                                                                                                from 22nd to 25th August.  s;
                                                                                                                                                   The theme this year is Chelmsford, 6-6-75
and at 64 for they found former Essex County boxing                                                           Advanced Course "The O r i e n t a l East." 2nd M. Dunion 12.58 (1st
themselves up against it. But c h a m p i o n N o w a d a y s C o u r s e f o r b o x i n g                                                     Torchlight procession, tent Junior-Force record): 7th D.
Nichol's ably                                                          instructors.                          The results of the course and caravan decoration and S h e ~ ~ a ' d                     14:06.8; l l t h M.
                                     however his interest in the
Gamman                 the score sport is usually from the                The four-day course            are yet to be made known                                                                 b.
                                                                                                                                                                                        Spellman 14.41 (2nd Jun. 14th J.
                                                                                                                                                           Dress - Oriental, Hedgethorne 14.47; 15th Schulz
onto 143 before the loss of other side of the ropes c o n d u c t e d o v e r t w o but Derek is hopeful that he stvle. Cost: f1.50 per unit.! 14.57 (3rd Jun.): 20th A. Masson
a n y f u r t h e r w i c k e t . inasmuch as he is, and has weekends was organised by has done well enough to Information from Mrs. 15.41;' 21st D hlurray 15.50;                                       :
Eventually-the Force closed                                                                              qualify for a place on an Green at South Benfleet League team                                        won.
their innings at 173 for 7. ~IIIIIIIIIII~IIIII~~IIII~I~I~IIIIIIIIIII~I~I~IIIIII~III~I#II~ 57046 or                                                                  ~~d ~           at       ~        i         ~      l
                                                                                                                                                                                   ~ Rotterdam International Meeting,, ~
                                                                                                         advanced Cr       .u
                                                                                                                           os     the date of                                           8-6-75
When Brantham opened              I
                                                                                                      :which is still to be arranged. Rayleigh 5037.
their innings they were           =

                                            CHRISTIAN POLICE ASSOCIATION I Finally for those readers The Secretary now has 109:03.4; 49th J. Hedgethorne
                                                                                                                                                                                           2Okms: 40th D . Sheppard

 soon in difficulty losing one m                                                                      :who sdoo take an interest in details of the 1.P.A. World Dunion 46t11.6; 7th M. Spellman
                                                                                                                                                                                         113:30.4. lOkms Junior: 1st M.

of their openers for 0 and the
                                     m                      ESSEX BRANCH                                 this ~ r whether it be from cup
                                                                                                                          t              - -.--       golf                     to be
second for 3. At 57 for 6 it E Our next branch meeting will be held at the home of !
                                                                                                   E insid;
                                                                                                                                                                                         54:42.6; 12th A. Masson 57:18.2;
seemed all over but the           =
                                          Mt. and Mrs. John Perry, NO. 22 London Road,
                                                                                                                     or outside the ring               at                       from 14th J. Roche 60.21 (All walked 1
                                                                                                         Derekgs prediction for the 22nd to 26th September, lap short except Spellman).
opposition managed to stay :              Lexden, Colchester at 7.30 p.m. on Friday, 25th July,          forthcoming "big fightv is 1975, .for any Persons who National 20 miles, Isle of Man, 14-
 at the crease to complete        I
                                          1975. Anyone who would like to come along will be        E     that Ali

                                                                                                                              stop Bugner in are interested-in taking part. 6-75

their 45 overs, finishing at :            most welcome.                                                  the fourth round. Who are                                                         64th J. Hedgethorne 3h. 7m.
 137 for 8.
                                     ~    1  8  1  1  8   8  D r  D 8 D   ~  #  ~   ~ ~  #  l l   ~ ~  ~
                                                                                                      *IfP  I tn arn''n'l
                                                                                                                 l  ~   l       ~ ~  l ~   ~ ~
                                                                                                                                                ------- S -accommodation at. 27s: BPnd D. Sheanard I h I ? m
                                                                                                                                                    ~   m
                                                                                                                                                              ~  ~   ~  ~
                                                                                                                                                                          . ~
j       a   I n t LAW, JULY. 1975


l        Stirrer retires
        I     from blazincl vehicle                                                                     I

                                                                                                             P.C. Charles Ernest Storrar alias "The Stirrer," is retiring after 28+ years service and is
                                                                                                             counting If- years war service to make up his total of 30.
                                                                                                                Stationed at Communications Department since 1962, Charlie has served at
                                                                                                             Clacton, Harwich, Bromley, Black Notley, Braintree and South Benfleet. He has been a
                                                                                                             valued representative of constables on the Force Branch Board of the Police Federation
                                                                                                             for the last six years and has set his successor a hard task to keep to his standards.
                                                                                                                Although Charlie finishes on Friday, June 27, at Headquarters, he will be returning
                                                                                                             on Monday, June 30, to take up his new appointment as a civilian clerk in
                                                                                                             Communications Administration Ofnce.
                                                                                                                And as a treat for all those members who know Charlie, we have obtained, at great
                                                                                                             expense, a photo of him actually wearing a cap as he receives hls certificate of service
                                                                                                             From the Chief.

                                                                                                             Police rivalry at Essex Show                                                              &

            A SMALL presentation was held at Stanway Traffic Garage at the beginning of the
            month to mark 'the initiative and courage' of two civilians and a Stanway Traffic
               Whilst off duty in May P.C. Andy Williams was driving along Cymbeline Way,
            Colchester when he came across a road accident.
               What could have been just a simple accident was beginni1.g to build up into quite a
            serious situation because, with three vehicles involved, one was on fire with the driver
            locked inside, one was leaking petrol from a split fuel tank and the other was a petrol
               Andy leaped out of his car to where the car was on fire and, whilst Mr Morris
            Cossey, the driver of the petrol tanker, and Mr Norman Upsher, another passer-by
            fought the fire, Andy released the dazed driver.
               The accident received some publicity in the local papers as a result of which Mr John
            Elliston of Vigiles Fire Protection, Colchester, contacted the Chief and said that his
            company would like to show some form of recognition of the actions of the three men in
            rescuing the driver from the blazing vehicle.
              With approval given a ceremony was arranged and Mr Elliston presented to each of
            the three men a fire extinguisher, saying, "It is not often that we get the chance to say         A PLANNERS' triumph at the Essex Show placed the Metropolitan Police recruiting
            thank you to members of the public and the police who are always having stones                    exhibition right beside the Essex Police display. Attempting to recruit at an agricultural
            thrown at them and I felt that it was time that thanks were passed on.                            show is probably a waste of t i d e in any case and Essex this year had no recruiting
               "It is with pleasure that I present these fire extinguishers in recognition of your            stand.
            initiative and courage."                                                                             But Constable Alan Weatherley, representing Essex Police, served a summons on the              ,
               After the presentation Mr Elliston posed with Andy and the two civilians in Stanway            Oflicer in Charge of the Metro stand, under Section l of the Poaching of Recruits Act
            yard, whilst, to quote another police officer at the presentation, "Andy's admiring               1975 - picture above.
            colleagues looked on."                                                                              Alas for the Metro they all came without their keys after lunch one day and had to get
                                                                                                              Essex crime prevention personnel to screw their hut for them - lower picture.
                                                                                                                 "Really grateful for their help," said the Met: "Always happy to help our big city

        claimed to be enjoyable.         to have been proved, many
                                                                          cont. from page 1
                                                                             He learned the subject
                                                                                                              colleagues," said Essex.

           Four consecutive days are     by independent medical           from his mother and has
        normally used for the fourth      analysis: Breathing rate        been practising for two to
        to the seventh steps, the last    decreases during meditation;    three years.
        three being in the form of        Heart-beat rate slows,             He continued, "I practise
        group discussions and             indicating a reduction in the   something I don't really
        meditations.                      w o r k l o a d ; Oxygeri       understand. It is such a wide
           Having completed the           consumption decreases, and      and deep subject that I'm
        initiation course one is then     Brain wave patterns change.     merely s k i m m i n g t h e
        capable of meditating alone.        It is also claimed that TM    surface.
        Teachers advise t h a t           can affect the metabolic rate      "It is of use to anyone
        meditation should be             or the speed at which the        who worries and is a non
        practised twice a day, in the     body uses energy.               medical way t o relieve
        morning and evening.                The Missenden brothers        tension."
           The only physical             of this force are both firm         His brother, Ron, a
        requirment is that the eyes      believers in the system.         Detective Constable at
        should be closed. The             Peter, a 34-year-old married    Clacton said, "It's a form of
        meditator is not in a state of    man with two children said,     relaxation. The only thing
    ,   trance so it is not dangerous     "I feel healthier and more      you do is sit in a chair, close
        to interrupt meditation.         confident as a result of         your eyes and relax.              My kids do it, and, as you       that's what the Official Side      taught at training schools."
           Remarkable claims are         practising TM. My children          "There's more to it than       know my brother does it."        of the Police Council were            As I sit here writing this
        made for meditation and a        don't irritate me as they did.   that but it would take a             A spokesman for the           doing when they reached            article my colleagues have
        fair number of them quote        I find that I can think more     teacher of the subject to         Essex Branch of the Police       their decision on the last pay     been trYlng out TM and are
        medical evidence as proof.       clearly and become aware of      explain it.                       Federation said, "Personally,    offer. I can't ever see it being   rlow in their usual recumbent
           All the following are said    job situations more quickly."       "I do it. My wife does it.     I don't believe in i t Perhaps   practised in the service nor       posture and are -snoring.

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