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an   Image Mind Light short film
‘Slushai’ is a poetic short film set in a post-modern world of magical realism. Brought
to you by Image Mind Light, ‘Slushai’ explores many contemporary spiritual and social
issues. With a mission to educate through entertainment, Image Mind Light is currently in
development for a fantasy film - “Long Nights Moon.” The imagery and setting of
‘Slushai’ is but a glimpse of the world writer/director Bogdan Darev and his collaborators
are creating for the feature film.

‘Slushai’ was filmed in Seattle, Washington on the Red One Camera and 8mm film stock.
It was made possible by the dedication and hard work of over eighty volunteers and film

A freethinking young man lives in the metropolis where the oppressive regime of The
Ministry closely monitors and medicates the population. A mysterious girl appears just
as midday curfew becomes effective giving the young man a ‘word,’ the meaning of which
is as old as the universe. A ‘word’ that forces him to contemplate time, death and the
meaning of his existence.
Why ‘Slushai’
Because storytelling, rich of metaphors and lessons, has always been and always will be;
Because instead of listening to our intuition we spend our lives listening to a world gone
mad; Because we love what we do and hope to get a chance to make our feature film
“Long Nights Moon;” Because sometimes all we need to do is ‘listen’ to find this very
elusive ‘happiness’ we are all after.

                                                     Executive Producers:
                                                     Bogdan Darev
                                                     Justin O’Neill
                                                     Jacob W Leander
                                                     Kelly King
                                                     Taryn Rux
                                                     Bogdan Darev
                                                     Written by
                                                     Bogdan Darev
                                                     Katerina Gabbro
                                                     Matthew Skala
                                                     Production/Costume Designer:
                                                     Katerina Gabbro
                                                     Konstantin Gabbro
                                                     Evan Barnes
                                                     Evan Gardner

             Contact Information:

About the Director
Bogdan Darev was born and raised in Bulgaria. By the age of seventeen, when he
immigrated to America, he had witnessed the Iron Curtain fall and experienced the birth of
a democracy. He brings a maturity and understanding of social and spiritual issues to his
work rare for a young filmmaker. He loves to build worlds of color and magic embarking
himself, his collaborators, and audiences, on a truly cinematic adventure. Bogdan is
currently in development for his feature film debut “Long Nights Moon.”

2002 – ‘the Angel’
2008 – ‘Slushai’

Director's comment on the film
I was twenty-nine when I finally reconnected with the boy who, when nine, fell in love
with motion pictures. My twenties were all about building a future that wasn't mine.
'Slushai' is all about reflecting on that unrealized future. Discovering the boon of slowing
down and addressing not my petty, selfish and material needs, but those of humanity.

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