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					                      November 2001
This Issue:
Congratulations go to...
   The Workplace Safe Awards
Our new Workplace Safe Campaign
Workplace Safe Week
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    Tasmanian workers and employers urged to ‘Use Your Brain, Avoid the Strain’.......3                                Tasmania, a Division of the
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    Congratulations to the Workplace Safe Awards entrants .......................................4                     Energy and Resources.
    Workplace Safe Awards Gala Dinner. What a night it was!! ....................................4
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    Cradle Coast Water the big winner at 2001 Workplace Safe Awards ......................5                            Workplace Issues for wider distrib-
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2                       WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001

Tasmanian Workers and Employers Urged to
       Use Your Brain, Avoid the Strain
                                                       Last financial year almost 4000, or    effective in significantly reducing
                                                       more than a third, of all workers      the number of workers
                                                       compensation claims lodged in          compensation claims lodged in
                                                       Tasmania were for body strain          Tasmania.
                                                       injuries.                              In the 1995–96 financial year,
                                                       “And those are only the injuries       almost 17,000 workers
                                                       reported, with many more going         compensation claims were lodged
                                                       unreported,” Dr Walters said.          compared with 11,323 last
                                                       Of reported injuries, the back and     financial year—a reduction of 33
                                                       upper limbs were the areas of the      per cent.
                                                       body most commonly affected.           In dollar terms this represents
                                                       Also, half of all body strain          both direct and indirect savings of
                                                       injuries reported were experienced     $225 million.
                                                       by Tasmanians working in nine          Dr Walters warned, however, that
                                                       blackspot occupations—nursing          there were still far too many
                                                       occupations, machine operators,        Tasmanians being injured every
                                                       metal tradespersons, trades            day.
                                                       assistants, sales assistants,          “While Workplace Safe Week is
                                                       agricultural labourers, cleaners,      important as a means of
                                                       road transport drivers and school      highlighting that every employer
                                                       teachers.                              and worker has a responsibility to
                                                       Pembroke MLC, Allison Ritchie,         ensure their workplaces are as safe
                                                       who officially launched the Week,      as possible, every day should be a
                                                       said that the community paid a         Workplace Safe day,” he said.
                                                       high cost for body strain injuries.    Launching the Week, Ms Ritchie
Pembroke MLC Allison Ritchie and Dr Rob Walters at     “Body strain injuries cost the         said that the decline in claims as
the launch of Workplace Safe Week                      Tasmanian community $35.4              well as the increased support for
                                                       million last financial year and        the Week demonstrated that the
                                                       while the financial cost is high, so   Workplace Safe message was
                  The WorkCover Tasmania               is the personal cost, with many        hitting the mark.
                                                       workers suffering injuries that        “Judging by the continual
                  Board used the launch of             disrupt their lives forever,” she      reduction in the number of
                  Workplace Safe Week                  said.                                  workers compensation claims in
                  2001 on Sunday 14                    “Employers also suffer with a rise     Tasmania over the six years of the
                  October to highlight the             in their workers compensation          Workplace Safe campaign,
                  high cost of body strain             premiums, a loss of productivity       Tasmanian businesses deserve to
                                                       and even feelings of responsibility    be congratulated for their
                  injuries from hazardous
                                                       for a worker’s injury.”                commitment to improving health
                  manual handling tasks.                                                      and safety throughout all
                                                       Dr Walters said that body strain
                  Speaking at the launch of the        injuries could be prevented by         workplaces,” she said.
                  Week, Board member, Dr Rob           following the SAFE steps of risk       Workplace Safe Week ran from
                  Walters, said that body strain       management—Spot the hazard,            15–19 October and over 100
                  injuries from manual handling were   Assess the risk, Fix the problem       events with an occupational health
                  one of the biggest occupational      and Evaluate results.                  and safety focus were held around
                  health and safety problems in                                               the State.
                  Tasmanian workplaces.                These steps have been simplified in
                                                       a new information kit called The       A highlight of the week was the
                  “They are injuries that can affect   Body Strain Prevention Kit. The        presentation of the 2001
                  any worker as every job includes     Kit is available free-of-charge by     Workplace Safe Awards at a gala
                  manual handling tasks, whether it    telephoning and registering interest   function in Hobart on Friday 19
                  be lifting, lowering, pushing,       with the Workplace Standards           October with entertainer Tim
                  pulling, undertaking repetitive      Helpline on 1300 366 322.              Ferguson as MC.
                  tasks such as keying information
                  into a computer or packing items     Dr Walters said that the
                  from a conveyor belt for extended    Workplace Safe campaign, now in
                  periods of time,” he said.           its sixth year, had been highly

                                                                          WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001                 3
      Congratulations go to all the entrants
       in the 2001 Workplace Safe Awards                           Workplace Safe Aw
    It is important to recognise the efforts of the manage-        The Premier of Tasmania, Mr Jim
    ment and staff of nearly 50 companies that entered the         Bacon, announced the overall and
    Awards this year. They should be commended for both            category winners of the 2001
    the time spent formally submitting an entry, and their         Workplace Safe Awards at a gala
    ongoing commitment to workplace health and safety.             function in Hobart on Friday 19
                                                                   October. More than 400 people
    And the entrants were……                                        attended the presentation dinner hosted
                                                                   by entertainer, Tim Ferguson.
    ABB Metering Pty Ltd             KD Barker Logging             Mr Bacon presented Gold Awards to the winners of
    ACL Bearing Company              LGH - Food Services           seven categories.
                                     Department                    These were:
                                     Master Plumbers’              • Best solution to a workplace manual handling
    Amcor Fibre Packaging            Association of Tasmania         hazard —Calvary Health Care Tasmania
                                                                   • Best solution to an identified workplace
    Australian Cement Holdings       McCain Foods (Aust) Pty Ltd     health and safety issue — Australian Hop
    Australian Hop Marketers                                         Marketers
                                     Medea Park Residential
    Pty Ltd                          Care Inc                      • Best workplace health and safety management
                                                                     program — Neil Buckby Motors
    Bells Constructions and          Neil Buckby Motors
    Technologies Pty Ltd                                           • Best return to work program — Forestry
                                     Nortas Pty Ltd                  Tasmania
    Boral Construction                                             • Best induction program —Devonport City
    Materials Group Ltd              North East Soldiers             Council
                                     Memorial Hospital
    Bradken Launceston                                             • Best training program — Cradle Coast Water
                                     Northern Midlands Council     • Best workplace health and safety initiative in
    Brambles Industrial
                                                                     small business — Pages Espresso Bar and
    Services                         Pages Espresso Bar and
                                     Take Aways
    Cadbury Claremont                                              Mr Bacon congratulated all entrants on their
                                     Parkside Community Mental     initiative in making health and safety a priority in
    Calvary Health Care              Health Team                   their workplaces.
                                     Port of Devonport             “It’s a pleasure to recognise the companies involved
    Cascade Brewery Company          Corporation                   for their commitment to their workers’ health and
    Pty Ltd                                                        safety,” he said.
                                     Queen Victoria Home           Mr Bacon said that this year’s Awards attracted
    Central Coast Council
                                     Racing Services Tasmania      more than 70 entries, a clear sign of the seriousness
    Civic Solutions                                                with which workplace health and safety is treated in
                                     Silcar Maintenance            Tasmanian workplaces. In the past three years, the
    Collex Pty Ltd                   Services                      number of entries has grown by almost 80 per cent.
    Cradle Coast Water                                             The Awards presentation dinner was a highlight of
                                     Stornoway Maintenance         Workplace Safe Week.
                                     Pty Ltd
    Department of Education
    Department of Health and
    Human Services                   Tasmania Fire Service -
    Devonport City Council
                                     Tasmania Fire Service
    Fairbrother Pty Ltd
                                     TasTrans Logistics
    Forestry Tasmania
                                     Temtrol Technologies
    Hobart Water
                                     Toll Tasmania
    Hydro Tasmania/Transend
    Networks/Aurora Energy           West Tamar Health and
                                     Community Service
    James Nelson (Tas) Pty Ltd
    Jensen’s Quality
    Metalworks Pty Ltd

4                WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001
wards                                      Cradle
                                           Coast Water
                                           The Big Winner
        GALA DINNER                        at 2001
                                           Workplace Safe
         What a night it was!!             Awards

                                           The Premier of Tasmania Jim Bacon
                                           congratulates Casey Van Eysden
                                           CEO Cradle Coast Water

                                           Ulverstone’s Cradle Coast
                                           Water won this year’s
                                           overall Workplace Safe
                                           Award for an extensive
                                           training program, which
                                           allocates almost one in 20
                                           working days each month
                                           for every worker.
                                           Cradle Coast Water (CCW) is a
                                           bulk water authority supplying
                                           treated water to councils for
                                           reticulation. Its training program
                                           revolves around a schedule
                                           developed annually in full
                                           consultation with employees.
                                           On its way to winning the overall
                                           award, CCW won the Gold Award
                                           for the best training program. It
                                           also took out a Silver Award for
                                           the best induction program and a
                                           Bronze Award for the best
                                           workplace health and safety
                                           management program.

                         WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001              5
                                                  W           O         R          K          P        L         A          C            E

                                                 CATEGORY 1                    Best solution to a workplace manual

                                     Calvary Health Care Tasmania, Hobart

    Calvary Health Care Tasmania is a            Care Tasmania executive – the                Regular training days for hotel services
    health care facility incorporating three     implementation process began.                staff had also commenced, with 40
    campuses in Southern Tasmania with           It included the appointment of a part-       employees having completed their
    about 930 employees.                         time manual handling co-ordinator, two       training.
    Managing manual handling risks is            hours paid training for all staff and the    Since training commenced in April there
    recognised as a critical component of        purchase of recommended manual               have been 16 reported incidents but
    Calvary’s risk management program.           handling equipment.                          only one of those employees had
    There was an identified need to initiate a   Nursing staff and hospital assistants were   received training. The cause of this
    ‘no lift’ manual handling policy and         targeted as the first group of employees     incident has been reviewed and
    proactive manual handling program.           to receive training, as they comprised 75    appropriate manual handling equipment
                                                 per cent of all manual handling injuries     introduced with relevant training to
    During 1999 and 2000 a number of                                                          eliminate a recurrence of the event.
    manual handling proposals and                within the organisation.
    programs had been floated and partially      As at July, all nursing staff at the St
    implemented. In January, 2001 –              John’s Campus had completed training.
    following the development of the ‘no         Three clinical departments at the
    lift’ manual handling policy and its         Calvary Campus had also completed
    endorsement by the Calvary Health            training and three were continuing.

    (L to R) Awards MC Tim Ferguson with Sue Hargreaves, Jennifer O’Connor Cindy Edwards
    and Sally Faulkner of Calvary Health Care Tasmania

6                    WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001
  S         A          F         E                  A          W           A          R          D        S

handling hazard

                                          Cascade Brewery Company Pty Ltd, Hobart
                                                    Cascade Brewery Company Pty Ltd,             and supplies company DiverseyLever
                                                    Australia’s oldest brewery, is located in    (Australia) Pty Ltd, an automated
                                                    Hobart.                                      system was introduced which eliminated
                                                    The brewery introduced a new bulk            the need for detergent drums to be
                                                    detergent handling system within the         handled manually. From its inception
                                                    brewing cleaning in place (CIP) system.      the project set a new benchmark for co-
                                                                                                 operation between management and
                                                    There was an ever present potential for      employees and has improved morale
                                                    injuries within the CIP system resulting     with a significant change in work
                                                    from the manual handling of awkwardly        practices and standards being noticed.
                                                    shaped and heavy 200 litre drums and
                                                    the likelihood of burns from chemical        Since the new automated system was
                                                    splashing.                                   commissioned in September last year, all
                                                                                                 manual handling injuries from the
                                                    While many improvements over recent          brewing CIP process have been totally
                                                    years had reduced the risk of manual         eliminated, as have all accidents and
                                                    handling injuries it was decided to          injuries relating to the handling of
                                                    entirely eliminate the manual handling       caustic/acid detergent.
                                                    aspect of the activities required to
                                                    implement the necessary cleaning
                                                    With the assistance of cleaning products
      (L to R) Workplace Standards Inspector John
      Kumpulainen with Pamela Lincolne and Max
      Burslem of Cascade Brewery Company

                                          North East Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Scottsdale

      The North East Soldiers Memorial              provision was made for the storage of
      Hospital is a rural hospital and nursing      dirty linen with linen bags routinely
      home located at Scottsdale, about 50          piled on top of one another creating
      km from Launceston.                           navigational difficulties and the risk of
      A workplace health and safety assessment      infection and contamination.
      of the laundry at the hospital revealed       A solution was proposed by maintenance
      that the existing practices for the manual    staff utilising commercial wheelie bins to
      handling of linen posed a hazard to the       replace older laundry carts and taking
      health and safety of workers.                 advantage of a commercially available
      Five separate manual lifts were required      wheelie bin lifter to eliminate the need
      to get the dirty linen from the bed sites     for manual lifting.
      to the laundry trucks. Lifting and            The resulting improvements in health
      twisting motions represented a risk of        and safety have been demonstrated in
      back injuries. There was also the risk of     many aspects of the laundry operation
      entanglement and finger injuries as a         including the elimination of heavy
      result of the string ties used to secure      lifting, odour containment and the
      the laundry bags and existing laundry         reduced potential for contamination
      carts were often overloaded. No               and infection.                               The Premier of Tasmania, Jim Bacon presents
                                                                                                 the award to Tim Diprose of North East
                                                                                                 Soldiers Memorial Hospital

                                                                                     WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001                 7
                                                   W          O           R          K          P        L         A         C             E

                                                              CATEGORY 2                        Best solution to an identified

                                     Australian Hop Marketers Pty Ltd, Bushy Park

    Australian Hop Marketers’ Bushy Park         Three new work practices to create safer         has been introduced thus eliminating
    Estates is one of four farms owned and       working conditions for elevated                  the need for hop poles to be lifted
    operated by the company.                     equipment were introduced:                       manually or with a front-end loader
    This award recognises Australian Hop         • Height adjustable string and repair            frame.
    Marketers’ initiatives in creating safer       carts were designed to allow workers         • A tractor mounted ladder frame,
    working environments on two fronts –           to safely repair trellis that supports the     which allows a worker to use both
    working with elevated equipment and            hop vines.                                     hands when working and avoids the
    reducing the manual handling risk            • A pole trailer, which carries and lifts        possibility of a ladder slipping, as
    associated with the transfer of hop bales.     poles into position for replacement,           occurred with near fatal consequences
                                                                                                  previously, has also been introduced.
                                                                                                A de-stacker was also designed to
                                                                                                transfer hop bales on pallets to a
                                                                                                standing position on the floor,
                                                                                                significantly reducing a major manual
                                                                                                handling risk.
                                                                                                The hazard posed by transferring bales
                                                                                                from pallets to the bale breaker in-feed
                                                                                                area by purely manual means was readily
                                                                                                apparent because of the effort needed to
                                                                                                move the 115 kg bales.
                                                                                                The development of mechanical aids was
                                                                                                inevitable and an engineering
                                                                                                mechanism was devised which
                                                                                                eliminated the bulk of the heavy
                                                                                                handling hazard.
                                                                                                While the device has not had a large
                                                                                                impact when considered in isolation, it
                                                                                                has increased awareness of the potential
                                                                                                for easing manual labour in arduous
                                                                                                tasks by the intelligent application of
                                                                                                mechanical aids.

    (L to R) Robin Oakley of Australian Hop Marketers, Premier Jim Bacon and Adrian Shaw of
    Australian Hop Marketers

8                   WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001
  S         A         F         E                A         W           A          R            D        S

workplace health and safety issue

                                          Hobart Water, Glenorchy

      Hobart Water is a commercial venture       Operational maintenance and technical
      owned by eight Southern councils,          staff, with the full support of Hobart
      which is responsible for the collection,   Water management, developed a design
      storage and treatment of bulk water.       solution to eliminate the confined space
      The organisation eliminated a confined     by identifying a method to raise the
      space and manual-handling hazard by        section of pipeline with the flow control
      redesigning the flow control devices and   valves and bypass devices above ground.
      bypass lines which control the flow of     As well as removing confined space and
      water into Browns Hill Reservoir at        manual handling hazards, the innovative
      Kingston.                                  solution has also reduced after hours
      Previously the flow control devices and    operational costs, provided for remote
      bypass lines were located below ground     operational monitoring, reduced
      in a confined space, which could only be   maintenance down time and increased
      accessed by removing a heavy concrete      control capability.
      lid. There were other health and safety
      concerns including the high noise
      generated by the sharp bends in the pipe
      in a fully enclosed area.
                                                                                               Premier Jim Bacon presents Silver to
                                                                                               Lyn Hallam of Hobart Water

                                          Master Plumbers’ Association of Tasmania,
                                                                      South Hobart
      The members of the Master Plumbers’        As a result of the codes there has been
      Association of Tasmania – Roof             an enormous shift in acceptable
      Contractors Division initiated, promoted   practice, attitude and culture of those
      and assisted in the adoption in Tasmania   involved in activities that are affected by
      of the first codes of practice - Working   working at height.
      at Height in Commercial Construction
      and Managing the Risk of Falling in
      House Construction – approved by the
      Minister pursuant to the Workplace
      Health and Safety Act 1995.
      Working at height has been a high-risk
      work practice for many years and the
      codes were developed following an
      exhaustive consultation process with
      individuals who work in exposed
      environments and with various
      authorities in Australia and other parts
      of the world.
      The initiative was an attempt to ensure
      that safety at work was a paramount
      consideration. In a very difficult
      environment the Roof Contractors
      Division recognised the urgency of
      providing better, safer and more           Adrian Cowie of the Master Plumbers’ Association receives the award
      acceptable workplaces.                     from Premier Jim Bacon

                                                                                 WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001            9
                                                    W           O          R         K         P         L         A          C             E

                                                        CATEGORY 3                      Best workplace health and safety

                                      : Neil Buckby Motors, Launceston

     Launceston-based Neil Buckby Motors          are enforced during the induction phase      system for the reporting of all potential
     is a motor vehicle retail and service        and continue throughout the worker’s         areas of concern, employed a workplace
     company employing 30 people.                 association with Neil Buckby Motors.         safety officer to inspect the premises and
     It sought to formalise a workplace safety    The standards are also implemented to        produced a New Employee Induction
     standard to benefit all workers and other    ensure all clients and members of the        Manual encompassing the company’s
     people associated with the business.         public visiting the company’s premises are   policy.

     The company’s goal was to implement a        protected from the possibility of injury.    The end result is a policy, which is fully
     formal standard in such a way that all       To assist the company achieve its            supported and embraced by all staff.
     workers had a clear understanding of the     objectives, it appointed an occupational
     policies and procedures the business         health and safety officer and committee,
     enforced to reduce the circumstances         reviewed all signage, undertook regular
     where injury may occur. The procedures       equipment checks, implemented a rigid

     (L to R) Workplace Standards Inspectors Geoff Price and Jo Hendly with Max Ireland and
     Anne McLaren of Neil Buckby Motors and Danny Dougherty, Regional Manager North
     Workplace Standards Tasmania

10                   WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001
  S         A         F         E                 A          W           A          R         D          S

management program

                                          Port of Devonport Corporation, Devonport

      The Port of Devonport Corporation is a      best performing port in Tasmania and its
      state-owned company, which administers      overall performance was in line with the
      the Devonport seaport and airport.          average for the entire transport sector.
      About three years ago a practical systems   The Port of Devonport Corporation
      approach to occupational health and         only recorded three lost-time accidents
      safety was adopted.                         during the year.

      The corporation’s OHS systems-based
      strategy covers numerous protocols and
      procedures in pre-employment
      screening, induction, equipment safety
      and maintenance, incident
      reporting/investigation and corrective
      actions, consultation and
      communication activities and awareness
      of key issues and cost control strategies
      associated with workers’
      compensation/injury management.
      It has resulted in a considerable
      reduction in the risks associated with
      running the organisation.
      Transport Sector accident statistics
      provided by Workplace Standards
      Tasmania showed that in 1999-2000 the
      Port of Devonport Corporation was the       Premier Jim Bacon with Richard Barnard of the Port of Devonport

                                          Cradle Coast Water, Ulverstone

      Cradle Coast Water is a bulk water          Risk assessments are now
      authority supplying treated water to        carried out for all
      councils for reticulation.                  activities.
      Its directors and management are            The biggest improvement
      committed to fixing problems before         in the approach adopted
      they become problems through the            by Cradle Coast Water has
      development and maintenance of a            been in the reduction of
      quality, environmental and occupational     accidents – from nine
      health and safety integrated                reported accidents and 44
      management system (IMS).                    lost days in 1999-2000 to
      In May 2001 its OHS Management              three reported accidents
      System was accredited to AS/NZS 4801        and no lost days last
      by Quality Assurance Services.              financial year.

      Cradle Coast Water has identified hazard
      identification and risk assessment as the
      nucleus of its OHS component of the
      IMS. Previously, routine hazard
      identifications were rarely performed but                                 Casey van Eysden of Cradle Coast Water receives the award
      are now carried out by workers as part                                    from Premier Jim Bacon
      of their day-to-day operations.

                                                                                   WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001            11
                                                   W           O          R         K         P        L          A          C         E

                                                 CATEGORY 4                       Best return to work program

                                      Forestry Tasmania, Statewide

     Forestry Tasmania first developed its        One of the features of the program is       conjunction with the injured worker,
     innovative return to work program in         that it provides the same occupational      their doctor and the worker’s supervisor.
     1994-95 and it was revised and modified      rehabilitation and support services for     By involving all three parties, Forestry
     in 1998.                                     injured employees whether or not their      Tasmania ensures that the nature of the
     It was developed in conjunction with a       illness or injury arises out of a work      injury sustained and the nature of the
     variety of stakeholders including            related incident.                           injured worker’s employment are taken
     employees, human resources manager,          Initial contact with an injured worker is   into consideration during the design
     legal officer, workers compensation          made within 24 hours of the                 stage of the program.
     officer, service providers, the executive    injury/illness occurring and a return to    Creative and lateral thinking is required
     team and Board of Directors.                 work program is developed in                at times to find alternative duties, or to
                                                                                              modify existing ones, to best
                                                                                              accommodate the employee’s injury.

     (L to R) John McDonald, David Mirk, Bob Knox and Kerry Casten of Forestry Tasmania

12                    WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001
S         A         F         E                  A         W           A          R         D           S

                                      Calvary Health Care Tasmania, Hobart

    Calvary Health Care Tasmania is a health     management and staff satisfaction in the      $115,000 in the first year of
    care facility incorporating three campuses   injury management process and earlier         implementation and an insurer
    in Southern Tasmania with about 930          and safe return to work for employees.        reimbursement based on past
    employees. It is committed to the early      Importantly, the cost of workers              performance is expected for the
    and safe return to work of all employees     compensation salary payments fell by          2000-2001 year.
    injured or made ill by their work.
    The need to provide systems to facilitate
    the early intervention and safe return to
    work of employees was recognised in
    October 1999 given that workers
    compensation premiums were well
    above an acceptable level.
    The Calvary executive accepted an
    injury management program formula
    devised by the occupational health and
    safety team which was based on the
    premise that while prevention was the
    best way to reduce costs, effective
    management of work injuries had a
    dramatic effect on the recovery of a
    worker and the cost of the claim.
    As a result of the implementation of a
    comprehensive Injury Prevention and
    Management Program, Calvary Health
    Care Tasmania has seen a significant
    reduction in the use of external             Premier Jim Bacon presents a Silver Award to Jennifer O’Connor of
    rehabilitation providers, improvements in    Calvary Health Care Tasmania

                                        Department of Health and Human Services,
                                                                                               The Department of Health and Human
                                                                                               Services provides health, housing and
                                                                                               community services to all Tasmanians.
                                                                                               It implemented a comprehensive return
                                                                                               to work program that involves all
                                                                                               relevant parties such as the injured
                                                                                               worker, their doctor and their
                                                                                               The program ensures effective strategies
                                                                                               are employed to achieve the best
                                                                                               outcome for employees as well as
                                                                                               ensuring the injured/ill employee is
                                                                                               restored to their fullest potential.
                                                                                               The Department prides itself on having
                                                                                               developed a system, which promotes an
                                                                                               effective return to work program
                                                                                               sensitive to the needs of all stakeholders.
                    Marjorie Sheedy of the Department of Health and Human Services
                    receives the award from Premier Jim Bacon

                                                                                 WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001                   13
                                                      W           O          R          K           P        L         A          C             E

                                                    CATEGORY 5                       Best induction program

                                       Devonport City Council, Devonport

     The Devonport City Council is a                The occupational health and safety              management, personal protective
     regional city council employing about          component of this induction deals with          equipment, handling hazardous
     200 people on the North-West Coast.            general information in relation to              materials, manual handling and fire
     To assist in achieving a safe working          obligations of council and employees            safety – is also shown.
     environment, all new employees are             under the Workplace Health and Safety           Following the induction/orientation a
     given an extensive induction/orientation       Act and Regulations. A safety video –           training questionnaire that asks specific
     on their first morning of employment.          which explores topics such as risk              questions about OHS is given to
                                                                                                    employees for completion.
                                                                                                    The immediate surpervising officer also
                                                                                                    conducts area familiarisation.
                                                                                                    The induction handbook, which
                                                                                                    accompanies this training, is seen as a
                                                                                                    growing document and is continually
                                                                                                    updated to reflect any
                                                                                                    changes/additions to the council’s
                                                                                                    organisational structure and/or policies
                                                                                                    and procedures.

     (L to R) Julie Fitzpatrick and David Jones of the Devonport City Council with the Gold Award

14                    WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001
S         A          F         E                 A         W           A          R         D           S

                                       Cradle Coast Water, Ulverstone

    Cradle Coast Water is a bulk water
    authority supplying treated water to
    councils for reticulation.
    Cradle Coast Water developed a
    comprehensive induction program to fit
    its Integrated Management System. The
    program is subject to an annual review.
    It has been established by employees
    using a hands-on approach thus giving
    them a sense of ownership over the
    induction program as well as the
    opportunity to learn new skills.
    The program meets all the required
    criteria including legislative compliance,
    employer/employee responsibilities,
    OHS policies, risk assessment and
    hazard management and subsequent
                                                 The Premier of Tasmania Jim Bacon presents the Silver Award to
                                                 Michael Higginson of Cradle Coast Water
    An initial induction of employees occurs
    in their first week of employment and
    they are continually assessed over the
    following weeks. All workers are
    required to complete the TAFE OHS
    General Industry Induction.

                                         Central Coast Council, Ulverstone

    The Central Coast Council is centred on
    the North-West Coast towns of Penguin
    and Ulverstone and their surrounds and
    employs 180 people.
    It recently completed a full safety
    induction program for all outdoor and
    indoor staff and elected representatives.
    The program was originally an adjunct
    to the general induction program but
    has taken on a much greater identity
    reflecting the council’s commitment to
    occupational health and safety issues
    within the working environment.
    The program centres on an induction
    reference booklet and includes a review
    process involving one week and one
    month reviews to ensure a full
    understanding of all safety matters          Tony King of the Central Coast Council receives the award from
    covered.                                     Premier Jim Bacon
    Importantly, it has been designed to
    include contractors and short-term
    visitors, such as work experience
    students, and is now an integral part of
    all tenders let by the council.

                                                                                 WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001   15
                                                   W          O          R         K         P        L        A         C           E

                                                 CATEGORY 6                      Best training program

                                     Cradle Coast Water, Ulverstone

     Cradle Coast Water is a bulk water          allocated for training on elements of the   improvement which are reviewed
     authority supplying treated water to        integrated management system including      monthly by management.
     councils for reticulation.                  a safety induction refresher, risk and      The training program has empowered
     Cradle Coast Water’s training revolves      hazard assessments and emergency            workers to be more self confident and
     around a training program developed in      response plans.                             work more independently – hence
     November each year in full consultation     Training is identified in light of          requiring less supervision – and has
     with employees.                             corrective action requests,                 provided greater job satisfaction.
     The program developed for 2001 has          complaints/incident reports, accident
     allocated 11.06 training days for each      and incident reports, risk or hazard
     employee, 5.5 days of which are             assessments and opportunities for

     (L to R) Casey van Eysden of Cradle Coast Water, Dr Rob Walters of the WorkCover
     Tasmania Board, Premier Jim Bacon and Michael Higginson of Cradle Coast Water

16                   WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001
S         A          F         E                   A         W          A           R          D          S

                                       Strathcare, Glenorchy

                       Strathcare operates aged-care residential
                       services and facilities in both the South
                       and North-West regions.
                       Since 1997 Strathcare has committed
                       itself to an extensive occupational health
                       and safety training program, which has
                       led to a $160,000 reduction alone in
                       workers compensation premium costs.
                       Due to the customised nature of training,
                       Strathcare management has complete
                       ownership of its workplace health and
                       safety program and has developed its own
                       training courses to systematically manage
                       its safety responsibility.
                       Site managers have developed and
                       routinely deliver a two-day induction
                       training course for all new employees.
                                                                      Premier Jim Bacon presents a Silver Award to Anne Priest of Strathcare

                                         Stornoway Maintenance Pty Ltd, Bridgewater

    Stornoway Maintenance is a member of
    the Stornoway Contracting Division,
    one of Australia’s emerging small to
    medium sized civil contracting and
    resource management organisations.
    Upon appointment, staff undergo a
    thorough induction process at three
    levels – level one for suppliers and
    contractors with little site exposure, level
    two for regular subcontractors and
    visitors to the site and level three which
    is a detailed and intense induction for
    permanent employees.
    The induction is supplemented by an
    expanded and mandatory training
    program fashioned from the risk
    assessment. The risk assessment ensures
    that the major hazards workers face are        Chris Cartledge of Stornoway Maintenance receiving the award from
    identified and control measures put in         Premier Jim Bacon
    Ongoing refresher courses and upskilling
    are conducted throughout the
    employee’s tenure with the company.

                                                                                   WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001                   17
                                                  W           O         R         K          P       L        A         C         E

                                                     CATEGORY 7                      Best workplace health and safety

                                     Pages Espresso Bar and Takeaways, Launceston

     Pages Espresso Bar and Takeaways,           It was also produced in full consultation   focused on ensuring staff do not become
     which employs 15 people in Launceston,      with staff to ensure it accurately          complacent and that any new hazards
     identified existing hazards within the      reflected their concerns.                   are quickly identified and fixed.
     business and developed an occupational      The owners have also spent a substantial
     health and safety manual.                   amount of money to ensure the
     The manual has since been effectively       premises are as safe as possible.
     incorporated into the workplace and         With the safety manual in place, and the
     managed to ensure its guidelines are        staff fully familiar with it, OHS is now

     (L to R) Workplace Standards Inspectors Terry Hurley, Geoff Price, Phillip Riley and
     Workplace Standards Regional Manager North, Danny Dougherty with Barry and Sharon
     Page (front) of Pages Espresso Bar and Takeaways

18                   WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001
   S        A          F         E                 A          W           A          R            D          S

initiative in small business

                                          KD Barker Logging, Ouse

                                                   KD Barker Logging is a small timber
                                                   harvesting business, which operates in a
                                                   high-risk industry.
                                                   The day-to-day tasks involved in
                                                   extracting timber can result in accidents
                                                   or incidents, which are costly to both
                                                   employers and workers.
                                                   The business has developed a system to
                                                   assist in assessing the risk associated with
                                                   hazards identified in its workplace.
                                                   The risk management manual it has
                                                   developed combined the company’s
                                                   own knowledge with that of its
                                                   workers, principal employer, Workplace
                                                   Standards Tasmania, the Tasmanian
                                                   Logging Association, the Hollybank
                                                   Forestry Training Centre and the
                                                   union movement.

       Nannett and Kerry Barker of K D Barker

                                           TasTrans Logistics, West Launceston

                TasTrans Logistics’ core business is the
                transportation of wool to interstate wool
                dumps and overseas destinations.
                It became aware of a workplace hazard
                associated with tarping trailers 4.3 m off
                the ground. There was a risk of a worker
                slipping and falling when removing the
                tarpaulin from the safety cage and
                unrolling it the length of the trailer.
                After a meeting between management
                and workers it was agreed that workers
                would wear a safety harness with a built-
                in shock absorber which was attached to
                a static cable running through the
                company’s building. This meant that if a
                worker slipped while securing the
                tarpaulin he could not fall to the ground.
                This has improved the safety of workers         Premier Jim Bacon presents Bronze to Steve
                and a similar device has been installed at      Brown of TasTrans Logistics
                Roberts Wool, at Evandale.

                                                                                    WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001   19
     Manual Handling Focus for
               New Workplace Safe Campaign
     A new Workplace Safe education              outlines the significance of the manual        regardless of occupation are at risk of
     campaign to inform both                     handling problem in Tasmania,                  injury. Body strain is the name given to
                                                 including the cost to the community, to        an injury that results from an unsafe
     employers and workers about                 the worker and to the employer. Nine           manual handling activity. It can be
     the dangers of hazardous manual             black spot occupational groups where           caused by a single strain incident from
     handling tasks and resulting                workers have been identified as being          over-exertion or by a series of minor
     injuries was launched by the                most at risk of severe injury are              strains that build up over a long period.
                                                 highlighted. Body strain case studies and      Injuries can be totally debilitating and, as
     WorkCover Tasmania Board                    fact sheets are available for each of these    with all workplace injuries, can have wide
     during Workplace Safe Week.                 occupational groups.                           ranging emotional, social, physical and
     The campaign incorporates a number of       The kit explains in a simple easy to follow    financial implications.
     elements, including public relations and    style, how body strain injuries can be         While it’s impossible to calculate the
     advertising. Two styles of television ads   prevented by following the SAFE steps of       emotional and physical and social costs
     have been developed to convey the           risk management—Spot the Hazard,               of body strain injuries, the dollar cost to
     manual handling message, along with         Assess the Risk,                               Tasmanian businesses was estimated at
     ads for radio, print, press, billboards,    Fix the Problem,                               $35.4 million in 1999–2000. Almost
     taxi backs, and milk cartons.               Evaluate Results.                              4000, or more than a third, of all
     A key component of the campaign is a        To assist in this                              reported workplace injuries in that year
     comprehensive information kit titled        process, risk                                  were body strain injuries. The back and
     Body Strain Prevention Kit: Your Guide      worksheets and                                 upper limbs are the areas of the body
     to Avoiding Manual Handling Injuries        summary sheets are included in the kit,        most commonly affected.
     in the Workplace. The kit is designed to    along with directions on how to use            More than half of the body strain injuries
     help Tasmanian businesses to                them. The kit also contains a poster and       reported in 1999–2000 were experienced
     systematically manage manual handling       body strain hazard stickers.                   by Tasmanians working in the black spot
     risks in the workplace and provides         While the kit is primarily aimed at            occupations. These were: nursing
     detailed information about the risk         employers, it is also of use to occupational   occupations; machine operators; metal
     management process and the prevention       health and safety representatives, safety      tradespersons; trades assistants; sales
     of body strain.                             committees, supervisors, consultants or        assistants; agricultural labourers; cleaners;
                                                 anyone else with an interest in                road transport drivers and school
                                                 understanding the manual handling risk         teachers. The black spot occupations
                                                 management process.                            were identified through a report
                                                 Three of the new television ads have           published in 1999 by the Workplace
                                                 been designed to publicise the kit and         Safety Board of Tasmania titled, Potential
                                                 encourage employers to call the                Target Areas for the Strategic Prevention
                                                 Workplace Standards Helpline to get            of Workplace Injuries.
                                                 their free copy.                               For more information and a free copy of
                                                 Manual handling is an issue for every          the Body Strain Prevention Kit (GB114),
                                                 worker and employer as hazards exist in        businesses can call the Workplace
                                                 every occupation. Manual handling              Standards Helpline on 1300 366 322.
                                                 includes a wide range of
                                                 activities such as lifting and
                                                 lowering, pushing, pulling,
                                                 holding, restraining or
                                                 moving objects, people or
                                                 animals and repetitive
                                                 actions such as typing or
                                                 using a tool or lever.
                                                 Because everyone in every
                                                 workplace carries out
     As well as containing definitions of        manual handling tasks
     manual handling and body strain, the kit    every day, all workers,

20                   WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001
DHHS Workplace Safe Week Activities Around the State
       A variety of activities were
       planned around the state
       for Workplace Safe Week.
       Department of Health and Human
       Services (DHHS) workplaces were
       encouraged to organise their own
       activities, based on either the
       theme for the Week – ‘Use Your
       Brain, Avoid the Strain’ – or other
       current occupational health and
       safety (OHS) issues relevant to
       their workplaces.
       Activities were held at many
       DHHS sites throughout the Week,
       with staff from the DHHS OHS
       Unit attending many of the events.

       Royal Hobart Hospital
       • A debate with employee and          The winners of the Royal Hobart Hospital Workplace Safe Week competition. (L
         management representatives on       to R) Employee Safety Representative Ian Norris, Employee Safety Representative
         the topic ‘OHS is just a matter     Kae Clark, Senior Inspector Workplace Standards Leon Spencer, Manager Food
         of common sense’                    Services Rob de Salis and Employee Safety Representative Suzette Fleming.
       • A competition, which was open
         to all departments in the           North West Regional Hospital             West Tamar Health and
         hospital. Work areas were asked     • Various poster displays during         Community Centre –
         to nominate their area as the         the week at key points across          Beaconsfield
         safest, and supply supporting         the hospital, including topics on      • A display and information
         information outlining recent          manual handling, safety with             session on employer and
         OHS initiatives. The                  sharps, spotting the hazard and          employee responsibilities in the
         competition was won by the            OHS responsibilities                     workplace.
         Food Services Department,           • Training sessions in managing
         whose initiatives included the        workplace hazards.                     Launceston General Hospital
         involvement of the employee                                                  • A general OHS display with
         safety representatives during the   Devonport Community                        handouts available.
         kitchen redevelopment and the       Health Centre
         installation of safety mirrors in   • Workplace security-based               Community Nursing –
         key areas throughout the              activities, with particular
         department. Following the
                                                                                      Repatriation Centre
                                               emphasis on all employees
         debate, Workplace Standards                                                  • A manual handling assessment
                                               wearing photographic identity
         Senior Inspector Leon Spencer                                                  incorporating double bed
         presented an OHS reference                                                     making
                                             • Hazard identification in clients’
         manual to the manager of Food                                                • A spot-the-hazard workplace
         Services.                                                                      inspection.
       • Displays in the main foyer, which   North East Soldiers
         included an overview of the new                                              Midlands Multi-Purpose
                                             Memorial Hospital –
         ‘no patient lift’ program.                                                   Centre – Oatlands
       • Lunchtime presentations on                                                   • OHS committee meeting.
                                             • A manual handling promotion
         workplace aggression open to all      in the main shopping area of
         staff .                                                                      Housing Services Tasmania –
                                             • A manual handling workshop
       West Coast District Hospital                                                   • A presentation by Tasmania
                                               for staff
       – Queenstown                                                                     Police about dealing with
                                             • OHS committee meeting.                   aggressive clients
       • A training/information session
         covering identification and                                                  • An information session on the
                                             St Marys Health Centre
         management of workplace                                                        importance of reporting
                                             • A display and information session        workplace incidents.
         stressors, employer/employee          on employer and employee
         OHS responsibilities, and             responsibilities in the workplace.
         managing hazardous substances                                                St John’s Park Campus
       • A workplace inspection of the                                                • A display and video on safe
                                             St Helens Hospital
         hospital catering services                                                     manual handling was held each
                                             • A display and information session        lunch time in the amenities centre.
       • Ergonomic workstation                 on employer and employee
         assessments.                          responsibilities in the workplace.

                                                                 WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001                     21
     SERS get involved with two
          Workplace Safe Week activities
                                                 Staff at Steve Edgerton                     review the location and quantity of our
                                                 Sheetmetal and Roofing                      fire fighting equipment and the safety and
                                                                                             security of critical business information as
                                                 Service (SERS) ran two                      a part of our evacuation procedures.
                                                 activities during Workplace                 These issues are crucial in protecting our
                                                 Safe Week: a test of company                staff and minimizing damage to our
                                                 evacuation procedures, and a                business assets should fire occur.
                                                 demonstration of ‘working                   “Our evacuation wardens have helped us
                                                 safely at height’.                          to identify where we can improve our
                                                                                             communications during such an
                                                 A fire evacuation drill was held on
                                                                                             emergency as well as making sure we
                                                 Tuesday 16 October, which ran fairly
                                                                                             account for public safety,” Harold said.
                                                 smoothly according to SERS Works
                                                 Estimator, Harold Deverell.                 The second activity during Workplace
                                                 “Testing our response in such an            Safe Week was a scaffold demonstration.
                                                 emergency has helped us to identify         SERS employees erected a lightweight
                                                 areas for improving our systems. While      scaffold and demonstrated the use of a
                                                 employees knew we would be carrying         suspended swing stage.
                                                 out the drill, they responded in a          “Due to the company’s investment in
                                                 professional manner, realising the          this type of equipment, SERS customers
                                                 importance of being prepared for            can be assured that work carried out on
                                                 emergency situations.                       their behalf will comply with the
                                                 “Having tested our performance on           Tasmanian ‘Working at Height’ codes of
 A scaffold demonstration by SERS employees
                                                 evacuating our people, we now intend to     practice,” Harold said.

     The Gardens Display Safety Achievements
     The Gardens aged care facility
     mounted several displays
     during Workplace Safe Week.
     The Gardens is an aged care facility with
     56 residents and 80 staff. It was a
     Workplace Safe Award winner in 1997
     for a back care program.
     Also a finalist in the 2000 Workplace
     Safe Awards – for a program dealing
     with the management of aggressive
     behaviours – The Gardens continues to
     promote health and safety in the
     workplace, and is currently undertaking
     major capital expenditure to upgrade fire
     prevention equipment and improve
     evacuation routes beyond the statutory
     This year staff and management
     produced two displays, one to raise         (L to R) The Gardens Director of Nursing Meg Skegg, Workplace Standards Inspector
     awareness by identifying possible hazards   Carol Bain and The Gardens Managing Director Tony Smith
     in the workplace and the other to
     highlight some recently introduced          • directional view mirrors to enable        • Johnny belts, which staff use to assist
     safety innovations. These innovations         clear vision at corridor junctions          ambulatory residents while they are
     included:                                                                                 using walking frames
                                                 • small hot water urns as a replacement
     • spring loaded laundry baskets               for jugs and kettles                      • provision for more electro-mechanical
     • an automatic cleaning chemical            • smaller drinking water containers with      patient lifters to support the back
       dispensing system                           taps to prevent lifting                     care program.

22                   WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001
Oakdale Services Tasmania
           Launches into Workplace Safe Week
Oakdale Services held two
events during the Week, both
focusing on the health and
safety of clients and staff.
Oakdale Services provides an
accommodation service for individuals
with an intellectual disability. It has 51
clients and 38 staff.
Support worker Ian Hopkins worked
with the health and safety committee
and management to develop a revised
health and safety policy manual. The
manual was endorsed by the Board of
Directors and has been accepted by staff
and clients.
Oakdale Services used Workplace Safe
Week to re-launch this manual at a
morning presentation for all staff, and
representatives of the Board of Directors.
The presentation focused on the new
manual handling section of the policy.
                                                  Ian Hopkins from Oakdale Services gives a hazard identification presentation
Another event run during the Week at
Oakdale was an evening presentation on
hazard identification. The presentation,          Spencer, identified workplace hazards for         attended the event supported the
facilitated by Ian and supported by               staff and clients, and offered solutions          presentation enthusiastically.
Workplace Standards Inspector Leon                for these hazards. The 60 people who

                                                    May Shaw Nursing Centre
                                                  Swansea’s May Shaw Nursing                        • Manual handling of laundry is being
                                                  Centre has a keen eye on                            reviewed to reduce both load sizes and
                                                                                                      the need to lift laundry.
                                                  manual handling issues, and
                                                                                                    • Mechanical lifting aids are used for all
                                                  received its copy of the new                        patient-handling procedures.
                                                  Body Strain Prevention Kit
                                                                                                    • Centre management have engaged a
                                                  during Workplace Safe Week.                         masseur and encourage staff to have a
                                                  The centre provides care for 25 residents           weekly massage to prevent
                                                  and has 40 staff. The complex                       musculoskeletal injuries.
                                                  incorporates a medical practice, and has          With extensive fundraising, the local
                                                  two acute care beds and two respite               community and nursing centre staff have
                                                  beds. Home care services are                      made another initiative possible. The
                                                  coordinated from the site and                     purchase of a bus with a mechanical
                                                  community nursing facilities are also             hoist attached will be of enormous
                                                  available.                                        benefit for residents. The bus will allow
                                                  Management and staff at May Shaw are              a wider variety of activities to be
                                                  very safety-conscious, with all safety            undertaken and will provide greater
                                                  policies currently under review. Several          safety for staff by reducing difficult
                                                  manual handling issues are either under           resident-handling situations.
                                                  review or in place:

May Shaw Nursing Centre Systems Coordinator Mark Bartello shows the new bus and hoist platform that will reduce difficult transfer situations.

                                                                                     WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001                   23
     Glenorchy City Council Events
                Glenorchy City Council got involved during Workplace Safe Week and held a
                and safety-focused events.
     Healthy Heart Screening                       healthy eating and future coronary risk.    the plant supervisor was to contact the
                                                   After completing the lifestyle evaluation   emergency services.
                                                   and the health and fitness appraisal,       An information sheet was handed out to
                                                   clients received a personalised report      observers prior to the event, which
                                                   containing specific recommendations.        informed readers of the hazards
                                                   The report was aimed at setting goals       associated with the storage and handling
                                                   and allowing for future comparisons.        of Chlorine and also indicated what
                                                                                               should happen should a gas leak actually
                                                   Jake said that he was seeing some clients
                                                                                               occur during the exercise.
                                                   for the second time, and was able to
                                                   make comparisons with the previous          John said, “Appropriate procedures have
                                                   sessions he had run. “There has been a      been taken to minimise risks at a
                                                   definite improvement in some clients,”      tolerable level during the exercise.”
                                                   he said.                                    TasFire Service attended the exercise
                                                                                               and ran through procedures with
                                                   Hazardous Chemical                          participating council workers. It was a
                                                   Emergency Incident                          good opportunity for the participants to
                                                                                               be ‘walked through’ a potential gas leak
                                                                                               and view first-hand how an emergency
                                                                                               operation would be run.

     Health and Lifestyle professional Jake Lee                                                Ergonomic Work Station
     tests a council employee
     On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
     during Workplace Safe Week, Glenorchy
     City Council held a Healthy Heart
     Screening activity at various sites: the
     Council Chambers, the works centre
     and its childcare centres.
     Health and fitness appraisals were
     carried out by health and lifestyle
     professional, Jake Lee.
     The appraisals were a non-threatening
     process designed to establish a complete
     ‘healthy’ snapshot of clients. The
     sessions – encompassing various aspects
     of the clients’ health and fitness –
     consisted of a lifestyle evaluation and       The emergency team at work
     appraisal measurements.
     The appraisal measurements included:
     • cardiorespiratory function/aerobic
                                                   Glenorchy City Council Workplace
       fitness – resting heart rate, blood                                                     Steph Cassidy from APM advises Heritage
                                                   Health and Safety Officer John Sullivan
       pressure, peak flow and maximum VO2                                                     Officer Nicole Warren about safe work
                                                   used a hazardous chemical emergency
     • body composition – lean body mass,                                                      practices
                                                   incident exercise to identify
       fat mass, sum of skinfolds and body fat     opportunities for improvements to the
       percentage                                  current emergency management plan for       Ergonomic assessments were another of
     • flexibility and range of motion             the Glenorchy City Council’s sewage         Glenorchy City Council’s initiatives
                                                   treatment site.                             during the week. Council workers were
     • strength, endurance and power profile
                                                   John said, “Using the practical scenario,   invited to the informal session to learn
     • musculoskeletal condition and posture       we have a chance to see what will           more about working safely in an office
       profile                                     actually work on the ground.”               environment.
     • anthropometry – specific                    The scenario involved a gas leak being      Glenorchy City Council Risk
       circumferences and height.                  detected, an attempt to shut off the        Management Coordinator, Stuart Lovell
     The accompanying lifestyle evaluation         main cylinder valve failing and gas         set up a workstation – provided by
     questionnaire provided feedback on the        continuing to escape. In response to        Bentley House – in the Mayoral
     client’s activity level, stress management,   this simulated liquefied chlorine leak,     Reception area at the Council Chambers.

24                     WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001
                                                  Mobile Display Unit on Show
variety of health

      Steph Cassidy from Advanced Personal
      Management (APM) carried out the
      assessments. Steph told participating
      workers that ergonomics considers
      several things:
      • health of the worker
      • satisfaction of the worker – the
        comfort criteria
      • productivity – the worker needs to be
        able to do the job and be productive
      • affordability of the product.
      Steph mentioned work aids such as
      adjustable keyboards and footrests, as
      well as discussing work practices such as
      eliminating clutter on desks and the need
      for pause exercises. Time was also given
      to answering worker questions.
                                                  The Workplace Standards’ mobile unit set up for business in the main street of
      Hearing Tests

                                                  Workplace Standards                          including the new Body Strain
                                                  Inspector Trevor Marshall                    Prevention Kits. Trevor’s first stop
                                                                                               was at Sheffield, where he parked the
                                                  got out and about during                     unit in the main street – with kind
                                                  Workplace Safe Week,                         permission from the local council.
                                                  spreading the Workplace Safe                 Trevor said, “Throughout the day I
                                                  message to rural residents.                  would have had around 30 customers
                                                  Trevor took the opportunity to use           and the unit created quite a few looks
                                                  the new Workplace Standards mobile           with its Workplace Safe signage.”
                                                  display unit. The idea behind the unit       The following day saw the display unit
                                                  was to spread safety messages more           set up at the Quoiba cattle saleyards.
                                                  widely. Sometimes getting to regional        Trevor estimated around 40 visitors
                                                  centres can be a problem for more            through that day, many keen for the
                                                  isolated residents and the mobile unit       opportunity to collect safety
                                                  is a great way of getting the message        information and have a chat.
                                                  to the outlying areas.                       Since Workplace Safe Week, Trevor has
      (L to R) Council employee Anthony            For the purpose of Trevor’s visits, the     visited the Cooee saleyards, and a McCain
      Whitbread is tested by Emma Wheeler and     unit was fitted out with a rural safety      employee and family occupational health
      Joy Englert from Sound Advice               display and a selection of handouts,         and safety barbecue day.

      Hearing testing, provided by Sound
      Advice was conducted on the Wednesday
      and Thursday during Workplace Safe
      Week at the Glenorchy City Council’s
                                                  Calvary Health Care
      Works Centre.
      The testing was carried out over two
                                                          Thanks Safety Reps
      days and around 28 workers were tested      Calvary Health Care held an                  14 safety representatives and
      each day. The activity was open to all of   afternoon tea on Monday 15                   acknowledged their hard work.
      Council’s workers.                          October to promote Workplace Safe            They were presented with certificates
                                                  Week and to thank its very                   for successfully completing the four-day
      Emma Wheeler from Sound Advice said,        hardworking health and safety
      “ We get requests from companies state-                                                  TAFE Safety Representative course.
                                                  representatives.                             The representatives also received
      wide, and we’ve carried out testing for
      all sizes and types of company from         Director of Nursing and Chairperson          badges to wear at work so that other
      heavy industrial through to small           of the Safe Practice and Environment         staff can identify them easily.
      privately owned concerns.”                  Committee Sally Faulkner thanked the

                                                                                WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001                  25
     Get Fit, Stay Fit and Stay Safe at DIER
                                                                                                            Fitball sessions were conducted by
                                                                                                            Amanda Coombe, owner and
                                                                                                            Managing Director of Personal
                                                                                                            Best Fitness Training. Amanda’s
                                                                                                            business specialises in personal
                                                                                                            training, group fitness, injury
                                                                                                            rehabilitation, fat loss programs,
                                                                                                            child and adolescent fitness and
                                                                                                            work place health promotion.
                                                                                                            Over 50 DIER employees got
                                                                                                            involved, using the classes either to
                                                                                                            overcome pain or to get fit.
                                                                                                            The second activity involved
                                                                                                            relaxing massage sessions. Dee
                                                                                                            Gibson’s 20-minute neck and
                                                                                                            shoulder massages were well
                                                                                                            received by DIER employees.
                                                                                                            Nineteen people availed
                        Amanda Coombe runs DIER staff through some fitball exercises                        themselves of the opportunity for
                                                                                                            a relaxing session with Dee.

                        The Department of Infrastructure         The first activity included a range        The week’s activities culminated
                        Energy and Resources (DIER)              of sessions using fitballs. The            with a ‘Help yourself to better
                        provided a number of activities          sessions were divided into two             health over lunch’ workshop and
                        for employees during Workplace           groups – overcoming back pain              lunch on the Friday of Workplace
                        Safe Week.                               and getting fit using the fitball.         Safe Week.

            Workplace Safe Week at Civic Solutions
     Throughout Workplace Safe
     Week, Civic Solutions offered
     training opportunities for its
     Civic Solutions is a division within the
     Hobart City Council. The organisation
     saw the week as a good time to train its
     workers in a variety of work-related areas.
     TasFire Service provided fire safety
     training at its Cambridge training site.
     The training was aimed at providing
     Civic Solutions’ workers with a good
     understanding of the correct use of fire
     Manual handling training was also
     offered. Civic Solutions saw the need
     for this type of training, as much of the
     work done in the division involves
     manual handling. Training involved
     correct lifting techniques, and where
     possible, avoiding the strain by using        A Civic Solutions worker practises the correct use of fire extinguishers
     mechanical aids.
     Blood Borne Virus Training provided           what Civic Solutions is doing to protect          decided to offer it again this year as a
     awareness to all Civic Solutions’ workers     its workforce against such diseases.              refresher for all Civic Solutions
     of the risks associated with contracting      Basic Safe-a-Life First Aid Training              employees. The course covered CPR
     various strains of Hepatitis, and also        was delivered last year, and it was               and various other modules.
     HIV and AIDS. The training outlined

26                    WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001
Log Truck Inspections                                                                                        Seminar
                                                                                                             Looks at
                                                                                                             Heavy Vehicle
                                                                                                             Safety in
                                                                                                             The Tasmanian
                                                                                                             Transport Industry
                                                                                                             Safety Group (TTISG)
                                                                                                             sponsored a seminar
                                                                                                             during Workplace Safe
Inspecting log trucks in Market Place, Hobart                                                                Week.
                                                                                                             The TTISG Heavy Vehicle
Division of Transport and Workplace                    • on the Eastern outlet near the Dampier              Safety in Tasmania seminar was
Standards Tasmania inspectors combined                   Street overpass at Warrane.                         held on 16 October at the
for a Workplace Safe Week log truck                    Trucks were pulled into the mobile                    Launceston International
inspection exercise.                                   inspection station and checked for                    Hotel. Approximately 50
The exercise was held over three days at               mechanical, road and vehicle safety as well as        delegates from across the
three different locations in the south of the          license and registration details. Noise level         transport industry attended.
State. Members of the public were invited              checks were also taken inside truck cabins.
                                                                                                             The seminar was jointly chaired
to view the checks first hand.                         Workplace Standards Inspector, Roger                  by Warwick Counsell of the
Log trucks were being stopped:                         Geeves said, “The exercise went well, and             Tasmanian Transport
• at Market Place in Hobart                            only two log trucks were stood down over              Association and Bill Noonan
• on the Brooker Highway near the                      the three days with extensive defects noted.”         from the Transport Workers
  Derwent Entertainment Centre at                                                                            Union (TWU) Vic-Tas Branch.
  Glenorchy                                                                                                  Sessions included an
                                                                                                             entertaining and informative
Aquatas Forklift Safety Revision Training                                                                    talk from the keynote speaker
                                                                                                             Dr Philip Swann from
                                                                                                             VicRoads, on the impact of
                                                                                                             fatigue, alcohol and other
                                                                                                             human factors that affect the
                                                                                                             ability of transport drivers to
                                                                                                             operate safely. A session on
                                                                                                             ‘Forklifts – Tools or Terrors’
                                                                                                             from Workplace Standards
                                                                                                             Inspector Phillip Riley was also
                                                                                                             well received.
                                                                                                             Other speakers included
                                                                                                             Inspector David Paton
                                                                                                             (Tasmania Police), Tony Hutton
                                                                                                             (Garth Heywood Trucks), John
                                                                                                             Baring (National Road
                                                                                                             Transport Commission), Myrna
                                                                                                             McHugh (Workplace Standards)
                                                                                                             Bert Elson (Transport, Vehicle
                                                                                                             Operations Branch) and Michael
(L to R) Brian Mott, Les Maxwell, Hayden Pearson and Paul Mitchell prepare for a forklift training session   Nealer (TWU).
                                                                                                             Delegates were also given a
During Workplace Safe Week, fish and                   In addition to the national Certificate of            copy of the booklet, Tasmanian
seafood production/processing company,                 Competency, Aquatas has introduced an in-
                                                                                                             Transport Industry Guide to
Aquatas, ran forklift safety revision                  house certificate for forklift drivers at its
                                                                                                             Meeting the OH&S Duty of
training for its forklift drivers.                     Gunpowder site. Due to the steepness of
                                                                                                             Care. Copies of the booklet
Aquatas knows that under the Workplace                 the site, drivers are given extra training and
                                                                                                             are available free by contacting
Health and Safety Act 1995, it has a duty of           are assessed by the Safety Manager, who is
                                                                                                             the Workplace Standards
care for increased supervision and training            an accredited forklift assessor.
                                                                                                             Helpline on 1300 366 322.
where hazardous conditions exist.

                                                                                       WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001                27
     Aurora’s Safety Commitment
                   at Work and in the Community
                                                    And in a measure of commitment to             A corresponding series of press
                                                    employee safety in an industry with           advertisements and brochures provides
                                                    potential high risk, Aurora joined with       specific warnings set against a range of
                                                    Hydro Tasmania and Transend                   commonplace situations where there is a
                                                    Networks to submit an entry in the            potential risk in failure to follow safe
                                                    “Best Induction Program” category in          procedures.
                                                    the Workplace Safe Awards.                    Adrian Wild said the print series
                                                    Aurora Manager Corporate Affairs              covered everything from the benefits of
                                                    Adrian Wild said the company                  safety switches to the care needed with
                                                    recognised that while electricity is an       vegetation management, or the obvious
                                                    essential commodity in modern life, it        dangers of climbing on electricity assets
                                                    also can be a very dangerous product.         (power poles, towers etc).
                                                                                                  The advertisements have been published
                                                    “We accept the responsibility of ensuring
                                                                                                  in Tasmania’s daily newspapers, as well
                                                    the safety of our employees as a first
     Aurora Energy used this year’s                                                               as the numerous regional weekly
                                                    priority within the electricity business.
                                                                                                  newspapers and a range of other
     Workplace Safe Week to give                    And in the broader community Aurora
                                                                                                  specialist publications.
     fresh emphasis to the critical                 acknowledges that it has an essential
                                                    educational role,” he said.                   “Aurora has been delighted to have the
     messages of electrical safety                                                                cooperation and support of Workplace
     both in the community and                      Aurora’s latest community campaign was        Standards in developing and refining the
     among its own workforce.                       conducted in October and will be              content of these messages, and getting the
                                                    repeated in January.                          information to as wide an audience as
     The electricity distributor and retailer
                                                    It features four television advertisements    possible,” Adrian said.
     launched a series of television and press
     advertisements to highlight a range of         covering safety on construction sites and     Aurora’s aim is to ensure that electrical
     electrical safety messages, applicable to      other work locations in and around the        safety is at the forefront of thinking for
     everyone from young families in the home       home, and another targeted at farm            all employees, and also that it is
     to workers on major construction sites.        locations and DIY enthusiasts.                ingrained in community behaviour.

     Cradle Coast Water Display Safety at Work
     Workplace Safe Week was a busy
     one for North-West Coast Water
     Authority, Cradle Coast Water.
     As part of Workplace Safe Week, Cradle
     Coast Water held a reservoir cleaning
     display. The aim was to demonstrate the
     differences in cleaning practices from past
     to present. It also demonstrated how past
     hazards such as strains, sprains, manual
     handling, slips, trips and falls, rescue,
     confined space and back-related injuries
     have been overcome.
     The display used a crane and ‘man cage’ to
     highlight all aspects of the Workplace Safe
     Week theme ‘Use Your Brain, Avoid the
     Strain’. The reservoir cleaning took place
     at the company’s Forth Treatment Plant
     and was open to the public.
     In conjunction with the reservoir cleaning,
     Cradle Coast Water also had a safety display
     to promote safety awareness in both the
     workplace and the general community.
     Cradle Coast ended the week’s activities
     with a safety committee meeting.                  Reservoir cleaning at Cradle Coast Water’s Forth Treatment Plant

28                   WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001
        Activities in the NORTH
Displays, presentations,
                                         Workplace Standards Display at Henty House
workplace visits and
competitions were all the go             A display set up on the ground floor of      The display encouraged the viewer to
                                         Henty House in Launceston had its            work through the SAFE steps when
during Workplace Safe Week
                                         focus on manual handling issues, in line     manual handling tasks are involved:
in northern Tasmania.                    with the Workplace Safe Week theme           Spot the hazard, Assess the risk, Fix
                                         ‘Use your Brain, Avoid the Strain’.          the problem and Evaluate the risk.
 Breakfast and
 ‘Manutention’ presentation
 Award-winning physiotherapist Anne
 Taylor gave a ‘Manutention’
 presentation to Northern Workplace
 Standards inspectors at a breakfast
 session in Launceston during
 Workplace Safe Week.
 Anne Taylor is a member of the
 Manual Handling Trainers Forum,
 and an accredited ‘Manutention’
 trainer with the Australian
 Association of Manutention
 Practitioners Inc – Manutention
 being a French technique of manual      Workplace safety on display at Henty House
 Anne also conducted a ‘Manutention
 of Loads’ Certificate 2 training
 course on 17 and 18 October at                                 Presenting the Body Strain Prevention Kit
 Wise Work Pty Ltd in Nile as part of                                                 Throughout the State, Workplace
 Workplace Safe Week 2001.                                                            Standards inspectors delivered the new
 Manutention is a method of manual                                                    Body Strain Prevention Kit to
 handling training introduced to                                                      businesses during Workplace Safe
 Australia in 1995. The method was                                                    Week. The Kit was launched as part
 developed as a result of recognition                                                 of the Week.
 that cumulative effects of poor                                                      Workplace Standards inspectors Jo
 posture and work practices are                                                       Hendly and Terry Hurley made a stop
 implicated in many sprains and                                                       at Coles Supermarket’s Kings
 strains suffered by workers,                                                         Meadows store to go through the Kit
 particularly those of the back, neck                                                 with managers there.
 and shoulders – a significant feature
 of Australia and Tasmania’s
 workplace injury statistics.
                                         Looking over the Body Strain Prevention Kit were (L to R) Store Manager Craig Boxhall,
                                         Lisa Knight, Workplace Standards Inspector Terry Hurley and Coles Workplace Safety
                                         Manager Terri Cameron

                                         J Boag and Son Brewing Limited
                                         One event organised to coincide with
                                         the Week at J Boag and Son Brewing
                                         Limited was a ‘Spot-the-Hazard’
                                         A set depicting a hazardous workplace
                                         was designed and assembled. Entrants
                                         were asked to identify the hazards
                                         within the design. The first person
                                         drawn who had correctly identified all
                                         of the hazards won a prize.

 Ann Taylor demonstrates ‘manutention’
                                         The ‘Spot-the-Hazard’ set at J Boag and Son Brewing Limited

                                                                        WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001                 29
     TCCI Working Safe 2001 OHS Conference

     The Tasmanian Chamber of                     One of the topics addressed at the            combating road trauma. This session
                                                  conference, and the subject of the            looked at statistics provided by the road
     Commerce and Industry                                                                      safety branch of the Department of
                                                  keynote address, was the use of genetic
     (TCCI) held an occupational                  testing to screen employees and job           Infrastructure Energy and Resources
     health and safety (OHS)                      applicants. For pre-employment                (DIER), which show clearly why
                                                  purposes in particular, this is becoming      authorities are looking to business
     conference and trade exhibition                                                            leaders to shoulder some responsibility.
                                                  increasingly popular with employers in
     during Workplace Safe Week.                  the recruitment process both internally       In the face of what could be the worst
     The conference, held at Wrest Point          and externally. Genetic testing of            road toll in decades, road safety
     Casino, spanned two days and presented       employees and job applicants is set to        authorities want business to tackle the
     some exciting and topical subjects in        become an emotive, controversial and          significant proportion of road trauma
     workplace safety. It allowed the             potentially litigious workplace issue.        that is work-related.
     opportunity for delegates to access          Dr Margaret Otlowski, Director of the         The conference provided an ideal
     information and to network with people       Centre for Law and Logistics at the           opportunity for expert speakers to make
     involved in the workplace health and         University of Tasmania, has closely           business aware of the steps that can be
     safety area.                                 followed the genetic testing debate and       taken to reduce the staggering road toll.
     Three concurrent streams were run during     delivered the address.
                                                                                                The issue of alcohol and drugs and
     the conference: injury management,           There was also a call from road safety        their effects in the workplace was
     workers compensation and OHS.                authorities for the corporate sector to       also the subject of a session at the
                                                  assume greater responsibility for             OHS conference.

     ACL – A Week For Safety Training
     Around 30 ACL Bearing Company
     workers attended training sessions in the
     use of compressed air during Workplace
     Safe Week.
     The company had previously held
     awareness sessions with its maintenance
     and project department workers on the
     subject of compressed air safety. These
     sessions then became the catalyst for
     similar training of shop-floor workers.
     Representatives from Norgren and Riley
     Industrial Marine Services, together with
     ACL, put together a training package
     based around the shop floor usage of
     compressed air.
     In addition to this training, ACL also ran
     training in First Aid. TasFire Training
     also conducted Fire Warden training for
     approximately 40 workers across ACL          Compressed Air Safety training conducted by Norgren and Riley Industrial Marine Services.
     Bearing Company’s four plants.

30                   WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001
Workplace Standards Big Breakfast Session
                                                                                              Workplace Standards poster competition.
                                                                                              (Staff and their families had been invited
                                                                                              to enter a competition for the best poster
                                                                                              depicting a workplace hazard.)
                                                                                              The winning poster was a combined
                                                                                              effort from the Workplace Standards
                                                                                              Policy section. It illustrated the
                                                                                              interaction between stress, bullying, and
                                                                                              alcohol and other drugs in the workplace,
                                                                                              which affect health and safety both
                                                                                              directly and indirectly. Workplace
                                                                                              Standards is currently preparing a
                                                                                              publication about these ‘hidden hazards’
                                                                                              which will contain guidelines and
                                                                                              information to assist employers and
                                                                                              workers to develop appropriate workplace
                                                                                              policies to deal with these issues.

Workplace Standards staff put their backs into it during a lively manual handling session

Workplace Standards Tasmania’s                  Michael’s session linked manual
Rosny Office focused on manual                  handling issues to the work that most
                                                office staff undertake, such as using
handling at a Workplace Safe                    trolleys for moving heavy loads and
Week breakfast.                                 sitting for long periods at a computer.
Following on from a big breakfast, con-         He stressed that mood and energy can
sultant physiotherapist Michael Roberts         also be affected by body position, and
treated staff to a lively manual handling       more attention should be given to good
session. Michael’s presentation covered:        physical posture.
• lifting techniques – the semi-squat           The room really came alive, when
  approach                                      Michael got people up to practice
• pushing, pulling and sliding objects          bracing techniques and semi-squatting.
• handling heavy awkward and                    It was a fun session that made everyone
  dangerous loads                               aware of the mistakes they make when
• team lifting                                  lifting incorrectly.
• first aid for back pain.                      The finale of the breakfast was the           Winners of the poster competition (L to R)
                                                announcement of the winners of the            Kelly Miller, Judy Parnell and Tania Foale

CRS Australia Says
  ‘Workplace Safety is Everyone’s Business’
                                                In conjunction with Workplace                     ° empowering employees to
                                                Safe Week, CRS Australia                            implement the Manual Handling
                                                                                                    Code of Practice
                                                presented a free seminar for
                                                                                                  ° understanding safe work practices
                                                small business aimed at
                                                                                                  ° the correct setting up of a
                                                minimising workplace risks and                      computer workstation.
                                                accidents.                                    • ‘Stressed to the Max’ – 10 tips for
                                                The ‘Workplace Safety is Everyone’s             reducing time lost due to workplace stress.
                                                Business’ seminar, at Rydges Hobart           • Workers compensation legislation –
                                                Hotel on Thursday 18 October, covered           recent amendments to the Act.
                                                four topics:                                  • Hiring temporary staff – covering for
                                                                                                staff on workers compensation absence.
                                                • ‘Tote that barge and lift that bale’ –
                                                   ° manual handling issues

                                                                                  WORKPLACE ISSUES NO. 20 | NOVEMBER | 2001                   31
Attention:                 Employers, Managers, OHS Coordinators,
                           HR Coordinators, Employees……

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