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									 Cardiac Rehabilitation Program                                                                  Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Wyoming Medical Center’s Cardiac
Rehabilitation and Heart Failure
programs are comprehensive
and patient driven. Your care
is individualized based on your
diagnosis, medications, current
physical status, and your physician’s
recommendations. Our staff guides
you through up to 36 visits of
monitored physical activity.

                                                              Cardiac Rehabilitation
                                                         A program of Wyoming Medical Center

                                                         Cardiac Rehabilitation is located at:
“The doctors saved my life, but Cardiac
                                                         Casper Surgical Center, Lower Level
Rehabilitation taught me how to live it.”                      1201 East Third Street
                                                              Casper Wyoming 82601
           - M. K., Cardiac Rehabilitation patient.

                                                      1233 E. Second Street, Casper, Wyoming.
                                                      (307) 577-7201; Toll-free (800) 822-7201

    Cardiac Rehabilitation Program                                                                                                Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Eligible Diagnosis                                                                                                            	 After	completing	Phase	2	Cardiac	Rehabilitation,	
    Listed below are the diagnosis used for admission to                                                                      you	may	transfer	to	our	Phase	3	program.	This	program	
Cardiac Rehabilitation:                                                                                                       is a “pay as you go” program, with a minimal charge.
    •	 Stable	Angina                                                                                                          Classes	meet	in	the	mornings	and	afternoons	on	
    •	 Stent	placement                                                                                                        Mondays,	Wednesdays	and	Fridays.
    •	 Coronary	Bypass	Surgery                                                                                                      Wyoming Medical Center also offers an individu-
    •	 Valve	Repair/Replacement                                                                                               alized	Heart	Failure	Program.	This	cardiac	monitored	
    •	 Heart	Attack                                                                                                           program is a self pay program, individualized to your
    •	 Heart	Failure	(Not	reimbursable	by	Medicare.)                                                                          level of heart failure, medications, and physician
                                                                                                                              recommendation. This ongoing program assists in
Insurance                                                                                                                     increasing	your	heart	muscle	and	skeletal	strength	and	
    Medicare and most private payors cover Cardiac                                                                            endurance	by	gradually	increasing	your	workloads.	
Rehabilitation. If you have questions regarding your coverage                                                                 With this increase in strength and endurance, you will
please contact your insurance carrier representative.                                                                         be able to enjoy activities that you have been unable
                                                                                                                              to participate in. Lecture classes are included with the
Individualized Care                                                                                                                 Wyoming Medical Center’s Cardiac Rehabilitation
     Individualization of your Cardiac Rehabilitation                                                                         is	nationally	certified	program	through	American	
sessions includes lecture classes that are customized based                                                                   Association	of	Cardiovascular	and	Pulmonary	
on your diagnosis and recovery needs. Lecture classes are                                                                     Rehabilitation.
free of charge and open to patients, support persons, and                                                                     	 To	make	an	appointment	or	for	more	information	
the community at large. These multi-disciplinary lecture                                                                      please	call	307-577-2240.
classes meet on Tuesday mornings.

Lecture Classes include:
                                                                	 Phase	2	monitored	exercise	sessions	are	held	on	
   •	 Understanding	Coronary	Heart	Disease
                                                                Mondays,	Wednesdays,	and	Fridays,	between	8	am	and	3	
   •	 Medications	(led	by	a	licensed	pharmacist)
                                                                pm.	Appointments	are	made	at	times	that	are	convenient	to	
   •	 Nutrition	and	Grocery	Store	Tour	(led	by	a		
                                                                your schedule.
      Registered	Dietician)
                                                                     Cardiac Rehabilitation shadows your activity level at
   •	 Exercise	Questions	and	Answers	(led	by	an		
                                                                home	while	monitoring	your	heart.	A	variety	of	equipment	
      Exercise	Physiologist)
                                                                including	treadmills,	bikes,	armbikes,	NuSteps,	and	free	
   •	 Stress	Management
                                                                weights are used to continually assess and promote increas-
   •	 Advance	Directives
                                                                ing	you	heart	and	skeletal	muscle	strength	and	endurance.
   •	 Diabetes,	Questions	and	Answers	(led	by	a		
      Certified	Diabetic	Educator)

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