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									                                                                                                                                                  December 2010

      E-SCAN is a monthly newsletter distributed electronically as a means of maintaining timely communication of, and encouraging a dialogue on, topics relevant to Chartered
                   Accountants and students of the Nova Scotia Institute. Copies of recent issues can be obtained from the Institute website at

The following Nova Scotia CA students received word on December 3rd that they passed the 2010 national Uniform Evaluation (UFE);
completing the final academic requirement in becoming a Chartered Accountant:

Sara Ballantyne, Halifax                          Michael Grandy, Dartmouth                       Lynnette McCormack, Halifax
Christopher Barnes, Halifax                       Erin Gullage, Halifax                           Beth McLean, Coldbrook                      IN THIS ISSUE . . .
Brittany Bartlett, Halifax                        *Kimberly Hartlin, Halifax                      Michael Metcalfe, Hunts Point
Alexandria Bauld, Halifax                         Christopher Heans, Timberlea                    Heather Murphy, Antigonish                  •   2010 UFE Grads & FCAs
Cleo Bird, Halifax                                Thomas Hughes, Vancouver                        Jillian Newton, Dartmouth                   •   2010 CA of the Year
Katrina Blackmore, Riverport                      Michelle Lamont, Truro                          Adam Oakley, Coldbrook
Kyla Bleakney, Halifax                            Jessica Langille, Folly Mountain                Daniel O’Grady, Halifax                     •   ICANS’ Convocation
Jennifer Bond, Chester Basin                      Jeffrey Lanthier, Halifax                       Lois Oyuko, Halifax                         •   Mark’s Day Photos
Katie Brewer, Sydney                              Kelsi LeBlanc, Halifax                          Andrew Perkins, Yarmouth                    •   Amendments to Rules of
Jacqueline Burgess, Dartmouth                     Cody Lohnes, Lunenburg                          Nicole Poole, Halifax                           Professional Conduct &
Kimberley Campbell, Halifax                       Jordan MacDonald, Halifax                       Phillip Pottie, Middle Sackville
                                                  Matthew MacDonald, Halifax                      Adam Power, Halifax
                                                                                                                                                  Accompanying Council
Andrew Case, Antigonish
Alexander Christianson, Mineville                 Rebecca MacKenzie, Truro                        Marc Power, Halifax                             Interpretations
Matthew Colavecchia, Halifax                      Michael MacLeod, Dartmouth                      Meagan Sanford, Halifax                     •   IRS Update: Obtaining a
Brittany Coughran, Hammonds Plains                Jennifer MacNeil, Halifax                       Brennan Stewart, Halifax                        PTIN
Jonathan Crawford, Truro                          Elizabeth MacPhee, Dartmouth                    David Stewart, Halifax                      •   CICA Media Release Re:
Michael Crosby, Waverley                          Emily MacRae, Halifax                           Eric Sullivan, Halifax
Kyle Dunn, Halifax                                Travis MacRae, Halifax                          *Steven Taylor, Halifax                         Global Survey Findings On
Lindsey Gallivan, Halifax                         Heather Maddigan, Westville                     Chelsea Walsh, Bedford                          Accounting for
Laura Gay, Antigonish                             Laura McCarthy, Bedford                         Robert Worrell, Halifax                         Sustainability Practices
                                                                                                                                              •   CICA Corporate Reporting
                       *Kimberly Hartlin placed on the 2010 CICA National Honour Roll, placing first in                                           Awards
                       Easter Canada, receiving the Chartered Accountants of Canada Gold Medal for the                                        •   CPD Reminders
                       highest standing in Eastern Canada on the UFE. In addition, Steven Taylor also                                         •   JA Titan Competition
                       placed on the CICA National Honour Roll.
                                                                                                                                              •   CICA/RBC Business
                       “This is a proud day for those students in Nova Scotia and other provinces who have
                       achieved a significant milestone in their careers,” says CICA President & CEO Kevin                                    •   IFRS Conference Call
                       Dancey, FCA. “These are ambitious students who personally chose a challenging                                          •   Accounting Standards for
    Kimberly           career path that can offer a lifetime of rewards. The Canadian CA profession carries an                                    Not-For-Profit
     Hartlin           influential voice in today’s global economy and is recognized for its leadership in                                        Organizations Available
                       financial management, standard setting, risk management, and governance."                                              •   PS 4200 Series Available
                                                                                                                                                  in the CICA Public Sector
Needless-to-say, the ICANS Council and staff are also very proud of each and every graduate and we                                                Accounting Handbook
wish them all the best in their future careers.                                                                                                   (PSA Handbook)
                                                                                                                                              •   New Assurance & Related
NOVA SCOTIA AWARDS FOUR FCA DESIGNATIONS FOR 2010                                                                                                 Service Guideline AuG47
Please also join us in extending congratulations to the following members who recently became                                                 •   PSAB Exposure Draft Re:
Fellows in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nova Scotia:                                                                                 Financial Instruments &
                                                                                                                                                  Foreign Currency
•     Hon. Jamie Baillie, FCA, MLA, Leader, Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia;                                                        Translation
•     Leslie Ann Bent, FCA, Plan Canada, Toronto, ON;                                                                                         •   Events of Interest
•     Wayne Crawley, FCA, President & CEO, Emera Caribbean Limited and President & CEO,
      ICD Utilities, Emera Inc., Halifax, NS;
                                                                                                                                              •   New Practitioner’s Toolkit
•     Stan Spavold, FCA, Executive Vice President, Clearwater Fine Foods Ltd,, Bedford, NS.
                                                                                                                                              •   Member Updates
An FCA is the Institutes highest honour, designated to CAs who have been members in good standing                                             •   Community Corner
of the Institute or of one or more provincial Institutes/Ordre for at least 15 years, and who have                                            •   CAreer Opportunities
rendered meritorious service to the profession or whose career achievement(s) or achievements in                                              •   Reminders and Important
the community have brought honour to the profession.                                                                                              Dates

Along with our 2010 UFE graduates, our newest FCAs will be formally recognized at the Institute’s
Convocation on January 29, 2011 at the World Trade & Convention Centre in Halifax.
ICANS is pleased to announce that Michael Kennedy, CA, Project Manager, Cancer Care Nova Scotia, has been
awarded the 2010 Ross L. Towler CA of the Year Award.

Named after Ross L. Towler, FCA, upon his retirement in 1997, after 28 years of service as the Institute’s Executive
Director, this coveted award is presented annually to a CA who embodies the spirit of community volunteerism. And,
while volunteerism is a proud and renowned characteristic of our Nova Scotia culture, what might be less well known
is how many CAs graciously donate their time and expertise to making a difference in communities throughout the
province and beyond.

“As tradition holds, the CA of the Year Award is presented to an individual who exemplifies the dedication of Nova
Scotia CAs working tirelessly for good causes in their communities,” explains ICANS CEO and Executive Director
Michele Wood-Tweel, FCA. “With their superior financial expertise, strategic thinking and business insight, CAs are
natural leaders, especially when it comes to volunteering and community development. And, as this year’s recipient,
Michael clearly personifies our members’ commitment to volunteerism and leadership.”
                                                                                                                             Michael Kennedy, CA
                                                                                                                          ICANS’ 2010 CA of the Year
That said, ICANS would like to recognize Michael’s overall passion for volunteering — an infectious spirit his
previous employer, Deloitte & Touche LLP, recognized early on. In fact, Michael’s tireless effort to contribute to
community groups and non-profit organizations throughout the province is truly inspiring and the following is a
look at some of his amazing accomplishments:
•    During 2009 - 2010, as Coordinator for the Halifax Spring Sprint, a fundraiser for the Brain Tumour Foundation
     of Canada, an organization sponsored by Deloitte at the national level, Michael helped the event grow from
     raising annual proceeds of $25K to over $85K. In recognition of his contribution, he received a 2010 Volunteer
     of Distinction Award - the highest award bestowed on a volunteer from the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada;
•    For over 10 years, Michael has been an avid supporter of *Canadian Blood Services (CBS), as a regular donor
     and more recently, he helped to drive Deloitte’s local involvement with the organization by championing its
     Canadian Blood Services Partners for Life Program, resulting in the donation of over 125 units of blood from
     staff in the firm’s Halifax office, potentially impacting the lives of more than 500 people. For this effort, CBS
     honored Michael with a National Peer Recruiter Award;
•    As a vocal proponent of Junior Achievement, Michael served as an advisor for JA’s Company Program while
     working at Deloitte’s and organized a group of 12 firm staff to lead an Economics of Staying in School Program;
                                                                                                                         Sample CA of the Year
•    Also, during his time at Deloitte’s, Michael was active in the firm’s relationships with Juvenile Diabetes Research        Award
     Foundation, ALS Nova Scotia, the Atlantic Division of the MS Society of Canada, YWCA Halifax and many
     other organizations;
•    During the summer of 2010, Michael joined the Nova Scotia HeartLand Tour and spent eight days cycling across the province with a group
     of health professionals to encourage Nova Scotia youth to get active and become more aware of the risk of heart disease. In addition,
     Michael was a key organizer of the HeartLand Tour Day in the Annapolis Valley and he was instrumental in executing similar events in
     seven other Nova Scotia communities. Furthermore, he volunteered his accounting expertise to develop proper budgeting for the Cardiac
     Cycle Society of Nova Scotia, which is the administrative body for the HeartLand Tour;
•    A graduate of Acadia University, Michael has worked on several Acadia University Annual Gala Fundraising Dinners and is a Director on
     the university’s Associated Alumni Board;
•    As a musician and a committed fan of Atlantic Canadian music, Michael is a Director on the East Coast Music Association Board and the
     Association’s Treasurer.

For this and more Michael deserves to be recognized and honoured by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nova Scotia. During his time
at Deloitte’s in particular, he accomplished many charitable goals while still performing at a high level within the firm. Moreover, he motivated
countless colleagues to join in his causes, thereby spreading his charitable spirit and generosity. To say the least, Michael’s cumulative efforts
to help improve the health and well-being of Nova Scotians is truly outstanding. However, his obvious passion is perhaps best realized by his
decision to join Cancer Care Nova Scotia as a project manager associated with the implementation of a “screening for distress” program for
recently diagnosed cancer patients. This is an apparent testimony to Michael’s devotion to both his vocation, his goal to become more involved
with health care and his dedication to the community at large.

Clearly, Michael is an exceptional individual and a very worthy recipient of a CA of the Year Award. His volunteer philosophy and commitment
are outstanding and he is a great example of how our members continue to make volunteering an integral part of their lives, therefore serving
as a great role model to the province’s new UFE graduates.

*Michael would like to remind people about the urgent need for blood donations over the holidays, in particular the week of December 27th.

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On Saturday, January 29, 2011, the World Trade & Convention Centre in Halifax will
welcome ICANS as we gather to formally recognize the province’s newest UFE graduates
and pay tribute to our newly minted FCAs. We are also pleased to announce that the band,
The Trough — featuring ICANS members John Swain, CA and Mark Winfield, CA — will
be providing the music for the post-ceremony dance. So, don’t miss out . . . . ticket request
forms have been emailed, but you can also download a form from the Institute website at;
the deadline for ticket requests is January 14, 2011.

                                     FRAME YOUR ACHIEVEMENT . . . Earning your CA
                                     designation is a personal and professional milestone, so
                                     why not ‘frame’ the moment to last forever! It’s quick and
                                     easy — without tools and fuss, you can have your
                                     certificate mounted in a high quality, Canadian-made           The Trough, as shown celebrating their second win at
                                     polished gold-colored, walnut wood frame (colored or               the March of Dimes annual “Rock for Dimes”
                                     dark stained), that features an elegant border mat and         fundraiser (L to R): Shawn Allen; Dave McLean; John
                                     gold foil stamp of the profession’s logo.                         Swain, CA; Mark Winfield, CA; Philip Leefe and
                                                                                                                          Greg Black.

WITH THIS RING . . . Show your pride in being a CA by wearing a
custom-made ring. Displaying a stylized ‘CA’, this unique ring has been
around for more than 25 years and remains a highly recognizable symbol
of our prestigious profession. CA rings are available in either 10k or 14k,
yellow or white gold, in both men’s and women’s designs/sizes.

For details re: frames and rings, visit:

                                                                                                  SEND US YOUR
                                                                                                  UFE MARK’S DAY
                                            MARK’S DAY 2010                                       It’s not too late . . . now
                                            Celebrating their 2010 UFE success are                that the big day has
                                            Beth McLean (left) and Adam Oakley                    come and gone, please email us your
                                            (right) both of whom work with Grant                  best party pics so we can share them
                                            Thornton LLP in Kentville. In the Kentville           with others in E-SCAN.
                                            office, it is tradition to make Mark’s Day
                                            T-shirts for the successful UFE writers.              Saved as JPEG files, you can email your
                                                                                                  photos to

                                                                                                  Also, please indicate who is in the


          Amendments to Rules of Professional Conduct and accompanying Council Interpretations

                                                               EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY

In November 2010, ICANS’ Council approved a mail ballot voting process for purposes of having the membership consider the approval of a
change to the Rules of Professional Conduct – in particular Rule 204.4 (20). The deadline for the receipt of mail ballots was December 13,

On December 14, 2010 the mail ballots received by the deadline were counted in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws with the
following results:

•    Votes in favour of the proposed change:                   93.6%
•    Votes against the proposed change:                         6.4%

As a consequence of the mail ballot votes cast, the following amendments become effective immediately:

Rules of Professional Conduct

Rule 204.4 (20) – Specific Prohibitions, Assurance and Specified Auditing Procedures Engagements (long association of senior
personnel with a reporting issuer audit client) is amended to change the partner rotation limits relating to reporting issuer audit clients
from a five year on / five year off rotation to a seven year on / five year off rotation.

Further details on the change are contained in the mail ballot information package mailed to the membership early in November 2010.

Council Interpretations

Changes to the Council Interpretations relating to Rules 204.4 also became effective.

Further details on the changes to the Council Interpretations are contained in the mail ballot information package mailed to the membership
early in November 2010.

Copies of the updated Rules of Professional Conduct / Council Interpretations are available on the ICANS’ website at
forthepublic.asp?cmPageID=102. If you would like to receive a printed copy, please contact the ICANS’ Office at (902) 425-3291.

The article below is a follow-up to the articles which appeared in the June 2010 E-SCAN (page 4) and the November 2010 E-SCAN (page 7)
(PTIN) ~ by Jennifer Horner, CA, Senior Manager, BDO Canada LLP
There continue to be minor changes to the process of foreign preparers obtaining a U.S. Tax Preparer Identification Numbers (PTIN). The IRS
recently simplified the process of obtaining a PTIN for preparers who are not U.S. citizens and who live outside the U.S. This most recent
change deals with the process of identity verification. Prior to this announcement, many foreign preparers were required to have copies of their
identity documents (passport, birth certificate, etc) authenticated by the U.S. Consulate as part of the PTIN application process. The IRS
recently changed the FAQ's on their website to state that copies of documents that are certified by the issuing agency or notarized by a U.S. or
foreign notary are acceptable. An additional review and certification by a U.S. Consulate is no longer required. In addition, any government
issued documents that establish foreign status and/or identity are acceptable documents, rather than just those documents currently listed on
Form 8946, PTIN Supplemental Application For Foreign Persons Without a Social Security Number. The IRS website states that Form 8946
and instructions will be updated for these changes, and that such changes are in effect as of December 10, 2010. These changes follow the
announcement of Rev. Proc. 2010-41 (November 29, 2010) that foreign preparers would have 60 days following the filing of form W12, IRS
Paid Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) Application to submit form 8946 with certified copies of identity documents. Both of these
changes will ease the compliance burden of foreign PTIN applicants.

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Leading Accounting Bodies Issue Report Through the Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project

A media release issued by the CICA stated that on December 16, 2010, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), the
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the CICA released a landmark survey measuring the state of accounting for
sustainability in the UK and North America.

CIMA, AICPA, and CICA surveyed organizational leaders from their respective memberships and conducted interviews with sustainability
executives from leading organizations to examine key characteristics of business sustainability, and the level of finance function involvement in
corporate sustainability initiatives. Charles Tilley, CIMA’s Chief Executive, commented: “We are pleased to see CIMA’s members
spearheading green practices, with 81 percent of our respondents from large companies reporting that their organization’s sustainability
strategies address climate change. Our joint work with the AICPA and CICA, through the Prince of Wales’ Accounting for Sustainability Project,
enables us to share our research and best practice with the other member bodies. We hope this research will inspire and inform further
progress in this important area.”

The three accounting organizations are all founding members of the Accounting Bodies Network of the Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability
Project, which met recently in London.

“Canada’s CA profession is well positioned to illuminate the relationship between effective social and environmental stewardship and bottom-
line performance,” said Lisa French, Principal, Guidance and Support, CICA. “We have long been active in this field and our participation will
grow as more organizations recognize that ongoing business success requires sustainable practices. Sustainability is not a one-size-fits-all
proposition and accountants can help organizations develop the required infrastructure for effective strategic planning and corporate reporting.”

AICPA Senior Vice President for Member Competency and Development Arleen Thomas said: “As companies both large and small
incorporate environmental and social considerations into their strategies for long-term business success, U.S. CPAs and other professional
accountants have an important role to play. The survey report highlights the important work that we have to do in the accounting profession
which is why the AICPA is taking a leadership role in the U.S. and collaborating with CIMA, CICA and the Prince’s Project to provide global
thought leadership and services to help our members develop skills and competence in sustainability accounting and reporting.”

Business sustainability is about ensuring that organizations implement environmental, social and economic strategies that contribute to long-
term success. Organizations that act in a sustainable manner not only help maintain the well-being of the planet and people, they also create
businesses that will survive and thrive in the long run. Leading companies recognize that sustainability performance translates to successful
bottom-line business performance, and that investors are attracted to companies that act in a sustainable manner with a focus on long-term
profitability and competitive advantage.

Key Findings
Compliance with regulatory requirements remains the most common driver of business sustainability (34 percent of large organizations and 24
percent of smaller organizations, respectively) with profitability and other strategic factors reported as being increasingly significant. After
compliance, the next most critical drivers differed between large and small companies:
•   32 percent of large organizations identified managing reputational risk; and
•   19 percent of smaller companies identified cost cutting efficiency.
Large companies have more robust sustainability capabilities:
•   79 percent of larger companies currently have a formal sustainability strategy, compared to 33 percent of smaller companies, however, an
    additional 23 percent of smaller companies have plans to formulate a strategy within the next 2 years.
The finance function’s contributions to organizational sustainability programs are highly valued, yet underdeveloped:
•   56 percent of respondents said that finance play a role in business case/investment analysis; and
•   33 percent are tracking sustainability related performance measures.
UK-based organizations appear to be ahead of the curve in terms of implementing sustainability practices and finance function involvement
compared to North American organizations.

In an increasingly global community, where economic, environmental and social issues transcend national and corporate boundaries, 21st
century solutions will require a coordinated response by the public and private sectors. Long-term business success will require that
sustainable practices be deeply embedded in the “DNA” of all organizations. As companies innovate to better secure their long-term viability,
the accounting profession will play an important role. Accountants can serve as leading agents for change by applying their skills and
competencies to develop sustainable strategies and facilitate effective implementation, accurate measurement, and credible business
reporting. Note: The study is available online at
On November 25, 2010, CICA issued a media release announcing that TELUS Corporation captured top honours at the 2010 Corporate
Reporting Awards. TELUS received four awards this year for its 2009 annual reporting package, including the Overall Award of Excellence in
Corporate Reporting.

For the past 59 years, the Corporate Reporting Awards program has recognized excellence in annual reporting among Canadian
organizations. The awards are presented annually by the CICA and reflect the CA profession’s commitment to enhancing the quality of

“TELUS deserves special recognition for the duration of its commitment to best practices in corporate reporting,” said Kevin Dancey, FCA,
CICA President and CEO. “TELUS has captured top honours before and has consistently produced excellent reports. Congratulations to
TELUS and all the winners.”

TELUS also won the Award for Excellence in Corporate Reporting in the Communications and Media industry category and received
Honourable Mentions for Excellence in Corporate Governance Disclosure and Sustainable Development Reporting.

“We are delighted to be honoured once again with CICA's top award for corporate reporting. It is a tribute to the professionalism, innovation
and ongoing focus on continuous improvement by the TELUS team,” said Robert McFarlane, TELUS Executive Vice-President and Chief
Financial Officer. “At TELUS, we are firmly committed to best practices in corporate governance and corporate social responsibility and strive
each year to improve the quality and utility of our stakeholder disclosures.”

Nexen Inc. and PotashCorp were also big winners this year, receiving multiple honours for industry and judging categories. The list of entries
and winners has grown this year, with the inclusion of large and small provincial Crown corporations for the first time in the program’s history.
In total, 24 awards and honourable mentions were presented to private and public enterprises.

“The awards showcase the best reporting models in the country,” said Dancey. “It is important that companies continue to provide investors
and other stakeholders with information that is relevant, clear and easily understood. The awards foster this and encourage participants to look
for new ways to continuously strengthen their relationships with stakeholders.”

Winning companies and Crown corporations are profiled in the Book of Judges’ Comments for the CICA’s 2010 Corporate Reporting Awards.
The book is free and available by telephone at (416) 204-3435 or online ( Here is the complete list of winners:

By Industry Sector:
Overall Award of Excellence in Corporate Reporting       By Judging Category:                                 Federal Crowns:
TELUS Corporation                                        Financial Reporting - Award of Excellence            Large Federal - Award of
Communications and Media                                 PotashCorp                                           Excellence
TELUS Corporation                                        Financial Reporting - Honourable Mention             Export Development Canada
Consumer Products                                        BMO Financial Group                                  Small Federal – Award of
Tim Horton's Inc.                                        Corporate Governance Disclosure –                    Excellence
Diversified Industries                                   Award of Excellence                                  Defence Construction Canada
Viterra Inc.                                             Nexen Inc.
Industrials and Energy                                   Corporate Governance Disclosure –                    Provincial Crowns:
Bombardier Inc.                                          Honourable Mention                                   Large Provincial – Award of
Financial Services                                       TELUS Corporation                                    Excellence
TD Bank Financial Group                                  Electronic Disclosure – Award of                     Saskatchewan Telecommunications
Forest Products                                          Excellence                                           Holding Corporation
Domtar Corporation                                       PotashCorp                                           Small Provincial – Award of
Life Sciences/Technology                                 Electronic Disclosure – Honourable                   Excellence
CGI Group Inc.                                           Mention                                              Saskatchewan Transportation
Mining                                                   Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited                           Company
PotashCorp                                               Sustainable Development Reporting –
Oil & Gas                                                Award of Excellence
Nexen Inc.                                               Suncor Energy Inc.
Real Estate/Utilities & Pipelines                        Sustainable Development Reporting –
TransAlta Corporation                                    Honourable Mentions
                                                         PotashCorp & TELUS Corporation

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                                                           CPD REMINDERS

               3 YEAR CYCLE DEADLINE:                                                       ICANS’ 2010 FALL
                  DECEMBER 31, 2010                                                           PD PROGRAM

         All PD learning activities (including verifiable) -              ICANS’ 2010 fall PD program continues. To view an updated PD
                       minimum 120 hours.                                 calendar and see where spots are still available, please visit:
        Verifiable learning activities - minimum 60 hours.      

  PD Learning Activities (CPD Bulletin #2)
  “. . . activity that provides for the development of new or existing    In addition, to help speed up the registration process, please
       competencies that are relevant to the overall professional         include your membership number on your registration form; this
                 responsibilities and growth of a Member.”                number is located on any CICA mailing label and it begins with
                                                                          the letter ‘C’. Also, remember to include the course number along
  Note: Learning Activities are not confined to the subjects of           with the course name.
  accounting, auditing or taxation.

  Verifiable Learning Activities (CPD Bulletin #2)                        So, don’t delay; make sure you register for your preferred
   “ . . . professional development for which there is some way to        courses while spaces are still available. And, if you have any
      verify attendance at or completion of the learning activity.”       questions, please contact Danielle Roode at
                                                                 or Kathie Slaunwhite at
  Note: Verifiable Learning Activities are not confined to the formal or by calling ICANS at (902) 425-3291.
  courses organized by ICANS or others.

  Please refer to the wording of Bulletin #2 at the following link for
  further information:

As a proud supporter of Junior Achievement of Nova Scotia (JA), ICANS was pleased to help sponsor the 2010 JA Titan Challenge. Held on
November 17, 2010, more than 100 students from across the province attended this daylong competition. Students also had the opportunity to
attend a luncheon with leaders from the Nova Scotia business community and keynote speaker John Risley, President & CEO, Clearwater
Fine Foods Inc. and Junior Achievement Nova Scotia Business Hall of Fame Laureate. Representing ICANS at the luncheon were Brian
Rendell, CA, General Manager, Finance, Emera Inc.; and Tanya MacNeil, CA, Manager Accounting and Financial Reporting, Heritage Gas
Ltd. Overall, the students learned a lot from the experience and, in fact, students from Liverpool Regional High School — one of the top four
winning teams who will continue on to the 2011 Global JA Titan Challenge in February — sent a ‘thank you’ card to ICANS stating: “Without
your help, this event could not have been as successful and as great as an experience for the students as it turned out to be.”

                  UPDATED CATO WEBSITE
        The CATO website has recently been updated to provide                          RECRUITMENT BROCHURES
        the 2010 edition of the Practical Experience                                If you are interested in having copies of ICANS’
        Requirements (PER), updated FAQs and the support                         Recruitment Brochure to distribute to students, contact
        materials to reflect modifications made to the PER.                                      Cindy Mombourquette
                                                                                     at or by calling
        To learn more, visit and click on the                                    (902) 425-3291 (ext. 21)
        following button:
According to the latest CICA/RBC Business Monitor — as reported in a media release issued by the CICA on November 16, 2010 — more
than half of executive Chartered Accountants (56 per cent) are optimistic about how their company will perform over the next 12 months
despite their lack of optimism in the Canadian economy.

Only 39 per cent of executive CAs surveyed are optimistic about how the Canadian economy will perform over the next 12 months, a steep
decline from the 57 per cent who had a positive view in the second quarter of 2010. When compared with CICA/RBC Business Monitor results
from a year ago, optimism about the national economy is down 7 per cent, marking the first year-over-year decrease since the first quarter of
2009. Fifty-eight per cent of respondents expect their company to grow faster than the Canadian economy, while 21 per cent anticipate growth
at the same rate and another 21 per cent expect growth to be slower.

“Since the executive CAs have more direct impact on their respective companies, it appears they have greater faith in how those companies
will perform,” said CICA President and CEO Kevin Dancey, FCA.

The level of optimism among executive CAs with respect to their company’s performance has held steady since the third quarter of 2009,
running between 55 and 62 per cent. Results for this quarter are consistent with the 58 per cent recorded in the second quarter of 2010 when
allowing for the margin of error. “Collectively, the continued company optimism is encouraging,” said Dancey. “It represents a solid base with
an optimistic viewpoint as Canadian companies navigate through economic uncertainty,”

Shauneen Bruder, Executive Vice-President, Business and Commercial Banking, RBC, agrees, adding: “The results are not surprising as
Canadian businesses are resilient and fared relatively well through the recession. Although Canadian businesses see signs of uncertainty in
2011, it is obvious that they are confident in their ability to adapt to and confront economic challenges.”

The CICA/RBC Business Monitor also shows positive projections for the next 12 months relating to revenues (+4.1 per cent), profits (+4.1 per
cent) and employment numbers (+1.6 per cent).

The CICA/RBC Business Monitor is issued quarterly, based on a survey conducted by the CICA. The report draws upon business insights of
CAs in leadership positions in privately and publicly held companies across Canada. For the Q3 2010 report, emailed surveys were completed
by 329 CAs of 4,011 indentified by the CICA as holding senior positions (CFOs, CEOs and COOs). The response rate was 8 per cent, with a
margin of error associated with this type of study at +/- 5.4 per cent, with a confidence level of 95 per cent. The survey was conducted
September 21 to October 7, 2010.

The CICA/RBC Business Monitor (Q3 2010) is part of an international initiative. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
in the United States and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) in the United Kingdom also undertake quarterly
studies that tap the insights of members in senior positions to provide a barometer of economic activity in their nations and as a basis for future
comparative analysis across countries. A background document is available at

Eight new IFRSs are expected to be issued in the coming year. These standards will bring significant changes to financial reporting including
how companies recognize revenue, account for financial instruments and record leases. To help companies manage the cost and pace of
these changes, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) wants input on when and how these new standards should become
effective. To read the IASB’s Request for View, click on:
RequestViewsNFDOct10.pdf. To provide that input, the Canadian Accounting Standards Board is asking for views on its Invitation to Comment,
“Effective Dates and Transition Methods.” Canadian companies preparing to adopt IFRSs in 2011 are uniquely positioned to answer questions
about the best way to transition to eight new standards:
•    Should the new standards become effective all at the same time or over a number of years?
•    Should early adoption be allowed?
•    Should special considerations be given to Canada and other recent first-time adopters of IFRSs?

Share your views. The AcSB staff is holding one-hour conference calls from 1 pm to 2 pm on the following dates:
•  January 3, 2011
•  January 6, 2011
•  January 10, 2011

For more info or to register for one of the conference calls, contact; identify your name, organization, location and
contact information.

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                                                                                                             December 2010, Page 9

Accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations are now available in Part III of the CICA Handbook – Accounting. Not-for-profit
organizations are required to adopt either Part III or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) for fiscal years beginning or after
January 1, 2012 and earlier application is permitted. Existing accounting standards used by not-for-profit organizations will remain in Part V of
the Handbook until they are no longer needed by users.

“The issuance of Part III of the Handbook completes activities related to the AcSB’s current strategic plan,” said Peter Martin, AcSB’s
Accounting Standards Director. “The next phase of improving the standards will result from recommendations made by a joint AcSB and Public
Sector Accounting Board task force. The task force will begin meeting early in 2011 to develop improved standards for the unique transactions
and circumstances of not-for-profit organizations in both sectors.”

Go to to learn more about not-for-profit organization accounting standards or to access the CICA
Handbook – Accounting.

The 4400 series is now available in the CICA Public Sector Accounting Handbook (PSA Handbook) and has been renumbered Sections PS
4200 to PS 4270 (i.e., the PS 4200 series). As of January 1, 2012, government not-for-profit organizations will be required to follow the PSA
Handbook. Government not-for-profit organizations can continue to follow Part V of the CICA Handbook – Accounting until transitioning to the
PSA Handbook in 2012, unless they choose early adoption. These organizations will have the option to follow the PSA Handbook, including the
PS 4200 series or, alternatively, the PSA Handbook without the PS 4200 series.

"Government not-for-profit organizations will be able to continue their existing accounting for matters such as contributions and collections that
are covered in the new PS 4200 series," said Tim Beauchamp, Public Sector Accounting Director. “At the same time, they will be moving
closer to the accounting framework designed for governments and the organizations they control.”

Go to to learn more about not-for-profit organizations standards or to access the CICA Public Sector
Accounting Handbook.

This guideline outlines how the concept of substantial completion is applied to dating of the review engagement report on financial statements.
It also states what a public accountant can do in determining whether sufficient procedures have been performed to support the content of the
review engagement report and whether the date of the report has been established.

“For some practitioners, the guidance in AuG-47 will result in a change in practice because it provides clarity on how the concept of substantial
completion is properly applied in a review engagement,” said Svetlana Berger, Principal Auditing and Assurance Standards.

Go to to learn more about auditing and assurance standards or to access the CICA Handbook – Assurance.

This Exposure Draft outlines the changes proposed to financial statement presentation for public sector entities reporting re-measurement
gains and losses as defined in the 2009 Exposure Drafts on financial instruments and foreign currency translation.

“The Board reviewed the responses to the 2009 Exposure Drafts and concluded that reporting re-measurement gains and losses within the
statement of operations could give rise to conflicting assertions of financial performance,” said Bob Correll, Principal. “Accordingly, PSAB is
proposing to amend its reporting model to present gains and losses that are yet to be realized and attributable to fair value re-measurement or
translation of foreign-denominated balances in a statement of re-measurement gains and losses.”

Go to to view the Exposure Draft; comments are requested by January 17, 2010.

Mark your calendar now for the Annual ICANS/FEI Dinner. Being held on March 23, 2011. An invitation to all ICANS members, including
registration details, will follow in the new year, and you can also check the FEI website for updates:

As discussed in the September 2010 issue of CAMagazine, CICA has developed an introductory course to help auditors understand the new
Canadian Auditing Standards (CAS). The new course, entitled, “Introduction to Auditing Standards in Canada,” is free, on-line and qualifies for
approximately 2 hours of verifiable PD credits. It can be accessed on CICA’s CAS website at, under the “CAS Support
Tool” icon on the top right-hand side of the page or at

The countdown is underway as Canada moves closer to adopting International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in 2011. To lead the
transition, CAs and other financial professionals will need a solid grounding in changes associated with the changeover.

Introduction to IFRS - Implications for Canadian Business
CICA’s new on-line program on IFRS provides CAs and others with a basic introduction to IFRS and the implications for Canadian business.
For those who need to develop further expertise, the course provides a foundation from which to self-assess and pursue additional learning. In
particular, it addresses:
•    Why Canada is moving to IFRS
•    A taste of how IFRSs compare with current Canadian GAAP
•    Insights into when, what and how to gather the relevant data in the lead-up to IFRS implementation
•    Strategies for managing the implementation process.

Easy to understand and easy to use, the course was developed in modules that allow you to learn about IFRS in your own time and at your
own pace, focusing on the elements most relevant to the transition phase. Begin the course here. It’s free for those in Canada and Bermuda,
and for CAs it’s eligible for CPD credit. For more on IFRS education resources click here.

                                                                                        XTENSIONS LEARNING
                                                                                        Did you know that CICA has a 24/7 online learning
                                                                                        centre for your training and information needs?
    Whether you are just starting up your practice, developing your practice            Just click on:
    or already have an established practice, the NEW Practitioner’s Toolkit   
          Website provides you with the time-saving tools, advice and
         professional resources you need to help your practice flourish.                Here, you will discover how you can
    Organized into the stages of practice development, this comprehensive               use this tool to earn valuable CPD
     website will guide you step-by-step through the process of managing                credits; access event media products
                      your small or medium-sized practice.                              flexible alternatives to full conference
                                                                                        modules provide just-in-time learning,
                 Visit: today!                         plus you can refresh your technical
                                                                                        skills); and access the select series
                                                                                        (enhanced, interactive modules offer
                                                                                        verifiable CPD, many with

                                                                                                        December 2010, Page 10
HERE AND THERE WITH MEMBERS                            CAREER OPPORTUNITES ON                            December 2010, Page 11
         Jim Eisenhauer, FCA, P. Eng., President
         and CEO, ABCO Group Limited and CEO
                                                       THE WEB
                                                       Employment and volunteer opportunities can
         of its subsidiary ABCO Industries Ltd., has
                                                       be found at
         been appointed Board Chair of Nova
         Scotia Business Inc.
                                                       Check out the following:
         Marie Mullally, FCA, formerly the
         President & CEO of the Nova Scotia
         Gaming Corporation in Halifax, NS, has        VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES
         been named the new President & CEO of               Treasurer - Legal Information Society
         Credit Union Atlantic.                              of Nova Scotia                                  E-SCAN is a monthly
                                                             Board Member - ALS-SLA Society of                  publication of the
                                                             Canada                                          Institute of Chartered
NEW MEMBERS                                                  Directors & Treasurer - Alcare Place             Accountants of Nova
The following individuals were admitted to                   Treasurer - New Start
membership through affiliation:                                                                               Scotia, distributed to
                                                             Treasurer - Bryony House                        members and students
         Brian Easson, CA                                    Treasurer - Scouts Canada-Nova
         Dustin Mansfield, CA                                Scotia Council
                                                                                                                    by e-mail.
         Andrea Skoke, CA                                                                                    Copies of E-SCAN are
                                                       EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES                                 available on the
                                                             Sales & Marketing Accountant                     Institute’s website at
CONGRATULATIONS TO . . .                                     - Lunenburg, NS                          
         Shannon MacDonald, CA,                              CA Student
         Managing Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP,            - Dartmouth, NS
         Halifax, who received one of Canada’s                                                                Institute of Chartered
                                                             Tax Manager, Private Company                     Accountants of Nova
         Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Awards at              Services
         a ceremony in Toronto on November 29,                                                                   Scotia (ICANS)
                                                             - Halifax, NS
         2010.                                               Audit Officer                                    1791 Barrington Street
                                                             - Halifax, NS                                          Suite 1410
                                                             Audit Principal                                   Halifax, Nova Scotia
                                                             - Halifax, NS                                            B3J 3L1
                                                             Controller                                        Tel: (902) 425-3291
                                                             - Halifax, NS                                     Fax: (902) 423-4505
                                                             Chartered Accountant                     
                                                             - Halifax, NS
                          COMMUNITY                          Senior Accountant
                          CORNER                             - Kentville, NS                              CEO and Executive Director
                          It’s no secret that
                                                                                                            Michele A. Wood-Tweel,
                          CAs are extremely            Note: Other career opportunities, together with          FCA, CFP, TEP
                          community-minded.            valuable information and guidance on career
       In fact, many of our members are                counseling, etc., can be found at
       involved in local/national charities and        “CA Source,” on the CICA website.                    Director of Professional
       non-profit organizations, and help to
       coordinate important events.
                                                                                                               Wenda Bennett, CA
       If you are a CA involved with a non-
       profit organization that’s planning an
                                                                                                          Director of Regulatory Affairs
       event and you’d like to share this info
                                                                                                              Greg Crosby, CA, LLB
       with other ICANS members, let us
       know!                                           ARE YOU ON THE MOVE?
                                                       If so, be sure to update ICANS
                                                                                                            Director of Professional
       Send your info (title, date, location,          with your new address. Just
       NPO/charity name, contact) to                   email your info to ICANS’
                                                                                                                Kathie Slaunwhite and                   Membership Registrar,
       ICANS will promote it in E-SCAN’s               Danielle Roode at
       ‘Community Corner.’                   
                                                                                                              Executive Assistant
                                                                                                                  Lynnette Rhind

                                                                                                             Membership Registrar
          BEST WISHES FOR A                                                                                     Danielle Roode
            SAFE & HAPPY                                                                            
           HOLIDAY SEASON!                             REMINDERS AND IMPORTANT
                                                                                                           Administrative Assistant
                                                       UPCOMING DATES                                        Cindy Mombourquette
   Michele, Wenda, Greg,                                   2011 Convocation
   Kathie, Lynnette,                                         Jan. 29 - WTCC, Halifax                      Communications Consultant
   Danielle, Barb,                                         ICANS 2011 Annual Mtg./Golf                          Joy Barkhouse
   Cindy and Joy.                                          Tournament                            
                                                             June 20 - Chester Golf Club

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