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                                                                                                                          Services Offered
                                                           Surface Prep | Finishing
Since 1971 Danco has been meeting the                                                                                          Polishing
                                                Specially prepared surface finishes add both functionality and
needs of many diverse industries for techni-    attractiveness to many products from matte finish used on the                  Graining
cally superior surface treatments of            interior of cameras to consumer and medical products that                       Blasting
                                                have smooth polished surfaces                                                  Tumbling
machined parts, castings, extrusions and
sheet metal products.                                    Anodizing Techniques
                                                From machined parts subject to abrasive wear, to brightly col-           Aluminum Anodizing
                                                ored consumer products, anodizing can economically add nec-               - Type 2 (Standard)
We are well known for our ability to maintain   essary operating characteristics and eye appeal. Anodized coat-              - Type 3 (Hard)
quality requirements, to meet short dead-       ings stand up well to extremes of heat and weather where prod-           Titanium Anodizing
                                                ucts are to be used outdoors.                                             - DPPS5358 Color
lines and to retain detailed records for long
                                                                                                                          - AMS2488 Type2
term traceability.                                      Specialized Treatments
                                                Electropolishing and passivation of Stainless Steel helps to               Electropolishing
                                                brighten and prevent rusting. Chemical Films (also known as                   Passivation
Anodizing is an elec-                           Iridite, Alodine and Cromate Conversion coatings) on aluminum               Chemical Films
trolytic process per-                           are conductive coatings adding corrosion resistance as well as              Teflon Coating
formed on aluminum and                          providing a good paint base.

titanium to create thin oxide                                  Full Color /
coatings which seal out mois-                             Deep Image Processing
                                                Colors, ranging from subtle to bold, can be anodized into a long-last-
                                                                                                                          Full Color Imaging
ture, inhibit corrosion and provide             ing wear-resistant product. In many instances, the products sales        Deep Image Graphics
a controlled degree of coating                  appeal is enhanced, and its perceived value is increased. Steri-graph-      Steri-Graphics
                                                ics is another exclusive Danco deep-image process that can with
build-up. Anodizing is a practical              withstand the "Sterrad" sterilization process without fading.
and cost effective procedure for use
on one to over a million pieces.
                                                           Precision Marking
                                                Laser marking is an ideal choice for such diverse products as                Laser Marking
                                                surgical plates, screws, nails, automotive castings, instrument                Engraving
Danco representatives can provide compre-       bases and precision instrument dials. Other precision making                Screen Printing
                                                capabilities include computerized engraving, screen printing
hensive technical assistance and information
                                                and stenciling.
 on how the various types of coatings may
                                                       Non-Destructive Testing
  affect performance and costs.
                                                (NDT) Liquid penetrant is a widely applied inspection method               Liquid Penetrant
                                                used to locate surface breaking defects in all non-ferrous mate-              Inspection
           Contact us at any of the locations   rials. Magnetic particle inspection is preferred for inspection of
                                                ferrous components for its subsurface detection capability.               Magnetic Particle
             listed and we will be pleased                                                                                  Inspection
                to discuss the application
                                                             Chrome Coating
                  and special handling of
                                                (LFC) This hard chrome surface treatment process                             Low Friction
                     your products and any      improves wear and abrasion resistance, reduces friction                     Chrome ( LFC )
                     required specifications.   and galling and greatly improves the performance of
                                                stainless steel devices. (available in Indiana)

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