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									                                                                    NEWS RELEASE

30th June 2008                                       CONTACT:
                                                     Paul Lay
                                                     Manager, Public Relations & Communications
                                                     Tel: +44 (0)2476 851209

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   Massey Ferguson celebrates its 50th anniversary with the
        debut of its new High Capacity Centora Combines

      World debut to be at INNOV-AGRI, France – 2nd to 4th September, together
       with Massey Ferguson’s new Fortia Rotary Combine and other machinery.
      The New Massey Ferguson Centora combines head up Massey Ferguson’s
       conventional harvester range and are the result of AGCO’s massive
       investment in harvesting equipment and technology.

Massey Ferguson is further strengthening its position at the top of the high
capacity, conventional combine harvester sector with the introduction of its
new Centora range, which makes its world debut at INNOV-AGRI, Outarville,
Orléans, France on 2nd to 4th September.

These combines are further testament to AGCO delivering on its promise to develop the
best and broadest range of equipment to make it a world leader in all areas of
harvesting technology. The company is backing this pledge with multi-million dollar
investments in research and development along with the latest engineering, production
and support systems.

                             Massey Ferguson is a worldwide brand of AGCO Corporation
Massey Ferguson customers are benefiting from AGCO‟s ongoing investment, which is
producing a dynamic focus on harvesting equipment. This began last season with the
launch of the exceptional MF 2100 Series large square balers, which redefine the
industry benchmark for performance, economy and reliability.

The same vigour and innovation that Massey Ferguson has brought to its completely
new tractor ranges is being reflected in the launch of the new Centora Conventional
Combine range and its new Fortia Rotary Combines.

The new Centora combines will be built in AGCO‟s recently restructured Danish,
Randers plant, which has benefited from significant investment and restructuring. Using
the latest, high quality production methods the factory has seen a 40% increase in
output since 2005.

Centora – high capacity conventional harvesting innovations

The Centora range comprises two new models, the 378hp, MF 7280 and 413hp, MF
7282, which are also available in full AutoLevel variants.

The new combines are equipped with Massey Ferguson‟s unique eight straw-walkers,
which along with the highly efficient, gentle threshing system provide high outputs in a
wide range of crops and conditions. At the same time this threshing and separation
system provides exceptionally clean grain samples with low power and fuel

“The Centora range builds on Massey Ferguson‟s unique and well proven conventional
combine developments. No other manufacturer offers eight straw-walkers, which
provide a third more separation capacity compared with six-walker machines,” explains
Martin Hamer, Harvesting Marketing Manager.

“The conventional design is very flexible. It is not only capable of high capacity in a wide
range of crops and conditions. It also offers consistent performance throughout the day.
Combine capacity is not just about „headline‟ tonne/hr figures. It has to maintain high
throughputs in tonnes/day and tonnes/season. Moreover, the Centora combines have a
lower power requirement and, importantly, consume less fuel than powered separator

The new Centora combines are the product of Massey Ferguson‟s enormous
experience and expertise in conventional combine design. They are equipped with the
latest and best technology that is designed to boost outputs and ease harvesting of
modern high yielding varieties, regardless of the crop type or moisture contents.

New Massey Ferguson Centora combine harvesters
Centora                    MF 7280/7280AL       MF 7282/7282AL
Power                      378hp*               413hp*
Engine/                    Sisu Diesel Citius   Sisu Diesel Citius
Capacity                   8.4 litre            8.4 litre
Cutterbar                  6.8m Powerflow       7.7m Powerflow
Hi-Inertia threshing       1,680mm wide x       1,680mm wide x
cylinder                   600mm diameter       600mm diameter
No. straw walkers          Eight                Eight
Straw-walker area          6.68 m²              6.68 m²
Total cleaning area        5.3m²                5.3m²
Returns                    Rethresher           Rethresher
Grain tank capacity        9,500 litres         10,500/9,500 litres
* with Powerboost.

Centora key features:

   Standard Powerflow tables - proven to increase capacity in oilseed rape by up to
    73%. Equipped with automatic levelling, cutting height and reel speed controls.
   1,680mm wide x 600mm diameter Hi-Inertia threshing cylinder
   Strong, highly permeable concave with pre-threshing rub bar
   Twin Speed Rotary Separator with adjustable concave for optimum separation
   Eight straw-walkers, with seven „action areas‟ providing up to a third more
    separation capacity, with lower losses than six straw-walkers
   Cascade cleaning system with two separate grain pans and electrically adjustable
    sieves for the highest quality sample
   Separate rethresher unit processes any returns
   High capacity, turret unloading auger
   Standard eight-row rotating blade min-till chopper

Ultimate performance from standard Powerflow table

The new Centora combines are fitted with the MF Powerflow table as standard. All
operators will know that an even, „heads first‟ crop flow plays a key role in combine

Tried and tested with more than 30 years experience in the field, the Powerflow table
will lift outputs by up to 73% in rape and 15% in wheat and 12% in barley, without any
need to make any alterations or adjustments when switching between crops. A low-cost
rape auger option, further improves performance in tall crops.

Powerflow tables use moving belts to power the crop across the massive 1.14m
distance between the knife and auger. The belts then actively transport the material into
the auger, which means crop feeding does not rely on the machine‟s forward motion,
the belts actually power it into the auger.

“After experiencing the advantages of Powerflow, operators will never want to use
another table,” explains Mr Hamer. “With oilseed rape now playing such an important
part in many rotations – up to 50% on some farms – Powerflow is an essential tool,
there‟s no other option for those looking for high capacity – particularly in oilseed rape.”
On Centora combines the Powerflow table is equipped, as standard, with Auto Level
control that tilts the table to follow ground contours. It also has automatic Cutting Height
Control that provides three height options at the touch of a button. Auto Reel Speed
maintains the operator‟s set ratio between forward speed and reel speed to ensure even
feeding at all times.

Field Pressure Control, standard on the MF 7282 and MF 7282 AL and an option on the
MF 7280 and MF 7280 AL, sets the lowest cutting height, while minimising the risk of
„bulldozing‟, which is an invaluable aid when cutting low, difficult and laid crops.

Wide, strong Hi-Inertia cylinder

Crops are threshed by a 1,680mm wide, 600mm diameter Hi-Inertia threshing cylinder.
The eight replaceable rasp bars are mounted on 7mm thick backing bars, which not
only provide strength and rigidity, they also add weight to increase the flywheel effect.
This maintains momentum that keeps the crop flowing freely through the system, while
also saving power and fuel.

Threshing starts immediately the crop enters as it passes over a thick pre-threshing rub
bar in front of the concave. The material is then threshed against the ultra-strong 12-rub
bar, electrically-adjustable concave. This is reinforced by 10mm thick side supports and
ten centre bars to prevent distortion, even in heavy grass seed crops. The versatile
drum and concave system provides aggressive threshing for high outputs, with
minimum damage to both the grain and straw.

A rear beater then moves the crop into Massey Ferguson‟s Twin Speed Rotary
Separator. “This is not a threshing element,” explains Mr Hamer. “Its primary role is to
maximise the volume of the straw and open up the mat „separating‟ out any trapped
grain and spreading the straw onto the straw-walkers.” The two-speed settings and its
adjustable concave minimise damage in delicate and brittle crops.
Constant Flow proven to lift output by 15%

Massey Ferguson‟s Constant Flow system is standard on the MF 7282 and MF 7282 AL
Centora combines and a genuine, output-enhancing option on the MF 7280 and MF
7280 AL. The system automatically matches the forward speed of the combine to the
load on the threshing mechanism. By maintaining the correct loading, whatever the
conditions, Constant Flow ensures optimum performance and reduces operator fatigue.
Independent tests prove this option can lift capacity by up to 15% in many crops and

Unique eight straw-walker separation

Massey Ferguson is the only combine manufacturer that offers the benefits of eight
straw-walkers for optimum separation in all conditions, combined with low power and
fuel consumption. Providing a total separation area of 6.68m² the eight-walker design
provides 30% more capacity than six-walker designs, with more action to turn, tease
and agitate the straw mat to release any trapped grains.

Superb sample from cascade cleaning system

Centora combines use a true cascade cleaning system that features two separate grain
pans. Unlike augers, which transport the grain, the grain pans transport, clean and
separate at the same time – using the well-proven shaking action to move the chaff and
straw to the top while the grain stays underneath.

When the material falls from the first pan onto the second it passes through an air blast,
which begins to remove the chaff and straw. The second pan continues the cleaning,
with another air blast removing the any remaining light trash.

Massey Ferguson uses a completely separate rethresher unit, which is a small drum
and concave, to process any returns, feeding the grain back to the pan. “This means
returns do not go back the main threshing cylinder, which provides the significant
advantage of stopping unthreshed material mixing with grain as well as relieving the
load on the drum,” explains Mr Hamer.

Grain tank capacity on the Massey Ferguson 7282 Centora is 10,500 litres and 9,500
litres on the Massey Ferguson 7280 and AutoLevel models. All Centora combines
unload with a high discharge turret unloading system, which allows fast unloading, over
any position in the arc and into the highest trailers to maximise efficiency.

Power for optimum performance

The new Centora combines are powered by the latest generation Sisu Diesel Citius
engine. These 8.4 litre capacity units, with common rail fuel injection and four
valves/cylinder develop a maximum power of 378hp on the MF 7280 and MF 7280 AL
machines and 413hp on the MF 7282 and MF 7282 AL models. The Powerboost
system generates maximum power automatically when the combine is unloading.

The high power output, combined with the efficient harvesting system, allows Massey
Ferguson to fit an industry-leading „min-till‟ chopper standard on all machines. The
chopper is equipped with a total of 108 knives in eight rows. Chop length can be
adjusted without using tools and for an even finer chop it‟s possible to also insert a
„double chop‟ bar.

Smart styling sets Centora apart

The smart new styling of the Centora combine range follows the new Massey Ferguson
„family feel‟, which also features on its new Fortia rotary combine range and Beta
conventional harvesters.

As well as projecting a smart, powerful image the new style offers practical benefits of
large, high opening guards to ease access for servicing and maintenance.
The top class operator environment features climate control as standard and an
unobstructed view of the cutting table through the large area front screen. The seat-
mounted armrest console gathers all the important controls in an ergonomically
designed area, which makes it easy to make any adjustments.

Massey Ferguson Centora combines are equipped with the highest levels of monitoring
and control via the standard Datavision II screen. This offers touch-screen operation of
the entire machine as well as providing grain loss monitoring, yield and moisture
sensing and, of course, yield mapping when linked to the GPS system. Many of the
touch-screen navigation controls are replicated on the multi-function lever.

Centora combines can also be fitted with AutoGuide, which provides automatic self-
steering to optimise outputs by eliminating overlaps and reducing the amount of short
work by accurately matching up every bout.

About AGCO
Founded in 1990, AGCO Corporation (NYSE: AG) ( is a global
manufacturer of agricultural equipment and related replacement parts. AGCO offers a
full product line including tractors, combines, hay tools, sprayers, forage, tillage
equipment and implements, which are distributed through more than 3,000 independent
dealers and distributors in more than 140 countries worldwide. AGCO products include
the following well-known brands: AGCO®, Challenger®, Fendt®, Gleaner®, Hesston®,
Massey Ferguson®, RoGator®, Spra-Coupe®, Sunflower®, Terra-Gator®, Valtra®, and
White™ Planters. AGCO provides retail financing through AGCO Finance. The company
is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, and in 2007 had net sales of $6.8 billion.

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