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					how will this help me with                          where can i go
employment opportunities?                           to learn more?

Many employers consider not only what a         Professional interpreters for the Deaf are in
student has studied, but how many classes       great demand. Students who complete this
they have taken in that area. Students who      focus area may be interested in continuing their
complete this focus area have 18 credit hours   studies and becoming a certified interpreter.
in a specialized field.                          The State of Kentucky also requires sign
                                                language interpreters to be licensed. The
Learning a second language takes practice       following agencies are good sources of
and dedication. After completing the four
language courses (ASL I - IV), and the          •   Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)
advanced Fingerspelling and Numbers       
course (ITP 210), students should have
strong basic communication skills in ASL.       •   National Association of the Deaf (NAD)
They will also have a good understanding
of who and what make up the Deaf                •   Kentucky Commission for the Deaf and
Community.                                          Hard of Hearing (KCDHH)
Having good basic communication skills
in ASL would be beneficial in many degree        •   Kentucky Board of Interpreters for the
                                                    Deaf and Hard of Hearing (licensing
programs, including but not limited to Allied
Health, Behavioral Sciences, HLSS (History,
Languages and Social Sciences), Nursing,
and Business.                                                                                                     enhance your degree
                                                                                                                   with a focus area in
                                                                                                                 american sign language

                                                Applications and class schedules are on the
                                                College Accreditation
                                                Bluegrass Community and Technical College is accredited by the
                                                Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges
                                                and Schools (1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097;
                                                telephone 404.679.4501 to award associate degrees.

                                                BCTC is an equal opportunity institution.
                                                                                                                 kentucky community & technical college system
                                             what courses do I need                        who can i contact
 about asl                                   to take?                                      for more information?

American Sign Language (ASL) is              To complete the focus area and earn this      The “Focus Area in ASL Studies”
offered for foreign language credit at       designation, students must complete the       falls under the department of History,
hundreds of colleges and universities        courses listed below. This outline suggests   Languages, and Social Sciences (HLSS).
across the country. ASL is comparable        how to take the courses so that they can be   The following are contacts for more
in complexity and expressiveness to          completed in two years. Students can begin    information.
spoken languages. It is NOT a form           the focus area any fall semester.
of English. It has its own distinct                                                        Connie Meck
grammatical structure, and differs from                                                    Full-time instructor
spoken language in that it is visual         1st Fall Semester
                                                                                           ASL/Deaf Culture Focus Area, HLSS
rather than auditory. ASL is capable of        • ASL I (ASL101)                            Regency Campus, Room 219
conveying subtle, complex and abstract
ideas. Signers can discuss anything in       1st Spring Semester
ASL that could be discussed in English,        • ASL II (ASL102)
from philosophy, politics and literature,
to humor, poetry and sports.                                                               Joshua Hoekstra
                                             2nd Fall Semester
                                                                                           Coordinator, Foreign Language, HLSS
                                               • ASL III (ASL201)                          211 Maloney Building, Cooper Campus
what is a                                      • ITP 115 (Deaf Culture)          
“focus area in asl?”                                                                       859.246.6311
                                             2nd Spring Semester
BCTC offers six courses in ASL and             • ASL IV (ASL202)                           Dr. Greg Feeney
Deaf Culture (see next page for a listing      • ITP210 (Fingerspelling &                  Assistant Dean, HLSS
of courses). Once all six courses are            Numbers)                                  230 Moloney Building, Cooper Campus
completed, a student will have earned this                                       
designation. A focus area is much like a                                                   859.246.6329
concentration area. It is NOT a minor        ASL courses must be taken in order.
and DOES NOT imply mastery of the            Students must complete ASL I and ASL II
language. It DOES indicate a deeper level    before taking ITP115 or ITP210. ASL I,
of study in ASL and Deaf Culture, which      ASL III, and ITP115 are ONLY offered in
is appealing to many employers.              fall semesters. ASL II, ASL IV, and
                                             ITP210 are ONLY offered spring