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					UNDERFLOOR HEATING & PLUMBING SYSTEMS                         Building Solutions

               Recognised for quality and performance, the REHAU Heating
               and Plumbing pipework system is the ideal solution for hot
               and cold water, central heating and underfloor heating.

               The first REHAU underfloor heating and plumbing pipes were
               installed 25 years ago and over 700 million metres of REHAU
               pipe have been installed since then.

               The REHAU system benefits from:                         -   All REHAU products are manufactured
               - High density cross linked polyethylene (PE-Xa)           to ISO 9001 standards.
                  with EVAL barrier coating to prevent oxygen         -   Advantages of polymers over metal:
                  diffusion to DIN 4726.                                  - No corrosion
                  - Long life – pressure stability across the             - No Leaks
                       temperature range gives a projected life           - Low weight = quick installation
                       well in excess of 50 years BS 7291.                - No hotworks* required
                  - Pressure rating of 6 bar at 95ºC for 50
                       years BS 7291.                                 REHAU Underfloor Heating and Plumbing 10 Year
                  - Corrosion/ limescale free - Chemically            Warranty. Up to £100,000 Consequential loss.
                       inert there is no risk of corrosion.           If REHAU RAUTHERM Universal PE-Xa pipe or
                  - Low frictional resistance through pipe            compression sleeve fittings are found to be
                       and fittings results in low noise transition.   defective due to a manufacturing fault within the
               - Flexibility and EVERLOC™ compression                 first 10 years of the warranty period, compensation
                  jointing method saves installation time.            shall be paid for any damage resulting from the
                  - High integrity jointing system (over              removal and replacement of the defective pipe and
                       50 million installed worldwide).               fittings. REHAU shall assume the liability up to an
               - Pipe-in-Pipe saves duct costs.                       amount of £100,000 per installation, inclusive of
               - Extensive fittings range made from                    the supply of the replacement pipe and fittings.
                  DZR brass.
               - WRAS listed under the water fittings                  * No hotworks (welding/soldering) required
                  and bylaws scheme.


REHAU’s high-specification, top-performing heating and plumbing
systems are backed by equally high standards of customer service
and support.

Local support                                        The REHAU Academy
Service and information provided by local area       The REHAU Academy offers a range of specialist
sales representatives.                               training courses for heating and plumbing
                                                     professionals. The flexible courses are designed to
Technical support                                    ensure up-to-date knowledge of REHAU product
A dedicated team of experts on hand to help with     capability and application, combined with relevant
technical enquiries, design support and estimating   market information and opportunities. The courses
REHAU are able to offer you support with designing   are free of charge and normally held at the REHAU
and costing a system. If you provide us with         headquarters in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire.
the project data, we will be able to assist with     Where appropriate, courses can be provided at
calculations, design drawings and material costs,    customer premises or at a regional facility.
together with providing you with all the materials
you need for a successful installation!              Current courses include:
                                                     - Underfloor heating for specifiers
REHAU underfloor heating and plumbing                 - Underfloor heating for installers
products are available throughout the UK and         - Underfloor heating design
Ireland, distributed through our regional Sales      - RAUTHERMEX – pre-insulated mains system
Offices in Glasgow, Dublin, Manchester,               - Heating and plumbing
Birmingham and Slough.
                                                     For further information on the REHAU Academy,
In addition, REHAU are able to offer a national      please contact your local Sales Office or visit
distribution network ensuring that you can obtain
product with ease and at your convenience.
Please contact your local REHAU Sales Office
for further details.


                         The RAUTHERM universal pipe supports all service applications
                         in sizes from 16mm - 32mm, along with plumbing or heating pipes
                         available in 40mm - 160mm options. It is fully compatible with
                         traditional systems and has been tested continuously for over 30 years.

                         The RAUTHERM universal pipe has exceptional     -   Noise reduction – No bore reduction at joist
                         physical properties including:                      and pipe-in-pipe hides the noise
Cross-section of REHAU   - Flexibility – Pipes can be threaded through   -   Peace of mind – Pipe and EVERLOC fitting
EVERLOC™ jointing.          walls and floors making routing easy.             guarantee a leak-proof joint
                         - Speed – Reliable, secure joints can be
                            assembled in seconds.                        REHAU EVERLOC™ Compression
                         - Safety – No naked flames, swarf, flux, grease   Sleeve Connection
                            or oil mean a safer working environment.     - Sizes 16mm – 160mm
                         - Durability – REHAU pipework has a service     - Permanent fitting
                            life in excess of 50 years (BS7291).         - No O-rings
                         - Resistance – Non-corroding and resistant to   - High integrity
                            abrasion, stress, cracks and kink damage.    - Proven over 50 million times


                                                                                                         2.7 m

Underfloor heating is fast becoming a favoured choice for industry
                                                                                                         1.7 m
professionals. Practical, cost effective and flexible, underfloor heating
is increasingly being specified over traditional radiator systems and
establishing a reputation as the preferred modern-day heating system.                                    0.1 m

                                                                                                        ˚C           16            20   24

                                                                                                      Temperature Profile – Radiator
Advantages include:
Comfort                                         Safety                                                   2.7 m

Even spread of heat provides a high level       No hazardous wall projections or hot surfaces.
of comfort.                                                                                              1.7 m

Economy                                         REHAU comprehensive controls package offers a
Reduced demand on boilers and no wasted         solution for the majority of building applications.
                                                                                                         0.1 m
heat at ceiling height typically saves 15% in
fuel costs*.                                    Compatibility                                           ˚C           16            20   24

                                                Renewable energy sources can be used for
                                                                                                      Temperature Profile – Ideal
Cost and energy efficiency                       heating applications.
Reduced on-site maintenance – servicing
                                                                                                         2.7 m
of boilers and pumps only.
                                                                                                         1.7 m

Unrestricted wall surfaces in both old and
new buildings.
                                                                                                         0.1 m

                                                                                                        ˚C           16            20   24

                                                                                                      Temperature Profile – Underfloor

                                                                                                      * Source: BSRIA application
                                                                                                         guide AG12/2001


                         REHAU’s underfloor heating products offer professional solutions
                         for a wide range of installations.

                         Diffusion Plate system                               Floating floor system
                         Installation advantages include:                     Installation advantages include:
                         - Designed for timber joist floor applications.       - Dry system – ideal when a finished floor
Diffusion Plate System   - Maximum heat transfer.                                 is required quickly.
                         - Even heat diffusion – highly conductive            - Suitable for domestic and
                             aluminium diffuses heat over the floor surface.       commercial applications.
                         - Reduced reaction time compared to screed.          - Polystyrene panels pre-routed in a range
                                                                                  of patterns and laminated with strong
                                                                                  aluminium foil.
                                                                              - Even heat diffusion – highly conductive
                                                                                  aluminium diffuses heat over the entire
                                                                                  floor surface.
                                                                              - Faster response time than screed systems
Floating Floor System                                                             due to lower thermal mass.


Raufix/Railfix floor system                             -   Optimal interaction with condensing boiler
Installation advantages include:                         achieving ideal output
- Secures underfloor heating circuits in the          -   Fast installation due to clipping pipe into channels.
    planned pattern.
- Fast assembly of the RAUFIX/Railfix rail            The SOLUS system is a channelled aluminium
    without tooling.                                 plate where a 12mm REHAU pipe is used. The
- Can be used with any insulation type.              plates come in 0.5 and 1 meter lengths. SOLUS
- Suitable for large area applications.              is suitable for 400mm and 600mm joist spacing.

                                                                                                                 Raufix Railfix system
The RAUFIX rail is manufactured from                 Tacker sheet system
polypropylene. Its unique pipe clip design makes     Installation advantages include:
it suitable for both 16mm and 20mm REHAU pipe        - Fast pipe installation
sizes. It is manufactured in 1 metre lengths.        - Circuit pattern flexibility
                                                     - Multiple functions in one product
REHAU’s Railfix System is an alternative to RAUFIX.       - Insulation
The installation methods are similar, using Railfix       - Moisture barrier
rails instead of RAUFIX. Railfix is manufactured in       - Pre-marked grid for accurate pipe spacing
3 meter lengths.                                         - Foil glued to insulation aiding pipe fixing

                                                                                                                 Tacker sheet system
REHAU SOLUS system                                   Tacker Sheet is available in EPS70 and EPS100
Installation advantages include:                     grades in both 25mm and 50mm thickness.
- Reduced risk for accidents due to installation     Standard Fire Class F (BS EN 13163).
    from below

                                                                                                                 Solus system


                                  Reverse Spiral Layout
                                  For Tacker Sheet Systems, this layout can be
                                  applied to all installations except suspended
                                  floors and is suitable for any area.

Temperature Distribution

                                  Double Meander Layout
                                  For Tacker and RAUFIX/Railfix Systems, this
                                  layout can be applied to large industrial installations
                                  and is suitable for large/industrial areas.

Temperature Distribution

                                  Single Meander Layout
                                  For Diffusion Plate, Floating Floor and SOLUS
                                  Systems, this layout is for installation to suspended
                                  floors and is suitable for any area.

Temperature Distribution


Underfloor heating systems are particularly adaptable and can
be installed in both old and new buildings under a wide range of
floor coverings including screed, flagstones, tiles, carpets, rugs,
laminates and timber.
 REHAU                          Base                Load              Pipe Size in mm     Pipe       Typical       Typical Imposed Load         Tacker Sheet System – Floor covering,
 Floor System                                       Distribution 1)                       Spacing    Output 2)                                  75mm screed, edge insulation, UFH pipe,
                                                                                                     Distributed   Uniformely    Concentrated   Tacker Sheet, subfloor
                                                                      ø12   ø20    ø25
                  Tacker        Solid              CT                                     150        Up to         Up to
                  Sheet         Beam & Block       CA                                     200        100           5 kN/m2
                                Pre-stressed Beams CA-F                                   300        W/m2
 Wet Fit System

                  RAUFIX        Solid Base Slab    CT                                     150        Up to         Up to
                                Beam & Block       CA                                     200        100           5 kN/m2
                                Pre-stressed Beams CA-F 3)                                300        W/m2
                  Industrial*   Compacted           Reinforced/                           150 –      Up to         Above
                                hardcore            Pre-stressed                          500        100           5 kN/m2
                                                    concrete                                         W/m2
                  Diffusion     Suspended Timber Chipboard                                120        Up to         Up to
                                                                                                                                                Raufix System – Floor covering, 75mm screed,
                  Plate         Battens on Concrete Plywood                               200        70 W/m2       2 kN/m2 4)
                                                                                                                                                edge insulation, UFH pipe, RAUFIX rail, subfloor
                                Beam & Block        Dry flooring
 Dry Fit System

                  Solus         Suspended Joists    Chipboard                             200        55 W/m2       2 kN/m2
                                                    Dry flooring

                  Floating      Solid Base Slab     Chipboard                             300        Up to                       Up to
                  Floor         Beam & Block        Plywood                                          70 W/m2                     3.5 kN 4)
                                Suspended Timber    Dry flooring

                  Sprung        Solid Base Slab    Sports Floor                           100        Up to         See flooring See flooring
                  Floor*        Beam & Block                                                         70 W/m2       manufacturer manufacturer    Diffusion Plate System – Floor covering,
                                Pre-stressed Beams                                                                                              chipboard, UFH pipe, aluminium plate,
                                                                                                                                                insulation, joist hanger

Notes: 1) Screed types according to BS EN 13813, e.g. CT: Screed with cementitious binder,
CA: Screed with Calcium sulfate binder, CA-F: Flow screed with Calcium sulfate binder. 2) At
20oC room temperature. 3) Although not recommended. 4) Typical values – please confirm with
flooring manufacturer

                                                                                                    REHAU Solus System                          Floating Floor System – Floor covering, dry floor
                                                                                                                                                element, edge insulation, UFH pipe, foil faced pre-
                                                                                                                                                routed panel, insulation, PE membrane, subfloor


1 Stainless steel or copper radiator
  tails with access to joins
2 Manifolds of brass construction
  with flow and return sections
3 Continuous lengths of                                                                       5
  Pipe-in-Pipe – no joints
4 Pipe-in-Pipe sleeve holding
                                                1                    2         3        4
  flow and return pipes
5 Pipes can be completely
  concealed in floors or walls
6 Wall plate elbows allow firm
  fixing of appliances
  Floor screed placed after
  pipe installation

                                         REHAU’s range of flexible heating and plumbing pipework effectively
                                         compliments traditional systems, saving time, money and effort.
                                         EVERLOC™ fittings                                   Manifolds for central distribution
                                         An extensive range of cold-jointing fittings for    Services can be run out from a central point to
                                         all applications. Superbly engineered, purpose-    radiators and sanitary fixtures, enabling straight
                                         designed DZR brass compression sleeve fittings      forward installation and maintenance.
                                         enable permanent and secure joints to be
                                         assembled in seconds.                              REHAU Pipe-in-Pipe
Pipework can be run out from a single
                                                                                            - Practical – Combined pipe and corrugated
point, keeping installation simple and
completed in less time.
                                         Fixings                                               sleeve is light and easy to handle.
                                         First fixing of all common heating and plumbing     - Economical – Saves installation time and
                                         applications are supported by a full range of         material costs.
                                         REHAU brackets, which can be easily concealed.     - Fast – Fitted prior to laying floor screed,
                                         Support channelling and stainless steel radiator      eliminating the need to construct special ducts.
                                         tails are also available.                          - Accessible – Screed-set pipes can be retrieved
                                                                                               and replaced if damage occurs.
                                                                                            - Regulated – Fully compliant with pipe
                                                                                               accessibility Water Regulations.


St Aiden‘s Church, Plymouth                              Sway Hill Installation
REHAU underfloor heating has been installed               REHAU’s flexible heating and plumbing pipework
throughout an innovative new development in              has been used by M&E contractors Lorne Stewart
Ernesettle, Plymouth. The installation was carried out   in an innovative installation at a large sheltered
by REHAU’s authorised partner HS Tech Partners.          housing complex in Sway, Hampshire.

A run down church has been demolished and                Placed within its pipe in sleeve system and fixed to
developers Community Property Partnership have           the cable basket with cable ties, the REHAU PE-Xa
built a new church and a block of luxury apartments      pipework is completely protected without any
on the same site. The 3000sq ft floor area of the         requirement for separate ducts to be constructed.             St Aiden‘s Church

new church has had REHAU underfloor heating
fitted throughout the 24 apartments as part of the        Lorne Stewart chose the REHAU flexible pipe option
luxury specification.                                     rather than conventional copper pipework because
                                                         it had used the system previously on a number of
Underfloor heating fitted the specification criteria        educational projects for hot and cold water supply
for both buildings - in the church the warmth is         and had been impressed at how easy the system
concentrated in the occupied area, and in the            was to install and the options it opened up in terms
apartments it is considered an important selling         of flexible design layouts.
                                                         REHAU estimates that, by using its flexible pipework
                                                                                                                       Sway Hill Installation
To maximise the efficiency of the installation,           in this innovative way, Lorne Stewart has saved
HS Tech used REHAU’s intelligent control system -        around 20% of the installation time on the project.
offering local mixing at each manifold so that
the church and apartments can be efficiently              As well as its flexibility, the PE-Xa pipework has
zoned with thermostatic controls.                        numerous other advantages over copper - such as that
                                                         it is corrosion free, prevents internal scale build up, has
This project has proved such a success that              a projected life in excess of 50 years and carries
Community Property Partnership has already               less risk of site theft because it has no scrap value.
awarded the contract to HS Tech to install REHAU
underfloor heating in a similar church rebuilding
and property development scheme at St Marks
in Plymouth.


                       HMS Collingwood, Portsmouth                             Dursley Nursing Home, Gloucestershire
                       A REHAU Authorised Partner, has installed the           REHAU’s underfloor heating system was the first
                       REHAU underfloor heating system throughout a new         choice for the developers of a large, new build
                       1300m2 Pay As You Dine (PAYD) restaurant facility,      44-bed nursing home in Dursley, Gloucestershire.
                       at HMS Collingwood, near Portsmouth
                                                                               Underfloor heating was felt to be the most comfortable
                       Underfloor heating was the obvious choice for such       option for the home’s new elderly residents and
                       a large open space - combining energy efficiency         eliminated any risk from visible heat emitters.
                       with excellent comfort levels, and the REHAU
HMS Collingwood        system was specified on the basis of its overall         Greystone Construction had used the REHAU
                       product quality.                                        system on previous similar projects and had been
                                                                               impressed with the quality of the Pe-Xa pipework
                       REHAU PE-Xa universal pipework has been installed       and fittings and with the skill of the fitting team
                       using the RAILFIX clip fixing method which makes it      from HS Tech Partners.
                       easy to fix in circuits across large areas.
                                                                               HS Tech worked alongside M&E contractors Octagon
                       HMS Collingwood, the home of the Maritime Warfare       Heating to install pipework on all three floors of the
                       School, is the largest naval training organisation in   2,100m2 project using REHAU’s Tacker system.
                       Western Europe. In a typical year, 30,000 Officers       As well as being very fast in comparison with
                       and Ratings pass through the centre.                    conventional pipework fixing onto rails, this system
Dursley Nursing Home
                                                                               provides considerable flexibility in the layout of
                                                                               circuits, which was useful in the nursing home
                                                                               where there are lots of small, irregular shaped areas.

                                                                               Using the Tacker installation method, REHAU’s
                                                                               20mm RAUTHERM universal pipe is stapled directly
                                                                               onto Tacker insulation boards, pre-laminated with
                                                                               a fabric reinforced water resistant foil. The pipe is
                                                                               then fixed to the board using a specially designed
                                                                               Tacker System staple gun before the screed is laid.

14   864.733EN/226/DAIR/02.09

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