Turn Your Office into a Haven of Inspiration with Desk Accessories

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					           Turn Your Office into a Haven of
        Inspiration with Desk Accessories and
        Corporate Gifts from Sorting With Style
       Bring life to your workspace with trendy and functional office supplies

Los, Angeles, California, January 12—Say good bye to dull desk accessories and corporate
gifts that make your workspace look unorganized and uninspired with help from the premier
destination for office style, Sorting with Style. Now, your workspace will brighten up and
become a haven for inspiration that will play a crucial role in your work productivity.

Cool office supplies are hard to find these days. Even if you go to the local office supply
store, you won’t be able to find the stuff you like. It’s not easy to stumble upon office supplies
that will help inspire you on how to work better.

Inspiration plays a big role in work productivity. How much you can turn in directly depends
on how motivated you are to do your work. Productivity is directly proportional to one’s
motivation levels.

This is what Sorting With Style, the online retail store from The Office Stylist, offers. It
features a wide array of cool and fashionable desk accessories and corporate gifts that will
help transform your office work space from dull to lively, helping boost motivation and work

Incidentally, you’re attitude towards work is affected by your environment. You will not feel
inspired and motivated to excel in your job if you’re not getting good vibes from your
workspace’s walls.

“We spend more than half our lives at work and more time working than we do sleeping, so
why do we neglect our workspaces/work life? Creating a work environment that inspires and
motivates you is VERY important,― says Sayeh Pezeshki, entrepreneur and head of the multi-
platform retail and media company, The Office Stylist, which owns

Pezeshki has always been passionate about design and office supplies. She has found that
the ones found in general office supplies stores were not exactly the kind that would bring
together your workspace and bring it to life.

Desk accessories and corporate gifts need to have style. They shouldn’t be dull and
uninviting because it hampers the flow of creativity and productivity.

Your office needs to be a haven of inspiration, and you will not be able to get that if your
cubicle is cluttered and your desk is filled with office desk supplies that you don’t even like.
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Stylish desk accessories can be hard to find in general stores. This is what helped Sorting
With Style materialize. Pezeshki has combined her love for stylish desk accessories and
supplies with her unwavering eye for beauty.
The online boutique is the “premier destination for office style,― bringing together brands like
Thomas Paul, Russell + Hazel, and Cavallini & Co. among others.

Sorting With Style features collections of different desk accessories and corporate gifts that
aim to “help create a better work environment that is not only beautiful but also motivating.―

The online retail store serves as Pezeshki’s testament to combining elegance and efficiency
to offer consumers not just a place where they can get all their office desk supplies and
executive gift needs, but a helpful resource on how they can create a haven of inspiration in
the workplace.

There are plenty of things you can do to make your workspace feel more lively and
conducive to performing well. A simple item like a stylish paper weight or pencil holder can
trigger a spell of inspiration compared to just a tin can covered with colored paper. “Business
chic is NOT plastic pencil holders,― states Pezeshki about how your work place should be.
Your office space should motivate and inspire you. And that can only happen when you have
stylish and creative office desk supplies. The right mix of stationery and other office supplies
will not only help make your workspace look brighter, it will transform it into an oasis of
inspiration; a catalyst for maximum productivity.

The market for trendy desk accessories and corporate gifts has increased significantly with
the emergence of various businesses and entrepreneurs. And because motivation and
inspiration are two of the most important factors affecting every worker, offices worldwide
are constantly looking for ways on how to become better, which is what Sorting With Style

Not only is Sorting With Style dedicated to inspiring others by providing the best-looking and
most conducive workspace for every company, it is also committed to protecting and
preserving the environment by offering a huge collection of environment-friendly office
supplies., owned by The Office Stylist, is the premier online retail destination for
office style. Created by renowned entrepreneur and television personality Sayeh Pezeshki, it
offers hand-selected chic office supplies and desk accessories that will help transform your
workspace into the have
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