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					                            Title: A Turkey in Hand
                           Developed by Diane Gough & Debbie Fetner

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1. The students will create a picture using a handprint illustrating a Thanksgiving turkey.
2. The students will write a narrative about their picture.
30-45 minutes

Content Area:                               Grade Level: 2
Language Arts & Social Studies
Materials/Resources:                        Technology Focus:
Kid Pix 4, Turkey Draw template                Multimedia
(if needed)
Subject Area - Language Arts §110.13.17 (B, E); Social Studies §113.4.18(B);
Fine Arts §178.2.2 (C)
Technology Applications – 126.2.2(A,D)


Instructions for Regular Monitors

 1.   Open Kid Pix 4 and choose the Pencil tool..
 2.   Click on the pencil and the second thickness.
 3.   Select the squiggly line tool and the color desired.
 4.   Place hand on the monitor. (Do not palce hands on flat-screen LCD monitors)
 5.   Use the mouse to draw around hand closing it in at the bottom and drawing a line
      at the base of each finger (to be able to fill in separate colors with the fill bucket).
 6.   Place hand on the monitor (Do not place hands on flat-screen LCD monitors).
 7.   Use the tools to decorate the hand turkey and the background.
 8.   Click the Rubber Stamps tool and/or the Stickers tool.
 9.   Use stamps and stickers to enhance the picture.
10.     Click on the Text tool and click on the screen.
11.     Type your name.
12.     Press Enter and type a story about the picture.
13.     Go to File > Print > Options.
14.     In the Name box, click the down arrow and choose the Color printer.
15.     Click OK > OK.
16.     Save project to student folder

Instructions for LCD Monitors

Before Coming to the Computer Lab

Have your campus technologist download the TurkeyDraw KidPix file and save it in a
location all students can access.

In the Computer Lab

Navigate to the saved TurkeyDraw KidPix file and follow the directions above.

Teacher observation of the use of graphic tools to create the picture
Grades could be taken on the story and it’s relationship to the picture

Modifications:                             Extensions:
Students with poor motor skills might need Pick an object in the picture and write from
a partner to help trace their hand.        that object's perspective.
Provide the Turkey Draw template.
Have students tell their story to an adult
and have the adult do the actual typing.

Manage Presentations                                    the skills utilized in
                                                            the project
  Create a presentation from a template             I             X
 Save a presentation                                I
 Add slides                                         I
 Move through a presentation (using mouse or
 arrow keys)
Add Objects
 Add/arrange text and graphics                      I             X
Customize the presentation
 Add transitions                                    I

Write any additional skills taught in the project               Print

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