Society for Ethnomusicology, Midwest Chapter by Ive20di


									Society for Ethnomusicology, Midwest Chapter
Annual Spring Chapter Meeting
March 28–30, 2008
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Randal Baier, President

Friday, March 28
8:00pm        Javanese Music and Dance Concert
              (University of Michigan Gamelan Ensemble)

Saturday, March 29

7:30am       Registration & Coffee

             Panel 1: Musical Identities (Chair: Ken Prouty, Michigan State University)
8:30am       "Grass Roots" Politics: Bluegrass and Newgrass Aesthetics as Expressions of
             Political and Social Activism (Elizabeth Chibucos, Bowling Green State
9:00am       The Ox in the Concert Hall: Jazz Identity and La Création du monde
             (Julio Gonzalez-Appling, Bowling Green State University)
9:30am       Alternative Rock, Alternative Identities: Negotiating Identity in the Music of
             Weezer (Dan Blim, University of Michigan)

10:00am      Coffee Break

             Panel 2: Asia (Chair: Joseph Lam, University of Michigan)
10:15am      The Influence of Western-Style Musical Training on Buddhist Ritual Music in
             North China (Beth Szczepanski, The Ohio State University)
10:45am      Musical Contributions of a Jewish Music Scholar in Republican Shanghai
             (Jeremy Leong, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
11:15am      Ca Trù: High Culture and National Heritage in Vietnam
             (Bretton Dimick, University of Michigan)
11:45am      Choreography of Javanese Court Dance on Srimpi and Bedhaya of the Surakarta
             Style (Michi Tomioka, Osaka City University)

12:15pm      Lunch

             Panel 3: National Identity Politics
             (Chair: Christi-Anne Castro, University of Michigan)
1:00pm       Contestation in the South Caucasus: Musical "Masterpieces" and the Role of
             UNESCO (Natasha Kipp, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
1:30pm       Politics, Place and Memory: Music and Tajik National Identity
             (Hans Utter, The Ohio State University)
2:00pm       Classical Folk Music: Broadcasting People's Culture in Moravia, 1948–1988
             (Jesse Johnston, University of Michigan)

2:30pm       Coffee Break

             Panel 4: Mid-By-Midwest (Chair: Joshua S. Duchan, Kalamazoo College)
2:45pm       The University of Michigan Jazz Band in Latin America: The Globalizing
             Implications of Musical Diplomacy (Danielle Fosler-Lussier, The Ohio State
3:15pm       Henry Ford’s Revival of “Old-Fashioned” Dance in Dearborn, Michigan
             (Kate Brucher, DePaul University)

4:00pm       MIDSEM Business Meeting

4:30pm       Keynote Lecture: “Rapture: Religious Ecstatics and Deep Listeners”
             (Professor Judith Becker, University of Michigan)

Sunday, March 30

8:00am       “Morning Buzz” (Coffee)

             Panel 5: Caribbean (Chair: John Dorsey, Eastern Michigan University)
8:30am       “HIV Don’t Sorry for Nobody”: Musical Responses to HIV/AIDS in Trinidad and
             Tobago (David Lewis, Indiana University)
9:00am       ¡Cubanismo!: The Influence of Cuban Music in Africa
             (Amar Shah, University of Louisville)
9:30am       From foulard and madras to black sheets and spandex: The struggle for gender
             equality in popular music in the French Antilles (Laura Donnelly, Michigan State

10:00am      Coffee Break

             Panel 6: Technology and Mediation
             (Chair: Danielle Fosler-Lussier, The Ohio State University)
10:15am      "I Love This Bar": Working Class Expression Through Karaoke Song Selection
             (Mark Gerolami, The Music Schools of Northwest Ohio)
10:45am      The [Pan]demonium of the Pandemoniacs: Searching for the United States Navy
             Steel Band (Andrew Martin, University of Minnesota)
11:15am      Lessons in Learning: Engaging with the Auditory at the Museum of
             Contemporary Art (Martha Sprigge, University of Chicago)
11:45am      Genre and Authenticity in the Jazz/World Fusion of Indonesia's Krakatau
             (Jeremy Wallach, Bowling Green State University)

12:15pm      Lunch

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