A Mountain by gegeshandong


									Materials Needed:
   1. Four different things to build a mountain with. It could be 4 different kinds of
       cereal, 4 different colors of sand, 4 varieties of candy.
   2. Small scoopers or spoons
   3. Large plastic, see-through container.

1. Start by deciding in what order the Character Mountain will be built – which trait will
be on the bottom, and so on, till you reach the top.

2. Using the plastic see-through container, make 4 equal marks up the side of the
container so that you know when to change to the next character trait. For example,
let’s say that you are using cereal to build your “mountain” and your bottom level is
“responsibility”. The child that is showing the responsibility trait can scoop out from the
“responsibility” cereal container and dump it into the larger plastic “mountain”. Once the
cereal has gotten to the first mark, change to the second character trait and so on until
you reach the top.

3. If you use edible ingredients to make your “mountain”, you could eat it once
you’ve reached the top.

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