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					   Magazine of the Perth PC Users Group
    VOLUME 23 NUMBER 6                                                   JULY 2009                     RRP $2.50

                                                                                                 For your diary

President’s Column ..................................... 3
Things That You Can Do With That                                                                JULY MEETINGS
Flash Drive ................................................... 4            General Meeting                      Wednesday 1st
Uh Oh - I’ve Lost the Manual For A
                                                                             from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Ev Nicholls Room,
Gadget/Device ............................................... 5
Receiving PPCUG Computer Help .............. 6                               Main Office Building RAAF Association, Bullcreek
Jim’s Computer Tips ................................... 9                    Drive, Bullcreek
Juice Your Broadband Speed .................... 10
                                                                                   Presentation:    Search Engines, Searching,
Exploring Microsoft Windows 7 Beta 1,
Part II ........................................................... 11                              Internet Fraud and much
Twitter - What You Are Doing Right Now 12                                                           more.......
Reports from the SIGs ............................... 14                                            presented by Paul Barden
How Can I Tweak Firefox and Thunderbird
To Be As Great As People Say They Are 21
Paltalk Help Room ..................................... 22                   Committee Meeting                    Tuesday 7th
Members’ Free Advertisements ............... 22
Members’ Contributions ............................. 23

                           Hot Spots:
                                                                                          AUGUST MEETINGS
Benefits of Membership .............................. 8
                                                                             General Meeting                      Wednesday 5th
Readers’ Forum .......................................... 20

                                                                             from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Ev Nicholls Room,
                     Regular Features
                                                                             Main Office Building, RAAF Association, Bullcreek
Members’ Help Page ........................................... 2             Drive, Bullcreek.
Membership Application Form .......................... 7
This Month’s SIG Meetings .............................. 18
                                                                             Committee Meeting                    Tuesday 11th
This Month’s Calendar ...................................... 19

                Members’ Help Page
                           FREE HELP IS ONLY A PHONE CALLAWAY!
               Have your membership number at hand in case you are asked for it

        These members have               ACCESS (Basic VBA)              OPENOFFICE ‘WRITER’
    volunteered to give telephone              Ray Lucas                  Robert Boylen 9386 2666
       support, free of charge, 
       to club members only.
                                              ANTI VIRUS               PAINT SHOP PRO 8/9/X (10)
                                       Graham Rogers 9451 3561              Bob Hunt 9275 7737

Prepare your telephone calls in          AutoCAD (Auto LISP)                  PHOTOSHOP
advance and keep them short.                   Ray Lucas                  Abbe Harman 9345 4605
Where possible please have a   
telephone close to the computer.
Call during reasonable hours              BEGINNERS HELP                       PRINTERS
                                       Connie Shaw       9375 1655        Tom Scott 0412 681 455
(9.00 a. m. - 9.00 p. m.) unless
                                        Gordon Giles 9276 4218 or
otherwise arranged.                            0417 952 196                    PUBLISHER
                                    Esther Jones        9259 4214
▪       Don't expect the helper to                          
        call back if not at home            COREL DRAW                 Rita Sputore-Keller 9276 8209
        when you call them.              John Hallam 9293 1017   

▪       Don't get upset if the                   HTML                           QUICKEN
        helper cannot solve your        Gordon Giles 9276 4218 or         (All QUICKEN products)
        problem.                               0417 952 196                Peter Scarfe 9359 2281
▪       Don’t call work numbers                                                 3SD Max
        unless they are specified               EXCEL                           Ray Lucas
        in the help page.                      Ray Lucas        
▪       Don’t use this help to                                                   WORD
                                              INTERNET                 Rita Sputore-Keller 9276 8209
        replace manuals or
                                         Joy Watson   9457 5098  
        vendors’ support lines or to                                           Helen Campbell
        support illegal copies of                                
                                         LOTUS ORGANIZER
        software.                        Peter Mann 9459 8140
                                         Esther Jones 9259 421               —–oooOooo—–
If you can assist someone on
any topic, send your details to            MICROSTATION                  MODEM HELP BY
the editor for inclusion on this              Ray Lucas
                                                                       John Browne               City
If your telephone number has                   MODEMS                          9328 3328 H
changed, please advise the               Trevor Davis 9399 7264
editor, e-mail:                                                        Mary Straiton      Wanneroo
                                       MICROSOFT OUTLOOK                        9405 1820 H
                                            Helen Campbell             Trevor Davis        Armadale
                                                   9399 7264 H

           ▬     If you have the knowledge and skill to help members of the Perth PC
                 User Group, please arrange to have your name put on this page.

           ▬     If you can no longer provide this help, please advise the editor so
                 that your name can be removed from the page.
                                             We are always looking for                      The staff that work in stores on a
                                             demonstrators and I think I can                regular hour and get paid whether
 President’s Column                          say, without a doubt, you all use              they sell or not just have to keep
                                             computers and could do something               on selling and tend not to discount
                                             for just five minutes. This would              much.
                                             be a great help to conveners and is
 Hi again.                                   always interesting to other                    You have to be armed with as
                                             members. It would be a great                   much info about the item as the
 I am sorry to inform you our bid            shame for our group to just                    store now.
 for training at the TADWA                   dwindle away after so many great
 building has not continued. I will          years.                                         If you have had good deals from a
 not bore you with the details                                                              specific store try to use them, as
 except to say it’s within our group.        Now to a brighter note, although               the more you are seen by that store
 We are, therefore, making a                 it’s a slowing economy we seem to              the better your discount could be.
 concerted effort to give training to        be seeing a glut of cheap computer
 our members.                                and electrical goods. Be wary as               The committee is always striving
                                             not all things are as they seem.               to give the members more and if
 Please keep a check on the club’s           Some items are cheap because                   you have any ideas let us know.
 web site for updates to training and        they are the old model and now,
 SIG groups. Our membership is               even more, it pays to look up the              We try to give you good
 dwindling and for whatever reason           price of goods on the net and                  demonstrations at our main
 this is a critical event. Please make       remember to ask is that the best               meetings but we sometimes run
 every effort to let people know             price. In most cases the advertised            out of ideas and this is where you
 what we do. The committee is                price is the one they only hope for.           can help let us know what you like
 working on this also, starting a                                                           or dislike and we will attempt to
 new sub-committee aimed at                  If you have a choice of shops                  accommodate you.
 getting more members.                       select the franchised store as the
                                             staff at this store are usually on a           Well that’s all for this month
 If you go to a SIG group, help out,         commission/sell situation and,                 please look at the web site for
 be a member and I can assure you            depending on what amount of                    further training and events.
 your assistance will be greatly             commission they have given away,
 appreciated.                                may help in a better price.                    Gordon Giles President.

 AXESS is published monthly (11) by the                       POLICY                       All articles, reports, reviews etc. should
 Perth PC Users Group Inc. (PPCUG),                                                        be sent as plain, unformatted (ASCII)
 P.O. Box 46 Riverton, WA 6148.              Although it is policy to check all material   text because this ensures that they can
                                             appearing in AXESS for accuracy, no           be read by any word-processor.
 Subscription is by membership of the        warranty either expressed or implied is
 group at the prevailing rates. Single       given. No responsibility will be taken for    If you wish to include graphics, please
 copies may be purchased, if available, at   losses or expenses incurred as a result       send them in separate files with your
 $2.50 each plus postage.                    of advice given in any article appearing      name on each file.
                                             in AXESS. Unless specifically stated
 Articles in AXESS are copyright to          otherwise, the experiences and opinions       Contact the editor if your submission is
 PPCUG unless otherwise stated and           expressed in any column or article are        not published within three issues.
 may not be reproduced commercially, in      those of the author and do not represent
 whole or part, unless written permission    an official opinion or position of, or        Code: If program code is included, place
 is given by the PPCUG.                      endorsement by, the PERTH PC Users            it at the end of the article or in a separate
                                             Group.                                        file for each block of code and, in your
 Notwithstanding the above, permission is                                                  article, refer to each as Fig. 1, Fig. 2 etc.
 extended to other User Groups and non-      Contribution of Articles to AXESS             Small code fragments may be used in
 profit organisations to use any material    Magazine                                      the main article.
 appearing in AXESS provided
 acknowledgment is given to the source       Contact Trisha Moss                           Editing: All articles are edited for style,
 and the author.                             Ph 9293 2519, or e-mail                 to    spelling, grammar and length. Articles
                                                          that may not be edited or do not meet
              DISCLAIMER                                                                   our standards will be rejected.
                                             We require your name for legal reasons
 All comments, editorial or otherwise, are   but you may reserve the right to not have     Rejections: Articles with self-extracting
 those of the writer and don't necessarily   your name published.                          files or virus infection are rejected
 reflect the opinion of the PPCUG.                                                         without notification.

JULY 2009                                        AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                            Page 3
 Things That You Can Do With That Flash
 Ira Wilsker

 Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director;           students who wear their flash drives      Computer h or Windows Explorer
 Iwilsker (at)                on cords around their necks; they         and then left clicks on Properties –
                                        are referred to as “geek beads”.          ReadyBoost, Vista will recommend
 This article has been obtained from                                              how much of the available memory
 APCUG with the author’s                Most of us use the drive simply for       on the drive can be effectively and
 permission for publication by          portable storage, the ability to carry    safely utilised by Vista. Other data
 APCUG member groups; all other         files around with us but in reality       stored on the ReadyBoost drive is
 uses require the permission of the     these flash drives can do much            protected from damage and will not
 author (see e-mail address above).     more than to simply be used for           be harmed if the drive is used as a
                                        storage. Most of the USB flash            ReadyBoost drive. Because of the
 WEBSITES:                              drives on the market today comply         higher performance requirements,                with the USB 2.0 standard for high        ReadyBoost compatible flash drives      speed transfer, while there still are a   are slightly more expensive than
 Download_no.asppp                      few inexpensive, low capacity             standard drives but are often the              drives that are of the slower USB         least expensive way to add memory
 windows/windows-vista/features/        1.1 speed standard or only about          to a Vista computer.
 readyboost.aspx                        3% of the speed of the USB 2.0
                                                                                  Another useful feature often found
                                        drives. From a practical viewpoint,
                                                                                  on a USB flash drive is known as
 With the demise of the floppy disk     the user will not notice any
                                                                                    gU3 h. Drives that are U3
 and the approaching demise of the      significant difference in speed if
                                                                                  compatible are labelled as such. A
 CD disc for data purposes, the USB     small files are saved and read but
                                                                                  U3 powered flash drive allows the
 flash drive has become the de facto    will notice a difference if large files
                                                                                  user to carry special versions of
 method of saving and transporting      are used.
                                                                                  hundreds of programs on the flash
 files between computers. These
                                                                                  drive that can be run directly from
 small USB drives are known by a        There are some other standards for
                                                                                  the flash drive without being
 variety of monikers, such as flash     USB flash drives that many users
                                                                                  installed on the computer. This is
 drive, pen drive, pin drive and        may find beneficial, if their flash
                                                                                  an effective way to carry the actual
 thumb drive. Since their               drives have the capabilities. Users
                                                                                  software the user is familiar with
 introduction a few years ago, their    of Microsoft Vista (Home Basic,
                                                                                  and run it on other computers.
 capacity has increased and their       Home Premium, Business and
                                                                                  When unplugged from the
 prices have plunged. They are          Ultimate versions) may find it
                                                                                  computer, U3 leaves no data or
 readily available in the big box       advantageous to purchase flash
                                                                                  other information left on the
 stores, discount stores, club stores   drives that are labelled as
                                                                                  computer that was used. Some of
 and online. The most recent ones I       gReadyBoost h. According to
                                                                                  the popular programs that come in
 purchased for the holidays were        Microsoft, gWindows Vista
                                                                                  U3 formats are the Firefox browser,
 8 gig size (almost the equivalent of   introduces Windows ReadyBoost, a
                                                                                  Skype telephone, McAfee Antivirus
 the data stored on two standard        new concept in adding memory to a
                                                                                  (about $15), RoboForm Password
 DVD discs, about a dozen CD discs      system. You can use non-volatile
                                                                                  Manager, OpenOffice (the
 or about 5700 floppy disks), and       flash memory, such as that on a
                                                                                  comprehensive suite of office
 cost under $15 each.                   universal serial bus (USB) flash
                                                                                  software including a Microsoft
                                        drive, to improve performance
                                                                                  compatible word processor,
 In the after-Christmas sales, some     without having to add additional
                                                                                  spreadsheet, presentation program,
 8 gig flash drives were advertised     memory "under the hood". If the
                                                                                  database and more, free),
 for $9 each (after rebate). This       drive is compatible with the
                                                                                  Thunderbird email client and
 amount of non-volatile storage for     ReadyBoost standard, some of the
                                                                                  dozens of games. Most U3 drives
 the price was inconceivable just a     flash memory in the drive can
                                                                                  come preinstalled with password
 few years ago. I thought I was         effectively and temporarily be
                                                                                  protection and a gU3
 getting a bargain a few years ago      added to the RAM (memory)
                                                                                  Launchpad h which is a menu
 when I bought my first flash drive,    installed in the computer, with an
                                                                                  driven directory of the software on
 a 64 Lexar, for $49, and now a         improvement on performance. If the
                                                                                  the U3 drive.
 drive with about 64 times that         Vista user with a compatible flash
 capacity is about one-fourth the       drive right clicks on the flash drive     For those of us who have standard
 price! I have co-workers and           letter displayed under gMy                non-U3 drives, there is now an

Page 4                                    AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                              JULY 2009
 alternative that provides for the      and personal data just as you would    other programs available, almost all
 same functionality. This alternative   on your own PC. And when you           free, which will run as portable
 to U3 that will run on almost all      unplug the device, none of your        apps. The PortableApp website
 contemporary flash drives is called    personal data is left behind. h        keeps a running tally of new
   gPortableApps h, and can be          Dozens of portable apps are            software that is available, including
 found online at      available, including the Firefox       new releases and versions, as well
 According to the PortableApp           browser, OpenOffice office suite,      as beta (pre-release) software. A
 website, gA portable app is a          antivirus software, games,             simple click will install the selected
 computer program that you can          password managers and many other       software on the flash drive.
 carry around with you on a portable    pieces of software.
 device and use on any Windows                                                 Now that many of us are routinely
 computer. When your USB flash          The PortableApp Suite is totally       carrying flash drives, it is nice to
 drive, portable hard drive, iPod or    free and does not contain any          know that they may be capable of
 other portable device is plugged in,   spyware or adware. In addition to      doing much more for us than just
 you have access to your software       the bundled suite there are many       transport data.

 Uh oh - I’ve Lost The Manual For A
  Gabe Goldbert

 Gabe Goldberg, Computers and ">correct           AND POLITELY ASK ABOUT
 Publishing, Inc.; Tiplet (at)          Web site</a> first out of 3,400,000    DOCUMENTATION AVAILABILITY.                           hits! Clicking Support and then        MATERIAL IS OFTEN AVAILABLE BY
                                        Manual Information takes me to a       SPECIAL REQUEST -- SOMETIMES
 Unless you're a compulsive packrat     selection page for watch models. Of    FREE, SOMETIMES FOR A MINIMAL
 -- and can prove it with multiple      course, Googling "oceanus              FEE. DON'T BEGRUDGE PAYING FOR
 neatly organized file cabinets --      manuals" would have taken me           A MANUAL -- IF IT LETS YOU
 you'll eventually find that a gadget   directly to the same selection page,   CONTINUE USING SOMETHING, IT'S A
 or appliance has separated from its    and including the specific watch       BARGAIN COMPARED TO BUYING A
 operating instructions. And unless     model would have further refined       REPLACEMENT!
 it's something brick-simple with       search results. And as a bonus, the
 just On/Off buttons or you've          manual downloaded from the Web         This article first appeared on the
 memorized its every esoteric           site is much more convenient to        Tiplet Web site, <>
 function, you'll be baffled and        read printed on 8.5"x11" paper than    and is copyrighted by the author,
 frustrated. Even worse, many           the nasty included-in-watch-box        Gabriel Goldberg. All rights are
 products now come with one-page        version with more than a hundred       reserved; it may be reproduced,
 pictures-only "Quick Start"            3.5"x2" pages! Similarly,              downloaded or disseminated, for
 instructions showing how to plug       instructions for operating my          single use or by nonprofit
 them in or insert batteries, turn      bargain-basement digital voice         organizations for educational
 them on, and not much else.            recorder are instantly found by        purposes, with attribution to Tiplet
 Perhaps a real manual was              Googling "olympus VN-1000se" as        and the author. It should be
 delivered on a now-missing CD or a     is the manual for my recently          unchanged and this paragraph must
 now-forgotten Web URL was given        acquired external hard drive, by       be included. Please e-mail the
 as a clue for help.                    simply Googling model number           author at
                                        wd5000ml-00 (which also finds the      when you use it or for permission to
 Don't despair! Many manufacturers      Quick Install Guide, Product           excerpt or condense. Tiplet's free
 offer full manuals on their Web        Specifications and Frequently          newsletter
 sites, easily located and perused      Asked Questions (FAQ).                 provides weekly computer tips.
 online or downloaded for printing
 or offline reference.                  HAPPILY, MANUFACTURERS OFTEN           The article has been obtained from
                                        PUT ONLINE MANUALS FOR OLDER           APCUG with the author’s
 Start your quest by guessing or        PRODUCTS SOLD BEFORE WEB               permission for publication by
 Googling the manufacturer's Web        RESEARCH WAS COMMON. AND               APCUG member groups; all other
 site. For example, Googling            DON'T GIVE UP IF YOU CAN'T FIND        uses require the permission of the
 Oceanus -- my watch manufacturer       WHAT YOU NEED -- CLICK A               author (see e-mail address above).
 -- finds the <a href = "http://        SUPPORT OR CONTACT US LINK

JULY 2009                                  AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                Page 5
Important Details To Receive PPCUG
Computer HELP
 Gordon Giles
When asking for help it’s very          similar to web mail in that they        required information when asking
important you know what program         don’t save emails to your computer.     for help.
you were running when the               You just need access to the internet.   If emailing, don’t forget your full
problem started. For example,                                                   name and membership number.
someone will say “I was doing           The client based email was
some word processing and I had          originally used for people with jobs    Remember we can only give
finished and then couldn’t save it”.    whose companies stopped them            generic type of help if we only get
                                        from using the company’s email          sent details from you. If phoning,
In the case of MS Word there are        space for personal emails. As it        our helpers will not phone back so
about four main versions running        didn’t save items on the company’s      filling their answering machine will
and a possible three different          computer the boss was none the          not gain you any respect from the
answers or you may be using Word        wiser. Then they were handy for         helper.
Pad or Note Pad or even Open            travelling and on came web mail
Office.                                 from your ISP.                          We try to help our members as best
                                                                                we can but some members have
In the case of email problems we        All have their good and bad points      many sisters and brothers with
have three main groups and several      although I like to keep my emails       many different computers. It’s most
different programs.                     on my computer. Also some of the        difficult when you have been
                                        web mail and Client server types        relayed the problem and then you
Firstly the email program: This is      are full of advertising. In all cases   relay it to us. It becomes like
usually Outlook Express, Outlook        now, all you need is access to the      Chinese whispers.
and Eudora. These types are the         internet to get email and send the
ones that download the emails to        same, but you just need to know         In the case of phone help you must
your computer.                          which program you use and the           be at your computer when phoning
                                        email name and password, to send        as the helper may wish you to try
Next is Web mail: This is               to your heart’s content.                something to receive an action on
accessible via your ISP and is                                                  the screen. This will, in the end,
restricted to your access to your ISP   Many other things are important in      help out team helpers to assist you.
but works like ordinary email. It       gaining help, such as what
will not normally save emails on        Operating System you are using          All our rules are in the inside cover
your computer unless you copy and       and in some cases the speed or          of each magazine along with the list
paste, then save on your computer.      version of the Operating System.        of helpers.

Next is Client based email such as      To find this, right click on My         Thank you.
Yahoo, Hotmail, and Google mail.        Computer and click on properties        Gordon is a member of the Perth
These are usually free and work         and this will give you some             PC Users Group

                                            Club DVD’s
We still have DVDs to sell at $6-00 each. The contents are listed on the club’s web site.
If you have already purchased one and it appears to be empty go to your computer help and
look up “converting to NTFS”.
The disks were created on a computer running Vista Ultimate and using NTFS (New
Technology File System) and your system may have Fat 32. Usually this is not a problem but
occasionally I have found a problem.
If it will not auto start then open the DVD with Windows Explorer and look in the SDVD for
Default.htm and open this file and the program will start.
Gordon Giles.

Page 6                                      AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                             JULY 2009
                                           Perth PC Users Group Inc.
                                                                   P.O.Box 46 Riverton WA 6148

                                                   Membership Application
This is a:
    New Application        Renewal (Mem # ______ )          Change of Details (Mem #______ )
Membership Types: Please tick      One year membership rates below;
Individual   $60 First Year, thereafter *$50 per year, Magazine, Voting right and member discounts.
           (Please add $5 per email account if you are keeping your PPCUG email address and your ISP
           is not This applies to all membership types)
Family       $60 + $10 per extra family member first year, thereafter $50+$10, One magazine + same as Individual
Corporate    $100 Up to three nominees with I magazine + same as Individual (please supply extra names)
                                       (Note: Prices current at time of printing)

Mr.        Mrs.            Ms.              Other _______                      Surname:
First Name(s):                                                                               Preferred Name for Badge:
Street (Number & Name):
Suburb:                                                                                                 Date of Birth (optional)              /     /
State:                                                                                       Postcode:
Work:                            Home:                       Fax:               Mobile:
E-mail Address:
Company Name:                                          Occupation:
Can we use these details on a mailing list? YES / NO
Did you hear about the Perth PC Users Group through a: current member, magazine, newspaper,
Shopping Centre Display or Other (please circle)
If you were introduced by a current member please give name …………………………………...
I/We hereby apply for membership New / Renewal of the Perth PC Users Group (Inc.) and agree to abide by its
rules while I/We remain member(s).
 Signed ..............................................................                                                             Date       /   / 2009

 * Note: If your membership is in default you will be required to add a $10 rejoining fee to your subscription.

                                                  Payment details/credit card authority
           Forward to “The Treasurer”,Perth PC Users Group, P.O.Box 46, Riverton, W.A. 6148

  Home Postal Address
                                                                               Postcode                                 Country
  Telephone Numbers BH: (                                 )                                       AH: (             )

  Cheque (payable to “Perth PC Users Group Inc.”) enclosed
  or        Debit my credit card (Bankcard                          / Mastercard / Visa                           ) with
  Credit Card No.

  Expiry Date___ /___                         Signature                                                                           Date    /             /

 JULY 2009                                                            AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                                    Page 7
     Benefits of being a member                                                   Committee
                                                                            Gordon Giles 9276 4218 (H)
 The Perth PC Users Group provides its members with                
 many benefits including:
                                                                                  Vice President
 ▪    Monthly Meetings with guest speakers and
                                                                            Peter Scales 9446 6461(H)
                                                                            Helen Halma (H) 9361 7093
 ▪    Training Workshops: We hope to make training                

      workshops a more regular occurrence where members                             Treasurer
                                                                         Connie Aarnoudse 9398 4824 (H)
      can get a full day’s tuition on a particular subject for a 
      very cheap rate.
                                                                          Tineke de Vries 9398 8827 (H)
 ▪    Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for special interests or   
                                                                      Axess Magazine Editorial Committee
 ▪    Training at SIGs and special workshops.                               Trisha Moss 9293 2519
                                                                                 Robert Boylen

 ▪    A Free Club Magazine. As part of your membership,
                                                                               Other Committee
      AXESS, the group’s monthly magazine, is posted out to                  Tom Scott 0412 681 455
      you 11 times a year. AXESS publishes articles written                   Joe Potter 9457 1717
      by PC users worldwide; all members are welcome and                  Keemie van den Bor 9398 3658
      encouraged to submit articles on a subject they know                   Robert Boylen 93862666
      about to share with others. Members can advertise
      goods they wish to sell to or buy from other members.                     Technical Officer
      These advertisements are printed in AXESS free of             Trevor Davis 9399 7264 (H) 0411 789 611

 ▪    Membership with Perth PC Users Group presents you
                                                                               Publisher & Mail
                                                                         Perth PC Users Group Inc.
      with FREE telephone support from other users with                P.O. Box 46,Riverton, WA 6148
      expertise in many types of software and hardware areas. 

 ▪    Software and hardware discounts. From time to time,                            Printers
      discounts are offered to members from companies at                     S & F Finishing Services,
      ‘User Group’ prices on hardware and shareware                          1/10 Enterprise Crescent
      software registrations.                                                   Malaga WA 6090
                                                                                  Ph 9248 8500

                                                                   Microsoft Publisher was used in the production
 ▪    PPCUG acts as an agent for If you                           of this magazine.
      sign up with Westnet using our code C607 we can offer
      you a unique email address eg. for
      free, if you are a member.

If you wish to pay your membership fees directly into the Perth PC Users Group
                      bank account these are the details:
                                          BSB 036-078 (Westpac)
                                          Account Number 328801
(Please ensure that you give your surname and membership number, if possible
        and email the treasurer to confirm the deposit has been made.)

Page 8                                       AXESS - PERTH PCUG
                                                                 JULY 2009
 Jim’s Computer Tips
  Jim Paton

 New Word AutoText Without                   change it to something smaller at            from any e-mail lists you're on
 Retyping                                    this step.                                  (most good e-mail software
 So, you're working on your Word             Click OK when you're satisfied              removes addresses that bounce too
 document and you realize that you           with the name.                              many times). So, you may want to
 frequently use a certain word or            That's it! The AutoText entry is            keep this one as a last resort.
 phrase and you think that maybe it's        complete without retyping any text
 time to create an AutoText entry.           or a menu in sight!                         Make it Stand Out in Excel
 That entry combined with Word's                                                         Every once in awhile, we all have
 ability to show AutoComplete                Q:                                          data in MS Excel that just needs to
 suggestions of the AutoText could           I'm going on vacation next week             be presented with some "oomph."
 really save you some time.                  and I don't really want a bunch             right?
 What do you do?                             of e-mail piling up in my Inbox             Do you like to use AutoShapes or
 Well, one way would be to go to             while I'm gone. What can I do to            text boxes to draw the reader's
 the Insert menu, AutoText                   prevent this?                               attention to specific information?
 submenu, AutoText choice and                A:                                          Maybe you'd be interested to know
 begin typing the word or phrase that        I'm sure several of you have been           that the two can be combined. That
 you want to add. (While you're in           asking this very same question              is, you can put cell data into a text
 the AutoText window, double                 recently. If you get lots of e-mail         box or AutoShape with a direct
 check that the "Show                        (or even if you get a little e-mail)        reference to the cell.
 AutoComplete suggestions" option            everyday, it's going to build up            What's so good about a reference to
 is checked to take advantage of that        while you're away and you'll be             the cell, you ask?
 feature!)                                   bombarded with it all when you get          Since you reference the cell, you
 This method works, but it seems to          back home. What to do?                      don't have to retype the information
 be a bit of a pain to navigate into         Well, this may surprise you, but my         and the cell reference will provide
 the window just to retype the text          advice is to just let it pile up. If it's   automatic updates as the data
 anyway.                                     too much, just use your delete key          changes.
 What if you could use the text you          when you get back from vacation.            Happily, this merge of ideas can be
 already have in the document to             Besides, if you see something good,         done with very little work!
 create the AutoText entry without           you'll be glad you didn't miss it.          First, you need to draw the
 all the menus and submenus?                 You can also try telling everyone           AutoShape or text box you want to
 Sounds like a plan to me and you're         that you share e-mails with that            use.
 not going to believe how quickly it         you're going to be gone for awhile,         Now, with the AutoShape or text
 can be done!                                so if they can resist sending you e-        box selected, click into the
 First, highlight the text for the           mails, it would be best. Just send a        formula bar and type an equal
 AutoText entry.                             quick e-mail to everyone you think          sign (=).
 With the text still highlighted, hit        will write to you while you're gone         At this point, you simply need to
 the Alt + F3 keys.                          and tell them your vacation dates           click on the cell with the data to
                                             and to please refrain from e-mailing        display in the AutoShape or text
                                             you. Reassure them that you'll get          box.
                                             back to them when you get home.             Press the Enter key.
                                             That will save you from any Inbox           The data is now displayed inside
                                             mania issues when you return.               the object. From here, it's just a
                                             If you are signed up for newsletters,       matter of formatting the text and
                                             you can contact each list and see if        business as usual!
                                             they have a "vacation" mode they
                                             can put you into. Otherwise, you            These tips are provided by our
 The Create AutoText window will             can unsubscribe and then rejoin             members for the interest of our
 open with the highlighted text (or          when you get back.                          members. Original source is not
 part of it if it's a long string) already   A final suggestion is to have your          known.
 in place as a suggested name for            e-mail account disabled. That will
 your entry. You can choose to keep          cause any e-mail you get to bounce          Jim is a member of the Perth PC
 the entire suggested text string as         back to the sender. The only bad            Users Group
 the AutoText name or you can                thing is that you may be removed

JULY 2009                                        AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                    Page 9
 Juice Your Broadband Speed
  Vinny La Bash

 Vinny La Bash is a member of the        predecessors manufactured only         modem. The other side of the split
 Sarasota Personal Computer Users        two or three years ago. Cable          will take care of your television sets
 Group, Inc., FL, USA;                   modems are no exception, so if         which aren’t nearly as sensitive to; vlabash (at)             yours is more than three years old     line noise.                             get a new one from your provider.
                                                                                After you’ve done everything from
                                         Most providers will make a free
                                                                                a hardware and firmware standpoint
 People prefer broadband internet        exchange but some will require an
                                                                                and your cable connection is as
 connections because of the obvious      extension of your contract. You
                                                                                clean as possible, you’re ready to
 speed advantages over dial-up and       want to do this because the latest
                                                                                fine tune the system for best
 satellite links. Then why is it that    modems conform to the DOCSIS
                                                                                performance. Vista users don’t have
 broadband never seems to be fast        2.0 standard. This offers higher
                                                                                to do much of anything to optimize
 enough? Are you getting the speed       upload and download capabilities
                                                                                the operating system since Vista
 promised by your ISP? Broadband         and supports other advanced
                                                                                does TCP stack tuning dynamically.
 can cost $100 a month or more but       broadband applications, including
                                                                                Any internet performance
 does the provider really provide the    online gaming and peer-to-peer
                                                                                adjustments can be made through
 advertised speed? Is the connection     computing.
                                                                                the browser. Firefox users may
 reliable or does the modem need a
                                                                                want to try Firetune or Fasterfox.
 reboot several times a day?             Ask your ISP if they automatically
                                                                                They are both free utilities and
 Fortunately, there are ways to          update firmware for the modem. If
                                                                                allow adjustment to cache memory,
 achieve high, reliable throughput       they don’t, have them supply the
                                                                                capacity and other settings such as
 without having to have an               website address of your modem’s
 engineering degree. Here are some       manufacturer so you can download
 suggestions to get every bit per        the most recent firmware. Check        If you do a lot of downloading, you
 second possible from your modem         the website about twice a year for     can save time by installing a
 without any technical hiccups or        new updates.                           download manager like Flashget.
 interruptions in service.                                                      This widely used utility claims the
                                         Next, go to a test site such as PC     highest number of users on the
 Start with your computer and TV         Pitstop and check your upload and      internet. It uses MHT (Multi-server
 equipment. A common source of           download speeds to see if they         Hyper-threading Transportation)
 line noise can be traced to improper    match the terms of your service        technique. It’s very easy to use and
 grounding of anything that plugs        contract. If they don’t, give your     comes with exceptional document
 into household electrical circuits.     ISP a call and have them reset the     management features. Best of all,
 This can seriously degrade              modem’s settings. While you’re at      it’s free.
 performance of cable equipment.         it, have them check the signal-to-
 Every electrical device, especially     noise ratio. Too much noise can        After all this work, it would be a
 those in the same room as the cable     cause interference and your modem      tragedy if you didn’t keep in mind
 modem, should be plugged into           will then have to resend               that sometimes the simplest
 properly grounded outlets. The best     information cutting down on your       solutions are the best ones. Most
 connections are with polarized          throughput.                            cable modems and routers have
 plugs oriented in the correct                                                  reset features. Many a mysterious
 direction, and please don’t use any     It’s possible that your cable wiring   internet ailment has been corrected
 three prong to two prong adapters.      may contain too many splices or        simply by resetting the equipment.
 Get up-to-date gear. Electric outlet    simply be too long. That can be        Turn off the computer and the
 testers are cheap. Buy one and use      fixed by a visit from your ISP         modem. Un-plug the modem for a
 it to test for excess voltage on your   technician. Have the technician        few minutes and then power
 cable wiring. Any problem could         check the line quality leading to      everything back on. You may be
 indicate a serious safety hazard.       your house. If the signal is good      pleasantly surprised.
 Engage a licensed electrician to fix    and you’re having problems, the
 it.                                     house wiring may be the culprit.       This article has been obtained from
                                         The definitive answer for cable        APCUG with the author’s permission
 Almost anything manufactured            modems is to create a split directly   for publication by APCUG member
 today in the consumer electronics       after the junction box and then run    groups; all other uses require the
 world is light years ahead of its                                              permission of the author (see e-mail
                                         a new cable directly to your
                                                                                address above).

Page 10                                     AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                            JULY 2009
 Exploring Microsoft Windows 7
 Beta 1, Part II
  Lee Reynolds
 Lee Reynolds is a member of the            • a much friendlier version of
 Boca Raton Computer Society, FL,           Vista's User Account Control
 USA;; leetutor (at)           • some new capabilities of the Aero                              interface, notably "Aero Peek" and
                                            "Aero Shake" and "Aero Snap"
 This article has been obtained from
 APCUG with the author’s permission         MAIN FEATURES
 for publication by APCUG member            Let's start taking a look at the
 groups; all other uses require the         Windows 7 Beta in an organized
 permission of the author (see e-mail
                                            travelogue through all the main          THE TASKBAR
 address above).
                                            features, complete with screen           Let's take a look at the new
 Lee continues an overview of what the      captures. First, we take a look at the   Windows 7 Taskbar. Note that the
 new operating system might look like,      Desktop.                                 icons are a bit larger and therefore
 as well as what it is likely to have for                                            the Taskbar is wider than what you
 features.                                  THE DESKTOP                              may be used to from previous
                                            When you look at the Windows 7           versions of Windows. You can
 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS                        Beta Desktop (Figure 1), you will        adjust these smaller by using
 For those who are wondering, these         not see many differences from            Taskbar Properties but then you
 are what Microsoft says are the            Vista’s. One difference you will see     may lose some of the neat "Aero"
 system requirements for Windows            immediately, is that there is a little   effects. When you first install
 7:                                         message etched into the lower right      Windows 7, you see icons for
                                            hand corner of the screen reading:       Internet Explorer, Windows
 • a 1 GHz or faster processor (for         "Windows 7 For testing purposes          Explorer and Windows Media
 both the 32-bit and 64-bit version)        only. Build 7000". Also, there is a      Player. This is similar to what was
 • at least 1 GB of main memory             shortcut on the Windows 7 Desktop        present on what was called the
 (RAM)                                      labeled "Send Feedback". This is         "Quick Launch Toolbar" in earlier
 • at least 16 GB of available disk         your mechanism for telling               Windows.
 space to install the operating system      Microsoft about what you like and
 • a graphics adaptor that supports         dislike, what bugs you found, etc. It
 DX9 graphics with at least 128 MB          will only send the report to
 of memory (in order for Aero to            Microsoft if you have a Windows
 work)                                      Live ID number. The facility for
 • a DVD-R/W drive                          sending feedback is also present in
                                            every window you open, at the top
 MAIN IMPROVEMENTS                          right near the Minimize, Maximize
 Windows 7 is essentially a much            and Close buttons.
 improved Windows Vista. It has
 these main improvements over               As in Windows Vista, the Start           Does this mean the Quick Launch
 Vista, among many others:                  button of Windows XP and                 Toolbar is now gone in Windows
 • easier home networking through a         previous versions of Windows has         7? Yes, it does.
 new facility called HomeGroups             been replaced by a small round           The entire Taskbar in Windows 7 is
 • a much more capable Windows              "orb", which only tells you it is        now a mixture of pseudo Quick
 Backup tool                                related to "Start" if you hover the      Launch icons and the ordinary
 • a redesigned and more functional         mouse over it for a second or two        buttons present for running
 Taskbar                                    and then a tooltip pops up briefly.      programs.
 • a new concept for organizing files       Notice that Microsoft decided to
 and folders called Libraries               eliminate the famous Sidebar of          You can distinguish a button on the
 • the ability to use Windows Instant       Vista. You can still have "gadgets"      new Taskbar as being one for a
 Search over other PCs in a network         located on your Desktop but more         running program by the fact that the
 • improved support for multimedia          about that later.                        button appears to have a square
 using Windows Media Player and                                                      surrounding the icon. (Thus, the
 Windows Media Center                                                                rightmost icon in the screenshot

JULY 2009                                      AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                Page 11
(Figure 2), which is for the built-in                                           Notification Area. One is normally
Snipping Tool, has a square around                                              the "Action Center" icon, which
it because the program is running –                                             will notify you of important actions
that was what I used to take the                                                you need to take, like downloading
screenshot.)                                                                    a Windows update or turning on the
                                                                                Windows Firewall.
Also, if the button is a pseudo                                                 All of the Notification Area icons
Quick Launch button, then you can                                               can be individually adjusted to
right click it and select Unpin from                                            determine whether or not they
Taskbar on the context menu to                                                  appear there and whether or not
remove it. The screenshot below                                                 notification messages will be
shows this right click menu for the                                             displayed. More about that later.
Windows Explorer icon.                  All of the icons are moveable on        If there are hidden icons in the
                                        the Taskbar. Just click and drag any    Notification Area, you will see a
                                        icon left or right anywhere you         little upward pointing arrow on the
                                        want.                                   left which when clicked gives you a
                                                                                display of the ones not shown.
                                        The next screenshot shows the           Notice that now the Taskbar is wide
                                        “Notification Area” of the              enough to show the date as well as
                                        Windows 7 Taskbar. (This is what        the time at the right end in the
                                        was called the "System Tray" prior      Notification Area.
                                        to Windows XP.)
                                                                                There are other properties of the
                                                                                new Taskbar, which will be
                                                                                described further in the Aero
If you right click one of the pseudo                                            Effects section.
Quick Launch icons on the                                                       That is all for now, come back next
Taskbar, you get what is called a                                               month for Part 3, which will cover
"Jump Menu". The screenshot                                                     the New Aero Effects:
shows a Jump Menu for Windows
Media Player.                                                                   Aero Shake
                                        Notice that there are only a few        Aero Peek
                                        icons present in the Windows 7          Aero Snap

Twitter - What You Are Doing
Right Now
 Ira Wilsker

Ira Wilsker, APCUG Director;            Twitter (the internet service and the   media quoted by, “The
Iwilsker (at); http://        person who does the posting) and        New York Times calls Twitter "one                         Twittering or Tweeting (the posting     of the fastest-growing phenomena
                                        of personal activities on Twitter)      on the Internet." TIME Magazine
This article has been obtained from     has become one of the most popular      says, "Twitter is on its way to
APCUG with the author’s permission      ways of communicating one’s             becoming the next killer app," and
for publication by APCUG member         activities so that others can follow    Newsweek noted that "Suddenly, it
groups; all other uses require the      what is going on in the life of a       seems as though all the world's a-
permission of the author (see e-mail
                                        Twitter. The service is self-           twitter." One may wonder why a
address above).
                                        described as, “Twitter is a service     Twitter user would post his daily
                                        for friends, family and co–workers      activities as they occur; Twitter
Several of the readers of this
                                        to communicate and stay connected       explains it this way, “Why?
column asked me, “What is
                                        through the exchange of quick,          Because even basic updates are
Twitter?” following the media
                                        frequent answers to one simple          meaningful to family members,
reports that senators and congress
                                        question: What are you doing?”          friends or colleagues―especially
people were “Twittering” during
                                        According to some of the national       when they’re timely.”
recent presidential speeches.

Page 12                                     AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                            JULY 2009
 Just to experience the life of a       clicking on the “Find People” icon,     residence of the British Prime
 Twitter, I went to     a window is opened that says “Find      Minister), rapper M. C. Hammer,
 and signed up for a free account.      people”. Follow them”. To locate        CNN Breaking News, Al Gore,
 The signup process was very fast       friends on Twitter, I chose to allow    John McCain, Whole Foods Market
 and easy, only asking for me to        Twitter to access my email address      (Fresh organic tweets from Whole
 create my user name, create a          book to determine if any of my          Foods Market HQ in Austin),
 secure password and enter my           current correspondents are on           Lance Armstrong, Britney Spears
 email address. After creating my       Twitter. Twitter can access (but        (Yes! This is the real Britney
 account, I was given the               only with your express permission)      Spears!), George Stephanopoulos
 opportunity to upload a photo of       address books on Yahoo, Gmail,          (ABC News Chief Washington
 myself for display to anyone that      AOL, Hotmail and MSN. It will           Correspondent and Host of "This
 views my Twitter page and allow        quickly scan the online address         Week"), Women's Wear Daily, the
 me to customize my page to control     book and match any email                Nightline TV news show, Martha
 the way others view it. I entered my   addresses in the address book           Stewart, comedian and magician
 first short message that I was using   against the millions already in the     Penn Jillette, rapper 50 cent and
 Twitter and it appeared on my now      Twitter database. Twitter states that   many more. The business and news
 personalized webpage. Since            it does not save the email addresses    outlets listed post breaking news or
 messages and other postings are        and passwords and does not send         special deals to their Twitter
 intended to appear as text messages    out emails to those located without     friends. One that I added, being the
 on cell phones as well as on a         express permission to do so. I also     nascent bargain shopper, is
 webpage, individual postings are       used the “Find on Twitter” feature, which posts one deeply
 limited to 140 characters, the         to enter my last name to see if any     discounted bargain each day in each
 maximum length of a text message       of my relatives are on Twitter and      of its merchandise categories.
 (SMS) allowed on most cell phone       add them to my friends list. Just as
 systems.                               a lark, I entered the names of some     Twitter, the company, is
                                        of our elected officials and found      headquartered in San Francisco and
 As I was typing this column, I
                                        that several of them do have Twitter    was founded in 2006. It is a small
 posted a Twitter (message) that I
                                        accounts. If I want to invite friends   company, with only a few dozen
 was typing this column; if anyone
                                        by personal email, I can enter their    employees but has millions of
 is following my activities at this
                                        email addresses in the “Invite by       members. It has a marketing model
 instant, he would receive this news
                                        Email” box and Twitter will send        to generate revenue but the revenue
 as a text message on his cell phone,
                                        them an invitation.                     model has not yet been
 as an RSS feed on his computer and
                                                                                implemented, leaving all of the
 email or by simply viewing my
                                        If I want to add celebrities to my      posts and web pages currently free
 Twitter webpage. On my view of
                                        friend’s list, I can click on           of advertising.
 my webpage is a text box where I
                                        “Suggested Uses” and a list of
 can type my current activity, as
                                        celebrities who Twitter will be         I am not sure how much I will be
 long as I keep it under 140
                                        displayed. By checking the box          using Twitter on a regular basis by
 characters, as shown by the counter
                                        adjacent to their names, we can         posting my personal activities and
 adjacent to the text box. Postings
                                        exchange Twitter posts and monitor      short commentaries but I will check
 can be made or received by
                                        each others’ activities. Some of the    my page occasionally just to see
 computer, cell phone text message,
                                        more interesting celebrities and        who is following my activities. The
 Blackberry or other
                                        online services that can be added to    main purpose of Twitter is to
 communications device. Postings
                                        anyone’s Twitter friends list are the   answer the question, “What are you
 can also be received on any
                                        Jodrell Bank observatory, the Dell      doing?” For those who want others
 newsreader that uses the RSS
                                        Outlet Store, JetBlue Airways           to be able to know the answer in
 format news feed.
                                        Customer Service (monitors Twitter      real time, they can do so with
 Twitter makes it very easy to find     24/7), the New York Times, 10           Twitter.
 friends who also Twitter. By           Downing Street (the official

  Welcome to our new members
          Allen Mc Namara                                                   Stephanie Mc Namara

If you have any queries regarding non-delivery of magazines, membership cards or other problems with your
membership, please e-mail Tineke De Vries ( or phone her on (9398 8827) .

JULY 2009                                  AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                              Page 13
 Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Armadale Daytime SIG                    recommended a book Sam’s Teach          included and it is issued by email.
                                        Yourself Adobe Photoshop 7 in 24        Powerpoint may be the preferred
Joy O’Grady                             Hours by Carla Rose as being an         option to Publisher as it has the
                                        easier way to master it. Brian          ability to save as Pack & Go which
                                        asked that we email him our types       includes a viewer for those who
We had a small rollup today with
                                        of cameras and what programs we         don’t have Powerpoint. Brian
12 members attending. Malcolm
                                        primarily use as a starting point.      displayed the information about
Holmes announced his resignation
                                        This is definitely a subject worth      Pack & Go on the overhead.
as Convenor from the Armadale
                                        exploring due to the multitude of
morning SIG due to the greater
                                        programs available and most of us       Noel wanted to know what a self
need of care for his wife. Thanks
                                        just want to know all the basics.       extracting file was. This is a file
Malcolm for your very organized
                                        There is a training video on Adobe      which is compressed usually via
running of our SIG and your
                                        Photoshop available for loan from       either Winzip or Winrar to allow
humour, which brightened up many
                                        the Club.                               transit via the internet and opens
a morning meeting. Brian Moore
                                                                                automatically by clicking the
took over the reins for today but a
                                        Jim’s interest in genealogy tempted     mouse. Brian Moore often
new Convenor will need to be
                                        him to find photo albums capable of     downloads TV programs which
                                        storing photos for 200 years. He        come in segments and on extraction
                                        found two types. One was Henso          they join together to make up the
Questions & Answers
                                        and the other Memories (a USA           movie. You can’t send an .exe file
                                        product at around $80).                 over the net without first zipping it
A member was interested in
copying slides and Brian had seen
                                        Google Earth was discussed and
information on a dedicated slide
                                        Brian advised that photos can be        The cost of prepaid internet
converter for around $160. He
                                        sent direct to the printer from the     connection for laptops was raised.
offered to email details on it.
                                        program. Members were keen to           Dodo offered 15 gbs over 12
                                        have a demo in the future on use of     months for $135. If travelling you
Barbara was keen for us to organize
                                        Google Earth.                           need to check the coverage as some
separate meetings to cover hands on
                                                                                brands are fine in metro areas but
lessons on how to handle the digital
                                        Ria produces a newsletter and           useless in country towns. Ria
photos our cameras produce. There
                                        someone came up with the idea that      wondered if she could use her USB
was much discussion on this subject
                                        she should use Publisher, load it       wireless connector in Internet Shop.
eg. where to store them, what
                                        onto the web and send it                Not necessary as they have direct
cables to use, resizing, burning to
                                        electronically to members. She was      wiring.
DVD even creating Digital Albums.
                                        concerned that if others didn’t have
A suggestion was that, perhaps one
                                        Publisher would they be able to         Treepad Plus was advocated as a
hour could be kept in a meeting to
                                        view it. This seemed a tall ask for a   great tool for keeping all your hints.
allow individuals to show which
                                        beginner to HTML so other options       This is on the Club CD and Brian
program they preferred and its pros
                                        were discussed. Barbara said that       gave a brief demo on the overhead.
and cons. Jim Percival was an
                                        the Penguin Club uses Word which        This was considered a good subject
advocate for Photoshop which is
                                        allows columns and photos to be         for the future. One particular use
usually quite difficult to learn – he

 At this month’s General Meeting the presentation will be:

  Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation, Google Toolbar (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)

        Google and the Search Engine Algorithm Changes, Internet Fraud and Much More......

                                          presented by Paul Barden

                  If you have a request for a special presentation or a suggestion for the monthly
                 General Meetings, please contact Gordon Giles by e-mail:

Page 14                                    AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                             JULY 2009
 Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
 was for keeping all your serial        across, Sandra thought as it is part     archived files and the 1386 folder
 numbers together. It is also capable   of Windows it cannot be moved.           but not much of anything else that
 of holding all the information on      I found the below advice on the net      will gain any substantial disk space
 the free CD’s that come with           which may help.                          on the C:\ drive. You can also move
 magazines and only requires typing     1.What we are going to do is             the Page file but it may lead to a
 in a particular word to locate which   relocate My Documents to the             slight drop in performance if you
 CD it was on.                          folder F:/My Documents. Here's           move the page file to a different
                                        how to do it:                            partition on the same hard disk.
 Leo requested that EBay be             Go to My Documents and select
 considered in the future as a          Properties.                              Another alternative (the one I
 demonstration. He mentioned that       When you've clicked on Properties,       would use) would be to use a third
 the owners made nothing in the first   select "Move" and then navigate to       party partitioning tool like
 year; $20,000 in the 2nd and by the    your new partition. That's F in my       BootItNg or Partition Magic and
 3rd year they are giving away          case. Then click "Make New               rejoin or merge the D:\ partition
 $100,000,000 per year. Definitely      Folder." Enter "My Documents" as         into the C:\ partition. That is a bit
 worth an understanding!                the folder name and hit enter and        complicated but not altogether that
                                        then OK. Windows will then ask           hard to do, it is for most part quite
 Brian showed us how IView works.       you whether you want to move your        safe to do but there is always a risk
 It allows you to test your bandwidth   documents; click yes.                    of errors and partition errors can
 and for those on Westnet the           Moving your documents make take          lead to catastrophic loss of all the
 download is unmetered (so free).       some time. Once moved, though,           data on the disk.
 I’ll have to get that TV episode I     you can access them normally from
 missed!                                the "My Documents" icon on the           Sandra demonstrated how to do
                                        desktop or elsewhere.                    labels in Word with an Avery
 Raffle                                 In the process you'll free up a lot of   program you can download for free.
 This was drawn but the person with     room on your C: drive. Defrag the        It has templates for various types of
 the magic number had left so no        drive so it can be utilized by           labels and easy to use.
 prize this week.                       Windows in the most effective
                                        manner.                                            —–oooOooo—–
          —–oooOooo—–                   For more information you can
                                        consult this Microsoft document.         Kalamunda SIG
 Armadale Evening SIG         
                                                                                 Wendy Day
 Mara Wheeler
                                                                                 If you weren’t among the 14
                                        2. it’s a bit more complicated than
 May                                                                             members present at the Kalamunda
                                        that. You can move the "My
 Brian opened the meeting at 6.30                                                May meeting you missed a treat.
                                        Documents" folders quite easily:
 pm with 15 members attending. Joy                                               The speaker was Ric McDonald,
 did a demo on trimming a movie                                                  who told us all about how to buy
                                        How to Change the Default
 clip which is done with Nero Vision                                             and sell on eBay. Ric has been
                                        Location of the My Documents
 and a free program called Rad tools                                             selling Nikon and Canon cameras
 from Binck and Smacker, this is                                                 on eBay for some time now and so
 used to convert MOV files to AVI.                                               is right up to date on all the ins and
 Joy already has this write up in the                                            outs of conducting electronic
 last magazine so I won’t double up.                                             business on the ‘www’.
                                        Moving the whole Documents and
 You can also make slide shows on                                                First of all he gave us the following
                                        Settings folder is a bit more
 Nero.                                                                           information on a hand-out sheet:
 Q & A. Peter had a problem with                                                 What is eBay?
 installing a new printer on a Vista                                             1. An On line Auction and e store
                                        An error message informs you that
 PC.Sandra advised to turn off all                                               business
                                        you cannot move or rename the
 Security programs and not to plug                                               2. 250 million users globally
                                        Documents and Settings folder
 in the printer before doing the                                                 3. Turns over US$1BiIlion each
 setup.                                                                          week
 Joy’s question was she has only                                                 4. Attracts 70,000 new members
 about 5gb’s left on her partitioned                                             each week
                                        Other than the user folders there
 drive so she tried to move My                                                   5. Has 33 country-based websites
                                        isn't really all that much that can
 Doc’s onto the E drive of the                                                   so you can sell to your own country
                                        easily be moved from the C:\ to the
 partition but it would not move
                                        D:\ partition. You can move                             (Continued on page 16)

JULY 2009                                  AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                 Page 15
Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
 (Continued from page 15)                us eBay in action. Ric warned that     the document but if you go to Print
 or to the world from your computer.     there are crooks on eBay just as       Preview they will show clearly.
 6. AUSTRALIA - a. Ebay AU has           there are in real life – no more, no   Page Numbers: There is another
 5 million members; b. 105,000,000       less – but the Feedback system is a    way to add page numbers if that is
 items on offer at any one time; c.      protection. ‘’ is one      all you want. Go to Insert – Page
 50,000 different categories; d. A car   website where you go to research       Numbers and choose the ‘Position’,
 is sold every 12 mins and 27 secs;      the best times to put your item up     whether you want it in the Header
 e. A laptop is sold every 8 mins and    for sale, etc. PayPal charges the      or the Footer, and the ‘Alignment’,
 46 secs; f. An antique is sold every    seller 2 ½ % of selling price but      whether you want the number on
 3 mins and 7 secs; g. A baby item is    there are guarantees both ways and     the Left, in the Centre, etc. You
 sold every 46 seconds; h. A DVD is      Bank transfer is not as good. When     can also choose not to show the
 sold every 23 secs                      you are buying, look at the seller,    number on the first page if that is
 i. A piece of women's clothing is       read the feedback, get an idea of      just the Title page of your
 sold every 13 secs; j. 409 Pianos       how they sell, then ask yourself if    document by taking the tick out of
 sold the previous week top price        you feel comfortable buying from       the ‘show number on first page’
 $2,995 (Behringer EUROGRAND);           them.                                  box. Again you have the option of
 and k. $45,462 worth of Pianos the                                             changing the format by clicking on
 previous week                           After the tea break Wendy              the Format button and choosing a
 7. The average Aussie woman has a       presented Headers and Footers in       number style – click OK. Click OK
 potential small fortune $725* worth     Back to Basics. You find ‘Headers      when you are satisfied with your
 of unwanted clothing lurking in her     and Footers’ under ‘View’. A text      choices.
 wardrobe, according to a recent         box appears at the top with the
 survey commissioned by                  word ‘Header’ and a toolbar            Next came the raffle and Allan Women beat their           appears on the page. When you          Briggs won five Music CD-Rs.
 male counterparts hands down, who       click ‘Insert Auto Text’ you can
 have on average just $372.00*           select from a list of options which    Q & A session
 worth of clothes in their closets       will automatically populate the text   Q A member was having trouble
 they no longer wear.                    box. If you keep clicking the          with a program called AntiVirusPro
 In 2006 More than 8,500                 options they will add to the           which he didn’t remember
 professional eBay sellers in            previous selections, so be careful.    installing.
 Australia currently derive their        The first icon inserts a page          A This program is a rogue program
 primary or Secondary source of          number, the next inserts the number    and came in on a Trojan, so remove
 income from selling on                  of pages and clicking the third icon   it. Google AntiVirusPro and the according to                gives you choices for formatting the   option to remove it will come up.
 ACNielsen research.                     page numbers e.g. Roman numerals       Q A Word 2007 document was
 The research also shows                 etc. The next icons give the option    received, opened and saved in
 1. Almost 2,500 Australians use         of inserting a date or the time. The   compatible mode on one computer
 eBay as their primary source of         following icons take you directly to   but when it came up on another
 income.                                 ‘Page setup’ and ‘Show and Hide        computer it opened as WordPad by
 2. More than 6,000 Australians run      document text’. To change from         default.
 a business and use eBay as a            Header to Footer and back again,       A Right click the document – Open
 secondary sales channel.                click the icon showing a page with     with – tick ‘Always use the selected
 3. Almost 7,000 eBay sellers in         offset headers and footers. The        program’.
 Australia have considered quitting      greyed out icon and the last two
 their day jobs to sell full-time on     icons prior to ‘Close’ only apply
 eBay                                    where a document is split into
 4. Three out of four eBay small         ‘sections’, or has a unique first      South of the River
 businesses believe eBay has helped      page, with different Headers and       Daytime SIG
 them reach out to more buyers than      Footers. On the Ruler at the top of    Joe Potter
 is possible through an offline          the page you will see that tabs have
 business and over a third believe       been set in the middle and at the      May
 eBay has helped them become more        right of the page so you can use the   The Third-Thursday-of-month-SIG.
 profitable.                             Tab key to tab over to one of these    1:00pm, ( Next: 16Jul, 20Aug,
 Ric gave us a general overview of       settings to place your page number     17Sep.)
 conducting business on the web,         or other title.
 looking at safety aspects from a        Exactly the same options apply to      Our May meeting was as exciting
 buyer and seller point of view.         the Footer when you change to it.      as April’s, but for a different
 Then he took us online and showed       The headers and footers are feint on   reason. The predicted strong winds

Page 16                                     AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                          JULY 2009
 Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
 for our Third Thursday meeting          When linked to your PC, a UPS can       bin to save space. Similarly,
 date decided to force another           shut it down safely when there is a     instruct your internet browser to
 sudden change of format on us,          blackout. When it comes to              delete its temporary files on
 when falling branches and similar       lightning, however; the safest          shutdown. Deleted emails seem to
 results of nature’s power cut off       protection is about a meter gap         be in a half-way state too, even if
 electricity just after the group’s      between the power outlet and the        your setting is “empty deleted
 computer and projector were set up      cables.                                 mailbox on exit”, and they clutter
 and talking nicely to each other.                                               up the works until you “compact”
 RAAFA staff told us they were           Connections should be tight, inside     mailboxes (Outlook Express) or
 being sent home, but we could           or outside a PC to avoid trouble. A     “concentrate” them (Eudora).
 continue as long as we “shut the        cable was shown which came off a
 door behind us” when we left. Two       crashed SATA harddrive. It was a        Defragment your harddrives too
 hours later, we 8 member and 4          loose fit, so one can only guess        from time to time, to rejoin
 guests did, after one member stood      whether it contributed to the failure   scattered file parts and provide
 up to declare that today’s was the      by corrupting data or damaging          large blocks of clear space for new
 best meeting we’d had for a long        delicate electrical components, or      files to be written to.
 time.                                   not. Digressing from electrical
                                         problems, PCs must be shut down         Malfunctioning keyboard:
 So, what made the difference?           by the software (Start/Turn Off../      Somehow triggered by some typing
 Firstly, we had questions and           Turnoff), and not just switched off     error, pressing an underscore
 answers for entre, dinner, and          at the mains. Let them install          generated a full line.
 sweets, apart from a 4GB USB key        security updates etc. when they         This was identified by a member as
 door prize and some minor gifts.        want to at shutdown unless you          XP’s “Sticky Keys” function,
 Secondly, members freely joined in      want corrupt files. This means do       which can be started several ways,
 contributing answers and valuable       NOT press the PC power button in        including pressing Shift key 5 times
 insights. This seemed to generate an    for 4 seconds to force a shutdown       to start or cancel Sticky Keys, vis:
 interactive questioning process as
 well, probing varied aspects of a       Improving Startup times:
 subject.                                PCs automatically start numerous
 (Maybe we should black out the          programmes when you turn them
 projector at times to free up the       on. BIOS tells the computer what it
 exchange of ideas, etc.)                ism, and where it can find what it
 Lastly, the whiteboard stopped          needs to run; the operating system
 being a white elephant, and was         loads necessary drivers and other
 brought into play to illustrate some    software to run your hardware and       Nero interfering with playing
 answers with (very rough) sketches      programmes. Some programmes             videos:
 of screen layout and ‘things to         start very early in the process to      It seems that recent installation of
 click’.                                 protect the PC from viruses and         Nero created a new default file
                                         other dangerous things that infect      association. To this, locate and
 Discussions:                            our machines for other people’s         right-click on the wanted file, select
                                         criminal pleasure or profit, and        ‘open with”, browse to a preferred
 Protecting Computers:                   others just nominate themselves to      programme to play it, and select
 The concern about possible damage       auto-start. We can check up on          ‘OpenWith/Choose Program/
 to our projector by the sudden          some of these by looking in the         Browse’ then select a program and
 power failure led to a discussion on    ‘Startup” folder, and chosing to        tick the box to “Always use (for)
 protecting equipment from power         delete their shortcut icons if so       this kind of file”.
 surges. Surge protectors have finite    desired. Right-click ‘Start’, and
 response speeds and practical limits    select Explore all Users’/Programs/     Bob Ivery volunteered to demo
 to what they can handle (as listed in   Startup to see those ones.              “Media Player Classic” next month
 specifications). Sparks from                                                    from a recent Australian PCU
 wriggling USB connections to            While on speed, cleaning up the         magazine’s DVD. Great move Bob!
 remove them can damage stored           ‘rubbish’ that clutters up computers    He also mentioned that his copy
 files or the USB device itself,         over time is a good way to start.       includes a promotion by Microsoft,
 simple things as avoiding ‘sparks’      Deleted files go in a half-way house    offering Students ‘MS Office
 An uninterruptable power supply         called the Recycle Bin. If you need     Ultimate” for only $75.
 (UPS) provides further help by          one back, it can be restored from
 feeding mains power through             inside the bin, but when you are
 stabilized circuits to a battery.       sure files are not needed, empty the                  (Continued on page 19)

JULY 2009                                   AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                Page 17
                     This Month’s SIG Meetings
         A note to all SIG members: If a member of your SIG sends notification of the next month’s
         topics to the editor of AXESS, these topics will be entered on this page (see below). This will
         attract more people to your meetings.
         See the calendar on page 23 for the date of SIG meetings.
         Advise all changes (convenor, cost, date and venue of meeting etc.) to the editor as soon as
         possible so that the entry may be updated.
  ARMADALE DAYTIME SIG                                       ARMADALE EVENING SIG
  Meets fourth Tuesday of the month; for members and non-    Meets third Tuesday of the month; for members and non-
  members, covering all computer topics.                     members, covering all computer topics.

  Cost        $3 for members, $4 for visitors                Cost      $3 for members, $4 for visitors
 Convenor Gordon Giles: Phone 9276 4218                      Level     Beginners to intermediate
                          Convenors Brian Moore: phone 9399 3873 or
  Venue       CWA rooms, corner of Anton and                 
              Avonlea Streets, Armadale                      Venue     CWA rooms, corner of Anton and
  Topic       To Be Advised                                            Avonlea Streets, Armadale
  Date        See calendar on page 19                        Date      See calendar on page 19
  Time        9:30 am - 12:30 pm                             Time      6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

  KALAMUNDA SIG                                              DIANELLA EVENING SIG
  Meets third Thursday of the month; for members and non-    Meets second Monday of the month; for members and non-
  members, covering all computer topics.                     members, covering all computer topics.

  Cost        $3 members, $4 for visitors                    Cost        $3 members, visitors $4
  Level       Beginners to intermediate                      Level       Beginners to Intermediate.
  Convenor    Tom Docherty, phone 9293 3445                  Convenor    Peter Scales, phone 9446 6461 or
  Venue       Staff Room, St Brigid's College, Lesmurdie.    Topic       To be advised
  Date        See calendar on page 19                        Venue       Jim Satchell Hall, Light St, Dianella
  Time        7:00 pm - 9:00 pm                              Date        See calendar on page 19
                                                             Time        6:45 pm - 9:00 pm
  Meets second Wednesday of the month; for members and
  non-members, covering all computer topics.

  Cost        $3 members, visitors $4
  Level       Beginners to Intermediate.
  Convenor    Jeff Orr: phone 9344 5668
              Topic To be advised
  Venue       Les Hansen Centre, Walter Rd, Morley
              Behind the Morley Markets
  Date        See calendar on page 19
  Time        1.00 pm - 3:00 pm

  Meets on the Third Thursday of the month; for members     Meets on the last Thursday of the month; for members
  and non-members, covering all computer topics.            and non-members, covering all computer topics.

  Cost        $3 members, $4 visitors                       Cost         $3 for members, $4 for visitors
  Level       Beginners to intermediate.                    Level        Intermediate
  Convenor    Joe Potter, phone 9457 1717                   Convenor     Terry Vernon, phone 9354 2939 or
  Venue       Ev Nicholls Room, RAAF Association.,          Venue        Ev Nicholls Room, RAAF Association.
              Bullcreek Road, Bullcreek                                  Bullcreek Dve, Bullcreek
  Date        See calendar on page 19                       Date         See Calendar on page 19
  Time        1:00pm – 3:30 pm                              Time         7:00 pm (after bagging of AXESS magazine
                                                                         from 6:00 pm)

Page 18                                         AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                               JULY 2009
 Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

                                            require your email account name           our June meeting for our doorprize/
 Continued from page 17)
                                            and password for access. Use your         s. Winners each month are
                                            normal internet browser for access,       encouraged (note, not expected) to
 People sending big email                   and look on your ISP’s homepage           volunteer to talk about any
 attachments:                               for a webmail link.                       programme they find interesting or
 This is a real problem if you are on
                                            DoorPrize Subscription:
 dial-up or have a tightly capped
                                            This SIG’s members have                   Our SIG is what we make it, so lets
 download limit. Instead of
                                            contributed to a year’s subscription      make it fun as we share ideas and
 downloading emails with your
                                            to an Australian computer monthly         solutions.
 usual email client programmes, pre-
                                            magazine that comes with a                 Joe
 check by webmail and delete any
                                            software DVD. The first issue is
 you have no interest in. Most ISPs
                                            expected to be available in time for                 —–oooOooo—–
 provide this service, but of course

                                                    JULY 2009
   Sunday           Monday              Tuesday        Wednesday          Thursday              Friday          Saturday

                                                              1                 2                   3              4


       5                6                   7                 8                 9                  10              11

                                         PPCUG           Morley SIG                           ** Deadline for
                                        Committee                                              next month’s
                                         Meeting                                             issue of AXESS

      12               13                   14               15                16                  17              18

                 Dianella Evening                                       South of the River
                        SIG                                               Daytime SIG

                                                                         Kalamunda SIG

      19               20                   21               22                23                  24              25

                                        Evening SIG

      26               27                   28               29                30                  31

                                         Armadale                       Magazine Bagging
                                        Daytime SIG                      and South of the
                                                                        River Evening SIG

 To ensure that the correct information is shown on these pages, please advise details of SIG meetings
     - such as times, dates and topics - to Gordon Giles ( or 9276 4218).
                 Also send a copy to the editor ( or 9293 2519).

JULY 2009                                        AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                               Page 19
Reader’s Forum
    Your Questions Answered
     Members can have their questions answered by sending them by e-mail to                or   by    posting   them     to   Readers     Forum,
     PO Box 46, Riverton, WA 6148. Include your membership details (name and number) and as much detail
     about your computer system as possible. A team of experienced computer users has been formed to help

     Answers to your questions will be sent to you, and the questions and answers will be published in the
     Readers’ Forum section in AXESS magazine. Your name will not be published unless you request it.

 Question                                  This is like the UDF format that           my ‘add and remove’ programs. It
 How do you get the tabs in Firefox.       INCD program creates.                      included numerous sites that I go to
                                           It sets up a blank disk so you can drag    on a daily basis as well as my
 Answer                                    and drop files to it like another drive.   bookmarks. I was able to get my
 Here is how you show the tabs in          This is all fine if the computer is        bookmarks back, but the site history is
 Firefox.                                  running the same software and burner/      missing. Is there a way to get the
 Go to Tools, options and place a tick     reader supports this mode.                 entire original task bar back....or at
 in 'Always show the tab bar'              There may also be a setting for            least get the site history back?
 Now right click on the tab bar - select   finalizing the disk to play in someone     This all started about 2 weeks ago
 'New tab' then load the page you want     else’s computer.                           when I downloaded the highly
 for that tab.                                                                        recommended upgrade, Internet
 You can have as many tabs as you          Question                                   Explorer 8. My computer has crashed
 want.                                     I recently updated Internet Explorer       several times, couldn't access files,
 When you close Firefox down, you          8 using a hyperlink supplied by            endless pop up security warnings,
 will get an option of 'Do you want        Yahoo. I am now unable to get              entire system shutting down to
 Firefox to save your tabs for the next    Google back as my default search           desktop, constant error
 time it starts?'                          page. Subsequently, I followed             messages.....the list goes on.
 If you have several tabs open you may     Microsoft's instructions on how to         I have spent countless hours over the
 just want to close some of then           reset the default and also ticked the      past 12 days with more than a dozen
 manually before selecting 'Save and       box labelled ‘Prevent programs from        techs, plus advanced techs, research
 Quit'. Also if you don't want             suggesting changes to my default           techs and even managers. Last night a
 reminding each time place a tick in       search provider’. Frustrated that          manager closed the case because he
 'Do not ask next time'                    Yahoo could do this, I even deleted        said he could do nothing further to
                                           Yahoo from ‘Manage Add-ons’ which          solve the problems.
 Question                                  now, shows under ‘Name’ as ‘Fickr-         My goal is to get my original Google
 Hi I have recently burnt two DVD’s        not available’. Yahoo is still             task bar back, if possible. Or at least
 using Nero on my Vista ultimate           stubbornly opening Explorer as the         get my site history back. Thanks in
 computer and tried them on the            default. I've spent a lot of time trying   advance for any help !
 desktop and the laptop running the        to solve this one. Has PPCUG support
 same system. When I gave them to a        any suggestions for overcoming this        Answer
 club member he could not run them         problem?                                   To get your home page back all you
 on XP. All computers are NTFS. On         See below an Explorer update               have to do is to bring up the page you
 the XP computer the disk reads Used       problem experienced by another             require, ie.
 space 0 File Space O and reports it to    surfer.                                    Then same as IE7, go to Tools,
 be a RAW file. On the two vista           I suggest club members only update         Internet Options, the first listing under
 computers it reads File System CDFS.      Explorer from Microsoft’s official         General, is Home page. Click on "Use
 No matter what we try we cannot get       site.                                      Current" to make the current page the
 the DVD to read on the DVD reader                                                    home page.
 running XP. Can you help PLEASE?          The following item was downloaded          With IE7 and IE8, you can actually
                                           from Google's user's help line. The        have more than one page come up
 Answer                                    writer did not mention Yahoo, but I’m      when you start IE in separate Tabs. If
 What version of Nero are you using?       hoping it has no relationship to my        you don't want this to happen then
 What were the exact steps you took in     problem.                                   make sure there is only one entry
 making the DVD?                                                                      listed in the Home Page window.
 Were you burning a movie DVD or a         ANOTHER SURFER’S PROBLEM
 data DVD disk?                            EXTRACTED FROM AN                          By installing IE8 from the Yahoo
 I think you have done the latter.         INTERNET HELP SITE                         webpage it also adds Yahoo as the
 Your burner settings on your                                                         default home page and also installs
 computer probably are set to format       Thanks to a Microsoft "tech" my            the yahoo toolbar. These can be
 the DVD data disk as a CDFS disk.         Google task bar was removed from

Page 20                                       AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                  JULY 2009
 disabled under the Manage add-ins           screen to the top. I have tried scrolling    you’re not dragging it all the way to
 section.                                    down whilst holding the mouse down           the bottom. You just need to hold the
 As with any software update there are       (Left & Right) but this only moves it        left mouse key down.
 always advantages or some risks.            to the top RHS.                              If you can’t make it all the way to the
                                             Could you please tell me how I did it        bottom, then release the mouse button
 You should have the option to
                                             and how I can put it back at the             when it is on the side then try another
 uninstall IE8 in your Add Remove
                                             bottom?                                      grab and drag it to the bottom.
 Programs in control panel.
                                             Thanking you for all your help.              When it is in position you want you
 Question                                                                                 can right click and select "Lock
 The task bar (Start, Clock etc) on my                                                    Taskbar" to keep it there in future.
                                             You’re almost there. It sounds like
 XP has jumped from the bottom of the

 How Can I Tweak Firefox and Thunderbird
 to be as Great as People Say they are?
  Gabe Goldbert
Gabe Goldberg, Computers and                 Tools and then Options. Explore the tabs:    browse for alternatives, since several add-
Publishing, Inc.; Tiplet (at)                Main, Tabs, Content, Applications,           ons may perform similar functions. Look                                 Privacy, Security and Advanced; within       at ratings (number of stars) and number
                                             Advanced, subtabs address different          of downloads reported -- obviously a
One of the Internet's many beauties is the functions. For each options group, the         highly-rated add-on being downloaded
diversity of choices available -- for        Help button displays specific information    150,000 times a week is a safer bet than a
everything. There are multiple search        describing choices available.                less-popular lesser-rated choice. And read
engines, Web browsers, ISPs (Internet                                                     reviews for real-people descriptions of
service providers), operating systems        You needn't study and learn all options at   how add-ons work -- or don't. Note which
(Windows, Linux, Mac). This means that once but it's worth occasionally browsing          Firefox versions an add-on supports,
no two people have precisely the same        what you can tweak. Firefox defaults are     since some may need a relatively new
computing setup or online experience and certainly pleasant and workable but by           version and others may not have yet been
leads to hours of fun-filled arguments       making your own decisions, you can           updated for them. 
about whose choices are best.                customize the browser to accommodate
                                             your unique preferences. On the              Thunderbird handles options and add-ons
In fact, competition works to everyone's Advanced/Update tab, I recommend                 in a similar fashion. For perspective, I
advantage: no matter what your choice is checking all three boxes to check for            have 15 Firefox and 9 Thunderbird add-
for a given function, the vendor or          updates and then selecting "Ask me what      ons installed and occasionally shop for
manufacturer knows that you have             to do" about updates. That way you'll find   yet more to improve my browsing and
alternatives and must hustle to keep your out about available updates and control         email experience. 
loyalty. The "browser wars" -- first when when they're downloaded and installed. 
Microsoft pushed Internet Explorer (IE)                                                   This article first appeared on the Tiplet
development to catch innovator Netscape But there's more! Click Tools, then Add-          Web site, <> and is
and more recently with Mozilla Firefox       ons, then Get Add-ons, to open a             copyrighted by the author, Gabriel
stealing market share back from IE (and, wonderful catalogue of small tools you           Goldberg. All rights are reserved; it may
of course, with contributions from Opera, can add to perform new functions. These         be reproduced, downloaded or
Chrome and other contenders) -- have         are available because Firefox is open        disseminated, for single use or by
generated beneficial innovation and          source software, meaning it's developed,     nonprofit organizations for educational
evolution.                                   supported and maintained by volunteers.      purposes, with attribution to Tiplet and
                                             While the most important browser             the author. It should be unchanged and
Recent reports show Firefox taking           functions are included in the basic          this paragraph must be included. Please
market share from Internet Explorer --       browser, hundreds of developers produce      e-mail the author at
but Microsoft is introducing Internet        add-on modules to extend it.        when you use it or
Explorer Version 8, so the horse race                                                     for permission to excerpt or condense.
continues. So it's worth exploring (pun      You'll initially see a few Recommended       Tiplet's free newsletter weekly computer
intended) why software like Firefox,         add-ons; click See All Recommended           tips.
which must be added to Windows               Add-ons to visit the Web site of all-
systems which by default include IE, can things-add-ons. On the left, you'll see          The article has been obtained from
be so successful.                            broad categories (e.g., Appearance,          APCUG with the author’s permission for
                                             Bookmarks, Search Tools); the main           publication by APCUG member groups;
In addition to speed and security superior
                                             display shows the most popular tools.        all other uses require the permission of
to at least earlier IE versions, Firefox and
                                                                                          the author (see e-mail address above).
its Mozilla sibling email client
                                             Explore categories in which you're most
Thunderbird provide powerful
                                             interested. But before installing any,
customization tools. In Firefox, click

JULY 2009                                        AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                      Page 21
Paltalk Help Room
 Gordon Giles

We have had a help room               3.    Select “All Rooms” in the              may be banned from the
running on Paltalk since mid                dropdown box. Select                   site.
October 2001.                               “Computer &
This site was designed by Bob               Technology”, open it and        6.     The word you need to
Hunt and we have met every                  select “Computer Help &                enter the room is
Monday Night since then.                    Advice”.                               Maybees. Remember the
We help people with computer                                                       capital letter.
problems and just generally chat      4.    Look for “PerthPC”, it          7.     When installing the
and we have opened it up                    looks like it has a key next           program the nickname can
recently and asked anybody                  to it. This indicates that             be your first name but
interested to come in for a chat.           you need a password,                   don’t use your email
1.    Look on the club’s web                which I will give it to you            password and it’s not a
      site under “Miscellaneous/            at the end.                            good idea.
      Paltalk Video Chat” for the
      link to download the file.      5.    Once in the room wait till      8.     We meet every Monday
                                            you are invited to talk or             night between 6 and 7pm
2.   After installing the                   enter something in text.               but sometimes it may be
     program wait until                     We will then give you                  closer to 6-30pm. It’s nice
     Monday Night at about                  some pointers on chat                  to just chat to friends and
     6PM and follow the steps.              etiquette and please no bad            you are all welcome to join
                                            language or music or you               us and ask us for help.

                 Members’ Free Advertisements
• Members’ advertisements for Wanted, For Sale, Free, Swap etc are printed free of charge.

• Members’ advertisements must include the member’s name and at least one phone number.

• These advertisements will be included in the first available issue of AXESS magazine.

• The advertisements may be sent by e-mail or supplied as an ASCII (.txt) file on a virus free disc.

• Infected discs will be thrown out with no attempt to disinfect or recover data.

                  For Sale                                                  Wanted
         Canon i965 Printer with CD printing.           I am looking for somebody that would be willing to give
                         $50                            me some help; any help at all would be appreciated, with
          Pickup only Armadale 93993873                  getting started with Sony Movie Studio Platinum 8.0.
                Will demo if required.                                      Alister Crampton
                     Brian Moore                                 PH 9443 4382 or MOB 0401 505 027

Page 22                                    AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                         JULY 2009
                            Members’ Contributions
                                A Place Where Our Members Can Contribute Tips,
                                      Freebies And Favourite Websites

 Trisha Moss:                                    password to open it.              screen and boot straight to the XP
                                           You can also put in a password to       desktop. Go to Run, on the Start
 Password Protect a Word                   prevent anyone from modifying a         menu and type ‘control
 Document:                                 document that they have been able       userpasswords2’ (without the
 I found this quite by accident and        to open.                                quotes), click OK, select your user
 realised it would be very handy                                                   name and uncheck ‘Users must
 when keeping a diary etc that you         Gordon Giles:                           enter a user name…’ then click OK.
 want to keep private.                                                             Go to Run again and this time type
        Open the document or after         Skip XP Logon                           ‘control userpasswords’, click
        having created it go to Tools,     Windows XP is certainly a notch up      ‘Change the way users log on and
        Options and Click on the           on earlier versions of the operating    off’ then uncheck ‘Use the
        Security Tab.                      system when it comes to security        Welcome screen’ and ‘Use fast user
        Type in a password and click       but, if you are the only one that       switching’.
        OK.                                uses or has access to your PC, it can
        Whenever you go to open the        be a real pain having to log on         Try this as it’s a tip in Treepad
        document a small window            every time you boot up XP. Here’s       Files. Club DVD 2009
        will come up asking for the        a painless way to skip the logon

                                                 Computer Classes
                                                          at the
                                                 School for Seniors
                                              Trinity Arcade, Perth CBD.

                   Classes are held every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday during term time.
                 9.00am – 10.30 Beginners: For students with little or no computer knowledge.
                       10.30am – 12.00 Intermediate 1: Basic MS Word and the Internet.
                         1.00pm – 2.30 Intermediate 2: Introduction to other programs.

                                         Computer classes are supported by the
                                   WA Government’s “First Click” program.
                       Students wishing to participate in other activities or classes of the
                      School for Seniors will be required to pay the Semester fee of $65.00.
                          The School is available only for Seniors aged 55 and over.

                                                      Term dates:
                                     Tern 3 - 4th August – 24 September 2009.
                                     Term 4 - 13 October – 26 November 2009.

                                          Telephone Gary on 9483 1333,

JULY 2009                                     AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                Page 23
                                                                                                                     JULY 2009
                                                                                                                     AXESS - PERTH PCUG
  This month’s meeting of the Perth PC Users Group
 will be held on Wednesday 1st July from 6:00 pm to       ▪   6:00-6:30 p.m.   Refreshments, talk with new members
8:30 pm at the Ev Nichols Room, Main Office Building,     ▪   6:30-7:30 p.m.   Presentation
                                                          ▪   7:30-8:15 p.m.   Question & Answer Session
     RAAF Association, Bullcreek Drive, Bullcreek         ▪   8:15-8:30 p.m.   Chat and tidy up
      $3 entry fee       Visitors are welcome

                                                                                                                     Page 24                     PERTH PC USERS GROUP      

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