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					March 2010

Dear Colleague

ICT & Business Studies Teacher – Maternity Leave

I hope you find the information in this pack of interest and I look forward to receiving your application.

                   Kingsmead is “an outstanding school” – Ofsted, December 2009

As an outstanding school we appreciate this has only been achieved by appointing the very best staff
who are totally committed to the development of young people. We are very popular and well regarded
by our community and are oversubscribed in all years. Achievement is good (69% 5A*-C grades in 2009)
and we offer a wide range of experiences and opportunities to our students in the firm belief that we have
a duty to develop a range of skills and attributes as well as achieve examination success.

As a Specialist Language College and Humanities College we work very hard to develop „an international
citizenship‟ dimension to the school acknowledging the importance of global issues upon everyone‟s

We are seeking to recruit a well qualified, enthusiastic and innovative teacher to cover maternity leave
and would consider a part time appointment if necessary to recruit the right person(s).

Applications are sought from candidates who:

      Have an excellent knowledge of teaching and learning in order to raise standards of attainment at
       all levels
      Have the ability to work in a team focussed environment
      Have the vision and imagination to add to the considerable strengths of the school
      Have the expertise to use ICT to enhance student‟s experience of learning
      Have the ability to inspire young people

This post is suitable for an experienced or Newly Qualified Teacher.

If you have the passion and skills to enhance the work of our school and wish to work in a forward
thinking, supportive environment please complete the application form and tasks as described.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Geoff Tinker
                                        IN THIS PACK

      Letter from Geoff Tinker – Headteacher

      Background details re Kingsmead Community School

      Background Information about ICT and Business Studies Departments

      Challenge Days – a rationale

      Legislation and Appointments

      Criminal records Check Information

      Directions to Kingsmead School

      How to Apply and Timetable for Appointment

      Application Form and Equal Opportunities Policy and Recruitment Monitoring

The School Prospectus can be found on our website:

Kingsmead Community School is a rural Community Comprehensive School situated near the
Devon/Somerset border, close to the Brendon Hills and Exmoor. It is a magnificent area in
which to live. Not only is there the tranquillity and beauty of the countryside but there is the
rapidly growing county town of Taunton nearby and easy access (20 minutes) to the M5 for
connections to the rest of the country.

Kingsmead Community School lies in the small town of Wiveliscombe. It is an 11-16 Community
Comprehensive School with 780 daytime students and is used in the evenings and weekends for
adult learning and lettings. The School is very successful and is oversubscribed. Our latest
Ofsted Report, in December 2009, gave an overall judgement that Kingsmead is an “outstanding
school”. Ofsted praised in particular the outstanding curriculum on offer, the quality of teaching
and learning, the personal development of students, the harmonious relationships, leadership
and management and that students are very well cared for and receive strong support. We are
a Language College and firmly believe in developing the international dimension of the School
having strong links with schools in Europe and also with Zambia in Africa. We are also a
Specialist Humanities College and were one of the first 70 schools in the country to have dual
specialism. These initiatives have not only allowed the school to be involved in cutting edge
practice but have made it a resource rich environment. We have excellent ICT facilities
including a growing online curriculum and provide all staff with quality training and support to
ensure ICT is fully utilised to enhance people‟s work.

Kingsmead is a pleasant and stimulating place. The staff are committed, friendly and
supportive. The students are responsive and well behaved. Our examination results are
pleasing with A* - C passes of 69% in 2009.

The school is committed to continual curriculum improvement and the professional development
of its staff. Kingsmead will provide good career opportunities for those teachers who wish to
move on and will also provide new challenges for those who wish to remain with us for a number
of years.

We have high expectations. We expect staff to support our caring, student-centred ethos, to be
supportive of each other and to set high standards for our students. We hope staff will
contribute to and lead some of the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities we offer. All
applicants for teaching posts at Kingsmead will be expected to be committed to taking on a tutor
role, to using ICT effectively in the classroom, to take a lead in areas created by Challenge
Days* and to continue their own professional development as skilled practitioners.

If you like to sound of Kingsmead and think you have something to offer, we would welcome
your application.

Geoff Tinker

“This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and
young people and expects all staff and volunteers to adhere to this commitment.”

* See „Challenge Days at Kingsmead – A Rationale‟ – paperwork enclosed

We deliver the new ICT Framework, developing and progressing skills and capability across
Years 7 and 8, leading towards examination board qualifications from the start of Year 9. The
programme of study is well resourced by outline lesson plans and a raft of online teaching and
learning resources published by SMART ICT. Class text books support skills development,
differentiation, and showcase assessment standards. The department is currently implementing
APP with particular focus on developing student‟s planning, refining and self evaluation routines.
Student‟s regular formative assessment informs personal short term target setting, which is
tracked and reported every 7 – 8 weeks.

                      Year 11 – OCR GCSE Business Studies B

In this modular course students investigate the relationship between business activity and the
environment in which it takes place. The course provides knowledge and experience of life in
the business world.

Topics covered include:
    The objectives of businesses
    How to use financial information to judge the success of business
    The management of people within business
    The way in which businesses organise the production and marketing of goods and

Wherever possible, we use local and national businesses to see how things work in the real

GCSE Business Studies B is a modular course, which has been designed to provide an
investigative approach to Business Studies, encouraging students to study their local business
environment. It provides a sound basis for progression either directly to employment or to
proceed to further qualifications.

Examinations (3) – 75%                                 Coursework – 25%
Business Organisation                                  Business in its Environment
Business in its Environment
Business Processes
                        Years 9 & 10 OCR GCSE Business Studies

Business Studies (OCR exam board) is a modular course and students are entered for the
Business and People Unit in year 10.

Unit title and description                   Assessment and duration            Weighting
Unit A291:Marketing and Enterprise           Controlled assessment              25%
-Marketing                                   Up to 10 hours on research/ data
    o Market research and data               collection
        collection                           Up to 6 hours writing a report
    o The marketing mix                      Learners select one of two
    o Marketing in the wider business        controlled assessment tasks
- Enterprise
    o Enterprise and the entrepreneur
    o The business plan
Unit A292:Business and People                Written examination                25%
- The structure of business activity         1 hour
    o The need for business activity
    o Business ownership, trading            This question paper consists of
        organisations, growth and            compulsory short answer data
        location                             response questions
- The workforce in business
    o Employment and retention
    o Organisation and communication
Unit A293:Production, Finance and            Written examination                50%
the External Business Environment            1 hour 30 minutes
- Using and managing resources to
produce goods and services                   This question paper consists of
    o Types of production methods            compulsory questions based on
    o Management and control of              the pre-released case study
        production                           stimulus material
    o Production costs
- Financial information and decision
    o Sources of finance
    o Financial forecasting and
- External influences on business activity
    o The competitive environment
    o Environmental influences and
        business ethics
    o Government and the UK
    o Globalisation and UK business
       Challenge Days at Kingsmead
               A Rationale
   1. The Context
In ‘2020Vision’, the report from the ‘Teaching and Learning in 2020 review group’, a vision
for education for the next generation of students is examined that puts personalisation at
its heart.

Central to the whole issue of personalised learning is an understanding that the successful
learner of the 21st century will be, by definition, very different from the successful learner of
the last century.

In a competitive, global market where rapid technological developments will radically
change the world of work, employers are much more likely to be interested in the wider
learning capacities of potential employees. Rather than gauging suitability for a job or
University place based on qualifications alone, employers and Academic institutions are
likely to be equally interested in the qualities of creativity, resourcefulness, collaborative
skills and innovation.

Whilst we have yet to address the issue of how the ‘measurement’ of such skills and
attitudes might be made, it is already clear through the 14-19 curriculum, Key Skills and
Diplomas that they are intended to be central to educational success in the future.

Alongside these developments, we have already seen an enormous shift in focus in
education to enable students to take more ownership of their learning. AfL, L2L, Student
Voice and the development of new technologies have all, theoretically, made an impact on
the way we teach and the way students learn.

It is ironic therefore, that we often bemoan the capability of many of our students to work
independently. Whilst many would argue that educational standards have risen in the past
15 years, many others suggest that this is to the detriment of real learning. To put it
bluntly: our children are used to being spoon-fed the knowledge and strategies needed to
pass examinations and are therefore les capable at thinking independently.

Pragmatically, most people realise that exam success unlocks opportunity. However,
idealistically as educators we also believe in developing self-confident learners who are able
to play a positive role in society.

This conundrum forms the basis of the development of the new National Curriculum for
2008. It also provides us at Kingsmead with an opportunity to develop ways of organising
learning differently in order to secure exam success, whilst also nurturing effective lifelong
learning habits.

All curriculum areas at Kingsmead have been planning for the new curriculum changes
within their specific areas. Training has been provided at County/ National level and
changes for Year 7 in 2008-9 are already being planned. A closer focus ‘Key processes’
seems to be the biggest shift, as departments are being encouraged to enable students to
reflect on learning skills as well as ‘content’.
In early 2008, it became clear that many schools nationally were using the new curriculum
as an opportunity to organise learning in radically different ways. It seemed only right that
Kingsmead considered what we needed to do to (if anything) to rise to the challenges
outlined above.

With this in mind, a series of consultations/ INSET sessions at all levels within the school
took place during the spring of 2008. Staffs considered a number of options/ models and
were almost unanimously keen to take a ‘radical’ step in 2008-9 in order to develop cross
curricular learning at Kingsmead.

This resulted in the decision to develop a ‘Challenge Day’ at Kingsmead from September
2008. Challenge day would sit outside the new 9 day timetable and would therefore consist
of 19 days per year for cross-curricular/ creative learning projects to take place using time,
staffing and resources in a flexible and creative way.

The following discussion document outlines the rationale behind the challenge day and
explores some of the challenges presented by its adoption.

   2. What are the values that underpin the day?

Challenge day will enable all students to learn different things in different ways from the
‘timetabled curriculum’. This does NOT imply that it is intended to be ‘better’ in quality or
scope from the timetabled curriculum, but that it is just different. In very practical terms,
students will become used to working with a wide range of other students and teachers in a
variety of ways and using time and resources in a more flexible and adaptable way.

Challenge day enables both cross-curricular learning and cross phase learning. For
example, it is possible for Years 7 and 11 to work with each other on a community based
project, that lasts a full day supported by staff who are able to offer a range of skills/

Crucially, Challenge day also enables events and trips that would normally have an impact
on the ‘timetabled’ curriculum to happen with the minimum of impact. This not only
removes the frustrations that occur due to missed lessons but also would greatly diminish
the cost of trips due to there being no cover demands.

Whilst it is unusual, it is not unique for schools to include challenge day within their regular
timetable. It is therefore important to outline what it is about Kingsmead’s challenge day
that will be unique to us.

      1. What are we trying to achieve?

In line with ‘Every Child Matters’ and the new national Curriculum’s aims, our aim is to
provide opportunities within Challenge day that develop students into successful learners
who enjoy reflecting on the learning process. We aim to foster the learning skills and
attitudes that develop creativity, curiosity, independence, interdependence and
resourcefulness. We aim to make learning active and wherever possible, linked to the ‘real
      2. Cross Curricular Working

Wherever possible opportunities for cross curricular learning must be sought. Challenge
day provides an opportunity for students to make links between subjects and to broaden
their understanding of the connection between different disciplines. Whilst it may not be
possible for cross-curricular work to be delivered by cross-curricular teams at all times, the
cross curricular dimensions of learning must be considered when teams are planning
Challenge days. These dimensions (see table 1) lie at the heart of Challenge days.

      3. Global Dimension

Wherever possible Challenge day will reflect Kingsmead’s commitment to global and
International citizenship. For many years now, Kingsmead has been at the forefront in
supporting opportunities for all students to explore their role as a global citizen. This goes
beyond learning about different cultures, embracing issues such as global trade,
international links and sustainable development.

These areas will continue to be a central part of the flexible days.

      4. Learning to Learn

Challenge days are underpinned by a commitment to Learning to Learn. All activities
during challenge days must reflect a pedagogical commitment to the principles of L2L.
Students will not only learn about knowledge, issues and ideas – but will also explicitly
learn about and reflect on the skills and attitudes needed to develop their learning

With this in mind we will adopt the Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) model as a
framework to help plan activities during flexible days. It is an expectation that some aspect
of PLTS will be addressed during any one Challenge day activity.

The PLTS framework will be additionally scaffolded by the key learning skills of Resilience,
Resourcefulness, Reflection and Reciprocity.

The table below outlines the main rationale behind flexible days at Kingsmead.
                  Challenge Days at Kingsmead – A Rationale

                         Learning should be cross-curricular in nature and focus on the knowledge,
Main Aims                  understanding, skills, attitudes and attributes to enable all students to
                        become Successful learners, Confident Individuals and Responsible Citizens

Cross Curricular        Cross curricular dimensions addressed: Cultural Diversity, healthy Lifestyles,
     Focus                  Community participation, Enterprise, Global Dimension, Sustainable
                            Development, Technology and Media, Creative and Critical Thinking.

   Global and            Global Citizenship and International Dimensions are
   Dimension                          central to Challenge days.

                         Students should learn about and reflect on the skills and attitudes needed
                                            to develop their learning capacity.

  PLTS                  Independent enquirers, Creative thinkers, Reflective learners, Team
                                Workers, Self-managers, Effective participators.

    Challenge Day – Kingsmead Community School 2009-10
Date         Year 7            Year 8              Year 9           Year 10               Year 11           Planning
                                                  TERM ONE

                PIP                                                PIP Partnership        POS MAD &
                            PIP Partnership     PIP Partnership                                             Planning
15.9.09     Partnership                                            Day/Preparation         Personal
                                 Day                 Day                                                      Time
                Day                                                  for GCSE’s           Statements

                                                                                       Positively MAD
                                                                                       will deliver their
                                                                                       ‘Exam Busters’
                                                                                       session to half
            Students are      Students are        Students are       Students are
                                                                                       the year group
            introduced to     introduced to       introduced to      introduced to
                                                                                      in the Morning &
           the PIP values   the PIP values –    the PIP values –   the PIP values –
                                                                                          Half in the       Bs, Hm,
             – especially       especially          especially         especially

  1          Partnership
           Skills through
                             Skills through
                                                 Skills through
                                                                    Skills through

                                                                                       This will rotate
                                                                                                            Lw, Be,
                                                                                                            Wm, Dn,
             imaginative       imaginative         imaginative        imaginative
                                                                                        with Personal
           Team-building     Team-building       Team-building      Team-building
                                                                                      statements work
              activities.       activities.         activities.        activities.
                                                                                       and/ or further
                                                                                       work on Exam/

            Cy, Mi, Ww,      Js, Gn, By, Ts,    Cs, En, Nn, He,    Pr, Ee, Dg, Ds,    Cg, Wi, Bh, Ls,
Staffing    Bm, Hd, Sl         Jn, Vl, Pm.          Dv, Se.          Ey, Mk, Bd        Tm, Mn, Gr.

              Words &                                                                     How Fit are       Planning
29.9.09                         ECO DAY           Slavery Day      Enterprise Day
               Music                                                                        you?              Time

             English &
               Music                                                                      Students
                                                   Humanities                                               Js, Ds,
            departments                                            Students take      combine Science
                                Students          Department                                                Ey, He,
              work on                                               part in whole     and PE activities

  2         mixing words
             & Music –
                             develop ideas
                               for an ECO
                            Friendly school.
                                                   explore the
                                                   history and
                                                 implications of
                                                                    day Business
                                                                   and Enterprise
                                                                                         to consider
                                                                                       issues relating
                                                                                                            Ww, Hd,
                                                                                                            By, Gn,
                                                                                                            Wi, Mi,
              prep for                                             Education Day.       to health and
                                                the slave trade.                                              Lw
              10radio                                                                      fitness.

            Tm, Ma, Sl,     Cs, Bs, Jn, Wm,     Dg, En, Bm, Cg,    Po, Ee, Bh, Mk,    Be, Gr, Bd, Nn,
             Se, Ts, Vl.          Dv               Hm, Dn.             Mn, Pr             Pm, Ls.

                                                                     PSHCE –
13.10.0                                                                                                     Planning
                     Graphic Novels             Science Matters      Economic             OPTION B
   9                                                                Awareness.*

             Examining how graphic novels          A series of      A Whole day
                                                                                                            Bs, Cg,
              represent the world. Using           workshops         simulation        Students spend
                                                                                                            Hm, Lw,

   3           photography, local stories,
               Storyboarding. This year,
            English, Art & MFL collaborate to
                                                  exploring how
                                                science helps us
                                                 solve problems
                                                                    activity about
                                                                   awareness and
                                                                                      the whole day in
                                                                                        their Option B
                                                                                                            Ee, Mk,
                                                                                                            Mn, Tm,
            develop an International theme.         everyday.          careers.

             Ma, By, Ey, Dn, Sl, Se, Ts, Hd,    Be, Ls, Bd, Cs,     Wm, Gn, Wi,        Bh, Vl, Pr, En,
Staffing           Ds, He, Ww, Dv.                    Jn             Mi, Pm, Gr         Dg, Bm, Js.

* 13.10.09 - Sports Leadership ‘Invasion games’ in Sports hall – Year 10 Sports Leaders
                                               TERM TWO
Date          Year 7            Year 8             Year 9            Year 10                          Planning

                                                                   Maths Exam
              School Play Preparation & Set Design etc – 17                         PSHCE Sex &
10.11.09       other Option Choices’ offered to all Yrs 7 – 9
                                                                                                      Planning Time
                                                                   Speaking &

                                                                 Maths Students
             Music, Drama and Art Departments prepare for                             Year 11’s
                                                                    revise for
                        ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.                                    follow a full
                                                                  modular exam.
   4           17 other options offered to all Yrs 7, 8 & 9.
              They choose and options delivered in ‘mixed’
                                                                 English students
                                                                  complete one
                                                                                     day learning
                                                                                    about sexual
                                                                                       health &
                                                                                                       Hm, Bh, Lw,
                                                                                                        Bd, Jn, Bs.
                  age groups – could include trips etc.                             relationships.

              Joseph – Tm, Vl, By, Hd (About 60 Students)
                                                                  Wm, Ma, Se,       En, Cs, Be, Ls,
             17 Options offered by : Mk, Dv, Ee, Mn, Pm, Pr,       Sl, Gn, Wi.          Gr, Ts.
               Nn, Cy, Js, Cg, Bm, Dg, Mi, Ds, Ey, He, Dn.

               PSHCE -        BBC Schools
24.11.09                                         IDENTITY *        Science ISA        OPTION A        Planning Time
               Bullying        News desk

                 Year 7
                                                Joint project
             follow a day   Students learn
                                                  between           Students          Students
             focusing on    about the news
                                                   History,       complete as       spend the day      En, Hm, Ds,
   5             issues
              relating to
                              – preparing
                                their own
                              reports and
                                                English & RE
                                                                  Science ISA
                                                                                       in their
                                                                                      OPTION A
                                                                                                       Ey, Dv, Wm,
                                                                                                      Wi, Gr, Nn, Pr.
                                                Identity and      assessment.       subject areas.
                  s and        schedules.

                                                                                     Ee, Bh, Mk,
             with En) Mi,     Ma, Dn, Gn,        Dg, Cg, Bs,     Be, Lw, Ls, Cs,
Staffing                                                                             Mn, By, Vl,
             Ww, Sl, Hd,       Tm, Pm.           Ts, Se, Js.         Bd, Jn.
                                                                                      Bm, Ws.

* 24.11.09 - Sports Leadership – Year 2 Multiskills – Sports Hall – Year 9 Sports Leaders

               PSHCE          Citizenship/     International                         ICT/ College
               Drugs,         Enterprise –      Christmas/                          Applications &
08.12.09                                                            OPTION A                          Planning Time
              smoking &     ‘Giving Nations’   Festive Maths                           Personal
               Alcohol           Project         Challenge                           Statements.

                                                  MFL Team
                                                    explore                            Year 11
                                                   festivals                           carousel
               Students     Students decide
                                                  across the                         through ICT
             learn about      on ideas for                       Students spend
                                                    world –                           work and         Bs, Bm, Lw,

   6            issues
              drugs and
                            fundraising and
                            plan a campaign
                               with ‘real’
                                                supported by
                                                Maths team.
                                                                 the day in their
                                                                    OPTION A
                                                                  subject areas.
                                                                                    practical tutor
                                                                                    work finishing
                                                                                                       Dn, Se, Ls,
                                                                                                       Pm, Cs, Dg.
                                                Xmas market                            personal
               alcohol.         funding.
                                                 trip for dual                       statements/
                                                linguists in 9                      college plans.
                                                     & 10.

                                                 Ey, Hm, Ds,
             En, Bd, Pr,     Js, Gn, By, Ts,                     He, Dv, Mk, Mn,     Bh, Nn, Ee,
Staffing                                         Ww, Wm, Mi,
             Be, Wm, Sl.           Jn.                Wi           Hd, Vl, Tm.       Cg, Ma, Gr.
Legislation and Appointments

All appointments are subject to satisfactory medical and police clearance, and
satisfactory references. The successful candidate will also be required to produce
documentary evidence following the interview of the entitlement to work in the UK under
the terms of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996. Relevant documents are:

*      A document from a previous employer, the Inland Revenue, Benefits Agency,
       Contribution Agency or Employment Service containing the person's name and
       NI number. This could be a P45, a P60 or a letter

*      A passport confirming that a person is a British citizen or a European Area
       national or which shows that they are otherwise entitled to live and work in the

*      A Birth Certificate confirming birth in the UK or Republic of Ireland

*      A letter from the Home Office confirming that the person is allowed to work in the

                      DfES Recruitment Documentation

All appointments are subject to evidence of the following:-

*      Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

*      Academic Qualifications - Relevant Degree/Diploma or a letter of confirmation
       from the awarding institution.

It would be helpful if these were available at the time of appointment.

The post you are applying for requires you to have a criminal background check via the
Disclosure procedure.

As part of this process your identification must be verified. In order to do this you will need to
bring various original personal documents to the school.

Somerset County Council insist that you must include the following:

   1. Name at Birth and Date of Birth, i.e. birth certificate
   2. Evidence of your present address on a document not more than 3 months old, i.e. bank
      statement, utility bill, credit card statement
   3. Details of all changes in name, i.e. marriage certificate, deed poll, decree nisi

Group 1 Documents

Valid Passport
UK Driving Licence
Original UK Birth Certificate (issued within 12 months of date of birth)
Valid Photo Identity Card (EU countries only)
HM Forces ID Card (UK)
UK Firearms Licence
Adoption Certificate (UK)

Group 2 Documents

Marriage Certificate/Civil Partnership Certificate
Birth Certificate (issued after 12 months of date of birth)
UK P45/P60 statement **
Bank or Building Society statement *
UK Court Claim Form**
Utility Bill (Electricity, Gas, Water, Telephone (including mobile phone contract/bill) *
Valid TV Licence
Credit Card statement *
Store Card statement *
Mortgage statement **
Insurance Certificate
Document from Central/Local Government/Government Agency/Local Authority giving
entitlement (UK)* (e.g. DWP, Employment Service, Customs & Revenue, Job Centre and Social
Financial statement (e.g. Pension, Endowment, ISA) **
Vehicle Registration document
Mail order Catalogue statement *
Addressed Payslip **
UK National Insurance Card
Exam Certificate (e.g. GCSE, NVQ)
Benefit Book Statement (Child Allowance or Pension) **
Connexions Card
UK Certificate of British Nationality
Work Permit/Visa
UK Council Tax Statement**

* Documents should be less than three months old
** Issued within past 12 months
          Travelling to Kingsmead School – Wiveliscombe

Wiveliscombe is situated on the B3227 Taunton - Barnstaple Road (formerly the A361), 4 miles
from the Devon/Somerset border and 10 miles from Taunton. There is also access from
Junction 25 of the M5; the route is well signed through the North of Taunton. There is also
access from Junction 26 via Wellington. There are two car parks, one in North Street and the
other off Croft Way.

Directions to Kingsmead

From Taunton, travel along the B3227.
In the centre of Wiveliscombe, turn left at the traffic lights. The School is 150 m on the left.
                                    How to Apply

      Complete the application form, stating which area you would be able to teach, and
       application feedback form

      Complete the task below using no more than two sides of A4

       Outline your reason for applying for the post and relevant experience to date including
       your experience as a tutor and your beliefs on the importance of this role in a successful

We regret we cannot personally inform candidates who have not been short-listed. Candidates
who have not heard from us by 20 March 2010 should assume their application has, on this
occasion, been unsuccessful.

Please forward your completed application to:

Mr Geoff Tinker
Kingsmead Community School
Somerset TA4 2NE

Timetable for Appointment

Closing Date:         12 noon, Thursday 18 March 2010

Interview Date:       Wednesday 24 March 2010

Expected Start Date: April 2010

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