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					          MASTER GARDENER TRAINING 2011
           Dates:        Tuesdays, Aug. 9th-Nov. 29th
                         (No class the week of Thanksgiving)
           Time:         1:30-5:00 p.m.
           Location:     16 classes in Rockport, 1 class in Corpus Christi
           Presented by: Texas AgriLife Extension and Texas A&M University
           Tuition:      $175 ($50 is refunded upon certification)

 Topics Include:
      •    Practical Botany                                                     •    Earth Kind Gardening: Fertilization,
      •    Habitat Gardening -Attracting                                             Weeds & Diseases
           Birds & Butterflies                                                  •    Turf: Culture & Common Problems
      •    Rainwater Harvesting                                                 •    Home Vegetable Gardening
      •    Entomology & IPM (Integrated Pest                                    •    Plant Propagation
           Management)                                                          •    Soils and Fertility
      •    Landscape Plant Selection                                            •    Citrus & Other Fruit
      •    Identifying Plant Problems &                                         •    Composting/Worm composting
           Pesticide Safety                                                     •    Landscape Design & Plant Selection
      •    Tree and Palm Planting and                                           •    Master Gardener Volunteer
           Maintenance                                                               requirements

The purpose of the Master Gardener program is to extend Texas AgriLife Extension Service’s
educational reach on horticulture and gardening through the volunteer efforts of Master Gardeners
working in their communities. In addition to the training, 50 hours of volunteer work is required to
become a certified Master Gardener.

Questions? see, call (361) 790-0103; or email

Educational programs of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service are open to all people without regard to race, color, sex, disability, religion,
age or national origin. Texas A&M University System, U.S. Dept of Agriculture, and the County Commissioners Courts of Texas Cooperating.
                                                  TUESDAYS, 1:30 - 5:00
                  Aransas County Library, 701 E. Mimosa, Rockport, TX 78382 (unless noted by an *)

Aug. 9     Overview of Master Gardener Program & Projects                      Ginger Easton-Smith, Aransas County Extension
           Tour of Green Acres Demonstration Gardens                           Agent-Agriculture/Natural Resources (CEA-
           Pre-Test                                                            AG/NR)

           Time Sheets & Reporting                                             D.J. Chilcoat, Aransas/San Patricio Master
                                                                               Gardener (A/SP MG)

Aug. 16    Botany                                                              Dr. Michael Womack, Executive Director
                                                                               So. TX Botanical Gardens and Nature Center

Aug. 23    Rainwater Harvesting                                                Barb McSpadden, (A/SP MG) & Rainwater
                                                                               Specialist, Karen Ivey, Administrative Assistant,
                                                                               San Patricio Municipal Water District

Aug. 30    EarthKind                                                           Russ & Marilee Bell, (A/SP MG)& EarthKind

Sept. 6    Entomology                                                          Dr. Roy Parker, Entomology Specialist,
                                                                               Texas AgriLife Extension

Sept. 13   Plant Propagation                                                   Aransas/San Patricio Master Gardeners

Sept. 20   Identifying Plant Problems/Integrated Pest Management               Michael Potter, Nueces County Extension Agent-
           (IPM)                                                               Horticulture

Sept. 27   Composting/Worm Composting &                                        Dr. John Fucik, Retired Horticulture Professor &
           Home Citrus Production                                              Nueces MG, Frances Frizzell, (A/SP MG)

Oct. 4     Pruning/Tropicals & Roses                                           Ginger Easton-Smith, Aransas Co. CEA-AG/NR

Oct. 11    Turf I ( irrigation, fertilization, weeds, aeration, etc.) / Turf   Michael Potter, Nueces Co. CEA-Horticulture
           II (common problems - pests and diseases, Q&A)

Oct. 18    Tree/Palm Planting & Maintenance                                    Ginger Easton-Smith, Aransas Co. CEA-AG/NR

Oct. 25    Soils & Fertility                                                   Dr. Dan Fromme, Associate Professor and
                                                                               Extension Agronomist, Texas AgriLife Extension

Nov. 1     Attracting Birds & Butterflies & Native                             Ernie Edmundson, (A/SP MG), Master Naturalist
           Plants of the Coastal Bend

Nov. 8*    Landscape Plant Selection & Design                                  Kathy Hubner, Landscape Designer
           Gills Nursery, 2810 Airline, Corpus Christi                         Gill Landscape Nursery

Nov 15*    Home Vegetable Gardening                                            Tom LeRoy, Montgomery County CEA-
           First Methodist Church, 801 E. Main, Rockport                       Horticulture
           (joint class with Nueces County Master Gardener Class)

Nov. 29    Hodge Podge Day                                                     Ginger Easton-Smith, Aransas Co. CEA-Ag/NR
           MG Post Test & Surveys
Certification Requirements: Completion of MG Training Class + 50 hours of volunteer service (25 hours must be at Green Acres including 8 hours
in the office) within one year of training. To Remain Certified as a Texas Master Gardener: 20 hours of volunteer service + 10 hours of continuing
education reported by the last day of each month (December hours due by December 15th). Hours turned in to the Extension Office or E-mailed to
timekeeper at Hours not reported by deadline cannot be counted.
Volunteer service hours should be performed during activities that are:
      1. Educational in nature, as opposed to service or maintenance-type work.
      2. Supportive of Texas AgriLife Extension's mission, objectives, and issues.
      • Identified as sponsored (or co-sponsored) by Texas AgriLife Extension
      • Master Gardeners should wear Master Gardener name badges and/or shirts/apparel.
      • Collaborations with other organizations are important, but Extension does not supply other organizations with volunteers to do their work.
      • A Master Gardener's volunteer hours may be claimed for credit with the Master Gardener program or another organization, but not both.
      3. Approved in advance for volunteer hours by the County Extension Agent/Master Gardener Coordinator.

Master Gardener Volunteer Hours:
The following programs/projects currently sponsored by this association are approved for Master Gardener (MG) Volunteer Hours:
     • Attending Aransas/San Patricio Master Gardener Association meetings
     • Officers & Committee work of Aransas/San Patricio Master Gardeners Association
     • Master Gardener Communication Activities: Educational News Columns, Press Releases & Ads, MG Website, MG Newsletter, MG
     • Conducting tours of Green Acres Demonstration gardens
     • Tree Team visits to assist homeowners with tree problems
     • Fund Raisers: Hidden Gardens Tour, Master Gardener Plant Sales, Sales of Books/Educational materials/MG Clothing & other approved
          sales items
     • Junior Master Gardener educational programs for public or private school groups & Odyssey after-school program at Green Acres
     • Designing and/or assistance planning approved public gardens in Aransas or San Patricio Counties
     • Maintaining approved public demonstration gardens (Currently approved- Green Acres, Fulton Mansion, Welder Wildlife CONE garden)
     • Master Gardener approved booths & exhibits (Farmer’s Market, HummerBird Celebration, Herb Festival)
     • Educational Programs presented at Master Gardener sponsored events.
     • Serving on approved city/county boards or committees as a Master Gardener
     • All hours planning for, planting and maintaining Green Acres Demonstration Educational Gardens
     • All hours at the Extension Office available to assist gardeners with horticulture questions (phone calls, email, mail, and walk-ins)

Continuing Education Hours
Continuing Education (CE) will indicate attending programs, researching/gathering material and information for programs, news columns and
articles for the media, and researching information for the Master Gardener website. The actual time spent preparing and presenting programs and
writing news columns and articles counts as MG volunteer hours, not CE.
Master Gardener Interns do not report CE hours for the training class, but may report any other approved programs attended as CE time. These
hours will count towards the cumulative CE total.

Continuing Education (CE) Programs approved for recertification hours for Master Gardeners. Note: When attending CE, only the actual time of
the educational program presentation counts.
     • Brown Bag Programs, Seminars, Classes sponsored by Aransas/San Patricio Master Gardener Association
     • Aransas/San Patricio Master Gardener Intern Training classes
     • Master Gardener Specialist Training sponsored by TMGA (Attendance must be approved by the MG Coordinator/Extension Agent)
     • Texas Master Gardener Association State conference educational sessions
     • Landscape Design Course at TAMU
     • Approved educational Programs at South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center
     • Approved Herb & Rose Study Group educational programs
     • Approved programs at HummerBird Celebration
     • Earth Kind, Tomatoes 101 & other approved On-Line Educational Modules
     • Horticulture DVDs checked out at the Extension Office
     • Other Programs as approved by County Extension Agent/Master Gardener Coordinator

Note: Travel time is not counted as volunteer time. Exception: Travel time to deliver an educational program to a group or travel to purchase plants
for sales is counted. Travel time hours cannot be reported to state.
Travel mileage for volunteer work may be deducted on individual income tax returns at the current rate specified by IRS.       Revised 1-4-2011
Texas AgriLife Extension Service
2011 Master Gardener Application

Aransas/San Patricio County Applicant Agreement

Upon acceptance, my payment, and completion of the Aransas/San Patricio County Master Gardener classes, I
agree to:

• be considered a volunteer representative of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service.

• volunteer at least 50 hours as an intern on approved Aransas/San Patricio programs and projects (a minimum
  of 25 hours at Green Acres demonstration gardens, including a minimum of 8 hours in the office answering
  horticulture questions) and complete these hours of volunteer service by November 30, 2012.

• become a Certified Master Gardener when I complete the training and volunteer work for Texas AgriLife
  Extension Service.

• maintain my status as a Master Gardener by annually volunteering a minimum of twenty (20) hours and
  completing ten (10) hours of continuing education.

• report my hours by the last day of each month, either electronically or in writing, using the approved form.

• provide horticultural information endorsed and sanctioned by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, and
  Texas A&M University.

• follow the current recommendations in the various publications from the Texas AgriLife Extension Service
  when making pesticide recommendations. I will not make any other pesticide recommendations.

• limit recommendations to home lawn and garden problems, referring questions about commercial production
  of horticultural crops and pest management on such crops to the County Extension Agent.

• submit the required applications for screening by the Youth Protective Services division of Texas A&M

__________________________________________________Signature of Master Gardener Applicant

Printed Name _________________________________________ Date _______________________________
Please Print or Type:

Name: _______________________________________________ Phone (day):_______________________

Street Address: _________________________________________Phone (night):_____________________

Mailing Address (if different): _____________________________Phone (cell):_____________________

City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________________________________________

E-mail address:___________________________________________________________________________

Please note: phone numbers and email addresses are shared among members.

Please complete the following: (Applications usually exceed class size. Information given is used to evaluate
potential applicants. Please be as thorough as possible.)

Years of gardening experience:______ Number of years living in Aransas/San Patricio County________

Type of gardening experience and related training:
_____Children’s Gardens               _____Native gardens                       Horticulture Training:
_____Composting                       _____Plant propagation                    _____College courses
_____Community gardens                _____Ponds/Water Features                 _____Extension programs
_____Container gardens                _____Rainwater Harvesting                 _____Nursery/Greenhouse
_____Flower gardens                   _____Rose gardens                         _____Books/magazines
_____Fruit/Nut Production             _____Trees & shrubs                       _____Pesticide Applicator
_____Habitat gardens                  _____Turf/Lawns                           _____Self-taught
_____Hardscape design                 _____Vegetable Gardens                    _____Other:______________
_____Herb gardens                     _____Xeriscape gardens
_____Irrigation                       _____Other:_______________
_____Landscape design

 List experience in working with each type of community project:

List experience in working with e



 Senior Citizens:


 Community Gardens:

 Please list group affiliations/memberships (garden clubs, plant societies, etc.):
How did you learn about the Master Gardener program? ____________________________________________

___Friend/Neighbor ___Newspaper ___Website/Email ___Attended Program ___Other_________________

What is your understanding of the purpose of the Master Gardener Program?



Why do you want to become a Master Gardener?




List any constraints on your time that limit your availability to return your volunteer hours during regular
weekday business hours? (There are limited weekend activities)


What is the best day and time for you to do volunteer work? (days of week, times)
What types of volunteer service are you interested and willing to do?
______Care and maintenance of Green Acres Demonstration Garden
______Lead educational tours of Green Acres Gardens
______Prepare educational displays for Green Acres/community events
______Plan and design other public gardens (does not include planting or maintenance)
______Plan and present educational programs (clubs, groups, Brown Bag seminars)
______Junior Master Gardeners educational programs (gardening with kids)
______Fund raising events (plant sales)
______Assist visitors/callers with gardening questions in the Extension Office
______Publicity/write informational news columns/ newsletters / website
______Create/edit horticulture publications/information
______Serve on committees to plan for educational programming

Computer Skills: Do you have a computer? ____Yes ____No Do you have internet access? ___Yes ____No

If yes, how do you rate your computer skills: ______Beginner ______Intermediate ______ Advanced

Competent in ________MS Word______ PowerPoint_______ Publisher________ Excel ______ Websites

To become a Master Gardener is important to me because:
                 0-not important        3- Somewhat important                5-most important
1. I will be able to increase my knowledge of gardening........................... 0 1 2 3       4    5
2. I will have the opportunity to receive useful training............................. 0 1 2 3   4    5
3. I will be able to provide a service to other people in my community..... 0 1 2 3              4    5
4. I will have the opportunity to share my knowledge with other gardeners 0 1 2 3                4    5
5. I will be certified by Texas AgriLife Extension Service........................... 0 1 2 3    4    5
6. I will gain gardening experience that can help me get a job..................... 0 1 2 3      4    5
7. I will be recognized by people in my community..................................... 0 1 2 3   4    5
8. Other:______________________________________............................ 0 1 2 3               4    5

Check specific areas of current interest:
_____Children’s Gardens                                                  _____Native gardens
_____Composting                                                          _____Plant propagation
_____Community gardens                                                   _____Ponds/Water Features
_____Container gardens                                                   _____Rainwater Harvesting
_____Earth Kind Gardening                                                _____Rose gardens
_____Entomology                                                          _____Trees & Shrubs
_____Flower gardens                                                      _____Tropicals/Palms
_____Fruit/Nut Production                                                _____Turf/Lawns
_____Habitat gardens (Birds & Butterflies)                               _____Vegetable Gardens
_____Hardscape design                                                    _____Xeriscape/Water-wise gardens
_____Herb gardens                                                        _____Other:__________________
_____Landscape design

The fee for the course is $175 payable with application to “Aransas/San Patricio Master Gardeners”.
This fee includes a background check (required), your Master Gardener Handbook required for the classes, and
speaker, materials, and facility fees. Upon completion of all requirements for certification as a Master
Gardener, $50 will be refunded to you.

Please complete application and return by mail or in person
By Mail- Aransas/San Patricio Master Gardeners, 301 N. Live Oak, Rockport, TX 78382
In Person- Green Acres, 611 E. Mimosa, Rockport, TX
If you have questions, please call 361/790-0103,    Fax 361/729-3937
E-mail: Websites:

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