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Professional Auction Services_ Inc


									                                                                                       Welcome back to
                                                                              Frying Pan Park
                                                                                 Herndon, VA

                                                                             12 noon Saturday
                                                                               March 19, 2011

          Sale Day Telephone: (703) - 919-1779 or (703) 431-7724
          Stop by the Sale Office for Additional Entries, Substitutions, & Corrections

                           SALE SCHEDULE
 Friday, March 18, 2011                           Saturday, March 19, 2011
 • Barns Open at 12 noon                          • Sale Office Open          8:00 a.m.
 • Sale Office open 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.        • Sale Preview              9:00 a.m.
                                                  • Virginia Hunter & Sport Horse Spring Sale
                                                                   12:00 Noon

                                        Sale Personnel
AUCTIONEERS                                                        MIKE JENNINGS • TIM JENNINGS
                                                                            Rodger Geisinger - Steve Ralls
                                                                        David McMurrer - Charlie Strickler
                                                              Stephanie Jennings - Jean Lamb - Kathy Neff
                                                                       Debbie Strickler - Kendall Jennings

OPERATIONS                           Buddy Martin - Cathy Jennings - Harrison Morris - Jacqueline Morris
                                                         Caitlin Strickler - James Strickler - Brennan Ralls
SALE VETERINARIAN                                                                    Donald Cromer, DVM

15 First Street • Berryville, VA 22611
Phone: (800) 240-7900 • Fax: (540) 955-0881
email:                                                        VA Auction Firm #299
                                                                    Saturday, March 19, 2011
                                                                            Frying Pan Park
                                                                          Herndon, Virginia

                                                                                 2709 West Ox Road
                                                                             Herndon, Virginia 20171

          The Auction and Sale Preview will be WEBCAST Live
                      on Saturday, March 19, 2011
                      Please go to or
       to view the Sale from your computer.

           Financial Arrangements must be made in advance in order to place an Absentee Bid.
                                   See page 8 for more information.

 Please have your driver’s license available for
           inspection when bidding.                             WIN A SADDLE
 A Buyer’s Agreement must be signed and your                       A drawing will be held
         identification will be verified.                         for a NEW saddle to be
                                                                given away at the end of the
There shall be an upset price on any horse or pony
  offered. If an opening bid of the upset price            Virginia Hunter & Sport Horse
        is not received the horse or pony                            Spring Sale.
            shall be led out as unsold.                        • FREE Registration at the Sale
         Pony Session Upset Price - $250
      Premier Session Upset Price - $1,000                         • Must be present at the
        Horse Session Upset Price - $250                              Sale Ring to Win

     Champion Saddlery
           Now Open in 3 Locations!
   Doswell, Midlothian and Lexington, Virginia
    Call us at (904) 227-3434 • (804) 594-7060
               or visit us on the web at

                                 A BuyER’S PREMIuM
        of 7% of the final bid price will be charged to the buyer on each horse sold.

Street address: 2709 West Ox Road • Herndon, VA 20171.
                      Please consult a road map in conjunction with these directions.
        From Baltimore: Take I-95 South to I-495 West to Virginia to I-66 West. Exit I-66 West at Exit 53, Route
28 North. Merge onto VA-28 North (Sully Road) toward Dulles Airport. Follow 8 miles to Right turn (at stop light)
on to FRYING PAN ROAD. Follow 1 mile. Turn Right onto Centreville Road. Follow .3 miles to Left onto VA-
608 WEST OX ROAD. Park is 1/4 mile on Left.
(Alternate route: Take I-495 to merge onto VA-267 W via Exit 4A toward Dulles Airport (toll road). Follow VA-
657 10 miles to EXIT 10 (toward HERNDON/CHANTILLY). Turn Left onto CENTREVILLE ROAD. Follow 1.5
miles, turn Left onto VA-608- WEST OX ROAD. Park is 1/4 mile on Left. Street address: 2709 West Ox Road •
Herndon, VA 20171.
        From Frederick, MD or Harrisburg, PA - Take Rt. 15 South to Leesburg. At Leesburg, take Route 7
East (towards Tyson’s Corner) to Rt. 28 South (towards Dulles Airport). Go past Dulles Airport, turn left at the
next light, Frying Pan Road. Go 1 mile to the light at Centreville Road and turn right. At the next light, West Ox
Road, turn left. Frying Pan Park is 1/4 mile on left.
(Alternate route: At Leesburg, take the Dulles Greenway (toll road) towards Dulles Airport. Stay on the toll
road after passing through the toll booths to EXIT 10, Rt. 657, the Herndon/Chantilly exit. Turn South (right) on
Centreville Rd. Follow 1.4 miles to a left on VA-608 West Ox Rd. Frying Pan Park is 1/4 mile on the left.) Street
address: 2709 West Ox Road • Herndon, VA 20171.
        From Richmond: Take I-95 North to Exit 133 - VA Rt. 17 Falmouth / Warrenton. Follow Rt 17 North 28
miles to Rt. 29 North at Opal. At Opal turn north on Rt. 29. Follow Rt. 29 past Warrenton to I-66 East toward
WASHINGTON. Follow I-66 10 miles to EXIT 53, VA-28 N / Sully Road (toward Dulles Airport). Follow 8 miles
to Right turn (at stop light) on to FRYING PAN ROAD. Follow 1 mile. Turn Right onto Centreville Road. Follow
.3 miles to Left onto VA-608 WEST OX ROAD. Frying Pan Park is 1/4 mile on the left.
(Alternate route: Take I-95 North to I-495 (West) to merge onto VA-267 W via Exit 4A toward Dulles Airport (toll
road). Follow VA-657 for 10 miles to EXIT 10 (toward HERNDON/CHANTILLY). Turn Left onto CENTREVILLE
ROAD. Follow 1.4 miles, at light turn Left onto VA-608- WEST OX ROAD. Park is 1/4 mile on Left. Street ad-
dress: 2709 West Ox Road • Herndon, VA 20171.
        From Warrenton: Route 29-211 East to I-66 East toward WASHINGTON. Follow I-66 10 miles to EXIT
53, VA-28 N / Sully Road (toward Dulles Airport). Follow 8 miles to Right turn (at stop light) on to FRYING PAN
ROAD. Follow 1 mile. Turn Right onto Centreville Road. Follow .3 miles to Left onto VA-608 WEST OX ROAD.
Frying Pan Park is 1/4 mile on the left.
        From Tyson’s Corner - Rt. 7 West to Rt. 606, Turn Left on Rt 606 (Baron Cameron Rd.). Stay on Baron
Cameron, cross Reston Avenue, continue for 7 miles. (Baron Cameron will change to Elden Street and again to
Centreville Road). Cross under Dulles Toll Road to light at West Ox Road. Turn Left onto West Ox Road, Fry-
ing Pan Park is 1/4 mile on Left. Street address: 2709 West Ox Road • Herndon, VA 20171.

             HOST HOTEL:                                                 UPSET PRICE
                                                            There shall be an upset price on
                                                            any horse or pony offered. If an
                                                            opening bid of the upset price is
                                                             not received the horse or pony
   Crown Plaza Dulles airPort                                  shall be led out as unsold.
           (703) 471-6700                                      Premier Session Upset Price - $1,000
                                                                 Horse Session Upset Price - $250
          2200 Centreville Road                                  Pony Session Upset Price - $250
           Herndon,VA 20170
       IMPORTANT                   NOTICES                            SALE PREVIEW at 9:00 a.m.
• YOUR PROTECTION IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.                           In the Sale Preview, classes will run to simulate a
• There are inherent risks involved with any equine activi-           show. The following classes will be offered during
  ty, including riding, handling or viewing horses. Buyer’s,          the Sale Preview:
  sellers and spectators are cautioned to be careful at any         CLASS SCHEDULE
  time they are around horses. Professional Auction Ser-
  vices, Inc. and it’s employees are not liable for an injury        Class 1 • Horses or Ponies Shown in Hand
  to or death of anyone attending this event resulting from          Class 2 • Under Saddle Walk/Trot Ponies Aged 4 &
  the inherent risk of equine activities.                                     Under
• PLEASE READ AND FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH                          Class 3 • Under Saddle - Ponies
  THE CONDITIONS OF SALE.                                            Class 4 • Ponies Over Fences - crossrails to 2’3”
• ALL RESPONSIBILITY LIES BETWEEN THE CON-                           Class 5 • Under Saddle Walk/Trot Horses & Ponies
                                                                              Age 4 & Under
• Prospective bidders are cautioned that warranties on               Class 6 • Under Saddle - Horses
  horses purchased are only as stated in conditions
  Twelfth through Nineteenth.                                        Class 7 • Trail and Recreational Riding
• EXAMINE HORSES BEFORE BIDDING. Veterinary as-                      Class 8 • Over Fences - Horses or Ponies -
  sistance is available on bidder’s request to Auctioneer.                       crossrails to 2’6”
• Buyer has the right to have a LIMITED VETERINARY                   Class 9 • Under Saddle - Horses
  EXAMINATION WITHIN 12 HOURS OF THE START                          Class 10 • Over Fences - 2’6” to 3’
                                                                    Class 11 • Trail and Recreational Riding - for those
  GROUNDS.                                                                    that have not worked
• A PAID RECEIPT OR RELEASE IS REQUIRED TO                          Class 12 • Under Saddle - for horses or ponies that
  REMOVE ANY HORSE FROM THE SALE GROUNDS.                                        have not worked.
• DO NOT REMOVE HIP NUMBERS FROM HORSES                             Class 13 • Over Fences 3’ to 3’6”
  BEFORE LEAVING GROUNDS or you may be detained                     Class 14 • Other individual work
  by Security for Verification.                                     Class 15 • Horses or Ponies Shown in Hand
• ALL SALES OR TRANSACTIONS MADE ON THE                             Under Saddle Walk/Trot Horses & Ponies 4 & Under
  SALE GROUNDS MUST BE REPORTED TO AND                              - shown on the rail at a walk and trot. As the horse or
  MADE THROUGH THE SALE OFFICE.                                     pony is introduced it may move to the center to trot or
• PLEASE LISTEN CAREFULLY TO ANNOUNCE-                              canter a circle.
  MENTS MADE AT THE TIME THE HORSE IS SOLD,                         Under Saddle - English or Western - shown on the rail
  LISTEN FOR CONDITIONS LISTED IN CONDITION                         at a walk, trot and canter.
                                                                    Over Fences - A course with fences at various heights
• “BROODMARE OR BREEDING SOUND ONLY” - Not                          will be used for the demonstration. Please demon-
   selling for riding purposes. Represented as sound                strate over fences only one time. Up to 4 horses or
   enough to carry a foal or to breed mares.
                                                                    ponies may work at the same time, at the direction of
• NO PARKING IN THE BARN AREA - This regulation                     the announcer.
  will be enforced by the Fire Marshall                             Trail and Recreational Riding - Horses may be dem-
• ALL DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH.                                      onstrated under english or western tack and will per-
                                                                    form at the walk, trot and canter to show suitability for
                                                                    trail riding or pleasure riding.
          ALL SALES SUBJECT TO                                      Other individual work - (Prospects on the longe line,
      5% VIRGINIA SALES TAX UNLESS:                                 driving, dressage, reining, etc.) When introduced,
 (1) Buyer has a Valid Dealer’s Registration & signs                horse will be given a couple of minutes to work. (If
                  Exemption Form                                    space allows, 2 horses will work at a time).
      (2) Buyer signs a statement that horse is                     All introductions in the Demonstration will be
       purchased for breeding purposes only.                         brief and will NOT include updates.
                                      CONDITIONS OF SALE
FIRST - Horses are offered for sale according to the laws of the State of VIRGINIA. The highest bidder will be the Buyer. Imme-
   diately after the horse is designated as sold, the bidder recognized as the Buyer by the auctioneer will be presented with a Buyer’s
   Agreement. The Buyer’s Agreement will show the Hip number, name of the horse, and the selling price. The Buyer must im-
   mediately and legibly complete the required information and sign this agreement. The Buyer shall present picture identification
   (such as a driver’s license) to confirm information to auction staff at time of signing. Presentation of the Buyer’s Agreement to
   anyone other than the bidder recognized by the auctioneer will not entitle that person to right, title, or ownership of the horse.
If any dispute arises between two or more bidders, the horse in dispute shall immediately be put up again for advance bids. If there
   be no advance the horse shall go to the person from whom the auctioneer recognized the last bid. The auctioneer will decline
   any bids made by parties who have defaulted in former purchases or by persons who in his judgment, are not responsible bidders.
   Rights of consignors to bid are reserved unless otherwise announced. Consignors may authorize auctioneer, or others, to bid on
   their behalf. If a consignor does not wish to sell their horse for the final bid price, they will announce the horse to be a “No Sale”
   immediately after the auctioneer has struck the horse down and signified the end of the bidding, with the consignor retaining
   DOWN TO THEM. PAS, Inc. recommends that the buyer obtain Full Mortality Insurance on horses immediately after pur-
   chase, however, this decision and risk rest solely with the buyer. Upon receiving payment for the horse the cashier will issue
   a two part receipt. Buyer must present the pink copy of this receipt to SECURITY at the time the horse is removed from the
   grounds. All horses must be removed from sale ground by NOON, SUNDAY, March 20, 2011. Failure to remove the horse
   for any reason will obligate the buyer to pay all costs associated with board, transportation and security of the horse. Security
   charges of $20 for every hour past noon will apply.
   HORSE SOLD. This Buyer’s Premium will become part of the purchase price and will be subject to sales tax.
FOURTH- Professional Auction Services, Inc. may distribute or publish the results of this sale in publications or post the results
   on it’s web site including such information as the price and buyer’s name.
FIFTH- Terms of sale are cash and payment in full must be made immediately after the sale is over. Pay the cashier in all cases.
   Payment may be made in the form of cash, personal or business check with proper identification, cashier’s or certified check,
   valid traveler’s checks, Master Card, Visa or American Express. Checks must be made out to PROFESSIONAL AUCTION
   SERVICES, INC. In no case may any part of the purchase price be paid direct to the consignor by the purchaser and such pay-
   ment shall not be valid or entitle the buyer to obtain the horse. ALL SALE TRANSACTIONS MUST BE MADE THROUGH
   THE PAS, INC. SALE OFFICE. Virginia Sales Tax of 5% will apply to all purchases unless purchaser is properly exempt.
   Buyer agrees not to stop payment on check for any reason. A charge of $50.00 will be made on any check that is returned.
SIXTH- If any person shall purchase an animal and not pay for it as prescribed above, the sale management or consignor shall
   have the right to resell the animal or at their option bring legal action in which event buyer agrees to pay all cost of such suit
   together with reasonable attorney fees as fixed by the court. In the event of resale the defaulting buyer agrees to pay all costs of
   resale and price deficiency, if any. Interest of 1-1/2% per month will be charged on the unpaid balance of any account not paid
   for as set forth in these conditions.
SEVENTH- All registration papers will be withheld by the sale management until all checks clear the bank (21 days) at which time
   they will be mailed, with completed transfer reports to AQHA for Quarter Horses, to PHAA for Pecherons, and to the buyer for
   other breeds. NOTE: If any buyer desires to obtain papers immediately, the horse or horses must be paid for with cash, cashier’s
   or certified check, or personal check accompanied by a Letter of Guarantee issued by your bank. Please call PAS, Inc. office for
   letter format.
EIGHTH- Every effort has been made to assure correctness of the catalog but Professional Auction Services, Inc., the sale man-
   agement and auctioneer are not responsible for errors or omissions and assume no liability on the part of the seller as to any such
   statements, either verbal or written regarding horses sold. All statements and corrections at the sale will supercede the catalog.
NINTH- Professional Auction Services, Inc., auctioneers and clerks do not act for or represent the buyer or seller, but merely
   provide a medium for bringing together the buyer and seller for the purpose of sales transactions. Professional Auction Services,
   Inc. and sales personnel assume no responsibility whatsoever to anyone for blemishes, defects, the physical condition or health of
   any horse and make no warranties or representations of any kind in the sale and hereby SPECIFICALLY WAIVE ALL IMPLIED
TENTH- Buyers and spectators are cautioned to be careful while on the grounds and particularly while horses are being sold or
ELEVENTH- Frying Pan Park assumes NO responsibility for the sale or for accidents on the grounds.
TWELFTH- Broodmares will be guaranteed only to have been bred to stallions as indicated. Any purchaser of a broodmare sold
   in this sale may have the mare examined by an acceptable veterinarian within 12 hours after the start of the sale and before the
   horse leaves the sale premises. Any broodmare so examined whose pregnancy or breeding soundness status is found not to be
   as represented at the time of sale, may be returned to the consignor as unsold, and the consignor shall pay veterinarian’s fee for
   examination. Otherwise, no guarantee is made of pregnancy status or eventual foaling unless made specifically by consignor.
   No return privileges or live foal guarantees accompany mares unless stated by consignor with proof in writing of such agreement
   issued by stallion owner.
                                     CONDITIONS OF SALE
THIRTEENTH- Bidding - there shall be an upset price on any horse or pony offered. If an opening bid of the upset price is not
  received the horse or pony shall be led out as unsold. Premier Session Upset Price $1,000; Horse Session & Pony Session Up-
  set Price $250. Minimum acceptable advances in bidding are $25 to $2,000, $50 to $5,000 and $100 thereafter.
FOURTEENTH- Consignor has the responsibility to notify the sales management in writing prior to the sale of any unsoundness
  of any nature known to him and they will be announced at time of sale. BUYER HAS THE RIGHT TO HAVE A LIMITED
  BEFORE THE HORSE LEAVES THE SALE PREMISES. If a qualified veterinarian finds the horse not to be sound for the
  advertised purpose, the consignor will accept the return of horse as unsold and hereby authorizes Professional Auction Ser-
  vices, Inc. to refund the purchase price. This examination will be limited to moving the horse for soundness on riding horses or
  show horses of any type, and checking the reproductive tract on breeding horses, as well as checking for conditions as stated in
  Condition Fourteenth. Positive reaction to flexion tests and hoof testers does not constitute unsoundness, if the horse is moving
  sound. These tests should be a part of a prepurchase examination. THE BUYER HAS THE RESPONSIBILITY TO EXAMINE
FIFTEENTH- The consignor has the responsibility to notify the sales management in writing prior to the sale of the fact that the
  horse is a CRIBBER, a WEAVER, UNSOUND OF EYES or WIND, PARROT MOUTH for mares and stallions only, a CRYPT-
  ORCHID, MONORCHID or RIDGLING, has been NERVED, has FOUNDERED prior to the sale, has a LAMENESS DUE
  TO a navicular disorder, osteoarthritis of a joint or other bone abnormality or neurological disorder including, but not limited
  to, EPM or wobbles. Mares and stallions will be exempt from the lameness provision as stated above if they are represented
  only as breeding animals. If a buyer discovers such a condition in the horse which was not stated to the sales management by
  the consignor, as required and specified above, and NOT stated in the catalog or announced at the time of the sale, and the horse
  had such a condition at the time of sale, the buyer may have grounds to reject the horse. The buyer must deliver to Professional
  Auction Services, Inc. a WRITTEN STATEMENT FROM A QUALIFIED VETERINARIAN within five (5) days of the date
  of the sale establishing the existence of the condition, IN DETAIL. The veterinarian’s statement shall include a description of
  the procedures performed during the examination, the results which caused the veterinarian to diagnose the condition, and state
  how it was determined that the condition existed prior to the sale. If the evidence is conclusive, the consignor agrees to accept
  the return of the horse and hereby authorizes Professional Auction Services, Inc. to refund the purchase price. If the veterinar-
  ian’s statement is inconclusive or is not complete with the information required above, Professional Auction Services, Inc. may
  disallow the claim and pay the consignor. In the event that a consignor does not agree with the buyer’s veterinarian’s statement,
  Professional Auction Services, Inc. may hold funds until buyer and consignor resolve the matter in accordance with Condition
SIXTEENTH- Disputed Condition - If the consignor disputes the diagnosis by the buyer’s veterinarian for conditions stated
  in Condition Fifteenth above, that were not stated in the catalog or announced before the horse was sold, then P.A.S., Inc. may
  appoint an equine veterinarian of its choice to determine the condition of the horse. The examination of the appointed veterinar-
  ian shall be limited to the disputed condition. The appointed veterinarian may inspect the horse and may apply such diagnostic
  testing and procedures as deemed to be appropriate. The appointed veterinarian may also confer with the consignor and the
  buyer and the buyer’s veterinarian, and may review available veterinary medical history including contact with prior veterinar-
  ians having knowledge of the horse, and may review the report and supporting information supplied by the buyer’s veterinarian.
  The decision of the appointed veterinarian shall be final in all respects and P.A.S., Inc. shall allow or disallow the rejection of
  the horse by the buyer consistent with the opinion of the appointed veterinarian. The buyer has the duty to present the horse for
  examination with the appointed veterinarian in cooperation with the veterinarian’s schedule and has the duty to provide board,
  necessary farrier and veterinary care, and transportation until the dispute is resolved. The appointed veterinarian shall be within
  a reasonable proximity to the buyer. If rejection by the buyer is allowed by P.A.S., Inc., the consignor shall pay the cost of ser-
  vices of the appointed veterinarian and the buyer may recover from consignor any direct costs as stated in Condition Eighteenth.
  Risk of loss passes back to consignor immediately upon notice of decision by P.A.S., Inc. to allow rejection by the buyer and
  consignor shall immediately make arrangements to take possession of the horse.
SEVENTEENTH- The consignor has agreed not to give the horse any drugs to alter soundness or attitude, unless it is disclosed
  by a statement in the catalog or announcement prior to the horse being sold. If within five (5) days of the sale, the buyer finds
  the horse to be unsound for the advertised purpose or makes a claim of misrepresentation of attitude by the consignor and a
  blood test proves positive for a drug that could mask such a problem, the horse can be rejected by the buyer. For a claim to be
  valid under this Condition the blood sample must be drawn by the sale veterinarian within 12 hours of the start of the Sale and
  before the horse leaves the sale grounds. Notification of a claim by the buyer under this Condition must be made to Professional
  Auction Services, Inc. within five (5) days of the date of the sale, by a written statement from a qualified equine veterinarian
  explaining the diagnosis of any unsoundness or explaining the behavior problem. The funds for the horse will be held pending
  the results of the blood screen.
EIGHTEENTH- In the event a horse is returned to the consignor in accordance with the conditions Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Six-
  teenth or Seventeenth, the consignor agrees to pay all reasonable costs involved with the sale and return of the horse, including
  transportation, board and appropriate sale fees. In the event of legal action over a horse sold in this auction which involves
  Professional Auction Services, Inc., the Buyer and Seller, jointly and severally, agree to pay all costs incurred by Professional
  Auction Services, Inc., including reasonable attorney’s fees.
NINETEENTH- The AGE and PEDIGREE given in the catalog for horses selling without registration papers is only approximate
  and is not guaranteed.
                    Buyer’s responsiBility - some Helpful Hints
• The Seller has a responsibility to announce defects, that they know of, in their horses, particularly those that may affect the
  soundness of the horse for the purpose they are advertised for. What is a defect to one person, may not be a defect to another.
• The Buyer has a responsibility to examine a horse carefully before they bid on it. If you have any particular concerns about
  conformation faults or defects, size, attitude, stall manners, riding ability or anything else, check it out BEFORE you bid. If you
  buy a horse on impulse, without shopping it before you bid, you may expect to find some surprises. In that case you still own the
  horse. The seller is not responsible for you, if you don’t shop the horse. Once you bid on a horse, you are indicating you have
  shopped enough to satisfy yourself and no one else is responsible.
Some suggestions:
• READ THE CONDITIONS OF SALE in the catalog. If you have questions, please call the sale management.
  you have selected some prospects in your catalog, call the sellers before the sale and ask about the horse. It will save time.
• Make a list, written or mental, of the things that are important to you in a horse. Think about the good characteristics you want
  and also think about the vices, habits or characteristics you do not want in a horse. Consider what negative characteristics you
  can put up with if a horse can serve your primary purpose well. Go through this checklist for each horse you shop. Ask ques-
  tions and make sure you get the answers. Do this BEFORE you bid, because after you buy a horse you cannot change your mind
  if you don’t like the horse.
• What is the purpose for your new horse? - Show, recreational riding, racing, breeding, etc. Look for a horse that is bred for
  or trained for the type of use you need.
• Conformation - Examine the horse carefully for conformation defects that may affect your use of the horse. Remember, the
  “perfect” horse has never been found. Decide what characteristics are important to your purpose and make sure these suit you.
  There are some areas where you may accept some deviations from ideal conformation, if they don’t cause a problem for you.
• Appearance - A pretty horse will always get your attention. We tend to fall in love with a horse because of eye appeal, then
  hope it will suit our purpose. Be sure to look past pretty and see if the horse really suits. Try not to let color be your only crite-
  ria. If you want to show or breed for the color breeds, it will be important. The more specific your desire for a certain color, the
  harder it is to find the right horse for the purpose.
• Soundness - Examine the horse carefully for any blemishes that may cause soundness problems. Watch the horse move and
  watch for lameness. Check the horses eyes for obvious defects. Try to notice if the breathing sounds normal. If you see some-
  thing that concerns you, either mark this horse off your list or get a veterinarian to examine the horse before you bid on it.
• Veterinary examination - Before you buy a horse, you may have a veterinarian examine it in any way you want and the seller
  will allow. In most cases, a general examination by a veterinarian will do quite well. This would involve a visual examination
  for defects, watching the horse move, possibly flexion tests and hoof testers and checking the eyes, wind and heart. Some buy-
  ers have made arrangments with the seller and a veterinarian to meet early at the sale grounds and allow time for an extensive
  prepurchase exam, including radiographs. Other buyers have contacted sellers to get a veterinarian to examine the horse before
  it comes to the sale. REMEMBER, AFTER you purchase a horse the veterinary examination allowed by the Sale conditions is
  very limited.
• Stable Manners - If this is an important issue for you, then make sure you go to see the horse in the stall. Ask the seller ques-
  tions about how the horse is in the stall or in the pasture, alone or with other horses, how is it to groom, shoe, clip, load, haul or
  anything else that concerns you. Also ask about cribbing or weaving. To some buyers these items may not be as important as
  winning in the show ring. To others, this area may be the most important characteristic to consider.

                                    A BUYER’S PREMIUM
               of 7% of the final bid price will be charged to the Buyer on each horse sold.
        VISA, Master Card and American Express are accepted.
                          (1) Buyer has a Valid Dealer’s Registration & signs Exemption Form
                     (2) Buyer signs a statement that horse is purchased for breeding purposes only.

                    Buyer’s responsiBility - some Helpful Hints
• Drugs and medication - We feel this is not as much of a problem as some people suspect. If you are concerned about a horse be-
  ing drugged to mask a soundness or performance problem, we can suggest a way to check that, if a problem actually arises. You
  may have the veterinarian draw a blood sample at the sale, at a small cost, and hold it pending the need to run a drug screen.
  The cost of a drug screen is estimated to be $100 to $150. If after a week you have not experienced problems, that could have
  been masked by drugs, the veterinarian can discard the blood. If you have a problem that you suspect was masked by drugs,
  and you had a sample drawn at the sale, contact the sale management immediately and the account will be held for review. We
  do not condone use of drugs to misrepresent a horse. If the presence of a drug is found that masked a problem, the seller will
  get the horse back, if you have notified us in time. Please bear in mind that just because you might not get along with your new
  horse, doesn’t mean the horse was drugged. Most horses need to adjust to new owners and places, and owners need to adjust to
  the horse.
• Riding horses - Watch the demonstration at the sale. If you are looking for a riding horse make sure the owner’s statement in the
  catalog says the horse is broke to ride, see it ride or better yet, ride it. If you want a horse for children or beginners, make sure
  the owner’s statement in the catalog mentions the horse has experience with this type of rider and have the rider try the horse. If
  you are looking for a show horse, watch the demonstration to see it in a show ring situation and talk to the seller about mainte-
  nance and preparation.
• Breeding horses - If the owner’s statement in the catalog does not give the complete breeding history, you may contact the seller,
  as well as checking the appropriate breed association, for additional information. For mares that are not in foal, check for visible
  defects in breeding conformation. If the seller does not have results of a recent reproductive examination, culture or uterine bi-
  opsy, you may want a veterinarian to check the reproductive tract, as much as they can, at the sale and base your decision on that
  information. For stallions, check for visible defects in breeding conformation. On young stallion prospects check for reproduc-
  tive maturity consistant with their age and make sure both testicles are down.
• Insurance - PAS, Inc. recommends that the buyer obtain Full Mortality Insurance on horses immediately after purchase, how-
   ever, this decision and risk rest solely with the buyer.
• WHAT TO DO IF SOMETHING ABOUT THE HORSE WORRIES YOU. - If you see or hear something about a horse that
  really worries or bothers you, and you can’t get the answers or information to make you feel comfortable, then “Do Not Buy
  The Horse.” If there are some things about the horse that make you really want it any way, talk to the Sale manager. If you then
  don’t have your answers, pass on that horse. There will always be other horses available.
• LISTEN FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS like selling “breeding sound only” or “As Is” which mean the horse may not be sound to
• YOUR PROTECTION IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Please examine horses carefully before you bid and listen carefully to
  announcements made while the horse is in the Sale ring.


         Visit our Vendors                                                            SALE ORDER

        Champion Saddlery
                                                                      • Horses will sell in the order they appear in catalog .
                                                                      • Catalog order was determined by alphabetical order,
                                                                        using the first letter of the horse’s name. The letter
                                                                        we begin with changes for each Sale, advancing 5
                                                                        letters with each Sale.

     Coggins information
                                                                      • The Virginia Hunter & Sport Horse Spring Sale be-
                                                                        gins with the letter “R”.
                                                                      • Some horses have been moved 5 - 10 hips to avoid a
      Horses will sell with an Original                                 single seller having 2 or more horses back to back.
         Negative Coggins Report                                      • HOW LONG WILL THE SALE LAST?
       within 12 months of sale date                                  Our goal is to sell approximately 25 horses per hour.
                                   aBsentee Bid information
If you are unable to attend this sale personally, Professional Auction Services, Inc., suggests one of following
    ways to ensure that you have a chance to bid on the horses you are interested in.
Mail Bid Form: This form can be found below; obtained by calling Professional Auction Services, Inc. at (800)
  240-7900; or is on the web at The form will ask which horses you are interested
  in bidding on and the maximum amount you will bid on each horse. Your confidence will be respected. It is
  important that a check for the full amount of the mail bid accompany your Mail Bid Form. If unsuccessful
  your funds will be returned.
Agent Authorization: If you wish to bid on a horse through an Agent, Professional Auction Services, Inc.,
  MUST have a signed and notarized Agent’s Authorization Form on file. If no such form is on file with
  Professional Auction Services, Inc., all registration papers, etc, associated with the sale of the horse will be
  transferred to the buyer of record, not to a third party. An Agent Authorization Form can be obtained by calling
  Professional Auction Services, Inc. at (800) 240-7900, or on the web at
Telephone Bid: This method of bidding is only an option if the bidder pre-registers using the Mail Bid Form
   found below. Use the Mail Bid Form to give the appropriate buyer and contact information. You will be called
   one horse prior to the horse you intend to bid on; and a check for the full amount of the bid must accompany
   your Mail Bid Form.
If you have any additional questions regarding Absentee Bidding, please call us at (800) 240-7900.

                                            MAIL BID FORM
  If you cannot attend this sale personally, we urge you to complete this bid form on any Hip Number(s) you are
  interested in buying and forward it to us. Your confidence will be respected. IMPORTANT: A CHECK FOR
  any overage will be returned to you. If unsuccessful your funds will be returned.
  15 First Street • Berryville, Virginia 22611
  Re: Virginia Hunter & Sport Horse Sale
 I would like to enter bid(s) as follows on:
 Hip No. _____ Horse: ________________________________________________ $ _________________
 Hip No. _____ Horse: ________________________________________________ $ _________________
 Hip No. _____ Horse: ________________________________________________ $ _________________
 PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY:                                     To be completed by Bank Officer
 In signing this form I agree to the Conditions of Sale    The applicant whose signature has had an account with
 in this Catalog. I have examined and investigated the     this bank for _______ years. The average balance of
 horses to my satisfaction.                                this account during the past year has been in the range
                                                           of $____________.
                                                           Signed: _____________________________________
 Name of Bidder: _____________________________             Bank Officer’s Name: __________________________
 Signature of Bidder: __________________________           Title: ________________________________________
 Address of Bidder: ___________________________            Name of Bank: ________________________________
 City, State, Zip Code: _________________________          Address: _____________________________________
 Phone #: ___________________________________              Telephone #: __________________________________
                                                           Account #: ___________________________________

Featured Consignments:

         Inventory Reduction
          Making Room for New Trainer

 Hip # 89 - Call To Fame (Dutch WB / TB) 04 b.m.      Hip #8 Shys Antys Boy         Hip #18 Kats Meow
 (Hall Of Fame (DWB) x Unknown) Competed at novice
 level eventing. Movement for hunters and dressage.

                                                            Hip #96 Key Point

Hip #78 Town Gossip        Hip # 83 Wooded Hillside                                       Hip # 100 La Pulga

Dawn Cook • Palmer River Equestrian Center
 Rehoboth, MA
 (508) 252-6347
 (508) 243-2572
 Hip No. 5 - Sunny Side (Crossbred) 00 ch.wh.m.          Hip No. 20 - Good Will (Crossbred Welsh) 00 ch.g.
   (Unknown x Unknown) Super in lesson                     (Unknown x Unknown) Jumps 2’3” and rides on
   program. Willling, with great barn manners and          trails. Used for lessons.
   trail riding experience.                              Hip No. 25 - Goody 2 Shoes (Paint) 04 bkn.wh.m.
 Hip No. 10 - True Blue (Crossbred Welsh) 05 gr.g.         (Unknown x Unknown) Level headed and willing.
   (Unknown x Unknown) Jumps 2’6”. Shown in                Ridden on trails, recently started career as hunter
   Walk Trot, Short Stirrup and Children’s Pony.           pony. Introduced to jumps.
   Used for lessons.                                     Hip No. 31 - Patty Cake (Crossbred Welsh) 00 ch.m.
 Hip No. 15 - Zoe (Crossbred) 05 b. spottedm.              (Unknown x Unknown) Jumps 2’. Rides on trails,
   (Unknown x Unknown) Jumps, is good on                   goes english and western, neck reins.
   trails, has been shown. Used in lesson program,       Hip No. 98 - La Belle Jackie (Warmblood / TB Cross)
   competed locally in walk trot and short stirrup.        98 b.m. (Joshua x Jinsky’s Lady (TB)) Moves
   Excellent manners in any situation.                     nicely in ring, on flat and over fences. Loves trails.

Featured Consignments:
          Chris Trefny, Agent for
            Canaan Ranch                             Hip No. 51 - Rivierra (Oldenburg) 04 b.m. (Road-
                                                       ster x Samantha) Oldenburg States Premium
                                                       Mare. Premium producer. Green broke.
Hip No. 17 - Golden Ticket (German Riding Pony)
  08 b.g. (Danny Gold x Number One) Flashy gaits     Hip No. 54 - Deshi (Oldenburg) 08 b.m. (Donates x
  and great conformation.                              Rivierra) Excellent performance prospect.
Hip No. 22 - Lone Star (German Riding Pony) 09       Hip No. 73 - Scarlett (Thuringer) 96 b.m. (Sevillano
  ch.s. (Lateran x Number One) Extraordinary           xx x Sympathie) Winner of Prasteedgues
  gaits.                                               German Suddeutsches Reipferde Championat
                                                       at 4. Premium Broodmare.
Hip No. 27 - Number One (German Riding Pony)
  05 b.m. (Nightfever x Destiny) Entered into        Hip No. 105 - Precious Moments CR (Oldenburg)
  Main Mare Book of German Reit Ponies. Dam            09 ch.m. (Pik Labionics x Auenkrone xx) Perfor-
  of sale entries Lone Star and Golden Ticket.         mance prospect.

Becky Acord
Blandford, MA
(860) 250-9120
Hip No. 71 - Rascal (Han / TB) 01 ch.g. (Unknown     Hip No. 91 - Zans Buff Sonny (Quarter Horse) 0d2
  x Unknown) Pony clubbed, evented, rides on           gr.g. (Zans Streakin Dude x Sentimental Babe) Safe
  trails, fox hunts, shown.                            and solid. Hunted 2nd and 3rd field and hill topped.
Hip No. 82 - Victor (Zangerscheide) 03 b.g. (Un-       Evented novice level.
  known x Unknown) Shown in Equitation at big        Hip No. 95 - All That N Real (QH and Paint) 05
  shows, evented Novice and schooled Preliminary.      ch.ov.g. (Real Bonanza x CPR Maida Star (QH))
  Honest.                                              Shown, ridden on trails and at hunter paces. Goes
Hip No. 87 - Watch This Fairytale (QH / TB) 04         english and western. Jumps 2’6”.
  b.g. (Unknown x Unknown) Solid 2’9” with auto      Hip No. 103 - Pinebar Scoot N Time (Quarter Horse)
  changes. Winner of SMHSS Hunter and Pleasure         04 b.g. (Pine Bar Pat x Two Timen Blonde) AQHA
  Classics. Youth horse deluxe.                        I.F. Used at local shows, hunter paces, play days.

                  Entries Accepted Until Sale Fills
                  Contact Professional Auction Services, Inc.
   at (800) 240-7900 or download forms from

                                             76   Smarty Arty           03   g.    22   Lone Star             09
Becky Acord
                                             88   Forest Fire           96   g.    27   Number One            05
 71 Rascal                        01   g.                                          51   Rivierra              04
 82 Victor                        03   g.   Chad Keenum
                                                                                   54   Deshi                 08
 87 Watch This Fairytale          04   g.     3 Scarlett                05   m.    73   Scarlett              96
 91 Zans Buff Sonny              0d2   g.    11 Southern Rock           00   g.   105   Precious Moments CR   09
 95 All That N Real               05   g.    52 Showtime                06   g.
103 Pinebar Scoot N Time          04   g.    85 Chloe                   06   m.   Kristy Willwerth
                                                                                  Picturesque Farm, LLC
Billie Jo Adsit                             Ginger LaBarre - Martin                14 Cameo                   06
Old Ridge Run Stables                       LaBarre Training Center
                                                                                   72 Rhyme Or Reason         06
 1 Rainbow Dash                  06    m.    30 Pinto Bean              00   g.    80 Turn Up The Volume      99
 6 Rassbery Rush                 96    m.    77 Smoke It Over           01   m.
                                                                                  Devon Zebrovious
Charles & Theresa Cook                      John Lumsden                          Cherry Blossom Farm
Happy Go Lucky Farm                          24 Malibu Barbie           02   m.    90 Get In Step             04
 98 La Belle Jackie              98    m.
                                            Jackie McClintic
Dawn Cook                                   Lynden Farm
Palmer River Equestrian Center                7 Shenandoah Say Please   05   m.
  5 Sunny Side                   00    m.
                                            Mike McGowan
 10 True Blue                    05    g.
                                            Heritage Stables
 15 Zoe                          05    m.
 20 Good Will                    00    g.    19 Lilo                    07   g.
 25 Goody 2 Shoes                04    m.    28 Pepper                  95   m.
 31 Patty Cake                   00    m.    93 Jose’                   90   g.
                                            102 On - A - Lead           05   m.
Cool Breeze Stables, LLC
                                            George A. Mitchell
 99 Maxs First Lady              01    m.
                                             13 C American Lady         07   m.
Laurie Corr
                                            Lindsay Morrett
 81 Valor                        11y   g.   Wyndham Oaks
Debbie Crummett                              53 Callmestiletto          03   m.
Cool Breeze Stables, LLC
                                            Karen Raach
 29 Peppermint                   05    g.   Rock Solid Stables
Kim England, Agent                           4 Shenandoah Bonfire       06   g.
Patricia Holland
                                            Karen Raach, Agent
 26 Maria Maria                  00    m.   Madeline Mitchell
Samantha Erlitz, Agent                       21 Irish Lace              98   m.
Bonnie Williams
                                            Karen Raach, Agent
 23 Majestic Queen Anne          03    m.   Jody Vesty
Page Graves                                  16 Forget Me Not           06   m.
Walnut Creek Farm
                                            Byrd Rareshide
 56 Nina                         07    m.
                                             9 Smart Talk               05   m.
Grimes Sport Horses
                                            Stephanie Schneider
 94 Joystick                     06    g.
                                             75 Shelter’s Champ         99   g.
Jackie Harward
Equine Acres                                Jessica Smith
 86 Dakota                       05    g.    55 Imma                    02   m.
104 Point Of Prayer              07    m.   Stone Gate Stables, LLC
Candy J Hensley                               8 Shys Antsys Boy         02   g.
 79 Trendy’s Spirit Bug          06    m.    18 Katz Meow               99   m.
                                             78 Town Gossip             04   m.
Farra Phillips Hillyard                      83 Wooded Hillside         06   g.
Fox View Farm                                89 Call To Fame            04   m.
  2 Rio                          02    g.    96 Key Point               05   m.
 92 Gilbert                      02    g.   100 La Pulga                06   m.
 97 Honey                        06    m.
101 Iris                         06    g.   Clifton B Thaw III
                                            Storybook Farm
Bernadette Keany                             84 Current Events          01   g.
Nichols Equestrian Center
 12 Sterling Silver              98    m.   Chris Trefney, Agent
                                            Canaan Ranch
 74 Shanti                       05    m.
                                             17 Golden Ticket           08   g.

Horse                  Hip    Horse                  Hip   Horse   Hip
All That N Real         95   Scarlett                  3
C American Lady         13   Shanti                   74
Call To Fame            89   Shelter’s Champ          75
Callmestiletto          53   Shenandoah Bonfire        4
Cameo                   14   Shenandoah Say Please     7
Chloe                   85   Showtime                 52
Current Events          84   Shys Antsys Boy           8
Dakota                  86   Smart Talk                9
Deshi                   54   Smarty Arty              76
Forest Fire             88   Smoke It Over            77
Forget Me Not           16   Southern Rock            11
Get In Step             90   Sterling Silver          12
Gilbert                 92   Sunny Side                5
Golden Ticket           17   Town Gossip              78
Good Will               20   Trendy’s Spirit Bug      79
Goody 2 Shoes           25   True Blue                10
Honey                   97   Turn Up The Volume       80
Imma                    55   Valor                    81
Iris                   101   Victor                   82
Irish Lace              21   Watch This Fairytale     87
Jose’                   93   Wooded Hillside          83
Joystick                94   Zans Buff Sonny          91
Katz Meow               18   Zoe                      15
Key Point               96
La Belle Jackie         98
La Pulga               100
Lilo                    19
Lone Star               22
Majestic Queen Anne     23
Malibu Barbie           24
Maria Maria             26
Maxs First Lady         99
Nina                    56
Number One              27
On - A - Lead          102
Patty Cake              31
Pepper                  28
Peppermint              29
Pinebar Scoot N Time   103
Pinto Bean              30
Point Of Prayer        104
Precious Moments CR    105
Rainbow Dash             1
Rascal                  71
Rassbery Rush            6
Rhyme Or Reason         72
Rio                      2
Rivierra                51
Scarlett                73
                                Virginia    Hunter & Sport Horse Spring            Sale     •   Pony Session

 H IP NO .   1                             R AINBOW DASH                   H IP NO .   4               S HENANDOAH BONFIRE
   2010 VHSA Associate High Point Beginner Hunter
                  2006 Bay Roan Mare         12:1 HH
                    Crossbred Welsh NO PAPERS
       Consigned by: Billie Jo Adsit Old Ridge Run Stables


Rainbow Dash was bought originally as an investment pony for my
children. They have broke her and trained her under my guidance.
My 6 year old child showed her in pleasure, short stirrup, and
beginner hunter. She won a year end high point in Beginner Hunter
at VHSA Associate Shows in 2010. She has been used in our riding
school and trail ridden. She is an excellent mover and jumps with
her knees in perfect form.

                                                                                           2006 Chestnut Gelding        12 HH
 H IP NO .   2                                                  RIO                    Welsh WITH PAPERS WPSCA #A-46228

                 2002 Dark Bay Gelding        14:1 HH                             Consigned by: Karen Raach Rock Solid Stables
                    Crossbred Welsh NO PAPERS                                                                         Farnley Ballad
                                                                                     Farnley Magic Flute              Farnley Magic Wand
                                                                           SIRE: SHENANDOAH SAMOA
       Consigned by: Farra Phillips Hillyard Fox View Farm                                                            Severn Snapdragon
                                                                                     Shenandoah Seychelle             Shenandoah Sicily
                                                                                    Farnley Chapka                    Farnley Ballad
DAM: UNKNOWN                                                                                                          Farnley Kerchief
                                                                           DAM: SHENANDOAH EMBER
                                                                                    Shenandoah Lava                   Shenandoah Surtsey
Rio is currently being used as a lesson pony for a college                                                            Farnley Sunshadow
equestrian team. He jumps around a 2’6” course with ease.
                                                                        Shenandoah Bonfire (Fin) is a 5 year old registered Welsh 12 hand
Extremely responsive to rider, loves to please. He has shown
                                                                        gelding. He just may be the cutest pony you ever saw! As a 3 year
locally in the pony hunter division. Always brave to the jumps, he is
                                                                        old he was the Zone 4 Hunter Pony Champion and he finished 2nd at
better suited for an advanced beginner to intermediate rider. Also
                                                                        Devon in the 3 year old class. In the fall of his three year old year,
may be ridden western. Absolutely loves trail rides and loves to
                                                                        Fin was competing in Mini Stirrup and Short Stirrup divisions with his
team pen. This pony is safe and can be used for many purposes.
                                                                        6 year old rider. He received the nick name “Little Big Man” because
An asset to any program. Loads clips, ties, sound with no vices, up
                                                                        he walks into every ring like he owns it. Fin’s canter is awesome and
to date on everything, great for vet and farrier. Dental records are
                                                                        very balanced. Best of all, he will pick it up from a stand still. He was
available. Please visit for pictures, videos
                                                                        leased out last year for Devon Lead Line on his looks alone. Fin also
and detailed information.
                                                                        likes to trail ride, he can follow or lead. He is a complete puppy dog
                                                                        to deal with and he will keep you laughing in the barn.
 H IP NO .   3                                       SCARLETT
                    2005 Grey Mare         14:1 HH
                 Welsh / Warmblood Cross NO PAPERS
                    Consigned by: Chad Keenum
                                             Halcyon Sir Lancelot
          Silver Snaffles Excalibur          Chippewa Squaw
                                             Magical (Hol)
          Mapleside Magic Sunshine           Easter’s Sunshine Mist


Scarlett is a 6 year old 14:1 hand grey Welsh / Warmblood cross
mare by Mapleside Mr Magic. She is a full sibling to Smallwood’s
Lickity Split, who won the nation last year in the Medium Green
Ponies. She has done a lot of local shows and is eligible Green.
She is a good mover and has an excellent jump. She is very brave
to the jumps. This mare would make a nice hunter, eventing, or
dressage pony.

 H IP NO .   5                                  S UNNY SIDE               H IP NO .   7         S HENANDOAH SAY PLEASE

             2000 Chestnut & White Mare          12:2 HH                                  2005 Grey Mare       13:1-1/12 HH
                      Crossbred NO PAPERS                                        Half-Bred Welsh WITH PAPERS WPCSA #H47204
   Consigned by: Dawn Cook Palmer River Equestrian Center                          Consigned by: Jackie McClintic Lynden Farm
                                                                                                                     Farnley Ballad
SIRE: UNKNOWN                                                                       Farnley Magic Flute              Farnley Magic Wand
                                                                          SIRE: FARNLEY MAGIC WORD
DAM: UNKNOWN                                                                                                         Severn West Wind
                                                                                    Farnley Magic Seven              Farnley Magic Wand
Sunny Side is a 12.2 hand chestnut and white Pinto mare that is 11
years old. She will walk, trot and canter, and jumps 2 feet. “Sadie”      DAM: CASSIE (TB)
is an oversized Small in every way. She could carry a small adult        “Pretty” needs to find a home where she can have a kid of her own
and is super in the lesson program with children. She is very willing    that wants to do Pony Club, Pony Jumpers, and/or fox hunting. She
making it easy for new riders to learn on. She will always put a smile   hunts in a snaffle, is bold, has a great attitude, and jumps anything
on her rider’s faces, with great barn manners and trail riding           you point her at, jump height is never an issue. Pretty does her
experience. She is always willing to work alone or in a group. Little    changes and is an easy keeper (out 24/7, barefoot). She and a kid
Sadie Lady will add color to your farm. She has always been sound,       of her own will have a lot of fun together.
is an easy keeper, and will make friends quickly when turned out
with a herd.

 H IP NO .   6                          R ASSBERY RUSH
                  1996 Sorrel Mare        13:1 HH
                   Crossbred Welsh NO PAPERS
       Consigned by: Billie Jo Adsit Old Ridge Run Stables


Rassbery Rush has been fun to show. She brings home
championships for my daughter who has sadly outgrown her. She
automatically finds her spots and does her lead changes for her
riders. She jumps with perfect form over her fences. She has a
long ground covering trot with a smooth collected canter. She is a
great pony hunter or short stirrup show pony.

 H IP NO .   8                       S HYS ANTSYS BOY                    H IP NO .   9                                  SMART TALK

                 2002 Spotted Gelding       13:1 HH                                      2005 Chestnut Mare         13:1 HH
      Pony Of The Americas WITH PAPERS POA #T-43455                                        QH / Welsh Cross NO PAPERS
             Consigned by: Stone Gate Stables, LLC                                        Consigned by: Byrd Rareshide
          Aberdeensantsypants                                            SIRE: PERSEID
                                                                         DAM: STRAIGHT TALK
          Piece Of Class

         Santee Spanish Nick                                            Smart Talk is an attractive 2005 13:1 hand QH/Welsh cross
DAM: HAPPY DAYS CAYENNE                                                 chestnut pony by by Perseid and out of Welsh mare Straight Talk (a
         Happy Days Nutmeg                                              winner at 2009 Pony Finals). This pony is athletic, talented, and a
                                                                        beautiful mover, and has a great jump. She has a lot of potential but
Spotz is a very cute spotted pony, white with chestnut spots. He is
                                                                        is still very green. Smart Talk is the perfect ride for a “pony jock”.
a very nice, flat kneed mover who is very comfortable and very
quiet. He has his lead changes but they will need to be tuned up
since he is only being used for lessons now. He has been ridden
and shown by short stirrup kids but is better suited for intermediate
beginners on up. Spotz is very athletic and has jumped solid 2’9”
fences without a problem, and in great form. He has limited show
experience but has been successful at them and requires no prep
before. Bomb proof on trails. Easy to groom & tack. Good lesson
and local/Assoc. level show pony, pony club or possibly fox
hunting. Reason for sale: Inventory reduction.

 H IP NO .   10                                   TRUE BLUE                 H IP NO .   12                         S TERLING SILVER
                                                                                              1998 White Mare        13:1 HH
                                                                                               Crossbred Welsh NO PAPERS
                                                                              Consigned by: Bernadette Keany Nichols Equestrian Center
                                                                            SIRE: UNKNOWN

                                                                            DAM: UNKNOWN

                                                                         “Honey” is a super pony. She has done hunter shows with me, cross
                                                                         country, trail rides, everything. Honey has jumped up to 3 foot. She
                                                                         went to the BHSA Classic Show and won a first and a fourth. She
                                                                         has lead changes and is an easy keeper. She clips, ties, bathes,
                                                                         loads, etc.

                                                                            H IP NO .   13                        C AMERICAN LADY
                  2005 Grey Gelding        14:1 HH                                        2007 Chestnut Mare           13:1 HH
                   Crossbred Welsh NO PAPERS                                       American Haflinger WITH PAPERS AHR #29705-07

   Consigned by: Dawn Cook Palmer River Equestrian Center                                    Consigned by: George A. Mitchell
                                                                                       Altjo Van De Kentersteek
SIRE: UNKNOWN                                                                                                          Careese
                                                                            SIRE: ARTIEST VANDE WORTEL
DAM: UNKNOWN                                                                           Elisa                           Ednaa
True Blue is a 14.1 hand Ggray Welsh cross gelding that is 6 years                    Watach-N-Weep NTF                Wall Street NNTF
old. He walks, trot and canters, and jumps 2’6”. This pony has                                                         Sueika Of NTF
                                                                            DAM: CHRISTINE’S LAADY
shown in Walk Trot, Short Stirrup and Children’s Pony divisions. He                   Crystin GJF                      Crysta
has auto lead changes and the best attitude over fences. He is                                                         Amarquis
easy to use in a lesson program with beginners during the week           “Lady” is a registered 3 year old Haflinger mare. She has been with
while still being competitive and winning in the 2’6” divisions at the   us since she was 6 months old. Lady has been ridden both english
rated shows on the weekend. He has also had plenty of cross              and western. She loves to jump. Lady started over fences 6
country experience. “Blue” has always gone barefoot and never            months ago and has not looked back. She has jumped X’s, barrels,
had any lameness issues.                                                 and has started jumping 2’6” with no problems. She is also great on
                                                                         trails and has no problems crossing water. Lady loads, clips, and
                                                                         stands for the farrier. She has had her teeth floated and her wolf
 H IP NO .   11                         S OUTHERN ROCK                   teeth removed. Lady is good around children, loves attention, and
                                                                         always wants to please. Lady is a wonderful pony and would make
                  2000 Gelding        13:1-7/8 HH
                                                                         someone a great prospect.
                   Crossbred Welsh NO PAPERS
                   Consigned by: Chad Keenum
                                            Carolinas Purple Emperor
          *Carolinas Red Fox                Downland Dresden
                                            Hidden Creek’s Lusty C
          Adrienne’s Jewel                  Shenandoah Gemstone


Southern Rock is an 11 year old, 13:1-7/8 hand Welsh gelding by
Wellen Red Rock out of Hooten Hollows Hooten Annie. He is a good
mover and jumper. He has done the short stirrup through the green
ponies. He is ready for a child of his own!

 H IP NO .   14                                       C AMEO           H IP NO .   16                        FORGET ME NOT
             2006 Palomino Mare         14:1-3/4 HH                                 2006 Chestnut Mare       13:1-1/2 HH
                  Crossbred Welsh NO PAPERS                                              Welsh / TB Cross NO PAPERS
     Consigned by: Kristy Willwerth Picturesque Farm, LLC                     Consigned by: Karen Raach, Agent       Jody Vesty
                                          Farnley Ballad
           Farnley Magic Flute                                         SIRE: TRAEFUS TARAN
                                          Farnley Magic Wand
                                          Pengwyn                      DAM: MELEE MELEE
           Candy Kisses                   Hugs & Kisses
                                                                      “Frankie” is a wonderful 5 year old Medium pony with tons of
DAM: FOXS SUN CATCHER                                                 chrome. She was shown successfully all last year in the Pleasure
Cameo is a striking golden palomino with flaxen mane and tail, and Green divisions. She has auto changes and is a good mover.
14:1-3/4 hand, 5 year old, Welsh/QH mare (eligible to be registered She has tons of jump with great form. Frankie loves to go cross
VPBA). She is a lovely mover, with a steady canter, wonderful head country and has good manners. She is ready to move on with her
carriage and so comfortable to ride. She is a kicking quiet type that career and would be suitable for a number of disciplines.
has been ridden by many different riders and is fine for a beginner
rider through a child wanting a large pony hunter prospect or an       H IP NO . 17                           G OLDEN TICKET
adult wanting a fox hunter or all around mount. She is working over
2’ courses and is brave, willing and has quite a good jump. Cameo
has very good manners, is an easy keeper with great feet and no
vices. Calm, not spooky and a great large pony hunter prospect.
Cameo is going to be one of those perfect-at-everything ponies.
Quiet, sane, fun and just so pretty to look at! I know she looks big,
but she is an easy measure! See her pics and video online at

 H IP NO .   15                                           ZO E

                                                                                        2008 Bay Gelding     14:1 HH
                                                                                   German Riding Pony WITH PAPERS GRP #
                                                                            Consigned by: Chris Trefney, Agent     Canaan Ranch
                                                                                                                 Derano Gold
                                                                                 Dornik B                        Dubary
                                                                       SIRE: DANNY GOLD
                                                                                                                 Power Boy
                                                                                 Pamina                          Golden Charm

                                                                                Night Fever                      Night-Star III
                                                                       DAM: NUMBER ONE
                                                                                Destiny                          Mona
             2005 Bay Appaloosa Mare         14:1 HH                                                             Dublin
                     Crossbred NO PAPERS                              Golden Ticket is a German Riding pony with flashy gaits and great
   Consigned by: Dawn Cook Palmer River Equestrian Center             conformation. This could be your next SUPER STAR!!



Zoe is a 14.1 hand Bay Appaloosa mare that is 6 years old. She
walks, trot, and canter, jumps, is good on trails, and has been
shown. This is a very quiet young pony who has accomplished
plenty in her riding career. She has been used in a lesson program
since she was three and competed in the Walk Trot and Short
Stirrup divisions at local shows. Her excellent manners on the
ground, in the barn, and on the trail are what make her so special.
She could use more experience over fences but has a great eye
and a quiet way of jumping. Quiet enough for beginners and fancy
enough for your show program.

 H IP NO .   18                                KATZ MEOW                H IP NO .   19                                              L ILO

                  1999 Bay Mare       13:1-1/2 HH                                        1997 Black Gelding        11:0 HH
                      Crossbred NO PAPERS                                                     Shetland NO PAPERS
             Consigned by: Stone Gate Stables, LLC                              Consigned by: Mike McGowan Heritage Stables
SIRE: YANKEE MOMENT                                                     SIRE: UNKNOWN

DAM: KETCHUM KAT                                                        DAM: UNKNOWN

This mare is a fancy big bodied pony with beautiful flat kneed         Lilo is a 12 year old adorable pony. He loves little kids. This gelding
movement with a big stride. She also has a super jump. She had         can do leadline up to small cross-rails. Lilo was shown and ridden by
shown successfully in “AA” shows prior to becoming a broodmare         a 5 year old kid and was always perfect. He loves attention and to
and producing 4 exceptional foals. Katz has been back in work          be in your pocket. He is adorable with four white socks and a great
since 2007 and is quiet and easy to ride. She has her lead changes     personality. He needs a little kid to ride and love him.
but they need some practice before she can do them automatically
with a kid. Katz has recently been used in a lesson program for
everything from an advanced beginner to the experienced kids &
adults jumping courses. She has wonderful ground manners and is
extremely sweet and not in the least mareish. Katz is extremely well
behaved with kids. Easy keeper, lives out 24/7. Reason for sale:
Inventory reduction.

 H IP NO .   20                                 G OOD WILL               H IP NO .   21                                 IRISH LACE

             2000 Liver Chestnut Gelding         13 HH                                    1998 Grey Mare      14:1-1/2 HH
                  Crossbred Welsh NO PAPERS                                                Connemara Cross NO PAPERS
   Consigned by: Dawn Cook Palmer River Equestrian Center                     Consigned by: Karen Raach, Agent     Madeline Mitchell
SIRE: UNKNOWN                                                            SIRE: UNKNOWN

DAM: UNKNOWN                                                             DAM: UNKNOWN

Good Will is a 13 hand chestnut gelding that is11 years old, walks,     Irish Lace (Lacy) is a 13 year old Connemara pony that measures
trot and canter, rides on trails, and jumps 2'3". “Willy” has a great   14:1-1/2 hands. Her USEF number is 4744010 and her
attitude and the ability to become your child’s favorite ride. He can   Measurement card number is 107276. Lacy has shown in the Large
be slow for beginners but with a child who rides with more energy he    Children’s Hunter Divisions and all the way down to Short Stirrup.
has a step that will make him a superstar on the Short Stirrup          She has auto lead changes and is a 10 jumper. Lacy has horse
division. He has been trail ridden and jumped over natural fences in    showed extensively in rated and unrated shows. At one of her last
the open. He is currently in a school program where a number of his     horse shows in 2010 (Ludwig’s Corner in PA) she finished 2nd out of
riders are moving up to larger mounts. Willy has always been            42 in a jumping class. If you have beginners she is also great on a
barefoot and has had no soundness issues. A very easy keeper            lunge line. Lacy loves to be pampered and brushed by the kids. Her
who adapts easily to group turn out.                                    current owner has two ponies and sadly needs to sell one.

 H IP NO .   22                                       L ONE STAR            H IP NO .   24                          M ALIBU BARBIE
                                                                                             Champion in Pony Pleasure
                                                                                          2002 Flaxen Sorrel Mare       13:2 HH
                                                                                              Crossbred Welsh NO PAPERS
                                                                                             Consigned by: John Lumsden
                                                                            SIRE: UNKNOWN

                                                                            DAM: UNKNOWN

                                                                           Malibu Barbie is a fancy 9 year old Welsh Cross mare standing 13:2
                                                                           hands, that is a consistent blue ribbon winner and was won multiple
                                                                           Championships in Pony Pleasure. She is safe for a beginner and
                                                                           can go from lead line to Pony Hunter. She is a lovely mover, always
                                                                           wins showmanship, consistent on changes when asked and can
                                                                           easily jump 2’3” with room to go higher. She is not easily spooked
                                                                           and can do trails. She has shown in 4-H and schooling shows with
                                                                           potential to go further. Owner moving on to horses.
               2009 Chestnut Stallion             14 HH
             German Riding Pony WITH PAPERS GRP #
                                                                            H IP NO .   25                       G OODY 2 SHOES
       Consigned by: Chris Trefney, Agent         Canaan Ranch
                                                Lucky Strike
          Lukas                                 Night Lady
          Nenci                                 Petina

         Night Fever                            Night-Star III
         Destiny                                Mona
Lone Star is a German Riding pony with extraordinary gaits. Let this
one be an asset to your breeding program and the next Super Star
in the ring!

 H IP NO .   23                M AJESTIC QUEEN ANNE
                             Eligible Green
                   2003 Bay Mare              13:1 HH
             Mustang WITH PAPERS BLM #03587254                                          2004 Buckskin & White Mare         14:1 HH
                                                                                                   Paint NO PAPERS
      Consigned by: Samantha Erlitz, Agent         Bonnie Williams
                                                                              Consigned by: Dawn Cook Palmer River Equestrian Center
                                                                            SIRE: UNKNOWN
                                                                            DAM: UNKNOWN
Majestic Queen Anne is a 13:1 hand 8 year old bay mare with
excellent conformation, fluid movement, and is extremely athletic.         Goody 2 Shoes is a 14.1 hand 7year old Paint mare that is a sweet
She has been successfully shown in Green Medium Pony at the                Large mare with striking markings and fantastic movement. Level
local level by 12 year old girl in 2010, eligible Green in 2011. Perfect   headed and very willing to try new things. “Goody” has spent much
form over fences, lead changes, brave and scopey. Currently                of her life trail riding. Recently, she has started a new career as a
schooling 2’3”, trained through 3’. She has pony club and field            hunter pony. The look and temperment makes her so easy to
hunting potential and has schooled over small cross country                educate. Has only been introduced to jumps and has a great
course. This is a great choice for a small adult or intermediate level     attitude and is very brave. She has not had shoes and has no
child. Used for lessons, and sadly outgrown for our program.               soundness issues.
Moves nicely off the leg, and goes easily in D-ring snaffle. Natural
horsemanship training and handling. Pictures and video available.
Contact Samantha (609) 286-3073 or 540-948-9023.

 H IP NO .   26                             M ARIA MARIA                H IP NO .   28                                       P EPPER
                  2000 Grey Mare      14:1-1/2 HH                                     1995 Appaloosa Mare         14:1 HH
              Arabian WITH PAPERS AHA 0581944                                                Appaloosa NO PAPERS
       Consigned by: Kim England, Agent     Patricia Holland                   Consigned by: Mike McGowan Heritage Stables
          Bask                                                          SIRE: UNKNOWN
                                           Sir Lancer                   DAM: UNKNOWN
          Lalyfa                           Lolyfa
                                                                      Pepper is a 15 year old all around pony. She was shown and fox
          GG Jabask                        Bask
                                           Jalana                     hunted for several years. She’s the perfect ground pony. This mare
DAM: MC JABASKLISTA                                                   has done lessons in her past and would be ideal for 4-H or fox
          Gwalista                         Elista
                                           Bwalior                    hunting. She is kid safe, loads, clips, ties, and bathes.
Maria Maria is a Large pony mare with a horse stride. She is very
cute, a bold jumper that does not refuse. Forward, ground covering      H IP NO .   29                               P EPPERMINT
stride and changes leads when asked. Very sweet, good natured
personality. Easy keeper with great feet that go unshod. Excellent                  2005 Dapple Grey Gelding         12:2 HH
ground and barn manners and has been handled by children. Safe                            Crossbred Welsh NO PAPERS
for an intermediate young adult and/or amateur. Excellent pony
club, eventing, fox hunting, endurance, Arabian and Sport Horse           Consigned by: Debbie Crummett Cool Breeze Stables, LLC
Nationals prospect. Goes all day without tiring. Great on trails,                                                 Double Jay (TB)
                                                                                  J. Hunt (TB)
does not spook. Has earned points in Hunter Pleasure at an                                                        B. Hunt (TB)
                                                                        SIRE: SMALLWOOD PARIS
Arabian B-rated show. Excellent conformation, big boned and top                                                   Farnley Lustre (Welsh)
                                                                                  Cymraeg Raindrop (Welsh)        Upland Ripple (Welsh)
of the line Polish Arabian bloodlines with Bask on both top and
bottom. Show now and breed later. Currently in training over            DAM: GINGER
fences with Fox Ridge Farm.
                                                                      Peppermint is a typey pony that we have given lessons on and
                                                                      taken to shows. He’s always in the ribbons. He jumps 2’3” courses
 H IP NO .   27                              N UMBER ONE              and is consistent with his leads. Doll baby head and correct in all
                                                                      ways. Eligible for VPBA.

                                                                        H IP NO .   30                                P INTO BEAN
                                                                                    2000 Grulla / White Gelding      13:0 HH
                                                                                               Pinto NO PAPERS
                                                                        Consigned by: Ginger LaBarre - Martin LaBarre Training Center
                                                                        SIRE: UNKNOWN

                                                                        DAM: UNKNOWN

                                                                    Athletic, talented. Big step, rhythmic cadenced trot, lots of power
                                                                    and scope. Honest pony who has a great work ethic and endless
                                                                    endurance. Perfect gentleman both in the barn and when dealing
                                                                    with people. Not a single vice. He will jump anything you point him
                                                                    at- bold cross country, loves water, ditches and banks are no
                   2005 Bay Mare       14:2 HH                      problem. He would be awesome as a pony Jumper or Eventer. He is
                                                                    an exceptional jumper, competed up to 2'9 and hasn't even begun
           German Riding Pony WITH PAPERS GRP #
                                                                    to reach his full potential. Currently working 2'6" courses and grids,
       Consigned by: Chris Trefney, Agent Canaan Ranch              schooling up to 3'. He has been on hunter paces and a Jr meet Fox
                                          Naleet                    Hunt- was extremely respectful galloping in a group, and stood
             Night-Star III               Mona                      quietly at the holds, would make a fun fox hunter! Has been
                                          Domingo                   competing over the winter at jumper shows placing in the top 3 with
             Domina                       Nontesse                  clean rounds. Also thoughts of doing the FEI dressage pony
             Dublin                       Durello                   divisions, has already competed Intro and Training level 1 & 2, has
                                          Suleika                   always placed in top 5 with median scores 68%. Needs confident,
             Mona                         Veronika                  yet soft rider. Looking for a competent and competitive rider to ride
                                                                    him to more Tricolor ribbons! Not for beginners or nervous riders, as
Imported German Riding pony. Inspected and entered into the main he derives his confidence from his rider. Excellent ground manners,
mare book of German Reit Ponies. Mother of 2 year old colt Lone trailers well, clips, bathes, hacks out, cross ties, good for farrier
Star and 3 year old Golden Ticket. German riding pony's are and vet.
becoming very popular in the US for temperment and ridablity. Don't
miss this wonderful broodmare.

 H IP NO .   31                                P ATTY CAKE

               2000 Chestnut Mare          12:2 HH
                  Crossbred Welsh NO PAPERS
   Consigned by: Dawn Cook Palmer River Equestrian Center


Patty Cake is a 12.2 hand liver chestnut mare that is 11 years old.
She walks, trot, canter and jumps 2'. This is an adorable Small pony
with lovely gaits and lead changes and a very energetic work ethic.
This pony will take a beginner novice rider and make them a star.
Whether you are out on trails or going to the local 4H shows. Patty
rides english and western, she does neck rein. She will be a favorite
in your barn. Always easy - always sound.

                         Virginia Hunter & Sport Horse Spring Sale                •    Premier Session

 H IP NO .   51                                              R IVIERRA                                   H IP NO .   51
               Oldenburg States Premium Mare
                     Premium Producer
                   2004 Bay Mare        16 HH                         SIRE: ROADSTER

               Oldenburg WITH PAPERS OLD #
       Consigned by: Chris Trefney, Agent Canaan Ranch                         Salvanto
Rivierra is now in the main mare book of the Oldenburg Verband,       DAM: SAMANTHA
and is a Premium mare. At the Oldenburg inspections she was
said to be one of the nicest US bred mares. Her first foal, Deshi,
was awarded Premium, and also sells in the sale. Rivierra is an
Oldenburg States Premium mare. She has also had a Premium
baby. Rivierra is also green broke, and asset to any breeding

 H IP NO .   52                                             S HOWTIME                                    H IP NO .   52
             2006 Chestnut Gelding       16:1-1/2 HH
                         TB NO PAPERS
                                                                      SIRE: UNKNOWN
                  Consigned by: Chad Keenum
Showtime is a 5 year old unraced TB, 16:1-1/2 hand chestnut
gelding with lots of chrome. He is a good mover and jumper. He
won a lot on the line as a baby and has shown at local shows. He      DAM: UNKNOWN
will make up to be a nice children’s or adult horse.

 H IP NO .   53                                          C ALLMESTILETTO                               H IP NO .   53
                  2003 Bay Mare         16:0 HH                                                 Mr. Prospector
           Thoroughbred WITH PAPERS JC #0340163                                     Gulch
                                                                        SIRE: DE NIRO
         Consigned by: Lindsay Morrett Wyndham Oaks                                             Faraway Son
                                                                                    Waya (FR)
                                                                                                War Path III
“Stella” has beginning dressage, jumping and cross country skills.
She loads, clips, cross ties, is an easy keeper, has good                        King’s Nest    Rolocking
bloodlines, is bold / but very personable, has great feet and an                                Empty Nest
                                                                        DAM: CALLMECUTIE
excellent head on her shoulders. She is great on trails, alone or in             Red’s Irish    Irish Castle
company, goes through water, overall wonderful under saddle.                                    Snow Lady
Successfully completed Novice event at Loch Moy. She has
potential for at least training level eventing if not more as her
talents have hardly been tapped. Naturally built up hill with great
scope and gaits. You’ll fall in love with this lovely girl!

 H IP NO .   54                                                  D ESHI                                H IP NO .   54
                  2008 Bay Mare         15:3 HH                                                 Blue Hors Don Schufro
               Oldenburg WITH PAPERS OLD #                                        Diamond Hit
                                                                        SIRE: DONATES
       Consigned by: Chris Trefney, Agent Canaan Ranch                                          Rubinstein I
Deshi is by champion Oldenburg Stallion Donates, currently on the
USEF developing horse list and a contender for the 2001 Pan                        Roadster
American Games. Deshi is out of States Premium mare Rivierra.           DAM: RIVIERRA
This could be your next champion.                                                  Samantha     Salvanto

 H IP NO .   55                                                   IMMA                                     H IP NO .   55
             2002 Liver Chestnut Mare        15:2+ HH                                               Isreal
      Oldenburg WITH PAPERS ODNA #DE 433 339016502                                 Inschallah
                                                                        SIRE: IDEAL
                Consigned by: Jessica Smith                                                         Zeus
                                                                                   Pamela (Old)
This flashy mare is compact, solid and ready for anything. Long
term owner injury has prevented Imma from discovering her true                   North Pole (Can)   Northern Dancer (Can)
potential. She is athletic, fresh and willing. She has a huge,                                      Canalu (Can)
                                                                        DAM: POLAR PROMISE
expressive personality that is fun to be around - the “barn clown”               Sassparilla        Darby Creek Road (USA)
everywhere she goes! Imma is green but had a solid, classical                                       Mz Sassy Brown (USA)
start and is ready for a new adventure!

 H IP NO .   56                                                   N INA                                    H IP NO .   56
                  2007 Sorrel Mare        16 HH                                                     Novum
                   Hanoverian NO PAPERS                                           Nebelwerfer
                                                                        SIRE: NEBELHORN
        Consigned by: Page Graves Walnut Creek Farm                                                 Dulft II
Nina is an own daughter of the Olympic stallion Nebelhorn, and out
of an All The Gold mare. She stands 16 hands. She has been                        All The Gold      Gepard*
backed and is showing a lot of talent. Nina is gentle, and has great                                Wedda
                                                                        DAM: ALL THE SUGAR
manners. She ties, cross ties, is easy to shoe, clip, etc. She has
the promise to excel in the show ring or hunt field. This mare is a
great mover, good with other horses and sells sound with no vices.

                                  Virginia     Hunter & Sport Horse Spring Sale           •     Horse Session

 H IP NO .   71                                         R ASCAL         H IP NO .   73                                  SCARLETT
              2001 Chestnut Gelding            16 HH
                     Han / TB NO PAPERS
                  Consigned by: Becky Acord

Rascal is a fun all around horse for everyone. He has been pony
clubbed, evented, shown, rides on trails, fox hunts and more. He
is honest, quiet, and comfortable. Great in the ring and fields.
Loves to jump and does so quietly. Good for most any level rider.

 H IP NO .   72                    R HYME OR REASON
             2006 Black Bay Gelding           16:3 HH
                                                                             Winner Prasteedgues German Suddeutches
                Connemara / TB NO PAPERS
                                                                                      Reipferde Championat
     Consigned by: Kristy Willwerth Picturesque Farm, LLC
                                             Hideways Greystone                          1996 Bay Mare       15:3 HH
          Greystone McErrill                 Erins Lassie                           Thuringer WITH PAPERS Thuringer #
                                             Springledge Bantry Bay*          Consigned by: Chris Trefney, Agent Canaan Ranch
          Hideaway’s Erin Mavoureen          Erinbay                                                            Tameriane
                                                                                   Alpenkonig                   Alpenlerche
DAM: KATE O’FARRELL                                                     SIRE: SEVILLANO XX
Rhyme Or Reason is a gorgeous, black bay, 16:3 hand coming                         Serenade                     Sagitta
five year old Connemara / TB gelding by Greystone Ian McVai out                                                 Duktus
of a TB mare. “Frazier” is a good mover with a huge stride,                      Don Carlos
                                                                        DAM: SYMPATHIE
incredible canter and easy lead change. He is well broke on the                                                 Saporo
flat and is schooled in the bridle and educated to your leg. He is                                              Senderin
working around small courses and is a quiet, extremely honest          As a 4 year old, Scarlett was the winner of the Prasteedgues
athlete that will make an outstanding adult/children’s hunter, with    German Suddeutsches Reipferde Championat. She is a Premium
the scope to make a 3’6” horse. Ready to show in the Baby              mare as are all her offspring. Don't miss the chance to own this
Greens this Spring, he shows wonderful form over fences with           premium Broodmare. She has produced 4 foals.
tight, square, even knees and a great push across. This is a
fancy, sensible, talented prospect that is a hard-to-find big,
attractive, well broke gelding with a great mind. Wonderful ground
manners and attitude, super feet, bone and disposition. Don’t
pass this one.

 H IP NO .   74                                           S HANTI    H IP NO .   75                    S HELTER’S CHAMP

                  2005 Paint Mare      16:1 HH                                     1999 Dark Bay Gelding      15:3 HH
             Dutch Warmblood Cross NO PAPERS                                     Thoroughbred WITH PAPERS JC #99009607
  Consigned by: Bernadette Keany Nichols Equestrian Center                          Consigned by: Stephanie Schneider
                                          Pericles                                                           Intentionally
           Samber                                                               Tentam
                                          Tina                                                               Tamerett
SIRE: ART DECO                                                       SIRE: SHELTER HALF
                                          Trait D’Union                                                      Sir Gaylord
           Zorba                                                                Gay Matelda
                                          Naly A                                                             Hasty Matelda

DAM: UNKNOWN                                                                   Oh Say                        Hoist the Flag
                                                                                                             Light Hearted
                                                                     DAM: OLD SAYING
Shanti is a mare with talent. She is an amazing jumper and has                                               Air Forbes Won
lead changes. She would most likely do better in the eventing                                                Art Deco
world rather than the hunter world. She carries herself like a “Champ’ is a 15:3 hand 12 year old dark bay TB gelding. He is a
dressage horse. This mare is an easy keeper and she trailers, lovely, brave, fun, safe and versatile hunter horse. He will go on
clips, ties, etc.                                              the buckle or you can frame him up on the bit. He has amazing
                                                               talent over fences and LOVES it! He is currently jumping 2’ - 2’3”
                                                               with the potential to go higher. He is brave but never gets quick or
                                                               silly. He will jump anything you ask and he does not refuse. He
                                                               went to several local hunter shows this season and was in the
                                                               ribbons every time. He also loves all the little kid riders that have
                                                               ridden him. Champ also really enjoys trail riding; he will go out
                                                               alone or in company, lead or follow and is not spooky at all!
                                                               Champ has a loving personality and wants to be everyone’s best
                                                               friend. He is sound with no vices, trailers, ties, bathes, shows and
                                                               stands for farrier. Excellent child’s horse or adult horse, he would
                                                               also make an all time lesson horse, and will ride western.

 H IP NO .   76                              S MARTY ARTY               H IP NO .   77                          S MOKE IT OVER
                                                                                         2001 Gray Mare        15:0 HH
                                                                          American Quarter Horse WITH PAPERS AQHA #4162862
                                                                        Consigned by: Ginger LaBarre - Martin LaBarre Training Center
                                                                                                                  Smart Little Lena
                                                                                   Smart Chic Olena               Gay Sugar Chic
                                                                        SIRE: VELVET CHIC OLENA
                                                                                   Velvetine Miss                 My Velvet Lady

                                                                                  Smoke 49                        Mr Gun Smoke
                                                                                                                  Miss 49’er
                                                                        DAM: CRAIGS BRITE SMOKE
                                                                                  Craig’s Badger                  Reno Badger 83
                                                                                                                  Billie’s Peak
                                                                       The perfect horse for your debut into the competitive event world!
                                                                       Smoke is what an event horse is supposed to be! Brave and
                                                                       willing, yet a careful and clever jumper. Many wins under her belt,
                                                                       including Fair Hill, Waredaca, Loch Moy, PVDA, IEO and many
                                                                       others. This lovely mare is ready to go and show you the ropes. An
              2003 Chestnut Gelding          16:2 HH                   easy schoolmaster with consistent scores in the low 20s, clean
     QH / Thoroughbred WITH PAPERS AQHA #4338632                       cross country, and never has any rails. On more than one
  Consigned by: Bernadette Keany Nichols Equestrian Center             occasion scored 10's in her Dressage tests. She is very
                                            Mr Tailwind                straightforward and easy on the flat and will give anyone
          Wind Chime                                                   confidence over fences, solid, dependable, willing, and athletic
                                            Flying Warship (TB)        campaigner. Honest and easy to the jumps and has the scope and
          Buzz Fly (TB)                     Buszel (TB)                power for prelim. Jumped up to 3'9, but coursing at 3'0". Currently
          Zippos Mr Good Bar                Zippo Pine Bar             showing 1st level Dressage, with minimal riding-WON the Musical
                                            Tamara Wess                Freestyle at 2010 Lendon's Dressage for kids with a 75.812%.
          Just Keep It Simple               Hotrodders Jet Set         Added bonus, AQHA is now offering an awards program for
                                            Little Bit of Siz          registered Quarter horses showing Dressage. Talented for both
“Parker” is such a great horse to work with. He has gone to a          dressage and jumping. Sensitive and forward with a "Can Do"
couple of horse shows and has come out with champion or reserve        attitude. Enjoys the show atmosphere. Very quiet and happy at
champion every time. Parker is an incredible mover. He is great        shows. If all of this isn't enough she has an ideal QH pedigree,
with the vet and farrier. He loves to be loved! He has jumped up to    with stellar performance horses on both the top and bottom.
2’9” with me. This gelding loads, ties, bathes, stands, etc. He’s an   Sire-Velvet Chic Olena, goes back to Doc Olena and Peppy San.
easy keeper.                                                           Dam-Craigs Brite Smoke, which goes back to the Badger and Gun
                                                                       Smoke lines. You won't be dissappointed with a horse like her.

 H IP NO .   78                              T OWN GOSSIP                H IP NO .   79                 T RENDY’S SPIRIT BUG
                                                                                                APHA Breeders Trust
                                                                                      2006 Bay / Tobiano Mare           15:3 HH
                                                                                       Paint WITH PAPERS APHA #887491
                                                                                        Consigned by: Candy J Hensley
                                                                                                                      Hit Man
                                                                                   Designated                         Lady Skip Bars
                                                                         SIRE: BLACK DOUBLE SKY BUG
                                                                                                                      Sy Bug Reed
                                                                                   PJs Skybug Babe                    Janie Showdown (QH)

                                                                                  Willy Whipem (QH)                   Sonny Dee Bar (QH)
                                                                                                                      Jetta Angel (QH)
                                                                         DAM: SONNYSTRENDSETTER
                                                                                  Double D Dolly                      San Pat
                                                                                                                      G Fern Cat
                                                                        Trendys Spirit Bug has a total of 4 months professional training in
                                                                        western and english, and has been with a trainer for the last 30
                                                                        days. She is easy to haul, and is quiet in the stall. This mare is
                                                                        good for an intermediate rider. She is easy to be around and can
             2004 Chestnut Mare           16:2-1/2 HH                   be handled by children on the ground. Stands well to be trimmed
                   WB / TB Cross NO PAPERS                              by the farrier - she goes barefoot. Trendys Spirit Bug also has a
             Consigned by: Stone Gate Stables, LLC                      good show pedigree.


DAM: UNKNOWN                                                             H IP NO .   80                 TURN UP THE VOLUME
“Lily” is a big, flashy and beautiful mare with tons of chrome and
very correct conformation. We think she is a WB/TB cross but                         1999 Dark Bay Gelding         16:2-1/2 HH
don’t know for sure. She is a lovely mover with a nice trot and a big                    Oldenburg / TB NO PAPERS
floaty canter. She is still green, but is ready for someone to really        Consigned by: Kristy Willwerth Picturesque Farm, LLC
move forward on her. She will work in a frame and will also go
                                                                         SIRE: UNKNOWN
happily around the ring on the buckle. She is jumping small
courses with excellent form. Lily does need some leg but is              DAM: UNKNOWN
responsive to your aids when asked. She does her changes but
                                                                        “Hamilton” is a very handsome, 16:2-1/2 hand, 12 year old, dark
they are not yet always automatic. Lily would do best with a more
                                                                        bay Oldenberg, TB gelding. Hamilton is a gorgeous mover with a
experienced rider to finish giving her a solid foundation and help
                                                                        fluid stride, wonderful canter, auto lead change and a phenomenal
her reach her full potential, but she will tolerate an intermediate
                                                                        jump. He has only been showing in the 2’6” division for the last few
rider as well. She was shown once at Loudoun and has gone to
                                                                        years with a timid adult rider but has plenty of step and scope to
Culpeper to hack around and was very, very good at both so will
                                                                        make a nice 3’ adult / children’s hunter. He is extremely well
likely be a no prep kind of gal once she gets some mileage. Lily
                                                                        educated on the flat and is a great jumper. Big, kind and
does have an old scar on her hind leg which is only cosmetic and
                                                                        comfortable he will win the under saddle as well as jump around the
has never bothered. Reason for sale: Inventory reduction.
                                                                        show ring with knees to nose. Fancy, big, attractive gelding that
                                                                        is ready to win for you.

                                                                         H IP NO .   81                                           V ALOR
                                                                                  2nd Zone 3 Finals in Children’s Hunter
                                                                                      11 YO Chestnut Gelding            15:3 HH
                                                                                                 TB NO PAPERS
                                                                                            Consigned by: Laurie Corr
                                                                         SIRE: UNKNOWN

                                                                         DAM: UNKNOWN
                                                                        Valor has shown successfully in children’s hunter at “A” rated
                                                                        shows. Qualified for Zone 3 Finals in 2009, placing 2nd. Always in
                                                                        the ribbons.

 H IP NO .   82                                       V ICTOR         H IP NO .   83                      W OODED HILLSIDE

                  2003 Bay Gelding       16:3 HH                                   2006 Bay Gelding           16:2-1/2 HH
                   Zangerscheide NO PAPERS                                                    TB NO PAPERS
                   Consigned by: Becky Acord                                      Consigned by: Stone Gate Stables, LLC
SIRE: UNKNOWN                                                         SIRE: UNKNOWN

DAM: UNKNOWN                                                          DAM: UNKNOWN
Victor will be one of the nicest horses anywhere he goes. He is      “Woody” is a 5 year old, 16:2 -1/2 hand TB gelding, bay who's
one of those “special” ones. He has done the big equitation at the   "chromed out" with a stripe, 3 stockings and a sock. Talk about
A shows, children’s hunter, he has even evented Novice and           getting noticed!! Woody is the perfect hunter prospect. He is
schooled Preliminary. Super honest with auto changes, he does it     currently doing 2'3" with the potential for 3'6"+. He has a perfect
all and does it very well. Quiet, comfortable and uncomplicated.     headset for the hunters, bends nicely and has textbook form over
                                                                     the fences. He has the sweetest personality with unlimited
                                                                     potential and NO vices. He is a quick learner and ready for show
                                                                     season. Woody has free jumped 4'6" with ease.

                                                                      H IP NO .   84                         CURRENT EVENTS
                                                                                  2001 Brown Gelding           16:1-1/4 HH
                                                                                             TB NO PAPERS
                                                                             Consigned by: Clifton B Thaw III Storybook Farm
                                                                      SIRE: UNKNOWN

                                                                      DAM: UNKNOWN
                                                                     “Peyton” has been in our barn since December 2006, coming off
                                                                     the track earlier that year. He is a kind horse in the barn and a lot
                                                                     of fun to ride. Clips, vacuums, stands in cross ties. In 2007 he
                                                                     went to 3 shows at 2’6”. Since then, I have had little time to work
                                                                     with him. He has a long stride and willing attitude. He will ride
                                                                     down to new jumps even if not ridden for several weeks. He has
                                                                     loads of potential, just needing someone who has time to work with
                                                                     him. He is currently ridden sporadically but always jumps willingly.
                                                                     Very athletic. We consider him a great hunter prospect. I list his
                                                                     color as brown but he is as close to black as you will ever see in
                                                                     the summer. He’s up to date on all vaccines, teeth floated in April
                                                                     2010. I took him to a show October 31, just a small schooling
                                                                     show near home to get him out somewhere, even though I’d barely
                                                                     ridden him at home in the past several months. When we were
                                                                     loading him, realized it was the first time in 3 years he’d been on
                                                                     the trailer. Walked on perfectly. I lunged him 6 or 8 minutes and
                                                                     he was a complete gentleman the entire day. Jumped around new
                                                                     fences, though low, without batting an eye.

 H IP NO .   85                                          C HLOE          H IP NO .   88                                F OREST FIRE
                    2006 Bay Mare        15:3 HH
                   Hanoverian / TB NO PAPERS
                   Consigned by: Chad Keenum

Chloe is a 5 year old bay 15:3 hand Hanoverian / TB mare. She is
a good mover and jumper. This mare was started late, so she is
ready to be made your way.

 H IP NO .   86                                        D AKOTA
                   2005 Bay Gelding         17 HH
                       Shire / QH NO PAPERS
                                                                                           Champion at VHSA Finals
             Consigned by: Jackie Harward Equine Acres
                                                                                          1996 Bay Gelding        16:3 HH
SIRE: UNKNOWN                                                                                  TB NO PAPERS
DAM: UNKNOWN                                                               Consigned by: Bernadette Keany Nichols Equestrian Center
Dakota is a 6 year old Shire/QH gelding that came from North SIRE: UNKNOWN
Dakota as a weanling. He has been broke and is going nicely
under saddle. He rides both english and western, and has a very DAM: UNKNOWN
light mouth. He loves trail rides. He loads, ties, and stands for the Forest Fire is a very calm and willing horse. He is a very classic
farrier. He will still need a little work with his canter, he is still a looking hunter horse. Woody went down to VHSA Finals and came
little unsure of his balance with it.                                    home with a champion in the 2 foot hunter division. He goes to
                                                                         horse shows all the time and it does not matter who rides him, he is
                                                                         always in the high ribbons. He trailers, clips, ties, bathes, etc.
                                                                         He’s an easy keeper.
 H IP NO .   87               W ATCH THIS FAIRYTALE

                                                                         H IP NO .   89                             C ALL TO FAME
                                                                                           2004 Bay Mare         16:2 HH
                                                                                           Dutch WB / TB NO PAPERS
                                                                                     Consigned by: Stone Gate Stables, LLC
                                                                                   Art Deco (DWB)                   Zorba (DWB)
                                                                        SIRE: HALL OF FAME (DWB)
                                                                                                                    Daniel Boone (TB)
                                                                                   Strike Bound (TB)                Millie's Mint (TB)

                                                                        DAM: UNKNOWN
                                                                       “Callie” is a 7 yr old Dutch WB/TB cross mare by the sire Hall of
                                                                       Fame. Very attractive with an amazing trot and canter. Her step is
                                                                       enormous, with flat knees and a toe pointing trot. She has the
                                                                       movment for the hunters and dressage although she did compete
                2004 Bay Gelding         15:3-3/4 HH                   at novice level eventing last year. She had the fall and winter off
                       QH / TB NO PAPERS                               while her previous owners were off fox hunting and is now just
                                                                       coming back into work. Callie is a big attractive mare who has
                    Consigned by: Becky Acord
                                                                       enormous talent and appears to be quiet and a quick study. Now
SIRE: UNKNOWN                                                          she just needs someone that has the time to focus on her and
                                                                       take her in a definite direction. Her movement cannot be missed,
                                                                       and neither should she. Quiet and easy to work around with no
“Frog” is a super quiet and easy ride with many wins. He is a solid    vices. Lives out 24/7. Reason for sale: Inventory reduction.
2’9” horse with auto changes. He won the CMHSS Hunter Classic,
CMHSS Pleasure Classic, and many day end Champions. He is
unbeatable in the hacks and pleasures, very simple around a
course, great in the ring and on the trails. Youth horse deluxe.

 H IP NO .   90                                  GET IN STEP              H IP NO .   91                       Z ANS BUFF SONNY

                  Year End Hunter Champion                                                 2002 Grey Gelding          16 HH
                  2004 Grey Gelding         16:2 HH                               Quarter Horse WITH PAPERS AQHA #4278096
                       TB NO PAPERS                                                        Consigned by: Becky Acord
     Consigned by: Devon Zebrovious Cherry Blossom Farm                                                               Zan Parr Bar
                                                                                    Streakin Zan                      Streak Of Summer
                                             Exclusive Native            SIRE: ZANS STREAKIN DUDE
          Valdez                                                                                                      Roll Windy Roll
                                             Sally Stark
SIRE: ROUGE CLOVER                                                                  Miss Windy Flash                  Miss Two Bar Flash
                                             Dancing Moss
          Fairly                             Fallow                                Blues Sonny Boy                    Sonny Impressionable
                                                                                                                      Jets Miss Twist
         Itsagoodlife                        Pia Star                    DAM: SENTIMENTAL BABE
                                             Pink Larkspur                         Sentimental La Rene                Sentimental Mack
DAM: LURGANS LASS                                                                                                     Loren Bars
         Suzy’s Fawn                         George Barton
                                             Deb’s Art                 “Hugo” is a spectacular safe and solid horse. He has hunted the
This lovely dappled gray gelding was bred to be a show horse. He past years with an older gentleman, 2nd and 3rd field and hill
is very scopey and has good form over fences. He naturally goes topped. You can do anything with this horse. He has also
in a rhythmical pace with a large stride, and is an above-average evented novice level, horse shown in hunters and equitation, and
mover that is very well broke on the flat. He has a forgiving nature been on many, many trail rides. A super neat horse for many jobs.
and a good work ethic, and has pleasant manners in the barn and HYPP N/N per AQHA.
around other horses. In 2008 he was shown consistently in the
2’6” hunter divisions in TN with a year-end Association                  H IP NO . 92                                            G ILBERT
Championship, and in 2009 successfully did 2’9”-3’ divisions with
a child rider. He showed in the 2’6” - 3 divisions in 2010 at VHSA              2002 Chestnut & White Gelding              15:3 HH
and USEF shows, including the Ladies Sidesaddle division. He is
                                                                                          Appaloosa Cross NO PAPERS
still eligible second-year pre-green for the rated shows. He has
primarily been ridden and shown by amateurs and children. In                   Consigned by: Farra Phillips Hillyard Fox View Farm
addition to showing, he has also been hunting in the first field 3 - 4 SIRE: UNKNOWN
times per month this season, and has no problem with trappy
conditions, a variety of footing, water crossing, or coops / walls. DAM: UNKNOWN
He has the scope and step to do the 3’6”+ hunter divisions, but Gilbert is a super safe, super fun horse who is currently being
with his excellent rideability and flatwork he could also be aimed used as a lesson horse for beginner through advanced riders. A
towards a career in eventing or the jumpers.                           pleasure to work around and will do anything for his rider. He is
                                                                       extremely comfortable, has a huge stride, and covers a lot of
                                                                       ground while keeping a consistent pace. Gilbert has jumped up to
                                                                       3’6” courses, and is the perfect horse for a rider to excel with their
                                                                       jumping career. Gilbert also loves trail rides - he will lead or follow.
                                                                       Gets along well with other horses. He is scopey enough for the
                                                                       jumpers, quiet enough for the hunters, brave enough for eventing,
                                                                       and comfortable enough for pleasure. He has shown locally in the
                                                                       children’s horse divisions. Gilbert is up to date on everything, has
                                                                       no vices, clips, loads, ties, and is great for the vet and farrier.
                                                                       Visit for pictures, videos and detailed

 H IP NO .   93                                            J OSE ’      H IP NO .   96                                    K EY POINT
              1990 Chestnut Gelding           16:1 HH
                        TB NO PAPERS
         Consigned by: Mike McGowan Heritage Stables

Jose’ is a 20 year old made jumper. He is very fast and has super
turns. He was horse showed and field hunted for numerous years.
This gelding will make the perfect horse for someone just starting
in the jumpers. He never stops, is an easy keeper, loads, clips,
and ties. He gets along with everyone. Don’t let his age fool you!

 H IP NO .   94                                      JOYSTICK
                      2006 Bay Gelding                                                      2005 Bay Mare        16 HH
             Thoroughbred WITH PAPERS JC #0630166                                               TB NO PAPERS
               Consigned by: Grimes Sport Horses                                    Consigned by: Stone Gate Stables, LLC
                                            Clever Trick                                                            In Reality
           Phone Trick                                                           Believe It
                                            Over The Phone                                                          Breakfast Bell
SIRE: CALLER I.D.                                                      SIRE: ROCK POINT
                                            Ramsinga                                                                Hoiist The Flag
           Plagiarizing                                                          Morning Watch
                                            Copying                                                                 Wise Nurse

          Salt Lake                         Deputy Minister            DAM: KEY WEST SPRING MADNESS
                                            Take Lady Anne
DAM: TRUE PERFORMER                                                    “K.P.” is a very attractive and sweet mare by the popular hunter
          Moonlight Waltz                   Miswaki
                                            Good Going Gracie          sire Rock Point and out of the Regular Conformation Hunter mare
                                                                       Key West. She wasn’t started until she was almost 5, so she is
Joystick is a beautiful, tall, quiet TB gelding that is a lovely mover
                                                                       still very green but is quiet and willing. She is a good mover and
with text book perfect conformation. He will be a nice hunter, field
                                                                       showed a lot of talent over fences when we free jumped her. She
horse, or dressage mount that has a very laid back disposition.
                                                                       was just starting to jump lines before we turned her out for the
Suitable for a teenager or adult amateur, he is now being ridden
                                                                       winter and she proved to be a quick study. KP is just starting to go
daily by a 15 year old girl. This gelding is going nicely under
                                                                       back into work this week so she’ll be a little rusty but you will see
saddle, learning basic dressage and is started over cross rails.
                                                                       what a nice temperament she has. KP will make a really nice local
He has no vices, is easy to shoe, clip, trailer, and even ground
                                                                       or “B” rated horse, lesson horse, fox hunter, pony clubber or trail
ties. He gets along well with others in the field.
                                                                       horse. Reason for sale: Inventory reduction.

 H IP NO .   95                        ALL THAT N REAL                  H IP NO .   97                                           H ONEY
          2005 Chestnut / Overo Gelding            16 HH
                                                                                         2006 Dark Bay Mare        15:2 HH
 QH and Paint WITH PAPERS AQHA / APHA 5259113 / 856116
                                                                                         Thoroughbred NO PAPERS
               Consigned by: Becky Acord
                                                                              Consigned by: Farra Phillips Hillyard Fox View Farm
                                            Mr Supreme Bonanza (QH)
           Mr Fancy Bonanza                 A Real Lover (QH)          SIRE: UNKNOWN
                                            Real Luck (QH)
           Hay Mary (QH)                                               DAM: UNKNOWN
                                            Ole Man's Girl (QH)

          Impressively Made (QH)            Mr Impressive (QH)     Honey is quiet, sensible, safe and uncomplicated to ride and work
                                            Maid Of Brick (QH)     around. She has very comfortable and quiet gaits. Currently
          Sr Cash A Star (QH)               Skipa Star (QH)        schooling a 2’3” course. Always brave and willing to the jumps,
                                            Miss Cash Ticket (QH)  Honey will make a perfect first horse for a beginner child or adult
“Frosty” is a super attractive fun horse. He has been to many rider. Good on trails, gets along well with other horses in the field.
shows, trails, hunter paces and more. He rides both english and No vices, clips, loads, ties, up to date on everything, great for vet
western. He is jumping 2’6” courses in the ring and cross country. and farrier.      Registered Jockey Club.           Please visit
Super sweet around the barn and gets along with everyone. A fun for pictures, videos, and detailed
pony club, 4-H, show/pleasure horse.                               information.

 H IP NO .   98                        LA BELLE JACKIE                 H IP NO .   100                                   LA PULGA

                   1998 Bay Mare         16 HH                                         2006 Black Mare         15:3 HH
   Warmblood / TB Cross WITH PAPERS KWPN #W0005572                         Holsteiner WITH PAPERS AWR #USAAWR1801620606
 Consigned by: Charles & Theresa Cook Happy Go Lucky Farm                         Consigned by: Stone Gate Stables, LLC
                                              Pilatus                                                             Landgraf I
          Roemer                                                                 LeSanto
                                              Cronella                                                            Metro
SIRE: JOSHUA                                                           SIRE: LEGADO DE FUEGO
                                              Father Hogan                                                        Calme
          Quick Confession                                                       Foxfyre
                                              Quick Dynasty                                                       Solid Duchess xx

          Sir Jinsky                          Nijinsky                          Nain Bleu xx                      Lyphard xx
                                              Dusky Evening                                                       Emerldine xx
DAM: JINSKY’S LADY (TB)                                                DAM: WOMEN AT THE WELL (AWR)
          Julie’s Laugh (TB)                  Tambourine                        Pleasure Skater xx                What A Pleasure xx
                                              Xenisa Pride                                                        Ice Skater xx
La Belle Jackie is a lovely homebred 13 year old, Warmblood / TB      Avanti is a beautiful black registered & branded Warmblood mare
cross. She is a granddaughter of Roemer and is registered with        by the Holsteiner stallion Legado De Fuego, who is by the famous
the KWPN / NA / WPM. She is a lovely bay mare that moves nicely       stallion Le Santo. Her bloodlines include Cor De La Bryere,
in the ring, on the flat and over fences. She responds with leg and   Calypso I and Landgraf I, who have passed on their jumping
verbal commands. This mare loves to trail ride by herself or with     talents and temperament to Avanti. Although green, she is quickly
company. She can be turned out with a herd, has very good barn        learning her flatwork and has a good, natural lead change and
manners, stands quietly for the vet and the farrier. She would        enormous stride when asked. When jumped, Avanti is brave,
make a nice show, event or dressage horse. She sells sound with       taking you to them, and carefully over them with plenty of scope.
no vices.                                                             She is also tolerant of a more novice rider and their mistakes. She
                                                                      will likely be a packer once she gets some mileage. Because of
                                                                      her age, she is only jumping 2’6” although a trainer did jump her
                                                                      over 3’-3’3” once and said, “that girl has a jump in her”! A no prep
 H IP NO .   99                       M AXS FIRST LADY                girl at the shows who will likely make up to be a really nice High
                        AQHA Incentive Fund                           Ch/Adult or Modified Junior/Am jumper. She could also be a really
                  2001 Sorrel Mare        16 HH                       super event horse with her braveness, love of cross country &
                                                                      speed. Reason for sale: Inventory reduction.
             TB/QH WITH PAPERS AQHA #X0592391
             Consigned by: Cool Breeze Stables, LLC
                                              Mr Sonny Money
          Temon                               Poco Coeds Te N Te
                                              Majestic Justice
          Just Have Faith                     Rugged Faith

         Goldseeker Bars                      Three Bars (TB)
                                              Spanish Joy
         Jumbos Playmate                      Classy Jumbo
                                              Twists Of Lemon
This nice big mare has been shown in halter but when we
purchased her we started her under saddle. She’s had limited
riding but shows a lot of potential as an all around horse.

 H IP NO .   101                                             IR I S    H IP NO .   103              P INEBAR SCOOT N TIME
                                                                                                 AQHA Incentive Fund
             2006 Liver Chestnut Gelding       15:3 HH
                  Thoroughbred NO PAPERS                                                 2004 Bay Gelding          16 HH
       Consigned by: Farra Phillips Hillyard Fox View Farm                      Quarter Horse WITH PAPERS AQHA #4594293
                                                                                         Consigned by: Becky Acord
SIRE: UNKNOWN                                                                                                          Three Bars
                                                                                   Zippo Pat Bars                      Leo Pat
DAM: UNKNOWN                                                           SIRE: PINE BAR PAT
                                                                                                                       Poco Pine
Iris is a lovely, lovely, quiet horse that currently walks, trots, and             Pines Plaudit                       Plaudit Cody
canters and is schooling a 2’3” course. Iris is green but is very                                                Eternal Dell
willing to please. Quiet, safe and a quick learner, he is a great                    Skip’N’Time
                                                                                                                 Ima Skip
                                                                        DAM: TWO TIMEN BLONDE
mover with a very correct jumping style. He is good on trails. This                                              Mackay’s Magnum
                                                                                     Westys Jr Miss
gelding loads, clips, ties, is sound, has no vices, and is up to date                                            Skip A Cody
on everything. Great for vet and farrier. Jockey Club registered. “Cody” is a super sweet and fun horse used at local shows, hunter
Please visit for pictures, videos, and paces, play days and more. He is comfortable and very willing.
detailed information.                                                  Very quiet to be around and safe. Easy to haul around and settles
                                                                       in quickly anywhere he goes. An all around pony club, 4-H and
                                                                       fun horse.
 H IP NO .   102                           O N - A - LEAD
                                                                       H IP NO .   104                       P OINT OF PRAYER
                                                                                           2007 Chestnut Mare
                                                                                                 TB NO PAPERS
                                                                                   Consigned by: Jackie Harward Equine Acres
                                                                       SIRE: SONG & A PRAYER

                                                                       DAM: POINT GAINED
                                                                      Prayer is a nice filly that is very willing to do what is asked of her.
                                                                      She is a lovely mover, is very comfortable, and has lots of
                                                                      potential. She also has the bloodlines to be a good broodmare
                                                                      prospect for TB breeding. She does everything right and is easy
                                                                      to work with.

                     Baby Green Champion
                                                                       H IP NO .   105              P RECIOUS MOMENTS CR
                   2005 Bay Mare        16:1 HH
                        TB NO PAPERS                                                   2009 Chestnut Mare              15:1 HH
         Consigned by: Mike McGowan Heritage Stables                                 Oldenburg WITH PAPERS OLD #
SIRE: UNKNOWN                                                                Consigned by: Chris Trefney, Agent Canaan Ranch
                                                                                                                       Pik Koenig
DAM: UNKNOWN                                                                       Pike Bube I                         Franka
                                                                       SIRE: PIK LABIONICS
“Ana”, is a 6 year old super fancy prospect, a 10+ mover and                                                           Akzent II
jumper with auto lead change, and is very laid back. She has that                                                      Wakuba
classic hunter style that the judges love, with numerous DAM: AUENKRONE XX
championships in her first year showing in the baby greens. She
                                                                   Precious Moments is the the famous stallion Pik Labionics, which
was a winner at the local AA horse shows. She’s not too mareish
                                                                   has produced both Jumpers and Dressage horses with great
at all and loves to be in your pocket. She gets along with mares,
                                                                   minds and movement.
geldings, and ponies. She loads, clips, ties, you name it. She’s a
perfect all around horse. Don’t miss out on this amazing hunter


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