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            DOGS AND MEMORY
Often clients have difficulty embracing the proposition that
showing leadership to our dogs and effectively communicat-
ing that we don’t want the dog to engage in unwanted behav-
ior gets results very quickly, even if the dog has done the
same unwanted thing thousands of times before. I love to
analogize the client’s situation to the movie Groundhog Day.
The client gets to be Bill Murray, with the luxury of repeating
an effort until he gets it right. The dog is every other charac-
ter in the film, living in the moment, blissfully oblivious to
the repetitions while Bill learns, initially by trial and error
(also characteristic of a dog’s learning system) and subse-
quently by reasoning and extrapolation. A dog doesn’t use
much memory but responds to quite specific associations,
which often are formed by a single experience and remain
until replaced. This anecdote sometimes helps people under-
stand the distinction between memory and association. It also
illustrates the similarity in the functioning of our own brains.         LOCKS OF
Years ago a young friend rolled his car one evening on a rural
highway. The next day he described vividly his terror:
trapped upside down - the seat belt still engaged, the engine
stopped, the night silent save for the tape in his eight-track      Last month,my daughter, Monica
player, the soundtrack chugging along despite his otherwise         (3rd grader at Sandpiper), got a
surreal situation and his fear of burning alive before being        long overdue haircut and decid-
extricated. Its likely that were Henry three months later to        ed to donate her hair to Locks of
have heard the same song that played at his first moment of         Love, an organization that
horror, he would have relived that same clammy chill.               makes wigs for cancer patients.
Memory would have helped him to comprehend why that                 She did this because a family
feeling arose. If Henry was like most of us, three decades later    member died of breast cancer a
the same song would still trigger the association, and its vis-     few years ago and Monica remembered how traumatic it was
ceral fear, but neither the memory nor the comprehension.           for her to loose her hair.
Canine psychologists believe that with a dog the association
but not the memory is present much more immediately.                The salon (Gretchen
Perhaps three seconds as opposed to the three decades I’ve          Schroeder Salon in
posited.                                                            Palo Alto) which cut
                             By Peter Levy                          her hair normally
                                                                    charges $65 for a
                                                                    haircut, however the
     OCTOBER 8 - 14, 2006 IS FIRE                                   owner has graciously
        PREVENTION WEEK IN                                          offered to give a free
                                                                    haircut to any child
         REDWOOD CITY &                                             donating their hair to
      THROUGHOUT THE NATION                                         Locks of Love.                 Monica before and after

Redwood City, CA - National Fire Prevention Week is                 Since that time, several of our family members have also decid-
October 8 - 14, 2006 and Redwood City is urging the com-            ed to donate their hair, and Monica is hoping her classmates
munity to take simple fire prevention steps that could save         will consider doing the same. We thought if there was an article
their lives and those of their loved ones. The 2006 theme is        in The Pilot even more people would take advantage of the
“Watch What You Heat” and focuses on preventing cooking             Salon’s great offer and help out cancer victims.
fires in the kitchen. The National Fire Protection Association
(NFPA) reports that the leading cause of home fires is cook-        If you think this would be of interest to the community I would
ing - and this leads not only to the most fires but also to the     be happy to provide
most injuries. Fires in the kitchen can most often be prevent-      additional information.
ed by practicing these easy safety tips (this is a partial list -
more fire safety tips and other safety information can be           Proud Mom, Cindy Carrasco
found at,, and
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             GO NUTS, BUT NOT TOO NUTS OVER NUTS                                               By Ronesh Sinya, M.D.

Studies show that eating 1                                          have high blood pressure.
ounce of nuts five times a week                                     * Saturated fat: Refer to “Which Nuts?” below to be aware
may reduce your risk of heart                                       of less-healthy nuts with more saturated fat.
attack by 25 to 39 percent. This
is an important, yet commonly                                       Which Nuts?
overlooked, ingredient of the                                       It’s true - when it comes to a healthful diet, some nuts are
heart-healthy Mediterranean                                         better than others.
diet. Studies have also shown
that women who consume nuts                                         * Walnuts are loaded with healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
daily have a lower risk of                                          * Almonds are full of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids.
developing type 2 diabetes.                                         * Peanuts are actually a legume, not a nut, but are still
                                                                    shown to be beneficial to health.
Benefits                                                            * Hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios and some pine nuts are also
What are some reasons for the                                       healthy nuts.
remarkable benefits of nuts?                                        * Less-healthy nuts are coconuts, Brazil nuts, palm nuts and
                                                                    cashews, all of which contain more saturated fat.
* Healthy fats: Nuts are high in healthy fats and low in saturat-
ed fats, leading to a reduction in bad cholesterol (LDL) and        How Much?
possibly an increase in good cholesterol (HDL).                     There are some general guidelines about how many nuts are
* Vitamins: Nuts contain vitamin E and folic acid, which may        good for you. I recommend about 1 to 1 1/2 ounces per day
protect against heart disease. They also contain vitamin B6 and     (the equivalent of about 1/3 cup of nuts).
* Arginine: Nuts contain arginine, which is a chemical that         Creative Ways to Incorporate Nuts into Your Diet
relaxes blood vessels and prevents clotting.                        Now that you know the benefits, how can you include nuts
* Fiber: Nuts are a good source of heart-healthy fiber.             in your daily diet?
* Plant protein: Nuts make an excellent high-protein snack.
* Minerals: Nuts are full of essential minerals, such as magne-     * Use them as toppings for yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, cottage
sium, zinc, iron, calcium, copper, selenium and potassium.          cheese, salads and desserts.
                                                                    * Add nuts, such as cashews or peanuts, to stir-fry recipes.
Disadvantages/Risks                                                 * Make homemade trail mix by combining a variety of
Unfortunately, there are also a few disadvantages to eating too     nuts, raisins, dates, dried fruits and whole-wheat
many nuts.                                                          Chex cereal.
                                                                    * Add nuts to baked goods.
* Weight gain: Again, nuts are high in calories (150 calories       * Use peanut butter as a versatile spread on vegetables or
per 1-ounce serving), so eat them in moderation and replace         whole-wheat breads. By Ronesh Sinha, M.D.
other calories with them rather than just adding them to your
diet.                                                               Photo Caption: Dr. Ronesh Sinha is an internal medicine
* Allergies: Peanuts (and to a lesser extent almonds, hazelnuts     physician at the Redwood City Center of the Palo Alto
and Brazil nuts) may cause allergies, more commonly seen in         Medical Foundation.
young children.                                                     Endnote: The Palo Alto Medical Foundation and column
* Salt: Many prepared nuts and mixes are loaded with salt, so       editor Arian Dasmalchi provide this monthly column.
limit consumption of these types of nuts, particularly if you

              DR. THOMAS D. MOONEY
        New Patient Special
                                       REGULAR $200.00
                 Includes consultation, complete exam, spinal
             x-rays if necessary will be discounted and a final
                               report of examination findings.
 2100 Carlmont Dr. #10
 Belmont CA 94002               See you at “Save the Music
 (650) 591-0700                       on October 15th.
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                             WISDOM CRYS OUT By Rev. Kristi Denham
“What I know for sure...” Oprah’s phrase seems appropriate to           There are those who will tell you the Bible
my meditations today: I know laughter is good medicine, as is           is our one true source of Wisdom. But it is
venting to an understanding friend when we need to; that                a book full of contradic-
thoughts become things and the universal energy loves to sup-           tions and historical
port our creativity; that love is more powerful than fear; that eat-    perspectives that
ing light and exercise is good for me; that animals to cuddle with      must be ques-
and care for are a blessing, unless you already have three chil-        tioned in the con-
dren and a full time job; that just about everybody in America          text of the essen-
works too hard, wants too much stuff, stresses over the small           tial challenge to
things, and eats or drinks too much, watches too much televi-           live by the law of
sion, or worries too much about things they feel powerless to           love.
                                                                        As Peter Gomes has vividly pointed out in “The Good Book,”
 “What does the Lord require of us, but to do justice, love kind-       scripture has been used to justify slavery, racism, sexism,
ness and walk humbly with our God” (Micah)                              homophobia, violence and war. This week a friend sent me a
                                                                        long list of scriptures he felt clearly justified gun violence as a
Love is “the Royal Law.” (James 2:8) Compassion for self and            necessary evil. Of course, he was right, if you assume scrip-
others cuts to the core of the law and the prophets. Fear of the        ture has the final say. Trouble is, interpretations take us down
Lord is that love in practice. It is reverence, awe and humility        a slippery slope into a kind of blind and mean-spirited faith
wrapped up in one.                                                      that is anathema to God’s unconditional love.

The teachings of Jesus are radical wisdom: To love our enemies,         The Bible was born in tribal Israel as a justification for their
to love our neighbors, to love ourselves, to follow the example         way of life. It is a rich historical rendering of humanity’s
of the Prince of Peace, to live for justice and love. This is to live   growing understanding of their relationship with a co-creating
in Wisdom. And many in the early church described Jesus as the          deity. Consciousness grows and expands as does our
embodiment of Sophia, Wisdom.                                                                     (Continued on page 38)
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                                  (650) 575 8509 DIRECT

                                        SOLD 313 Sea Cliff Lane in      OPEN HOUSE - 3315 Ramona St.
SOLD - 167 Alberta Avenue,              Beacon Shores, 2 bedrooms and   Palo Alto. Here is your chance to develop
San Carlos. Wonderful ranch style       den, 2 baths, 1280 sq ft, for   your dream home or get a starter home in
home with pool on a very large lot in   $825,000                        Palo Alto! 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, lot
“white oaks” neighborhood for                                           approximately 6098 sq ft, for $899,000
$1,495,000                        Call me for all your real estate needs
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                 Bernard Accristo                               The Bay A rea Professionals for O v e r 50 Ye a r s
          “Professional service, quality results”
                    650.483.7653                                             AFES LAW

I have been an investor and contractor on the Peninsula
since 1973, Realtor since 1986, and a Real Estate Broker
since 1989. I have also been a
Redwood Shores resident since

I know and love Real Estate.
Most of my business comes from                                  Terry Anderlini                      Merrill Emerick
family, friends and past clients.
I care and know how to get the                                  Past President of the                  Past President
                                                                Calif. State Bar Assoc.                of the San Mateo
best transaction for you. I listen
                                                                & San Mateo Bar Assoc.                 County Trial
and will represent you in your
                                                                                                       Lawyer’s Assoc.
best interest. Your satisfaction,
your future business and recommendations are my goal.

My personal beliefs are: Honesty, Loyalty, and Dedication.
My business ethics are dictated by the “The Golden Rule”
always treat others as I like to be treated. Please feel free                                
to interview me about any of your
                                                                             A Corporate Sponsor of the
Real Estate needs.
                                                                                  Redwood Shores
                                                                               Library Book Collection
Best Regards, Bernard Accristo

                                                                                      (WISDOM -
                                                                                Continued from page 36)
                                                                        universe. We are now challenged as a species to learn
                                                                        to live by the wisdom of compassion and justice or per-
                                                                        ish. I have been looking in the mirror, remembering
                                                                        the words of Ann Richards, the former Texas governor
                                                                        who died this week. She said she began to change her
                                                                        life when she took a long look in the mirror and
                                                                        realized she didn’t want her tombstone to read “She
                                                                        kept a clean house.”

                                                                        Many of us live as if the clean house, the perfectly suc-
                                                                        cessful children, the meaningful career, the accumulat-
                                                                        ed savings, and the fabulous vacations are all essen-
                                                                        tials. Where is God in this equation? Where is peace?
                                                                        Where is wisdom? Where is quiet time for contempla-
                                                                        tion? Where is breathing? Relaxing? Just being? It is
                                                                        all just too much.

                                                                         “Wisdom cries out in the streets! She raises her voice
                                                                        in the public squares!” (Proverbs 1:20) We are a peo-
                                                                        ple who need to listen. We need to live by her call to
                                                                        reverence, to honor the sacred all around us, to serve
                                                                        justice, to love kindness, to walk humbly with our
                                                                        God. Jesus lived this way. He set the example we are
                                                                        challenged to follow.
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 Local Knowledge: To sell here
 you should be from
 here. Born and raised on the San Francisco Peninsula,
 14 years Redwood Shores resident.

 Experience: Bay Area real estate agent since 1978.
 I specialize in residential and investment properties.
 Skillful negotiation, staging consultation, community

 Philosophy: My mission is not
 to be the #1 Agent or sell the
 most homes. My goal is to do
 the best job for my clients. When you hire me as your
 agent, your best interest becomes my main goal.

12 years of school, 1 test, 6 tries—shouldn’t every child in our    I serve on San Mateo
school system be able to pass the high school exit exam? My         County’s First 5
response is “Yes!” but the reality is that many students in the     Commission focusing on
public school system are not equipped with the academic             improving early child-
training necessary to pass the exit exam and graduate with the      hood development and
skills they need to succeed in the working world.                   education. It is clear that
                                                                    when we improve educa-
This is why I am running for the San Mateo County Board of          tion for our children, we
Education this November. I want to ensure that ALL children         build stronger
have access to high-quality public education regardless of their    communities.
family income level or background. We need to spend our
school funds in a cost-effective and balanced way so that chil-     I am honored to have
dren can receive a quality education and one day graduate with      endorsements from local
pride.                                                              community leaders including: Redwood City Mayor Barbara
                                                                    Pierce, Vice Mayor Rosanne Foust, Council Members Ian
I would like to ask for your vote. There are many issues that our   Bain, Alicia Aguirre, and Jim Hartnett, former Mayor Dani
schools face today, and I want to bring my nonprofit, business,     Gasparini, Jeff Gee, and Paula Uccelli.
and legislative experience to find solutions to these complex
problems. I currently manage an environmental nonprofit and         I hope you will consider voting for me this November so that
have seven years of corporate management consulting experi-         I can make a difference for the children of Redwood Shores
ence improving operational efficiency and managing costs. I         and throughout San Mateo County. To contact me or for more
have also worked in the U.S. Congress for five years and earned     information about my campaign,
my Master Degree in Public Policy from Harvard.                     please visit:
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                                           LIGHT IN DARKNESS
I knew I needed to request a very dear someone’s permission           suicide, taking every opportunity to save a life. I now share this
when Carol, our Pilot’s editor, asked me to write about walk-         commitment, in direct consequence of the overnight walk: for the
ing 20 miles in San Francisco one unusually warm night this           first time, old friends spoke quietly of suicide touching their own
past summer. So I wrote to Parker’s mom Bonny, as I couldn’t          lives. Gently, surely, we can and must ease the taboo of talking
ask Parker. Let me explain. I walked in honor of my friend            about suicide. I feel that I received an incomparable and wonder-
Peggy’s godson, Parker Templeton. His parents, myself                 ful gift in being able to walk with Parker’s team. Heading back to
 and other friends who knew and loved Parker walked in trib-          my car with one of my team members, I wished aloud that I could
ute to his life, and to raise funds so that others who suffer as he   bring every troubled and downtrodden person suffering thoughts
did may find help, and healing love and support.                      of self destruction to this event, to be enveloped and uplifted by
                                                                      these families who’ve lost so much and are trying, in the midst of
Over 1100 people started their journey together that night,           their pain, to spare others such suffering. Parker’s parents are
some having lost loved ones to suicide, others struggling with        truly amazing and purely lovable people. Ironically, I reflected on
their own suicidal tendencies, and everyone touched in some           the circumstances of our paths crossing, and how many other peo-
way by the pain, grief, fear, and too often unspoken reality of       ple’s lives they have enriched as they make their way through
suicide.                                                              lives changed beyond comprehension by the loss of their son.
                                                                      Just looking at Parker’s picture on our T-shirts tightened my heart
AFSP, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, brings          and took away my voice. How fragile and lovely this fleeting life.
together families and strangers, helping raise awareness and          We finished our walk along the sands of Chrissy Field, each writ-
provide care and resources to those contemplating taking their        ing a personal note on a small luminaria bag. The bags lined the
own lives. Walking in the dark, through the emptiest hours of         final half mile of the walk, lighting our way as the sky behind us
the early morning, I heard stories of people loved and missed,        streaked deep pink with purple clouds, the sun making its way up
but never forgotten. The eucalyptus groves, city lights, and soft     the sky. In another letter Bonny wrote of the reality of losing a
voices all paid tribute to these gentle spirits I would never         child, “Parker is still gone, and all I want is to have him back.”
meet, now known only by their memories. Although I knew               Though our minds may try to reason away our feelings, our hearts
suicide to be prevalent and far reaching, I hadn’t realized that      know the beauty and worth of never letting go. Wherever life’s
in the U.S. alone every 18 minutes someone dies by suicide. I         ups and downs may take you, remember that the events of your
do know that it changes the lives of families and friends for-        life and feelings of your spirit matter; that all those around you
ever, and that help is not always requested, or available when        will be blessed by your ways.
needed. Bonny’s beautiful strength gently belies her pain. She          Namaste (honoring the divine in you with the best part of me)
reminded me of her unending commitment to talk about                                             Jennifer Tripp

                                   REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS
                OUT-OF-STATE PROPERTIES                                  Area investors: You actually will get appreciation potential
                                                                         plus breakeven or positive cash flow with 15% to 20% down
The real estate market in the Bay Area has been calming down             - which is only around $18K to $50K of down payment.
from its peak. However, for small investors who would like to
purchase rental properties, the Bay Area is still a tough sell           Texas has a high property tax. For Austin, it’s around 2.7%
given the high property prices. One can hardly break even on             of the assessed value. The good news is: after years of prop-
the monthly cash flow unless one puts down a large sum down              erty tax cut proposals, the Texas Legislature has recently
payment. As a result, many investors look to out-of-state prop-          passed a historic legislation that will reduce property tax by
erties as their more realistic investment options. Austin, Texas,        17 cents per $100 valuation this fall and another 33 cents
is one of the investor favorites in the recent two years. The            next year. This translates to better monthly cash flow and
Austin Board of Realtors says the city’s housing market is on            potential for more appreciation.
track to have another record-setting year. From January to June
2006, single-family home sales have increased by 13% over the            As a Bay Area Realtor, I love to help my clients find their
same period in 2005. Home sales in June jumped 21% and the               perfect properties in the Bay Area. But for many of my
median price up 8%. The number of days on the market for the             small investor clients, Austin properties are much more
first 2 quarters has dropped from 74 in 2005 to 63 days.                 attainable and more importantly, these properties do really
Inventory has also tightened with the number of active listings          generate income!
dropping to 7% with a record low number since 2002. Imagine
buying a single-family home for around $120K to $140K and                Jenny Chui is a Broker Associate and Realtor at RE/MAX
getting rents of around $1000 to $1200; or, my favorite: buying          Dolphin Real Estate located in the Nob Hill shopping center
a duplex for around $200K to $250K and getting rents of                  in Redwood Shores.
around $1700 to $2200. Here is a strange concept to many Bay
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                           CALENDAR FROM
This month, Fully Alive is gearing up for our favorite and         Christmas Child
busiest time of the year. October and November give us plen-       donates thousands
ty of time to have fun and give thanks. December allows us         and thousands of
the privilege of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and shar-   shoeboxes to chil-
ing that message with our family and friends.                      dren in impoverished areas all around the world. Simply fill a
                                                                   shoebox with toiletries and toys (no food or perishable items)
October 29th is our annual Fall Festival, from 4-7pm. Bring        and bring it to the Sandpiper Community Center also on Sunday,
your kids and come to the Sandpiper Community Center for a         November 19th. Designate whether that shoebox is filled with
carnival. There will be games, food, LOTS of candy and a           items for a girl or boy and approximately what age. Gift tags can
cake walk. Come in costume and have your family’s picture          be downloaded from the Samaritan’s Purse website. Mark your
taken. Everyone walks away a winner at the Fall Festival!          calendars now for The Christmas Show. Each year, Fully Alive
                                                                   presents a night of Christmas music, from Frosty to Silent Night.
In November, our thoughts and actions begin to focus more          Rudolph and Santa never fail to make an appearance.
outwardly. There are two big ways that you can become              Reservations are required, but the show is FREE. The Christmas
involved in reaching out to those less fortunate than you.         Show will be held Saturday and Sunday, December 16th and
Each year, City Team Ministries in San Jose hosts a turkey         17th. Don’t miss this wonderful night of fun! Also in December
drive. If you would like to contribute a turkey, please bring      is our annual Women’s Christmas Tea. For reservations, email
your frozen turkeys to the Sandpiper Community Center on 
Sunday, November 19th between 8:00am and 12:00pm, and
City Team will ensure that they are distributed to needy fam-      If you are looking for a church home, please join us on Sundays
ilies in the Bay Area. Another wonderful way to give back in       at the Sandpiper Community Center at either our 9:00am or
November, as well as get your children involved, is through        10:30am service. Visit for information and
Operation Christmas Child. For more information on this            coming events.
ministry, visit, an international                                     By Lisa Frerichs
o rganization devoted to relief. Each year, Operation
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 SENIOR CENTER OCTOBER ACTIVITIES                                              Contributed by Marlene Annuzzi
The Veterans Memorial Senior Center, 1455 Madison Avenue,             prizes. Cost is $6.00, which includes lunch
Redwood City, is providing the following activities that are open     and entertainment.
to the public. Wednesdays, September 27 through October 25,
1:00 to 2:30 pm, Fall Prevention Class,                               Saturday, October 28, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00
Sunset Room, Veterans Memorial Senior Center. This free 5-            p.m., Autumn Festival, Veterans Memorial
week class series is brought to you by Sequoia Hospital Health        Senior Center. Join us for a festive day of showcasing arts and
and Wellness Center. During each class, the key risk factors of       crafts, music, food, and of course shopping! The spirit of the
falls and how to manage these risks will be discussed. Each           holiday season begins! This event includes an open house of
class also includes simple exercises designed to help increase        the Arbor Gift Shop, a holiday boutique with over 25 vendors,
balance, strength, and coordination for fall prevention. Class is     a variety of entertainment, Italian and German sausages, spe-
limited to 20 people. To register, call the                           cialty beers and other goodies. This is a community event
                                                                      open to all ages. For vendor applications, call the events hot-
Thursday, October 14, 1:00 p.m., Senior Affairs Commission            line at (650) 780-7264. Proceeds will benefit the Holiday
Meeting, Fair Oaks Intergenerational Center. The City of              Giving Program.
Redwood City Senior Affairs Commission is holding its October
14 meeting at Fair Oaks Intergenerational Center, 2600                Wednesday, November 1, 10:30 a.m., Alzheimer’s Lecture and
Middlefield Road, Redwood City. The objectives of the Senior          Memory Screening, Goldstar Room, Veterans Memorial
Affairs Commission are to encourage, foster, facilitate, establish,   Senior Center. This free lecture on Alzheimer’s Disease and
and maintain programs for the enhancement of all matters relat-       Memory Screening is being provided by Stanford/VA Aging
ing to the social, economic, and personal well being of the City’s    Clinical Research Center. For more information, call 780-
senior population. The public is invited to attend.                   7274.

Friday, October 27, 12:00 to 2:00 p.m., Halloween Lunch,              To learn more about the Veterans Memorial Senior Center, call
Redwood Room, Veterans Memorial Senior Center. Dust off               780-7270. Redwood City Parks, Recreation and Community
your Halloween costume and come for a fun-filled lunch, with          Services Department provides recreational facilities and activ-
games, a costume contest and an opportunity drawing with great        ities for all ages and interests.more than you think! Its website
                                                                      is located at
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                                         Presorted Standard
                                         U.S. Postage Paid
   THE PILOT                             Redwood City,CA
                                          Permit No. 579

                 October 2006
               531 SHOAL CIRCLE
             REDWOOD CITY, CA 94065


           956 Ralston Avenue, Belmont
          Phone: (650) 595-3581

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