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					The Gingerbread Man
   Photo Gallery

      Ms. Yamazaki’s Kindergarten
Anika, Chloe, Elaine, Harry, Kevin, Lief,
Lillian, Lucas, Lucie, Maddie, Matthew,
Nicky, Phoebe, Shannon, Solenne, and

             August 2008
                   The Gingerbread Man was a highly engaging math
Note to parents:   and literacy event in our kindergarten. Students
                   measured and mixed, decorated, and baked a big
                   gingerbread man, just like the one in the stories
                   that were read aloud to them.
                   When we went to check our gingerbread man to
                   see if he was cool enough to eat, he was gone! He
                   left clues around the school, and our search
                   began. We went from place to place, but alas, he
                   went out of the gate to places unknown.
                   Since then, we made our own book about where
                   we think he may have gone. We made pictures of
                   some of the characters from the story. We read the
                   chant on the pocket chart. Our parents saw him
                   when he came back to school at Open House, but
                   he ran away again! Too bad.
                   Will we ever hear from him again? We’ll have to
                   wait and see.
                 Oh no, he’s gone!

He left us a note!
Have you seen our gingerbread man?
Run, run as fast as you can,
You can’t catch me,
I’m the Gingerbread Man!
    Where is our
gingerbread man now?

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