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									   Magazine of the Perth PC Users Group
    VOLUME 24 NUMBER 3                                                  APRIL 2010                     RRP $2.50

                             Articles                                                           For your diary

President’s Column ..................................... 3                                  APRIL MEETINGS
Digital Television ......................................... 4
Changing Default Spellchecker in                                            General Meeting                   Wednesday 7th
Thunderbird .................................................. 5            from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Ev Nicholls Room,
Fixing the Little Things ................................ 6                 Main Office Building RAAF Association, Bullcreek
Jim’s Computer Tips ................................... 9
                                                                            Drive, Bullcreek
Backing up and Restoring Files ............... 10
Neat Things you can do with a Flash                                               Presentation:    Treepad (Personal
Drive ............................................................ 12                              Information Manager/
Password Protect you Account ................ 13
                                                                                                   Organiser) - to Store,
Reports from the SIGs ............................... 14
OAG Joins the Facebook Generation(s)                                                               Organise and Search all your
Part 2 ........................................................... 17                              notes, emails, text etc
Things, Thinglets and Thingassoes ......... 20
                                                                                  Presented by:    Joy Watson
How to Forward Emails Appropriately ..... 22
Controlling System Restore ....................... 23
                                                                            Committee Meeting                 Tuesday 13th

                           Hot Spots:
                                                                                               MAY MEETINGS

Benefits of Membership .............................. 8
                                                                            General Meeting                   Wednesday 5th

                     Regular Features                                       from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Ev Nicholls Room,
                                                                            Main Office Building, RAAF Association, Bullcreek
Members’ Help Page ........................................... 2
Membership Application Form .......................... 7                    Drive, Bullcreek.
This Month’s SIG Meetings .............................. 18
This Month’s Calendar ...................................... 19             Committee Meeting                 Tuesday 11th

                Members’ Help Page
                           FREE HELP IS ONLY A PHONE CALLAWAY!
               Have your membership number at hand in case you are asked for it

        These members have               ACCESS (Basic VBA)              OPENOFFICE ‘WRITER’
    volunteered to give telephone              Ray Lucas                  Robert Boylen 9386 2666
       support, free of charge, 
       to club members only.
                                              ANTI VIRUS               PAINT SHOP PRO 8/9/X (10)
                                       Graham Rogers 9451 3561              Bob Hunt 9275 7737

Prepare your telephone calls in          AutoCAD (Auto LISP)                  PHOTOSHOP
advance and keep them short.                   Ray Lucas                  Abbe Harman 9345 4605
Where possible please have a   
telephone close to the computer.
Call during reasonable hours              BEGINNERS HELP                       PRINTERS
                                       Connie Shaw       9375 1655        Tom Scott 0412 681 455
(9.00 a. m. - 9.00 p. m.) unless
                                        Gordon Giles 9276 4218 or
otherwise arranged.                            0417 952 196                     QUICKEN
                                       (All QUICKEN products)
▪       Don't expect the helper to                                         Peter Scarfe 9359 2281
        call back if not at home            COREL DRAW
        when you call them.              John Hallam 9293 1017                  3SD Max
                                                                                Ray Lucas
▪       Don't get upset if the                   HTML           
        helper cannot solve your        Gordon Giles 9276 4218 or
        problem.                               0417 952 196                      WORD
                                    Rita Sputore-Keller 9276 8209
▪       Don’t call work numbers                                  
        unless they are specified               EXCEL                           Helen Campbell
        in the help page.                      Ray Lucas         
▪       Don’t use this help to                                               —–oooOooo—–
        replace manuals or                    INTERNET
                                         Joy Watson   9457 5098
        vendors’ support lines or to
        support illegal copies of
                                         LOTUS ORGANIZER                 MODEM HELP BY
                                         Peter Mann 9459 8140                AREA
                                        Esther Fischer 9259 4214
If you can assist someone on                                           John Browne                City
any topic, send your details to            MICROSTATION                        9328 3328 H
the editor for inclusion on this              Ray Lucas
page.                                  Mary Straiton      Wanneroo
                                                                                9405 1820 H
If your telephone number has                   MODEMS                  Trevor Davis        Armadale
changed, please advise the               Trevor Davis 9399 7264                 9399 7264 H
editor, e-mail:                MICROSOFT OUTLOOK
                                            Helen Campbell

           ▬     If you have the knowledge and skill to help members of the Perth PC
                 User Group, please arrange to have your name put on this page.

           ▬     If you can no longer provide this help, please advise the editor so
                 that your name can be removed from the page.
                                             In the last month we conducted a               why you changed to the new
                                             computer repair day to assist                  equipment.
 President’s Column                          members with a one on one                      I hate to dob someone in but
                                             repairs on their computer. The                 spelling is no problem. Our great
                                             numbers were rising at the time I              editor corrects all my spelling
 Hi,                                         wrote this report so here’s                    mistakes and we both have a
 Yes it’s me again. As we had no             hoping it was a success. If it was             chuckle about it.
 nominations for president I felt it         I can assure you we will be
 unfair for a committee member               running a similar session north                We get people complaining that
 to have to look after two                   of the river later in the year.                the Axess content is all from
 positions and I decided to stay.                                                           overseas but if our members
 This is the LAST year so if you             Please help your SIG conveners                 can’t contribute something
 wish to have a chance, to get in            with demonstrations. Just the                  themselves where do you think
 and see how this position works,            smallest thing can help. Try                   the write-ups will come from? If
 give me a call and I can explain            starting with a write-up on a                  the editor had to write them all
 the simple requirements. Come               particular program you use and it              she would run out of things very
 on you have twelve months but               doesn’t need to be technical, just             quickly. If you have lost or
 don’t leave it till then, stand up          what the program does and what                 misplaced your Axess look on
 for the group and help out.                 you think of it, good or bad. The              the net as we have at least the
                                             conveners are left each month                  last five years Axess on the web
 Thanks to last year’s committee             with what to put on for your                   site for your information.
 for the great help and support.             entertainment and they do a
 It’s great to be able to bounce             great job but why not help out                 I have to leave off now to install
 ideas around the committee to               now. Phone your convener and                   Windows 7. Woops! I shouldn’t
 get different views on subjects.            ask what you can demo or, better               have told you that now I will
                                             still, offer to demonstrate a                  have to do a write-up on it.
 Welcome to Keemie as our new
                                             program from the clubs DVD.
 secretary and John Ison as the
                                                                                            Gordon Giles your group
 Membership Secretary. I can
                                             Have you just purchased some                   President.
 assure you your service is
                                             new equipment, maybe replacing
 greatly appreciated and your stay
                                             some old equipment? Tell us
 with us will be rewarding and
                                             what you think of the old and

 AXESS is published monthly (11) by the                       POLICY                       All articles, reports, reviews etc. should
 Perth PC Users Group Inc. (PPCUG),                                                        be sent as plain, unformatted (ASCII)
 P.O. Box 46 Riverton, WA 6148.              Although it is policy to check all material   text because this ensures that they can
                                             appearing in AXESS for accuracy, no           be read by any word-processor.
 Subscription is by membership of the        warranty either expressed or implied is
 group at the prevailing rates. Single       given. No responsibility will be taken for    If you wish to include graphics, please
 copies may be purchased, if available, at   losses or expenses incurred as a result       send them in separate files with your
 $2.50 each plus postage.                    of advice given in any article appearing      name on each file.
                                             in AXESS. Unless specifically stated
 Articles in AXESS are copyright to          otherwise, the experiences and opinions       Contact the editor if your submission is
 PPCUG unless otherwise stated and           expressed in any column or article are        not published within three issues.
 may not be reproduced commercially, in      those of the author and do not represent
 whole or part, unless written permission    an official opinion or position of, or        Code: If program code is included, place
 is given by the PPCUG.                      endorsement by, the PERTH PC Users            it at the end of the article or in a separate
                                             Group.                                        file for each block of code and, in your
 Notwithstanding the above, permission is                                                  article, refer to each as Fig. 1, Fig. 2 etc.
 extended to other User Groups and non-      Contribution of Articles to AXESS             Small code fragments may be used in
 profit organisations to use any material    Magazine                                      the main article.
 appearing in AXESS provided
 acknowledgment is given to the source       Contact Trisha Moss                           Editing: All articles are edited for style,
 and the author.                             Ph 9293 2519, or e-mail                 to    spelling, grammar and length. Articles
                                                          that may not be edited or do not meet
              DISCLAIMER                                                                   our standards will be rejected.
                                             We require your name for legal reasons
 All comments, editorial or otherwise, are   but you may reserve the right to not have     Rejections: Articles with self-extracting
 those of the writer and don't necessarily   your name published.                          files or virus infection are rejected
 reflect the opinion of the PPCUG.                                                         without notification.

APRIL 2010                                       AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                            Page 3
 Digital Television
  Preview by Adam Turner
 Despite the hype, you don't need a       their high-def channels, but they       removed ad-skipping and archiving
 Freeview sticker to watch all the        seem to have abandoned the              features from some models in order
 new digital TV channels.                 practice with the introduction of       to get the Freeview sticker, but
                                          second standard-def channels in         retained these features in non-
 The death of analogue television is      2009. Remember, Ten’s One HD is         Freeview models for tech-savvy
 rapidly approaching, with Mildura        simulcast in standard-def so you're     buyers who realise that the
 the first region of Australia to go      not missing anything there.             Freeview logo doesn't actually
 digital-only when analogue                                                       benefit the end user.
 broadcasts cease at the end of June      Australian digital television is        Initially there was fear that
 2010. The rest of the country will       broadcast in the MPEG-2 video           Electronic Program Guide data -
 follow over the next three years,        format but may eventually switch to     which lets you call up the schedule
 with Melbourne and Sydney set to         the more efficient MPEG-4               on your television screen - would
 go digital-only by December 31,          standard - which would free up          be restricted to Freeview devices. It
 2013. The Federal government has         spectrum for more channels and          was later clarified that the
 announced plans for a new regional       other services. MPEG-4 tuners are       upcoming Freeview EPG will be
 satellite service to ensure all          backwards compatible with the           based on the exact same data
 Australians can access free-to-air       MPEG-2 standard but, when the           available to all digital television
 digital television.                      switchover happens, devices with        equipment through the broadcast
                                          MPEG-2-only tuners will be              signal. The first round of Freeview-
 Australia’s television networks          rendered useless.                       endorsed devices will not be
 have formed the Freeview                                                         compatible with this upcoming
 consortium to drive the take-up of       The MPEG-4 issue has been used          Freeview EPG, although
 digital television, but Freeview isn't   as scare campaign to encourage          manufacturers are not obliged to
 a new technology or service. It's        people to opt for Freeview gear, but    reveal this on the packaging.
 merely a marketing exercise to           the fact is that the government and
 rebrand the digital television           the broadcasters haven't announced      The Freeview campaign is designed
 platform Australia has had for a         an MPEG-4 switchover date.              to convince people they need
 decade. Some digital television gear     Analogue television won't be            Freeview-endorsed devices to enjoy
 comes with a Freeview sticker, but       phased out until the end of 2013        all that digital television has to
 it actually reveals more about the       and it would be political suicide for   offer. This is not true. The
 product’s limitations than its           the government to render MPEG-2         broadcasters may not be able to ban
 features.                                equipment obsolete soon after, so       the sale of devices that can skip
                                          it's a fair bet that MPEG-2             advertisements and archive
 First the positives - the Freeview       equipment has at least five years       recordings, but through the
 logo ensures your television, set top    left in it.                             Freeview campaign they can scare
 box or Personal Video Recorder has                                               people into buying Freeview-
 at least one high definition tuner       Then there’s the downside to the        endorsed equipment that doesn't
 and is MPEG-4-compatible. These          Freeview sticker. Ad-skipping must      offer these controversial features.
 are features you’ll also find in many    be disabled in Freeview-endorsed        There's a lot to consider when
 non-Freeview devices.                    devices, they’re only allowed to        buying digital television equipment,
                                          jump forwards or backwards in not       but don’t place too much
 Even if you don't have a high-def        less than 10 minute increments.         importance on the Freeview logo.
 television, high-def tuners are          Fast-forwarding and rewinding is
 useful because they let you watch        limited to 30x. Freeview-endorsed       Reprinted from the September 2009
 the high-def channels (albeit            recorders must also be locked down      issue of PC Update, the magazine
 downscaled to stand-def on a             to prevent you from copying             of Melbourne PC User Group,
 standard television). The networks       recordings off the device. Personal     Australia
 went through a phase of                  Video Recorder manufacturers such
 broadcasting different shows on          as Beyonwiz and Topfield have

                                    Free To A Good Home
                                          19” Viewsonic G90f CRT Monitor
                                          Excellent Condition – with cables
                                                   Frank 9293 3051

Page 4                                       AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                           APRIL 2010
 Changing Default Spellchecker in
   Rick Short
 As you may know by now                 Installing manually to the              into Thunderbird’s extension dialog
 Windows 7 has dropped Outlook          application.                            box.
 Express, so maybe a good idea to
 think of using another email client    Installing directly via Add-ons.        When a Software dialog box opens,
 program. For a decade I used                                                   wait three seconds for the Install
 Eudora but as it hasn’t been           All four had some ambiguity, a one      Now button to become enabled,
 supported for many years I changed     had problems with the wrong type        then press it. Thunderbird will now
 to Thunderbird eighteen months         of dictionary and one required that     download the AUS dictionary. This
 ago. It’s latest incarnation, v.3.0,   you install 7-Zip and rename some       is the file
 now includes tabs and a quicker        files to make it work.                  english_australia_dictionary-2.1.1-
 task button layout.                                                   and then run it. When
                                        I choose to install directly via Add-   a confirmation pops up, press OK.
 However, it can be a tad annoying      ons and (I hope) my re-wording and
 when the spellchecker informs you      amplification makes it a lot easier     You should now have en-AUS.aff
 that you can’t spell favourite,        to follow than the instructions on      and en-AUS.dic in the C:\Program
 theatre, colour, centre, etc. I        the Thunderbird site.                   Files\Mozilla
 decided to change the dictionary                                               Thunderbird\dictionaries sub-
 from US to AUS. Not quite as           From the menu bar in                    folder. Now go to Tools | Options |
 simple as I was expecting.             Thunderbird’s main window, select       Composition | Spelling tab |
                                        Tools | Add-ons | Extension tab –       Language and select English/
 I checked the Mozilla                  the Extensions dialog box is now        Australia from the drop-down list
 Knowledgebase and found that           open. From the web page: https://       and click OK.
 there were four methods.     
                                        thunderbird/addon/3099 use your         Rick is a member of the Perth PC
 Installing by downloading              mouse to drag the link (green           Users Group
 manually.                              ‘Download Now’ button) that points
 Installing by using an extension.      to the dictionary, and drop the link

                             ARTICLES NEEDED URGENTLY
I have recently heard of some complaints from members that there are too many articles, in the magazine,
from America.

The reason this is happening is that I’m not receiving any articles from our members. In fact, if articles
weren’t sent to me from our parent group in America our magazine would probably be about 10 pages long.
Many of the articles from overseas are interesting though.

I am very keen on virtually anything sent in by members and please don’t feel that articles have to be of a
technical nature or in perfect English either, as I will happily proof read.

If you have tried a new program you feel will be of interest to members, or have had trouble with a program
and sorted it out, or found an electronic gizmo that you just couldn’t live without let us all know. Any computer
or electronic information would be very welcome.

For instance, about six months ago I bought an iPhone and I’ve had a fair amount of flack about that,
especially from my husband. When climbing a “mountain” a couple of months ago who found the Altimeter
application, I bought, very handy to say nothing of the included compass etc etc? With the amount of
senior’s moments increasing I just couldn’t manage without the calendar reminding me of an important event
and when I get stuck in a queue, which I hate, I calmly take out my phone and happily play Solitaire.
Anyway, besides being useful I just happen to think it’s great fun and I can even make and receive phone
calls. Bonus!

APRIL 2010                                 AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                               Page 5
 Fixing the Little Things
  Nancy De Marte

 Using Tabs to Line Up                 You must set tab stops on the         key on the keyboard, type the
 Columns in Word                       ruler yourself to ensure the          email address, press Tab again,
                                       desired results.                      then type the phone number.
 Sometimes it’s the little things                                            Press the return key (Enter) to
 going wrong with your                 It’s best to set the tabs for a       move to the next line and repeat
 computing that drive you crazy.       simple list before typing because     the process. If, after you have
 For example, an email which           they can always be changed after      typed in the whole list, you find
 took you half an hour to compose      the text is present. To do this,      some text getting cut off, you
 might not send correctly or           first make sure the ruler is          may need to move the tab stops.
 suddenly the size of the type in a    visible. In Word 2003, click          First, and very important,
 Word document changes.                View in the menu bar and put a        highlight the entire group of text.
 Maddening, isn’t it?                  check mark next to Ruler. The         Then click on one of the L’s on
                                       ruler should now appear at the        the ruler, hold down the left
 One small, but common problem         top of the document window.           mouse button, and drag it to a
 when you are using Microsoft                                                new location, which will move
 Word or Word Pad often crops          Now, look carefully at the left       the text with it. Until you
 up when you try to create a list of   end of the ruler for the tab stop     deselect the text, you can adjust
 items. Maybe you belong to a          type indicator. The standard left-    tab stops as much as you wish.
 club and it’s your job to keep a      justified tab stop looks like a       Finally, save the document and,
 list of the members’ names with       capital L. (Sometime you might        before printing, use the Print
 email addresses and phone             want to click this L and look         Preview command to see how it
 numbers. You’ve been asked to         through the other types of stops      will look on the printed page.
 print the list and bring it to the    for future use. Don’t do it now.)     If all went well, you should have
 next meeting. Diligently, you         Now you are ready to set your         perfectly even columns.
 type the list, using the Tab key to   tab stops.
 line up the columns neatly. It                                              There are other ways, of course,
 looks great on the screen, but        To plan your tab stops for the        to create lists like this. The
 then you print it. The columns        club list mentioned above, you        Microsoft Office spreadsheet
 waver all over the page. How          will probably type the members’       program Excel is a great
 could this happen? How can you        names beginning at the left           alternative, especially if you want
 fix it?                               margin, so you don’t need a tab       to sort the list. Word allows you
                                       stop for them. You’ll need two        to create Tables, which is another
 Tabs in computing are a holdover      stops on the ruler: one for email     way to ensure even columns
 from the old typewriter days. The     address and another for phone         which can be sorted. These are
 idea is that you can set tab stops    number. To add a tab stop,            topics for another article.
 along a ruler at the top of your      merely click on the ruler in a spot
 Word or WordPad window that           which you think will                  Nancy De Marte, SIG
 will help you create vertically       accommodate your text, in this        Chairperson, Sarasota PCUG,
 even columns. When you type,          case, the email address. An L         Florida
 you merely press the Tab key on       will appear on the ruler. Repeat
 the keyboard to move the              this process a bit further along      ndemate (at)
 insertion point to the next tab       the ruler to set a stop for the
 stop. The problem is that             phone numbers. When you have          This article has been obtained
 Microsoft set up half inch            finished, check your list against     from APCUG with the author’s
 automatic (default) tab stops         the stops to see whether you have     permission for publication by
 which many people use rather          allowed enough space for the          APCUG member groups; all
 than setting their own. Since         columns.                              other uses require the permission
 individual characters (letters or                                           of the author (see e-mail address
 numbers) are not the same width,      Now it’s time to add the text.        above).
 just using the default tab stops      Beginning at the left margin, type
 will not guarantee even columns.      the first name, then press the Tab

Page 6                                   AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                         APRIL 2010
                                           Perth PC Users Group Inc.
                                                                   P.O.Box 46 Riverton WA 6148

                                                   Membership Application
This is a:
    New Application        Renewal (Mem # ______ )          Change of Details (Mem #______ )
Membership Types: Please tick      One year membership rates below;
Individual   $60 First Year, thereafter *$50 per year, Magazine, Voting right and member discounts.
           (Please add $5 per email account if you are keeping your PPCUG email address and your ISP
           is not This applies to all membership types)
Family       $60 + $10 per extra family member first year, thereafter $50+$10, One magazine + same as Individual
Corporate    $100 Up to three nominees with I magazine + same as Individual (please supply extra names)
                                       (Note: Prices current at time of printing)

Mr.        Mrs.            Ms.              Other _______                      Surname:
First Name(s):                                                                               Preferred Name for Badge:
Street (Number & Name):
Suburb:                                                                                                 Date of Birth (optional)              /     /
State:                                                                                       Postcode:
Work:                            Home:                       Fax:               Mobile:
E-mail Address:
Company Name:                                          Occupation:
Can we use these details on a mailing list? YES / NO
Did you hear about the Perth PC Users Group through a: current member, magazine, newspaper,
Shopping Centre Display or Other (please circle)
If you were introduced by a current member please give name …………………………………...
I/We hereby apply for membership New / Renewal of the Perth PC Users Group (Inc.) and agree to abide by its
rules while I/We remain member(s).
 Signed ..............................................................                                                             Date       /   / 2010

 * Note: If your membership is in default you will be required to add a $10 rejoining fee to your subscription.

                                                  Payment details/credit card authority
           Forward to “The Treasurer”,Perth PC Users Group, P.O.Box 46, Riverton, W.A. 6148

  Home Postal Address
                                                                               Postcode                                 Country
  Telephone Numbers BH: (                                 )                                       AH: (             )

  Cheque (payable to “Perth PC Users Group Inc.”) enclosed
  or        Debit my credit card (Bankcard                          / Mastercard / Visa                           ) with
  Credit Card No.

  Expiry Date___ /___                         Signature                                                                           Date    /             /

 APRIL 2010                                                           AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                                    Page 7
     Benefits of being a member                                                      President
                                                                             Gordon Giles 9276 4218 (H)
 The Perth PC Users Group provides its members with                 
 many benefits including:
                                                                                    Vice President
                                                                              Peter Scales 9446 6461(H)
 ▪    Monthly Meetings with guest speakers and                       
      demonstrations.                                                                 Secretary
                                                                          Keemie van den Bor (H) 9398 3658
 ▪    Training Workshops: We hope to make training                                   Treasurer
      workshops a more regular occurrence where members                   Connie Aarnoudse 9398 4824 (H)
      can get a full day’s tuition on a particular subject for a  
      very cheap rate.                                                            Membership
                                                                              John Ison 9405 4430(H)
 ▪    Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for special interests or

                                                                        Axess Magazine Editorial Committee
 ▪    Training at SIGs and special workshops.
                                                                              Trisha Moss 9293 2519
                                                                                   Robert Boylen

 ▪    A Free Club Magazine. As part of your membership,                           Other Committee
      AXESS, the group’s monthly magazine, is posted out to                    Tom Scott 0412 681 455
                                                                              Tineke de Vries 9398 8827
      you 11 times a year. AXESS publishes articles written                    Robert Boylen 93862666
      by PC users worldwide; all members are welcome and                       Helen Halma 9361 7093
      encouraged to submit articles on a subject they know
      about to share with others. Members can advertise
      goods they wish to sell to or buy from other members.
                                                                                Technical Officer
      These advertisements are printed in AXESS free of             Trevor Davis 9399 7264 (H) 0411 789 611

 ▪    Membership with Perth PC Users Group presents you                        Publisher & Mail
                                                                         Perth PC Users Group Inc.
      with FREE telephone support from other users with
                                                                       P.O. Box 46,Riverton, WA 6148
      expertise in many types of software and hardware areas. 
 ▪    Software and hardware discounts. From time to time,
      discounts are offered to members from companies at                             Printers
                                                                             S & F Finishing Services,
      ‘User Group’ prices on hardware and shareware                          1/10 Enterprise Crescent
      software registrations.                                                   Malaga WA 6090
                                                                                  Ph 9248 8500

 ▪    PPCUG acts as an agent for If you            Microsoft Publisher was used in the production
                                                                                  of this magazine.
      sign up with Westnet using our code C607 we can offer
      you a unique email address eg. for
      free, if you are a member.

If you wish to pay your membership fees directly into the Perth PC Users Group
                      bank account these are the details:
                                          BSB 036-078 (Westpac)
                                          Account Number 328801
(Please ensure that you give your surname and membership number, if possible,
        and email the treasurer to confirm the deposit has been made )

Page 8                                       AXESS - PERTH PCUG
                                                                 APRIL 2010
 Jim’s Computer Tips
  Jim Paton

 Disk Cleanup- Open up some               I recommend unchecking                 three options with "Clean Up"
 space!                                   "Downloaded Program Files". This       buttons. Look at the third one. If
 Feel like giving your computer           folder can contain useful add-ins      your system regularly saves System
 some elbow room to get work done         that you might miss in multiple        Restore Points, you can delete all
 a little faster? Don't want to remove    programs. "Setup Log Files" is also    but the most recent restore point to
 any programs or files to do it?          best left undeleted in most cases.     reclaim some more space. Click
                                                                                 that "Clean Up" button, then "OK".
 Similar to the Scan Disk tool, Disk                                             When you're done, you might want
 Cleanup is Windows XP's tool to                                                 to defragment your cleaned-up disk
 speed up your computer by                                                       to make the most of your new
 removing temporary files that might                                             space.
 be cluttering up your disk space.
 Unlike Scan Disk, Disk Cleanup                                                  Q: What are mp3s? I keep
 doesn't require rebooting your                                                  hearing about them.
 computer, and it gives you more
 control over what it throws away.                                               A: Audio files can be saved in
                                                                                 different formats that have different
 Before running Disk Cleanup, close                                              file extensions, just like picture files
 all your running windows. I'll wait                                             (.jpg, .gif.). Loosely speaking, you
 while you print this tip and close                                              can think of .mp3 as the .jpg of
 your email and web browser.                                                     audio. It's a format for saving sound
 From the Start menu, choose All
 Programs, then Accessories, then                                                The .mp3 file extension stands for
 System Tools, and (finally!) Disk                                               MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3. MPEG, in
 Cleanup. Select the drive you want       If you scroll down within that         turn, stands for Motion Picture
 to clean, which is usually the C         window, you'll see "Temporary          Experts Group, which is a format of
 drive. For a few moments or              Files". Sometimes ScanDisk will        video clip that uses .mp3 format to
 minutes, Disk Cleanup will survey        incorrectly show that deleting         store its sound. Because .mp3s can
 the mess with its hands on its hips,     "Temporary Files" will gain you 0      compress the sound data into a
 shaking its head. Sorry, I couldn't      Kb because it only counts files that   small file, it's convenient to send
 help sharing my mental image. I          are less than 1-2 weeks old. Leave     sound files this way. When the file
 mean to say, Disk Cleanup will           "Catalog Files for the Content         is reopened, the sound quality is
 assess your disk for a short time        Indexer" unchecked. Then click         preserved better than by many other
 and open a window that tells you         "OK".                                  audio file formats. Like .jpgs,
 how much space you can make                                                     .mp3s can be compressed to a larger
 available by deleting different files.                                          or smaller file size, depending on
                                                                                 how important file size is compared
                                                                                 to end quality.

                                                                                 You're hearing more about .mp3
                                                                                 files lately because they've become
                                                                                 a standard format for music files,
                                                                                 audio books, and internet radio
                                                                                 shows (sometimes called podcasts).

                                                                                 These tips are provided by our
                                                                                 members for the interest of our
                                                                                 members. Original source is not

                                                                                 Jim is a member of the Perth PC
                                                                                 Users Group
                                          Another window will appear. Under
                                          the "More Options" tab, you'll see

APRIL 2010                                   AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                  Page 9
  Backing Up and Restoring Files
   Ron Hirsch

If I had to pick a single area where        cost. This can offer access from          Quicken, your files are generally saved
most computer users are extremely           another computer, when you might          in the same folder as the Quicken
lacking, it's in the area of backing up     need that data. I personally don't want   program. Other programs may use the
and preserving the documents and            my private data et al on an online        My Documents folder, My Files
other items that they generate during       computer, where it is possibly subject    folder, the Documents and Settings
the course of their computer activities.    to being hacked or having that            folder, or a special folder that the
Most people just dismiss the subject        operation go out of business.             program has set up to store things.
with “Oh I don't really have anything
of importance, and even if I do, I can      NOTE: This article is only discussing     I personally set my own folders for
always redo it easily.” These people        backup of your personal files and data    storing things and fortunately, most
may only use their computer for the         - it is not addressing a complete         programs allow the user to specify
Internet and e-mail. Redoing your           backup of your system drive, including    where things are stored. In
address book and bookmark listing can       your operating system (probably           WordPerfect, I have a master folder set
be a task in itself.                        Windows). That is a separate topic        up, name WPWIN. Under that I have
                                            which will be covered in another          about 56 subfolders for all the
If you use a program such as Quicken        article.                                  categories that I have defined. There is
or Money, you have lots of financial                                                  a folder named “BocaBits”, which
info that would be a real job to rebuild The backup media should be stored in         holds all the articles I've written for
if all your files were lost. I reminded aa place where they it will not become        this publication. One of the main
friend about backing up his Quicken      lost, stolen, or damaged. When I was         advantages of having your personal
stuff and he said that he really didn't  in business (many years ago), we             files organized in a master folder is
have to, as Quicken always backs         backed up all our files every day, with      that they are easier to copy to a backup
things up automatically, which it does.  a rotating system of seven tapes.            medium. Just copy the main folder,
But it backs things up onto the same     Copies were stored in a fireproof safe,      specify to include the subfolders (if
hard drive, into a different folder. So, and periodically, we placed a current        that is needed), and everything
about 6 months later when his hard       copy in our safety deposit box at the        underneath will be copied. This is far
drive failed, his backup was worthless,  bank. Just putting copies on the shelf       easier than having to locate many
and he was a very unhappy person.        doesn't protect against their loss in        different folders, and copy from each
                                         case of a fire. Obviously, most users        one individually.
WHAT DOES BACKUP REALLY don't have to go to such extremes but,
MEAN?                                    for important information, it's a good       Remember, using subfolders is a must.
Backup is the generation of duplicate idea to periodically put a backup copy          Some years back, one of my friends
files, often onto a removable medium, into a secure and fireproof place, such         stored all his files for all his programs
for all the things that you have         as a home safe, or your safety deposit       in the same folder, with no subfolders.
generated on your machine. Generally, box.                                            Finding a file to use was almost like
these are files that you have produced,                                               looking for a needle in a haystack.
not the program files which came on      In order to be able to follow and use        Name your files using descriptive long
the CD. These duplicate files must be the material in this article, you must be       filenames which all operating systems
stored on something which can be         conversant with using Windows                since Windows 95 can use. Which is
separated from your machine and          Explorer, or a similar file manager.         easier to find “Letter to Jack re the
definitely separated from your internal Earlier this year, I presented several        new building.doc” or “let2jreb.doc”?
system hard drive.                       articles on this activity, with several
                                         exercises on the subject. If you are not     Here are some steps that I would
Since most people have only one hard familiar with using a file manager to            suggest users consider - change the
drive, it does not make good sense to    copy files and add new folders and           names to suit your desires.
backup onto that same drive. If you      subfolders, I would suggest that you
have your main drive partitioned into bone up on this subject first, and then         Add a new folder on your C: drive, and
say a C and D drive, you will still lose get back to this article.                    call it “All My Stuff” (without the
your backup if the drive fails. If                                                    quotes.)
however, you have a second hard drive WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO FIRST
on your computer, you are much safer First of all, the typical user who has           Add as many subfolders under it as
storing your backups there.              programs in which files are saved,           you need. For example, (assuming you
                                         generally has no idea where they are.        have these programs) add one for
There are online services which offer The first thing to learn is just that.          Word, Quicken, Money, Excel, etc..
“online backup” at a small cost, or no When you are in a program such as              then, add as many subfolders under

Page 10                                         AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                              APRIL 2010
each of the main subfolders you've         Rather than move the existing files, I'd   time and effort trying to reconstruct
added. For example, the “Word” folder      copy them into the new folder you set      things. When you get a new computer,
can have subfolders named “Letters”,       up. That way, if there are any             your new machine can take the backup
“Faxes”, “IRS correspondence”, etc..       “goofs” (perish forbid), nothing has       medium you used, and copy it all (as
(Don't use the quote marks - they are      really been lost. In the case of a         desired) onto the hard drive of the new
used here for clarity.)                    program like Quicken, just open            machine.
                                           Quicken, and press CTRL+B. This
In each of those programs go into          should open the backup window, and         ONE FURTHER
“preferences” or “settings”, or wherever you can type in the path/folder you've       RECOMMENDATION TO SAVE
is appropriate, and set your new path      just made.                                 YOUR “STUFF”
and folder name there as the place to                                                 One area that most users don't bother to
keep stuff. In something like Quicken, Later on, when you know that                   consider, is the use of an uninterruptible
it wants its files where it specifies, but everything has been safely copied into     power supply (UPS). These units plug
when you call for a backup in Quicken, your new folder tree, you can safely           into your wall outlet, and then the
you can specify the path/folder. So this delete the files in their original           computer and monitor plug into it.
folder you set up will always have         locations if you want to do so.            Many don't feel that this is of any value
duplicates of Quicken's files, ready to                                               to them, but I'll bet that they've had a
be copied out to the removable media       When you've done this for all your         crash during a power blink. The
you choose.                                important stuff, you will now have a       primary use of such a device is to keep
                                           new “filing cabinet” with “drawers” for    your computer and monitor running
For programs such as Outlook Express all your important files.                        when there is a power failure, either an
or AOL, it's a good idea to save your                                                 extended one, or momentary power
address book, and your bookmarks.          WHAT MEDIUM SHOULD I USE                   blink. The purpose of a UPS is not to
Finding the names of these files, and      TO BACK THINGS UP?                         allow you to keep working for an
where they are located will be a good      In the “olden days”, the choices were      extended period when the power goes
exercise for you in using Windows          fairly limited. Floppy disks and tapes     off, but to allow you to save your work,
Explorer, and learning more about your were about it. These days, those two           and shut down in an orderly fashion.
browser.                                   media are not the ones of choice.          Or, when the power “blinks”, your
                                           Floppies have limited storage space,       system doesn't crash, and you lose the
NOTE: It is not absolutely necessary to and most people don't have a tape drive,      work that you have on screen. Even a
do all of these previous steps if you're   nor should they bother to get one these    one tenth of a second blink can wipe
willing to do your backup work with all days.                                         out what you're working on and, if you
your files where they are now. These                                                  haven't just saved it, you've lost it.
steps are just offered to make your job The two choices that I would
of backing up easier. If this is the case, recommend are external USB drives,         Furthermore, all computers should be
you can skip to the section entitled       which many people have or flash drives     connected via a high end surge
“WHAT MEDIUM SHOULD I USE                  which many people also may have. If        protector to protect against line
TO BACK THINGS UP.”                        you're not familiar with these devices,    fluctuations and power surges. A UPS
                                           you should become familiar - they are      is also just about the best protection that
                                           very inexpensive now and are the           you can use here. These days, UPS
                                           perfect media for backing up purposes,     units are available for not much more
                                           transporting, and archiving files.. Or     than the cost of a good surge protector.
If you don't know or can't find where
                                           you can use a ZIP disk, if you have a      Check Costo for some good values
the program stores the files you create,
                                           ZIP drive, or use a CD rewritable disk.    here. A capacity of 300-500 VA is a
go into the program, generate a new
                                                                                      reasonable range for most home
document, and do a save on it. When
                                           To “burn” a CD, you must be familiar       computers. Remember, as a minimum,
the “save” window comes up, it may
                                           with this process. If you have a           you need to have your computer and
well show you the path/folder that the
                                           recordable or rewriteable drive on your    monitor connected via the UPS.
program uses. You can now go to that
                                           machine, there should be a software        Without a monitor, your computer isn't
folder, and find all the stuff you have
                                           utility to handle copying files. Usually   good for much.
done previously. While you're in the
                                           this utility is on the CD that came with
“save” window, you can now specify
                                           your hardware. It is possible that the  So, HAPPY backing up - try it. The day
your new repository for your files in
                                           utility wasn't loaded on at the factory.will definitely come when you'll be
this program, assuming it will
                                           Check through the manual or help files  glad you did. And once you get to be an
                                           to learn more about this.               expert at it, you can impress your
                                                                                   friends by teaching them.
If this does not happen, do a search in
                                           Remember, once you get into the habit If you find this material useful, you
Windows (START>SEARCH) to find
                                           of backing things up, you can feel more may want to download this article in
that file, and the location path will be
                                           comfortable about not losing lots of                        (Continued on page 12)
available there.

APRIL 2010                                     AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                  Page 11
(Continued from page 11)                  December 2010 issue, Boca Bits, the       This article has been obtained from
PDF format, from our web site             monthly magazine of The Boca Raton        APCUG with the author’s permission This allows readers to      Computer Society, Inc.                    for publication by APCUG member
keep the material either as a PDF file,   Ron Hirsch, Member and                    groups; all other uses require the
and/or print it out, and place it in a    Contributing Editor, Boca Raton           permission of the author (see e-mail
loose-leaf notebook for future            Computer Society, Florida                 address above).
                                          Ronhirsch1439 (at)

Neat Things You Can Do With A
Flash Drive
 Vinny La Bash

By now you’re probably tired of            with iPods and portable hard drives        provides this function. Predator
reading about how much better              in addition to flash drives. The           uses a standard USB flash drive as
Windows 7 is than Vista. Me too.           platform is not only free, but it’s a      an access control device. After
Let’s spend some time examining            full function site. You are not            performing a short installation and
some of the things you can do with         limited to a trial period or a limited     configuration process, your flash
a flash drive other than mere data         function subset. There is no sign in       disk becomes a key that will lock
storage. A USB flash drive consists        requirement and no necessity to            and unlock your PC. When you
of a flash memory data storage             provide even an email address. Go          leave your PC remove the USB
device integrated with a USB               for it.                                    flash drive. This causes the screen
(Universal Serial Bus) interface.                                                     to go blank while disabling the
USB flash drives are easily                Everyone wants a faster system.            mouse and keyboard. When you
removable, and much smaller than a         With either Windows Vista or               ready to resume, put the flash drive
floppy disk. They are rewritable,          Windows 7, the built-in                    back, and everything returns to
and usually weigh less than an             ReadyBoost feature can speed up            normal. Move over, Mr. Bond,
ounce. There is a wide range of            your computer with a USB flash             Predator is here.
storage capacities with the most           drive. ReadyBoost takes the storage
common being from 2 GB to 32               space on a USB flash drive and             All the preceding capabilities are
GB. Higher capacities up to 256            converts it into an additional             very convenient but how would you
GB tend to be pricey.                      memory cache that supplements the          like to carry around a portable
                                           main memory cache on your                  operating system? If you are willing
One of the most useful things you          primary disk drive. It can do this         to expend a little time and energy
can do with a flash drive is to run        because flash memory is faster than        you can configure a USB flash
portable applications. Open Office,        regular disk drives. It’s faster           drive to be a bootable Windows 7
for example, is a free suite of            because it has no moving parts, and        drive. You will need a flash drive
programs that includes a word              you can get a noticeable                   with a capacity of al least 8
processor, spreadsheet, data               improvement in response time.              gigabytes, and of course a Windows
manager, presentation tool, and            Implementing ReadyBoost is                 7 installation disk. Start out by
drawing package. You can store the         simplicity itself. Insert the USB          inserting your flash drive into its
suite as a portable application, and       flash drive into the USB slot on           USB socket and inserting the
run it on any computer that supports       your computer and follow the               Windows 7 installation disk in the
Windows. Firefox and Thunderbird           configuration prompts.                     optical drive. Please make a note of
are also available as mobile                                                          the drive letters. This is essential
applications.                              If you work or live in an                  for successful installation.
                                           environment where other folks have
Having office applications, email,         physical access to your computer           Preparing the flash drive is the next
and an internet browser all pooled         you can use your flash drive to lock       step. Click on the Start orb and
in a portable drive you can carry on       everyone else out of your PC. There        type: Diskpart
a key chain is a powerful                  is no built-in utility like
combination. If you want more go           ReadyBoost for this, but you can           Pressing Enter opens a command
to for an             download a free tool called Predator       window. (After typing a command
open source platform that works            from that              at the command prompt always

Page 12                                         AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                              APRIL 2010
press Enter to execute the              Partition Select Partition 1             make this work is go into the BIOS
command.) At the prompt type: List                                               and make the first bootable device
Disk                                    Active Format FS=FAT32                   the flash drive.

You will see a list of all your hard    Assign                                   Carrying a flash drive around is
drives, partitions, optical drives,                                              obviously far more convenient than
card reader drives, and flash drives.   Exit                                     carrying a DVD, and has the
Identify the optical drive that                                                  additional advantage of being faster
contains the Windows 7 installation     This series of commands erased           than a DVD. This procedure also
disk and the flash drive you’re         extraneous material from the flash       works for Windows Vista but why
working with. For this example          drive, created an active primary         bother when Windows 7 is here?
we’ll assume the flash drive is disk    partition, and formatted it with the     Vinny La Bash,
#4, also designated as G and the        FAT32 file system. The next step is, Member and
optical drive is disk #2, also          to copy the Windows 7 installation       Regular Columnist, Sarasota
designated as D.                        files to the flash drive.                Personal Computer Users Group,
                                                                                 Inc., Florida
At the command prompt type:             At the command prompt type:    
Select Disk 4                           Xcopy D:*.* /S/E/F G                     vlabash (at)

Run the following commands:             In this example D is the drive           This article has been obtained from
                                        housing the Windows 7 installation       APCUG with the author’s
Clean                                   disk and G is the USB flash drive.       permission for publication by
                                        The command copies the                   APCUG member groups; all other
Create                                  installation files to the flash drive,   uses require the permission of the
                                        and when it finishes you have a          author (see e-mail address above).
Primary                                 bootable Windows 7 flash drive.
                                        The last thing you need to do to

Password Protect Your Account
  Kathy Frey

If you password protect your              Wizard, and then click Next.           After creating your reset disks,
account for your Windows                  Follow the wizard. You can use         store them in a very safe place,
operating system, then you should         either a floppy disk or a USB          since the information can be easily
create a password reset disk. It          drive for the reset disk.              used by anyone to reset the
takes very little time and is easy to   • In Windows Vista, on the left          password and gain access to your
do. In Windows XP, Windows                click on Create a Password reset       account.
Vista and Windows 7, these first          disk, then follow the wizard.          There are other ways to change the
steps are the same.                       The Password Reset Disk is             passwords in all three operating
                                          essentially a small file that can      systems but the above is an easy
1. Click Start                            be used to reset your password,        and quick way to have that extra
2. Click Control Panel                    even if you have changed your          safety net in hand.
3. Click User Accounts                    password since creating the reset
                                          disk.                                  Kathy Frey is Webmaster, Computer
After you have the User Accounts        • In Windows 7, click on Create a        Club of Green Valley, AZ, USA; http://
window open, select the account for       password reset disk. If no media; frey58 (at)
which you want to make the                is installed, you will get a
                                                                                 This article has been obtained from
password reset disk. (Make a reset        message that indicates you need
                                                                                 APCUG with the author’s permission
disk for each account.)                   a removable media, such as a           for publication by APCUG member
                                          floppy disk or a flash drive.          groups; all other uses require the
• In Windows XP, on the left                                                     permission of the author (see e-mail
   under Related Tasks, click on        Otherwise the password reset             address above).
   Prevent a forgotten password to      wizard comes up and you again will
   start the Forgotten Password         need to follow the screens.

APRIL 2010                                     AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                               Page 13
 Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Kalamunda SIG                            other safety checks that should          A simple use of Bluetooth is from a
                                         protect you.                             computer in one room to a printer
Wendy Day                                                                         in another part of the house,
                                         For those of us feeling left out         without using a network, whereas a
Tom Docherty welcomed the 8
                                         Markus mentioned that cordless           wireless router connected to
members and 2 visitors to the
                                         phones use Bluetooth, which              internet via the phone line is needed
February meeting, explaining that a
                                         relieved me from the feeling that I      for wireless connection between the
number of members couldn't be
                                         was a Neanderthal; I did have some       two. The wireless network card
there for various reasons, which
                                         state of the art technology.             plugs into a USB socket and it has
was a pity because we were in for
                                                                                  WiFi Protected access.
an interesting evening. He then
                                         Using a Bluetooth 'dongle' (looked
introduced Markus Bronkhorst and
                                         a bit like a flash drive) plugged into   Markus has used Bluetooth to
his subject 'Bluetooth". Markus is a
                                         a notebook computer Markus               connect his mobile phone to his car
Qualified Microsoft Certified
                                         transferred photos from one              stereo so he can talk on the phone
Professional with his own business,
                                         member's phone, after they clicked       'hands free' using the car stereo.
'Markus' Computing Solutions' for
                                         to allow the transfer, to the            Have you see someone chatting
those needing help with their
                                         notebook and so we could see what        away and all they seem to have is
computers at home or the office
                                         he was doing he used the camera in       an earpiece attached over their ear,
[ ; email
                                         the laptop connected to the club         that is a Bluetooth phone. or Ph.
                                         projector, to relay the picture of the
0416 590 518]
                                         notebook screen to the projector         Another example would be to
                                         screen on the wall. We took a            download a book to a GPS device
Markus explained that the main use
                                         photo of this bizarre set-up for you     and it will read the book to you as
of Bluetooth was for sending fast
                                         to see.                                  you drive. Seems the application is
and mainly for files. The newer
mobile phones have a Bluetooth
capability and they can pick up to
                                                                                  Tom thanked Markus for a very
eight other devices within a 10m
                                                                                  lively evening full of new
radius, so everyone with a phone
                                                                                  technology applications and
with this capability turned them on.
                                                                                  expressed the wish that he would
Using Discovery the code for the
                                                                                  come back again another night to
other phones was displayed, giving
                                                                                  answer the inevitable questions that
them the opportunity to send files,
                                                                                  will flow from this session.
e.g. a music file to one of the other
phones, which Markus proceeded to
demonstrate. This means that for
safety Discovery should be disabled      The latest dongle purchased by a
at all times, when not in use, so that   member was so tiny the dongle end
nearby devices can't extract files       was hardly bigger than the USB
from your phone, though there are        bayonet end.

 At this month’s General Meeting the presentation will be:
               Making full use of Treepad ( Personal Information
             Manager/Organiser) - to Store, Organise and Search all
                          your notes, emails, text etc

                                                 Joy Watson
            If you have a request for a special presentation or a suggestion for the monthly
           General Meetings, please contact Gordon Giles by e-mail:

Page 14                                      AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                             APRIL 2010
 Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

 Morley Day SIG                          Tools, Internet Properties and in the   Usually unless you have altered the
                                         next box select Current, then Apply     associations, if you try to open a
 Gordon Giles                            and Ok. This will make the current      file that is not associated with a
                                         page open up when you start IE          program on your computer, it will
 10th March 2010
                                         each time.                              not open and you will get a warning
 Jeff started with a quick Q and A on
                                                                                 suggesting you select a program on
 changing icons and mentioned not
                                         Jeff then showed us how to use tabs     your computer or go on line to see
 all desktop icons could be altered.
                                         for opening web pages and how to        what program is required to open
 Right click on a manila folder on
                                         have several pages open and             the file. It’s better to go on line to
 the desktop, select properties, then
                                         looking at a single one.                see what programs can open your
 select customize and then change
                                                                                 file. Don’t alter the associations
 icons. Usually in the case of
                                         We looked at how to remove              unless you are absolutely sure of
 changing the manila folders you
                                         browsing history, cookies and           the results.
 will be prompted with a large range
                                         temporary internet files. Then we
 of icons, if not you may have to
                                         looked at the uses of the refresh and   Q This is a follow on of the above
 search your computer for files with
                                         stop loading buttons.                   question. After installing a program
 “.ico” as the extensions. If you have
                                                                                 to look at a video all my photos will
 a picture in a JPG format just open
                                         Next, we spent some time with           no longer open.
 it in Paint, resave it with the BMP
                                         Search Engines and that it is best      A. The problem is two fold. The
 extension, then when you look at
                                         not to use the main page of Google      first thing is if you have 3 programs
 the file name in its folder change
                                         search to do a search from but use      that can possibly open the same file
 the BMP extentions to ICO and
                                         the search bar at the top right of IE   then the last one installed will be
 then follow the steps to change the
                                         for searching. We looked at how to      the default. The next part is a
                                         selectively search using the Plus       problem with the new program not
                                         and Minus keys and making your          opening the old pictures. This is
 Jeff them went on to explain some
                                         search for items more specific.         more likely with photos and movies
 of the features of Internet Explorer;
                                         Using just a search for horse we        than any other program although
 how to update, either download or
                                         had several thousand links but by       the last program in tells you it can
 install from the groups DVD 2010
                                         selecting Horse Mares, it narrowed      view your old pictures it may
 or 2009, either way this may take
                                         the search and even more by using       require a codex program to do this.
 some time. After installing version
                                         the plus before the Mare narrowed       Try downloading Xvid from http://
 8 on your computer, if you have
                                         the search to a more manageable This,
 any problems then you can go in to
                                         number. If you do a search and get      when installed, should fix the
 add and remove (Control Panel) to
                                         a list you would like to save you       problems. If not, right click on the
 remove version 8 and return to 7
                                         can save or the same way as saving      file that will not work and select
 with no problems. Look in Help
                                         a favourites link.                      Open With. When it opens select a
 and About to find out which version
                                                                                 new program to look at the picture.
 you have.
                                         Then we went on to a short Q and        In the case of a .JPG, select Fax and
                                         A:                                      Picture Viewer and then ok. If it
 We then went through backing up
                                         Q. I receive a Word Perfect             opens the picture the way you want
 the favourites list by opening File
                                         document (.WPS) as an attachment        then close it, right click again and
 and then Import Export and
                                         in an email. How can I open it?         select open with and this time make
 following the prompts. Save it on
                                         A. A Word Perfect document              sure the tick is in the box on the
 some sort of removable media, a
                                         should be able to be opened with        bottom right. Click apply and ok.
 disk or thumb drive for installing
                                         MS Word. Save the document to           Now every time you click on a .jpg
 later if you lose the list.
                                         the desktop and right click on it and   file it will open in the fax picture
                                         then select Open With to see what       viewer.
 I question came up about altering
                                         the computer has. If Word is in the     Another way is to have a shortcut
 the icons in Favourites. This is not
                                         list click on it and it will open in    on the desktop and open the folder
 possible as the icons are created by
                                         MS Word.                                with the pictures and just drag the
 that particular web developer and
                                                                                 file with the left mouse button and
 are known as FAVICONS.
                                         Q. How do I change file                 drop it on the icon and the photo
                                         association?                            will open in that program, if it has
 Jeff instructed us in how to alter
                                         A. There was just a bit more to this    the correct association.
 your home page by first going on
                                         question as it stems from an
 line, selecting the page you wish as
                                         attachment that came with an email.                   (Continued on page 16)
 your home page, then selecting

APRIL 2010                                  AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                Page 15
Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

    (Continued from page 15)                Q. When I open an email it appears        of the mouse button and move the
     Q. I received an email and read it     in a small window, I enlarge it with      pointer to the bottom right of the
    but some time later I look at it and    the box icon in the top right of the      window, to be resized. When the
    its all gobbledegook and                window but when I open the next           pointer changes to an arrow
    unreadable.                             email it’s small again. How can I         pointing up and down in a 45` angle
    A. After some discussion, at the        resize the window?                        hold down the left mouse button
    meeting, among members it was           A. This is a common fact with             and drag it down to the right to the
    decided that this was not a virus but   many windows that open on the             required size.
    a problem with the program being        desktop. Hold your left mouse             Next month more on the Internet
    unstable (Outlook Express). You         button on the blue strip at the top of    and EBay.
    can use the XP disk to do a repair      the window, to be resized and drag
    but if you are not sure you may         it till the top and left sides align to   Thanks Jeff and members.
    need someone to do this for you.        the top and left of the screen. Let go

    OAG Joins the Facebook
    Generation(s) Part 2
     Mike Morris

OAG Joins the Facebook Generation(s)! Part 2
By Mike Morris, Editor, Front Range PC Users Group, CO
twriterext (at)

This article has been obtained from APCUG with the author’s permission for publication by APCUG member
groups; all other uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).

Hello again. This is the Old Analog Guy with Part 2 of my story about joining the Facebook generation.

I need to warn you that I am a novice at this social networking phenomenon—just in case it isn’t obvious.

In Part 1 I described the various privacy controls offered by Facebook. In this segment I want to (try and) describe (to
the extent that I understand them) the two primary pages of a Facebook account:

•      Home Page (also known as News Feed)
•      Wall (also known as Profile)

Here is a view of my Home Page:

Page 16                                        AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                            APRIL 2010
 Here is a view of my Profile (Wall) page:

 So . . . what is the difference?

 Both have the “What’s on your mind?” field. Both have messages that I have posted and that “friends” have posted
 (although the list is not the same).

 According to Wikipedia ( “A user’s Wall is visible to anyone who is able to see
 that user’s profile, depending on privacy settings.” The Wall can include both text and attachments. Well . . . OK,
 but that is an unsatisfactory explanation (to me) of the difference between the Home Page and the Wall.

 One difference between the two pages is the list of “friends” on the left side of the Wall. If I click on a photo (or
 name) of a “friend” in that list, I am connected to that “friend’s” Wall (not to that “friend’s” Home Page). In fact, as
 best as I can determine, I can’t connect to a “friend’s” Home Page, only that “friend’s” Wall. Therefore, here is how I
 see the difference between these two pages (based on my testing, with results potentially different if privacy settings
 are different):

 ▪    My Home Page is a collection of messages posted by me and my “friends”. It is (apparently), only visible to me.

 ▪    My Wall displays messages posted by me (and, under certain conditions, my “friends”) and is visible to those I
      allow access. The Wall is also a link to other “friends.”
 ▪    If I post a message from my home page (News Feed), it will be displayed on both my home page and my Wall.
      It will not be displayed on “friends’” Walls. It will be displayed on “friends’” home pages (Live Feed but not
      News Feed).

 ▪    If I post a message from my Wall, it will be displayed on my Wall and on my Home page (both News Feed and
      Live Feed). It will not be displayed on “friends’” walls. It will be displayed on “friends’” home pages, but only
      on Live Feed, not News Feed.

 ▪    If I post a message to a “friend’s” Wall from my computer (I click on the “friend’s” name or photo that is
      displayed on my Wall), it will be displayed only on that “friend’s” Wall (not on any other “friend’s” Walls). It
      will not be displayed on that “friend’s” home page (either News Feed or Live Feed). It will not be displayed on
      any other “friend’s” home pages. It will not be displayed on my Wall or on my home page.

 ▪    If a “friend” posts a message to my Wall from that “friend’s” computer, it will be displayed on my Wall and my
      home page (both News Feed and Live Feed). It will be displayed on that “friend’s” home page (Live Feed but
      not News Feed). It will not show up on that “friend’s” Wall, nor will it show up on any other “friend’s” Walls or
      home pages.

 Do you follow all that? I think I have the mechanics of using these two pages correct. However, as I said in my
 Facebook post, the logic of using two pages—especially the logic regarding what is displayed (or not displayed) on
 each page—still is not clear to me.

                                                                                                  (Continued on page 19)

APRIL 2010                                    AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                Page 17
                     This Month’s SIG Meetings
         A note to all SIG members: If a member of your SIG sends notification of the next month’s
         topics to the editor of AXESS, these topics will be entered on this page (see below). This will
         attract more people to your meetings.
         See the calendar on page 23 for the date of SIG meetings.
         Advise all changes (convenor, cost, date and venue of meeting etc.) to the editor as soon as
         possible so that the entry may be updated.
  ARMADALE DAYTIME SIG                                       ARMADALE EVENING SIG
  Meets fourth Tuesday of the month; for members and non-    Meets third Tuesday of the month; for members and non-
  members, covering all computer topics.                     members, covering all computer topics.

  Cost        $3 for members, $4 for visitors                Cost      $3 for members, $4 for visitors
  Convenor Brian Moore: Phone 9399 3873                      Level     Beginners to intermediate
                            Convenors Brian Moore: phone 9399 3873 or
  Venue       The Champion Centre, 76 Champion Drive         
              Armadale                                       Venue     The Champion Centre, 76 Champion Drive
  Topic       To Be Advised                                            Armadale
  Date        See calendar on page 19                        Date      See calendar on page 19
  Time        9:30 am - 12:30 pm                             Time      6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

  KALAMUNDA SIG                                              DIANELLA EVENING SIG
  Meets third Thursday of the month; for members and non-    Meets second Monday of the month; for members and non-
  members, covering all computer topics.                     members, covering all computer topics.

  Cost        $3 members, $4 for visitors                    Cost        $3 members, visitors $4
  Level       Beginners to intermediate                      Level       Beginners to Intermediate.
  Convenor    Tom Docherty, phone 9293 3445                  Convenor    Peter Scales, phone 9446 6461 or
  Venue       Staff Room, St Brigid's College, Lesmurdie.    Topic       To be advised
  Date        See calendar on page 19                        Venue       Jim Satchell Hall, Light St, Dianella
  Time        7:00 pm - 9:00 pm                              Date        See calendar on page 19
                                                             Time        6:45 pm - 9:00 pm
  Meets second Wednesday of the month; for members and
  non-members, covering all computer topics.

  Cost        $3 members, visitors $4
  Level       Beginners to Intermediate.
  Convenor    Jeff Orr: phone 9344 5668
              Topic To be advised
  Venue       Les Hansman Centre, Walter Rd, Morley
              Behind the Morley Markets
  Date        See calendar on page 19
  Time        1.00 pm - 3:00 pm

  Meets on the Third Thursday of the month; for members     Meets on the last Thursday of the month; for members
  and non-members, covering all computer topics.            and non-members, covering all computer topics.

  Cost        $3 members, $4 visitors                       Cost         $3 for members, $4 for visitors
  Level       Beginners to intermediate.                    Level        Intermediate
  Convenor    Joe Potter, phone 9457 1717                   Convenor     Terry Vernon, phone 9354 2939 or
  Venue       Ev Nicholls Room, RAAF Association.,          Venue        Ev Nicholls Room, RAAF Association.
              Bullcreek Road, Bullcreek                                  Bullcreek Dve, Bullcreek
  Date        See calendar on page 19                       Date         See Calendar on page 19
  Time        1:00pm – 3:30 pm                              Time         7:00 pm (after bagging of AXESS magazine
                                                                         from 6:00 pm)

Page 18                                         AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                           APRIL 2010
 (Continued from page 17)
 According to the Wikipedia article:
       “One of the most popular applications on Facebook is the Photos application, where users can upload
       albums and photos. Facebook allows users to upload an unlimited number of photos, compared with
       other image hosting services such as Photobucket and Flickr, which apply limits to the number of photos
       that a user is allowed to upload. ... Another feature of the Photos applications is the ability to “tag”, or
       label users in a photo. For instance, if a photo contains a user’s friend, then the user can tag the friend
       in the photo. This sends a notification to the friend that they have been tagged, and provides them a link
       to see the photo.”

 If you look at my Home Page, you will see that one of my “friends” “was tagged in a photo.” It wasn’t MY “friend”
 that did the “tagging.” It was a “friend” of MY “friend,” but I received notification, as did, presumably, all of MY
 “friend’s” “friends.” That message only appears on my Home Page, not on my Wall. Actually, I am not sure why it is
 displayed on any page of my Facebook account, since I have disabled everything in the “News Feed and Wall”
 privacy options and in the “Applications” (Photos is an “Application” which I have not installed) privacy options,
 and limited everything in the “Profile” privacy options to “Only Friends.” I suspect I don’t completely understand
 those privacy options.

 I need to stop here. Just describing how this thing works starts short circuits in my brain—after all, I am an Old
 Analog Guy. I will try to describe, in Part 3, how you find “friends,” for those who need more friends, and for whom
 “old fashioned” telephone and email contacts are not sufficient.

 I will end this story with references to some very interesting information on just how pervasive social networking has
 become—in all age groups of the population.

                                              APRIL 2010
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                        SIG           Committee                          Daytime SIG        next month’s
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                                                                      River Evening SIG
 To ensure that the correct information is shown on these pages, please advise details of SIG meetings
     - such as times, dates and topics - to Gordon Giles ( or 9276 4218).
                 Also send a copy to the editor ( or 9293 2519).

APRIL 2010                                    AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                               Page 19
 Things, Thinglets & Thingassoes
   Jack Lewtschuk

 The Bad Guys are after Your             “Ethical Hacker”                        “Denial of Service Attack”
 Money                                   A “good hacker” who uses a variety      A concerted effort by one or more
                                         of techniques to test the safety of a   remote attackers that attempts to
 Well, that’s nothing new.               computer network or system              flood a web server or network with
                                         software. Typically an ethical          meaningless requests. A sustained,
 Just as knowing the “computer           hacker (also known as a “White          coordinated attack can render the
 language” is good to assist             Hat”) is hired by a company to see      target unable to service the
 communication when seeking help         if there are any flaws in its systems   legitimate users who are attempting
 or offering help to others, so is       that might allow Black Hats to gain     to connect.
 knowing the definition of words to      entry.
 describe cybercrime.                                                            “Exploit”
                                         “Botnet”                                A method of taking advantage of a
 Just to better understand the           A collection of ordinary home and       bug or security hole in a computer
 nomenclature of cyber assaults, one     office computers that have been         program. It is possible that a hole
 has to be able to understand the        compromised by rogue software.          may be known to exist, but no
 lingo. I researched the Internet        The term “botnet” is short for          exploit has yet been created to
 (some very helpful “e-letters”) and     “robot network” and describes the       capitalize on it.
 came up with this handy list:           situation rather well. Computers
                                         that have been caught up in a botnet    “Malware”
 “Adware”                                have been effectively taken over        Any form of malicious software.
 A piece of software that displays       and can be used to perform almost       This can include computer viruses,
 advertisements on a computer after      any task by the person or persons       spyware, worms, trojan horses,
 the software is installed. Adware       who control the botnet. Botnets are     rootkits, and other software that is
 can be benign, as in the case of a      controlled by criminals and other       deliberately harmful, destructive, or
 free program that displays ads in a     miscreants, whose motives include       invasive.
 manner that is agreed upon in           spewing spam to sell products,
 advance. Or adware can be a             operating financial scams, and          “Patch”
 nuisance, displaying unwanted ads       crippling websites through              A fix for a software bug or security
 with no apparent way to remove the      coordinated attacks. (See “Denial of    hole. When a bug is discovered,
 program. The nuisance variety is        Service Attack”.)                       often there is a race by software
 often silently downloaded along                                                 vendors to provide a patch before
 with some other desired software,       “Buffer Overrun”                        an Exploit is created. Patches must
 such as a game or toolbar.              This is a flaw in a computer            be applied to the affected computers
                                         program that occurs when the            in order to prevent exploitation of
 “Arbitrary Code Execution”              length of a user input is not           the flaw.
 When a security vulnerability is        validated. For example, if a
 discovered in a piece of software,      program is expecting a 9-digit          “Phishing”
 sometimes it is said that it allows     social security number as input, it     The act of stealing information
 for “arbitrary code” to be executed     should discard any input beyond the     using lies or deception as bait.
 on the machine. This really means       9th character. If the program           Online scammers try to trick people
 that the vulnerability can be used to   blindly accepts a longer input          into voluntarily providing
 cause that program to execute ANY       string, it could “overrun” the input    passwords, account numbers, and
 set of commands or instructions on      buffer, thereby trashing some other     other personal information by
 that computer.                          part of the currently-running           pretending to be someone they
                                         program with the extraneous             trust. An example of phishing is an
 “Black Hat”                             characters. In some cases, this flaw    e-mail that appears to be from a
 A “bad guy” or hacker, who breaks       can be used to overwrite the            bank, asking recipients to log in to a
 into computer networks, creates         existing program with code that         rogue site that looks exactly like the
 viruses, sends spam, or uses            comes from the input string. (See       real one. When the victim logs in,
 unethical tactics to influence engine   “Arbitrary Code Execution”.)            the operators of the fake site then
 results.                                                                        have that person’s login credentials
                                                                                 and can access his or her bank

Page 20                                     AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                            APRIL 2010
“Rootkit”                                remote site, or subvert the              the e-mail address book. Some even
A rootkit is a software tool (or a set   computer’s operation for the benefit     look in the cache of recently visited
of programs) designed to conceal         of a third party. Some spyware           web pages and extract other e-mail
files, data, or active processes from    tracks what types of websites a user     addresses to target.
the operating system. Because of         visits and sends this information to
their ability to hide deep in the        an advertising agency. Others may        “Zero-Day Exploit”
operating system, rootkits are hard      launch annoying popup                    An attack that tries to exploit
to detect and remove. Although           advertisements. More malicious           unpatched security vulnerabilities.
rootkits may not cause damage            versions try to intercept passwords      The term “zero day” derives from
when installed, they are often piggy-    or credit card numbers.                  the fact that software vendors
backed with additional code written                                               sometimes have a window of time to
for the purpose of taking control of     “Trojan Horse”                           fix a problem before an exploit is
a computer, disabling certain            A Trojan horse is a malicious            developed or before news of a
functions, or spying on the user and     program that is disguised or             vulnerability is made public. When
reporting activities back to the         embedded within other software.          the exploit already exists before a
rootkit creator.                         The term is derived from the             patch is released, the vendors have
                                         classical myth of the Trojan Horse.      “zero days” to fix it because users
“Scareware”                              Such a program may look useful or        are already exposed.
Software that is created for the         interesting but is actually harmful
purpose of tricking people into          when executed.                           “Zombie”
downloading or purchasing it, when                                                A computer that has been
in reality it is either unnecessary,     Examples may include web browser         compromised and can be controlled
marginally useful, or outright           toolbars, games, and file sharing        over a network to do the bidding of
dangerous. Online ads that display       programs. A Trojan horse cannot          a criminal or miscreant. Computers
fake warnings such as “Your              operate or spread on its own, so it      that have been caught up in a botnet
computer may be infected—click           relies on a social engineering           are zombies and can be used by the
here to scan for viruses” or             approach (tricking the user into         controller of the botnet to send spam
“ERROR! Registry Damage                  taking some action) rather than          or participate in a coordinated denial
Detected—click to download               flaws in a computer’s security.          of service attack.
Registry Cleaner” would qualify as
scareware. Scareware programs            “Virus”                                  Jack Lewtschuk, Columnist,
often run a fake or cursory scan and     A computer virus is a malicious          Monterey Bay Users Group, PC
then present the user with a list of     self-replicating computer program        (MBUG-PC), California
hazards that must be corrected.          that spreads by inserting copies of      mbug-pc newsletter, January 2010
Fixing these “problems” then             itself into other programs or  
requires the user to pay a fee for a     documents, similar to the way a real     Blacklion (at)
“full” or “registered” version of the    virus operates. When the infected
software.                                program or document is opened, the       This article has been obtained from
                                         destructive action (payload) is          APCUG with the author’s
“Skimming”                               repeated, resulting in the infection,    permission for publication by
The act of stealing credit or debit      destruction, or deletion of other        APCUG member groups; all other
card information while a legitimate      files.                                   uses require the permission of the
transaction is taking place at an                                                 author (see e-mail address above).
ATM (Automatic Teller Machine).          Sometimes the infected programs
Skimming involves an unauthorized        continue to function normally, albeit
device that is attached to the card      with the side effects of the virus; in
slot of the ATM, which reads the         other cases, the original program is
magnetic strip as the card passes        crippled or destroyed.
through. A hidden camera may also
be used to capture the victim’s PIN      “Worm”
(Personal Identification Number).        A worm is a malicious computer
                                         program that is self-contained and
“Spyware”                                does not need help from another
Spyware is a type of malicious           program to propagate itself. It can
software designed to take action on      spread by trying to infect other files
a computer without the informed          on a local network or by exploiting
consent of the user. Spyware may         the host computer’s e-mail
surreptitiously monitor the user,        transmission capabilities to send        Cartoon by Regina Doyle,
reporting personal information to a      copies of itself to everyone found in    MBUG-PC

APRIL 2010                                   AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                Page 21
How to Forward Emails
 Dorothy Porterfield

A computer expert received the          (2) Whenever you send an email to       to the intended recipient. Your
following directly from a system        more than one person, do NOT use        position may carry more weight as
administrator for a corporate           the To: or CC: fields for adding        a personal letter than a laundry list
system. It is an excellent message      email addresses. Always use the         of names and email addresses on a
that ABSOLUTELY applies to              BCC: (blind carbon copy) field for      petition. (Actually, if you think
ALL of us who send emails. Please       listing the email addresses. This is    about it, who’s supposed to send
read the short letter below, even if    the way the people you send to will     the petition in to whatever cause it
you’re sure you already follow the      only see their own email address. If    supports? Also don’t believe the
proper procedures.                      you don’t see your BCC: option,         ones that say that the email is being
                                        click on where it says To: and your     traced, it just ain’t so!)
Do you really know how to forward       address will appear. Highlight the
emails? 50% of us do, 50% DO            address and choose BCC: and that’s      (6) One of the main ones I dislike is
NOT.                                    it, it’s that easy. When you send to    the one that says something like,
                                        BCC: your message will                  “Send this email to 10 people and
Do you wonder why you get               automatically say “Undisclosed          you’ll see something great run
viruses or junk mail? Every time        Recipients” in the TO: field of the     across your screen.” Or, sometimes
you forward an email there is           people who receive it.                  they’ll tease you by saying
information left over from the                                                  something really cute will happen.
people who got the message before       (3) Remove and “FW:” in the             IT IS NOT GOING TO
you, namely their email addresses       subject line. You can rename the        HAPPEN!!! (Trust me; I’m still
and names. As the messages get          subject if you wish or even fix         seeing some of the same ones that I
forwarded along, the list of            spelling.                               waited on 10 years ago!) I don’t let
addresses builds, and builds, and                                               the bad luck ones scare me either,
builds, and all it takes is for some    (4) ALWAYS hit your Forward             they get trashed. (Could that be
poor sap to get a virus and his or      button from the actual email you        why I haven’t won the lottery??)
her computer can send that virus to     are reading. Ever get those emails
every email address that has come       that you have to open 10 pages to       (7) Before you forward an Amber
across his computer. Or, someone        read the one page with the              Alert, or a Virus alert, or some of
can take all of those addresses and     information on it? By Forwarding        the other ones floating around
sell them or send junk mail to them     from the actual page you wish           nowadays, check them out before
in the hopes that you will go to the    someone to view, you stop them          you forward them. Most of them
site and he will make five cents for    from having to open many emails         are junk mail that’s been circling
each hit. That’s right, all of that     just to see what you sent.              the net for YEARS! Just about
inconvenience over a nickel!                                                    everything you receive in an email
                                        (5) Have you ever received an           that is in question can be checked
How do you stop it? Here are            email that is a petition? It states a   out at Snopes. Just go to
several easy steps:                     position and asks you to add your
                                        name and address and to forward it
(1) You MUST click the “Forward:        to 10 or 15 people or your entire       Dorothy Porterfeld, a Member of
button first and then you have the      address book. The email can be          The Computer Club, Inc., Sun City
full editing capabilities against the   forwarded on and on and can             Center, Florida
body and headers of the message.        collect thousands of names and
When you forward an email,              addresses.                              ilonam1 (at)
DELETE all the other addresses
that appear in the body of the          FACT: The completed petition is         This article has been obtained from
message (at the top). That’s right,     actually worth a couple of bucks to     APCUG with the author’s
DELETE them. Highlight them and         a professional spammer because of       permission for publication by
delete them, backspace them, cut        the wealth of valid names and email     APCUG member groups; all other
them, whatever it is you know how       addresses contained therein.            uses require the permission of the
to do. It only takes a second.          If you want to support the petition,    author (see e-mail address above).
                                        send it as your own personal letter

Page 22                                      AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                           APRIL 2010
Controlling System Restore
  Vinny La Bash

 Did a shareware application you          open a Command Prompt window             Making backups is an essential task,
 were enamoured of turn out to be an      with elevated administrator              but there is no reason why Windows
 unmitigated disaster? Perhaps a          privileges.                              should be allowed to consume every
 device driver installation, system                                                available byte of storage with
 update or modification to a registry     Click on the Start orb located down      System Restore points. The default
 key went bad, and your system            at the bottom left corner of your        settings allow Windows to run amok
 wandered into an alternate universe.     screen, select All Programs, and         but you can reset the maximum
 Windows has a utility called System      open the Accessories folder. Right       value with the resize shadowstorage
 Restore that takes a picture, called a   click on the Command Prompt icon,        command.
 Restore Point of your system before      and then select Run as Administrator
 certain types of operations are          from the menu. That will open up a Here is an example:
 started. System Restore is a very        Command Prompt window with
                                                                               Vssadmin resize shadowstorage /
 handy feature that allows you to go      enough authority to configure
                                                                               for=c: /on=c: /maxsize = 12GB
 back in time to erase actions you        System Restore.
 have come to regret. If a problem
                                         Before doing any configuration, let’s     The /for= switch specifies the disk
 occurs you can revert back to the
                                         take some time to understand how          drive where the storage space is to be
 way things were, and all is well
                                         System Restore works. You can do          resized.
                                         this with the vssadmin tool. At the
                                                                                   The /on= switch tells Windows
 System Restore, for all its utility and Command Prompt type vssadmin /?
                                                                                   where to save the Restore Point.
 convenience, has its drawbacks.         (Press Enter after typing a
 Some argue that if there is not         command.)                                 The /maxsize= switch tells Windows
 enough free disk space, System                                                    how much space it can use for
                                         You see a list of all the commands
 Restore will fail to create a restore                                             Restore Points.
                                         supported by the utility.
 point, so an unsuspecting person
 may discover that there is no restore                                             If you don’t specify a maximum size
                                         (Note: Shadow copy = Restore
 point available when trying to put                                                you are giving Windows permission
 things back to normal. There is also                                              to do anything it wants. The
 no way to make a permanent restore                                                minimum size is 1GB. I have seen
                                         Enter the command vssadmin list
 point that will not get deleted after a                                           references stating that the minimum
 time when automatic restore points                                                size can be as low as 300MB, but I
 need the disk space. This could be a                                              could not verify that information.
                                         This displays a list of all the restore
 predicament if a problem is
                                         points currently on the system.
 intermittent.                                                                     After entering the resize command
                                         The list shadowstorage command            the system needs to be restarted to
 It is possible that System Restore      displays the amount of disk drive         take effect. Configuring System
 may be responsible for your disk        space currently being used to store       Restore points won’t solve every
 drive running out of room. While        restore points, how much space is set     problem you may have with
 today’s super-sized drives make that aside to accommodate restore points,         Windows, but it will give you more
 less likely than a few years ago        and the maximum permitted size for        control of how Windows allocates
 running out of disk space could still restore points.                             resources.
 happen, especially if you load up
 your system with videos. You can        To see what’s available on your own       Vinny La Bash, Member and Regular
 reduce that likelihood even further     system, at the Command Prompt             Columnist, Sarasota Personal
 by configuring System Restore           type:                                     Computer Users Group, Inc.,
 properly.                                                                         Florida
                                         Vssadmin list shadowstorage     
 The snapshots we talked about in the
                                                                                   vlabash (at)
 first paragraph are taken by a built-in Take a few minutes to understand
 program called the Volume Snapshot the way the information is displayed.          This article has been obtained from
 Service (VSS). There is no way to       If there is enough free disk space you    APCUG with the author’s
 access this utility in the standard     can store up to 64 restore points         permission for publication by
 Windows Graphical Utility Interface before Windows automatically starts           APCUG member groups; all other
 (GUI). This means you can’t get to it deleting old restore points to              uses require the permission of the
 with a menu option. You need to         accommodate new ones.                     author (see e-mail address above).

APRIL 2010                                     AXESS - PERTH PCUG                                                  Page 23
                                                                                                                     APRIL 2010
                                                                                                                     AXESS - PERTH PCUG
  This month’s meeting of the Perth PC Users Group
 will be held on Wednesday April 7th from 6:00 pm to      ▪   6:00-6:30 p.m.   Refreshments, talk with new members
8:30 pm at the Ev Nichols Room, Main Office Building,     ▪   6:30-7:30 p.m.   Presentation
                                                          ▪   7:30-8:15 p.m.   Question & Answer Session
     RAAF Association, Bullcreek Drive, Bullcreek         ▪   8:15-8:30 p.m.   Chat and tidy up
      $3 entry fee       Visitors are welcome

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