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					GPS Website Design Worksheet
Here are some tips on how to use this worksheet to plan a website for your

As you answer the questions found in the worksheet, don't spend too much time
worrying about any one specific item. This is just the beginning, a tool to help you
move forward from square one. Feel free to write in the margins, draw a picture
and describe anything that you feel would help define the design you want for
your site.

You may fax the completed worksheet pages to our office at the PH/FX number
shown above, or you may send the worksheet pages along with photos and
drawings to the address shown below. After reviewing your information, we will
contact you promptly to discuss a proposal to construct your site and host it on
the World Wide Web.


Greg Williams

Phone: 513-465-1313
Fax: 513-424-7062

GPS Associates
P.O. Box 544
Middletown, OH 45042
Website Design Worksheet

First, we need to get the correct information for your company as it will appear on
the website.

Company Name __________________________________________________

Street Address __________________________________________________


Mailing Address __________________________________________________


Business Phone __________________ Fax ___________________________

Other Phone      __________________ Publish other phone? _____________

Company Slogan _________________________________________________


Company Founder _____________________________ Year ______________

Membership Associations such as BBB or Chamber, etc. _________________


Yellow Page Add? _________ Regular Newspaper Add? _________________

Business summary or mission statement ______________________________




Significant numbers - items in stock, sq feet of showroom, etc. _____________

Next, let's outline the goals for your website construction. Please place an "X"
next to each of the items listed below that describes the features or functions that
you would like to include with your site. Check as many items in each category
that apply.

___ Product and service advertising to showcase your business.
___ Online product catalog or service information database.
___ Online portfolio of previous work and/or customer references.
___ Online tour of your showroom and/or office.
___ Personal pages for key employees including photo, greeting and e-mail link.
___ A page of links to websites for your customers and /or vendors.
___ A visitor guest book, survey or registration form.
___ A customer service page.
___ An employment center or recruiting page for applicants.
___ An online discussion forum or bulletin board.
___ A private area for inter-company communication.
___ Other features (Describe below):



Next, let's make some choices about the appearance of your site. You may place
an "X" in one or more of the options listed below each question.

1. How shall we design the background for your website?

___ Classic white background.
___ Solid color or textured background.
___ Tiled (repeating) images in the background to accent a theme.

2. What type of structure would you prefer for the main pages in your site?

___ Full screen page with menu bars and links that change with pages.
___ Frames page with fixed menus and links in the side or top borders.
___ Shared borders that are common to all pages but menus and links change.
___ Other structures you have seen:


3. What type of images or content do you want visitors to see when they log on to
your home page, the entrance to your website.

___ A large image of your primary product or service.
___ An image of your building, offices or showroom.
___ An image featuring your people with products or at work.
___ A collage of images that are clickable links to other parts of the site.
___ An industry or quality related image to convey a theme.
___ An illustrated image or design such as your company logo.
___ A list of the products and services your company offers.
___ Other ideas:


4. What type of customer or visitor should your site be designed to impress?

___ The general public – authorized employees and end users.
___ Other target customers:



5. What theme should the style of text and graphics on your site represent?

___ Old World quality or antiquity.
___ Traditional or conservative tastes.
___ Economy and fast paced super store themes.
___ Detail oriented, architectural and mechnical precision.
___ High tech contemporary cutting edge company.
___ Industrial, commercial production professionals.
___ Colorful style and free spirited designs.
___ Other (describe)


6. On the next page, please list at least three Internet addresses of websites that
you have seen and really liked since you have been thinking about starting your
new website. If you haven't had the chance to do some site surfing yet for ideas,
you really should. Just go to or your favorite search utility and
type in a couple of words that describe your business. Please feel free to include
notes about what you liked at each of the sites you list.
Favorite sites:

1. _____________________________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________________________

3. _____________________________________________________________

Last, just 5 more questions about the nuts and bolts of your new website. These
questions will help us determine which package will be best for your site and
what optional features, if any, that you may need.

1. How often will you need to post content or make changes to your site?

___ Daily
___ Weekly
___ Monthly
___ On demand

2. Do you want you customers to be able to submit email, inquires and feedback
through your new website? __________

3. Would you like to be able to sell product, take reservations or do other
business directly through your new website? ____________

4. Do you have a selection of good photo images and graphics for your new
website or will you need our help to create them? ____________

5. Do you currently have an internet connection and email account at your place
of business or would you like our help with setting something up?

Have email ___________ Need email __________ Need E-Fax ____________

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