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1   76ers Courtside Package                     5   Sanford Street Sign –
                                                    Sports Center Drive
    Cheer for the home team while
    attending the 2009-2010 Philadelphia            Your family will make its mark with this
    76ers game of your choice. This                 much sought-after, personalized
    package includes two courtside seats            Sanford street sign. This sign is located
    for one game in Section 124 (right next         at the intersection of Lower School Lane
    to the visiting team's bench) and a             and the road to the Sports Center and
    parking pass.                                   points the way to the Sports Center. The
                                                    sign will be prominently displayed during
    $315           Pam & Tom Allingham              the 2009-2010 school year.

2   Lower School Graduation                         Name it               Home & School

    You'll have a bird’s-eye view of all the
    festivities with these six reserved front
    row seats for the 2009 Lower School         6   Upper School Graduation
    graduation ceremony. After all, your
    child only graduates from the Lower             The most coveted seats in town will be
    School once! Includes a reserved                yours with these six reserved front row
    parking spot.                                   seats at Sanford's 2009 Upper School
                                                    graduation. Also includes a reserved
    Great view               Lower School           parking spot.
3   Newsroom Tour                                   Coveted                 Upper School

    Grab a group of five and experience the
    action in person during a tour of the
    CBS3 studios. Watch the live 6 p.m.
    newscast and meet the anchors. No
    children under age 8 allowed in the         7   Late Show With David
    studio.                                         Letterman
    Must have             Adam Wohlman              See a LIVE "Top Ten" list while you
                                                    laugh the night away with two VIP
                                                    tickets to the Late Show With David
4   Middle School Graduation                        Letterman. Date subject to availability.

    You'll have the best view in the house          Gotta go!            Adam Wohlman
    with these six front row seats for the
    2009 Middle School graduation
    ceremony. Includes a reserved parking
    spot, too!

    Necessity               Middle School
8    Sports Birthday Party at                     11   Phillies Baseball Bonanza
     Sanford                                           Tickets
     It's My Party and I'll Play What I Want           Cheer the Phillies on in style! Spend an
     To... Celebrate with this theme birthday          evening in the Bank of America suite at
     party for up to 20 students (up to 6th            Citizens Bank Park for the May 9th
     grade). This two hour party, supervised           Phillies game against the Braves.
     by the Physical Education Department              Includes 16 suite tickets and three
     (with the birthday child's parents in             parking passes. Food and beverages
     attendance) can be based (within                  are not included.
     reason) on the sport of your child's
     choice. The party will be structured              $1,500               Bank of America
     around sports skills, instruction and
     game play and will include all
     equipment, pizza, drinks, paper
     products and birthday cake. This
                                                  12   Pick Your Theme Lower School
     certificate expires April 25, 2010.
                                                       Birthday/Graduation Party
     Celebrate         Physical Education
                              Department               The Lower School Faculty donates this
                                                       two hour party for 50 children to be held
                                                       on campus. The honored child gets to
                                                       choose the theme – birthday or
9    Full Orthodontic Treatment                        graduation. Decorations, favors, pizza,
                                                       cake, drinks, games and entertainment
     Does your child need braces? This offer           will be provided.
     includes a full complimentary
     conventional orthodontic treatment.               Fun             Lower School Faculty
     Alpine and Rafetto's beautifully
     decorated office will make your child feel
     like he or she is having fun at the beach
     at every visit. The patient must be 18
     years or younger. Offer expires if no        13   Sanford Street Sign –
     appointment is made by Dec 31, 2009.              Lower School Lane
     $4,000             Alpine and Rafetto             Your family's name will in the spotlight
                              Orthodontics             when you win the bidding for this
                                                       coveted, personalized Sanford street
                                                       sign. This sign is located at the
10   Sanford Street Sign –                             intersection of Lower School Lane and
                                                       the road to the Sports Center, and
     Middle School Lane
                                                       points the way down along Lower
                                                       School Lane. The sign will be
     Your family's name will be honored
                                                       prominently displayed during the 2009-
     when you win the auction for this
                                                       2010 school year.
     coveted, personalized Sanford street
     sign. This sign is located at the two-way
                                                       Name it!           Home and School
     stop sign leading to the Middle School.
     The sign will be prominently displayed
     during the 2009-2010 school year.

     Name it!              Home & School
14   Phillies Helmet                                17   Party at Lucky Strike Lanes
     If you love the Phillies, you will want this        This "Red Pin Party" includes two hours
     batting helmet signed by the entire 2008            of bowling at Lucky Strike Lanes in
     World Series Championship Team. This                Philadelphia, shoe rental and unlimited
     piece is sure to bring back the great               chips and salsa for up to 16 adults (21
     memories of last October every time you             and older). Also includes round trip
     look at it.                                         transportation. Reserved party date
                                                         must be Sunday through Thursday.
     $1,500           Larry & Melissa Rufo
                                                         $850             Lucky Strike Lanes
                                                                          Gregg Bus Service

15   Movie Night at Sanford

     Hollywood comes to Hockessin as you
     enjoy an evening featuring a movie,            18   Lower School Concerts
     popcorn, candy and a healthy treat for
     30 children in Stephen May Commons.                 Sit front and center with these six
     Wear your pajamas and bring your                    reserved seats for the Lower School
     pillows and blankets. This event will be            holiday and spring concerts for the
     hosted by third grade teachers                      2009-2010 school year. This offer
     extraordinaire, Candyce Pizzala and                 includes preferred parking.
     Christine DiUbaldo, and will last from
     6:00-8:30 p.m. on a mutually agreeable              Great Seats!         Performing Arts
     date.                                                                        Department

     A great time!       Candyce Pizzala
                        Christine DiUbaldo

                                                    19   Instant Party -- Just Add
16   Day of Beauty for 15
                                                         You'll have everything you need to throw
     You are in for a treat when you bid on              a great shindig with this package. A
     this Fresh beauty basket and master                 fabulous party band, Big Fat Maybe is
     cosmetics class for 15 at Neiman                    offering three hours of rock and roll
     Marcus in the Plaza at King of Prussia.             party music for you and your guests.
     You and your friends can sip                        Add a beef tenderloin from Doc's with a
     champagne while master make-up                      half case of wine and let the fun begin.
     artists show you the newest color                   Don't like wine? Whip up some delicious
     palettes for the season and teach you               frozen concoctions with your new Jimmy
     make-up and skin care techniques you                Buffet Margarita Machine.
     can use at home. In addition, pamper
     your senses with a basket full of Fresh's           $875                     John Fazio
     exclusive line of bath and body                                    Kathy & David Zabel
     treatments.                                                          Doc's Meat Market
                                                                 Southern Wine & Spirit of DE
     $700                   Neiman Marcus                                Deerfield Fine Wine
20   The Perfect Beach Vacation
     Enjoy unmatched ocean and bay
     views -- sunrise AND sunsets! -- from
     the decks of this custom five bedroom,
     four bath oceanside home midway
     between Fenwick Island and Bethany
     Beach. This house is just one house
     from the ocean, with a lovely pool and
     pool house. Grab this extraordinary
     opportunity and lock down THE WEEK
     OF YOUR CHOICE in 2009!

     $6000                Stacey & Gregg


100 Head of Lower School for a Day                102 Portrait Session with Bev
     Be "in charge" of Lower School for a day
     with this fun offer! Join forces with             Create a keepsake with this gift
     Nancy Hebard and see how the Lower                certificate for an indoor portrait session
     School is run. The date for this event            and desk size portrait at Bev Michel
     must be mutually agreed upon.                     Photography Studio. Expires
                                                       September 30, 2009.
     Be the Boss           Nancy Hebard
                                                       $179         Bev Michel Photography

101 For the Avid Reader
                                                  103 Middle School Concert Seats
     A perfect gift for your bookworm. This
     second generation Amazon Kindle                   You’ll have the perfect view of your child
     downloads books, magazines and                    with front row seating for six people and
     newspapers wirelessly from the Internet.          a reserved parking space for 2009-2010
     The Kindle has been featured on                   school year Winter and Spring Middle
     Oprah's "Favorite Things" list.                   School concerts.
     $360          Kristen and John Kuhn               Enjoy!                 Performing Arts
104 Be Part of Warrior Nation                     108 Head of Middle School for a Day
     Always wanted to be a water boy or girl?          See how the Middle School is run by
     Come sit on the bench with the Sanford            spending the day with Eph Humphreys.
     men's varsity basketball team and get             Show off your big boss potential and get
     water and towels for the players during           the job done. The date for this event
     a 2009-2010 game. The game must be                must be mutually agreed upon.
     agreed upon with Coach Waterman.
                                                       In Training            Eph Humphreys
     Memorable      Sanford Men's Varsity
                        Basketball Team
                                                  109 Sanford Chair
105 Bayside Dining in Stone Harbor
                                                       Add an academic flair to your home
     Sanford parents Tom & Pam Allingham               office. This is a classic college chair with
     will provide dinner for 10 at their home          a silk screen of the Sanford logo.
     in Stone Harbor, NJ. The Allingham’s
     provide the food, drinks and a                    $280          Sanford Development Office
     spectacular sunset, you just bring
     friends. Date to be mutually agreed
     upon. Wilmington location available if
                                                  110 Elisa Komins Morris
     bidder prefers.
     $800              Pam & Tom Allingham
                                                       Capture the memories with a digital
                                                       photo sitting with Elisa Komins Morris.
106 Family Photo Shoot
                                                       The package includes up to 50 images
                                                       shot digitally that can be viewed on-line.
     Family photo shoot on location in the
                                                       Also includes an 11” by 14” print. Must
     Brandywine Valley area. One hour
                                                       be in the local Wilmington area and
     session includes $250 in products
                                                       must be used by April 2010.
     (prints, albums, folios, etc.).
                                                       $525              Elisa Komins Morris
     $1000        Mike Kerr Photography
107 Game On!                                      111 Week in Dewey Beach
     Sanford Seniors Scott Humphreys,
                                                       Head to the beach for a week at the
     Aaron Moyer, JT Pembroke, Dan
                                                       Dewey Beach home of Sanford parents
     Greene, Brian Thresher and Kevin
                                                       Jim and Sherry Bielicki at 109 Swedes
     Walpole are offering 2 hours of "game
                                                       Street. This beautiful five bedroom,
     time" for 15 kids. You name the game --
                                                       three and a half bath house has parking
     lacrosse, wiffle ball, tag -- and the guys
                                                       for five cars and amazing views of the
     will organize, supervise and referee.
                                                       ocean and bay. One plus block to the
     Date and time to be mutually agreed
                                                       beach. Bidder's choice of weeks based
     upon. Also includes a gift certificate for
                                                       on available dates. Offered as a family
     a party tray of pretzels, so that the kids
                                                       vacation home; will not be given for
     can refuel when the games are through.
                                                       Senior week or similar.
     Offer expires June 1, 2009.
                                                       $3,500         Sherry & James Bielicki
     Cool                  Sanford Seniors
                     Philly Pretzel Factory
112 Upper School Concerts                           116 Portrait Sitting
     Enjoy six reserved front row seats and              Create beautiful family images with a
     preferred parking for the Upper School              portrait sitting with Patchworks
     holiday and spring concerts for the                 Photography. This session can be on
     2009-10 school year.                                location or in the studio and includes
                                                         one 10” by 10” portrait.
     Great Seats            Performing Arts
                                Department               $180         Patchworks Photography

113 Tackle Fishing on the Bay
                                                    117 ASUS Netbook Computer
     An angler's delight! Enjoy a full day of
     inshore, light tackle fishing for you and           Have a kid going to college? Need a
     three guests on the Delaware Bay. This              second home computer? Have a long
     expedition includes food and                        business trip? The ASUS Eee PC
     refreshments and is offered between                 1000HE 10" Netbook is the answer. It
     April and November, 2009.                           has a 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N280
                                                         Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB hard
     $675            Eileen & Mike Babcock               drive, 10 GB Eee storage, Bluetooth, XP
                                                         Home, and an astounding 9.5 hour
                                                         battery life. PC Magazine rated this
                                                         computer as #1 value netbook available
114 Golf Outing for Three at                             today.
    Bidermann Golf Club
                                                         $400           Janet & Richard Stern
     Invite a couple of friends to join you for a
     round of golf with donor Tom Roosevelt
     at Bidermann Golf Club. This outing
     includes lunch after the round. Date           118 Dine Out for a Year
     must be mutually agreed upon with the
     donor.                                              You can dine out once a month for a
                                                         whole year with these 12 gift certificates
     $350      Frances & Thomas Roosevelt                from fun (and tasty!) area restaurants.


115 VIP Seats in the Sanford Skybox                      Donors: Six Paupers Tavern and
                                                         Restaurant, Houlihan’s Restaurant,
     Two VIP seats in Sanford's deluxe                   Kim's Café, Cafe Mezzanotte, Outback
     skybox for any 2009-2010 home                       Steakhouse, Feby's Fishery, CW
     basketball game. This offer includes                Harborside, Union City Grille, Soffritto
     concession food service and one                     Italian Grill, Buffalo Wild Wings, Ole
     reserved parking spot.                              Tapas (Patricia McLellan) and Timothy's
                                                         of Newark
     Go team                Sanford Athletic
119 Head of Upper School for a Day               123 Reserved Prime Parking Space
    Be the "boss" of Upper School for a day           A must have for your teenage driver!
    with this fun offer. Join forces with Mark        We are offering a prime, reserved
    Wagner and see how things are done                parking spot in either the Kidder lot or
    behind the scenes. The date for this              the Sports Center lot. Specific spot to
    event must be mutually agreed upon.               be chosen by winner and agreed upon
                                                      with Mark Wagner.
    Be in Charge             Mark Wagner
                                                      Prime Parking           Upper School
120 SRTC Tickets
                                                 124 iPod Touch
    You are sure to enjoy the show in these
    two reserved seats for SRTC's 2009-               Download all your favorite music,
    2010 season (fall and winter shows).              games, and movies on this iPod touch.
    Preferred parking included.                       Perfect for entertainment on the go.

    Theatrical            Performing Arts             $299             Susanne & Bill Ward

121 MK Photography Photo Shoot                   125 “Into the Woods” Collector's
    Capture the memories with this senior
    photo shoot, done on location in the              Celebrate the success of this year's
    Brandywine Valley area. Session                   SRTC production of "Into the Woods"
    includes a two hour photo shoot with              with this collection of memorabilia,
    three wardrobe changes. Package also              which includes an "Into the Woods"
    includes $500 worth of products such as           poster signed by the entire cast, a
    prints, albums, folios, etc.                      program from the show, and a framed
                                                      photo collage. Also includes a limited
    $1,000         Mike Kehr Photography              edition long-sleeved t-shirt celebrating
                                                      SRTC's 2008-09 season.

122 The Somerset on Grace Bay in                      Take a bow      Janet & Richard Stern
    Turks and Caicos

    Escape to Turks and Caicos for two           126 A Golfer's Dream
    nights/three days in a one bedroom,
    oceanview suite at The Somerset on                Put together your foursome including
    Grace Bay. Suite has a king bed and a             host Greg Bacchieri for an afternoon of
    pull-out sofa. Blackout dates apply, but          golf at the heralded Rehoboth Beach
    you can use this trip during Sanford's            Country Club, then convene with
    2010 Spring Break.                                spouses/guests for cocktails at Greg
                                                      and Stacey's home in Rehoboth, and
    Blackout Dates: December 19, 2009-                top off the evening with dinner at the
    January 2, 2010 and February 6, 2010-             restaurant of your choice in Rehoboth.
    April 9, 2010 – but notwithstanding the
    blackout dates, you MAY use this during           $1,000      Stacey & Gregg Bacchieri
    Sanford’s 2010 Spring Break.

    $2,175       The Somerset on Grace Bay
127 Talula's Table                                129 Buy, Sell, Trade!
     Dinner for four at the Chef's Table at            You're in for some excitement as you
     Talula's Table THIS FALL! (Gratuity is            visit the New York Stock Exchange. An
     included) Also included is a $100 gift            insider's tour for six will take you down
     card to Moore Brothers for wine                   on the trading floor to experience the
     pairings. You must call 2 months in               thrill of Wall Street first hand. Must be
     advance for reservation.                          14 or older to go on to the trading floor.

     $580               Holly & Eric Kalish            Great trip            NYSE Euronext

128 A Night She'll Remember                       130 A Night Away from it All
     Dinner, a babysitter and something                Enjoy a night away with this Brandywine
     sparkly. Treat her to a night she'll              Valley Romance Package which
     remember with a delicious dinner for two          includes deluxe accommodations for
     at the Backburner Restaurant in                   two at the Mendenhall Inn, full breakfast
     Hockessin. Babysitting will be provided           buffet, champagne, chocolates and a
     by Sanford sophomore Zoe Batt. Top                five-course dinner. Expires March 16,
     off the evening with a little surprise you        2010.
     can purchase with this $50 gift card from
     Robbins Diamonds. We promise she'll               $500                 Mendenhall Inn
     thank you.

     $200       The Backburner Restaurant
                                 Zoe Batt
                       Robbins Diamonds

                                      Grade Gifts
200 JK Beach Tote –                               201 JK Beach Tote –
    Mrs. Reynolds' Class                              Ms. Hall’s Class
     Mrs. Reynolds' class has created a                Calling all beach lovers. Ms. Hall's class
     fantastic tote for all beach lovers! This         made this large tote, decorated with a
     large tote has been decorated with a              handprint of each child in the class and
     handprint of each child in the class and          filled with towels and other things for the
     filled with towels and other beach                beach. You'll love having this memory
     goodies. A wonderful keepsake from                from your child's first year at Sanford.
     your child's first year at Sanford.
                                                       Sweet                        Ms. Hall’s
     Adorable               Mrs. Reynolds'                                          JK Class
                                  JK Class
202 Kindergarten Table Runner --                  206 1st Grade Tablecloth –
    Mrs. Lines' Class                                 Mrs. Kosinski's Class
     Set the perfect table with this priceless         You will be ready for the next family
     keepsake. Mrs. Lines' Kindergarten                dinner with this 70” by 90” tablecloth
     class personalized this white, 16" by             designed by Mrs. Kosinski's 1st grade
     108" table runner with their handprints.          class. Adorned with all the students'
                                                       self-portraits, it will be a keepsake for
     Precious                  Mrs. Lines'             years to come.
                        Kindergarten Class
                                                       Lovely                  Mrs. Kosinski's
203 Kindergarten Table Runner --                                              1st Grade Class
    Ms. Frazier's Class
                                                  207 1st Grade Tablecloth –
     Your table will look great with this             Mrs. Bachtle's Class
     priceless keepsake. Ms. Frazier's
     Kindergarten class personalized this              Mrs. Bachtle's 1st grade class crafted
     white, 16" by 108" table runner with their        this custom tablecloth with help of
     handprints and it is sure to be a treasure        Sanford mom and local artist Ilianna
     for years to come.                                Teixido. Your table will never look
                                                       better when you set it with this keepsake
     Treasure                 Ms. Frazier's            measuring 70" by 90" and adorned with
                        Kindergarten Class             all the students' self-portraits.

204 Kindergarten Table Runner --                       Cute                    Mrs. Bachtle's
                                                                              1 Grade Class
    Mrs. Patton's Class
     Your table will be “in bloom” with this      208 2nd Grade Animal Safari Art --
     stunning keepsake. Mrs. Patton's                 Miss Clewell's Class
     Kindergarten class personalized this
     white, 16" by 108" table runner with their        Brighten up any room in your home with
     handprints.                                       this 24” by 36” Animal Safari picture
                                                       created by Miss Clewell's 2nd graders.
     A Keepsake              Mrs. Patton's
                        Kindergarten Class             Precious                 Miss Clewell's
                                                                              2nd Grade Class
205 1st Grade Table Cloth –
    Mrs. Stafford's Class                         209 2nd Grade Rainforest Art --
                                                      Ms. Berneike's Class
     Mrs. Stafford's 1st grade class presents
     this custom tablecloth designed with the          You’ll swear you’re in the Amazon with
     help of local artist (and Sanford mom)            this 24” by 36” rainforest picture entitled
     Ilianna Teixido. You’ll love this 70" by          “Jungle Splash of Colors” by Ms.
     90" tablecloth adorned with all the               Berneike's 2nd graders.
     students' self-portraits.
                                                       Colorful                Ms. Berneike's
     One of a Kind          Mrs. Stafford's                                   2nd Grade Class
                           1st Grade Class
210 2nd Grade Rainforest Art –                     213 3rd Grade Quilt –
    Mrs. Dabkowski's Class                             Mr. Gedge's Class
     This lively 24” by 36” picture is sure to         Take home a lasting memory of Mr.
     brighten up any room in your home                 Gedge's 3rd grade class with this
     Entitled “Forest of Many Animals,” this           priceless quilt. Each student's self-
     piece of art was created by Mrs.                  portrait makes this quilt a one-of-a-kind.
     Dabkowski's 2nd graders.                          Special thanks to seamstresses Lynne
                                                       Craine, Suzanne Punturieri and Lynn
     Wild!                 Mrs. Dabkowski's            Dekleva for assembling the quilt.
                            2nd Grade Class
                                                       Cuddle Up               Mr. Gedge's
                                                                             3 Grade Class

211 3rd Grade Quilt –
    Mrs. Pizzala's Class                           214 4th Grade Mirror –
                                                       Mrs. Bloom's Class
     Take home a lasting memory of Mrs.
     Pizzala's 3rd grade class with this               Take home a special memory of Mrs.
     priceless quilt. Each student's self-             Bloom's 4th grade class! This beautiful
     portrait adds a one-of-a-kind touch.              tiled wall mirror has an individually
     Special thanks to seamstress (and                 designed flower from each student
     Sanford grandmother) Fran Burns, for              glazed to each tile. The mirror is
     assembling the quilt.                             approximately 23" by 31"

     Cozy                     Mrs. Pizzala's           Memorable                Mrs. Bloom's
                            3rd Grade Class                                  4th Grade Class

212 3rd Grade Quilt –                              215 4th Grade Mirror –
    Mrs. DiUbaldo's Class                              Mrs. McLeod’s Class
     Your child will always remember Mrs.              You’ll think fondly of Mrs. McLeod's 4th
     DiUbaldo's 3rd grade class with this              grade class every time you look at this
     beautiful quilt. Adorned with each                mirror. This beautiful tiled wall mirror
     student's self-portrait, this quilt a must-       has an individually designed flower from
     have. Special thanks to seamstress                each student glazed to each tile. The
     Meg Holden for assembling the quilt.              mirror is approximately 23" by 31"

     Snuggle                Mrs. DiUbaldo's            Precious               Mrs. McLeod's
                            3rd Grade Class                                  4th Grade Class
216 4th Grade Mirror –                            221 8th Grade Washington, D.C.
    Mrs. Frosina's Class                              Photo
     You’ll want this special creation from            Your child will fondly remember the 8th
     Mrs. Frosina's 4th grade class. This              grade class trip to Washington, D.C.
     beautiful tiled wall mirror has an                with this signed and matted photograph.
     individually designed flower from each            Also includes a leather photo box and a
     student glazed to each tile. The mirror is        Sanford fleece throw.
     approximately 23" by 31".
                                                       Irresistible      8th Grade Class Gift
     Adorable                Mrs. Frosina's
                           4th Grade Class        222 8th Grade Signed Sanfordopoly
217 4th Grade Signed Sanfordopoly                      A copy of Sanfordopoly signed by each
                                                       member of the graduating 8th grade
     This commemorative copy of                        class. A great keepsake for your child.
     Sanfordopoly is signed by each member
     of the 4th grade graduating class. A              Family Fun            Home & School
     great gift for your child as he or she
     heads off to Middle School.                  223 9th Grade Gift -- Teenager Fun
     Keepsake!             Home & School               This is a must-have for any 9th grader.
                                                       Along with a copy of Sanfordopoly
218 5th Grade Williamsburg Photo                       signed by the entire 9th grade class, this
                                                       basket includes fun gift cards that any
     This class photograph of the 5th grade            teenager will love!
     Williamsburg trip is a piece of Sanford
     history. It is a framed, matted, and              $250              9th Grade Class Gift
     autographed photo of the children
     dressed in authentic colonial attire.        224 10th Grade Gift-- Ready, Set,
     Memories         5th Grade Class Gift
                                                       Your new driver will love this basket,
219 6th Grade Cape Cod Memories                        which includes a GPS navigational
                                                       system, gas cards and other driving
     What a great keepsake! This framed                goodies.
     and autographed picture of the 6th
     grade trip to Cape Cod will be a                  $320             10th Grade Class Gift
     cherished memento for any 6th grader.

     Keepsake            6th Grade Class Gift
                                                  225 11th Grade Gift -- Time to Chill
220 7th Grade Vermont Trip Photo                      Out
                                                       Time to take a break, relax and chill out
     Keep the memory of Vermont alive with
                                                       with this basket from the 11th grade that
     this framed, matted picture of the 7th
                                                       contains Sanfordopoly, and gift cards for
     grade trip to Vermont.
                                                       gas, local restaurants, movies, and
     A Treasure        7th Grade Class Gift
                                                       $250             11th Grade Class Gift
226 12th Grade Gift -- Off to College           227 12th Grade Signed Sanfordopoly
     All the things that your kid needs to           A copy of Sanfordopoly signed by the
     head off to college.                            entire 2009 graduating class. Your
                                                     senior will cherish this memento of high
     $250             12th Grade Class Gift          school.

                                                     Remember              Home & School

                             Health and Fitness
300 Workout clothes                             302 Pamper Your Pet

     Add two new outfits to your workout             Love your pet? Give your special friend
     wardrobe. Black zip front jacket and            the best of care with this gift certificate
     matching bootleg pants look great with a        to the Limestone Veterinary Hospital.
     silver swirled racerback top. This set          Includes one physical exam,
     also includes rolled waisted pewter             one fecal analysis, one Lyme/heartworm
     pants with a raspberry hooded zip front         test, a three month supply of Frontline,
     jacket and deep pewter circle top. All          and a six month supply of Interceptor or
     items are from Jockey. All clothes are          a six month supply of Revolution.
     size medium, but are exchangeable for           Expires December 31, 2009.
                                                     $240 Limestone Veterinary Hospital
     $282                  Home & School

                                                303 iPod Shuffle and Gift Card
                                                     Move to the music with this red iPod
301 Brand New Beginner Yoga
                                                     shuffle and $25 iTunes gift card.
     Brand New Beginner Yoga course is an
                                                     $75             Denise & Mark Minuti
     eight session course that teaches
     fundamental principles that work quickly
     to improve posture, alleviate pain and
     focus the mind. This package from
     Empowered Yoga includes water bottle       304 Teeth Bleaching
     and BNB pamphlet.
                                                     Create a brighter smile with professional
     $130                  Empowered Yoga            teeth bleaching with Daniel Truono,
                                                     DDS. Say cheese!

                                                     $500         Dr. Daniel D. Truono, Sr.
305 Magnetic Bracelet                           309 HAC Membership
    Enjoy the health benefits of wearing this       Get swimsuit-ready with this one month
    silver geometric wonder that can be             free membership for two people at
    custom-sized to fit any wrist.                  Hockessin Athletic Club. Includes two
                                                    personal training sessions. After
    $50               Mary McCauley &               working-out, relax with this gift certificate
                       Steven Prescott              good for a massage.

306 Microdermabrasion                               $411            Hockessin Athletic Club

    Smooth out your appearance with a
    session of microdermabrasion with a         310 Dog Grooming at Limestone Vet
    Visia Skin Analysis. Session will be
    completed by the staff of BioDerma              Full dog grooming-- nail trim, ear
    Medical Laser and Aesthetics.                   cleaning, bath, brush and breed
                                                    standard clip. Also includes pet carrier.
    $150               BioDerm Medical
                      Laser & Aesthetics            $55                      Wendy Masure

307 Four Cases of MonaVie Health
    Drink                                       311 Professional Teeth Whitening

    Become healthier and more energetic             Take years off your appearance with
    with this antioxidant-rich drink. This          professional teeth whitening by Donald
    package includes two cases of active            T. Bond DDS.
    MonaVie and two cases of pulse
    MonaVie health drink.                           $530       Dr. and Mrs. Donald T. Bond

    $720              MaryBeth Adelman
                           William Ward
                                                312 Run the ING New York Marathon
308 Get Slim
                                                    Attention all runners!! Your marathon
    Slim down with this six month medically         dreams can come true. This package
    supervised weight loss program by               includes a running bib (guaranteed, no
    Bianchi Medical Weight Loss Center.             qualifying time) for the 2009 ING New
    Dr. Bianchi's program is tailored to the        York Marathon, November 1, 2009.
    individual patient and includes                 Also includes a pass to the ING finish
    comprehensive blood work and an EKG.            line hospitality area at Tavern on the
    As a patient in the program, you are            Green and a pass to the ING finish line
    also able to join the Hockessin Athletic        bleacher viewing section. ING has
    Club for a special rate.                        generously donated TWO of this item,
                                                    so you can get a friend to bid and run
    $675          Bianchi Medical Weight            together.
                            Loss Center
                                                    $500                          ING Direct
313 Run the ING New York Marathon                314 Anytime Fitness Membership
     Attention all runners!! Your marathon           Get ready for summer with this three
     dreams can come true. This package              month membership to Anytime Fitness
     includes a running bib (guaranteed, no          of Newark. Also includes a gift bag
     qualifying time) for the 2009 ING New           containing a t-shirt, water bottle and
     York Marathon, November 1, 2009.                coffee mug.
     Also includes a pass to the ING finish
     line hospitality area at Tavern on the          $175         Anytime Fitness of Newark
     Green and a pass to the ING finish line
     bleacher viewing section. ING has
     generously donated TWO of this item,
     so you can get a friend to bid and run

     $500                       ING Direct

                             Home Sweet Home

400 Mini Refrigerator                            402 Barbados Portrait
     Child headed off to college soon? Bring         This matted print captures the
     home a Summit 2.5 cubic foot white              innocence of a child by artist Corrie
     refrigerator to stock that dorm room.           Scott from Barbados.

     $289                 Hawkins and Sons           $25              Sharon & Ric Struthers

401 Party Trough for the Big Event               403 Spruce Up Your Dinner Party

     Get ready for the big game, picnic, or          Serve your desserts in style. This
     beach party! This large collapsible party       package includes a beautiful robin's-egg
     trough is watertight and can hold up to         blue, three-tier dessert stand, Dove
     40 pounds of ice and beverages. This            double chocolate chip cookie mix, and
     black and white Scout bin will go               truffle brownie mix.
     perfectly with any decor.
                                                     $100           Dove Chocolate at Home
     $38                  Home & School
404 Foiled Ceramic Pieces                      409 Chinese Tea Collection
    Give your living room a golden touch           Tea anyone? These two ornately
    with these coordinating metallic               decorated Chinese teapots and
    decorative pieces. The collection              assorted Chinese teas will be perfect at
    includes two vases, two spheres, tea           your next tea party. Also includes a
    light holder, and plate.                       delicate Chinese marble good luck
                                                   keepsake on a wooden pedestal.
    $100               Beautifully Detailed
                                                   $350       Maria & Terry Papoutsakis

405 DiSabatino Landscape Design
                                               410 Ashland Bridge Print
    Improve the curb appeal of your home
    with this gift certificate for landscape       Adorn your home with a Hockessin
    design imaging from DiSabatino                 landmark. This print, entitled "Fresh
    Landscaping.                                   Snow at Ashland Bridge," is framed,
                                                   signed and numbered by Carolyn Blish.
    $250           DiSabatino Landscaping
                                                   $250                  Belle & Al Natali

406 Landscape Lighting
    Give your yard a makeover with this gift   411 Homemade Christmas Cookies
    certificate worth $500 off a low voltage
    lighting system.                               Sweeten up your holidays with five half
                                                   gallon tins of Greg's homemade
    $500             NiteLites of Delaware         Christmas cookies. Tins will be
                                                   wrapped in a holiday motif and contain
                                                   25 varieties (55-60 cookies per tin).
407 Cuddle Up                                      Cookies will be delivered to school on
                                                   holiday concert day.
    Grab your loved one and stay warm and
    cozy in this black micro-fleece throw          $250           Carla & Gregory Bobka
    trimmed in satin from Jockey.

    $30                   Home & School
                                               412 Lace Tablecloth
408 Organize Your Flatware                         Adorn your dining table with this intricate
                                                   Chinese floral lace tablecloth,
    Use this caddy to keep flatware and            measuring approximately 94” by 65.”
    napkins handy for everyday dining, or          Ecru tablecloth with gray edging comes
    tote it outside for a patio party. This        with eight matching napkins.
    caddy is made of brass and stainless
    steel and is from Southern Living.             $300       Maria & Terry Papoutsakis

    $80                   Home & School
413 Spruce Up Your Table                      418 Solar Windchime
    Add some warm candlelight and                  Create soothing sounds in your garden
    ambiance to your home. This set                or outdoor patio with this solar wind
    includes one medium and one tall glass         chime. For use in a sheltered area.
    candlestick from Southern Living at
    Home.                                          $109        Home and Garden Culture

    $63                   Home & School       419 Lily Photograph
414 Paula Deen Gift Basket                         Capture summer in bloom with a 16” by
                                                   20” matted photograph of a lily by
    For the cooking enthusiast. This basket        Sanford's own John Foltz.
    includes Paula Deen signed cookbooks,
    seasonings, oven mitts and an apron.           $150                         John Foltz
    Bon Appetit!
                                              420 Patio Door
    $300                   Synthia Wong &
                           Arkadi Kuhlmann         In need of some home renovations?
415 Handyman Service                               Have any outdated doors in your home?
                                                   Rejuvenate an entryway in your home
    Is your honey slacking off on the to-do        with a Bayview Series 2500 or 5500 6'
    list? Catch up on home improvements            Patio Door. No options included but
    and get the job done with five hours of        purchaser may upgrade.
    handyman service by Mike Smith. No
    roof repairs.                                  $1,200      BF Rich Windows & Doors

    $300                  A Job Well Done     421 Magic Puzzle Box
416 Treats for Dogs and Cats                       Your child will enjoy hours of fun with
                                                   this wooden magic puzzle box.
    Pamper your pet with this basket filled
    with items including a leash, pet tags,        $55                  Creations Gallery
    dog treats, cat treats, toothbrush and
    toothpaste, shampoo, spray enzyme         422 Japanese Painting
    cleaner and chew toys.
                                                   Framed Japanese painting, 24” by 28”
    $112     Longwood Veterinary Center            on silk.

417 Sanford Spirit Package                         $300                         Tina Light

    Show your school spirit with this         423 Tastefully Simple Treats
    fabulous package from the Spirit Store.
    Includes a Sanford tote bag, stone             Sample some of Tastefully Simple's
    baseball cap, golf umbrella, fleece            most popular items, and then use this
    blanket, gloves, hat and scarf set,            $50 gift certificate to order the treats you
    windshirt, pennant, fleece jacket and          like best.
    several t-shirts and sweat shirts. All
    items can be exchanged for size.               $75             Candyce & Rob Pizzala

    $195        Sanford Business Office
424 Orchid                                         429 Coffee, anyone?
    Brighten up your entryway with this                 Add a touch of sophistication to your
    beautiful live Phalaenopsis orchid. This            morning coffee with this Astoria
    flower blooms several times during its              beverage carafe, creamer, lidded jar &
    winter-spring blooming season.                      spoon, and Windsor tray, all from
                                                        Southern Living at Home. Also includes
    $125                     Quills Bunches             a selection of coffees.

425 Any B.I.T.C.H Can Cook                              $185             Acme Supermarket
                                                                    Meena & James Caulfield
    Any Babe In Total Control of Herself,
    that is! This package includes an Any          430 Flowers for a Year
    Bitch Can Cook cookbook, a beautiful
    oak and maple wooden cutting board, a               Brighten your home with fresh flowers
    Pep Art Pepper Grinder, and two cherry              all year! With these 12 gift certificates
    cooking utensils from Jonathan's.                   from a variety of local florists, you'll have
                                                        a new arrangement every month. What
    $215                    Tideline Gallery            a special treat.

426 Sanford Chapel Photo
                                                        Donors: Wanner's Flowers LLC, Fruit
    A great addition to your home or office,            Flowers, Ron Eastburn's Flower Shop,
    or the perfect for gift for your graduate --        Ramone's Flower, Flowers by Yukie &
    this beautiful picture of the Sanford               Wild Thyme (Susanne & Bill Ward),
    Chapel in springtime was taken by our               Village Green Flower Shop, Bloomsbury
    own Jackie Pitts.                                   Florist, DiBiaso's Florist and Boyd's
                                                        Flowers (2).
    $300                       Jackie Pitts
                                                   431 Sanford Photograph
427 Entertain at Home
                                                        "Chapel Under The Moon" is a gorgeous
    You will be ready for your next party               photograph taken by Sanford's own
    with this cocktail shaker, serving tray             John Foltz. Photo is a signed and
    ice-bucket, and other serving pieces                matted 16” by 20” print. Create a
    from Southern Living at Home. This                  masterpiece by framing this picture with
    package is accompanied by tasty treats              this $50 gift certificate towards custom
    from Jansen's Market and a bottle of                framing at The Big Picture.
    vodka. Enjoy!
                                                        $200                    The Big Picture
    $250              Sue & Paul Bennett                                             John Foltz
                   Rosemary & Bill Brooks
                                                   432 Somethings Unique
428 Sanford Landscape
                                                        Add a distinctive accessory to your
    Enjoy the beauty of Sanford's campus                home with this $100 gift card to
    anytime with this photo taken by                    Somethings Unique. Also includes a
    Sanford legend, Jackie Pitts.                       potted silk Catteya.

    $75                         Jackie Pitts            $100              Susanne & Bill Ward
433 True Blood/Vampire Package                    437 Silk Flower Arrangement
    Framed True Blood poster signed by the            Your house will be full of color no matter
    cast, including Academy Award winner              what time of year it is with this fabulous
    Anna Pacquin (who plays Sookie                    silk flower arrangement.
    Stackhouse). A boxed set of seven
    Sookie Stackhouse/TrueBlood novels by             $200               Le Sentier Flowers
    acclaimed author Charlaine Harris. Also
    includes his and hers vampire teeth for
    creating your own vampire adventure.
                                                  438 Beach Painting
    $330             Janet & Richard Stern
                                                      Framed oil painting of three men at the
                                                      beach watching seagulls. Artist is the
                                                      grandmother of Sanford students Kyle
434 Peasant Painting                                  and Casey Leach.

    The bold colors of this beautifully matted        $275                  Elizabeth Corey
    and framed piece from Jinshan County
    in Shanghai will brighten up any spot in
    your home.
                                                  439 Bumper Pool Table
    $350             Pauline & Bryan Snell
                                                      The whole family will enjoy playing on
                                                      this 54” by 37” Imperial Bumper Pool
                                                      Table. All accessories are included.
435 Love Potion Laundry Basket
                                                      $600             Barstools & Billiards
    You won't even mind doing the wash
    with this gift basket of four large bottles
    of Love Potion laundry detergent.

    $100                       Love Potion
                         Laundry Detergent

436 Dancer Resting Painting
    Framed oil pastel painting of a dancer
    resting. Artist is the grandmother of
    Sanford students Kyle and Casey

    $275                  Elizabeth Corey
                                    Luxury Tax

500 Pretty In Pink                                505 Silpada Freshwater Pearls

     See your neckline sparkle! This silver            Indulge yourself with these seven
     link necklace from Juicy Couture has              strands of white freshwater pearls.
     pink accents and pink heart charm.
                                                       $72                   Home & School
     $78                        Kidrageous
                                                  506 Silpada Glass Bead Bracelet
501 Silver Link Necklace
                                                       Jazz up your wrist with this colorful
     You’ll look fabulous in this stylish              beaded and sterling Silpada bracelet.
     sterling silver circle link necklace. This
     necklace is a perfect accompaniment to            $69                   Home & School
     any outfit.

     $200                     Ham's Jewelers      507 Judith Ripka earrings

502 Three Stretch Bracelets                            Accessorize any outfit with these stately
                                                       sterling and rhinestone drop earrings
     You will be stunning in these three               from the Judith Ripka sterling collection.
     abalone shell, sponge coral, and
     freshwater pearl stretch bracelets from           $120                 Mary McCauley &
     Silpada.                                                                Steven Prescott

     $59                 Home & School
                                                  508 Murano Glass Ring
503 Bronzite and Sterling Silver
                                                       You'll look fabulous wearing this 24K
    Beaded Bracelet
                                                       two-tone Murano glass ring.
     Add some flare to your outfit with this
                                                       $259             Deana & Hien Nguyen
     bronzite & sterling silver beaded
     bracelet by Silpada.

     $69                Home & School             509 RL Morris Cuff Bracelet

504 Sterling and Topaz Bracelet                        Spruce up any outfit with this stunning
                                                       18K clad sterling silver cuff from RL
     Add a special touch to your wardrobe              Morris.
     with this sterling pebble design cuff
     bracelet with topaz accents from Stuart           $120                 Mary McCauley &
     Kingston Jewelers.                                                      Steven Prescott

     $195          Stuart Kingston Jewelers
510 Silpada Sterling Jewelry                       515 Citrine and Diamond Pendant
     Finish any look with these 21
     interlocking sterling silver bangles and           Jewelry you can wear as casual or
     complementary 17" sterling silver                  dress up, this 14K white gold square
     necklace with five rings.                          pendant holds a 1.54 carat citrine
                                                        accented with .08 carats of diamonds.
     $213                   Home & School
                                                        $540              Indulgence Jewelers

511 Vice President Biden's Cuff                    516 Blue Topaz Earrings
                                                        You'll look stunning in these 14K white
     Your favorite man will enjoy owning this           gold flower-shaped drop earrings with
     set of cuff links, inscribed with the              2.60 carats of blue topaz and .37 carats
     official seal of the United States Senate          of diamonds.
     and Joe Biden's name. A great piece of
     history celebrating the Vice President in          $1,800           Indulgence Jewelers
     his former job.
                                                   517 Three Row Ring
     $150              Patti & Steve Bescript
                                                        Make a feminine statement with this 14K
                                                        white and yellow three row ring with .45
512 Silpada Sterling Earrings                           carats of diamonds. Sizing available.

     Adorn you ears with these classic oval             $970               Indulgence Jewelers
     sterling silver hoop earrings on hinged
     lockdown posts.
                                                   518 Peridot and Sapphire Stackable
     $29                    Home & School              Rings
                                                        The perfect complement to any summer
                                                        outfit, these three stackable rings are
513 Red Glass Ring                                      made of 14K white gold. The peridot is
                                                        .90 carats with .25 carats of pave
     Add a pop of color to your outfit with this        diamonds. The two sapphire rings are
     red, two-tone Murano glass ring.                   channel set with 1.26 carats of
                                                        sapphires in each ring. Wear them
     $85               Deana & Hien Nguyen              together or separately. Sizing available.

                                                        $2,295            Indulgence Jewelers
514 White Gold and Pave Diamond
    Necklace                                       519 John Hardy Sterling Bracelet
     You will sparkle in this necklace of 14K           This is a stunning piece. This five row
     white gold with .25 carats of pave                 sterling silver bamboo bracelet is sure to
     diamonds.                                          catch the eye.

     $780              Indulgence Jewelers              $425                        A.R. Morris
520 John Hardy Diamond Pendant                  526 Men's tungsten cuff links
    No one can have enough diamonds!                 Your favorite man will look great in
    Add this John Hardy diamond pave                 these tungsten cuff links with .06 carats
    necklace on a sterling silver woven              of diamond.
    chain to your jewelry box.
                                                     $325                      Maria's Gems
    $1,100                     A.R. Morris

521 John Hardy Blue Topaz Ring                  527 White Gold Pendant with Chain
    Your finger will dazzle with this John           Adorn yourself with this 14K white gold
    Hardy blue topaz and sterling silver ring        pendant which has .33 carats of black
    with 18K gold accents. Sizing available.         and white diamonds on a 14K white gold
                                                     box chain.
    $345                      A.R. Morris
                                                     $400                      Maria's Gems
522 John Hardy Lava Fire Earrings
    Be in style with these John Hardy Lava      528 Yellow Gold Bracelet with Heart
    Fire earrings made of sterling silver.          Charm
    $525                     A.R. Morris             Make your wrist shine with this 14K
                                                     yellow gold Tiffany-style bracelet with
523 Marco Bicego Earrings                            engraveable heart charm and toggle
    These fashionable 18K yellow gold
    multi-stone dangle earrings from Marco           $350                    Maria's Gems
    Bicego will make your ears sparkle!

    $400                        A.R. Morris     529 White Gold Diamond Pendant

524 Diamond Heart Pendant                            An elegant touch to complete any outfit!
                                                     This 14K white gold diamond pendant
    Diamonds are a girl's best friend! This          has .48 carats of diamonds and looks
    14K two-tone (white and yellow gold)             gorgeous on a white gold box chain.
    diamond heart pendant has .08 carats of
    diamonds on a 14K 18" yellow gold                $720                      Maria's Gems
                                                530 Amethyst and Diamond Dangle
    $350                     Maria's Gems           Earrings

525 Gold Hoop Earrings                               Your friends will be envious when they
                                                     see you in these 14K white gold
    Your ears will glitter with these 14K            amethyst and diamond dangle earrings.
    yellow gold/white gold diamond cut               These earrings consist of .08 carats of
    reversible hoop earrings.                        diamonds and genuine checkerboard
    $171                      Maria's Gems
                                                     $550                      Maria's Gems
                                  Just For Kids

600 Giant Sheepdog                               604 Sanford Tennis Camp
     Who needs a real dog when you could              Tennis anyone? Your child will have a
     adopt this maintenance-free, life-sized          great time improving his or her skills
     giant stuffed sheepdog?                          with this gift certificate for one week of
                                                      Sanford Tennis Camp. Good for one
     $75                        Fran Burns            week ONLY. Choose either the week of
                                                      June 9-12 or June 22-26. Open to boys
                                                      and girls grades K-9.
601 Treat Her Like a Princess
                                                      $325                  Eph Humphreys
     Treat your little princess to a few new
     items for the royal wardrobe from
     Pipsqueak Boutique. This certificate        605 Guitar Hero
     expires May 1, 2010.
                                                      You can pretend you are the next Eric
     $100                  Home & School              Clapton or Jimi Hendrix when you jam
                                                      with this Guitar Hero World Tour for Wii
                                                      video game and Gibson model guitar.

602 Hello Kitty Rhinestone-Studded                    $125                    Lily Allingham
    Belt and Headband

     She'll be all sparkly for her next party    606 Future Star Lacrosse Camp
     wearing a Hello Kitty rhinestone-studded
     pink belt and reversible animal print            What fun! This certificate allows you to
     headband.                                        enroll your child in Future Star Lacrosse
                                                      camp during the week of June 15-19.
     $67                   Home & School              The camp is at Sanford School and is
                                                      open to boys and girls grades 1-9.

                                                      $197                  Eph Humphreys
603 Pizza for the School Year

     Enjoy the convenience of two slices of      607 Day with a Veterinarian
     mouth-watering pizza for your lower
     school child on every "pizza day" Friday.        Spend a day with a vet and see how
     This offer is valid for the 2009-2010            these doctors work and take care of
     school year.                                     pets. Also includes a basket with dog
                                                      toys, a treat jar and matching bowls.
     $80                    Lower School
                                                      Bow-wow!            Windcrest Animal
608 Authentic Dinosaur Bone                      613 Classes at Young Chef's
    Have any dinosaur fans in your house?
    Take home this dinosaur bone found 25             Do you have a future Rachael Ray or
    miles from the site where a T-Rex                 Emeril in your midst? This package
    named Big Sue was discovered in South             includes a Fun Pack of four classes at
    Dakota. Big Sue now resides at the                YCA, ages 7-14 only. All classes must
    Chicago Field museum.                             be taken in one month. March through
                                                      May or September through December.
    $250               The Bachman-                   2009 Classes are on Thursdays at 6:00-
                       Paternoster Family             7:30 p.m. This offer is not valid in
609 Be An Honorary Blue Rock
                                                      $100          Young Chef’s Academy
    This certificate entitles you to the
    opportunity to sit in the Blue Rocks         614 Boomers with Mr. Gedge
    dugout during pre-game and throw out a
    ceremonial first pitch. You will also             Join Sanford third grade teacher Erick
    receive four tickets for the game and a           Gedge with three of your friends for
    souvenir logo first pitch baseball.               three hours of fun at Boomers. Also
                                                      includes a $50 gift card from Boomers.
    Family Fun     Wilmington Blue Rocks              No weekends. Must be used before
                                                      October 2009.
610 Pottery Party
                                                      $100                      Erick Gedge
    Have a pottery party at Everyday Artists
    with this palette plate good for four free   615 My Serve Mini Tennis Camp
    guests with any party of eight or more.
    This offer is valued up to $100.                  Do you have a future Wimbledon
                                                      champion in your home? This gift
    $100                    Everyday Artists          certificate is good for one week of My
                                                      Serve mini tennis camp. Ages 5-14.
611 Week of Summer Camp                               Must register at least one week before
                                                      class starts to use certificate. Also
    Dance the summer away with one week               includes a T-shirt.
    of summer camp at American Dance
    Academy. Call for schedule.                       $150                        My Serve

    $270         American Dance Academy          616 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Fans

612 Rock Band 2 for XBox                              Surprise your child with a Dale
                                                      Earnhardt Jr. ready-to-run electric train
    Attention all air guitar fans! Rock band          set. This train set includes a 40" by 60"
    2 is a lively game for Xbox 360. May be           oval fast track, a locomotive and several
    exchanged for another game system or              cars (with a removable helicopter).
    anything of comparable value. Must                Also included are expansion packs
    have gift receipt (included) for                  featuring Tony Stewart and Kasey
    exchange.                                         Kahne.

    $190             Judi & Ed Weinstein              $100          Sharon & Ric Struthers
617 Two Afternoons in the Clay                      622 American Girl Doll
                                                         Your little girl will want to own Chrissa,
     Bring out your inner artist. Spend two              the 2009 American Girl Doll of the Year.
     afternoons (two people, for two hours on            This package includes Chrissa in a floral
     two afternoons) with art teacher Alex               dress, her story, and an extra outfit for
     Ball in the Stephen May Clay Studio.                sunny days.
     Ages 10 to adult.
                                                         $130           Rosemary & Bill Brooks
     $200                   Sanford School

618 Little Gym Summer Camp                          623 Birthday Party at The Pond

     Have your little one bounce and tumble              Your child's birthday will be a hit with
     the day away with a free day of summer              this birthday party package at the Pond
     camp at Little Gym.                                 Ice Arena. Add a cake from Serpe's
                                                         Bakery and some pizza and you'll have
     $60                      The Little Gym             nothing to do but enjoy the festivities.

619 Jonas Brothers Gift Basket                           $245             The Pond Ice Arena
                                                                        Serpe & Sons Bakery
     Keep your fan happy until the Year 3000                                   Seasons Pizza
     with this gift basket filled with all things
     Jonas. Your little fan will love this
     backpack, wallet, book, poster, hat and        624 Gentleman, Start your Engines
     CDs from the boys. Also includes a gift
     card to Limited Too. Rock on!                       Zoom, Zoom! Enjoy this group event for
                                                         eight kids or ten adults at Mid-Atlantic
     $100          Rosemary & Bill Brooks                Grand Prix. One race per participant.
                                                         Kids must be at least 8 years old to
620 Pizza Party for Eight                                race.

     Take your child and seven friends out               $270           Mid Atlantic Grand Prix
     for a night of pizza and soft drinks at
     Giordano's Restaurant in Kennett
                                                    625 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
     $85            Giordano's Restaurant
                                                         This basket includes everything a girl
                                                         needs to stay busy, including books,
621 Birthday Party at the Blue                           CDs, games, crafts and a DS Lite with
    Rocks                                                two games. Have fun!

     You can have your birthday party at the             $300               Zoe & Katie Zabel
     Blue Rocks with these twelve gift
     certificates to a 2009 game (subject to
     availability and redeemable only at the
     Blue Rocks ticket office) and a birthday
     cake from Cakes by Kim. Make a wish!

     $143                   Cakes by Kim
                    Wilmington Blue Rocks
626 Camp at KMC Dance &                          630 Paintball Package
                                                      Ready, aim, fire! This fun offer includes
    Tumble the day away with this gift                two all-inclusive four-hour paintball
    certificate for one full day of gymnastics        packages. Each package includes 200
    camp. Ages 4 and up. Expires August               paintballs, plus gear for four hours of
    2009.                                             fun. Multiple courses to choose from.

    $57                 KMC Gymnastics                $70            Paintball Action Games

627 Kids' Rainy Day Basket                       631 Skills & Drills with the Team
    No need to have the rainy day blues if            After this 1 ½ hour “skills and drills”
    you have this cool basket which                   clinic with the Sanford varsity basketball
    includes fun games and crafts.                    teams (girls and boys) your child will be
                                                      a pro. This offer is good for up to five
    $70                   Synthia Wong &              kids and includes the opportunity to play
                          Arkadi Kuhlman              with nationally ranked player, Trevor
                                                      Cooney. Dates to be mutually agreed
628 I Scream, You Scream
                                                      Dunk it         Sanford Men’s and
    You will be ready for the first hot day of                  Women’s Basketball teams
    the year with this ice cream basket,
    which includes a $20 gift certificate to
    Marble Slab Creamery, ice cream
    bowls, scoop, spoons, cone holders,
    napkins, sprinkles.

    $50              Friend of Sanford

629 In-Home Tutoring Services
    This basket has all you'll need to keep
    up with your school work over the
    summer and be ready for the fall. The
    basket includes a gift certificate for ONE
    of the following: $100 off an individual
    SAT prep program, $100 off individual
    study skills program, one free week of
    subject tutoring, OR $50 off any summer
    camp week. It also comes with school
    supplies to get you all set for next fall.

    $150                   Club Z In-Home
                          Tutoring Services
                                     Ooh La La

700 Girls’ Night by Dove Chocolates             704 Get Polished!

     Ready to go party -- just add friends.          Get your toes and hands ready for the
     Our Girls’ Night package has everything         summer season with a gift certificate for
     you need for a fun night, including four        a polished manicure and spa pedicure
     martini glasses, chocolate rimmer with          at Polished.
     dusting powders, Dove Chocolate
     Martini mix and a bottle of Grey Goose          $55                             Polished
                                                705 A Wrap for Every Season
     $100                 Home & School
                                                     You will have something to finish your
701 Pamper Yourself                                  outfit no matter what time of year with
                                                     these classic shawls in black, brown,
     Treat yourself to a Swedish massage             eggshell and silverdust.
     and one haircut at Cielo Salon and Spa
     with Ellen and Diana. Expires July 25,          $136                   Home & School
                                                706 Michael Christopher Salon
     $117              Cielo Salon and Spa
                                                     You will look marvelous after treating
702 A Sweet Tooth's Dream                            yourself to a haircut and finish by stylist
                                                     Kim Pedrick of the Michael Christopher
     Enjoy a delectable cake or bakery treats        Salon.
     from Liz Marden Gourmet Cakes and
     Desserts. This gift certificate expires         $60                         Kim Pedrick
     December 31, 2009.
                                                707 Accessorize It
     $65             Liz Marden Gourmet
                     Cakes and Desserts              Look fabulous in these stylish
                                                     accessories. Set includes a cranberry
703 Kate Spade Bag                                   and moss pashmina and Silpada
                                                     necklace. The necklace is a sponge
     Enjoy the beach in style with your new          coral nugget suspended from sterling
     Kate Spade straw tote. Includes two             silver on black leather.
     zippered compartments and two interior
     pockets lined in a colorful graphic             $86                    Home & School
                                                708 Facial at Pagave Salon
     $250               Kathy & David Zabel
                                                     Exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin with
                                                     this gift card for a facial at Pagave Salon
                                                     in Independence Mall in Wilmington.

                                                     $79                Christine & Bruce Duff
709 Haircut and Style at Posh                    714 Ladies Who Lunch
     Give yourself a new style with a haircut         Share a manicure or a pedicure with a
     and blow dry with Michelle at Posh               friend with this $100 gift certificate to
     Salon. Expires February 4, 2010.                 Chez Nicole and then enjoy a lovely
                                                      meal at Greenville's hottest lunch spot,
     $47                         Posh Salon           Pizza By Elizabeths.

710 Beauty Treatments at Nicholas                     $150               Pizza By Elizabeths
                                                                          Chez Nicole Salon

     Create a new look with face framing         715 Currie Manicure/Pedicure
     highlights and a women's haircut with
     Patricia W. at Nicholas Anthony Salon.           Get ready for that big night out with this
     Also includes a manicure and mini-               gift cards good for a manicure and a
     pedicure with Noralee. Also includes a           pedicure.
     goodie bag of beauty items. Expires
     April 20, 2010.                                  $150          Currie Hair, Skin and Nails
                                                 716 Worth Collection Crocodile
     $125         Nicholas Anthony Salon             Jacket

711 Sanford Wine Basket                               Spruce up your designer jeans with this
                                                      sumptuous chocolate brown crocodile
     Celebrate and show off your school               jacket from the Worth Collection. Size
     spirit with four bottles of assorted wine        10.
     from Sanford Winery, four wine glasses
     etched with the Sanford logo, cheese             $1,000                       Maria Burger
     and crackers.
                                                 717 Gift Card to Peter Kate
     $150           Michelle & Lee Dresser
                                                      If you love shoes, you'll love this gift
712 Worth Collection Trench                           card to Greenville shoetique, Peter
     You won't mind the rain if you're wearing
     this Worth Collection Halfmoon Luster            $100                 Peter Kate Shoes
     Trench in size 10. Also includes a $200
     gift certificate for the Worth Summer       718 Arbonne Beauty Basket
     Collection Show.
                                                      This package includes products from
     $800                        Maria Burger         Swiss-based skin care company,
                                                      Arbonne and includes NutriMin C anti-
713 Butler Bag                                        aging body lotion and body serum,
                                                      along with a basket of other assorted
     No more digging through your purse to            products.
     find what you need with the Butler Bag.
     Inside this bag is a divided tray giving         $391                       Toni Ritter
     you "a place for everything".
     Fashionable, fun and functional.

     $100                Judi & Ed Weinstein
719 Pamper Yourself                               724 The Joyful Hour
    Pamper yourself with a 75 minute deep              The "Joyful Hour" is your choice of an
    cleansing treatment followed by a                  Ultimate Facial or a Swedish full body
    relaxing face, neck and shoulder                   massage at Fabrizo Salon & Spa. This
    massage at Hockessin Day Spa and                   offer also includes a hair wash and
    then call a friend to meet you for lunch           blow-dry with Carmen.
    at Il Giardino Ristorante.
                                                       $105           Fabrizio Salon and Spa
    $100                Hockessin Day Spa
                     Il Giardino Ristorante       725 Low Digit License Plate
720 Wine Lover's Delight                               You’ll be the envy of everyone in
                                                       town with this five-digit active black
    Enjoy a gift certificate for a half case of        license plate. Must be on a Delaware
    Oeno Pro Bono wines (with tasting                  registered vehicle. Buyer pays $80
    notes included) which you can store in             DMV fee. Other restrictions apply.
    style with this brass and stainless wine
    rack from Southern Living At Home.                 $1000            Low Digit

    $180     Moore Bros. Wine Company
                         Home & School
721 Cozy In Bed
    This luxurious cream sleep shirt and
    pants from Jockey will keep you warm
    and toasty throughout the winter
    months. This set is a medium but can be
    exchanged for size.

    $86                    Home & School

722 Day of Beauty
    Take some time for yourself with this
    relaxing classic European Day of
    Beauty, which includes a one hour
    facial, one hour massage, spa manicure
    and pedicure, hairstyling and make-up
    application. You'll look fabulous!

    $304                       Trilogy Salon

723 One Hour Massage
    Relax and de-stress with this one hour
    massage. Expires December 31, 2009.

    $70             Jennifer Oberle Howard
                                 Out On The Town
800 Looks Like a Perfect Beach Day               804 Diet Tomorrow
     Head out to the beach with your pink            Dine out at the Corner Bistro and then
     and green water-repellent tote and              enjoy your favorite chocolate dessert
     cooler from Scout. Fill your cooler with        with this gift card from Govatos
     lunch from Bachetti's Catering, and a           Chocolate -- but don't overdo it, because
     six-pack of local beer. Now that's a            sooner or later, you'll have to get on this
     great day!                                      talking digital scale!
     $66                  Bachetti Brothers          $195                    Corner Bistro
                           Home & School                           Leslie & Douglas Leach
                                                                      Govatos Chocolates
801 Chef's Delight
                                                 805 Travel in Luxury
     If you love to cook, this is the item for
     you! Enjoy private gourmet cooking
                                                     Travel in comfort with a black micro-
     lessons for four at Chef's Haven in
                                                     fleece throw, brushed on both sides and
     Hockessin. Bon Appetite.
                                                     trimmed in satin. Includes a pink travel
                                                     pillow, which can store a quilted pillow
     $192        Suzanne & Nick Punturieri
                                                     cover inside (cover fits most standard
                                                     size pillows). Products by Jockey.
802 Va La Vineyards Wine Package
                                                     $70                    Home & School
     Come see a local vineyard and all that it
     has to offer. This package includes a
                                                 806 Exchange On Market
     reserved wine tasting for two. In
     addition, enjoy a mixed case of Va La
                                                     Head out for an evening in downtown
                                                     Wilmington. Exchange On Market
                                                     restaurant has something on their menu
     $506           Karen & Anthony Vietri
                                                     for everyone.

                                                     $100             Exchange On Market
803 Party Time
                                                 807 Happy Mother's Day
     Have that party you've been meaning to
     have without all the fuss. Unlimited            Make this Mother's Day extra special.
     pizza and beer for two hours at Three           Treat your mom to a delicious Sunday
     Seventeen for up to 100 people.                 brunch for four at the D at Deerfield
                                                     (beverages and service charge not
     $1,500               Three Seventeen            included), then surprise her with a
                                                     beautiful silver and gold tone colorful
                                                     Joan Rivers bracelet, embellished with
                                                     multiple faux stones. Gift certificate for
                                                     brunch expires March 2010.

                                                     $186     Deerfield Golf & Tennis Club
808 Airport Shuttle Service for 10               812 Limo/Concierge Service
     Roundtrip transport to Philadelphia              Who needs a designated driver? Plan a
     International Airport for up to 10 people        fantastic and safe evening out with four
     plus luggage. Curbside drop-off and              hours of Limousine Service and four
     baggage claim pick-up. Please book               hours of Concierge Time from Society
     ahead. Ask for "B" or Trish and                  International. Also includes a
     mention the Sanford School auction               subscription to Society Magazine.
     when you book.
                                                      $750              Society International
     $600               B's Shuttle Service
                                                 813 Blue Rocks and Iron Hill
809 Bowling AMF Price Lanes
                                                      Enjoy four Blue Rocks seats directly
     If you have time to "spare", why not             behind home plate for your choice of
     spend it with 12 friends bowling at AMF          any 2009 season game. Also included is
     Price Lanes? Also includes a gift card           a $100 gift certificate to Iron Hill Brewery
     for soda and popcorn. This gift                  for dinner before or after the game.
     certificate expires February 2010.
                                                      $180            G & E Welding Supply
     $51                 AMF Price Lanes
                                                 814 Gift Certificate for Valle Cucina
810 Dinner for Four at
    Dome/Eclipse/Capers & Lemons                      Enjoy delectable Italian cuisine with this
                                                      gift certificate to Valle Cucina.
     Dinner for four to any one of the
     Platinum Dining Group Restaurants                $50                       Valle Cucina
     (Dome Restaurant, Eclipse Bistro,
     Capers & Lemons). Excludes alcohol
     and gratuity. Expires April 25, 2010.       815 10 RIP Passes to Frightland
     $200               Lisa & Carl Georigi           Have the spookiest Halloween ever with
                                                      these 10 RIP passes to Frightland.
811 Boat Cruise and Dinner at
    Bayard House                                      $500             Denni & Nick Ferrara

     This fabulous evening for six people
     starts with boarding the boat at Hack's     816 Tickets to the Delaware
     Point on the Bohemia River and cruising         Symphony Orchestra
     down the river while indulging on wine
     and cheese. You’ll cruise to the Bayard          Come and spend an enjoyable evening
     House where you’ll enjoy elegant                 of music and culture with the Delaware
     waterfront dining with a $200 gift               Symphony Orchestra. Includes four
     certificate. Your evening concludes with         tickets to any 2009-2010 Classical
     the cruise back to Hack's Point. This            Series Concert and four tickets to any
     offer is valid June through September,           2009-2010 Plugged In Series Concert.
     2009. The date must be mutually
     agreed upon with the donors.                     $480             Delaware Symphony
     $300              Coleen & Jim Miller
817 Brunch at Mendenhall Inn                       822 Theatre N at Nemours Tickets
     Visit the historic Mendenhall Inn and              Do you like the classics, or are you an
     enjoy a delightful brunch for two.                 indie movie buff? Either way, you'll
                                                        want to bid on this gift certificate good
     $50                    Mendenhall Inn              for one year of movies for two at
                                                        Theatre N at Nemours. Tickets will be
                                                        mailed to you each month. Effective
818 Toscana/ Deep Blue                                  May 1, 2009 - April 30, 2010.

     It’s your choice -- dine at any one of             $700                City of Wilmington
     these Wilmington favorites with this gift
     certificate. May be used at Toscana,
     Toscana to Go or Deep Blue Bar and            823 Dinner for Two at Delaware Park
                                                        Enjoy dinner for two at any Delaware
     $50                           Toscana              Park restaurant. Gratuity and alcohol
819 Wine Tasting at Chadds Ford                         are excluded.
                                                        $100                    Delaware Park
     Spend a Saturday or Sunday tasting
     exceptional Reserve wines at Chadds
     Ford Winery. Includes a pair of Reserve       824 Dinner at Harry's
     tasting tickets. Call winery to confirm.
     Cheers!                                            Have a dinner date at either Harry's
                                                        location with this $50 gift card.
     $30              Chadds Ford Winery
                                                        $50                Harry's Savoy Grill
820 Travel Essentials Basket
     You will be ready to travel in style with     825 Tickets to the Grand Opera
     this tour tote, travel umbrella, luggage          House
     tags, toiletries, body cream, expandable
     duffle, travel bottles, luggage strap, neck        Catch a show at the Grand Opera
     rest, and activities for the road. Bon             House with this gift certificate for two
     Voyage!                                            complimentary seats to select
                                                        performances at the Grand or the Baby
     $125.00                         Friend             Grand. Offer expires April 25, 2010 and
                                                        is subject to availability.
821 Take-out Dinner for Four
                                                        $100         The Grand Opera House
     Pretend that you did all of the work and
     get a gourmet take-out dinner for four
     from Sugarfoot.

     $130            Sugarfoot Fine Foods
                              Sports Of All Sorts
900 Calling All NASCAR Fans                      904 Golf at Deerfield Golf and
     Make his or her day with an
     autographed framed print of Jeff                 Gather three of your buddies and enjoy
     Gordon’s #24 DuPont car. This is a               a round of golf at Deerfield Golf and
     great memento for all NASCAR fans.               Tennis. This package includes the cart
                                                      fee. Come any Monday through
     $350           Sharon & Ric Struthers            Thursday excluding holidays. Expires
                                                      March 31, 2010.

                                                      $220    Deerfield Golf & Tennis Club

901 Photo of Women’s Basketball
    Team                                         905 Martin Biron Autographed
                                                     Hockey Puck
     You'll enjoy looking back on the season
     with this photo of the 2008-2009                 Your hockey fanatic will love this game-
     Sanford Women's Basketball Season.               used autographed hockey puck from
                                                      Flyers goalie Martin Biron.
     $75                        Jackie Pitts
                                                      $25               Philadelphia Flyers

902 Phillies Tickets
                                                 906 Golf at Wilmington Country
     Enjoy peanuts, popcorn and a                    Club
     spectacular view with four Field Level
     Phillies Tickets and VIP Parking. Leave          Enjoy a day of golf for three and a
     room for dinner in the Diamond Club.             delicious lunch at Wilmington Country
     Date restrictions apply. Tickets will            Club. Play a round with Sanford parent
     need to be picked up the day of the              and donor Ken Bubes. Date and time to
     game.                                            be mutually agreed upon.

     $350              Philadelphia Phillies          $450             Shara & Ken Bubes

903 Arnold Palmer Autograph                      907 Beijing Olympics Memorabilia
                                                      Pretend you were actually there
     The golfer in your life will want to have        watching Michael Phelps win his record
     this autographed picture of the great            eight gold medals. Memorabilia includes
     Arnold Palmer on the links at St.                baseball hat, swimming T-shirt and short
     Andrews.                                         sleeve pullover from the 2008 Summer
                                                      Games in Beijing.
     $50        Arnold Palmer Enterprises
                                                      $50           Sharon & Ric Struthers
908 Blue Rocks Tickets                        912 Throw Out the First Pitch
    Take me out to the ball game. Enjoy            This certificate entitles the bearer to join
    four tickets to a 2009 Blue Rocks game.        in the pre-game festivities by throwing
    Based on availability and only good            out a ceremonial first pitch prior to a
    during the 2009 season. Certificates           Blue Rocks game in 2009. Also includes
    redeemable at the Blue Rocks box               four complimentary tickets, a Blue
    office. Also includes a Blue Rocks hat         Rocks hat and a Mr. Celery bank.
    and fleece throw.
                                                   $57            Wilmington Blue Rocks
    $50           Wilmington Blue Rocks
                                              913 John Kruk Autographed
909 Tony Gwynn Baseball
                                                   Show your Phillies spirit by displaying
    Is there a baseball fan in the house?          this autographed baseball by former
    Make his or her day with this baseball         Phillie and fan favorite John Kruk.
    autographed by Hall of Famer Tony
    Gwynn.                                         $100                  Bank of America

    $150                Bank of America
                                              914 Phillies vs. Braves
                                                   Experience all the action with four box
910 76ers Tickets                                  seats and a parking pass to the Phillies
                                                   May 9, 2009 game against the Atlanta
    Enjoy these two tickets to a 76ers             Braves. Seats are in Section 112,
    basketball game (Section 102, behind           Row 5.
    the Sixers’ bench, even with the free
    throw line, 15 rows up). Also includes         $200               Duffield Associates
    reserved VIP parking and a pass to the
    Cadillac Grill, overlooking the court.    915 Phenomenal Phans Print
    $370                    Lydia Cox &            Commemorate the Phillies 2008 World
                      Gregg Sommerville            Series victory with this framed print
                                                   signed by Larry Anderson.

911 Autographed Bobby Jones                        $150                   Larry Anderson
                                              916 Thirty Ironbirds Tickets
    Attention 76ers fans. Take home an
    autographed jersey from 76ers forward          Bring your friends for an exciting
    and fan favorite Bobby Jones, a starter        evening of baseball in the Bank of
    on the 1983 NBA Championship team.             America Sky Box at Ripken Stadium.
                                                   Enjoy the Aberdeen Ironbirds June 23
    $100          Pam & Tom Allingham              game against the Staten Island
                                                   Yankees, with (30) tickets for the suite
                                                   and three VIP parking passes. Food
                                                   and beverages are not included.

                                                   $800                  Bank of America
917 Autographed Moses Malone                     922 NFL Hall of Fame Mini-Helmet
                                                      Your favorite football enthusiast will love
     Support the 76ers by wearing this jersey         this NFL mini-helmet signed by Dallas
     autographed by Hall of Fame NBA                  Cowboys Hall of Fame defensive tackle
     player Moses Malone.                             Randy White. White was an All-Pro for
                                                      nine years and co-MVP of Super Bowl
     $250           Pam & Tom Allingham               XII.

918 Cal Ripken Autographed Photo                      $120                 Friend of Sanford

     Baseball enthusiasts will love this
     autographed picture of Hall of Famer        923 Flyers vs. Rangers
     Cal Ripken celebrating his historic
     2,131st consecutive game.                        Come see the rivalry in person. Enjoy
                                                      two tickets to the Flyers/New York
     $175                 Bank of America             Rangers game (2009-2010 season). 1st
                                                      level, Row 12, aisle seats. Time and
                                                      date of the game to be announced.
919 Cowboys Autographed Mini-
                                                      $200                Holly & Eric Kalish
     Dallas running back (and first round
     draft pick) Felix Jones has autographed     924 Don Mattingly Autographed
     this Cowboys mini-helmet.                       Baseball
     $100                Friend of Sanford            Attention all Yankee fans! Make your
                                                      friends green with envy as you proudly
920 Phillies Tickets                                  display this baseball autographed by
                                                      Yankees legend Don Mattingly.
     Enjoy an evening at Citizens Bank Park
     with four tickets (Section 113, Row 25)          $125                  Bank of America
     to see the Phillies take on the St. Louis
     Cardinals on Friday, July 24. This
     package includes a parking pass.            925 Calling All Eagles’ Fans
     $170           The Rosenthal Family              A perfect gift for the Eagles aficionado.
                                                      This mini helmet is autographed by
                                                      Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver
921 Autographed Red Sox Mini-                         DeSean Jackson and will be a great
    Helmet                                            addition to your sports memorabilia
                                                      case. Also includes a football with laser
     Add this collectible mini-helmet to your         printed signatures of Jackson and
     sports memorabilia collection. This              Eagles defensive tackle Trevor Laws.
     autographed Red Sox mini helmet was
     signed by All-Star first basemen Kevin           $100.00           Philadelphia Eagles

     $125                 Bank of America
926 Joe Flacco Autographed Mini-              928 Ben Watson Autographed Mini-
    Helmet                                        Helmet
    Everybody's favorite QB from the              Football fans will love this old school
    University of Delaware has made it big.       Patriots mini-helmet signed by Big Ben
    Add this Ravens mini-helmet                   Watson.
    autographed by Joe Flacco to your
    collection.                                   $190               Friend of Sanford

    $125                Friend of Sanford

927 Mini-Helmet Autographed by
    Antonio Pierce
    If you love the New York Giants, you'll
    want this mini-helmet signed by
    linebacker Antonio Pierce.

    $225.00             Friend of Sanford

                           Deerfield Golf and Tennis Club
                              Saturday April 25, 2009

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