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What do you do when Organizations or Governments bow
to pressure groups and turn up the heat. An Anti-Trapper
of some kind has done that here, just recently.

My Trapper friends were allowing me to come along and
video the Winter TrapLine activity. Starting from the
beginning of December through to Yesterday.

I would upload the trapline video as soon as I got in
and the second half of the videos went up in the morning.

I would notify 11 trapline forums, to let them know that
the videos were downloaded and a few of the details etc.

The Vast vast majority loved the 340+ video segments.

Anyway a couple days ago (2) a trapper friend of my friend
called Him after receiving a call from some Official, who
raged on about a Bear being caught in a Martin Box. A person
from GreenPeace or Animal Rights Group was snooping in the
trapline forum and found stuff about trapping, They didn't
like and started making calls and pulling strings. We need
to expose these Vigilante Censors and their Puppets.

AnyWay it resulted in the Video replay of the season being
cancelled because of this pressure. The simplest reaction
was to take everything off the net. Too Bad for us all.
Even worse. Now we have got capitalization Censors. Must be retired
English Teachers.
Ok. Maybe you'll understand this. Some unknown person called
GreenPeace or some other such organization. That Organization then
called an official that has some influence over trapping and that
person called the trappers friend. Raging on about the Bear Video and
who was it, that was responsible. The Bear was accidentally caught in
the trap. In 10 years of trapping, this has never happen before. Bears
usually hibernate for the winter.

The Official was secretive and sneaky. It's easy to find me or my
trapper friend. How they found his friend and not me, is weird. The
complainant must have been that old lady Brigitte Bardot.
It's a box designed to minimize the capture of other animals. Birds,
Bears and such.

Most of your great Grandparents were trappers. They won't like the
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names you call them. When you pass over.
We didn't want to edit the video. Some people want to see what really
happens on TrapLines others don't. Capitalization doesn't bother me
as much as those dumb Brackets and Colons everywhere.
I'll be watching. That Manning trap must be something. More than 1
Bear trapped at a time. I just hope GreenPeace doesn't shut the
broadcast down.
Those Video might just get a reshowing. Nothing more they can to to
the Trapper now.

I'll cover the courtroom. Get a view from both sides.

About my Search Engine. I have more control over my data than anybody.
Search is about finding and displaying information. Not just counting
how many results you have not seen yet.

Must be all English majors here.
How come my "report abuse" button doesn't work. Some of that stuff was
pure mean.

The code has been patched since 1999 so it scares me to. Not to worry
I have lots of comments and deactivated print statements, I will
reactivate them if I need em.

spaghetti code maybe. But I can dive in after being away from the code
for a year or more and know there are lots of crumbs left behind.

Most most of the comments are just too funny.
I hated it when they took out line numbers. With my code. I put them
back in, my own way. Saving a line number string at each key point.
Then use that as part of the centralized error trapping.

Spaghetti code is OK if you can flowchart. The logic was close close
to working but not quite. I revised the flowchart a number of times
over the 3 days it took to resolve.
I have been building this Desktop Search since 1999.

The visual basic code is Open Source and the exe is

I have been blogging and yapping about search in various
forums. Only to meet with Great resistance.
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When I can organize my video, music, pictures and text
there isn't another program that I really need. With
Open Source and this Desktop Search the Operating System
becomes irrelevant.

It started as a text search, then picture display was added
when we scanned in 5000+ old family album pictures.

When a search match was found and the next line, had the path to a
picture. That picture was displayed. It runs manual and
as a screen saver. After a few seconds the caption on the picture
can be displayed or not.

Then came VIDEO. With slow motion, Freeze frame with Preset or
Random start points in the video (mpeg2). Similar options were
added for music files (mp3)

Video is by far the most exciting part of Search. I can video
in a book and go directly to a given page and play that back
in slow motion. I can video in forum screens.

It has other important features any Search should have.
Ie EXTRACT. I do a context search for a particular "Subject:"
in my outmail file to build a mailing list from old emails. Then
I search that file in matching lines only mode; searching for "To:"
and I have all the email addresses in an output file. A little editing
removing duplicates etc and I have a clean list. I duplicate that
info with a cut and paste. resort it. The plug the required info
for my search in front of line 1 and 2 rather quickly.

If the Next line is a URL or strictly text, that data can be put in
the clipboard for pasting into a browser or as a search string or for
storing passwords.

It can run background copies of itself and has some primitive
navigation capabilities. That could make for a wonderful video
training tool.

It has no database and can easily be explained to the common man.
All they need to know about computing is, how to use this program.
(Very Simple, I'll do more training video.)
try videoing in Grandma's hand written recipe book.

If I had it to do again. I'd video in the oldie pictures we had.
Getting close in and describe who and what about the pictures. Way
more fun than just a scan.
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ANSWER My Question
My most recent unedited video work is 160 X 2 minute video clips on
the local Nuclear power plant discussion. Nobody wanted any of it
edited out or in any way altered. Altering nature is pure wrong to.
That's why my wildlife and nature is all natural no faking no editing.
Just the way it is. Lots of complaining about unimportant stuff at the
video forums (just like here) Too jiggly, Blurry, stupid comments by
cameraman... The fact is; the more you shoot the more GOOD video you
I don't believe in encryption either. The program needed a Search and
replace option. It was the next logical step to test that out for

It could be made more difficult to unravel if I did a few word changes
to long obscure statements then encrypt. Reversing those edits
later??? Ie change " and " to "these forums need more clues" change "
the " to " desktop search is great " etc etc then do the encryption.
It would be pretty messy.

The Main rule is keep nothing incriminating on your computer. Write it
down and bury it.
geeze I was thinking about doing the same with the cript.txt file
(just so everything is in one exe) efficiency doesn't matter anymore.
In a lot of ways it has worked out better than expected. This will
help beginner programmers, get all these bad coding habits out of
their systems.
Final clues the encryption file cript.txt is at: It is used to
shuffle the characters around during encryption the search excutable
is at:
I think that code is deactivated with a goto right before it. Did you
check out how the slow motion works? that is cool and needs testing.
Here is the complete source code. See how simple search is.

The Desktop Search showdown has started. Anyone want to help on the
Spectate Swamp side?
A video would do much better. Learn a few of the basics and they will
be as computer and video savy as they will ever need to be.
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Minor start up problems. Sorry about that. I always put the exe in
it's own folder. It creates a few control files at startup. The first
run needs to be closed out. Somehow I'm not closing something
somewhere. Being lazy I just start it again.

Initially the #1 is for the text file you want to search. Unless you
have a file you want to search at this point then just ignore the #1
prompt and go to the #2 prompt. Here you can build catalogs of files,
merge text files, do a directory, prompt for HELP etc etc. prompt #3
is for the search strings

Oh Yeah the Ctrl/Alt/Del is a handy option now and again. I have yet
to lose any data using the program
For the home computer user who might occasionally scan in a book,
there would be no need for a page turner.

Video changes everything.
You must have a lot of video Marc to get 2.3 Terabytes No problem to
catalog video with this app.

If the 2.3 is text then you are BS'n A lifetimes reading fits on a DVD
4.7GB For personal use; why oh why keep stuff you have never read and
would never have time to get to. Leave that stuff on the net. It makes
your real info so much harder to find. You poor bugger. How do you
find anything. You need this Search.

Common man == Common Sense

Random was added to make search more fun. Reduces boredom also.

Randomly double clicking. This one can display them at 20 to 30 a
second. For hours if I want it.

500 books - I'm talking about maybe videoing in a handwritten copy of
a cook book chatting it up as to when and where grandma would make
these meals. Video can add way more than any scan. DVD's cost less
than 25 Cents. So where is the problem?

I would have to sit down and manually catalogue data. Well history
data especially when you have that much is almost impossible to get
around to. Even if you have other helper apps. But you could start
with the stuff you need today. Screen captures of this error notes on
that. The odd video clip explaining something else. It took 2 of us
nearly 2 months to scan and catalogue the family albums. There is no
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easy solution.

Why make video of a legal document. A friend of mine got royally
screwed in international trade and the papers proved it. We videoed
these in, at the sametime bad mouthing the trade officials along with
showing their pictures. I'll have to dig up some of that. Far more
powerful than any old scan

Single hi-res scan of a page. I haven't used my scanner in 5 years. I
take video and pictures of things I want on the computer. Don't get me
wrong I have lots of Jpgs around. Camera, old scans and (prt/scr)
screen captures to jpg. When you have lots of data like you have. This
app will show you some things.

War_and_Peace.avi. I'd sooner have the War_and_Peace.txt with all the
text for searching and reading a page at a time. This app is best at
mpg but does handle avi. Grandma's cook book or trashing legal papers
work good on video.

People don't have scanners they have camcorders in their telephones.
They need a way to start organizing all that video. You are too far
behind the curve to be helped. Sorry.
 Give me a minute. I have a few questions of my own.
At least I got you looking at the source. Maybe 1 or 2 of you have
tried to build a new exe. I hope so.
The flowcharts for the above spaghetti is: It works. Follow
it through. I put line numbers on the charts too.
Search is about having access to your data. Passwords and all. On a
personal level I have no problem with people finding any of my data.
All I need is a good backup.

My example on video is still poor. The thing you can do with legal
stuff on video is pick them apart. Calling B.S. and expose the
corruption. That's what video can do.
Oh I'm watching alright. Planning my next (how to) video.

What's the problem-o Did a "GOTO" kill your Dad?
Finally somebody who isn't just picking on my coding style.

 If you want to help out in the Showdown maybe we can get close to
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some supermodels. (or maybe you will be on the OTHER side?) Right now
I do the video cataloging by hand. I sure would like to know of an app
that would do this step like you describe. Dump that info to a file
and a little massaging and it should work fine with this search.

 Here is an example of what I have to do to catalog 1 short 2 minute
video. I have 159 more short ones I'd like to catalog. I could sure
use that app you are talking about.

If I had access to your computer. In minutes I would be randomly
viewing and playing your jpgs, bmps, mpg, mp3 and more. Random will
show you stuff you forgot you had. If I had all my video loaded I'd
have 20% of the data you have. That's not a problem for this search.
If you have other formats you need. Then change the code to handle
them. And I thank you.

I would video in a book. Just so I could read it from my laptop when
away from home. That is a pretty poor example. I surely would video in
any legal papers that I didn't want to lose. Grandmas cook book would
be a good subject.

The real reasons for search are more subtle. Blazingly quick notepad.
Neet screen saver with video, pics and music intermixed. No indexing.
A great way to keep passwords and url's for various forums. My data is
portable and easily shared.
I'd like to have a copy of all the articles on this site. I know you
are talking behind my back. I just know.

I need one or two brave souls to step forward to help in the Search
ShowDown. With this simple code. Video, Music, Pictures and text.
We'll show them why and how desktop search is important to the masses.
They got their blinders on. So it won't be easy.
Laugh all you want. You are just displaying the reasons for your

You don't see Desktop Search for the Spelling Errors. You don't see
Desktop Search for "goto" statements. You don't see Desktop Search for
"Bad Code" But don't be Worry. I haven't given up on you yet.
Catalog the page starts that's all. Why wait forever for some
automated procedure. Lazy SOB lazy lazy lazy.
So far you haven't seen this Search perform. Just looked and critiqued
the code so far. But that's a start.
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How can code with so many GOTO's possibly work. Is it a miracle. How
can an illiterate write code that works? so many questions.

Has anybody had any luck building a new executable? Does the search
work on vista?
I do at least 1 backup copy of my Videos onto DVD's. Some of my best
video I have on my laptop for showing off.

I can see there are a few that need to be "CLUED IN" on how to use
Go away spectateSwump. They will get you confused with me and think we
are both crazy.
I don't think there is anybody in this cult but me.

Thinking about DrPhil and others saying they don't need search, made
me realise what the problem is.

Techies don't need search. And for sure don't know how to make good
use of one. Search allows you to keep WAY more data.
I hope you are not Jee Hawing me. (old dog musher commands for left,

The program can easily run background jobs. Ie 100 jobs doing extracts
then combine those files for searching.

I need to create some example templates. Before I forget how to do it

Sorry for not responding recently. My modem is giving me trouble.
First I did a complete reinstall of windows xp. That took 3 hours.
Backup. Load windows and net stuff. Then copy my data from the
external drive. Still got the same problem. The line is either bad or
my modem is too old.

Anyway that's what this Desktop search does for me. I can know next to
nothing about the OS. The internet and computing in general if I know
and use this program for storing text, pics, video etc. Before you
ever commit anything for storage on a computer make sure you are as
secure as I am.

Any of you done a reinstall of your system lately. I bet it wasn't as
simple as mine.

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If you can't easily and quickly re-install your OS then your data
isn't as secure as it could be.
I was pretty sure that was my problem. But it's so easy to eliminate
virus problems by reloading my OS. I'll call my Internet Co today. I
needed a fresh backup as well. 3 hours is all it took.

Right now I could lose my LapTop and I'd be up and running on another
as soon as I could get my hands on it. (ie my fresh backup) That's
security. You geekie buggers would be spending days just gathering all
the software packages you just got to have. Ooooh Soooo Secure I am...
The dumbing down is working.

My new video group will be "How Spectate uses Desktop Search"
The only one that counts to the masses is availability. I just want
the computer to safely store and find my data. The other security is
for corporations.

I sure hope they can access my data. In the future maybe somebody will
look at all my "todo" items for this search. Some would be easy, some
lots of fun.

Too much Security Inhibits data sharing.

I should have known. I'd find the answer here.

The techies don't know dick about Desktop Search. (with the exception
of 1 or TWO)

That's why I have never had any takers on a desktop search challenge.
Even moreso now, when they can look at and test out this wonderful
program. They know the Spectate Swamp would make them look bad. There
search came from internet search. What rubbish.

Why techies don't need search. They don't keep notes like I did
throughout my career. 1 or 2 type written pages per day every day.
Seldom did I solve the same problem twice. I'd check my notes for any
previous errors. They don't keep notes because they are covering their
butts and for job security. I was a consultant most of the time. My
superiors loved the detail they got. I can search my inmails and find
the first time I was called ignorant. That was a fun debate. You know
you are winning when the other side resorts to name calling. I'm
saving these nasty clips for motivational purposes. In the destkop
search showdown I'll make them eat their words.
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In all my years I seen some pretty sad code too. If I had spent my
time whining about it like this bunch. I would have been down the
road. I made changes to code where the originator was contacted and he
said "Don't touch that Code" . I took 2 or 3 days to flowchart it and
made the changes that worked. I was the maintenance guy for that
project till I left.

I know now that I need to SHOW YOU how I use desktop search, to make
compter life simpler. When you can understand everything that the
program does. And you will. It will be far easier for you to make use
of it. SORRY for calling you all clueless. You just never saw or heard
of real desktop search before.

My data is at my fingertips and as secure as I want it. Can't touch
this Search.
Well It probably doesn't search gobs of textual data better than
anything else. But it does search gobs of textual data way way better
than most. If I could only count the ways. Random large font scrolling
text is one.

I was hoping somebody would do some tests on it with large large text
files. (no limit) Maybe some database extract.
Good idea that MasterPlanSoftWare was getting pure silly.
Bottie bottie calm down. You don't have to have all the answers. You
don't have to be all knowing.
 I could tell you software horror stories. The most elegant code that
couldn't run. Written by a Mensa who refused to change it because it
was soooo elegant

It was beautiful code. Just like you nerds want. A piece of spagett
here and there and the program would probably have worked and done a
fine job. But as it was She was soon sent packing. The replacement was
much much better.
A more Botty guy I never Knew.

Only 1 other forum where I'm battling cluelessness and that is:

I just don't want to double post. Anyway don't worry once I have clued
you in on this Desktop Search. I have ONE other program to show you.
It was a key part when doing initial data dumps during conversions.
Very very simple and powerful.
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I'll claim victory.

This search is just too too powerful not to be Open Source. I'll write
the book.

Good comments though

I didn't say didn't say the logic was really really complex. Just
complex enough I needed a flowchart to finally fix it.

The rest of the code is NOT complex and that's what I like about it.
Great Great code is always simple and easily changeable
The text hi-lite and line-wrap logic was by far the most complex
coding in this program. You sit down and take a look for those line
numbers in the source.txt at:

This code works really well. How would you improve on it?
The text hi-lite and line-wrap logic was by far the most complex
coding in this program. You sit down and take a look for those line
numbers in the source.txt at:

This code works really well. How would you improve on it?
Large font scrolling text was added because it was easy and fun.

See how easy it was. Check for "Cmd(76)" and "Cmd(77)" in the
source.txt file.

Change the number of lines per page and the font size along with
characters per line. Maybe ever put in some blank lines in the target
file. I used it to search randomly and display political forum
questions. I put the color of the match to that of the background to
clear that from display. It's not that tuff and great for motivational
sayings etc.
Hold it hold it. You are losing me SMTP POP3 I'm in the Don't NEED to
Know Mode. But there are a couple things I'd like to Know.

How hard is it with your email clients and all to export all your
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email (textual info only) to text. Probably not that hard at all.
Search that. Or are you just part of the RESISTANCE

meaningless commands. You bet. I was going to fix that part up some
day. But that meant changing templates, data defaults etc. I like
videoing more that fixing code that is just fine as it it. A nice skin
would cover up all those blemishes this hidden beauty has.
We don't need to know about email clients

We don't need to know about database or sql or other computer hacks.
We got Spectate Swamp

We are busy doing real stuff. Video, being outdoors. Simplified
computing frees you up for other activities. You do know activities
don't you.
My email moves with me. Like the wind on a DVD. Some email client has
your email. Mine is mine. yours isn't yours
Right on. Those that fight Open Source are ClueLess

I have 10 to 20 thousand emails in my outmail.txt 709,000 lines

why oh why would I want them individually? All my email info is there,
my inbox is clean only holding current unarchived email.

Some of you with 50,000 files. Good grief, no wonder you spend all day
looking for filenames filenames filenames.

Merging makes filenames unimportant. It's the content you are always
looking for. You don't go looking for a word file, thinking I'm going
to re mail that to so and so. Doesn't happen. The formatting in word
makes it pretty but reduces it's portability and sharability. DATA

A half day at Spectate Swamp Shack and you'll see computing in a whole
New (old) way.
Now you are starting to see the possibilities.

Getting a huge text file dump should be easy. On over 50 Telco and
Cable conversions. they all came as text files. This system can
randomly show you your mpeg files. Any software that can catalog the
video to text... Wow I'd use that file and a little more formatting.
Presto I have all the video cataloging done.
I'm sure there are some out there testing this software.
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MasterPlanSoftWare in on my favorites list with rbur0802 Keeping this
thread going and going.

There is no way I could teach you all you know sofar in 1 or 2 posts.
Nobody would have read it. Thanks again
I'll show you how to use this program and you won't need to know
another thing about computers. Guaranteed...

Brace yourself.
Now you can start it. How about trying the auto catalog for mpeg or
mp3 files. Prompt #2 option "gf"

My next video will show you how to do both the gf and the random
random playback with freeze frame

None of these features make it the killer app. But I still got lots
more to show you about in this BAD code.

Who is brave enough to try it and join me on my side.???
Re-inventing the wheel. I was using Vax search in the Mid 80's This
program does a lot what that did, but has video music pics and a lot
lot more. When You can look at the code and see what it does for video
and music you'll love it. I'll show that next.

You all are getting more Desktop Search Knowledge than anybody but ME.
The Other forum wanted to see me search a big file. They were going to
do a similar video with theirs.

anyway you can see the freshly uploaded vid at:

More video to come.
I can take my pics and my text file to any other operating system that
can deal with jpg and txt. I think that's about all of them. If they
have a simple text search function. And they should. Then I can find
my files just fine. The text is valuable and will always be. When I
have my pictures numbered sequentially. I can do a visual check to see
if any are missing. Data goes bad you know. How in the H would you
tell if any file happens to go bad?. With this search the picture can
be displayed for a few seconds in stretch mode. Then brought up in
original size. In original it is possible to display large font text
as to who is in the picture. Right on top. Oldie pictures with names.
I havn't tried using the scrolling font feature there. But should.
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                              may 27.txt
It's all there in the code. If it does something you don't like get a
friend with vb and the 2 of your fix it.
The day this picture was taken Gee and Haw were used lots:

It's a dog team command. (left - Right) When you are teasing
somebody. You are Gee Hawing them. Try saying that to this team and
they would probably bite you.

Picture is 50 years old. Thats me and my cousin elaine. The driver is
Wes Reid. Easy to find stuff like this when you have it cataloged.
Are you an English teacher or what. If you corrected people like that
face to face. You'd be slapped silly. Oh you are already there.

GoTo and shitty, Try and make major changes to programs that arn't
spaghetti. If it is well designed a well placed GoTo can do Magic.

Regular expressions. Didn't need em in 1970, never used in in 38
years. Still don't need them. What is "Gee Haw" mean that's an
expression that was much more common and widly known. That's what I
call regular expressions. Gee Haw to you. This is too much fun.

Counting lines. I know it's not efficient. But it is as clear as I can
get when leaving the code for others. If it were way complex. Then
changes couldn't be made easily. Good code can be changed easily by
others. I think you'll find others will take and change this code.

4) indexing. In a way maybe so. But in a way that is completely
understandable to others / users. That's why I can explain it to the
common man.

Years and years ago 1974 My late friend Grant C. said If it was up to
him; when designing systems he would do them all with text files.
Corrections could easily be made to the data with editors. The data
didn't need any unpacking of numbers etc to make them understandable.
I'm just following through on this vision from my friend.

There are just too many different formats for me to even attempt to
start handling them all. But now with other smart guys and gals like
yourselves I don't have to worry about that do I. Search_pdf
Search_oddball There should be a version to do everyone of these
formats. Soon. I'm too busy doing video to worry about archiving
formats I don't use. You do it.

New Point.

                               Page 14
                              may 27.txt
I have left some code where users can be Identified. Left in for a
purpose but bypassed. Say you want to modify the code and restrict
certain users to display only or to certain files. It's sooo easy.
Great Software is easily customizable to fit any situation.
I was going to agree with MasterPlanSoftWare but that would be just

Right now the app is designed to merge/append every .txt or other text
type files it finds on a drive or sub-folder. This doubling of size
for some may run them out of disk space. A change or two to the code
could make it do what you want. (Don't try this unless you have
Spaghetti code). Right in the merge code when the input files are read
and output to the merge file. Place the ever powerful "GOTO" to jump
to the point right after the main logic read from the usual target
input file. A check for this new search type here and there and the
code should be able to do a search while in a psudo merge mode.

NoShow was added to the search after my sister got tired of seeing her
X when we were testing the family album picture options. All my
searches are "and" searches. The ss option is an "or" search.

Speed is limited to how fast the sequential text file can be moved
from Disk. The faster the disk the faster the search. After the first
pass on the file. Unless it is huge huge huge. The file will reside in
memory. To show the last page of my notes file. The program reads from
beginning to end counting the lines in the file. Then reads it a 2nd
time (from memory) up to the number of lines in the file Less 30 or so
and starts the display there. Showing the last page. Database files
don't move data like a sequential dump. If you need even more speed,
Then the program can run multiple copies of itself. Each searching a
given section of the database. Extracting it so it can be merged and
displayed by the Mother Search. Try this app out on a friends
computer. 20,000,000 characters per second is about what this program
can do. Faster disks mean faster search

With a minor builder app. If someone would write this simple vb
program. Right now I can search and display pictures with this search.
The first line being the detail line to search and the 2nd being the
path to the picture. The routine would create 2 lines in the new text
file. For each line of text in the originating odd ball format file.
The 2nd line would be the path to the pdf file along with more info
like page number. Instead of opening a picture. The program would be
opening the pdf file with the originating software. Almost instantly.
Very few changes would have to be made so that a new format could be
added. If you have a friend with VB have him do it.
Bot or not. I'm happy. a number of you have taken and tried the
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search. I don't blame you for resisting the search. I used search more
than anybody I know. All the time for the last 10 or 15 years. It's
simple enough that anybody can quickly pick up what's happening. When
you have the code. You might get more interested in checking it out.
The Search doesn't do anything unusual. I can fill you in on more of
the details. Maybe when the laughter stops. And sombody asks
 Not a troll. A desktop search advocate maybe. Experience tells me
that I can teach someone how to use this program in an afternoon. They
will understand what is going on. There is no big mystery. In this day
and age you can do things inefficiently. Computers are so fast it
doesn't matter. I programmed in the 70's and know what crap talking
about performance today is. This is not rocket science. You have the
code. Go do something constructive. Make it better.
Just think. Next somebody will actually be improving OUR Desktop
Search Engine. Cleaning up the code. Adding more functions. Explaining
the bad parts.

A handful have seen the light. They are testing it out. One NOTE when
doing random. Make sure you turn it off when finished. It gets a
little confusing with text. Ie "rand" "norand" at prompt #2.

It's not just me working on the code anymore. There are some Swampies
out there lots and lots of them.
My favorites list is just getting longer and longer. Dump some huge
amount of text and check it out. GF on your jpgs or mpgs or mp3 stuff
Now they can't touch you. You are in control of your DATA.

That other forum is about to lock the thread. I think I'll leave them
alone for a while. The learning continues here.
I found quite abit about Mac desktop search. It needs some competition
and a good search to autit it's results. Everybody needs a good audit.

I don't like indexers running. I would have to turn it off all the
time. This search I just start it up and it's ready to go and do my
bidding. Video, music, pics

I'll be visiting some Mac and Linux sites to try and encourage them to
take on the challenge. The masses need you.
Here at Spectate Swamp Shack I have demoed the Desktop Search to
non-computer users. Explaining what was going on in the background and
how I managed to do certain things. How poorly I named some of the
commands and why screen saver mode is "ww" instead of "ss" etc etc.
They could see the simplicity of it all and weren't terrified. Can you
                               Page 16
                              may 27.txt
do that with any of your so called replacements for Spectate Swamp
search. I doubt it. When they can understand what is going on. They
will find ways to make use of it. There are millions of people out
there with video phones needing a simple way to make use and have fun
with video. This is the WAY
Take it and do or don't do whatever you like.
Looks like you are a good candidate for Spectate Swamp Shack. Maybe
even the front of the class. Want to join?
True true. But bad code can run. Even with Goto's

What is needed is 1 or 2 people who are willing to expand search to
platforms other than the PC. Then my data becomes truly portable.

If you don't have VB that's ok. Just email me the source and I'll
build a new exe for you and email it back. It doesn't have to be
anything more than a name change or prompt fix. I'll put the code in
and return you the exe. If someone would fix that nasty startup
problem for me I'd appreciate it. Should just close it out complete
Maybe?? I think I could use 8 or 10 full time swampies more than that.
I'd be swamped.

Troll bored too. Very bored. Need more swampies.

The thing is with these posts. I learn a lot. Every time.

The source works for the PC. Now I just need some Mac, Linux and Java
desktop search enthusiasts to take up the challenge. I'll help all I

With Spectate Swamp Search on all these platforms. I could move all my
data from PC to Mac to Linux to the Internet and back again in hours.
Now that is portability. Know any Search Nuts? Don't need all that

My other next to favorite forum Locked the similar post. Troll
cornered. No place to go.
Putting data in pics where it is another step away from the user adds
to the confusion. Just another reason for the man on the street to
fear computers. Having to know words like metadata. It takes a
lifetime to learn computing your way. If you ever really know it.

Bad might have been a bad choice of words. Missing is probably better.
When you have lots of video and pics like I do. Long unwieldy file
                               Page 17
                              may 27.txt
names make things almost unmanageable when looking at file names. I
can spot one missing in a sequence easily. I'm not sure I want to look
at 5000+ family album pictures file name lists any other way that
scn00234.jpg scn00235.jpg. Just easier to keep organized. I do keep
lots of copies of the family pictures and related text file.

1 simple program written by a dumb sob. with flowcharts for the hard
parts. There are lots of print statements you could re-activate. Jam
jam jam the code. You'll quickly see what it is doing.

Open Source - Maybe someone will port it to Mac or Linux. I might even
try a Mac again if that happens.

The code works just fine and does everything I need. There might be
something yet to be done, that will excite you. Have at it.

Navigation, Slow motion, Freeze frame. And a great way to really bug

No need to change it right away. Taking a peek at the code can be
enough for now.
Text is similar to Open Source in that respect. Nobody has a gun to
your head and that this app searches text far better than the rest.
Everybody except me has been able to survive without this search. It's
an accumulation of things that make this search so useful. Instant
notepad, no sql, no indexing, search large files instead of a spell
checker. Customizable. Portable, Random.... That makes this search,
the only real app, the man on the street needs. Forget all the other
applications and their confusion. I'll teach them everything this
Desktop search does in a half day and their introduction to computers
in done. Complete. Can't do that without this simple yet powerful tool
Oh Yeah. The background jobs are set so that they will run so long.
The Parent executable is set to wait as long as it takes for the
background job to display a random screen of scrolling text with jokes
or motivational sayings then close itself out. Then on to the next
line pair set that runs a background job to do something different. I
used this for random political questions running continuously in a
storefront window.
You are right they don't communicate back with the original process.
It is handy if you had 2 camera views of the same event and wanted to
play both in sync. Just fiddle with the video start point on the 2nd
video and move em around on the screen.

The navigation stuff is interesting too. Say the current line pair
shows a splash screen with some selection instructions on it. The
                               Page 18
                              may 27.txt
"control_files" array that are dated "23 November" code shows how. One
can make a selection from 1 to 10 of various control files and their
changing inputfile as you navigate along.

Way more than I want to do. But It could lead to something. Not that
hard to implement either.
check out "backgrd" in the code. It's been a while since I used it. ie
in a "match line" line #1 if there is a "backgrd==" and the path to a
new exe then that job is started up in its folder ie
c:\search\backgrd1\backgrd1.exe It has all it needs in it's own
control file to run. The parent job can then start up another backgrd2
job (ie the next line pair) or wait for the first one to complete
before it continues.

 the code is at:
I have written a database in 1975. The only reason it was done was to
speed access to the records. That isn't required anymore. I have
worked for some of the larger computer users. A pulp and papermill's
plant management system. It would be no problem at all, in searching
all their records for a year or more. I did it with the vax search 12
years ago. The PC's are much faster and there was 150 users on the
Plant Management system.

Computer Geeks complain about efficiency. I've spent days changing
code; because someone read that this executes .000000001 faster than
this other function. How stupid. If it takes minutes worry. If it
takes a miniscule part of a second then forget it. I'm not painting a
screen here or anything that is extremely repetitive. If you can speed
the program up. Go ahead. I'd appreciate it. But it works fine as it

This search is for the masses. If they don't know what is going on in
the background. They will never learn how to make use of the tools.
This search is simple enough being just text files that I can explain
it to them with no problem. Try that with a database.

My database was: I created an empty file with room for 50% more
customer records than the company had. These records had "CCCCCCC" in
the account # field to indicate never used and a "DDDDDDD" to indicate
deleted. When searching for an account number. A number between 1 and
the max records was generated using the account number and a function
that determined the record to read. I read the record and if the
account numbers didn't match. I'd generate a 2nd location. If there
was "C" at that location I'd know that was an invalid number. If "D"
was the type. I'd look for another location to read. Maybe finding a
match or not. That sped things up a great deal on the PDP 11/70 we
                               Page 19
                              may 27.txt
were running.

Anyway sorry for responding so slowly. The only way I could get on the
net was to load my TELUS net software each time. When checking the
communications, it didn't give up after a few tries. It kept asking
for a retry and after a couple or 3 of those. I was in. To send any
replies I'd type them in a text file copy and send them to you. Just
in case I'd lose it on the send. Which I did a couple times. They are
sending me a modem in the mail. Anyway once this problem is resolved
I'll be able to upload video. Showing how I use this Search. For
accessing data it just kicks butt.
You don't know horseshit. Write a search engine that does half what
this one does. If you can. Go ahead show me something worthwhile that
you have done that is simplified by your method of coding. Can others
extend it? Can others understand it. There isn't too much difficult
about this code. Except the line wrap and hi-lite logic and I
flowcharted that for you.

Thanks for being open minded XIU

Indentation and multiple modules don't make a good program. It is the
results that count. Everybody is complaining about how bad the code
is. I expected as much. But nobody complained it was TOO complex. That
is because I made it as simple as I could. Almost anybody will be able
to look at the code and find out what it is doing. Activate a print
statement here and there to see more details as they happen. This
program has changed and evolved lots. That is part of the reason it
seems a little disorganized. A change in 2 or 3 place 30 times over
can do that.

Lots of programmers make their code very difficult for others to
understand. I strive to keep it simple. That way I can come in and
make changes / additions to code done 7 or 8 years before. I have a
hard enough time remembering details from yesterday. So I needed it

I don't advocate taking all files and deleting them after merging them
into 1 huge file. It's just that I don't see a need having the
originals anywhere but on a DVD Few if any of these reports / memos
will ever see the light of day. So why clutter up your directory with
them. Plain silly.

As for me coming in and being a shit disturber. You bet I am. I knew
few if any would be doing SEARCH the way I am. So I came to TECHIE
forums knowing there would be resistance. In doing so. Some of the
respondents summed up what I'm doing better than I could. Ie Spectate
                               Page 20
                              may 27.txt
Swamp Desktop Search and simple text files make a "Poor Man's
DataBase" And a very portable DataBase at that. I like portability.
It's right up there with simplicity in importance. I don't put much
emphasis on indentation and the number of GoTo's or lack thereof.

I've answered lots of questions. There are some with 1 or 2 good
questions and 8 or 9 that aren't worth mentioning. So I skip them.
From now on I'll try answer those that are valid. In return ANSWER My
questions too. Ie 50,000 documents and you need them seperate for
what? How on Earth can you have read all the data some of you have
collected. When a lifetimes reading fits on a DVD. HOW. Why would you
keep and archive this information? It only makes your info harder to
find. That's all.
Editing causes multiple copies of the original to be here and there. I
keep my file names short and numbered. For a given day. I'll add notes
to my videos.txt file just detailing what was done that day on that
video sequence. I haven't done all that much detailed cataloging
lately. Most of my recent video has been political.

I shoot politicians in at the lowest resolution. They just arn't worth
the extra few cents.

By moving through the bush, bent at the waist with my camcorder in my
right hand about a foot and 1/2 in front of me. I caught our dog
catching a mouse. I was pointing the camera like a flashlight. Looking
through the viewfinder sometimes obscures your view of your
surroundings. It's pretty trippy out in the bush just too much stuff
to cause a fall. If your arn't watching.

Brownie steal my mouse. IN slow motion:

When you shoot lots of video, sometimes you get a surprise.

Ruffed Grouse strutting to our music:
Sorry about explaining the Desktop Search so poorly.

I'll do much better. I'm one of few who really uses desktop search.
Been doing it since the mid 80's. Way way more notes and searching
than anybody I knew or came across in computing. The value of this
tool is incredible. So many other options are possible. Even though it
does everything I want. My wants are simple. Keep my data safe,
available and sharable.

I'll create templates for each and every interesting option.
                               Page 21
                              may 27.txt
All my emails are in 2 files. Inmail.txt and outmail.txt. Not much
difference if it was 50,000 word documents. They never get printed or
sent again. Why not combine them after you have done a Backup of the
originals to DVD. Dump the files to text and merge them. You directory
with that many files in it, has to be a bit much to look at. And slow.

The initial reason behind the merge was that the directory lookup was
so slow. To just find all the txt files on C drive took a minute or
more. So instead. I created a Merge. Any good search needs a
merge/append. The start and end of each file is in the combined file.
So when search finds a match. I know which file it came from and
display it in the form border. The file name is generally useless,
unless your are searching source code.

Combining files allows me to easily share all my info. Once there is a
Mac and Linux version of the search. Then the OS won't matter to me.
Right now I'm stuck with Windows.

When your search has a replace option and can run as a background
jobs. How hard is it to create a simple accounting system. Update the
info using a background job running the replace option. When you deal
with nothing but plain text. It's simple to make fixes with an editor.
Having a databases makes it's a whole different matter. The average
person on the street can understand most of what I talk about. And
probably non from this bunch. This search is for the masses. They will
use it and be far ahead of the naysayers when it comes to being in
control of their data. Again Me and my Swampies would kick all your
butts in a Search Engine Showdown

The site takes two or 3 days to approve a project. See
some of you there.
Wine sounds like I need to know a little more. Maybe my Mac friends
will give it a spin.

Thanks for all the ridicule. A few good points got brought up along
the way. Laugh or not at least people are looking. I just registered
with I'll be wanting the swampies over there. Not all
were laughing. Maybe the guy next to you GETS IT
135,000 total reads at channel9. Somebody is getting clued in. Anybody
with Desktop Search insight. I can use. Some of you just won't
qualify. Sorry way too clueless. More and more video is being done.
This software is needed on all computer systems. Not just the PC
                               Page 22
                              may 27.txt
Take it and do or don't do whatever you like.
You'll get more than a cookie if you make the SS Desktop Search
ShowDown Team. A t-shirt or 10. (we have lots)

Your knowledge of search seems pretty good. We could use more people
with your helpful attitude.
Careful what you Share. My work notes and email were all there to
share. My personal stuff might need some editing. Ie removing phone
numbers etc.

I'd share   my notes at work in a similar way as sharing source code.
Dump your   latest into a folder somewhere along with everybody elses
notes and   a quick merge of those files into ONE on your local drive if
you like.   Search that time and again without bumping heads with other
searches.   Or busy networks.

SharePoint sounds nice. Sharing and all. Can it do extracts, random or

Presentations. A quick video with the expert can   get the job done as
well. It doesn't have to be professional quality   to get the message
across. Far far more powerful than any non video   presentation. This
app can do navigation in presentations. Way more   fun than following
the same routine everytime.

Spreadsheets. (Wrote one in 1974) To share spreadsheets. I'd do the
same I did with exceptions and errors. A quick screen capture to jpg.
Use paint to circle or otherwise hi-lite the important aspect of the
screen. Catalog the spreadsheet details in a txt file. moving the
catalog to the common area each update. When people have this much
control over what they share. They will share more. If they get to
keep a home copy of their shared info. They will share even more.
Sharing is a 2 way street. Always has been.

With source in 1 large file it is easy to take home. as well screen
captures don't require the originating software to be there. That's

Of course there is the security issues. Forget them. Unless you make
everyone check their celphones at the desk. Yourself included.
I do understand. SS is the only piece of software the masses need.
It's equally important for those of you that are up to your eyeballs,
bit fiddling.
If you want to be in control of your project bring your gang up for
the half day course. The first half of the day will be spent tramping
                                 Page 23
                              may 27.txt
around in the local bush. You will find out how to share notes on the
project and how to audit the SAP system totals

Single flat files transfer data faster than round files.

This afternoon we went tramping around Groat Creek

lost trappers cabin on groat creek:
Don't need no Specs with Spectate Swamp. Grab the Source and jam IT.
If you don't have VB maybe you can send the text to 1 or 2 of these
WiseGuys and they will build an exe for you.

I Challenge any Swampie out there to be the FIRST to make this change
to the Most Powerful Program on the Planet.

The search has a HiLite_This element in control.txt position #31 or
cmd(31). This element gets hi-lited if any lines
other than the match line gets displayed. But not when it's on the
match line. There is a simple fix for this problem
with a couple of perfectly placed pieces of Spaghetti code.

How I'd do this "Enhancement"
Right after prompt #3 (where the search elements are entered seperated
by a "/")
place the contents of cmd(31) into search string #6 (if it isn't
already in use)
Ignore the 6th search element when doing line matching if it is equal
to cmd(31)
display the 6th search element in the alternate color used for cmd(31)

If none of you can do it. I show you how. Come ON. Make a change to
the most powerful program on the Planet. SS Desktop Search.
Every OS has a NotePad or Explorer. I don't use notepad as much as my
Browser. Once this Search is on other HardWare then I'm even more
portable with my data. Few very few, need to run a web server. With
Spectate Swamp you don't need a database PERIOD. But go ahead SS is a
good audit for any DataBase problems. This media player will make your
media so much fun you'll forget the rest. My Web browser is not nearly
as irreplaceable as this SS Search.

More Enlightenment the ClueLess CRY
Advice. If you are going to be a Troll. Be the very best you can. If
you are going to be bad be very BAD.
                               Page 24
                              may 27.txt
I haven't Voted YET
If you want your project to go smoothly then you had better share lots
of info. If I had a project that large. All team members would be
using the search to keep notes and screen captures of the various
details. When the data gets swapped into the new system. Have it do a
dump to text and do a quick check of the counts for a given word,
element type etc. Also keep lots of screen captures of exceptions,
conversion steps, totals etc. This info shared with the rest of your
group will get you done 7 months early. You'll all get raises. Good
decision taylonr
I'm sure they won't like you asking real questions.

It's easier to figure out the source code, if you have a copy of the
search.exe running. ie check the prompts and look for them in the code

During text search it replaces tabs with spaces, removes multiple
spaces and ensures there is one at the beginning and end of each data
line. That way It can search for leading and trailing spaces. When I
don't know how to spell a word, and there are lots I don't know how to
spell. I enter a space then a few characters from the start of the
word and the same for the end of the word. Both have to appear on the
same line for a match to show. It works. When searching a string that
means, if a search finds an entry with a trailing space (A) and the
next has a leading space (B) It has to put back in the trailing space.
If A is immediately followed by B. That and the hi-lite logic was the
only tricky part in the code. It required I spend 3 days. Flowcharting
changing logic, redrawing the chart, a few more changes and it was
done I'd suggest you use this code as is. Change it to take out the
GoTo's and you will be a hero. In my eyes anyway. Then If I can just
get somebody to work on the rest. I go to another forum and start

I need to work on my list of how I use this search so you too can be
as dumb as you want and make easy and productive use of computers.
Good going Cap'n

I'm loving this thread. Some fun reading. The fact is; this search is
the only app, I or any non techie needs to make use of computers.
Learn it in 1/2 day and leave the Gurus in your technical dust.
ClueLessNess cure sessions at Spectate Swamp Shack Computing without
the Techno Babble.
I'm sure you wouldn't keep sensitive data on your own computer, if
                               Page 25
                              may 27.txt
there was the possibility your computer could get hacked and the DATA
would ruin you. People aren't so concerned with School systems and
Businesses. But they won't risk their own future. If you have
sensitive personal data. Make sure it's on your oldest computer. When
the police come. Use the sledge hammer that is sitting beside it. That
would make it a little more secure.
Thanks for spotting the typo. I was too slow trying to use edit.

Banks know the risks and insure against data loss. What if you marks
got out as a Kid and everybody could see you were as dumb as me.
Wouldn't that be humiliating. Sue the school for millions. What is the
critical reason for having that info on computers? 99.9% of users
shouldn't need to worry about secutiry by not putting sensitive data
on computers.

(Random SpreadSheets) Some crazed accountant sitting at home. Looking
at the wonders of his last years work. I know a few like that.

Fixes. Every app has enhancements. Very few changes have been made
lately. Because I'm lazy and it's works fine for me.
This search should read from start to finish in 15 seconds for 300MB.
Finding the first results and displaying them much much faster.
Remember this search shows the results. Not some little simulation to
the text. Text is readable. Not the case with most of the other Search
Engines. A little bit of yellow surrounded by jibberish.

I can start up the program default to my notes file. default to
display the last page. SEE it and default on the way out. In under 3
seconds. Your indexer may not have even indexed the latest changes.
And to see the last page like this. IMPOSSIBLE
Rewrite for 10,000 lines of code that is currently working shouldn't
be that hard.
They should put it in Vista. With the source out now. They have only a
2 maybe 3 months lead on Mac and Linux. If they try and clean up the
code as some suggest. Add another 3 months.
Security for the masses is a good backup. Don't EVER put confidential
info on the computer. Never ever.

55 million lines isn't too big 3 maybe 4 Gig. At 20,000,000 cps and
faster the first match will be up on the screen fast. Keep a copy of
that on your local PC. If you need a source module. Book it out and
change it as required.

                               Page 26
                              may 27.txt
 This search can have many lines of metadata for each file / picture /
video or song. Random is what takes the bordom out of playing your
best video, music and pics. They do extracts. That's great.

the navigation is when the audience is more interested in one branch
of he course than another. Give them some input. Spending too much
time on presentations is a waste of time. That's why so few get done.
Everybody is like this group. Missing the message while nit picking
the minute details.

Most spreadsheets are never changed or better not be if they are month
end type reports. I don't say get rid of the original. But make screen
captures of them that can easily be displayed randomly as a refresher.
Student info should be on a lone computer in a back room. The rest of
it should be fair game and open for use.

Just use the large merge file to search out the various code elements.
When you find logic that needs changes. Book out the function and make
changes as per usual.

Nobody has solved secutiry issues yet. All they seem to do is prevent
people from betting at their data. Security inhibits portability.

Good points though. Compared to some of the other Guru's
Everyone with interesting video and pics can understand the need for
random. 500Gig disks sequentially. Boooo
It shouldn't be hard for them to add. You can see what it takes by
using the search.exe to search the source.txt files for the logic
behind the xxx option at prompt #2 (extract) and the random logic
"rand" or "randa" (random video file selection & random start point in
that video)

Use this app where sharepoint is lacking.

When you have the source code. There is no gun to your head. The data
and files are finally yours.
boomzilla if you have read my posts on channel9 and here. Then the 1/2
day session could be cut to 1/2 hour. The rest of the day could be
spent tramping around looking for Dinosaur skin (I found some)
Videoing wildlife (we got lots) or some other fun local activity.
Boondoggle maybe; but a FUN one.
due to poor modem duplicate SORRY
Sorry merge is "merge" at prompt #2
                               Page 27
                              may 27.txt

The gf is the auto catalog for music, pics, video.

The slash is in cmd(6) change it to '.' or something else if you use
the "/" a lot. This search allows me to enter leading and trailing
spaces. In case I only know how to spell part of the word.

Learn a few simple commands and that is all you need to know. If you
don't like the name of the command. You got the source code. Change
your version.
Merge files "gf" at prompt #2 (follow the code if you are soooo smart)

searching. 's' for matching lines only or 'c' for full context display
at prompt #2. Then Prompt #3 enter the search string seperated by a
'/' up to 6 allowed

no camcorder. EveryBody should have a CamCorder. Digital cameras are
just too primitive.

This ain't CRAP
True you and a small percentage of people should be concerned with
System Security. But the rest of us NO.

True data security comes from Sharing. All the 5000+ family album
pictures got distributed on CD. Some to a local mini magazine. A few
of the real oldies got used. Pleasing my aunt to no end. One was of
her 70 years ago getting ready for a school play. Same with the source
code. Sharing it means many houses need to burn down before the code
is lost. Somebody will have a copy. Maybe even a cleaned up one. With
a nice SKIN?
What good is one computer for each child when computer people strive
to keep the uninitiated out. With this search and a camcorder they
will have the upper hand. I like playing Solitaire with cards. It's
easier to cheat.
I'm just saying. If you keep your sensitive data off the computer.
Then the rest you can share. Computer security should way way way down
on the list of priorities for most computer users. Security just isn't
a concern for me.
The things people with video cameras should be concerned with. Not how
to navigate the maze of computerdome. To spend years being considered
computer illeterate by the likes of this forum. I know way way less
than most of you. And hope to know even less about computers in the
next few years. Computer knowledge just isn't needed if you use it
                               Page 28
                              may 27.txt
like I do. The program source is there and the executable works. What
are you afraid of?
Did I mention cover completely with the pile of Dog Poop from it's
nearby container.
Everything you video could be illegal. There are 30,000 laws on the
books in my home province. Probably more at the federal level. If
school records got out and the resultant lawsuit bankrupted the
school. Then people would be concerned. The common man has no need for
such security. So just quit yapping about it.
I'd bet my bottom dollar that the time to Merge the target files would
be faster than creating an index. The merge is a directory then a file
read and append file read and append. The indexing would have to do a
file read and create the index wouldn't it. And a ton of bit fiddling
in between.

Know a few commands and be in control of your computer future. That's
the choice. Learn all you need to know in a half day at Spectate Swamp

How not to do an app. I just knew I should have spent some time
cleaning up the code. NOT
The point of computing is to get the masses on computers. Using their
digital cameras and camcorders. Not just for the bit fiddlers to
I got my new modem. Everything is fine now. Lots more demo video
coming your way.

Catalog and play/display music and pictures the same way the "gf"
option video does "mpg" videos. (today's video demo)

Thanks again to all the respondents for providing the tuff questions
that needed answering. I will try and catch up with some more
questions in the morning.

Now my modem is working. I can do some "Special Request" videos. If
there is any part of this Search you are interested in.
Complicated not really. Just the basics and a few more less basic

The Prime directive of computing was "Extract, Sort AND Report"
This app does the "Extract"
Every OS has a "Sort" (no need to try compete with them)
                               Page 29
                              may 27.txt
Now with SSDS there is no need for a "Report" (view the data on the
screen. no physical report required)

If text file changes are needed use a NotePad type plain text editor
OR the SSDS option for LARGE file
search and replace 'rrr' at prompt #2

Portable BackedUp data is a Beautiful thing.

Moving to another system/OS that doesn't support SSDS. No Big deal.
Your text, jpg and other common formats
will move easily and still have search value on the NEW system. But
for sure you will miss this FUN Search.
Why limit the search criteria to six? It was 3 at one time. That was
just too few. I seldom seldon
need 6 search items. It works for me. Extend it if you like?

with WDS I can enter Project1 OR Project2 NOT. You bet it can. But I
hardly ever use it. The 'ss'
option at prompt #2 makes it so.

fitting seamlessly into my daily use. On projects I kept lots of text
notes. And screen captures. The
app was used to display the cataloged jpgs'. Use it to check an
extract from one of your large databases.
It has a couple fun features. Like "f" at prompt #2. This mode will
show everything on the screen until
a match is found. A waste of resources but FUN.

Why on earth would I replace my camera with a camcorder. I felt the
same way about the reverse. Using my
camera when I had a camcorder. During the trapline posts. Some viewers
said they were on low speed telephone
connections and that the video was almost impossible to upload. I
started taking pictures then. A full camera
every day (72 or so) Even I can learn from discussions. But won't
admit it here.

Cleaning up the code would not help it, redesign would. You bet it
could. I'd tell you the things I'd leave out
as hindsight is 20/20. It's pretty easy to take existing code that
works and is as simple as this is and port it
to another language and OS.

This program shows elapsed time and hit counts. See how fast your new
drive is with this program. If you don't
have a few large text files hanging around. Use the Merge to merge and
                               Page 30
                              may 27.txt
remerge a whole lot of text files as a test.
Run multiple versions. Run from your backup DVD's Don't worry you
won't have to know much. Just watch the video
and hit pause now and then. I move fast with this app.

text-based online game. Good going. I have a friend that did similar.
In a paragraph or 2 what are you doing
data wise and decision / logic wise. This search would allow you to
search out the raw data.

The common man needs you to draw him a goddamn picture. Not really.
I've been working with the common man / woman
for well over 30 years in IT. You underestimate them. On a far more
complex system. I had my users help me debug
data problems in a 2,000,000 line plant management system. When an
error was found. They would allow me the time
to create a program to identify the (pointer situation) the record was
in. I could then find any more that were
like it. and do a weekly search for such culprits. I'd let the users
run them as well.

That's way more than me or my Swampies need to know. All this techie
stuff gives me headaches.

make it EASIER for newbies. There are so many packages and apps to
have and understand that it is overwhelming
to the Man / Woman on the street. Learn a few simple commands and in a
short while some wonderful person will be
comming out with a nice GUI edition. Big hugs for who-ever that will

anybody got a torch? Too late. The code is out there. There could be
more Swampies out there than even I could Imagine...

burn down to eliminate SSDS? Resistance is futile. It's opensource
code now. Moving changing, morphing into something even better.

a quagmire of nonsense (realised or not). Believe it or not you have
come a long way NeoMojo. Try it. Don't be afraid to learn the last
piece of important software you need to know.

a few (bajillion) random results. The moment you start using random
for display of your pictures, screen captures
video and music you become hooked. For some strange strange reason
techies resist this feature. Maybe it's because
their favorite search engine doesn't do it? Maybe?

SS is a total visionary... No. More like a Luddite. Striving hard to
                               Page 31
                              may 27.txt
keep computing simple in my live. And it is
allowing me to make real use of computers. Even if it is just Clueing
this group in.

says something like "Merge Files"? I make one tiny mistake and you
pick it up. It wasn't "gf" option to merge it
is "merge" my mind was a couple curves ahead. Sorry about the mistake.

What if I my search term has a slash in it. The "/" search key
seperator is a command file element. cmd(6)
in control.txt Change it with notepad. I used it because it was close
to the home position on the keyboard.
It is very handy to enter the " ???/??? " spaces before and after
characters if you don't know how to spell
the word, but just parts of it. Searching for SPACES is important for

So what if I don't have a copy of VB. Maybe you could send Your code
changes to a friend that has VB
they could send you back the exe. I did that for a friends computer
that behaved differently when closing
out than any of mine.

just a badly-done grep clone. It was always search to me not grep.
Since the mid 80's. Geeze they picked
a horrible name for grep. Worse than some of my prompts way way worse.

application that's so complicated even the programmer can't use it. It
has so many possibilities I forget some
of them myself. Just this morning. I found that the "gf" option resets
the "random" control element to "norandom" cmd(49)
control.txt line #49. Somehow I must have got tired of cataloging
video. and seeing random right off.
There is a lot in this program. Simple stuff and the more complex.
It's got it all.

powerful text and file manipulation specialized language. Simple tools
are sometimes the best. This is the "Hammer"
of computing. Don't worry it's simple in approach.

Nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure. Some of the
code has already left the planet. Now it's
the most powerful program in our galaxy.

You got some documentation. I'll try and do video documentation. Maybe
if you looked at the code you could
help your dad out a bit like a good boy. And thankyou for doing so.

                               Page 32
                              may 27.txt
cannot send or receive email, and is utterly useless. The other search
engines can't either. What a stupid stupid feature request.

I don't have any emails that are of importance that are more than
maybe 1 year old. Keeping the all just makes
it easier. One huge file. and no need to make the should I or
shouldn't I keep the email. I find lots of friends
I have almost forgotten over time. The total amount of text someone
will collect in a lifetime of reading. It tiny tiny.

the "average" user who spends a couple hours per night has even less
need. If they got digital video. They will leap-frog
you with their computer use. Just like me...ha ha ha

No two sentences make sense. come on belgariontheking you can do it.
I'll make more video. Soon your computer worries will be gone.

EULA that states that they own my emails. Maybe not but they are
interested. Spectate swamp search isn't. Too complex a task for
old swampie. Maybe the new Swampies will want to use it for that. But
you can TRUST me.

She's not computer savvy. Help her a bit by looking at the code like a
good son. Allow her to be digital video
savvy and not to worry about the details. If she wants to know. You
tell her what's going on.

Your app also DEFINITELY does not run as a 'background job'. Oh yes it
does. It just doesn't communicate back with the initial search.
that wouldn't be hard to add. Just some common file created by the
(sub search) and checked by the initial one.

Could easily be done. You do it.

Your plain text method loses all attachments, appointments, contacts
and tasks. I can manually store any attachments if I like. But
I'm far far more interested in my own stuff than what others might
send me. Unless it was a very powerful program like this one.
Then I would definitely save it. To a special area. Very special
The most recent video from today is now uploaded:

Good Attitude.

     I've videoed lots for 5 years with my Mini DVD Camcorder.
     Hardly use my camera once, I got my camcorder. But I should.

                               Page 33
                              may 27.txt
     Coding. By who's standards. My first program was on punch cards
     in 1970. Been programming since then on all types of projects.
     There is one more powerful program, I'd like to show any

     It's not that bad. Your skills are still useful in some circles.
     But the rest of the masses don't need all the computer knowledge
     Video is a very powerful tool. And this simple player makes it
more fun to watch.
     I'll video demo it asap. You'll only need to know this ONE more
app. I sometimes
     fail to remember that even techies don't care for change.

     John Doe won't have to remember anything I'm going to do short
short videos of everything
     No visit to Spectate Swamp Shack required.

     Gee-Hawing maybe a bit. I picked on digital picture forum
biggies. Saying video puts thing
     in perspective. Take pictures if you like but Video is DYNAMITE.
Politicians and insiders
     don't like it when I video open political Forums.

     Apples and oranges. Not likely when comparing camera and
camcorder. More like apples and
     golden apples. With a camcorder you got slow motion, sound,
action, movement, changing
     perspectives, random and freeze frame.

     I'm not looking at yesterday's questions. This forum was way way
more clueless than I could
     have imagined. But that's OK. I'm in the right spot.

     I think your are getting it. Camcorder Powerful. Computers
Simple. Me go video. Not Worry.

     Don't be worry.

     Backup philosophy. Is keep it as simple as possible. This Search
helps me keep on top of lots of data.

     Real men don't use backups. That gets you on my favorites list.
That Torvalds must be OK.

     confusing backups with cript.. Cript came about because I needed
search and replace option to change
     my 5000+ family album cataloged pictures. And to correct the poor
                               Page 34
                              may 27.txt
spelling and typo's in my notes.
     Doing encryption was just a simple add on to that. I really don't
use it at all.

     cryptic command line. No doubt. But not that much to pick up 6 or
8 main commands. With clear
     understanding of what is going on in the background. Because I'll
check the code. Can't any of you
     even get a glimmer of what's going on in the program. It's called
SEARCH. Like get a Clue.

     their job consists of playing random video files. Your job should
consist of some video. It's going
     to take over. This app will help make it enjoyable. You'll see.

     learn arbitrary and meaningless commands. Just a very few. To
gain control over your data that Google
     will never have. Random. Slow motion. Complete data ownership. No
snitching or data mining with SSDS
     Google like Yahoo and MicroSoft have limits on the size of text
file they will index. Do you know you
     are getting all your data with these Internet Search engines
pretending to be Desktop Search. That's
     like comparing apples and bad apples.

     They get results with context. They get index jibberish. Not the
real data.

     Not good at video or providing extracts like this one either.

The upload of the video played me out. Two complete unplugs of the
modem. A great number 20 to 30 points where
using the email send receive was the only thing that kept the
connection alive. Thank whoever that google transfer
doesn't give up on their end.

I'll continue from here later.
Enjoy getting clued in.

Once I get my new modem. You'll get clued in once a day.
That's exactly what happened. Maybe 2 or 3 times a month at the Pulp
and Papermill. Security wasn't the receiving departments friend. I

There is quite a bit to read here. So I'll think them over this
evening. I don't have time to answer them all. I'll demo my random
video. I'm sure you'll love it more than me. LATER
                                 Page 35
                              may 27.txt
I've answered QUITE a few questions. My turn. Has anybody got mpeg
video and tried the software?

Prompt #2 "gf" (for get files. It started out as part of a directory
function and changed later, thus the poor name)
that should lead you through the auto catalog of the mpg files.

once you have the output file created from the step above. Start the
program again. and at Prompt #1 give it the file from above mpg.txt
at prompt #2 enter 'rand' to pick a random file
at prompt #2 enter 'randa' to pick a random start point
at prompt #2 enter 'tt8' to play 8 seconds of random video
at prompt #2 enter 'ww' to start the screen saver random play and sit

to restart at any time most of the above are the defaults. So just
enter enter enter
when you are finished with "rand" and "randa" disable them at prompt
#2 using "norand" and "noranda"
for text it becomes a little confusing.

Who's doing video, anybody?
Send your Dad up here. The 1/2 day course and he'll leave you in his
dust. Computer video, music, pics and lots more.

Very few newbies can just sit down and figure out software these days.
Just too many options hiding the real important parts.
This one search program eliminates the need for learning many computer
apps. Learn this forget about the rest. Is a nitche that needed

All my emails are my data in plain text files. Your emails are
OutLooks, ThunderBirds and Mail Client's property more than they are
yours. My text file should move easily to any OS
I like portability and shareability
My videos on the net are secure. My family album pics are secure (many
copies with family) The Desktop Search is secure. (you got one don't
I've seen the other side to data security. LOTS of times. The
receiving department had goods delivered and there was no PO# to match
it to. Their screens only showed opened po's this one had yet to be
issued. I created a routine to allow them to see just these type po's.
I never told purchasing and neither did receiving.
                               Page 36
                              may 27.txt

A skin shouldn't be too hard. The app runs as a background job right
now. Just feed it the 3 main prompt data bits. I could do it. But I
like the program already. Can't you tell.

Keeping every format under the sun is a Fools game and bad for
sharing. I get powerpoint and word documents emailed to me and don't
have or want the software to view them. (Delete)
My home computer has no time for indexing. When it's on, I'm using it.
Few documents and reports ever see the light of day once archived.
Dump them to text and put the originals away. Cleaning up the

I seldom use the search MERGE myself. When doing telco conversions I
merged and searched the .frm and .cls VB source code modules. As well
we merged 16 or 18 maxed out excel files that had customer toll
records. In "s" single line match mode. the search would put a full
screen of customer records at a time. Very fast.

There are 8 or 10 main text files that I use most of the time. I do
use the merge when I have my notes files for these forums ie
temp01.txt temp02.txt. When there are 70 or 80. I move them to a
folder and merge them into my forums.txt file where previous ones have
been stored. I am not interested in the file name in many cases like
Notepad. Every OS has a notepad / primitive editor. I didn't add a
sort into this program either. A complete waste of time to try and
outdo those apps.

I can find all my emails (from 96>) and even make a mailing list that
can be used by this search.
How difficult is it to export those emails. Does your email software
allow for it? It should. Manual cut and paste isn't an option for you.

I'm ready to do an OS re-install along with a reload of a current
backup. 3 hrs to clean it all up. A good backup solves a lot of

I'm sure this search will search those files with no problem. In
context or matching lines only.

I do to. But little text is required to catalog them. That is what is
searched. Not the video or music file.

Others are taking up the challenge. The world needs them and YOU.

                               Page 37
                              may 27.txt
there are some great programmers out here that are very willing to
help out - I know you are right. I may have explained the capabilities
poorly. The few that are keen on search have a great starting off
Need to find a place to carry that discussion on at. This thread is
bound to end sometime.

SSDS do this. Show me the stats. Prove it. My swampies will start
doing demo videos. showing you all. Their videos will be way way
better than mine.

I think he should start a google code project for SSDS - Boom you do
it. and let me know where it is. If they give you a ruff time. I'll
back you up.

The more mp3 files you got the better. You would be the ideal
candidate to enhance these functions. The "gf" option will auto
catalog all them. Those with metadata will have it in the catalog.
set it to run random. If you hit enter before the end of the thumbnail
the whole song will play.

Please please try it out
once you have them cataloged and it shouldn't   take more that a minute
or 2
select 'rand' 'randa' 'thumb' 'tt8' then "ww"   to start the random play
these values are kept in the control file. So   stop the app anytime and
restart by just hitting enter enter enter and   the music plays.

A small program with some logic charts. That works. If you have
problems. I'll explain as much as I can. Things to leave in. Those to
leave out. etc.

All are WRONG. They had internet search engines and tried to pass them
off as Desktop Search. One has millions of times the amount of data of
the other. Similar design would be silly.

Maybe Google will pay me lots of money for that discoverage - Bring
them up to Swamp Shack. Your commission is negotiable. They obviously
don't know desktop search.

You are right. Just as I did with SSDS

Random is the best I could do. Way more entertaining than NON Random.

Cuz us swampies are the underdog.

But the results are the best. Context context. Not index file
gibberish. Trash for data.
                               Page 38
                              may 27.txt

Users shouldn't have to know which file to search in. But they should
know where their files are. If you don't know which file to search.
Then merge em. I know if I'm looking for email I sent to look in

For sure. A better interface is needed. But this isn't really tuff
stuff. They should be able to suffer by till that happens. There are
swampies working on it right now. Even late at night.

A switch over in telephone and cable system billing suppliers.
What came as plain text files - Drop records, Customer records,
billing files (for audits), workorder and transaction information,
equipment records, toll records. for checking and some were co-ops
that increased the complexity.
You know nothing and cover it up with important sounding garbage - I
know desktop search. I wrote one. That works.

True your posts have been getting a little bizzar lately. Take a
break. Come back later when you feel better.
Source forge The problem may have been with my application. Miss one
step here or there. Who knows. It's not SSDS's first rejection. or

Video. I just like video. I'd like to see some swampies out there with
video. Demo searching the source.txt for logic. Maybe even searching
this forum text for the search facts.

Index to speed things up. You won't be concerned with slow when using
SSDS. It shows you your data up on the screen full context and
hi-lited faster than the rest. They give you a list of files the data
might be in or a garbled hash of the context. Speed is not an issue
with Desktop Search. INdexed or Not

Doing lots of action video. That's great. Paintball with a cameraman
on the run following the action. Very exciting. one of my video hints
is : move like a weasel, popping here and there changing the
perspective. Over the shoulder down at the ground and high overhead.
They all work. The large old cameras couldn't do that easily. With the
camcorders being cheap. One needent worry about risking them to get a
good clip. I walk out on beaver dams during spring trapping. If I go
in. Good by camcorder. Hello new camcorder. The training time required
would include complete reload of windows and backup. With acompaning

Cleaning up the code. Use the search to examine the code. See what
some of the various options do. If you don't have vb, find somebody
                               Page 39
                              may 27.txt
that does. To build a new exe is relatively easy. Don't worry too
much about cleaning up the code to begin with. There are a few
features that could be added. I got a list.
Like a couple hundred thousand projects too. If you are going to be
bad be the worst.
Forget the interface for now. Cause I ain't got one. That's why.

Random is pure entertainment. The more video you got the better this
feature works.
I did a cut and paste of this tread text fo my thedaily_wtf.txt file
(all 16 pages)

24,000 lines

960,000 characters.

Way too much to reread. I'm going to check some of those quotes
attributed to me. That I can't remember.
My very first search was a vax based one. Very primitive compared to
the first VB one.
I could help by explaining in detail what the search is doing. Take a
copy and shake it down. You'll find out on your own.

Sorry I have used non indexing search since the mid 80's on very busy
time sharing computers. It wasn't slow then on very large files.
Search is even faster with the powerful pc's and much smaller files.
Speed is never a problem for Desktop Search. Ever.

A lifetimes reading is under 5 Gig. Anywhere near that total is a lot
of textual data. People just don't have that much info that they have
read to come anywhere close. Pictures and video take up way more space
for a little amount of catalog text.

twiddling our thumbs waiting for not much of anything to happen - This
search is fast very fast. I'll have to demonstrate more. Speed is the
key to this search. Even with huge files. Speed and fun.

 You did a lot of work comming up with all those numbers. Speed of
data delivery has never been a problem. Even when dealing with massive
amounts of data like the pulp and paper mill.
 Your math just doesn't match reality. Not even close.

I've done a lot of cobol over the years. Start with the basic text
search and then add picture, video and music after that. Not too
                               Page 40
                              may 27.txt

Somehow the math is wrong. Non indexing search hasn't been slow since
the 80's. Much much faster now.

The way this is going you'll need rights for #2 and #3 at least.

And neither do the techies. But the rewards are great. Once you see a
few of the videos you'll be hooked.

This is the hardest group to convince. A great place to find out what
the opposition thinks. Bad and good.

Yup it was bad very bad. Others will be encouraged to do video when
they know Ole Spectate won't be laughing at their efforts. When people
say your video is bad. Say Nope Spectate Swamp's video is bad. This is
relatively good.

The code is very flexible. Make it do everything you want. You can do

Seems the guardian has the video bug. I'm sure they have missed a few
of my pointers. I'll have to check it out. Got a link?

Yes it does. I usually turn the auto function off when videoing a
changing screen. Bad very bad.

Don't let this group discourage you. There is no such thing as
constructive criticism.

Good going. I'm sure tommie appreciates the cudos.

Don't mention my name if you try putting it up on
Are any of you respondents employed by (come on fess
up) What is a good alternative to them?

You are picking it up fast. Your talk makes sense to me. Move to the
front of spectate swamp shack class.

Easy. Just enter the name of the file to search at prompt #1. I use
the merge option seldom. But I do use it.

Intuitive controls and interfaces are what make computers useful for
the masses - Not really. Computers require far more knowledge now than
ever. This Search eliminates the need to know.

I need somebody to do a screen capture to video of this whole thread.
7 to 10 clips of 1 to 2 minutes each.
                               Page 41
                              may 27.txt

Just in case this thread goes the way of so many others. A video would
make me feel more secure.

That's what I like people with sharing helpful attitudes.

you learn how to use this search first. That's what the thread is
about. ClueLessNess and search not thread quotes.

Probably won't cut it with this group. They want demos and stats and a
million questions answered. Be careful for what you promise.

I'd rather have it on video. This forum has got me using the search to
examine the code. control elements and code examples
Here is one that limits the random start point in a file to under 5
minutes. Long video take more time to start. More so near the end. I
keep my videos to 2 minutes and under for that reason. Here is the
code change it if you like.

Yes. If politicians don't like me. I can't be all bad.

Me and my Swampies do. Lets agree to disagree here.

Wasn't my idea to try putting the source there. What kind of open
source that doesn't want the greatest program on the planet. Pure
Crap. who are their competition. They must be doing well.

My parties were awsome. Kegs of beer and homemade pizza. We'll do it
again at the end of the Swamp Shack camp.
 My last one. The landlord got warned about the upcomming bash by the
police. He had to come around the next morning to collect his shoes.
Now that's a landlord.

I haven't printed anything in 4 or 5 years. The cartriges go bad
before I use the. Do your printing at a friends house on those rare

Oh yeah, like you did that on purpose - there were a few areas where I
did purposefully do things I knew would upset the goody two shoes the
managers. Make them Gasp and suck all the air out of the room.

in a round about way. I know how long the sub job is going to take
(under my control) and tell the originating exe to wait until it is
done. These background jobs can be controlled so they close out at end
of file or at the first match. I give them a second or 2 extra for
good measure. Hardly noticable.

You are right. Maybe I should be less demanding. Maybe not.
                               Page 42
                              may 27.txt

Not a chance. Those sick-o's should be horse whipped. And get a damb
big horse.

Open source is a powerful thing. Form a team and test this search out.

With this search Ye will be saved.

Anything I can do with video? I can explain and demonstrate the areas
of code that may be of concern

It's all becomming more clear. Isn't it.

People shouldn't be mean in these threads. It makes the more kindly
souls feel bad. It's gotta be hard to sleep knowing that.

Great more desktop search open source info. I'd like to talk to an
expert on it. There must be something that I may have missed.

Between you and me. It was all very boring. I wanted to know who put
him up to it? A current councilor wants me to video. But I'm waiting
for a formal invite. I was invited to leave. I need an invite to
This desktop search allows you to weild a camera like a sword. More
mighty than any pen.

But they both can't run together. SSDS doesn't conflict with anything.

Doesn't sound like you are haveing much fun. With all that exchange

I sure would like to see some video of the options you have tested
out. This can do everything you mentioned search wise.

Good going dad using video and pictures on computers. You obviously
see the power of the combination.

It could be nobody but you and I have a clue about desktop search.
It's best to get in early. When do you want to start.

Maybe we should wait until spring. The Shack is a little chilly in

There is a catalog feature to view the pictures and text and do the
metadata. But I use notepad most of the time. This is an area that
could be improved.

The both of your show incredible insight. You should team up. SSDS
                               Page 43
                              may 27.txt
could use you both.

There are lots worse names. We'll only call they by flattering names
at Spectate Swamp Shack.

I hope you get swamped with offers. Computer freedom with this search
and video is the way of the future. You I and tommy and
upsidedowncreature understand

I see you have read quite a bit. You know a lot more about this
desktop search than I could have even wished for.

I don't know who is trolling who. This group are pretty stubborn. Way
way worse than me. You keep comming back with more questions. That
demand answers.

Trying to explain search without these good questions would have been
impossible. Thanks for all the wonderful questions.

I'm pretty well caught up for now.
It does for pics, music, video and my non merged text files. Ie my
notes are a work in progress.
It shouldn't be hard to add the feature to what ever format you like.
If it has an excel extension then open excel and pass it the file
path. The code has examples of this for other file formats. ie text
and notepad...

they all should. Having your computer randomly display some of your
work info as a screen saver. Refreshes some old and new ideas.

Every other search tool uses the index - Every other search evolved
from Net Search. where they needed indexing. On a personal or company
level, indexing is over-kill and unreliable.
Desktop Search and Net Search are from opposite ends of the search

That site is CRAP. They don't know the power of
Desktop Search and Video.

I've done lots. If your shell scripting could do what this search can
for video. I'd give it a spin. put it on I'll check
it out.

I'll have to check that video. NotePad beatins SSDS for text.
You do get a well deserved attaboy for doing video (of any kind). You
are back on my favorites list MPS
                               Page 44
                              may 27.txt

If someone could throw together a similar video in Windows Media
player of the shuffle function, - It would just get trumped by my
Double shuffle video from today.

quickly finding out I have no 'safe for work' (or really anywhere)
videos on my laptop - I know what you mean. A number of people have
confronted me about doing video at open forums. I left never to come
back when the Mayor asked me not to film open town council meetings.
cities and towns and law enforcement use video. I claim the same
priviledges. I don't often take NO for an answer.

Easy easy. ClueLessNess isn't something that can be cured in a day.
For the really really clueless, a trip to Spectate Swamp Shack may be

You know things are going well, when your own program surprises you.
The scrolling text thing was so easy to do and so much fun to watch.
This program has lots more potential than even I realize.

I didn't recall saying those exact words "EULA that states.." they own
your data. But they do treat it that way. I know this search doesn't
fiddle with your info. It's yours.

These features are useless to me. The Master of Search Software. The
key features you fail to see are simplicity and portability and
usability and video fun...

No. This is easier for me. From now on when I want to check what I
said. I just look for those long long posts.

For real search Swampies Everything is an option. Come on somebody
help our friend here.

It can. Check the "noshow" logic in the source.txt file. You might
have pics or video you don't want popping up when your Mum is around.
I'll do a video demo of that. Thanks.

You don't have to switch. Just use SSDS to Audit audit audit. Dump a
text file, do some hit counts. Check em from month to month. That's
security. Easy access and backups and audits. Random or no. Setting my
DVD video backups to autorun displaying various parts of random
videos. Is the most fun way to AUDIT the video integrity.

This app does it for mp3. I should put the code in for jpg as well. I
have always felt putting text into picture and video files is pure
wrong and silly. Another layer of confusion for the masses. What
program inserts this info. Do I have to learn how to operate that?
                               Page 45
                              may 27.txt

that was a hint by the way) - I'm as bad as the rest of you for using
new software. A ruff ruff video of you using it would get me going.

an assistant of any kind would have made a great difference. For the
screen video. I held the camcorder in one hand. Reached under to enter
the odd command. then go from there. My next approach to this problem.
May just be the large large font option. Even blurry you can read it.

The SSDS remembers the defaults for you. Run as many flavors of SSDS
as you want. run Search1 through Search99 if you like. Setting the
various control functions you want for that search. Ie noshow items
change. Have seperate searches for each project you work on. So that
the last 20 search items are relevant to that work. It has lots of
defaults and holding your finger down on the ENTER key can surprise
you at various points in the program.

She doesn't have to be more computer savvy. This search eliminates the
need for computer literacy. Gone. Poof.

That's a good Mum sticking up for her boy even when he is wrong.

Your joined the discussion. I'm sure you are. My next video will be
with 2 sessions of the search running. It could just as easily be 10
or more. That way there will be no problems, resulting from 1 hand
holding the camera and other entering commands. It's not that easy
making bad video. Try it alone.

Hey hold it hold it. It's me picking on you. Starting out by calling
you ClueLess and all.

Extract is a handy feature for any search. Viewing and copying a file
to another folder is another form of extract. SSDS does this. I'll
demo that too.
provide a sample of how to sort your monolith text file content with
Windows standard software - I extracted email addresses from my
outmail.txt file based on a "Subject:???" and used sort to put them in
order. I used notepad to check for duplicates and delete them. A small
prog would be quicker for that step. I'll video demo that use for

The masses don't need hard copy reports. But you do. If I were you I
would use the screen capture software and display them all. Use that
video and catalog them or not. They would be easily available with
this program and start to use a little of the humunbus Disks that are
now available.

                               Page 46
                              may 27.txt
It does random video just fine. But it appears the cataloging function
of "gf" turns random off. Way back when I must have got tired of
seeing random. So after each 'gf' you will need to re-enter "rand" to
have random display. Either way it's not all that great of a

Not many are needed just a few 8 or 10. There isn't much that really
needs fixing. Extending it a bit maybe. Demonstrating it and
evangelize it a bit better.

Again I can't thank you enough for looking at the code. Play with it a
bit. activate some of the display elements inside the line wrap and
data hi-lite section. See what's going on in the flowcharts I provide.
That code should move easily.

I knew the GoTos would catch your attention. Look beyond the GoTos and
you'll find the clues.

Its gotta be MasterPlanSoftware. Just gotta be.

You don't have to be real techie. Just an interest in search. I'll
video demo some of the debugging lines being reactivates. It helps to
follow through some of the logic. My programming style is change it
and jam it. Change it and jam it. with a few prints along the way.

You're great. When I was out planting my election signs as Ole
YellowHead. There were lots of honks.

DrPhil thanks for asking. I just came across an old auto-run backup of
election questions. I'll upgrade it to have scrolling text and demo it
to you. Maybe even upload the associated control file and text file.

The ClueLess can't resist. Desktop Search. It won't be long until you
see what a wonderful world search and video open up.

You deserve the credit for layout and humor. Now look at that code

Even better. With no search running. and the shortcut icon hi-lited
just hold your finger down on the enter command and watch it go. If
the preset defaults are for video. You'll witness speed. The computer
usage will soar.

Me too. No better way to learn than with some humor mixed in.

It's a good start. SSDS started with pics then random pics then random
pics with context on top. THEN Video. Give them time they'll get
                               Page 47
                              may 27.txt

Indexers can't run for DVD's SSDS can show you your backup videos any
way you like them.

But everything is a legal no-no of some form or another. Digital video
and the Net will help to expose the legal tangles and those
responsible for implementing it. Lawyers judges police and
politicians. They will be under the video microscope from now on. The
tables have turned with video.

You are right. I should create an auto run DVD that has "play this if
you can't remember what to do" Good point.

Come on give it a try. After a quick catalog with the "gf" option.
Then at prompt #2 tt8 (8 second play length) rand (random mpg
selection) randa (random start point) thumb (so that it only plays 8
seconds and not the remainder of the vid) WW to start the show. Prompt
#3 photo (default) every catalog line has this string. There is more
you can do, but this is enough for now.

Good going. I'll have to show you all the video possibilities. You'll
change your mind. It's not crap. It's control of your data.
video in a handwritten cook book. GoTo any page. Pause the video
whatever. I'll show you how.

For me powerpoint would be more difficult to learn. This search can
get complex if you try the logic flow navigation. I'll demo that last.
If you like powerpoint then you should have a ball with this option.

Common sense is proof enough. One of you swampies step forward and
help spenk. I'm busy doing Clueing.

Nope the computer cpu is pinned. I do allow for other processes Using
"DoEvents" throughout. Try running a couple of these directories at
the same time. The kitchen lights would probably dim.

Again some swampie run a random video, random music, random pics at
the same time. If you have any problems with this. I'll demo how. Give
it to them. They want to see performance. SSDS delivers. It will drain
your computer dry if you want it to.

The half day course will show you how to make computers useful in your
life. With the minimum computer knowledge. My people will know less
than your people. Guaranteed.

Everybody wants somebody else to do this. Prove that. Come on Nelle.
You do it and show elgate how. that's sharing.

                               Page 48
                              may 27.txt
I should have done both. at the same time. I'll show you some of my
oldies in a future video demo. lots and lots.

We'll have to find an alternative. or Somebody else sneak it in. Maybe

All comments are gratefully accepted.

I call Gee-Haw this is BS for the most part.

Remember faster isn't always better when the difference is less than a
second. It's the results that count. Flexibility portability and
others are far more important than a fraction of nothing.

It's no presto-bingo if it is their jpg metadata. That data has to be
input somehow. The key features over-ride the minor interface
problems. Interfaces are computer fluff.

A few short videos should make up for what is lacking in this area. I

My swampies have remained silent for the same reason. There is nothing
more meaner than a Guru psycho

I'm glad to say some of you are starting to get clued in. Good going
Only if your all your info is useless. Attachments are handled
manually. Maybe I want them. Mostly I don't even want the email it
comes attached to.
you make too much of your attachments to be part of the Masses.(sorry)
This app is not for you. You'll never get IT.

Worse I could play 2 or 3 sets of the random movie (at the same
time!!!!) Double - Tripple Whammy.
That will be todays video. More showing off. I know it won't be a
problem to upload with my nice NEW modem.

There was some resentment towards Purchasing and their out of control.
Controlled Purchase order system. There was far less, after the quick
fix. What purchasing didn't know didn't hurt them. Maybe even helped a
You did explain the situation. Hitting the nail on the head. Top

And they did. With the po number and the agent who was in charge of
the PO. Information they didn't have before. Everybody was much
happier. Receiving loved the app and I got on well with them. Moron or
                               Page 49
                              may 27.txt

The most useful thing I did there was listen to a stores clerk. He
knew of slow moving inventory. By the amount of dust collected. A pulp
and paper mill can be a dusty place. The system had no means of
finding these items.
He pointed out 1 or 2 that had high dollar value. My solution was to
create a new field on each inventory item. 10 years by 12 months by 2
elements Issues and Returns. I went through the available transaction
files to load these elements and has operations put up the older info
needed to finish the task
I ran a simple program to find slow turn items with high total
Dollars. D Harkle's (stores guy) items came in 4 or 5 on my list of
many. That info was also added to a hard copy printout I created for
each stores item. Previous they would look at 6 or 8 screens to get
the same info. With no printout.

I was there a number of years and I listened a lot. I could go on and
on about this job. Really smart people don't have to talk to the
peons. Thankfully I'n not that Smart.
I think my greatest there was keeping the last 10 po#'s, inventory#'s,
workorder#, vendor#, ... by userid. When the user switched between
sessions. They could call up the # from the previous screens by
entering a '.' for the po, inventory, workorder. They loved that a
The data was stored in PLAIN text files that were opened and read and
updated at the various points in the system ie s_swamp_invent.txt

You bet I'd like somebody that has business experience like BOOmzilla.
(I know you hate capitals) sorry.

And there was. I did a number of small tasks for receiving after that
one. They knew I could help.

Good grief man. The delivery drive and the suppliers secretary had
more info than the receiving department. That is the end result of

Thanks. More or less reviving a solution I used in the Mid 80's. The
Vax / Digital Equipment "search" not "grep"

Life is funny. Laughing is good. Don't anybody take my meanness to

Have you ever audited your system. This search can do it. If you can
do a text dump. And don't tell me that's impossible. I've done nearly
50 telco/cable system conversions. They all came as PLAIN text files.
                               Page 50
                              may 27.txt
Every one of them. From all kinds of different OS types.

How many times do I have to tell you a lifetimes reading is less than
5 gig. Why archive and search text you have never read. Any talk of
speed and computers is completely misleading. Get this straight.
Computers are fast.

In this case I was the clientel. I know more about search than just
about anybody.

You keep comming back. Don't you. Obviously not wanting to be left
behind. The ClueLessNess is lifting.

Project declined. What the H. Is one of you behind this SourceForge
refusal. Fess up.

Seems the other side is resistant to Desktop Search. Few here are

I can see my last page of notes and be closed out in under 3 seconds.
For the masses easier is about a lot more that just entering a search
term. Learning a few basic commands will allow them to do mpg video
like nobody on the planet. With very little computer knowledge.

What about those cameras that shoot multiple stills all at once. This
app can play those pics back as fast as they were taken. That's like
old time movies. Not much difference. But better.

And audio isn't one of them. You have no use for audio or action?

I'm having so much trouble explaining things to this group. Even poor
video demonstrations is an improvement. It's a quick and low tech
approach. And angers many.

75M or somewhat larger. I did run some tests. Good point though. I
will do a video showing the text file size limits for the others. They
don't tell people of these limits. Data just doesn't show up in the
results. How much other data is lost with these indexers. SSDS to the
rescue. Find out what gets missed.

For me people taking my info without my permission is another form of
Sharing. Take my pictures, Take my video. I'll share.

Don't be worry. I have a thick skin. They hate me worse on the video

I'm done up to the end of page 13. Now to do that Double/Triple video
                               Page 51
                              may 27.txt
displays at a time demonstration.
No I didn't realize they could do random. Can they start at a random
point in the random video. Can they freeze on the
    last frame. How about slow motion? Can they assist you in moving
and copying those video, music and pictures to another folder?
Probably not.

What about me. I'm trying to dream up smart answers to all this

Everybody needs a good portable, open source desktop search.
The rest do not measure up to the features this one has. Forget the
fluff called an interface.

Great I'm not the only one pissing off people.
No doubt correcting peoples spelling would get you in big trouble in a
bar. And lose you some friends.
Some people are not as smart as they think.

Anything you want explained. You got it. I might have to check the
just to be sure

You bet I cut and paste emails. If you check the code, I make a stab
at extracting emails.
There is too much data to strip out. So I moved on. Cutting and
pasting 8 or 10 emails every week. Not a big deal at all. But I have
them since 1996. Where is your email?
I'm sure there are a number of handy email export utilities?

I only save incomming emails that are significant, I keep all my
outmail. If there is an attachment that I'm interested in
and there haven't been many. Then I'd keep them with my jpgs or mpg.
But in formats that I can't view or use. (DELETE)

I think I created a quickie search. For po lines of a given status and
containing a search string they enter. But that was over 10 years ago.
I could
check my notes. But I won't.

Not a real big investment in time. If it will do all the things I have
told you about. No other computer knowledge needed PERIOD.
By needed I mean. You can get by without. Once you really use Search.
You'll want it bad.

Most morons are kind and shy. Most smart asses are just that.

                               Page 52
                              may 27.txt
Right. I got all the info I want. I use the (forward) option so I can
cut and paste the email address along with the subject and message
It would be nice to have a dump program. Doing it manually takes me 7
or 8 seconds per email. I don't have that many that I want to keep.
Way more are deleted than kept. Some people send me mostly jokes so
they get deleted.

Don't take any of the nastiness to heart. They took the wrong side of
an argument and are trying to defend it. Puts them in a bad mood.
Losing sleep etc.

Security is nuts in business. And a non issue for the common man. As I
have explained don't put damaging info on your computer and keep a
good backup.

Yahoo. I'm going to get me a ThunderBird. A program after my own
heart. THANKS MarcB

I'd much rather see 1 inmail file and 1 outmail file than the
thousands and thousands of emails I have by now. How messy. How can
you see and find the emails for the emails.
My question was who was using video.
not who dislikes me and my program. Just answer the question. (who is
doing video) Not MPS for sure.

Don't destroy the originals. Back them up and after you
have done screen captures and text extracts. You'll have data that is
useful to others. Not just fancy
text and formatting anymore. Useful data to all.

The first indexing takes more time. How can it index without reading
the data in all the files that are being indexed. Then fiddle to
create the index. A merge just has to be
faster. Has to be.

SSDS could be changed to do the same. But this method
is much faster. No directory overhead for the 2 and subsequent
searches. This would have to be faster.

Well maybe not for you but for the masses who don't want
to spend the rest of their lives on the computer learning treadmill.
I'd rather be videoing than guruing.

With the new demo videos. He won't have to come
here. But it would be fun. I'm sure he will get the idea of this
                               Page 53
                              may 27.txt
search. It seems the techies are the last ones
to see the forrest for the trees. Plain text files that is read from
start to finish looking for matches. If the
next line is a picture. Display it. If a video or music, then play it.
If just text then show it.

Your dad is smart like you. He'll get the idea of walking out the door
with a DVD or external drive and having all his data and SSDS in hand.
He'll be able to share it all with friends
The rest don't share data like this. They like restricting you with
their proprietary formatting. You are hooked
to their application. With SSDS all your info is your info. Use the
other search engines if you like to look at
it. That's what your dad needs to know. He'll spend the few minutes
required to look at Spectate_Swamp_01.mpt
02.mgp and those that follow.

Any questions Dad. I'll do a Video?

You are right. Because for the Masses who want computers
for video, pictures, music and keeping the odd note and phone number,
that's all they really care about. Of course
a good backup is a given and doesn't even need to be mentioned.

I would never suggest that sensitive info be shared
It's stupid to keep info on computers that can result in legal
penalties. Keep the marks and personel info in a book
or one single computer in a back room. Why risk the future of your
employer or yourself. over a tiny amount of overall
info. At one time it was illegal to ask for peoples Social Insurance
Numbers. I've seen that in databases many times.
Some dumb ass accountant is always making the requests. Not knowing
there isn't a net connected computer on earth that
can't be compromised.

Exactly and that's the way I like it. I can easily share with
everybody in the
office. Everybody on the Net. EVERYBODY. I could fall and take a nasty
knock on the head forgetting everything. There
would be no need to relearn many apps. Just the 1/2 day viewing SSDS
demo videos.

"A skin won't help" with "Oh, skinning is easy!". I don't really care
about a skin. Or I would have done it. The poor
interface is all I hear about in techie forums. It's what inside that
counts. Beauty is often only skin deep.

No, you have not answered any questions and it is not your turn at
                               Page 54
                              may 27.txt
all. - It is my turn. Answer my questions.

Is anybody doing Mpeg video out there. You'll really like this app.
Freedom from computer geekerie
Those are live flies in the birds mouth. Lots bigger than the Speck.
Was that bird spooked or what. We need a bird expert to read the body

I've got more odd ball video. But you would just laugh. Oh Well.
See the Spooks at:
There is lots to know. This isn't the HALF of it. Visit the Swamp
Shack and find out.
Right when I got my camcorder I got some beautiful video of this
mushroom shaped cloud:

On further examination in slow motion and close up. There were all
kinds of fast moving objects moving in and out.

Further video captured some strange strange movements. I posted one
where a sparrow saw one and ruffed up his feathers to scare it off.

Anyway its something to do when you have too much time on your hands.

A guy a worked with at Shaw Cable in North Vancouver. Martyn Stubbs
became famous for downloading NASA transmissions and recording them.
Everything was comming in on Shaws large dishes. Now that's
interesting video that I'd like to see.
But it just seems so right. Data portable, safe and viewable. SSDS
makes it so.
True. You have been picking things up well. Now try these options for
music. Random X Random is great. This software solves all my data /
file managment problems. In a desktop showdown. The swampies would
I don't get many chances to back anybody up on this topic.
                               Page 55
                              may 27.txt
True. You have been picking things up well. Now try these options for
music. Random X Random is great. This software solves all my data /
file managment problems. In a desktop showdown. The swampies would
I don't get many chances to back anybody up on this topic.
Yeah. That was pure mean saying that.
A dream.
One take too. and under the 64M limit of my memory stick. (My
camcorder software doesn't work on my laptop but does on my PC) so I
download off the camcorder to it.

I use the lowest resolution my camcorder and turn the auto focus off.
Next lesson will be using screen captures. Way easier. Doing this
technical stuff without an assistant isn't easy. And you get laughed
at a lot.
You don't touch the originals. You just look at them through the
merge.txt files.

You have found nothing in 1.45 seconds. Say there were 10 matches for
the code object you were looking for. With SSDS you would see them all
much much faster than you will your way. Just enter enter enter at the
speed you wish. In search nothing is found until someone SEES it.
I wanted this program as simple as I could make it. It's easier to
pass on that way. I used minimal VB 5.0. Just enough to do the job for
Search. I am by no means a VB expert. But I have used it for nearly 10
years. I'm a desktop search expert. The non indexing type.

I don't really hold it against anybody for not having a clue on
search. Me and my farmer friend are the only ones that have had access
and understanding of this powerful app. From what I have read in
responses. You all have learned a lot. Congratulations

I used the search when checking source code for the Telco/CableSystem
Billing software. Merge cls and frm from the network to my pc. Toll
records were merged from maxed out excel files and checked using this
tool. There are not restrictions other than maybe some security on
your system. You should be able to make very good use of this as an
audit tool. You just might find more info than you expect. I'm trying
the screen capture software. You try searching your frm and cls
libraries. For the rest of the folks here. If not for me.
Finally you are right on something. Phil. I should learn how to use
                               Page 56
                               may 27.txt
the screen capture software. I have been taking this anti computer
technicalities to a bit of an extreme. A good screen capture software
package is something I've needed for a long time. Now is the time.
This is FREE advice is it Dr.?

Now I have shown them how to build and install the search. Now comes
the fun stuff. Swampies let me know what you want to see next. I
probably have to respond to the speed thing from a previous post. My
Merge.txt file is nearly 300 mb. The 'y' option takes 31 seconds to
display the last page. That does a read till end of file then reads
it again, starting the display near the end of the file. 600mb in 31
seconds. My largest text file is my outmail (less than 40mb) since
1996. So don't worry about speed when searching your data.
I don't creat the forms each time. I maybe should have repeated the
reason for the video. A farmer/friend/swampie had access to VB6 and
wanted to know how to build an executable of this program. He has the
code. It should only take him minutes until he is making changes and
testing it out. This guy is a non programmer but has tested the
program out for me. He had an IBM and it behaved strangely on
shutdown. Anyway I can understand the misunderstanding.

About the address thing. Anybody can find me just as easily. So I'm
not offended. I had all kinds of birders looking me up 2 years ago
when they were flocking here to see the European Hooded Crow. I got a
bit carried away with that bird (it's still here) doing over 200 video
clips. The provincial museum wanted a copy and thanked me very much. A
little jiggle here and there doesn't make a bad video. Missing the
subject makes for a bad video.
See the latest video. Demonstrating the creation of the search.exe:

Following are some of my notes on the VB 5.0 SSDS executable creation:
create a shortcut to vb5.0
 All programs
 microsoft visual basic 5.0
 visual basic 5.0 with a right Mouse to select send to (creates the

Use the VB short cut
 select standard.exe (icon) (that creates a default form called form1)
 stretch out form1 (to fit the whole screen top and bottom)
 change both (name) and (caption) on form1 to frmproj2

 select image control(icon) from the toolbar (lower left picture type
   set the stretch property to true (properties option - under help)
                               Page 57
                              may 27.txt
 stretch it out to fit form1/frmproj2

 add command button (3rd icon down on right)
 put it's location to 15000 and 15000 making it invisible (left and
top to 15000)
 Select (form1/frmproj2) and set the (view) to (code)

 Dump / paste in the source code

 Under (file) use the (save as project as) project2 (just so the
default project1 doesn't interfere)

 under file select "make project2.exe"
 I put the exe in my c:\search\ (folder)

 that is all there is to it.
So watch out the people that don't have a Clue (like me) will become
Desktop Search Experts.
The best way to learn is make a minor change, like a prompt display
change. Jam it, change it, jam it.

Nobody can stop the Swampies / Swamplings now.
This is the only location in town that has access to the McLeod river.
I got video of the Ice flow flushing out into the Athabasca river (2

On a hot summer day you will see a Thousand tubers comming down the
river. (that lasts about 1 week)
Going to DrPhil House to get straightened out about Desktop Search
would be scary.

Doesn't seem people have much fun at your place. We always enjoy
ourselves at the Swamp Shack.

Don't come today. it's -33 below Celcius with a wind. Brrrrr

I didn't do any video yesterday. But today. I will. A
farmer/swampie/friend has asked for a demo of the initial build of the
search.exe. Any of you Swampies want to take this one on. Have you
even tried the code out. Are you just whining about something you were
afraid of. Don't be worry. I'll do another wonderful video to show
you how. I don't know where he got his version of vb6. I'll ask.
In the dream. Somebody said "The Guys down at Spectate Swamp really
know what is going on" So I wanted to be part of that group. Why not

                               Page 58
                              may 27.txt
Soon as you get a copy of the code and look at it with SSDS you are a
Swampie. Like it or not. Ha ha ha.
How many times do I have to drill it into you all. Net Search and
Desktop Search are from the opposite ends of the search spectrum. They
are a long way from having a Real Desktop Search. A Desktop Search
showdown with me and my Swampies will prove it to the World.
I have cut and pasted the first 18 pages into thedailywtf.txt file. I
used SSDS to find the reference to Cam Studio.
I really should have taken the political videos out of the folder I
used. That was insane. I'll change that for any future demos.
Yup and I saw all 124,140 matches. Your demo showed nothing. Maybe a
handful of matches. Pathetic.

You wouldn't want to try search the 263MB file with your other
choices. They just will not do it.

 Maximum indexing file size for these search engines is as follows:
 (1) Yahoo would not index a 81MB text file
 (2) Google would not index a 44MB text file
 (2.5) Exalead would not index a 19.78MB text file.
 Spectate Swamp has no known text file size limit!!!

I did this check 6 months ago. Maybe these numbers are larger now. I
would have thought you all knew of the LIMITS to file size.
Don't need to know VB 5.0. It's there just in case somebody wants to
make a change to the code. It's not that hard to rebuild the exe. Geez
I can do it. And I'm the dumbest sob ever.

My demo use of Cam Studio is here:

You won't get to see your textual data faster than this.

The counts for the VB exe build is at 20 for yesterday. Even if a
couple of you have a VB version and try build a new executable. I'll
be proud. So don't let the forum bullies scare you off. Do some demos
back me up. I could use it.

I need to do a little work on my Cam Studio. Like moving the focus and
changing size of the view area. I just wanted to get the video up as
soon as possible. Then maybe OTHER people would hold up their part of
the bargin.
                               Page 59
                              may 27.txt
It took me a while to looking at Cam Studio. It's easy to use. Just
created a avi of the search doing it's thing with 124,140 matches.

I like it a lot. Thanks. Sometimes I don't listen that well. But
people keep reminding and reminding me.

One more good reason to use SSDS search

I'll post it asap.
Just did a test on my merge.txt file 263MB with 4,544,630 lines of
infomation. I searched for "doug" and found 124,140 hits. I had them
all come to the screen in single line matching mode. I just held my
finger down on the enter key. I'm sure this app puts all matches up on
the screen way more instant than yours does. SSDS is very instant.
I've never seen a more instant search.
You'd soon know with SSDS switching from 'c' context to 's' single
matching lines. I would switch from one to the other by seeing how few
lines have been read and the number of matches found. With SSDS I can
go into 's' mode and hold my finger down on the ENTER key. Man the
data moves by fast.

then refine the search. Once I got some idea of the number of matches.
I was unaware that this would allow them to use VB and make changes
new exe etc. Maybe a Swampie will do it. I'll give it a spin.
Knowing you are going to get that many matches. Switch to matching
lines only. SSDS will fill the page with 30+ hits in an instant. Just
hit enter enter as you examine some of them at high speed. With that
many matches you might want to refine your search a little bit. 6600
of anything is way way to many.

SSDS puts the data up fast. Very fast.

I'm here to clue you in about search. SSDS users kick ass when it
comes to finding stuff all kinds of stuff. Now the Swampies are
working on it.
I have searched and searched lots since the mid 80's and the
vax/digital equipment search. Kept more notes than anybody I knew in
IT. Never had to relearn anything. I would always check my notes
first. Then came the ability to archive and find pictures with SSDS.
Then video with AVI and MPG. Music and more. Everything I have done in
the past pales to the possibilities of computers and video. So I LOVE
search and this app does just about everything I want.

                               Page 60
                              may 27.txt
For those of you who have problems with the search doing a 'merge' You
got the code. I have shown you how to build an executable. What is up.
Is there a log tied to your butt. Find out why and let me know.

Don't come here today it's -41C or -43F at the local airport. It's
always colder down here by the river. You'll FREEZE
talking about getting thousands of results in less than 2 seconds.
Come on. You have seen nothing in that time. Those counts and times
are irrelevant. When you view the data it has been found. NO viewie No
next videos won't be absurd, ridiculous and will provide the proof we
all want to see.
I never ever look at those files. The farther away from the OS the
better. My information is what I want access to. SSDS could just as
easily merge and catalog these files. But why on Earth would I?
more like have better access to all my music/video/photos/code than
the ClueLess
I don't merge video or music or pictures just text. They never get
printed and it's just the details I'm interested in. Same with emails.
7,408 mp3s with random and random start would be quick to test out.
Your 4000+ photos need a vewing once in a while. Random makes it
better. The tech stuff should be in some form of text. The more of the
text you have the more you'll like this search. The videos have just
scratched the surface. I'll do more video demos. Now that I have the
startup and exe build out of the way.
For the most part I'm searching files that are under 1M my notes.txt
is 798kb and most of the others are even smaller. With my email being
the main exception.

For text it's just a way quicker way than doing the directory thingy
every time. Or do it with indexes. has 50+ desktop
search engines. All indexers. They are on the wrong path. the old
Search and Grep had it right. They did search with brute force. We
have More brute and more force than ever.
Cam Studio video could be better. At least my latest demo of oldies
with captioning didn't turn out that good. I might just do another
with my camcorder. It really couldn't be much worse. Maybe less worse.
                               Page 61
                              may 27.txt
I have always been a screen capture nut. Ever since I could make use
of them with SSDS. Cam Studio (now I have found the full screen) is
the tool I need. Not only cut and paste the text from this post. Also
get an avi of it from start to finish. It might take a few 2 minute
clips. but not a big job. Some of the graphics are wonderful, the
humor shows.
It is handy to know these limits. Otherwise you are in for a nasty

Who on earth needs tens of thousands of seperate files? Nobody.
Glad you asked this question. There is a 'pause' option. When that is
active. The results are displayed then a short pause (based on tt??)
value then on to the n ext page. Just set tt to tt.1 to slow it down
just a bit. There is a "p" for previous match option. and "b" for
backup 1 screen. These options could easily have buttons attached and
a nice skin.

Maybe if you made that test file of OURS a large .txt one. I could get
it easier. Nothing moves more smoothly between systems than plain
At 1000 Real lessons begin

At least you are not whining about the bad source or my spelling so
much. I'm going to use Cam Studio more in NEW feature videos. I can
easily video those playbacks in. Getting close ups and all. A Better
video helper I never Knew. Even the all knowing ME can pick up a thing
or 2. Thanks you sob's
They can be controlled so that video, stills and music play at once.
Large font scrolling text at the bottom of the screen. It's all

Not long. Maybe a Swampie out there wants to contribute. I'm not alone
you know. We are watching this thread very closely. Booo
See what Real Search can do:
Yup. I can see the level of knowledge on SSDS has gone up

Anyway the latest video is done and uploaded. But I can't find it on
Google. Maybe they are a little behind on their video processing.

24Mb takes about 1/2 hour to upload. I'll try resending it. 2 Random
                               Page 62
                              may 27.txt
sessions 1 video and 1 oldie pics. Going head to head.
These ones will be much much shorter. In the others I was trying to do
typing, mousing etc. The new examples will be up and running or preset
to run. It may just be TOO fast. When working the Telco/Cable billing
conversions. I had one search for each project. The defaults and notes
and previous search strings were more relevant that way. Get rid of
all the notes on your desk. Video it in. If you have lots. Digital
pictures work as well. This app can help the Know-It-Alls more than
most. They have tons of good info. But just too pompus about it.
You are on. With a few minor modifications and additions.

Demonstrating all aspects of search will be easy for me and my
Swampies. There will be one Search?.exe for each demonstration. All
preset to go. Hold the enter key down and look out. There are a few
things SSDS can do that the others can't. I'll include them to offset
the advantage you have with your fancy Skin.

Sort is no problem. I'll use the OS sort with values preentered. It is
fast like SSDS.

I'll check with my swampies. See what they think we should do to CRUSH
the Anti-Swampies.
Couldn't do it without you and MPS and 4 or 5 others. Thanks gang.
Trying to Clue people in using any other format just wouldn't work. A
bit of info here, Some dumb questions answered there. Bit by bit you
are getting clued. Like it or not. Your resistance is remarkable. You
must be a success in what ever you do with that bull headedness.
I don't do retakes. They seem to just get worse and worse. Video
doesn't take much time. That is where the action is. Maybe I'll show a
random video running beside random "oldie" pictures. I'll make sure
they are up and running so I don't have to do any keying. That is hard
to do when holding the camcorder steady like I do. Cam Studio is great
for showing on the computer. It just loses too much, when uploaded to
the google site. So I'm back to shooting with my camcorder. More
steady, more close in, more yapping, more encouragement and yes more
bad video.
That's similar to metadata is it? You'd have to change to code to
include that. Similar to what is done for mp3 metadata. For me I
started out with my metadata in a family1.txt file. All my pictures
were mine and had no imbedded / hidden text.
How many gig is that file. Even with my DSL that will take a THOUSAND
                               Page 63
                              may 27.txt
minutes per Gig. Nearly a day to download such a monster. I imagine
you have the file you need on your computer? I'll make copies of my
outmail 70 times and merge that. for 2.8 gig. Takes not time at all to
run this test.

you'll find the files you need to create a CD that autoruns displaying
random political questions:

then there is a subfolder called backgrd3

when you burn your CD there are the above 11 files and the folder
backgrd3 with its files:

I'll load and video the above template. You'll get the idea from the
video. I know most of you have never seen random scrolling text.
you'll find the files you need to create a CD that autoruns displaying
random political questions:
                               Page 64
                              may 27.txt

then there is a subfolder called backgrd3

when you burn your CD there are the above 11 files and the folder
backgrd3 with its files:

Better list
Random scrolling large font. Who wouldn't want this?

While you anti's are trying to explain how I can get that   huge file. I
thought I'd score some points and get my swampies off and   running with
a solid useful example.
My chances of finding swampies is best here. There has to   be a few
quietly watching and learning. Now your can see the power   and beauty
of this mess of spaghetti code.

Navigation capabilities are up next.
To change the political questions to motivational statements. Change
the questions in the BACKGRD3.TXT file:
Burn a copy and it should work with those questions.

 This ShowDown thing is poorly thought out. Files the size of 800
years of my outmail. What individual in their right mind has that much

I was hoping for a showdown with some search masters / experts.
                               Page 65
                              may 27.txt
Showing what search can do, rather than making up some set of criteria
that would never exist in the real world. Ever. Same thing with all
the Desktop Search Reviews. Written by somebody who took the program
for a spin and had no idea what was really going on. What the
possibilities are. The Showdown format is worse way worse than the
criteria seen elsewhere. I'll declare my own showdown format.

Maybe not here. But somewhere.
Well said. I knew more hardware details in the old days and how
assembly language worked. I should have kept more notes.

I don't think anybody is a GOD of search. The Swampies may come close.
Taking SSDS much much farther. This is YOUR search engine. Try it.
Don't be afraid. a few hundred meg will fly by fast.

I'll probably post more political junk from tonight. I hear it may get
ruff. I'll leave the camera running when I make a break for it.
Way way harder to kick me out of open political forums than some cyber
forum. They have tried to get me to leave a number of times. So much
for an open political system.

I'll keep posting my demo videos, explaining how search hasn't changed
much from the mid 80's. Except this one is faster and does, video,
music, pics, fires up background jobs and text retrieval to name a

I did get a good chance to hook a few swampies. Thats all I really
wanted. Thanks for keeping the thread going for so long.

120+ demo video views since yesterday.
I don't know where you get your high speeds. When doing the trapline
videos. People wanted pictures because the video was slow. Uploading
multi gig files fast. Not here and not telus. I may check out
satellite net providers. Better for sending and receiving large files
I'm sure.

I do calls to MCIsendstring to play video and music. Wouldn't really
consider that Windows Media Player.

I want video proof. Am I the only one that can do video.

Getting those first few really bad videos out of the way. Got me over
the worry about ridicule for that, on top of my program. Now I'm over
that little bump. Lots more non professional video to come.
                               Page 66
                              may 27.txt
Right now I'm uploading #13 of 41 videos from last night. This has
been going for 9 hrs now. How fast can you DownLoad one of these files
to your CPU?

The politicos didn't want me. They asked the packed house if anybody
felt uncomfortable with the CamCorder there. Nobody wanted me gone.

See what Desktop Search and Digital Video allow me to easily do. No
hi-tech anything. Move your community.
30 Hours to upload 1.5 Gig of video. Now thats done. I can give some
final Video lessons. These will be important so listen up class.

You are all more qualified in SSDS than you know. You can take the
source code and build an executable. You can get by any startup
glitches. The final video lessons will show how I use it in my daily
wtf life. I'll use the source.txt as the main example for text search.
Showing a few final key areas you should consider. Then a video of a
backup and a Windows re-install and how SSDS makes it simple.

I was going to use my notes to demo some of this but decided on the
source.txt file. I have given you all enough laughs already.
And He will untill you show hime the fast fun and easy stuff that SSDS
does. And I haven't done a video demo on that yet. Maybe today

In and add notes and out. In and check notes and out. In and search a
large text file as a spell checker. In and out checking phone numbers.
Cutting and pasting text from net to my special interest text files.
In and move my emails to my text files. What every you can't figure
out. Let me know. I do a video and give as much background as I can.
Is it just me or can others change your profile info. I like to change
mine every day or two. Why can't I?

A couple of you are going to be held back and brought up to Swamp
Shack for final training. You know who your are.

of the forum video from thursday. #16 and #17 best represented
WhiteCourts youth. How I stopped it on the last frame in #17 shows
incredible talent. Doesn't it.

Using a file of odd ball text extracts for you spell checker is far
more fun than the standard method.
                               Page 67
                              may 27.txt
Words won't stand up to video. Never will. People soon forget what you
said. They'll remember video. Good video anyway.

Your hard knocks are comming today.
Lost one. Too bad. It was bound to happen. (just where is that 5th
star *****)

Just when the Real search fun was about to begin. We lose Spectre.

He couldn't watch the video. So Very hard to get the full lessons.
Some just fall through the cracks.
If they don't behave. I'll leave em to the Huge White Crow that stalks
my backyard.
Not by my test.

For notepad I Double Click a shortcut on my desktop

Then (Ctrl/o) for open - A quick (Ctrl/V) to paste the source.txt as
the target file and then (enter). Grab the slider and drag it to the
bottom showing last page.

Close out using upper right close tab.

for SSDS I have it hi-lited - Hit (enter) to start, (enter) to select
the default file search.txt (enter) for the 'y' option default to
show last page

the last page appears ( I always want to see my latest notes)

Keep hitting enter to close out.

SSDS can be started; show last page and stopped time and again. As
quick as one can hit enter.

SSDS is quite a bit faster for this option. I'll do a quick video
showing both. Not much difference. Other than SSDS requires just Enter
enter enter WordPad uses ctrl/? characters a little slower. But not

I'm sure viewers will see a slight advantage to SSDS
                               Page 68
                              may 27.txt
I love that Ctrl/end

I was assuming you didn't have the source.txt file in your sights. I'm
talking from the desktop with nothing running. double clicking on the
file is fast but you have to have found it visually. But I guess you
could have your 5 or 6 files sitting there. Under these circumstances
it would be very close. Very close.

I seldom edit the files. But do add. with the 'e' option. A date and
time stamp can automatically be inserted.

I do rely on notepad to do minor amounts of editing. The 'ch' option
passes the file named in prompt #1 to notepad to open.

If I have mass editing to do I use the 'rrr' (search and replace)
'ww' is a screen saver search mode.

'ch' opens the file with NotePad   I seldom use this one.

'rrr' search and replace. If I load my 5000+ family pics in a
different folder I use it to make the quick change.

SSDS can do all the standard search stuff. I should be emphasising the
OTHER stuff "f" for flash, export, sub searches

Search returning url's and email addresses for use in browsers and
email systems. No need to video the more common search uses.
Means that I spent as much time in comming up with command names as
the Guy that discovered GREP

'ss' was the 'or' Screen Saver search. When I needed another for the
'and'. 'ss' was already used so I took 2 keys nearby 'ww' (ww used way
more than ss)

'ch' is for CHange file which is the command used to open and edit a
text file using NotePad (very seldom used)

'rrr' is for Replace Replace Replace this utility is really good at
replacing text in large files. (seldom used)

At the time they were not that important. As time passed. I had put
the commands into control files and other templates. Then changing
them to something more meaningful wasn't so easy or quick. A good
Skin will change all that. Help Help Help

                               Page 69
                              may 27.txt
I should get back to my CamCorder. There are a couple demos showing
the fun way this search keeps you in touch with your data. Random,
BackGrounder, Search as a Spell-Checker. The navigation capabilities
was the last main feature added. The idea was to put up a splash page
with the options listed (1 thru 10max) Then based on the selection.
(ie Skip ahead, skip back, take turn 1, 2, 3 , Beginning,,,) See the
source.txt "24 November 2004" or "OPTION==" logic. I have done very
little testing on this and will provide a template. Similar to the DVD
autorun of random questions. (change the text in BACKGRD3.txt to make
it yours) By providing a couple more simple uses, I may, just may get
people looking a little deeper and trying some of the entertaining and
useful features. Improving Search in their own way.

Swamp Shack ain't so bad.
The pause entry at prompt #2 makes it a textual screen saver.

The program needs a better timer function at 'line_30316' in the
source. It doesn't allow for short delays like 1/1000 after each
character print. More like 1/100 delay is the shortest? Doing a demo
does cause minor bugs to surface.
Yup. I have my standards to keep.

I would like to see somebody do a demo of random music play and
selection. Some brave soul that isn't worried about the Net Legals,
who will try and help those so egregiously injured, by your music
theft. Watch out people here will report you.

Video in the screen playing music. It's the music that is important.
Somebody give it a try.

SSDS is the only Desktop Search that isn't an Either/Or Search. This
one does not conflict with the "Indexers" This is the ONLY 1 they will

You don't have to give up your precious ??? Search
Please please do. Don't get in trouble for copyright music. The 'gf'
option at prompt #2 will do the catalog of mp3. Anyway I can do
another bad video explaining it. The video demo will have to be of
random-random mpg. Because this data is everybody's. Using Cam Studio
might be better for this application, rather than videoing in the
Missing the point seems to happen a lot in this thread. I'm even
                               Page 70
                              may 27.txt
getting confused. And Dammit I'm clued in on Desktop Search.

The exe is at:
the source is there too

The start up. On first run it seems to jam up a bit. because it
creates a few files and probably doesn't close one or 2. I don't know.
But anyway at prompt #2 enter 'x' to exit out. Then start it again. It
should be fine.
I'm getting worn down too. I'll keep doing the odd dumb video showing
all the features of our Search.
A small part of the 93 election forum. Even more laughs.
Yellowhead was the last riding in Canada. I came in LAST. If you are
going to be last be VERY last.
Whooo Hooo. I'm Not Alone. Simple text flat files. That's the way to
go. Easy to view and fix/manipulate/rig you name it. And we need to
know way way less than the rest.
Sorry again. You are right about OR being nearly useless. I was being
smart again and I got you off on the wrong foot. I meant that SSDS
could run with or without other indexer systems. Indexers end up
indexing the other indexers indexes. Could tie up the system. Maybe I
should try 2 of them at a time?

That question is making me dizzy

See all your video clips in 2 second segments. Far far better than any
little tiny tiny thumbnail representing the video.

'thumb' at prompt #2 will play a song or video for the number of
seconds in the 'tt?' setting. I quick to play 2 or 3 seconds from
every video I have. Nothing is lost. Do the same with all your songs.
Random makes both video and music ROCK.

Any faster than 1/10 second display is too fast.

I was just Gee Hawing you with the holding the finger down. That is
the thing with this program. Hold down the enter once and a while see
what it does.

Instead of holding the 'enter' key down. Use the 'pause' command at
                               Page 71
                              may 27.txt
prompt #2 set the 'tt.1' will cause the displays to pause 1/10 second
before displaying the next results screen. Check it out.

I did do that once. The error was flashing up on the screen so fast I
couldn't see it. I used my camcorder and slow-motion to find out what
it was.

Sometimes messing with the video brings out more detail. slows things
down for better examination. Try it you'll like it. Example Slow
motion of an ants nest. (no ants were injured) These critters move too
quickly to follow. Slow them down and enjoy watching the activity.
Some showdown. The first requirement was to download files for 2 days.
20 hrs per Gig and a 2.?? Gig file. I'd sooner watch paint dry. I do
like the video demo. No better way to duke it out, than with video.

wouldn't they be indexing each others indexes. No individual has 300GB
 of textual data. Companies maybe. That is 100 lifetimes reading. No
Speed would be one criteria along with mobility. My BackUp DVD will be
showing me my info and allowing me to surf my favourites on any
computer in seconds.

Search hasn't changed all that much from the 80's other than. Video,
music, pictures and random, background and navigation.

Question: When you find interesting text on the Net. Do you cut/paste
them in ONE big file? or 1 file per item? or one per net category? I
have about 6 or 8 net text files going.
Sites come and go. If it's good capture the text and maybe a screen
capture jpg.

Searching is about accumulating data, video etc etc. When you have
data. It better be backed up. Then you can relax.

It's the accumulation of things. Some things it doesn't do (full
screen editor - I use NotePad) things it does real well. Thumbnails of
video and music and flash through your pictures in minutes of
uploading the exe. It's portable and now that it is open source. It
can do even more. I use the search to load URL's and passwords into my
ClipBoard. I'll demo my last email to WhiteCourt council re the
HomeLessShelter videos. I could just as easily do this email from
anybodys computer. The old time searches / greps all did (extracts)
this one does it. That opens up sub-searches.
How come. On other sites I change the profile all the time. With some
                               Page 72
                              may 27.txt
of my great sayings and Search Truths...
One important feature. Is simplicity. I can explain everything this
search does in poor english. Try that with the others. Search is more
than just extract. It's search and (find) and (play) and (organize)
and (sample) and (retrieve).... A search 'showdown of the century'
would require me showing off and explaining search and moving pc to
pc. With video and pics uploaded to the net to archive the trashing
the others will take. I need a couple swampies. I can't do video and
demo at the same time. A big swampie would be handy in case the
opposition gets mad when they are made to look bad.
That nasty character pause timer problem is fixed. It would only do 50
or so characters per second MAX. It is now displaying characters at 5
times that. Just about the speed I wanted. You all wouldn't like how I
did the fix. So I won't show the code changes just yet. Save some
laughs for later.
Yup. But I was busy taking the dogs for a walk up the Beaver Creek out

Another Feature I'll show in the ShowDown is Data OwnerShip. With SSDS
your data is all yours. The cataloging done with SSDS is useful on
other systems. With the standard NotePad type editor you can cut and
paste the file names and paths anywhere you want. Data ownership 100%
with SSDS the others ??. Not so good.
I'll show off SSDS features and the problems with the competition. In
quick 2 to 3 minute demonstrations. 10 to 15 such demos per side. With
an audience off the street and half geeks. Or the net audience will be
    But show the code changes, please.


'try and slow the delay for character pause. it would not do less than
1/10 sec or so?
    If new_delay_sec > 0.1 Then     '05 February 2008
        motion_out = Timer
        If motion_out + 43200 < motion_in Then
            motion_in = motion_in - 86400
        End If
        If motion_out - motion_in < new_delay_sec Then
            GoTo line_30316
                               Page 73
                              may 27.txt
        End If
    Else                               ' 05 February 2008
        temp_cnt1 = Int(new_delay_sec * 1000)
        For temp_cnt = 1 To temp_cnt1
            For II = 1 To 100
            Next II
        Next temp_cnt

    End If                              '05 February 2008

I have command line #77 set to: "CHARACTERPAUSE==.03"

That gives me about the speed I want. Speed it up or slow it down to
your liking. I am so happy with it I'll leave it active for a while.
during my regular searches. having it slow isn't a problem. When the
speed switch is cmd(77)
ShowDown features to be determined by the Swamp Shack Group. You guys
figure out what you want to show off. This will be more like a figure
skating showdown. Some start out fast with their BIG jumps and spins.
1 demo will be how to use SSDS to determine text file max lines for
the competition. Random will be there. Scrolling text. portability.
Search masters squaring off with their favorite Desktop Search tool.
Tell me what your side will show off. Who will you represent. GDS WDS
YDS or some other imposter.
See the latest demo of email address and the clipboard.

The scrolling text fix from today is shown later in the video when I
context display. That latest executable search.exe is at:
Quicker. I don't think so. I had to operate the camera with one hand
and do the computer stuff with the other. Its enter alt/tab paste
alt/tab enter alt/tab paste. Much quicker than on the video. I can go
to the nextdoor neighbor and do it just as easily. You and your old
dad's info doesn't move that easily. I am free to reload my OS anytime
without losing my favorites or email contacts. My data is mine mine
I don't even have to enter any part of their name. This list is a
group of 7. I have a news release one that has 30 or so. I just
mindlessly hit enter - alt/tab - paste - alt/tab - enter - Alt/tab -
                               Page 74
                              may 27.txt
paste ---- Checking for names visually. Now that is slow. I may have
to use CamStudio to demo this. Being camcorder guy and operator guy
makes it slow.

Your contacts data is stuck in some email client.

I keep all my passwords this way. No need to remember them or make
them all the same. When you have SSDS.
Here is that Cam Studio avi showing how to use a mailing list. Very
portable and fast this Desktop Search.
You are right. That video is crap. Back to using the CamCorder I
guess. the avi looks much better before it is uploaded.
Just saying Cam Studio is ok for local demos but not for uploading to
the net. I didn't mess around with anything. You are so smart. You
show me a clear cam studio session. and some notes please. I'm gonna
tape that damn camcorder to my head so I can get the areas of the
screen I want. Maybe CamCorder Cap

Just striving to become better and better.
Obviously I was going too fast for Cam Studio. What else could mess up
such a good program? If you want to see fast I'll have to do another
hands free CamCorder in hand video. I'll set pause to 1/2 second and
search the source.txt for mcisendstring. It will be just pop pop pop
up comes the screens. Searching huge files like this group is talking
about is pure silly. Even for me. Why not make the file 200GB or
300GB? You dumb sob's?
That was one of my famous First takes. I did get going pretty good
near the end though.
Admit it. Screen Re-Shoots just work. The purists will yap and yap
about resolution, pixelation, artifacts and moire but the fact is
getting in close to the screen, makes the resultant uploaded video
Thats the bottom line. Re-Shoots do the job
I'll find that ant colony video (demo25_pict01) and do a re-shoot in
slow motion close up and hands free so I don't shake like an pathetic
old man.

Sometimes I forget about the autofocus thing. Even leave the record
light on. At political events I leave it on so the crowd knows what's
                               Page 75
                              may 27.txt
being captured. The tripod doesn't do much good. I want close-ups that
can be of any part of the screen. One thing I do at political events
is turn the recording on and off using the remote. Just so there is no
jiggle at the start and end of each clip. Good News an election was
called for the province of Alberta yesterday. I'll be able to show you
some of the political debates. Maybe someone will want to beat me up.
I'll get in front of the camera in case that happens. Because I know
some people would enjoy that footage.

This desktop search can make your life simple like mine. No syncing
computers. Just merrily traipsing about shooting everything that gets
in camera range.

That's what the masses need. You folks are trying to keep it from
them. The other primary directive is Keep It Simple Stupid. Most of
the info to run this Search has been demoed. If there is something
that I passed over too fast. Or you want to know how to find things in
the code. And you want to help the Masses. Post any dumb question. I
have been answering a lot of them so far. You know as much as you
need. Get in there, grab the code, change it, jam it. Jam it.....

It can do a lot more than you have seen so far. My next video will be
showing the file size limits of the others. Can you produce these
numbers before me. Or do I have to do it all. Nobody helping. Just
sitting and complaining.
Glad to see some of you do post videos. With so many folks quoting me
and all, it might go to my head. You people are getting weirder and
weirder with your videos and pics. Good going.
Not all of them. Some are just too bad. It seems I have to brush up on
my Cam Studio skills. The screen re-shoots are not too bad. The hands
free ones anyway.
Same as the demo for the email storage. to store your email address
I'd do the following 2 lines

photo rc_pinchey Reginal Charles Pinchey email (use something
different for password)

I started putting url's into the clipboard. So I continued with that
code. If the character after 'http:" is not a "/' put the rest of the
string in the clipboard. But of course you can check the code to
ensure that. I have lots of passwords for various forums and because I
have the habit of reloading my OS. The cookies that contain them get
wiped. It is no big problem to have the original site resend the
                               Page 76
                               may 27.txt

The "photo" is required somewhere on line 1. I always put it at the

The 'xxx.' is required at the beginning of all line #2's For clipboard
items other than url's the next 5 characters must be "http:"

it's not a big jump from having pictures and video on the second line,
to use it for text and dump that into the clipboard. Passwords, URL's
and Email address are what I use this feature for most. I do use it
for sayings and special Search for strings. Those that produced good
results on Google etc.

This won't take much time. I will have 2 files. one just under the
google limit and the other just over the limit. Set it to index just
that folder and then do a search for the numeric key I place at the
end of the file. Using the SSDS merge function. I'll just make copy
after copy of my outmail file and merge them to size.

Then I'll have SSDS search the larger of the 2. Numerics search faster
(no ucase required when doing the match checking) 's' is quicker than
'c' context because the context lines don't need to be kept in an
array for printing during matches.
I'll try these suggestions. I won't be working for Cam Studio given my
latest videos. The SledgeHammer quickies are OK for my PC as they are
but worse than useless on the net. I did notice some of the things you
mentioned. Ie background etc. I do love video and will be forced to
know a tiny bit more in that area. I always keep lots of notes (now
video notes) So I never worry about multiple steps after the first
time. Just fire up SSDS and search for my Cam Studio video notes.
It should move to C easily. SSDS is a minimalist program. I did it as
dumbed down as I could. Even to the point to stretching it a bit.
There are a few weird things that need to be explained about the
program. Just so you have less troubles doing the conversion. What to
leave out. Etc. One glitch is the initial open of a file. I set it to
read the first 10 lines looking for "xxx." or some such. That way the
defaults could be for photo video and music if these characters
existed and if they didn't it would default to the text defaults of
"c" and "s" and "y" etc. With new files they won't show up in the
files.txt list (at prompt #1) unless they have at least 10 lines of
info. I don't like that too much because it confuses new users. I
don't like it that much because sometimes it confuses me.

You are on the team. Cheezie

                                Page 77
                              may 27.txt
 On that checking google demo. The fastest way to see the end of a
HUGE file is the 'y' (yesterday or last page option) it reads to the
end of the file counting the lines and reads to that many lines LESS
the 30 or so for a screen full. Reading it 2 times and no searching is
pretty fast.

For even more speed I could dig up some of the really old SSDS source.
It was much smaller when it was young.
Just to be mean I'll do a video of my internet "Search for:" Search
string retrieval instead of 'passwords' I could do a password demo but
would have to use the 'noshow' option for the first 5 or 6 that would
show in the file. Security you know.

When ever my computer runs bad. I reload. When my modem ain't working
I reload. When my computer seems slow. I reload. When I use just this
one program. There isn't much for me to know. Other than to load my
internet stuff and now my Cam Studio app.
Never had the need for the above. My backup is a drag and drop of my
c:\search\ folder to my external drive. I do my video backups when
they get to be a DVD or 2. Source code control and version control.
Isn't something the masses or I need. but I'm sure it could be added.
File comparisons were started and not finished. With this search it is
just searching and replacing a line at a time with blanks (Both Ways)
the resultant data in both files is added or deleted data. A
differences is a very important app. It could search the file system
for files. Very similar to the merge option. But switching to search
instead of merge. CheesieSwamp or somebody else may add that option.

I'll show you what your pet app can't do. Verified by SSDS
Are you OK?
Latest video demoing my password. I changed it. So no maniac can get
in and mis represent me.

We might have to take the whole works of you at the daily wtf. You
know so much already. That week of prep at Swamp Shack would be all
fun. (We need a Promoter to make it a real show) Otherwise I'll just
keep showing off SSDS like in today's Vid

Everybody keeps crying and crying for SSDS to search larger to very
large files. OK we'll search the large files that break Google first.
This Big Google Take-Down will make them look - not so good. How fast
will these files search when they are on chips and not hard drives.
Way way way beyond 20,000,000cps I bet.
                               Page 78
                              may 27.txt

Options. I'd like to see in the merge. Is the ability to append lines
1 and 2 - 3 and 4 ... then be able to do 1 and 2 and 3 - 4 and 5 - etc
The program matches on items on a given line. What if they are just at
the end of a line and overlaps. Text files are small and this wouldn't
take much.

Somebody do a DOUBLE Random MP3 video. A dog or cat always works good
in video.

Things that slow search down. Hi-lite this element (another search
string) Looking for merge breaks so the originating file name can be
displayed in the form border. Shifting to upper case when not
searching numerics. Keeping the context lines incase there is a match
adding up the total characters read. and BAD BAD coding habits. This
puppy can be tweaked here and there.

Desktop Search frees you to jam your computer full of data.
 Ten times 1/100 of a second is 1/10 second. And my data is mine mine
mine. Simple available and DataBase free. Life is wonderful.

The only real passwords I worry about is the ones where I store My
Video. It takes too long to upload them to have some NUT remove them.

Anything else about computing. Who of us in the masses care. This is
all we need to know. (except for Cam Studio) If you are not prepared
to wipe your computer clean then you ain't prepared.

Snap to it with some video will you. Or are you still in the film era.
What the *:%*(_. I have been testing google desktop search. Maybe they
know about me and sent a faulty version. Could be. I set up a folder
c:\temp\ and made a copy of some of my larger files there. In the
options I set it to skip every folder on C drive except c:\temp\ I
then run the index and monitor it using Ctrl/Alt/Del. It would take 10
or 15 seconds before the indexing would start. With just a few files
it would take 15 or 20 seconds to complete. Then I would do a search.
FINDING NOTHING. I had placed a number "3882004782" at the end of all
the files. The only one that showed up was one in the tiny append file
that had that in the file and nothing else. Google doesn't search
numbers well. I think I knew that a year or so back. SSDS searches
numbers way way way better. Try it maybe I'm doing something wrong?
Then I started looking in the files and searching for some of the info
I saw. Not good results either. Very poor in fact. IN a showdown this
stuff would just look worse than useless.

My objective was to see what the max was. I failed. I am having
                               Page 79
                              may 27.txt
trouble finding anything. Anybody else testing google and getting
better results? I haven't quit trying yet. Man that SpectateShit is
confused! He might need more that a week at Swamp Shack
Thanks. I'll keep that in mind when taking down Google. If you want to
secure sensitive data. With google put it 15,000 words in. 10,000 is
such a small number.
Google Search Sucks. Who can rely on it. The introduction should READ
"this search only does small files". How many results, for a certain
word do you have? Don't know, you probably never will know for sure.
Unless you try SSDS

No wonder everybody is so ClueLess. You poor sods have never ever seen
Desktop Search. The Great Search Giant Google is a GOOF. Their DS is
so bad compared to what I am used to. I can see why so few use it
(MPS) A little more testing and I'll be ready for the next video.

Indexing should start right when I hit the index button. After
changing files 30 or 40 times and re-indexing. That 30 seconds - to a
minute seems SLOW. Maybe have another button that says "in 30 seconds
run the damn indexer"

So my early research indicates GDS is crapware.
 100,000 byte limit. Isn't anybody else checking these stats. Or you
just going to sit on your duffs waiting for the next educational
video. Well it's comming and soon. Some babble about the directory
structure and that is all they need. CRAP 1,000,000 files is still a
Million files. They never get printed again. Back them up and Merge
them to clean up your directory. How on earth can you visually see or
find anything in those huge directories. The merge has defaults and
happens very quickly. It is so fast I might have to do a screen
re-shoot of the slow-mo playback. At 20,000,000CPS files merge fast.
especially those with a 100,000 byte limit. Even a thousand of those
files wouldn't take long. But you'll see. You'd be surprised at how
poorly GDS finds and displays stuff. Not fast and furious like SSDS.
No wonder people keep so little data. There has never been a tool that
was worthwhile.

My pal the European Hooded Crow was by this afternoon. I did a short
video clip. Want to see?
They will be video answers. I have babbled here as much as MPS making
lots of wild claims. It is those statements you haven't questioned me
on that I'm interested in. Those are the Stone Cold Facts of Desktop
Search. Not to be challenged. SSDS can find them. All I need to do is
cut and paste all my statements into 1 HUGE file. Then find everywhere
                               Page 80
                              may 27.txt
that someone has quoted me and paste that into another BIG file.
Search and replace everything that is in BIG file with a blank line in
HUGE file. What is left in Huge file are the undisputables. Any
swampie up to this task. I might have to dig in the source.txt to do
this one.
With minor modifications the Swamp Search could do this. A little
tweaking of the Merge operation for those Selected files. Instead of
putting the text out to the destination file. Treat the data like it
came in at the standard file input line. If it is something that will
make people happy. Then maybe somebody should add it.

You poor sobs don't cut and paste anything off the net for later. How
SAD being limited to such itsy bitsy file sizes
It would be nice to see which was first VAX/Search or Grep. The
Digital Equipment search was available by 84 or 1985. I'm sure grep
was from before 1988 Somebody must know? SSDS (real search) open
sourced 2008

Todays video lession will demonstrate how poorly GDS searches. We'll
use SSDS in pause mode to automatically fire the search strings into
the clipboard. A quick Ctrl/V to search. (Almost hands free - No
typing anyway). Wait a few seconds the Ctrl/V, Wait Ctrl/V ... Then
maybe a 2nd one showing SSDS results for the same character strings.
If the 100,000 character limit didn't take Google Down then this video
set will.
I'm surprised by that early of a date for GREP. I was running programs
that used Punch Cards back then. Search was around before it was
needed, that's for sure. Thanks BennieSwamp

SSDS started off mirroring the Vax search. I'm sure GREP and
Vax/Search have most of the same options that SSDS has. Those other
searches were far to complex to morph in to Video and music search
like Swamp Search has. The Prompt search video from today will just
lengthen SSDS's SmackDown lead.
sorry - the 3 is the number of file downloads. I'll redo the screen
capture right away with the all time totals for each video.
Communications are good.
No Reason. I'll keep it up to date. Change is Good
I was going to give you all SHIT. But I won't

You are contributing. eg. the 10,000 word Google limit verifying my
                               Page 81
                              may 27.txt

its GDS 100,000 character MAX limit VS Swamp Search 300,000,000,000 +
UNKNOWN limit. (SmackDown bell rings)

The ODD one of you taking the Swamp Search side now and again. (take a
bow) Now get going. How about some video demos (MUSIC?) intermixed
with some local bad video. 1337 HaH. The Never Endum Thread. Once the
SmackDowns start coming from the SwampRats (Year of the Rat - Spectate
Swamp is a RAT) Then I can just sit back watch, enjoy and learn.

Dr. Phil you are picking up. But a visit to Swamp Shack is
recommended. (Headline - Dr Phil ordered to Swamp Shack)

The constant challenges have resulted in me testing the code out and
finding the timing bug. Couldn't slow things down for less than 1/100
of a second. The change worked and I can now set it to about 1/300 of
a second (and quicker). Which is a nicer speed. There were 2 identical
sets of code with this timer that I had to change (check source). The
2nd one involved Slo-Motion. I'll have to test Slo-Mo Again. It has
improved. Thanks.

What's WDS and YaHoo file size limits? Who's the NEXT TakeDown
 the 70's Ten straight years of May long weekend Keggers in Jasper
park - 24 kegs 2 miles in the bush. Bring your own mug. They couldn't
stop it. When the park cops find one keg (and they did - a party goer
just carried it off into the bushes) we would move and unbury the
next. Tackle football among the bolders. You just can't hurt drunks.
The beer is better now.

Still haven't done that search comparison video. I'll do a screen
re-shoot of Cam Studio showing the various random search strings being
jammed against GDS and even more random searches fired at SSDS. The
results will astound you.
Dr Dr Calm down. You've had a relapse. All this Search knowledge can
be a little overwhelming. Have a nap.
That's exactly the type of response I've been looking for. Give me a
code sample and I'll put it in. AbbySwamp. The timer limitations never
seemed a problem for SSDS until I tried to show off the scrolling
text. What the Hey I couldn ' t speed it up past 100 per second. Did I
need a new computer or what? Just the dumb OLD timer was all.
So for now we'll go with what there is. The demo is on hold. I want to
show searching this forum text instead of the files I had been using.
                               Page 82
                                may 27.txt
There are 44,000 lines   and 1.6 million characters in this thread so
far, it is BIG enough.   I'll show How I search for search.exe and
source.txt and see how   the posters have progressed. etc GDS won't be
able to find the later   material but SSDS will.

The VAX/Search and GREP are more like Desktop Search than those
imposter INdexers. But they will all fall before SSDS and the
They better get old Copernic himself to demo their side. I'll check
their file size max first. Going looking for Copernic downloads ASAP.
They won't appreciate you making them the target of the next
take-down. I have heard lots of good things about Copernic. This
should be more fun. Desktop Search Developers going head to head. Not
just some testing freaks. The Real Desktop Search Experts.

My Google search demo using the daily wtf forum info. Has shown lower
file sizes as max character counts. It must be a result of a number of
factors??. Somehow any demo showing GDS search features would appear
rather dull and slow compared to Swamp Search. I could do a video
confirming the GDS file limits. But what would that prove. So I'll
concentrate on Showing Off SSDS. Copernic file limits now that is a
different issue.
Me and my Swampies DerulaSwamp. Copernic seems to find stuff at the
end of a 263MB file I'll double that. I do like they way Copernic
shows more indexing info. I know it's just indexing what I want. Did I
just say indexing and want in the same sentence? Far more interesting
video. What is your guess as the limit? 500Mb 1 Gig 2 Gig (I got 41
free Gig. So I can test it up to 15 or 20 Gig

If you can't break it. Use It.
526MB and counting. I'll double that. Swamp Shack needs a Bigger
Faster computer. the 526 took 16 minutes for copernic to index. Swamp
Search can show you the data faster than that. A lot faster than that.
Now to merge a Bigger file. Merge em till you break it.
That was the final doubling. 7 1/2 hours later I had to put an end to
the indexing.

1 Gig is the copernic limit.
Did that. Just 1 huge file and a couple small small ones were there.
I'll take a stab at splitting the difference between the last attempt
and the previous one that took 15 minutes or so. EveryBody except SSDS
has file size limits. If the indexing works? Then I can do some search
timings. No doubt even for me 1Gig is huge. about 15 times all the
                                 Page 83
                              may 27.txt
textual data I have collected since way way back. Somewhere back in
this thread people were saying download a 2.2Gig Linux file. It wasn't
me that started my search can search bigger files than yours. SSDS
wins the SIZE battle. NOLIMIT
Finding the limits.
I had a huge old merge of every bit of text I had. I copied and pasted
that a number of times and merged them to create one that was 263Mb. I
made 3 more copies of that and merged them using SSDS merge option.
There was a zzz_test.txt file that contained my numeric and textual
target keys. Copernic does indicate that these items have been found
when I search. I'll have to check how long it is before I get to see
this info in context with Copernic. Maybe open the index file with
SSDS? Anybody else test Copernic? The Grepplers must be happy. Good
old Grep and Search have no such limits.

How to hide data on a Copernic System. Put it at the end of a 1Gig
file. That is pretty secure. Ha ha ha ha OOPs Sorry for laughing...
I do. And it's a safe place to store my secret data.
1k files only. That's because the old Desktop Search engines are no
good at BIG files. My TheDailyWTF.txt file is now 1.6Mb and 45,000
lines. I can check who has asked what questions. I cut and paste stuff
off the net all the time. Now you can too. Don't be afraid of big
 There are many ways this search can be extended. Iflilters to handle
other formats. Data extracts should be easy to get from any system.
The change I'd make would be to allow for a match on line 1 to result
in the file on line 2 to opened with the originating program. If the
original data file had 10,000 lines then that would add 20,000 lines
to the search file. 100 files that size would be 2,000,000 lines of
text to search. When a match is found pop open that file. Very easy
changes to do.
The metadata for mp3 can be found if you search for "temptag." in the
source.txt. An external program doing a simple extract would probably
be easiest. Given a list of files to catalog. That way no directory
coding would be needed.

Still waiting for someone with a dancing dog to do a video demo of XX
Random music play.

In checking some of the Copenric results. The first match is hi-lited
in blue - Very good. The next matches are in yellow. also good. But it
is on a small portion of the screen and the scroll bar is needed to
                               Page 84
                              may 27.txt
search for the next one by EYE. SSDS does the search for you just
enter enter. I can easily video this "data in context" match-up. You
ALWAYS want data in context. Always.
With Swamp search it is like having X-Ray vision and the speed of the
Flash. You could plow through all your paperwork in no time Flat. Pure
brute force.

YaHoo FileSystems have been defeated.
If Old man Copernic were smart. He would dump Swamp Search right in
where the preview screen pops up. SSDS does it much faster and does
line wrap. Copernic display DOESN'T. And having to visually check for
the next match? How poor is that. That's what computers are made for.
Copernic needs too get their search to the next level. Copernic's
entire staff are hereby ordered to Swamp Shack.
You can't stop the Grepplers from finding your secret data. But they
are a dying breed and not that many are left. The Indexers are easy to
fool. They can't find nothing.

I did some numbers for that 789Mb file. To display the number I placed
very near the end of the file IN Context. I used the fast way instead
of the slow "c" context method. The fastest way is to do a "s" single
line matching search. When the single match is displayed. Enter "p" to
display the previous match in context. The "p" option knows where to
read to before starting the search. It took about 40 seconds for the
first part and about the same for the 2nd so a minute and 20 seconds
for a very huge text file. For Copernic it was 2 hrs and 19 minutes
before anything could be looked for. And don't try and open that big
of a file in the preview screen. VERY very slow. My system isn't that
powerful. You could experience much faster searches.
Tapity tapity tap tap on the enter key will move your through the
file. The line number displays give you an idea where you are in the
file. One thing I didn't see yet in Copernic. Maybe it exists. Is an
equivalent for the HiLiteThis element. Control.txt line number 31.
That element changes easily with 'HH' at prompt #2. Use it in your
search to hilite local area code numbers or something? I set Copernic
to index my mpeg folder. It didn't take much time. I'll check what
they do with video. I love video.
I did a quick search for the number "3882004782" that was in my post.
It shows 3 times in both SSDS and TheDailyWTF or the WTFDS search.
Selecting the matches did take me to the right spot in the thread. But
the match wasn't hi-lited. That should be fixed. Just checking to see
if your search was working correctly. All systems need a little
auditing once and a while. The previous Desktop Search contestants
                               Page 85
                              may 27.txt
didn't provide match counts. Good going WTFDS. AND SSDS. Boo the rest.
Wasn't even my idea. My old Friend Grant C. Said in 1974 that if it
was up to him all his systems would be based on plain text files. A
great Desktop Search Engine makes it possible. How fast is SSDS. Don't
know. Who has a fast fast computer with speedy hard drives? Maybe a
SuperComputer... SSDS will just get faster and faster. I had to make
it slow slow slow down for scrolling text. In the old days. The consol
printer was about 1/4 the speed, of the demoed scrolling text and
Yeah you are right WTF search is a net search. Like the rest of the
indexers. Make one tiny mistake and you catch me.

The next video will be to show off SSDS against Copernic. The
3882004782 not having line wrap is ugly. I'll emphasise that. don't
expect me to be doing anything that will shine a nice light on
Copernic. They had better get their biggest Gurus here to defend
themselves. Old Copernic come on down. Where are they? Do I have to
demonstrate their software. Is nobody doing anything here. Am I alone.

I guess it is my job to show desktop search to the masses. So I
shouldn't complain. I'll have to award little prizes for those finding
REAL fault with my statements. You 2 are becomming my faves.
You two quit passing notes. Or I'll move you to the front of the

While some of you are busy dreaming up more stupid search tests. 500
files here and there. SSDS has been quietly destroying search giants
and myths. Pretty soon you will have nobody to turn to. Others rattle
off their long list of apps that have some of the features of Swamp
search. Few understand the purpose of search. It is to find YOUR data.
Not words data, not powerpoints data, not anything propriatory. Data
that isn't easily portable is an anchor. Get rid of that deadweight by
exporting it to text. Do screen captures or even the horrid Screen
Re-Shoot. Free and share your data. Sharing your data does free it.
Before; I never had the source.txt on my laptop, then it went
opensource. I check it all the time now. Thanks. Few mention those
large zipped Unbuntu files, since all the indexers have fallen to file
size limits. How come these critical limits are not mentioned right
off by them? What about text search and retrieval (to the clipboard)
search with navigation and video video video. I'll just have to stick
to video. Words seem to have failed me. Too much play in class. I will
be more stern.
More open standards I never knew (than plain text)
                               Page 86
                              may 27.txt

Then give this a shot. the merge takes no time at all. So everybody
quit complaining. It has to be faster than indexing. Just has to be.

Well now you got a reason. Search TheDailyWTF.txt file like I am.
Search can be fun. There are only 30 pages or so to cut and paste.
Re-Read some of this again. Now that you have an understanding of how
to use search for fun and pleasure. You poor thing, SearchLess for
this long.
Maybe I would win the AssHole contest. But that's not the point. Your
precious Copernic took "19" seconds to display the first match of
'3882004782' in thedailywtf.txt file I have. The first match was
40,000 or so lines in. So I waited. Then the swamp search. ".6"
seconds. Which almost rounds off to no time at all. How can such bad
code be so fast? Is it the GoTo's? Must be. WOW that's like 40 times
faster. Poor old Copernic.
You do it so your search doesn't take 40 times longer on big files (18
seconds). You do it so you can examine your information rather than
just archive it. You do it so you can show off what you have done,
even if just to yourself. You do it because it is easy. 2 copies of
text is extremely minor. I had to go and remerge and remerge to come
up with a 1GB text file. So quit whining about 2 copies of all that
text. The size is diddly squat and you know it.
Next to no effort at all. I've done it. Obviously you haven't tried
it. I have been using copernic. Every file change I make. I'm in
makeing a new index. That takes longer than a merge. I often run a
second version of Search ie search1 with the default settings pointing
to the drives I want data from. It is quicker than indexing.

If you do a search without re-indexing you are in just as big of a
bind. What if indexing is down and they don't tell you? Anyway having
the most most recent copy is seldom an issue. When you book out the
code for changes that is the time, up to date is important. The rest
is BS

My claim stands and others can verify it. The bottom line is that.
Indexers don't do larger files. They don't warn you. So don't try and
cut and paste info off the net like SpectateSwamp does. Because you
can't. Your Desktop Search will hang.

How to mess up a Copernicker. Slip a 1Gig text file and watch the
indexer go wild. That would be too mean.

If Copernic isn't down. Then it is wildly staggering about
                               Page 87
                              may 27.txt
You are good with numbers. So It's ShowTime again. The video just has
to be made by me. Where are the Real Copernickers. When will they
mount their defence videos? The .6 was the slow "c" full context
search. The "s" single line matches only will show all 3 in ".3"
seconds. I have my camcorder in hand and turned on. You'll see some of
the proof about speed and relatively small files. Copernic doesn't
have it. Swamp Search does. The CamCorder doesn't lie. Later
Copernic take down video.

All they need to do is install Swamp search right at the preview
stage. Then they could open and display text up to their 800MB limit.
I wouldn't want to try and open any big files with their preview
program. SSDS OK but not Copernic.
Hey I'm proud of those 209 votes I got.
I have been checking for words in thedailyWTF.txt file. so far they
seem to be able to find everything I look for. A lot slower than SSDS
but still found. I have looked for "security is nuts" and found that
string. What gets lost when creating an index. Something must. I know
Swamp search looks at all the data, so it has to find the results.
See!!! I don't have all the answers. Answer my question O smart ones.

Off to the Creek for a walk with the Dogs and Kids. Video updates
later. It's -24 celcius partly cloudy. No wind down on the creek, so
it isn't that bad. If you have a heavy beard and mop of hair. Later
I wasn't lying to you. To find a match near but not on the last page
requires a search. If it was on the last page then I would do a "y"
option that reads the file once and on the second pass starts the
display 1 page before the end of the file. If you want to find
something on the 2nd to last page. Then use the "s" search first It
reads through finding matching lines only. (40 seconds to read and
search the whole file) then the "p" option to display the previous
match. It reads to a point 8 or 10 lines before the match and starts
from there. Just as if searching from the beginning. The context
search "c" is slower because it keeps changing the context lines on
each read Adding character counts etc is done on "c" context searchs
but not the 's' single line matching display. Create a program that
opens a large text file and read to the end doing nothing to the data.
I'm sure you will get speeds close to or faster than what I have.

 Thanks for the info. I didn't want to know any of this before doing
this search. I might have gotten off on the wrong path. So every word
in the file is in the index. I'll maybe do a little more checking into
                               Page 88
                              may 27.txt

With my files they are all in the c:\search\ folder or I don't care
about them. But I can search any text or jpg or mpg anywhere on any
drive. and have them flashing up on the screen in an instant. A quick
merge of all text on c drive doesn't take long. But I have no call to
do it. The search has a directory command and I sometimes search that
file just to see what files got added today. (ie files that I didn't
create) But not much need to look beyond my own folder. The path name
defaults to the current folder so I seldom have to enter long path
names. Once entered the file name stays on a list of 20 current files
(select 1-20 to open them up) I seldom enter the file name, just
select from the list at prompt #1. It is very fast to start up and
shut down with defaults on the way in. Once the data is displayed the
defaults change to back to the previous prompt then previous to that
until it closes out. Very quick enter enter enter (SEE) enter enter
enter (SSDS is gone) It was designed to be started and stopped lots.
if you were running random video display and didn't want to see the
one you were on. Kill it and start it again. Enter enter enter will
have you back to seeing random video. Start and stop this program
lots. That is how I use it.
Sometimes showing off is OK. If I hadn't demoed the scrolling text and
wanted it faster. I would have never have noticed the problem. That
fix will make the slow motion video work better. SEE. Even Great
programs have small bugs.
And I haven't given up on you all yet. I have been doing my data like
this for years. It works. I'm a greppler, I'm a searcher. From what
I've seen by the INDEXERS they have a long long ways to go to catch
up. If you want to keep slightly bigger files because you are cutting
and pasting lots of info from the net. Try this one.
Nobody has a clue about how much text people accumulate. There is
absolutely no need to index info, for speed of access. The huge data
file it took to break Copernic was over 10 times all the textual data,
collected since 1996. The other main problem with indexers is that
they don't show you the data in context. SSDS does. They will tell you
what file that it is in. What good is that. The same match could be in
10 other files. A little context would help. But indexers don't have
that. When I search for information. It is usually for the context.
Just finished merging all the Text files on C

The output file was 522MB. Why merge every *.txt file on C drive?
Because Swamp Search can. Like that's half a Gig. Next to nothing

I think my next video will try to cover a recent request and
                               Page 89
                              may 27.txt
demonstrate how I change the control.txt file to hilite other fields,
change the string scroll etc. All that can be intimidating until you
are in there and making some changes. Mess with the font size and
colors. mess with everything. This forum is just getting too long for
other searches to bring up quick results. Here is what you need to do
to get it all in ONE big file with SSDS:

On page 1 of this forum, click anywhere on the main screen. enter
Ctrl/A to select all the data. And then Ctrl/C to put it in the

Alt tab to the other process running SSDS. At prompt #1 you will have
entered thedailyWTF.txt so you are now at prompt #2 enter "z" to paste
the contents of the clipboard at the end of thedailyWTF.txt file

Alt tab to the daily WTF forum and move to page 2 Ctrl/A then Ctrl/C
and back to the other to enter 'z' at prompt #2 and back and forth for
30 pages. This forum is like 2 Books long. If you want to find all the
search facts. You need a good search. SSDS is it
3Min 15 Secs Half of which was doing directory stuff. - Merged all txt
on c:\ drive (522MB)

I sleep better at night knowing, If aliens attack Earth. We will put
the word out, that they are bringing a Greppler type search. Then
you'll see RESISTANCE.
 What use would that be. Your search finds the context so slowly it's
almost useless (19 Seconds). Indexers can only deal with itsy bitsy
files. Bigsy wigsy ones make them fall.

 No never. I have about 20 main files. I don't have to merge them to
find what I want. My inmail.txt is inmain, my outmail.txt is sent
mail. NetStuff.txt and a few others. I seldom do merges. Unless I need
a big file to Take Down Copernic or to satisfy some dumb forum
questions. Merge is usefull in cleaning up directories and thus
destroying FileSystems.
 To do all the jobs in IT, that I had done to that point. I could have
had an apprentice with Grade 9 and taught them everything. Seems TOO
high of an education can be a detriment to learning. Knowing it all,
makes it hard to learn. I taught educated people how to do Cable
Billing conversions. They knew nothing about cable or billing. Like my
old boss said "It's not Rocket Science" It is mostly accounting and
the old extract sort and report steps. The BEST programmer I came
across in all my years had Grade 12 and no formal computer education.
(That's not me)

                               Page 90
                              may 27.txt
That's why I say even a non programmer can understand this program.
Once they get a glimmer of what's going on. Then the unknown and fear

I just gotta show you all how I use SSDS as a spell checker. Just
checked "dissipate" WOW what a wonderful use. And I always hated
spelling. (no good at it)
I started out to include an email dump in SSDS but quit and moved on
to other more productive stuff. There must be a good email to text
dump program somewhere that I could use? If there isn't. Would you
consider it your email or the applications email. If your applications
can't do exports to text then there is a problem with that
application. All Telco and Cable System billing records came as PLAIN
TEXT files. From all types of machines to the VAX.
Yeah I got some email with warnings "not to reproduce or resent" etc
wow scary stuff. I hope I didn't cut and paste anything that was
illegal. Not sure that little box I checked agreeing to Copernics
download didn't exclude mistreating the Copernic search like I did.
Trouble trouble everywhere.
I had many other successes in the past. I could tell you about what I
did for Rural mapping in Alberta. The utilities dept needed their
township maps digitized.

Another was at Pacific Tel and Telegraph in SF just ask me what the
solutions were. I'm trying to stay on topic. Sometimes they close
threads for straying too far. It has happend to me. I was innocent
So That is where the next set of video is going. SSDS internals
explained. I'll go through the code at the important points. Where and
how changes can be made. I might even go over the changes required to
make SSDS do a LIVE search of text files. (fiddle with the merge
option to redirect the merge info to the logic where SSDS reads from
the input file) It will be slower but that is what people here are
screaming for. All on shaky shaky video. Sit close to your monitor for
these lessons. When you got spaghetti code. You'll need a little help
A list of folders would be cool. Just skip that directory. If it
doesn't match one on the list. Currently the program will "merge" all
files on c: or c:\search\ etc but a list of selected folders wouldn't
be hard to add. I'll probably just do the c:\ or c:\search\ searches
first. Might start with an even simpler fix/change. Control.txt
element 31 is the hilite_this element. If a match is found in any of
the context lines it is hilited in a different color (cmd(29) has the
color). It is not searched for or hilited if it is in the match line.
How best to fix this minor problem? I'll make the changes before
                               Page 91
                              may 27.txt
explaining it. None of the other searches have a hilite_this element.
One can use the hilite_this element to hide certain words. By setting
the hilite color in 29 to MATCH the background color in control
element #3 With both cmd(3) and cmd(29) being set to 3 (aqua) any
hilite_this strings would appear as blank spaces in the middle of the
text. SSDS is a tool to plow through your data. Not just slowly
presenting 1 file match at a time.

Another test. 100 matches in 100 files somewhere on c drive and in
text. Who would have them up on the screen the fastest. Indexing and
merging times included. SSDS presents the text in context. It would be
just a matter of hitting enter 100 times after the merge was done.
Like in 5 minutes I would be done done done. You would have to tell
your indexers which folders to ignore or it would be days and days
later. Indexers tell you what files your search string is in. Pick a
common one and the list is overwhelming. SSDS will show the matches in
context or matching lines only for even faster verification. Indexing
searches suck and the showdown will hilite these and other glaring

Search is about the context. Not the file name where the context is.
The indexers will show your a few lines from the beginning of the
match file and if the string is there hilite it. It can't look any
farther otherwise it would slow tremendously.
Reasons for SSDS? Random. Large font scrolling text. Pause then
continue on a page full. HiLite_this element. Masking characters with
aqua in cmd(29). I had just reloaded the most recent forum posts.
Including the note on aqua. Extracts are a useful (part of the
extract-sort-report trio) Multiple sessions of this search with the
defaults and search history that apply to that topic or project. 8 or
20 data files instead of TENS of Thousands. Now to me, when documents
never get printed again And I Can't scan them in context because I
have an indexer. One will seldom looks at files, if it is a problem
moving to the next file then the next match in that file search again
don't find a match go to the next itsy bitsy file. You won't do that
long before you quit searching. For me it's enter search string and
enter enter enter everything in context and extremely fast. more than
extremely fast even.
I forgot to mention SSDS doesn't choke or slow down on larger files.
ie 2m to over 1Gig. The Itsy-bitsies don't keep lots of clippings in
one file. They have to split up on a one per article basic. Their
indexing search is just too slow displaying files of any size.
Probably by now copernic will take 25 seconds to get a match at the
end of this forum up and in context. Try this number Mr Copernic
388205283 The wonderful SSDS search will show it to you in less than a
second. Others can verify this quite easily. Does nobody want to try
                               Page 92
                              may 27.txt
it? Maybe SSDS is even faster and Copernic worse than expected. Do I
have to do another video. Another feature is instant search default
changes at prompt #2 'ccc' uses the settings in control1.txt instead
of control.txt.

When Desktop Search is your only program, It has to have all the
options this one has.
Come on SpenkSwamp do it just to humor me. Merge all your source files
(but don't delete the originals) SSDS has no feature to delete merged
files. Then start looking for anything that pops into your mind code
wise. Let the whole mess flash by, by using the "f" for flash mode at
prompt #2. The search will show all text on the screen until a match
is found. Enter a number that doesn't exist in the file and all your
source code will flash by. Stop and restart it by hitting enter. Play
with and examine your source like never before. How many meg of
combined source. How many lines of info. What is the elapsed time for
a 'y' showing the last screen full of text.

I should have used view instead of "scan" ie "scan them visually in
context because indexers can't do that at an acceptable speed. They
just can't. Swamp search can.
I see no calls to media player in the source code. I see mcisendstring
commands that control the video and music. Any OS worth it's salt
would have a similar utility.

Can't anybody else take a stab at searching thedailyWTF.txt text file
for this thread? I know you can all whip up a batch file that will
merge this and that, yappity yap. Just go in and cut and paste 31
times and it will be done. Then do some simple testing to see who can
display the data the fastest (SSDS) and Not so fastest (Copernic)
If I added up all the tools you people have for doing this and that
function better than SSDS. It would be quite a list. Thankfully Swamp
search is the tool to search out such info. Very fast to move through
mountains of Search Facts like this post.

SpenkSwamp do us a demo using Cam Studio and settings like I used. So
everything is blurry. We'll trust you. Your source code should be your
secret. Then a few simple searches on that merged file looking for
subroutine calls, error handling, what ever. You will move through
your source very fast. How many lines of code do you have? Not nearly
enough to cause Swamp search to even pause. I bet.
I like the way you use the Subject. 8 or 20 huge files searched by
10,000 backgrounder Swamp searches. Damn it. that would work and the
                               Page 93
                               may 27.txt
This thread is now at 1,852,065 characters long and 49,703 lines (some
very long) I tested the Copernic preview of the search for "388205283"
the total time before the CONTEXT showed up is now up to 26 Seconds.
SSDS context search shows results in .735 seconds and the 's' search
produced results in .125 seconds. So for files around the 2Mb size
Copernic is virtually useless.     26 seconds is way to long to have to
wait to see the context. All Copernic would need to do to FIX this
problem would be to put a SSDS call right at the preview stage,
instead of notepad or wordpad or whatever they currently use.

Seems nobody is even coming close to reproducing my test results,
rambling on about SSDS times of a minute and 20 seconds or so.
Obviously nobody has tried this simple test. I will post a screen
captures of the copernic results and keep updating it as TIME passes.
The results will have my x on it. Certifying it official.
These would be show stoppers in any showdown. Copernic preview times
on this thread being so slow. And no warning about large file sizes
and indexing problems. Don't let your Desktop Search limit your search
JoeSwamp is right. Mess with the catalog file a bit and do even more
strange displays. Ie add freeze frame to them all. Set it to slow
motion for even more video entertainment.
Enough questions. Where are the Search Giants? How come they haven't
shown up here yet. Do I have to do their testing and demos. Why is
that preview screen so terribly slow? Does anybody here try anything
or just sit and babble. The last search Giants were Old Greppler
himself and the Vax/Dec search program developers. Maybe one or two of
them would put in a comment or two here. If they dare.
So the Copernic take down is done. Back to Google. I just don't trust
you that GDS is that quick.
I used google checking for: "long documents" "google" limit

Seems quite a few people don't like the 10,000 word limit per file.
That is the worst of all the Desktop Search Engines. The search others
have been using must have been Google Net search. I suppose GDS could
find the results if you made 1500+ seperate itsy bitsy files. What a
poor solution. It was MPS that gave me the link stating such. He must
be lying. The whole net is lying about google. The truth is google
desktop search is crap.
                               Page 94
                              may 27.txt
Lots of people have ran into these indexing limits. This fellow did
some serious checking.
He found that Google Yahoo and Microsoft all have limits. What about
And I should probably reload my OS between each test? Google had some
flimsy excuse for the 100,000 limit. It doesn't cut it on the desktop.
Indexers all have limits and they carried them over to Desktop Search.
This is Desktop Searches dirty little secret. Nobody mentioned it,
until I ran into the barrier. How come?
No you didn't. I thanked you for confirming my file size claims.
Everybody remained silent. I used SSDS to search this post for
"goog/supp/desktop" and found your initial mention of the link.
 I have done no merging of my main 8 or 10 files. I just append notes
and any emails I want to keep FOREVER. What is the definition of
INDEX? I don't think it is the same as merge/append/combine. Please
don't mislead this group with your statements. They are ClueLess

Returning the name of the file that the matches are in, is a pityful
attempt at Search. And you Jokers call that results .

Grepplers SHOW you the match in context. Indexers TELL you what file
the match was found in.

Example: I want to see all the phone numbers in my notes from
Whitecourt. I search for "778-" in single line matches only and see a
page full at a time. The important context is the final 4 digits and
the name beside it. Can your search do that. I didn't think so. And No
I won't demo that one. Too many Kooks here may start phoning my

Show me the Money == Show me the Context
I was involved in an unrealistic timeline. My supervisor and me were
cornered into doing a similar task. He had a nervous breakdown. If
that had happened today with my years of experience. I would have
walked over and punched the AssHole that gave my friend a BreakDown.
Deck the sob (unless it's a Girl) There isn't enough of that in the
office. It's all back biting. I worked on a pipeline for a few years.
That is how PipeLiners (OutSiders) handle those situations. It works.
People show more respect on the pipeline than in the office
(Insiders). My Friend had a Nervous BreakDown. That was the bottom
line. Don't let it happen to a friend of yours. You'll regret it.
                               Page 95
                              may 27.txt
Randomly or sequentially it's got to be done sometimes.
I could recreate it. It's stayed in my mind since 72. I never came
across Dr S. since. He was an agressive asshole that browbeat
everybody. He would go to utility rate hearings and make people look
stupid. Then he came back to the office and carried on the same way.
He is too old to be punching now. Back then Ok.
I like that improves the performance bit. But a copy of the file being
an index. I don't think so. The dictionary is wrong or should be
update, given this new information. My notes.txt are never merged with
anything. I use the 'e' option at prompt #2 to enter my notes. No
merging there ever. So when I search my notes it is not an index. But
if I searched a merge of all my txt files including my notes, then it
is an INDEX?? If I threw the originals away. Would the merge.txt still
be an index? Inefficient index. HaH. At 20,000,000 cps who on Gods
Green Earth gives a damn about efficiency. Most most text files are
small and computers are fast and getting faster. And you worry about
inefficient tasks. Wake Up. There are a lot of things the SSDS search
does that are Inefficient and Swamp search is still way faster than
the Copernics PreView screen. I'm sure Their Preview app is very
efficent CODE
That's why the half day at Swamp Shack with their new camcorder. I'll
show it all to them. How poorly the competition does. Their Swamp
Search will run right from the DVD they leave the Shack with. They
might not even get a computer right away. Just bumb one. I'll show
them my backup. My OS reinstall. My camera software load and my
internet reload. On Video. There is already enough SSDS video on the
net to get The Masses started. Another half day here, would make them
extremely comfortable with SSDS and the fact Swamp Search will only
get faster and faster.... Then there is video and Video and VIDEO The
other indexers don't do video like this. No they don't. The Swampies
might want to take the other Ha/f Day video course at the Shack.
I agree with you there and you did real good syntax. The only thing it
needs is "photo " somewhere in the first line like this:

photo video Start=18000 speed=100 freeze=6 wait=15


That would start the video at a point 18 seconds in, playing back at
1/10 speed, for 15 seconds of video (2 or 3 mins) and stop at 33 secs
into the video, freezing there for 6 seconds. I do a catalog (gf) of
all my mpg videos and it has the photo and xxx. and the paths in. A
quick rrr (search and replace) at prompt #2 has the other elements in
and ready to test. Try it. It is that fast and easy. Anybody with mpg
                               Page 96
                              may 27.txt
and has followed this thread can do it.
I'll blame it on poor instructions. That is my next video. Cam Studio
Screen re-shoot episode. I'll do the 'gf' option at prompt #2 to auto
catalog any mpg anywhere on c or d or f drive. To make you happy. Then
a quick rrr to change "photo " to "photo speed=100 wait=7 freeze=6"
would have it set to go. Then back into the file and at prompt #2
enter "rand" then "randa" to set it to pick a random file and randa
would set it to pick a random start point. ww at prompt #2 kicks it
off. You will enjoy your videos. Any demo video can be used against me
or you or our subjects. So any enforcement types are ordered to leave
this thread.
Do they export to the clipboard or to an extract file. Can you flash
in and out seeing your last notes in under 3 seconds. No NO AND NO
SSDS does everything any of the Masses would need. In a manner easily
understood. Does that scare you?
 Then They should call it Desktop Find not Desktop Search. Search is
what the Vax did in the 80's an the greps from even earlier. SSDS is
an evolved desktop search, the indexers all came from internet
searches. They are not Desktop Search. They are internet searches
disguised as DS. With their indexes for kazillions of records / files.
Indexing for personal computing is OVERKILL. No doubt about it.
I'm in no hurry here am I. First I'd merge your 8 or 10 main files.
Because if I'm on contract. I don't want it to happen too fast. After
the merge I'd do a "s" search for "To:/@" that would show all email
addresses sent to. or I'd search 's' for "From:/@" and they would fill
the screen. I'd have to hold the enter key down to get through them
all because you got so many. The files that are merged have a break
indicator line and that shows up in the form border as you plow
through the data. I've done this to get email lists that feed to the
clipboard for my media friends..
 So I open a wordpad file and insert some text at the end. Same Thing.
An append to an existing file. Everything is an append. Then We
definitely need more appending from my perspective. Cut and paste and
append this thread. Or would you keep each post seperate?
Yes it is a waste of time. Every good software product should allow
you to export your data to a plain text file. But they don't want to.
Why is that? Who's data is it? Why do people put up with this Crap? In
no way does SSDS hold your data Ransom like these other apps
Geez having to change documents. I hope they were not sent out
incorrectly. What you are talking about is more of a business
application than the masses. But SSDS can help there. Now if you were
                               Page 97
                              may 27.txt
bright or had a bright friend that could write a simple program that
would get 1 line of text from "word" and write it out to a plain text
file. then on the next line write the xxx.(then path to the file here)
then write another line then 'xxx.(path to file) again and again until
that file is done then onto the next word file. It won't take long and
when you search for keywords. the file path will be in the clipboard.
And you can take your Swamp search with you anywhere without
interfering with somebody elses computer operations. No indexer firing
up. Just the greatest GREPPLER around.
Nope don't know nothing about the indexers and that was by intent.
Once a greppler always a greppler. Linear Search speeds are just
Say there is 1000 characters per file that makes 75,000,000 records a
complete search in 4 seconds. and with some real context showing up.
Not a dumb little message pointing to some file. A merge of that size
shouldn't take more than 30 seconds. I have been testing Swamp search
with 10 times that much data. Source files should search real well.
Try Swamp search you'll like it SaddaSwamp
Now you are getting it CodeSwamp. Free of computer worries. Because
you don't need to know Nuttin. My expression for now is a satisfied
I can guarantee that you didn't see anything in .03 seconds. The
internet isn't nearly as fast as my laptop. you maybe found something
in 2 or 3 seconds a far cry from .03 nothing happens in .03 on the
internet. Or have you no grasp of time. I like the way you used the
spray bomb to cover stuff up.

I am catching up on these posts and have explained how I would deal
with word files. 1 test line from the file. 1 line containing the
path. then another line pair with the 2nd line then on and on till the
end of the file. Then the next file. This will happen very fast. Very
fast. When a match is found. The resultant path is put into the
clipboard. try it WooterSwamp
In a non business environment records don't change at all. I don't
change my inmail or outmail. And seldom change my notes, just append /
add to them. There are many business records that are not supposed to
be changed. It's not a big deal to do a remerge if you ever get around
to trying it out. You might find that you do find stuff.
Got 700 users. And possibly many many more.

That was the only promise I made to the People of YellowHead. That I
would never Run again. Next time I would turn and fight. I never ran
                               Page 98
                              may 27.txt
before 1993 for anything and never will.

I have to admit Copernic is my Fav so far. But way way behind Swamp
search though.
The CIA the FBI here in Canada CISIS. It is like leaving your diary
laying about. People do want to read it.
If I was Swamp Search I would. 20 books a second. By tomorrow I'd need
another library to search.

Oh Yeah I did do some library support Ulisys software. King County in
Washington state and 18 or 19 other library systems. The original
staff of 5 or 6 quit. Me and my assistant Hermanto I. kept your
libraries going.
My telus software. A few settings. then I load my favorites from a
favorites.txt file.

After a backup and reload of the OS the non computer user is free to
do Video. Ignoring all the other computer information that they just
don't need to know. Like I do. Sorry MPS for not listening about the
mpg video playback problems.

But Swamp search is meant to play a lot more than video. SSDS plays
text even.
Your method requires someone to use the mouse. You would sink in the
Swamp trying to keep up with SSDS

I know that needs to be followed up with a video. MPS request from
earlier. Tomorrow maybe. If I catch up on these questions.
Copernic is slow because it tries to read the whole file into memory.
Swamp search just scans for matches and keeps a few context lines, if
in "c" search mode not "s" matching lines only mode. Plowing along at
20Mb per second. Do the math. You'll know I'm not pulling these
numbers out of thin air.
No. your are right. But now it's an option. And open source code as
well. Swamp search is now just spreading its wings. Other developers
can take over.
That is a lot like the vax search use the /win=7 to get 3 lines before
and after the match line. Grepplers of any sort are OK with me.
This is the BIG bastion of resistance to search. If I can even get a
handful of Swampies to work and care for the search. Then I'm happy.
                               Page 99
                              may 27.txt
Also it forces me to better explain and demo various aspects with
video. Even with all the HURTFUL comments here. I am making progress
with Swamp Search. And quite pleased with that. Thank you all Con Con
and the odd Pro out there. So. don't be worry. I haven't given up on
and assuming I know nothing. I just merge every file I could find on
c:\ with the 'merge' to do .txt .htm .frm .cls and any program
language source (all plain text) SSDS allows you to have a little
memory lapse and still find stuff. Believe me.
No doubt about it. But Indexers do have their limits. Use SSDS in
conjunction with your indexer if you must. We now know that your
merged files won't be looked at (too big). And in this case they
shouldn't be. Maybe even keep your secret info at the end of the big
merge file. But a beginner should get to know SSDS first then picking
up the rest will be easy. They will be confident in the fact that with
Swamp search and their limited knowledge of search. They are still OK
and way ahead of some in controling their video, pictures music text
and lives. No doubt SSDS could use a few simple extractor apps. A good
outlook email extract would make somebody one of my favorites.
No you keep both. One easy to search and perminent and the other
beautiful and fleeting.

Me do this me do that. How about some of you getting off you butts and
Help us Swampies get out emails out to text without forwarding then
cuting and pasting then alt/tab and "z" at Prompt #2. Or is it mostly
AIR here. No action. All the hours wasted by me. doing my emails was
time that could have been better spent.

But now it is an option. With Open Source Old Spectate Swamp isn't
holding a gun to your data. Move and I'll shoot this data.

If you wanted to keep those emails. Then move them to another folder
and out of the way. When the export to text for those emails are done.
Move em to that archive email folder. Text is nothing keep duplicates
triplicates many multiples. if you want. It's video that chews up disk
More Hurtful words. Don't worry you'll get the little Video Demo you
have been whining for.
 Find and sample your data like nobody else on the planet. Except
other Swampies. Come on CodeSwamp put it to the test. See what
computers can do.

Oh They laughed a lot more in '86. Then they quit laughing.
                               Page 100
                              may 27.txt
Prove it. I want a Screen shoot using a camcorder. And get somebody to
help you by holding the camera. Otherwise you'll never live it down.
(making bad video)

Don't be a whining do nothing MasterSwamp
It is intended for the masses. But introducing the open source has
been much more fun here..
I had hoped you would have given up before then. Or maybe got clued in
about Desktop Search enough to give Swamp search a try for a few days
I was hoping that would come from someone here. I have never witnessed
such mass of Desktop Search Confusion of Googlers Copernicers and the
rest of the various indexers. That Old vax search team and Grepplers
group would like this search and help move it along. I must have come
across LAZY forum.
If that is what it takes to get Desktop Search out there. Then do it.
Shit Double Shit. I know way way more about those STUPID Indexers
than I ever wanted to. Damn double Damn
But why would you every want to index every book in a library on your
PC isn't that OVERKILL? But SSDS could handle it. With a few MODS and
backgrounder apps running extracts. those extracts being picked up by
any dummy program even SSDS. The Great SSDS. Full context. High Speed
Desktop Search for libraries. Somebody should do it.
I'm in a need not to know mode. Why would want to learn about
something outside my control SSDS gives me control. I like control.
Lots and lots of it on my computer. Video. Music. hahahaha
Old Spectate Swamp knows inset keypad and easy key sequences are far
faster than any power users shortcuts. Did a KeyPunch / Verify system
back in '75 KeyBoard shortcuts are SlowCuts compared to SSDS quick
keys. Swamp Search can be fast very fast.
It would be easy to pass exe and dll info ie paths to the clipboard.
But the masses have no need for that and I'm with the masses and

I'm trying to unload the program so I don't feel guilty for not
working on it. There isn't a program that can't be improved. INcluding
this Great Great Swamp Search.
GDS YDS MDS CDS all the DS's of the world should be Shaking because
                              Page 101
                              may 27.txt
of Backgrounder and other features that Indexers just can't Touch. And
Yes you are all helping. Could you imagine ME writing all this
Knowledge into a file and trying to get anybody to read it.

MPSwamp doesn't want his demo. So I'll demo another feature a hands
free one so the video will be very good. A while back I did screen
captures of sites I visited and some of the mail messages I sent.
Doing screen captures right before the send. All the front page jpgs
had a Ctrl/A (Select all) Ctrl/C (Copy) then a paste of the text into
the sites.txt file (Prompt #2 option 'z') Nearly 400 of these sites.
I'll get the jpgs up and displaying randomly as a screen saver and at
the same time run a random search for a "word" of my choosing. Other
apps can do 15 things. 15 SSDS's can do 1 thing each. This video is
going to be easy.

Oh Yeah. I want you all to be my Valentine
I'm way behind on my replies. Done to end of page 35 and had to skip
ahead for a bit. Before the 23 June 2002 SSDS had only 3 search keys.
There was a lot of changes required to add the next 3. Cut and paste
all over the place with 23 june 2002. So if a Swampie wants to make it
9 or 12 keys. Follow these crumbs. I'm glad you are looking. Search
the code while you testing a copy of Swamp search. One other DS
point. Desktop Search is a never ending topic. I have visited forums
with various discussions that have been CLOSED for years. Discussion
closed - Discussion closed. What the hey are they gee-hawing us or
what. As this thread is never ending. I need some swampies that can do
the educating here.

Being a moron means I can spell words any way I like. No spelling
mistakes. Just reading mistakes.
Do a 2 page flowchart of the hi-lite and line wrap logic of a search.
Give me the source code to it. Like I have you. Then we will talk
about what is better. Search is useless without hi-lite and line wrap
(copernic). Can you search for leading and trailing spaces? Is the
search case sensitive? Does it allow for data other than the search
elements to be hi-lited. (VISUAL keys)

By far the most difficult part of search is layed out here. It works.
It is the heart of search. Make that part of the code work and you
will have search. Strip out all the other logic and rebuild around the
hi-lite and wrap stuff. Searching for elements in strings is easy.
Doing the hilite and line wrap is the first hurdle of search. You can
do it I know you can.
                               Page 102
                              may 27.txt
Like my last post said. And I don't like repeating myself. Everybody
asks the same questions. I get shit for the same answers so sometimes
I spice it up a bit. But anyway back to your search of a random file.
Test this out for me. How fast is your computer at reading data from
your disk without searching Just reading from start to end of file.
Say you just want the last page to display. How fast does it move
data. Is it somewhere in the 20,000,000 cps range? If it is then
you'll have proved that I'm not Gee Hawing you
Thats why I keep lots of notes and have a search that can show me
them. No matter how large my file gets. So sad the others have size
limits. They all do. I have proved that. MPS found a site stating as
much. A lapse in memory isn't that much of a problem, if you have a
good Search for your notes.
Not redefined. Net Search is as far as from Desktop Search as you can
get. Grep and Vax search were the first desktop search. Net search had
to have file size limits or they would run out of space on the first
massive site it encountered. They force everybody to keep Itsy Bitsy
files. They don't find data in context they find FILES. Most do a very
poor job of hi-liting text once they do find it. (a key element of a
good search is showing you the data with hi-lites). Searching is about
seeing the data. Hearing the data. Viewing the data.
Even I need a break from talking Desktop Search. I tend to get carried
away with some of the dumb questions. I need time to determine what
the next video should SHOW off. Be more offensive instead of
defensive. Kinda
That new fangled 6 too many changes for me. This is play and we are
all learning about Desktop Search here. Some more than others. Some
very funny stuff to. Maybe the best video show is FLASH that is the
"f" option at prompt #2. set the hilite_this elements and let it rip
on thedailyWTF,txt file. You'll see hilites and speed. The pause will
be set to very short maybe (.4) I'll show off this wonderful way to
show off because I'm a showoff. And because you poor buggers can't
look at this thread with any real POWER. You'll see what SSDS can do.
You just wait and wait.
Some of my best posts are long gone. The video lessons I gave drew a
lot of heat. and the discussions were wild. Then they disappeared. Too

If you have a good joke then use it. Maybe even over use it.
The file info is secondary information that shows up in the form
border at the same time matches are hi-lited on the screen.
                               Page 103
                              may 27.txt
Great I think I can see the 3 main prompts and the error handling at
the end. cool. Maybe this isn't the Lazy Forum.
I'll encrypt the data with the cript command at prompt #2. No
encription expert in their right mind would look that far. Large files
are not so large for Swamp search.
I'll have to pass on that challenge for a bit. I'm too busy making
videos. Like I have said. Search is much more than finding the text.
or replacing it. Try the rrr (search and replace) option at prompt #2
yourself. If you win. I'll believe you.

Thanks for the offer. But someone out there should be able to search
this file with SSDS. If there are any matches in the file they will
show. If there are lots of matches in the file they will show up fast,
as the matches will be scattered throughout the file.
You have a few search lessons to learn yet. Then maybe we could use
you up here at Swamp Shack. You have shown some initiative. Every
company could use Swamp search to help them share data. The potential
is incredible.
You did good I'll make a comment on my email archiver rather than cut
and paste into inmail.txt and outmail.txt I'll use this great extract.

Now I can search for anything in the above line and have the
information at my fingertips. I don't care how big this file gets.
Swamp search just soaks it up.

That won't happen untill SSDS has met and Crushed the challenge from
GDS CDS WDS and YDS. Then you'll see lots of our little app. People
already have it in their hands. I'm sure some of you are far smarter
than me and can take this program a long way.
 Large font scrolling text example.
Better much better. Search without hilites is NG
 I hated it when they took away line numbers. So I put them back in. I
think the guy that eliminated line numbers, was behind Canada going
Metric. More efficient. WhatEver. Efficiency doesn't matter. computers
are so fast.
Video of any kind I like. A screen reshoot would be more clear. If you
got close close. I haven't done a screen reshoot of Cam Studio yet.
StorerSwamp don't let any of the JackA**es and their mean comments,
                               Page 104
                              may 27.txt
keep you from making more. You'll just get better and better. Like I
It was pretty weird being YellowHead. I started getting a strange urge
to run Yellow lights while driving about my YellowHead riding. The
Kids at Sangudo school cheered my speech and my YellowHead wildly.
Lots of horn honking when people spotted YellowHead putting up
Election Signage. I learned more in 2 weeks running for Federal
politics than the rest of my life. Man they cheat at the forums. Too
bad. Thats why I video them. The organizers (usually the chamber of
commerce) are the ones that don't want my camera there. Not the
Some of the problems people experience with SSDS is the way I use it.
I don't encounter the bugs very often. I do get it to lock up if I
search a file I just created without closing out and entering back in.
I'm in and out of the search lot of times a day. Spell checking.
Mostly. I like checking my spelling when the context is interesting.
With Swamp search you can input the beginning " eff/ncy " and end of a
word (with spaces) and find words you are not sure of. Swamp search
returns "_Efficiency_" You will discover all kinds of words this way.
Swamp search allows for Leading and Trailing spaces.
Keep the hi-lite and line wrap logic intact. Get the rest working then
clean the Wrap stuff up if you feel like. Once you have achieved
hi-lite & linewrap you are 3/4 the way there. Go for it. The World
needs more Grepplers.
More capitalized hurtful words. Maybe you are right. . Swamp search
can do spell checking and spell finding.
You are on. Having people changing and fixing and extending this
search would be exactly what I wanted.

I visited the site recently. I didn't notice the spelling mistake..
It's hard to see ones own mistakes. I haven't done anything with it
since. I got a pretty good list of things to do that would be quite
easy. Even today. I added one. With spell finding and trailing spaces.
I need to replace puncuation with a space. (Right after the app
removes extra spaces) then do the change. Changing the ".,;:!?" to a
space. Only if the ".;:!?." characters are not in any of the 6 search
strings. (That will require a couple more strings of spaghetti code.
ie goto's)

I don't even know if I am an admin. Guess I had better check
SourceForge out. Now. Thanks.
I have been more careful lately. leaving the forum before they can
                               Page 105
                              may 27.txt
kick me out. I hadn't made a post at Channel9 for 11 1/2 months (but I
kept comming in and changing the signatures) Why can't we do that
here. I'd keep posting subliminal Swamp messages.

And none of that hurtful stuff matters. Or I wouldn't be here.
Talk to ElgateSwamp he will clue you in. " efficiency." should be
found when searching for " eff/ncy " And right now it is not. Easy to
fix. And not a major problem for "Spell Finding" Damn I like spell
finding more than spell checking.
Can 'awk' or 'sed' do video. Navigation through video text music pics?
Just what else can they do? A couple lines of code will fix what is a
trivial problem. Nothing to get upset about. OMG Swamp doesn't do???
Name abuse is fair play. I have been called lots here. Even my real
name. SimianSwamp (I like that better anyway) People who join the post
late and don't read the beginning won't know the difference. So I win
that way.
I've had 8 years to try and do that. I think your challenge is safe.
I'm glad to see you are so serious about search. Even if it isn't
Hey I'm fine with the google one. I have worse vid there. I don't even
edit out BAD video. I'm an Un-Editor as well. Is it the truth or has
it been edited. Maybe that's why the hated me on those video forums.
Way way worse than here. Even bad video is better at explaining than
smiley faces and ha ha ha.
I did what I wanted in a search. That is why I'm so happy with it. And
I'm pissed that the techies don't get it. So much so I'm Anti-Techie

For the computer workers in the 70's and 80's Computers were much
easier to deal with. One night after many drinks, we showed a friend
the computer room. He tried to open a spinning disk. The damn thing
opened and brought the system down. The boot tape wouldn't read at
first. (Had to power off the tape drive to reset it) The manuals were
all there. We had to know a fraction of the computer related details
and more about the applications back then. Now the reverse seems to be
true. Everyone with a computer should know as little as we did back in
'75. SSDS addresses that problem of computer knowledge overload.
People need to know the basics of computers just like we did back
then. Backup. Recovery. and a few software patches. (ie loading
internet and Swamp stuff) That's what we teach them in a half day at
Swamp Shack. The half day video training is first thing in the
morning. I'll show them all the things they should avoid. I have done
                              Page 106
                              may 27.txt
them and continue to do some of them. Then the serious computer stuff
in the afternoon and as long as it takes into the evening.
Who's post is this anyway StolenSwamp. And just who is Us. Pretty soon
there will be cries of "stop the post" "stop the post" just like on
Channel9. When one of the forum pets starts that song. Pretty soon
BOOM it's locked or even worse DELETED. Posts aren't forever you know.
So make a copy of the ones you like. I can hear a faint hum of that
tune here but still pretty faint.
That's why it needs a skin. The people at swamp shack won't need
anything more that what it does right now. The "c" default is after
SSDS does a check of the first 10 lines in the file (so you guys were
right about ssds times) if it has xxx. type info it switches to
"photo" or "video" display options of "ww" or "p". There really isn't
that much to learn and you have all your info at your fingertips. MOre
video or a Skin. More video is easier. Keep Watching. you'll know all
pretty soon. For the most part readers of this thread know more about
Desktop Search than about anybody on Earth. How many of you have
written one? None probably. Todate we have tested some of the
opposition. Found the Indexers limits and the those of the Grepplers.
Here you have Desktop Search Source code and somebody who is willing
to tell you everything about it. (There isn't much more to tell
really) Demo some code changes and explain why the 6 seperate search
stings will make it easy for me to add some goto's. It would be more
difficult to explain and understand in an array. You'll see that
change soon.
The deleted posts are the only ones that still bug me.
Some hunting forum kids saying thanks for taking them on the trapline.
40 minutes of video every 3 or 4 days (2 days checking) Skinning,
Stretching and the wilderness. And right now I don't care all that
much for the "entire Internet" either.
I do edit the ones that I notice. Sometimes a number of edits to
posts. Once they are up. Mistakes become clear. I blame all my
mistakes on not getting to the editor quick enough.
Geez What do You expect. You started arguing Desktop Search with
somebody who actually wrote one. A Very good one at that. How could
you expect yourself or this group to win that argument. Don't feel
bad. Use the damn program that is beating yours at every turn.
I read it a couple times. There are no mistakes when I hit post. Must
be the CIA FBI or CISIS watching us all. That hitler statement wasn't
mine. I searched the thedailywtf.txt file. Didn't happen.
                              Page 107
                               may 27.txt
Sometime knowledge can be pure funny. If this thread hasn't made
people laugh once and a while, they wouldn't have read or responded.
2000 That's more than any of the others put up with - By a long shot.
Good Going Grepplers and Indexers.
Us Grepplers have put up with quite a bit as well. Haven't told you to
FO. Not once. You keep comming back. Because you all know in your
hearts that the Grepplers have it and the Indexers don't. Indexers are
not as much fun as us Grepplers. Grepplers can make your data dance.
Indexers can't
I never told anybody to FO yet and will leave well before that. That's
my choice. Who is behind this site? I'm sure some of the video sites
were backed by video software editing companies. Forums would be
pressured to DELETE the threat. For quite some time. I have been
looking for a Desktop Search ShowDown and this is a GOOD start. I'll
post all the SSDS training video links on a current page shortly.
Nobody should be expected to start way way at the beginning to get all
this Desktop Search Knowledge.
Don't worry about nerd stuff. After this thread peters out and the
INdexer take-down has been completed. I'll teach my video techniques
by riling this group up again. YES I do like it when links are posted
so I can search them late at night. Those nuclear targets might have
to widen. I'm sure you secretively have a copy of the source.txt on
your computer somewhere. My email is getting filled with email after
email when is it going to stop. Delete delete.....
It's late so maybe I will FO for now.
More Spectate Excitement comming your way. The latest video. With a
screen ReShoot of a Cam Studio recording. (Never done before ever) Try
this at home. Better than K-Tel Free. An auto catalog of all my mpg on
c:\ and double random turned on. You gotta see this. Soon (45 minutes
The latest Screen Re-Shoot Using Cam Studio Playback.


Here is complete list so you don't have to go hunting around.


                               Page 108
                              may 27.txt










The Cam Studio videos.


It's fast but could be faster. The early executables had less baggage
and I'm sure those versions would run faster. Maybe a re-write into
C, would get speeds in the 40,000,000cps range.
Random Large font Slowed text is now uploading. A random start in a
large patchwork of text from the net.

I had to speed up the character display speed to compensate for Cam
Studio. It's a worse system hog than Swamp search. Random will
surprise you.
                               Page 109
                              may 27.txt
The Video from Cam Studio - Maybe I need to do it again with even
larger Characters. What do you think

Try this test and you'll see the character display slow drastically
when Cam Studio is running. You'll notice a considerable pause behind
some words.
LazySwamp is a name that may apply to the whole forum. Fill out the
CVS, make a video of that. Show us right from startup. Quit repeating
yourself. Answer all the dumb questions... Bla bla. Somebody else do
the Source Forge stuff. Probably an attempt at sending Swamp search
away. You still need some good videos demonstrating navigation thru
video music pics text. Wow doesn't that excite you.
Swamp search changes that sequence a bit. SEARCH. VIEW. (NO REPORT
REQUIRED). Some times you just want a quick look at your data or
You don't have to do anything other than have fun with SSDS. It's
already good enough. If you decide to take Swamp Search farther.
People would thank you. I would thank you. The Lazies here would
really thank you. Maybe I should join the Lazies.

Cheers SpectateLazy
I don't like Source Forge software. Just took another look at CVS this
morning. That's not sharing. More like source hording. I'd sooner
waste my time testing the changes and demoing other Swamp
capabilities. And the source.txt is available anyway. That's enough. I
checked some of the other search engine projects. Nobody seems to have
any helpers. What's the point.

Who knows that enthusiastic volunteer could be some kinda plant or
frustrated Indexer. Just there to distract Me and the Swampies. Where
are the Source Forge setup video examples? Is Swamp Search the only
one that uses this media? Is everybody else back in the 70's?

The Swampies do appreciate the info WolfSwamp. Thanks.

I use that PreView option all the time. WoW. SpectateSwamp Editing.
Budging a bit here and there. Don't budge me too much.
Way way funnier video. With the same two Canucks. Spruce Hen shoot
out. Between 15 and 20 shots were taken at 3 Spruce Hen. They didn't
move a muscle and finally walked off into the bush while the 3 or 4th
reload was happening. I had both video clips posted under spruce hen
                               Page 110
                              may 27.txt
shootout or something like that. If I can't find them I'll re-upload
Sasquatch is out there. 50 years ago Jim B (a local trucker saw one
cross the road) on the Virginia Hills road. It had a main like a lion
A large harry monster. Each summer we make a trip there with the
Camcorder. Just in case. July 26 1998 Beardies Reserve Saskatchewan. A
lady I knew from the pulpmill had one walk through her yard. She has
casts of the imprints. I saw pictures of the casts. 1988 while driving
to Alberta. A passenger of my truck saw one out the back window. I
have the drawing done right after the incident. The spot is hard to
get to and we haven't tried to do a search there.
Part 2 of the 2 clips is up. This one is 1/6 the size of the first
clip. I'll upload the big one now.
I worked with a Chinese guy for the better part of a year. I was
speaking a strange broken chinese english by the end of that job. It
doesn't take long. Be careful of who you talk to.

All this babble has got me back looking and changing code. A minor fix
to the character pause and the hilite_this element fix (Next). Desktop
Search frees me to have fun with the computer and video. Very little
responsibility and just 1 main program.
 Spruce Hen Shoot Out Part 1 of 2
The birds all lived
Glad to see some of you have taken a serious look at porting. You 2
are the BEST.
You don't skim good Spaghetti Code. You follow a thread through.
Activate a couple of the display lines and jam it. Use the context
search to find where the cmd() elements are used. Another lesson is in
store. Teaching you all "Sphagetti Coding 101 - the Lost Art"

You'll find working with this program very interesting.
Back from Groat Creek with the Dogs Alley and Tess
the video is about 1 1/2 hour old. A beautiful day here 10+ Celcius
that's like 50+ F
A nice change from screen Re-Shoots
Elgate mentioned he got his with word? I bought mine from a friend who
talked me into it. If it wasn't for him. This program wouldn't have
                               Page 111
                             may 27.txt

The video stats from yesterday show over 100 views. 42 for shootout
#1, 20 for shootout #2 and 10 for dogs on creek video from yesterday.

I do have one brave sole who wants to try SSDS. I'd like to see a good
template of navigation that runs from a DVD. I just hope this group
doesn't scare him off. Being linked to a nutcase like myself will do
Questions answered. The VB question wasn't for me. I have a copy. I
thought that somebody had searched for a copy and could make a
worthwhile comment. The Email export doesn't matter to me either. Mine
are all up to date. I only do 5 or 10 a week max. So manual is OK.
That email export info will be of use for those with lots of email and
wanting to use the search.

in any showdown your side loses. The other Destkop Search just don't
hold a candle to Swamp Search. Why aren't there any other search
experts here. Seems like from the video counts there is only the
handful of us following this topic. None of you use search to the
degree that I do. How easy it is to search source. I've done it. Excel
had a 60,000 element limit during telco conversions. Used Swamp search
to merge 16 or 18 of those extracts. Then searched that toll info. For
these kinds of record counts Swamp search is blazing fast. I have
heard little genuine discussion from anybody that depends and uses
GDS, YDS, MDS or any of the other DS to the degree that I do this one.
Learn this program and forget everything else. The masses can
understand that.
I can see it now. In front of a divided audience. Techies and
non-techies. The presenters "Search Experts" Developers and long time
search users. Swamp data would be moving from computer to computer.
Real projects burned and given to the crowd. Data shared. Knowledge
shared. Desktop Search isn't that deep if a below average person can
write one. Knowledge is power and the masses will know everything they
need to know about Desktop Search, after this showdown.

Anybody here a WWF promoter?
With this Swamp search and by keeping large text files, for your
emails and net stuff. People can compute without a computer. A couple
DVD's and a local Library. DVD's are cheap. It could be done!
TV Now your talking. I was thinking of a showdown at some Geek Fest.
Shit I'll paint my head yellow for TV. YellowHead returns. I'll rant
on about politics because us Swampies will have such a big lead right
off the bat.
                              Page 112
                              may 27.txt
I guess Libraries never have much call for that type of service. It
would be handy for anybody that can't afford a computer but knows
about Swamp Search. Might just as well include the HomeLess. What a
wonderful program that can do all that.
OneNote may work for Swamp Search. Who makes it? You are pretty wordy
here. So you can type. Why the hand-written stuff? or are you just
showing off.
Our local library has a couple DVD's set to autorun displaying the
Political Forums. Who's idea was it to lock down computers like that.
Teach them to backup and reload the OS like I do. Computer resources
and data should be shared. Not locked down. Swamp makes sharing data
You either share your data or you lose it. An article on "what happens
when our data is no longer readable?" A New Dark Age.
Some of my video will be around for a long time. Because I shared it.
The more sophisticated your data format the more likely it will be
lost early. We should be thinking more long term when dealing with
family treasures.
Nothing other than "why are outsiders so clueless about how insiders
control politics" should be my next thread.

There was nobody pointing fingers and snickering. I can tell you that.
It was nervous laughter from the plants the filled the place.
The Pulp and PaperMill had 150 users running on a vax with pc's
running as dumb terminals. Operations had it much easier than you do.
Same with the library systems. Even more dumb terminals than that.
Dumb terminals aren't all that bad support wise.
I supported 20 or so library systems King County in Washington state
was the largest. We knew next to nothing about the system or libraries
but learned fast. Indexes were messed up regularly. With everything so
restricted due to virus and such. How about ONE or TWO computers that
are not on your Net and have a burner and a minimum of software. And
somebody that would reload the OS when it became evident that was
needed. Don't lock everybody down with your security. Please
Nope. About 8 years ago. We took all the family pictures out of their
albums and set about scanning them in. 700 were black and white and
                              Page 113
                              may 27.txt
quite old. A few were on metal. A total of over 5000+ family pictures.
Way way more valuable than any old excel spreadsheet. Or some
powerpoint sales pitch. There are lots of copies for future
generations to take a look at. Yellow and all.
I had a very privitive version of SSDS running on the VAX Nothing
compared to Swamp Search. Having dumb terminals does made the main
system (Plant Management System) more reliable. I am either Hunting
Plants or Managing them. I never did say that VMS had Visual Basic. If
I did. It is due to my scatter brain.

 That is what I'm trying to warn the Masses about. Techies can deal
with all those formats if they want. If you plan to keep the truly
valuable info. Be it pictures or Video. Use the most common format and
make sure there are copies distributed, of the really important ones.
My Great great videos will survive. People have downloaded copies of
the "Dino Skin Expedition" and the "Hooded Crow Collection" consisting
of 200 + video clips over a year and a half. Are in the Royal Alberta
Museum. By their request. I have shared SSDS source here and it will
move ahead regardless if any of you help or not. My preference is. You
grab a copy, make changes, jam it. make more changes and find out how
Swamp Search works. Ask me some dumb questions. I won't laugh at you.
That list should change to include "Advanced Butt Kissing and
Political Control and Cheating for Beginners" If I would have learned
those lessons at an early age, things might have been different. More
It should be a big deal to the masses. I'm sure the Big mystery of
computing is what has kept them away from digital video in droves. At
every turn there are different applications to do editing. playing,
backups. Nothing there to help them understand what they are doing
ISN'T rocket science. They can be dumb and have fun with computers.
Just learn 8 or 10 commands on this Swamp Search Engine.
The HomeLess would come in with a DVD that had SSDS and their
important data on it, make their changes and additions. They might
even use a portable USB storage device Then burn their New
ComputerLess system Disk. Every important record they need on a DVD.
The staff were not allowed to be at the "command prompt" They had to
be in the Plant Management Information System at all times. So I wrote
a Itsy-bitsy search. It got used quite a bit. Summer students did use
the Vax/Search to locate various Electric Motors. They worked in the
Maintenance department and had more power than the accounting
                              Page 114
                              may 27.txt
I make copies of the political forums for those that want them. During
election run-ups I was giving the political candidates video of
previous forums at the next meeting. There were 11 such forums in the
YellowHead riding. The High School prom, Demolition Derby, Rodeo,
National Native FastBall Championships. They all wanted video. I
shared. JetBoat Championships. Lots of reasons to burn DVD's
I'm sure if the poor unfortunates had a copy of their loved ones and
pictures of the family home and relatives. All on a DVD they would be
pleased as could be. I took 2 DVD copies of the recent HomeLess
Shelter discussion, to the Shelter. Some nice things got said about
helping them. I'm sure they watched it.

Getting the content on would be the same as if they came to Swamp
Shack. My Laptop is my free range computer. They could insert their
DVD and move the contents to a folder on C drive. Make changes and
then burn the results. If they just wanted to look at their Family
Album pictures then it would be even quicker. Just plug in the DVD and
use the Swamp search that is on the DVD to do the displays. My PC is
not on the internet and is far more secure. It doesn't need reloads of
the OS.

I was just making a point. With this search people can compute without
owning a computer. That's fairly significant to the poor.
If the name of the program is in cmd(45) then the program does not try
and update the files.txt search.txt or control.txt I usually set the
autorun program name to special.exe and cmd(45) has "special" on that
line in control.txt so no updates.

It is easier if shown the commands first. "y" to view the last page in
a text file. "e" to enter notes that are appended to the end of the
file with a time and date stamp. 'xxx' to Export displayed results.
"z" to append the clipboard to the end of a text file.

So nobody cuts and pastes stuff off the net. But keep bookmarks. Boo
Boo Boo you boobs. The net is changing. Either cut and paste the text
or screen capture the info. Because You probably won't be able to find
that site or information later. Other DTS would require you to keep
that data in itsy-bitsy files rather than appending it to a much
larger "net_forums.txt" or "net_birds.txt" for "net_politics.txt"

Let me know what bores you I'll try and help out. You have done pretty
good so far.
I had the same naming problem the guy that came up with GREP had. I
know they are extremely poor names. Changing them now wouldn't be too
hard. When the program was still evolving I didn't want to do those
                               Page 115
                              may 27.txt
kind of changes. The various control files and templates would have to
be changed etc etc.

Cut and paste is simpler and my data goes with me. Oh the data might
change and I like my itsy-bitsy files, pretty poor tradeoff for
portability and data ownership. If you have 10's of thousands of
files It's hard to know when one goes missing. I have 8 or 10 main
ones I make sure they are backed up.

I have been using a greppler search since the mid 80's there couldn't
be anything farther from the vax SEARCH than relatively new indexing
NET searches. You FAV is a "File Indexer" not a Desktop Search.

All this discussion has been very enlightening. And my training and
Skin problems have been right in front of me all the time. I'll spend
some serious time on the Navigation through various control files and
make it a Skin / Trainer all on 1 DVD. Then place the videos on the
net along with the template. The Masses need their own portable search
with Video documentation. I had better get at it. Maybe one of you
Swampies out there will surprise me and beat me to it. I hope so.

I learned quite a bit about Indexing Desktop ****** here. Way more
than if I had tested them for things other than file size limits. But
it was fun busting them. This Next Template will be the backbone of
the "Desktop Search ShowDown"
Give the search.exe another name and folder. ie folder search_net and
search_net.exe I had to put the check for already running because I'm
into holding the enter key down when viewing pictures 1 at a time or
when exiting out. If the Icon was last hilited on the desktop up it
would come with the defaults and multiple versions.

the export option (all good systems should allow for export) is xxx at
prompt #2. It tells you what file the results will be put. The beauty
of having so few files is that when it comes to storing my new data I
don't have to worry about what I'll name it. BOOM I append it to one
of 6 or 8 main files I have. Keeping it simple like this makes it easy
for me to keep even more data. I don't know how many emails I have.
But I could find out very quickly. All the details I want are there
and I can search them randomly. With big text files or lots of photos
you don't want to display them sequentially. The Masses were getting
tired of seeing the same old lady at the beginning of the Family
photos. Random was quickly inserted. When you got great code. Changes
can be made easily. This program has evolved a lot.

The random text finds a random spot in the file and then it continues
page by page. To pick a new random spot close it out. and start it up
using enter enter enter. The defaults will be for random context etc
                               Page 116
                              may 27.txt
so there is no texting required.
I hope so. I probably will have trouble sleeping tonight.
My next template should lead people through the whole set of options
with different screen prompts. A splash screen to start displaying the
option details and an inputbox returning the selection. I'll start
with just the basics on the first screen and do a Cam Studio of that.
Then as the template develops. Others will get a jumpstart on how to
use this very interesting feature. When you know how to use this app.
You are in a position to improve it.
I'm sorry but I don't have a clue about proper packaging. But do know
that with an old version of VB (5 or 6) and the video where I create
the form and image control. Most people should be able to come up with
the executable.

If you have gone that far. How about trying DOUBLE Random Music. Or a
search of this forum text. At the #2 prompt "pause" allows the system
to skip over subsequent input prompts and the "thumb" option tells the
video/music play routine to stop that video/song after a number of
seconds (tt? option at prompt #2) have elapsed and move to the next
song / clip.
It would be good if you had an old version of VB(5 or 6) just to make
it easier to follow the logic through. I was thinking about a C
version years back. Now would be the time to do it. Things haven't
changed much with the code over the last few years. But there is still
lots of room for improvements. Like a dumbed down accounting feature.
Why Not? When you have search and replace. Just a tweek here and there
and maybe a background job to post the transaction.
Oh it can be stopped and then backup one prompt by entering x or e
then a new random spot will be selected when the default "c" is
selected by hitting enter. But I have a habit of killing it when a
random video is running. Then Restart it with enter enter enter to
have it back playing random video or music. This program is designed
to be started and stopped Extremely fast. Maybe even more extremely
than that.

I'm not a music lover by any means. But picking a random song with a
random start point and playing it for 8 or 10 seconds (with the option
for complete play - by hitting enter) is FUN. Swamp Search knows about
In no way whatsoever does it fit. But there are no restrictions. Maybe
someone wants to update a running total for each account. and a
transaction record. Add that simple feature if you want.
                               Page 117
                              may 27.txt
Randomly selecting the overdue account you would call next would make
it more fun. Maybe less stressful. Seems like a pure silly idea. But
who cares. Customize the search to have all the bells and whistles you
want. It's yours you know.
I will check to see if I have ever got that error. It has been years
since I have created an exe with VB6 My version is VB5. I'll fiddle
with the code a bit and maybe create the same problem here?
It was refreshing working at a Pulp and Paper Mill. Accounting had
very little power. Production had final say in everything. When
accounting has control of IT. They can demand that some pure silly
requests be implemented. Come Hell or High Water. It usually ends up
being both. But if you stand your ground and are sneaky enough, things
can get done.

Personal accounting can be far simpler than any business requirements.
I would only be interested in who owes me what Not when and how many
times and what the payment schedule is. If you keep a semi formated
list of expenses, they can be extracted and fed into a spreadsheet for
totals? This simplified accounting would be very easy to maintain
using the 'rrr' search and replace option running as a background job
with the prompts being supplied. Bury that confidential info in the
middle of huge text files and use your own personal nicknames. If you
are interested in more security.
I hate feature creep. Ooooh. I'm just saying that some things are
quite simple to implement without any complexity. Accounting no -
Accounts Maybe. We could end up with 100 different versions of SSDS.
Each having a special Feature or two. That would be OK. That would be
The search has some huge arrays that are only used for directory and
multi directory merges and such. Their size could be reduced to a
Quarter or even less. Anything to get that first executable. Then your
are away. Chop out the whole help.txt build stuff. What ever it takes
to get that EXE. If all that fails, make a copy of the source.txt you
are using available. It might cause problems on my VB5. I could easily
test that with little effort on my behalf. No re-write required just

There is some pure dead wood in the search as well. Not much but it
could be completely removed.
Try setting cript1(20000) cript2(20000) and cript3(20000) down to 1000
or smaller. It did run on VB6. You have no fear removing stuff. That's
very good. It would be nice to see you get a new exe. Good luck
                              Page 118
                              may 27.txt
I just knew I shouldn't have got involved with that
It means having to administer this and reply to that. Being pushed to
add a new feature. No thank you. It's good enough for me right now.
I'll be much nicer in the next Template video set. An auto run dvd
presenting all the options. There won't be many in the first pass. But
it will grow quickly. (My camcorder power unit is getting fixed)
Somebody out there has jinxed me. First my Modem....

And besides that I don't want to do it.
I was hoping to get another song or cartoon or 2, out of this thread.
But Everybody is worn down now and their creativity gone. Except for
us bots.
How can you explain to the clueless that having Tens of thousands
(oodles) of files in various formats is easier that 8 or 10 Large text
ones. Same with folders. Maybe 8 or 10 of them and that is it. All
they have to do, is worry about and backup that info and they are well
on their way to safe simple computing. There is just so much the
Masses don't need to know. Especially computer wise. Then They are
ready to get that new camcorder and step into the Digital Video age,
knowing next to nothing and being Proud of it.
That ranking must be skewed because of the Truth and Knowledge Factor
of my posts. Has to be.
A channel9'er message
I am feeling the same way. Not much for new questions and I get
roasted for answering anything twice. The subject Desktop Search will
always needs more discussion. My next posting will be to announce a
new training video or to answer questions by Swampies. So It may be a
while. You all helped clue people in on DS.

Later SS

P.S. I went to a political forum last night. Without a Camcorder.
(power cord problem) They didn't even try to rig the Questions.
Wouldn't that be something, if I ended up as one of the 20 finalists?
And the rest of you Geeks got nothing. Boy wouldn't this group look
stupid then. Know-it-all Nerds!

Check it out:
                               Page 119
                              may 27.txt

Thanks to this forum, I had some demo videos uploaded and ready to
And shoots holes in their credibility at the same time. It's gonna
look bad bad bad. If I WIN.

Don't be too hard on MasterPlanSwamp. He kept that Other thread alive
and was very motivational.
When I get to San Francisco for the Mashup Challenge. I'll look up
some of my old haunts. I lived at the foot of Taylor st and Lombard.
It was a 11 story appartment building with a pool. I arrived in
January of 1979. Taking advantage of the pool. I was out each morning
before work doing my laps. Nobody else was using the pool. It was all
mine. 2 weeks later they turned the heat on. Then I got lots of
They had some lame excuse citing: "as it is not a web-based
application and therefore does not meet our definition of a Mashup."

In checking their goals for this MashUp:

We believe that NetSquared’s role as convener of social-benefit
innovators and the technical
experts will help accelerate the conversations about "open data,"
"open standards," "data portability,"
and encourage people to re-imagine collaborative possibilities.

Swamp search is "THE" collaboration tool. There is no way us Swampies
should be disqualified.

NetSquared's emails were very helpful and encouraging a few days ago.
Who put the pressure on? One of their Sponsors or
a Search Giant or 2ah?
That was my stated intentions, when sharing the source code. To get
assistance in porting Swamp Search to the Net, Linux and the Mac.

May 27 and 28 will be a nice time to visit my old San Francisco
friends. And do a MashUp of my own.
Don't worry about the End of the World. SpectateSwamp will be there to
put a stop to it. Just like in 1986.
                               Page 120
                              may 27.txt

The year 2012 is the end of   the Myan Calendar. That's why I'm here.
Waiting for whatever it is.   Then I'll take the Stones to nearby House
Mountain and Dance away the   problem.
I'll bring the stones to SF   to shake things up.

see more of the history at:
That's why the strange White Crow is hanging about. (he is out there
right now)
Medicine Bird. Without a doubt a very significant sign
Not quite Spectre

Fired and they payed for it. Their Digester plugged up and staff
attributed it to the firing. (Down a month?)

On occasion The one medicine stone is a natural pipe. For the Highest
ceremonies only.

The Stones are the power.

The firing put me even. In 1974 I went for a job interview in the
Comptrollers Dept at Canadian Utilities. Grant Cook interviewed me.
Asking if I drank much. I said probably more than I should. Then he
asked me if I had ever smoked pot. I said I tried it a couple times. I
got the Job. The other 2 interviewies didn't drink or smoke. Grant
(now deceased) didn't have any contacts and was a worse drunk than me.
We got along fine.
No I got a job because of pot in 1974 and lost the one in 2000. So
that makes me even. I posted this info in the "EndOfTheWorld" posting.
I'll stay here from now on.

This sure doesn't look good for Treating Me like that,
is almost like snubbing the Stones. Not a wise move.

Oh yeah I got the same birthdate as Mick Jagger. I'm 5 years less old.
                                 Page 121
                              may 27.txt
I wanted StoneDancer but they only allowed 8 characters.

I was explaining to my Lawyer friend (I only have the 1) about how the
Stones choose the Medicine Man. He said "obviously they got the right
The Medicine stones that is.

And you don't know half the story yet. Weird weird and weirder.

I started working for Capital Cable. They went through a name change
to Shaw Cable. Making me a Shawman.

When in New York in 2000 doing the curse thing. I visited the Empire
State building and not much else. When I got home. I read an article
about an elevator dropping from the 44 floor to the 4th before it
stopped. There were 2 passengers. One was a lady named Shamica
Peterson. My postal box is 44 and 4 is a very sacred number in North
American lore. Even I can see those kinds of signs.

There are quite a few other stories like that over the years. That's
why the MashUp is going to get messy. Very messy.
I see you are from San Francisco. Be afraid be very afraid. Just ask
Vancouver oldtimers.

I looked up "netsquared" "mashup" And nobody is warning them on the
first blogs anyway. They won't know what hit them.
I made some t-shirts with the stones placed like that. Just iron-on
ones. Nobody wanted them. I wasn't surprised.

All this collaboration talk with has got me uploading
all the family oldies at About 300 of the
700 have upload already. It will take an hour or more for the rest.
Nothing collaborates like Swamp Search. I used the "cp" to move a copy
to a temporary folder and uploaded the whole bunch at once. What a
program what a programmer.
You enlighten yourself CodeSwamp about the lore of this land.

Library section E96 (North American legend and myth) There are all
kinds of stories about extremely powerful and Sacred Stones. (just
like these ones)

Crazy Horse (wore one) given to him by a Medicine Man called Ice
                               Page 122
                              may 27.txt
The program also allows for the Metadata to be moved to a secondary
file. I searched for oldie in the family.txt file with the option to
copy the picture once it is displayed. The cataloging with the
pictures is put in replace.txt (or any file name of your choosing
Dumb asses. If I was using these stones against ignorance. I'd be the
only one left in this forum. What would be the point of that? I go
after Expositions, Olympics and Organizations, never individuals
Odin Stones are powerful too. Odin escaped through a stone with a hole
in it. Obviously whatever was after him had more power than Odin. But
no match for Odin stones (like these). My Dad had Norse roots. Stones
with holes in them are considered Sacred World wide.

That guy who warned me, knew nothing about stones. Stones don't pick
the Medicine Man to Kill his family. They picked me for a reason.
Maybe for the 2012 end of times. Don't worry the stones and Me will be
ready to dance away any threat. So relax. Thanks for the concern
How the Stones found Spectate Swamp

Rather than have you dig around for the media accounts.

Stone 1 found in the summer of 1972. I was working on a Gravel
Crusher. The Stone popped out right where the conveyor belt full of
rock drops onto a large metal screen. No rocks ever come out. But this
one did. Landing 30 feet away and I could see through it.

Stone 2 The largest of the 3. My sister found this one 1 mile north of
whitecourt. She was with a group of 8 or 10 adults and children. She
showed them all the hole in the stone. (from the other side). Nobody
saw the face. She left it there. A year of two later. She tells me
about the stone. We go and find it moved to a different spot at the
campsite. She showed it to me still not seeing the face. Like Wow this
one is as good or better than the original ToKin Stone. I showed her
the face and it spooked her. She kept the stone for a number of years
and one day while laying on the rug looking at The Head Stone on the
mantle. She had some kind of a super headache. She gave me the stone
the next time I was in Whitecourt.

Stone 3 The Dog Stone found a few years later by my Mother in the
family garden. My nephew told me about it. Saying it was pretty
Medicinie. My old mum was keeping it a secret from me. Maybe a little
embarrassed by my medicine stone activities?

It was a good 10 years after the first stone. Before I got any clue
                               Page 123
                              may 27.txt
about Medicine Stones and their Powers.

If you check out North American Lore like I have. You'll know that
this NetSquared MashUp is gonna be spooky.
This NetSuared Dance will be a warm-up for the 2012 Biggie. I haven't
seen or laid hands on the Stones in over 10 years. (in a bank vault in
Edmonton) For the 2000 curse, I didn't take the originals. Don't trust
border people. When I take the stones out. My main job is guarding
them. The bank makes keeping them secure easier. Most of the
"knowledge" and signs come through dreams. So I'm getting myself
rilled up about this rejection. And concentrating on my dreams more
closely. My guess it will be weather related.

I'll be taking them to Nearby House Mountain for this Dance. Starting
2 days before the mashup and 2 more days.
Cross sectional view of the ToKin Stone
The Dance just seems to be more Powerful with the Real stones. This
whole NetSquared thing is just a PR campaign for the
Sponsors/Advertisers The participants would be better served to spend
the time taking the 1/2 day course at Swamp Shack. Find out how to
really share Data.

A write-in campaign might still make Swamp Search a Winner!!!
Some stones without holes in them are considered sacred as well. The
Blarney Stone (I'm half Irish). If you are drawn to them and obsessed.
They probably have power. Good luck with your power stone. You'll
notice that when you are openly Weird, people will share some very
interesting stories. If you are a skeptic. They will tell you NOthing.

My bet is the "mashup challenge" will be cancelled before May 27-28
rolls around. There will be no economy in 2 1/2 months from now. The
Stones should stop by New York (on my way to Tibet) and clear up that
mess up first. If a couple more you Stone carriers joining me, that
would help guarantee success.

The Oneida tribe are "the people of the upright stone"

Seminole tribes considered stones very sacred as well. The list goes
on and on. Doesn't anybody know anything about North American sacred
powers. With the way the stock market is going this morning. We need
all the stones we can lay our hands on. How about some pictures of
your stones. Wishing you the best in the recession. My swampie
                               Page 124
                              may 27.txt
Nice lava rock. If you have lots of them piled up under your bed then
they are pretty Medicinie. Otherwise just rock. They tend to make the
carrier somewhat distracted from the real World.

I know the section was E96. The best library I found was at the
University of Alberta. Then Simon Fraser in British Columbia came in
2nd as far as North American Legends and Myth. The libraries might
have even changed from the Dewey systems years ago. I don't know.
Haven't been back to either Library in years. I had lots of copies of
the relevant legend. But gave most of those articles away over the
Obviously I found the right forum to discuss Medicine Stones. You
nerds will argue against anything. That is good. It gives me a chance
to explain the stones without making it long and boring.

I come here having developed a search engine. To get all kinds of
arguments about Search from this group of Wiseguys & Gals. That was
great. So I thought what a place to discuss the Most powerful Stones
on the planet. Now I'm getting even more Medicine Stone arguments.
That makes it even better. If the Creator Him/Herself showed up and
started walking on water. This Bunch would be posting all kinds of
arguments against. Good going.

If I go to Tibet I'll need to find a few Biggie Flatten'ems for the
Tanks. This one would work.

There are a 6 or 8 smaller ones in the Whitecourt Area.

There is some video out there of a Smaller one. Find it if you can. I
have one more flatten'em on video and some stills of another that I
should Upload.
The above stone has a major chip out of it. It was dug up during the
excavation of the Alberta Newsprint plant in Whitecourt.

The video below is from the other Whitecourt Flatten'em stone
The most powerful stones on the planet. The greatest program on the
planet. Weird coinci-dance isn't it?

To get back on topic. A number of times over the years. When the
deadlines were short and drawing nearer and nearer. People would ask
how it was going. I'd explain all the problems and difficulties, Then
tell them don't worry about a thing. I have these Medicine Stones.
                               Page 125
                              may 27.txt
Just to lighten things up a bit.
A more off topic post I never knew.

My computing task is to enlighten You dumb SOBs to the fact. That with
the right search and some demo videos the common man can have
computers, camcorders, music etc in their lives and don't need You, Me
or the rest of Geekdom. Computers shouldn't cause fear, apprehension
and inferiority complexes. They should be used. Just Jam-it.

My job as a stone carrier is to be ready for 2012. That means a warm
up dance or two before the end-of-times gathering. I have long since
quit worrying if the Stones would perform when Danced. But maybe not a
curse on the NetSquared folks. A better target has to be found.
This stone is lurking in the bushes.
Nope it will be spirit shakers. These spirit shakers

Close up pic of Flatten'em Stone (Mindus)

Tokin Stone Drawing
Watch out this could happen to you.
Now that's crying Uncle. First the Video forums. Locked and banned me.
Then they deleted the posts completely. The video forum list is as
long as my arm. They didn't want to hear what I said about video. Even
worse than this group, doesn't want to hear about Desktop Search. Any
public forum with Swamp search up against any or all of the Indexers,
would be a joke. Spectate Swamp search does everything and simply.
People might even understand what's going on. OMG. That threatens and
scares Geeks. Boo. Same thing with digital video. They were running
scared just like this forum. I do read some of the other posts here.
What crap computing has become. Very little discussion about the
application. Just fiddling with the interface and the monster
databases. Boo again.
Far better than any image found on a pancake or toast?
No real news on SlashDot.

I'm used to rejection. Some jokers go in on wikipedia and remove my
references to Desktop Search and warn me. Oh No not another warning.
From now on I'll post these warnings on my blog with a little warning
right back.
                               Page 126
                              may 27.txt
MasterPlanSwamp is the only guy around here that is hated almost as
much as Me. I'd never curse the poor lad.

For those that do make it to Swamp Shack for your Desktop Search
training I will be awarding these Cool t-shirts. Don't wait to get
stoned, wearing one of these beauties MPS

Old Neowin himself showed up and shut my post down. Won't be long till
I get a warning and Banned from Neowin?
When you can run the program and look at the source. It isn't long and
you will get an understanding of how simple search is. It baffles me
how few understand the importance of random when you have video,
audio, pictures and text. Why did NetSquared exclude me? How many
others were tossed out? None I bet. When I take the Stones to House
mountain this summer. I will take a list of all those forums that have
banned and deleted my posts. NetSquared included. I'm pretty sure it
was somebody here that told them to Drop Swamp Search. Who?
Obviously MasterPlanSwamp knows less about Medicine Stones than He
does about Desktop Search. You cost me $100,000 jackass
Mummified Dinosaur. Just like the one I found 4 hours into my first

When you come to Swamp Shack we will have time to find more dinos.

The find on the riverbank with scoobie the dinosaur dog. He knows what
they smell like. We'll use him next outing.

I'll be posting some more Mummified Dinosaur videos shortly.
Dinosaur Skin find after we got it home.

Large block of sandstone with bones.

Another local has a picture of a large mummified fish head. At least 5
feet long by 3 feet deep. He is comming by later today. I hope he
finds that picture. This would have been of a fish at least 20 feet
long. And it's perfect. No cleaning required.

I'll take a quick reshoot of the picture and post it. You'll be amazed
                               Page 127
                              may 27.txt
what you can do when you have free time and don't have to worry about
computer technicalities.
Poor MasterPlanSwamp you seem to have even less friends, no hobbies or
a job. Otherwise how could you be doing all this posting. That's kinda
sad isn't it.
If I'm spam then you are "spam helper" and thanks for that. Not all
learning should be boring. A little search mixed with some stones a
bit of dinosaur skin and a tablespoon or two of spam helper. What fun.
Then they will miss the traffic that my next press release will
generate. I'll point them all here for the links and discussion. If it
doesn't get locked. Maybe some of this will get back to the NetSquared
mashup group and they will reinstate the Swamp search. If not they
will look bad. Even badder than the naysayers here.
Some more dino facts from the worlds greatest dino hunter. Spectate

Remember you don't find anything without Spectate Swamp Desktop
I'm pretty sure most dinosaur finds are more like dinosaur thefts. The
people that find it never get any recognition. There would be droves
of people that Robert Bakker stole dinosaur finds from. The guy that
found the fish head, said he called the tyrell museum in Alberta. He
was going to give the stone to them. They were so arrogant with him
only asking where he found it. He gave them the wrong river. All these
great dinosaur people are doing so at public expense and with threats
of jail time for anybody that has anything worth while. The 3 dino
skin hunters from here will not provide any locations until ransoms
have been paid. We'll post some pictures but no locations. Screw the
Robert Bakkers of the World.
The UN's plans are to irradicate the Marijuana plant worldwide. What's
not to curse there.

My friend Martyn Stubbs did all kinds of downloads from the shuttle
when he was managing Shaw Cable in North Vancouver. He is quite famous
for it. They are out there and that sparrow did spot the so called
artifact. Download the video of the Mushroom Cloud that I captured.
Lots of movement way up in the cloud. I showed the video to a young
lady I knew. She said she saw it just across the river from the golf
course. But it was 2 weeks after the one I videoed????
                              Page 128
                              may 27.txt

It's great to see some of you are digging into the code. Quite simple
isn't it. Anybody but anybody can figure that logic out. I do have
quite a few more write-ups on my medicine stone escapades. I will
upload them along with more video artifacts.

I'm not really damaging my reputation too bad here. From checking the
video counts. There are fewer than a couple dozen viewers. A pretty
small group really.

FishHead update. My other friend came by last evening. He is going to
a storage area he has to look for the photo. He tells me he sent 3 or
4 pictures to the Tyrell Museum. They were quite arrogant with him, to
the point where he hung up on them. Damn thieving Dino Gurus. How
about those pictures back. He also said more of the fish was buried
under river rock. He is comming back after the weekend. I sure hope he
finds that picture. This is probably the greatest dino find ever and
just a handful of us here know about it.
You forgot the aliens DerulaSwamp. View them with slow motion. The
best is the tobacco leaf flyer.

First the control files that have it run from a CD the exe that is run
from the auto run is special.exe (just a renamed copy of search.exe)
When the name matches with that in cmd(45) - line 45 in control.txt
file then it starts and runs with the prompts comming from cmd(46)
(47) and (48) for prompts #1, #2 and #3.

Then the control file for the display of the best video starting at 46
seconds in and plays in slow motion for 5 seconds or so freezing on
the changing final frame for a few more seconds.

The "speeed" should be changed to "speed" I had it deactivated for
some reason.

see the video at:
use the program to slow down the playback after you down load the vid.
What do you think. Alien or leaf. I'll upload the other videos in the
next little bit.. You can find them by name.
Somebody should hassle Tryell Museum. (MasterPlanSwamp) We want to see
the Roger B. FishHead pictures for 4 or 5 years ago. Post them and
send them back to Roger. A$$H0les

80%+ of everything collected by museums has never been on display. So
don't send your good stuff there. Take a picture of it and post it on
the net.
                               Page 129
                              may 27.txt

What about the netsquared squares are they doing any posts here.
Probably not. Swamp search would win hands down in front of a (non
technical audience) Techies feel threatened by such power. That's all.

I know a top alien hunter. (Martyn Stubbs) And have videoed a few of
my own Maybe?

I know top dino mummy hunters (Leo C & Roger B) and have bagged One of
my own.

I am a carrier of some of the most powerful stones on the planet.

I have a strange bird visiting my backyard.

I have created the most powerful program on the planet.

I can share my data like no other. Who forced to drop
Swamp Search. History won't be kind to them.

I told you that you only knew the half of it before. Now you know
about 2/3rds. Keep laughing. Fools.
There was a lot more action in that video. It's been so long that I
forgot. That tobacco leaf shoots straight up into the clouds at a
distance. In the middle of the screen. Way too fast for the human eye.
But birds and Shamen with camcorders can see them.

And that fish is so big it could swallow a horse. Truly a sea monster.
I sure hope Roger B. can find that picture this weekend.

Maybe Martyn Stubbs will share a few of his UFO video. I should call
him. Haven't talked to him in a while. He might be more weird than me
with all that alien stuff....

Tobacco leaf flyer. very very fast and is showing off. Just like me.
Some leaf, some artifact. Maybe a magic camcorder. Or the power of the
stones. Or I'm really good at faking this stuff.

0:32.29 thru 0:33.08 seconds
photo 23Oct2003 vg start==32000 wait=4 length=262 demo85_pict7 clip1

0:52.00 thru 0:52.04 seconds
                               Page 130
                              may 27.txt
photo 23Oct2003 xg vg tobacco leaf strange type start==51500 wait=8
length=262 demo85_pict7 clip2 speed=125

0:57.01 thru 0:57.05 seconds
photo 23Oct2003 vg start==57000 wait=4 length=262 demo85_pict7 clip3

1:00.07 thru 1:01.07 seconds
photo 23Oct2003 vg start==60000 wait=5 length=262 demo85_pict7 clip4

1:56.29 thru 1:57.08 seconds
photo 23Oct2003 vg start==116000 wait=4 length=262 demo85_pict7 clip5

2:32.21 thru 2:33.15 seconds
photo 23Oct2003 vg start==152000 wait=5 length=262 demo85_pict7 clip6

2:59.21 thru 2:59.28 seconds
photo 23Oct2003 vg start==179000 wait=5 length=262 demo85_pict7 clip7

3:22.04 thru 3:22.09 seconds
photo 23Oct2003 pg start==202000 wait=4 length=262 demo85_pict7 clip8

0:08.18 thru 0:08.23 seconds
photo 23Oct2003 pg start==8000 wait=5 length=86 demo85_pict8 speed=125
I'm uploading it to (right now)

And PopcornSwamp. It seems you have been following me from Neowin.
                               Page 131
                              may 27.txt
I'll just have to visit again. Posting my views on the Bear Stearns

the archive file will be "demo85-pict7" It will take an hour or two
107mb file size
It takes about 15 minutes to download the video.

I used ulead to look at the details.
Come on JoeMckSwamp take a look. I'm sure it will be worth it for you.
(104Mb) This thing shoots straight up into the clouds, after the pass
real close up. What the H is it? It's a playful Leaf anyway. You will
be excited. This group should have the software to expose it even
better than dumb old Spectate. Any swampies out there that want to
help out here?

Re-rendering always causes some loss. So I didn't want to show you
anything but the original. Please please take a look. A very close
I was hoping that with all the experts here. Somebody could do a
better job of displaying the video than me. I'm a Desktop Search
expert and video nut. I stay away from editing. It would cut into my
video time.
Ok I'll get some video editing software and slow down the action so I
can capture a still image. I'll be back.
see the original mpeg video starting 52 seconds in:
Download the original video and start looking at 52.26 in the lower
right hand corner. thru till 53.07 The tobacco leaf flyer goes up the
the clouds.

There are a number of other fly-bys that the leaf does. The first one
took place in .05 seconds. Come on somebody else look at this leaf
with your video editors.

I'll do some of the same so you can find the cloaked mother ship in
one of the other videos. Check it out if you want to see things:
I did the following screen reshoot so I could show the action to
                               Page 132
                              may 27.txt
 The 2 specks that circle each other happens at 1:05:26 in the
original video

the cloaked artifact is about the size of your fingertip and moves
slowly from left to right on the screen. To see it you need to play it
back at normal speed from about 50 seconds in through 1min and 10
seconds. One of the specks comes very close to it.

So you will need some software to see the tiny ones. My program does a
wonderful job. Doesn't it.

Most of you have been looking at screens too long. Your eyes get weak
doing that.
Some somebody. A stone carrier. A software program that allows me to
examine video in super slow motion. A Digital Camcorder and I was
hunting them by that time. The Mushroom Clouds I videoed got me seeing
things. Then I was obsessivly searching for them. Damn they were
everywhere and different shapes too.

I'm just downloading the last couple mushroom cloud clips 5 and 6 to
go. Then I'll show you more...
Pause would be pure silly. When searching I set the swamp search to
play at 1/10 speed and I sit close and watch. Hitting enter pauses the
video. It takes 10 minutes to view a 1 minute clip as it is. Hitting
pause no pause is no way to search for aliens.

You bet they do. If they got great software. and a DVD camcorder like
I do.

Mpeg video allows the program to stop and start anywhere you want it.
I set it to start play at a given point in the video. And play for
1/30 of a second and pause for 10/30 second then play the next 1/30 of
a second then a pause. Most any operating system has an equivalent to
MCIsendstring so this program could easily be ported to run video on
Linux or Mac. Check the code where slow motion takes place. Pure

There was one exactly like this one in the same location about 2 weeks
later. I think they are there looking for Dino Mummys.

 I'll post a couple more strange ones this evening.
Dino Mummies? Oh yes there are BelgarionTheSwamp. Roger B. is to drop
by today with a picture of the most terrifying Dino Mummy of them all.
                               Page 133
                              may 27.txt
You'll see it here first.

The video below shows a triangle flyer from 56.27 through 57.16 - It
makes a major change in direction just off screen. What's up with this
Come on PitchingSwamp you need to look a little closer. At 56.27 the
flyer comes from the upper lefthand corner. Just after it passes out
of view at 57.05 it reappears heading in a completely different
direction. As shown in the pictures above.
The Sparrow sees the Speck. at 20.01 they are the closest. check the
picture. then download the video and examine it.
Sorry for the poor quality of the picture. Roger was in and out of
here. He says that this part of the fish is 8 feet long.

We will go and visit the fish in the next few days. And much better
pictures. The first picture he showed me had much better details.
 Download the original video and look at how these objects move.
The one at the bottom does a tight loop. The one above moves into the

It was the super slow motion of Spectate Swamp Desktop Search that
revealed this artifact...
40.27 seconds into the clip
There are a number of other movements in and about this cloud. If you
have a closed mind you won't see anything.

How come the "tail" of the tobacco leaf flyer is always behind it.
Like it would be if it was used for flying. I'll post some pictures of
it's other flights in that video. Do I have to point out everything.
Start looking stop shooting off your mouths before you check things
out. Typical for know-it-all Geeks.

As a sharing and collaboration tool. There is no other program like
Swamp Search. I will be making 3 copies of the family album pictures
to display on TV. First I'll select the person I'm going to make the
DVD for. Putting a copy of those pictures in a temporary folder.
(using the cp CopyPicture option). Then I'll set the noshow field so
that the second pass using the "cp" option will put all the other
pictures excluding the first group to a second folder. That way they
will have all the pictures of themselves first. Just like they want
                               Page 134
                              may 27.txt
them. 5000+ pictures won't take that long.
Get a copy of the video and check these things out.

The super slow motion option will help you capture your own.

tobacco leaf flyer

Now you can see them and know where they are. See the total flight by
looking at the videos.
There are quite a few more flyers on my top 10 alien list. I don't
have a clue what they are. People on this forum seem to have ALL the
answers. Just don't paint yourself into a corner before you have
viewed them.
This scene is right near the end of the original video at:
The spot at the center seems to be the focal points for all the other
strange flyers. See if you can find them this time.
What are 3 dino mummy sites worth on the open market? We have em. How
bad do paleontologists want them?
The dino stuff is pretty cool as well. I'm taking the alien videos to
a more "educated" forum I might even get
some help videoing these things? All my questions here went
unanswered. Who will try, who will view, who will make a good joke.
Most of the time people were giving me answers on video they didn't
have time to download and search. Anyway this has been 80% of the
story. You might have to come to Swamp Shack to get the rest.
At Swamp Shack I could show you the #2 and #3 programs of all time. By
Me. Simple and powerful. What any new programmer needs. Will work in
any language. Used during 15 years of Telco and cablesystem billing
conversions. Then maybe #4 my automation of the Rural gas co-op
mapping system. Way ahead of its time. And the lessons learned are
easily transferable. The cattle system for the largest feedlot in
Western Canada had some high points. Still lots to show and share. Who
shares their video, pictures bla bla bla better than Spectate Swamp.
Nobody. Some of you just share your opinions and nothing else. Because
you don't have this great collaboration tool. Can't do video like me
and my swampies do. Can't explore with video. And NetSquared pulls
this project. I would have made them lonely at their so called
contest. Everybody would be at SwampShack booth.
My one boss became a VP (mostly by good work) The beauty of old age is
                              Page 135
                              may 27.txt
I can burn those bridges. Ie. tell the real story without worrying
about the consequences. The real WTF about this forum is that most of
you don't tell the "BIG" story because you'd get canned and maybe have
a tuff time getting a new job. And you'd be telling the Truth!
Might have to start another post to do that. I'm already all over the
map on this NetSquared Dance thing.

The one progam is a beautie and the 2nd is a cluncker easy to create
and change and extremely useful. Both are simple.
Prime example why the Stones didn't pick you PincheySwamp. There would
be nobody left, just you and the Stones. I however, am very careful
when doing curses. As to not physically harm anybody and inadvertently
destroy the World as a result. The actual curse / prediction itself is
usually manifested in a dream first.

And besides that. Thats MasterPlanSwamp you are talking about! One of
my Faves.
The Screen re-shoot works just fine.

I haven't seen one example yet, of how to get a better video of these
phenomena up on the net. All kinds of explanations and examples of
this program and that program but NOTHING as far as video goes. This
is "Lazy Forum" and "Yappin Forum" not "Doing Forum". Come on
JoeMckSwamp you can do a better video than dumb old stupid old Me?
More videoing hints: Use the camcorder like a flashlight when walking
in the bush. It frees you up to watch for tripping hazards and any
other possible video targets. When videoing baseball. Use the
camcorder like you would point your finger. It's very easy to beat the
pitch to home plate that way. You could never do that by looking in
the view finder. I set the focus to tightly capture the pitcher and I
start shooting. Damn you are getting most of my vast video knowledge
without coming to Swamp Shack. Leaches. Knowledge sucking &*(^%
Santa Claus is from Canada too. I got told a couple times this season,
that I would make a GOOD Santa.
Here is a prime example of a Resolutionist ElgateSwamp. They Yap and
Yap about this being bad and that no good. But nothing, they produce
nothing. You get good video by shooting lots. The people in Yappy and
Lazy forum don't capture anything worth showing. Not like
SpectateSwamp. I would love to give you a complete showing of "last
years trapping season" up here at the SwampShack. Kids on the net were
saying: "Thanks for taking me on the trapline with you". There is a
                              Page 136
                               may 27.txt
little gore that even got the hunting and trapping side howling to
take it off. That's what you get when you don't edit. You get reality.
I am very picky what I upload to It is the only one that
does a download of the original file. They don't seem to allow for a
delete file either. As for Google and YouTube I can remove videos if
they want me to. The political ones would be the first to go. Good to
see your concern though SimianSwamp
Old NeowinSwamp himself must have got his arm twisted to drop my
tobacco leaf flyer post. Don't see any response from PopCornedSwamp
asking WHY. How come? Scared he will get a post deleted like poor poor
old SpectateSwamp. I was on topic. There is a conspiracy.
Boy are you nieve. Posts get taken down all the time. eg (NeoWin) For
many reasons. Most of my really good posts are gone. I went 1 step too
far for somebody somewhere. Don't know what it was. Anyway it's a
great way to test the boundaries for freedom on the net. They are
there. Everybody is an editor when they hear and see things they don't
like. Spectate Swamp makes it easy to push those boundaries by
collaborating and sharing that information. When you get banned you
know you are on track. My abovetopsecret posts are picking up. Maybe
that's more my kinda group.
Programming languages don't matter. It's application background that
counts. Moving from one language to another isn't that difficult.
Start simple and go from there. People will show you the key elements
of the language you need to know and you are off. 2 or 3 weeks using a
new language making changes to applications and you can be almost up
to speed. With help of course.

But with Spectate Swamp search I have no need to know anything more
about languages. Ever again. Period.
It is not always about replacements. During my mapping project. The
users were having nervous breakdowns trying to learn this complex
system. Right from the start they had a 23 step proceedure to tie down
the physical map to the digitizing board. I preloaded the 6 tiedown
points at the beginning of the Map file and reduced the instructions
to 6 or 8. That was the initial step in mapping and it panicked them.
With this simple change the users were quickly digitizing away. The
project was a success. They got their own mapping system. I had help
developing my first program there as well. Thanks ElizabethSwamp
Fortran H and I think the other was Fortran F, Cobol, RPG, Lots of
Basic various flavors. Assembler etc but that doesn't matter. The only
program I need has been written. SSDS. So I can just forget the rest.
How could NetSquared be so blind or so chicken as to turf out Swamp
                              Page 137
                              may 27.txt
Search. Who made the call. Nobody cares till it's their project that
gets dissed because it's World shattering. Along with Aliens, Stones,
Dinosaurs what ever and ever.
During the 93 election campaign. We went to Sangudo School and talked
to the elementary students. I told Them basically what I said in the
video. But it was Grade 8 instead of 9. They cheered me at the end of
my speech. Not one of the other candidates got a cheer like that. The
kids knew I wasn't lying to them. I could take on each and every one
of the professions you have on the list. But that would get this post
locked for being off topic. Spectate Swamp Search will make people far
less dependent on Geeks that's for sure.
I wrote a Desktop Search Engine. What have you done that makes the
Geek World tremble. I must tell you I loved it when I put the line
numbers back in. I knew the Geeks would go wild. Pure wild. My major
"paradim shifts" came when the users loved what I was doing. That's
where the real fun in "Data processing" resides. There have been
numerous times If they weren't singing songs about me, they were
definitely humming a tune.

I could tell you some stories because I have nearly 40 years time to
collect some. Your stores are dull and boring. Prove to me otherwise.
Sorry WolfieSwamp. You didn't deserve that. Even if you did pull the
Wiki on Swamp Search. Not being a search engine. You'll be humming
once you give it an honest try.
I like that SpectateUnabomber tag. On one of the forums, the mod
changed my name to SpectateSpam. Then they Banned me. It's a fine fine
line we Spammers and Trolls walk.

Sure is nice to be appreciated over at forum. But
don't worry. I'm not leaving you swampies just yet.
One person on a new thread. It took me a week to get my first Swampie
here. By now I must have 10 or 12 true Swampies free from geekdom
forever and ever. Maybe even longer.
Oh they were smart alright. Very very smart. But they didn't finish
the JOB. I did.
They were smart very very smart. But they didn't finish the JOB. I
You got a project in the $100,000 mashup challenge? What is it? I'll
vote for you and make a comment just to help out. I'm still a member.
I think?
                               Page 138
                              may 27.txt
Oh Swamp Search isn't done yet. That's for the Swampies. Simple code
except for the linewrap and hi-lite logic which has flowcharts. They
can easily do it. I'll help them. The Swampies would be the ones
laughing at the $100,000 mashup challenge. It would be an easy whip in
front of a live audience. Easy Whip
The WEB app didn't have to exist. I was hoping to get assistance
making SSDS WebWise. At the MashUp I would be demonstrating what the
software could currently do: Big screens, Aliens, Dino Mummies and
Flashy Swampies. We'd have won.
Yeah but it was pure silly of them to notify me that I was excluded.
They could have just led us Swampies on. Making the final 20 could
have been very tuff...
A GoTo or two could be added to the Merge option whereby the data
would be searched instead of merged. Any Swampie can make that
enhancement. That's the beauty of this program. Put a noodle or 2 in
the code and Magic happens. Jam it till it's right. For me the whole
directory process is just slow. So I would never use that feature.

How come I have to answer all the questions. How come?
Noodles for spaghetti code. Just one or 2 of these noodles winding its
way through the search logic can completely change the results. From a
Merge to a file by file search. I should do it just to make this forum
happy. Slow but happy. "Jam it" Cable system conversions were always a
rush to get the program to run for the first time. Any results were
acceptable. Let the computer kick out the errors. Make a quick change
and jam it again and again. That would always get results fast. And
it's a fun way to go about it. When strange data was sent for the
first time. Try one data format then the next and the next till you
hit the one that worked. There were only 6 or 8 numeric formats that
the PDP/Vax systems used. Try them all. Just jam it. You'd get the
answer in minutes. Quicker than if you went looking for a manual.

That's what I'd like to see Swampies do. Activate a print or form
header change. Follow the logic through. Be ready with Crtl/Alt/Delete
if there is a run away. Jam it, Change it. When you have a search that
will find any line. And a program that can run in the background. How
hard would it be to add a line or two so that under certain situations
in the (background) search and replace option; the program checks and
updates a balance field. A quick little total update. Or just use
NotePad. Throw most of Source away and only use the Hi-Light and line
wrap logic. Strip it down and rebuild it to conform with good
programming practices if you like. But do it 1 quick step at a time.
Once you have a program that is working. Make fast changes (additions
                              Page 139
                              may 27.txt
or removals) and jam it, change it and jam it again.

 Any of you grade 8'ers out there should be able to handle this
Thanks for the heads up DerulaSwamp. Or whoever you are. I'll keep my
camcorder and Axe handy. Anyway at my age. They would be saving me
from a trip to the Old Folks Home.

I had better get back to my spook forum and post a couple Speck flyer
videos. Later...
This "Bug"? came onto the stack walked around the base part way. Up
the stack to the top. Then off to the right a bit before flying away.
All in under 2 seconds. WTF if it was in a HURRY. and BloodThirsty. It
would be up your arm and in your ear before you knew it. See frames
1:30.06 thru 1:31.25 on the original video:
66Mb file
But can they capture aliens. Can they? Swamp Search does. You know
things are cooking when your program provides surprises. In pool hall
terms - Going unconscious. Swamp Search can find anything.
anything.... That's how your share and colloborate. First you have to
I'm trying and trying to upload the latest scene from a "contact"
video where the flyer overtakes a crow in flight and then zooms away.
Maybe I have reached my max? There are a few more video
where I captured the flyers engaging with birds, helicopters and a

First you find the aliens then you Share them.
The Crow at the top got checked out by the this flyer. I'll upload the
video later.
This scene is from 1 second earlier. The Flyer doesn't even take a
direct route to the crow and closes in on it very fast. These specks
are hard to see and requires really really looking. But I guess when
you know everything there is to know. And are paid to have all the
answers. Why look. Question: How fast is the Speck moving if the crow
is doing 30mph. First you have to assume that they are very close at
the 42:13 scene. Maybe the helicopter contact will be more clear. I
haven't looked at that clip in years.
The original video is small 5.2mb only 10 seconds of video. Clean your
glasses PitchingSwamp. You'll see them. Thanks for looking.
                               Page 140
                              may 27.txt

I will dig up the other "Contact" videos where the Flyers interact
with other moving objects.
To capture these Aliens. You'd need to train a bird to spring the
trapdoor. They are the only ones that can see these intruders in
realtime. Any kind of bird should do?
We need a birdwatcher to tell us what's going on in the Sparrows mind.
Is He frightened or what. Anybody wanting to use Swamp Search to slow
down images try this:
 0:19.04 thru 0:20.12 seconds

 photo 12Jun2003 speck checks out sparrow contact start==18000
wait=5.55 demo13_pict7 speed=125

 To play the whole video in slow motion. When you are doing the
initial check deactivate the start== and wait= as below

 photo 12Jun2003 speck checks out sparrow contact staart==18000
waait=5.55 demo13_pict7 speed=125

The "photo" is needed somewhere on the first line.

The "xxx." is needed at the start of the 2nd line.

The speed=125 plays it back at about 1/10 speed

again the original video is at:
the scene is at: 20.01
Sort of. if it doesn't say "wait=" but reads "waait=" or remove it
completely if you like. I find reactivating it quicker by taking one
of the extra "a"'s out. ie change it back to "wait=" instead of
"waait=" Anyway back to the bird. That bird saw that speck. Back to
the tobacco leaf flyer. Man that stem on the "leaf" sure moved alot.
It is completely gone in the last frame? The camera picks up small
shit as you can tell. So it didn't miss the tail/stem of the leaf.
It's retractable. I will also do a better job of displaying the path
of those other 8 flights that occured. Weird very weird. I still
haven't found the back alley one where a flyer checked me videoing in
the alley. These specks probably thought I was weird as well?
                               Page 141
                             may 27.txt

In looking at the flyers in super slow motion through the screen
reshoots I have been able to show you some of the action. Those 2
flyers that did the doe-see-doe circle each other move. Bugs don't do
that. They have bug business to attend to. If you look hard and do a
good screen reshoot You'll see the Cloaked movements. Maybe it's only
me that has this screen reshoot capability? Come on somebody do a
better reshoot or display of this sequence, if you can. One of the
Doe-see-doe pair waited for the other. Hardly moving.
I only became a (singular) bird watcher a couple years ago when the
Hoodie showed up. Somebody must know sparrow behavior? Anybody. I
think that White Crow is watching me to? My question is "how to catch
one of these things?" If they exist?" Without using a bird. Show your
bird the video and every time it notices a Flyer. It gets a treat.
Pretty soon you'll have one in a jar! Then again that may make them
turn on you.
It isn't a typeo. That's why I gave you the source. Don't look at the
source. Don't look for aliens. Why has nobody detailed the other 8
tobacco leaf flyer flight paths? Oh yeah this is "yappy lazy forum"
This group can't even do a descent screen reshoot.
I still haven't given up on getting other pictures and video of that
Mushroom Cloud. It was spectacular. I'm sure there are many other pics
and video of this beauty. I met one fellow who was at Carson lake (10
or 12 miles North west) and saw the Cloud. He said it was quite a show
at the lake. The sun went down and all of a sudden the light was
coming from the East. Reflecting off the lake. Very weird and
impressive. If you look at it is the lake that looks
like a cross section of the ToKin Stone. So there may just be
pictures. Even some of the Duplicate Mushroom Cloud that was at the
same spot 2 weeks later. Confirmation is out there in somebody's photo
I didn't know for sure if the Stones would clear up the weather. But
they did. Flooding out my old place in Edmonton 700 miles away.
Edmonton weather at that time would be handy... Oh just forget it.
I'll dig up that info after I do the Tobacco leaf flyer flight
patterns. My alien hunter friend Martyn Stubbs (manager of Shaw Cable
in North Vancouver) said that it would cost 2 million a day to get the
coverage the Stones were getting during the deluge.
I could sure use some video of that weather system in Vancouver B.C.
Canada (july 16 & 17 1986) I caught a glimps of it in the TV
broadcast, when down at the Expo site removing the curse. It looked
like the ToKin stone swirling around and around. A weather god should
                              Page 142
                              may 27.txt
have the contacts to do that. WeatherSwamp?
For the number of times I want to copy forums. My way is easier than
learning something new. (not need to know mode) I would do short video
segments and screen captures of the funny cartoons. To play randomly
from a DVD. Or maybe not. Too much fun doing Dino Mummy and Alien
stuff. Also planning the Next to last Dance with the stones. 2012
being the Last.
Not bothered at all by MasterPlanSwamps site. Maybe it will get
somebody in here to identify the FishHead and the dino skin. I put the
Dino mummy skin up for sale on Ebay. Knowing that would be good bait
for the Dino thieving paleontologists. It did draw some attention.
Auctioning off the 3 Dino Mummy sites would be even better.

I'll finish those tobacco leaf flyer flights in more detail and post
them on youtube or in the next bit. Seeing is believing.
The camera doesn't lie.

Those netsquared folks weren't that nice to me. Good thing they kicked
me out. For no good reason.
Forget that has anybody caught any aliens. Or found any illegal dino
stuff. Maybe even a picture of the Mushroom cloud. And this cloud
looks more like a mushroom than any nuclear explosion. We need a
mushroom expert to join the thread. I don't want the Latin name

Cut and paste them into a big file using the "z" option at prompt #2.
You are learning fast BstorerSwamp. Take SSDS and customise it to your
needs. When an application can do it all. (video, audio, pictures and
text) You are off and running. Worry about the nice interface later.
Show people new stuff and they will watch. Don't change anything and
they are gone. Me too.

MasterPlanSwamp. Having trouble with your wiki. Could be your head has
swolen and you need a bigger Fedora. Really I shouldn't be so hard on
you. That crap must be hard to make work. Not easily tested either.
One lady I trained came from Moscow. Her boss told her. "Don't think
Do" that's a lot like Jammin it. My #3 program of all time is the
dumps I create for each file we get during a conversion. At one point
in the first billing conversion she said "everything is a print
program". Pretty well. All the Prt_subscriber.bas type programs for
the Shaw system were already done. Combine 2 or 3 move a little data
about and you're Jamming it. You poor suckers don't know how. Doing
                               Page 143
                              may 27.txt
too much thinking. (Change, compile, link, Jam it) over and over

Looking for quotes. I wish I had kept copies of the video forum stuff.
Terribly funny stuff. All taken down. Gone

Jammin it with video works too That's how you find aliens. Shoot lots
and lots. and look at it very carefully. One day there will be more of
us Swampies videoing the skys. 10 cameras could blanket Whitecourt.
Nobody moves without being videoed.
I have a ton of t-shirts and mini-stones to contribute. Just went
through my storage shack. There are 10 or more different t-shirt
versions. Some dating back 20 years. The newest is from 2000. All this
talk of collaboration has got me sharing t-shirts, aliens, stones,
dino mummys, great software. Maybe next I'll share the great outdoors
with you all. The winter trapline... One learns a lot on the trapline.
Use the right bait and tease the prey. When they are mad mad, mistakes
The Shroom cloud is far more impressive than any image on a piece of
toast or pancake.
There is a big Nuclear debate raging here in Whitecourt. I videoed 3
of the forums. Maybe just maybe the Aliens are trying to warn us about
a future Nuclear disaster or It could be the Medicine Stones that
brought about this display? A warning for all to see. Or it might just
be a cloud.
The Stupidest Man on Earth (with a Desktop Search Engine) Any stup can
program computers. Don't let the Geeks fool you into thinking
otherwise. Like my old Shaw boss said. It ain't rocket science.
That's my blue tent. In the center of the first picture and near the
other where the guy is taking down theirs.

The last picture was at Lytton BC across the river at the mouth of the
Stein the following year.

Can't seem to even upload temporary pics to Somebody must
have ratted me out. Damn no goods.

No no never. Curse cancer itself. Don't need to do a curse to give
folks cancer. There is way too much of it around already
Still doing a dance this summer. No vivid message or dream. That will
happen. I just got back from visiting my Mask maker friend. The mask
                               Page 144
                              may 27.txt
will be huge. It will need some wild hair attached. Pretty scary.
Dances have to be scary I have always wanted a 6 foot stick so I can
display the Head stone in a positive manner. Then hold it up 14 feet
if I need to drop it on something? I just don't know what the curse is
yet. Could be cancer. Maybe a step or two for the NetSquared
organization. The stockmarket has been cursed with the lieingest.
cheatingest group of smart guys grabbing everybody's money. It ain't
us dumb guys that are the thieves --. Years back a curse was put on
"Stein Valley". Logging companies were going to build a bridge across
the Fraser River to get access to the timber. I have pictures from the
gathering at the top of Stein Valley from the year before. I'll post
some. 350 people hiked straight up into the mountain. To save the last
major undisturbed valley in B.C. I had a pack that weighed 90 to 100
lbs. 1/3 was stone. I wasn't the last into camp but 2nd last. The
loser was a blind fellow. I passed him in the final couple hundred
yards. The stones didn't go to NY in 2000. So the most recent time I
had the Stones in a big big dance, was the 1988 winter olympics. Need
to dance them a couple more times before 2012. You now know 90%. The
last part is the spooky stuff. BOO

P.S you Swampies have been working hard and forming quite a team. Good

There might be a t-shirt or 2 for any swampie in San Francisco during
the mashup. Ask they why poor poor old swampie got the boot.
Again this group is the wind beneath my wings. I'm back looking at the
video from 10Oct2003. Two of my top 10 videos are from that day. The
cloaked ship with a cloudburst bunch of flyers and the exhaust stack
beauty. There are at least 13 clips from that day. They will all get
more attention. The WhiteCrow is around and about today. Looking to
get a mate. No sign of it pairing up with anybody. But WC is in there

Download the following video and look at the scene 00:51.04 The
cloaked object is right above the flyer. Move the action forward and
back to follow this HUGE object.
More aliens. Using high speed playback on SSDS and Camstudio.
Recording the video seems to slow things down a bit. But that's what
you need when you are capturing aliens on video.

Somebody has already complained about not having zoom. Yeah like I'm
going to take it down. I've done worse way worse.
                              Page 145
                              may 27.txt

A screen reshoot is always better.

again the original videos for the above clip are at:
This is slowed down by about a factor of 15 times. ie 1/30 second
displays for 1/2 second.

the 110 scenes should last just 4 seconds in Real time.

Download the original video of tabacco leaf flyer from
This is a slow process. Some of the Tobacco leaf flyer clips are
short. In others it does a slow mosey across the screen. Just starting
#5. I'll do a camstudio capture and post that. Much easier for
This is scene #1 check out the other 9 in rapid sucession

scene 1
Download these temporary pics and play them back using swamp search.
Check the alien by my left shoulder. Picture hogging trash. The aliens
I mean.

Don't worry Swampies. The scene by scene playback of those tobacco
flyer movements are truning out great. I save each frame as a jpg.
with a small red cirdle around them. Then use SSDS to play back
tb*.mpg files with a 1/10 second delay. I'll use camstudio to capture
the action. For those that want the jpgs uploaded so your can test out
your version of SSDS I'll post them on as a temporary
file. (They are hard to delete - the temporary flag is the only easy
way) Now to do that quick video.
                               Page 146
                              may 27.txt
BS. If you use the keyboard properly it is way faster than any mouse.
I'm not talking Ctrl/Alt anything (those keys might just as well be
hanging on the wall) having to move you hand from the home position
slows you down, big time.. How about jj (enter) for example I can do
that way quicker than moving my hand to any mouse. and I can do it
while watching TV. If you have never done a keypunch verify program,
then you don't know anything about keyboard speed. Nothing nada zilch
I know teachers and principals. That are dumber than me. So what. 2
examples. Years back at a Systematix Christmas party I was seated with
2 other new staff and their wives. They were University Computing
profs. Both were very nervous about their upcomming assignments. They
should have been. There is no way they could touch me with 15 years of
consulting along with another 8 in Data Processing. Couldn't touch
dumb old SpectateSwamp. Point #2 on the Degreeds and their stupidness.
From a reliable source (a guy at the stores wicket). A new technical
supervisor insisted that those doing the pulp testing, have tech
degrees. Replacing and moving those aside that were not so well
degreed. The new techies took way longer doing their tests than the
oldtimers. The old group would grab a pinch of pulp between their
fingers and roll it around. The techies would get some and run to
their lab. Comming back with results 15 minutes later.

The Degreeds discriminate against the rest of us. Time for a little
truth on the matter.
Exactly. Sometimes the truth works best. There is no way anybody can
profit from Dinosaurs except Paleontologists. The current big
discovery was found in 1999 by a school kid. He claimes he didn't find
the skin till 2004 when he was partway through a Paleontology degree.
Maybe that's what us 3 should do. Get those quickie Web Diplomas and
spend the rest of the days on the riverbank with camcorders,
toothbrushes and a dental pick or two. Then travel around the dino
world showing off our incredible finds.

Poor poor old Spectate and his dumb friends want some of that Dino
Trappers are the only ones in the deep bush that see the destruction
of the forest by logging. Other than the perps themselves. That's
where the animals are threatened and us as well. As a kid there was
never wind like there is now. More water in the rivers back then. No
forest to hold the animals or moisture. Not rocket science. Don't need
no degree.

That's another sore point. My mother said I told her "I have a friend
that is so dumb that he doesn't even know he is in the dumb class"
                              Page 147
                              may 27.txt
What a system to destroys poor little kids. Those that can't do math
are dumb, those that can't do science are dumb, poor spellers are
dumb. When in reality none of that ever matters in REAL life. Other
than the math profs, science profs and .001% of the population. That's
what's Dumb. Too busy to go trolling teachers. I'm sure it's been
done lots anyway.
Question. How do I get the Paleontologists riled up? I when to the
photo forums and told them things like "video puts things in context"
I went to the video production forums and tell them "break all the old
video rules. Those that won't break. use" There were some pretty good
discussions there before they were eliminated completely and poor poor
old Spectate got banned. But I can't get the Paleos to rise to the
bait. 3 world class dino mummy finds right here in the Shawmans back
yard. Held for ransom. We got pictures we got video. We got dino

It's OK to pick on people if one does it equally.
I'm too old to be tuff. Watch out though. I still got most of my teeth
and can deliver a serious bite if cornered.

You geeks need me to take you on the trapline during one of your Swamp
Shack sessions. Some of those animals are very sneaky and survive.
Some of the stories even choke me up. The wolf pack showed up a year
later where the pack mother was trapped. Exact spot and milled around
leaving lots of tracks. I found the Fisher the most interesting. You
see their tracks more easily. Maybe I should post the whole trapline
season. Skinning and stretching and all. Na. This is the wrong forum
for that. Maybe on an animal rights forum. Some of the video even got
the hunter forums squirming a little. Or I could have played the worst
most brutal video from that trapline season at the NetSquared $100,000
MashUp Challenge. Boy that would bring the house down. I'd have to
make a run for it. Maybe it's a good idea they turfed poor poor old
Poor old Bill gets dragged into too many posts. I doubt he would have
made the billions if he was born in Africa or some other
underpriviledged state. He would be nothing.

Don't worry when you come to Swamp Shack for your lessons. I haven't
punched anybody since I was 17 or 18. People have punched me a couple
times (didn't hurt much) and I didn't hit back.

As for the smarties taking credit for all the high tech products. How
about taking credit for our rivers. Can't eat the fish. Don't drink
the water. Our forests are being mowed down. It isn't the trappers
that are causing the demise of their prey. Wildlife doesn't live where
                               Page 148
                              may 27.txt
there is no forest. The rest of the species on the planet will be
better off, once the superior species is gone for good.
Well they didn't go call on any of the skinny accounting geeks in the
office. Brawn over brains sometimes. If I go downstairs and try to
talk to an irate customer that is ready to hit a girl. Then the
results wouldn't be in my favor. I did security work at one time
between jobs. I had myself ready to punch people out. Psyched up
rather than scared.

How about a few of you chicken shits posting your pictures. Weak pale
skinny or what.
Mensa people are stups as well. When I started work at Shaw cable
(Capital cable at the time) There was a Mensa doing the conversion.
She was knitting at work. How stupid. Anyway that group got turfed
out. Because of the failure of the new system. They hadn't billed
their customers in over 2 months because of it. A simple binary search
on their index file reduced the time to call up a work order from 2
1/2 minutes to 10 or 15 seconds. The entry clerks had to put away
their novels and get busy. Smart people are not all that smart
sometimes. A little common sense goes a long way.

The project needed a big guy. There was a couple times the Customer
Service Representatives were getting chewed out. The manager came
upstairs to get me to go and handle the situation. I told them let me
know when anybody touched one of our girls. I would be down there in
an instant. With the right attitude.

I had my spring sheering. Hair and beard cut way back. And I'm a few
pounds lighter than the whitecourt star picture maybe 230lbs now.
The funniest cartoon of me as YellowHead was one where I was lugging
along one of the flatten'em stones to a meeting of the candidates. I
don't have a copy of that one. Check the Whitecourt Star. The fall of
1993 cartoons. I'm sure they have it.
Sorry. Quotes added

These guys know Clouds and Aliens. Shoot lots of video of clouds and
find aliens.
Sorry about that. You all did good work on the site to get that kind
of traffic so quickly. Just one class up here at Swamp Shack and I'll
explain my top 3 programs. Simple and powerful. What a starting point
for anybody that wants to get into computing, video and the rest...
                               Page 149
                              may 27.txt
and not having to know too too much.

Years back my old friend Grant C. was in the elevator and another
fellow made a simple computer related question. Well Grant started
explaining about computing from day one. The Lawer butted in saying. I
don't want to know that much. IT can be a nasty treadmill of
knowledge. Step off with Swamp Search.

Those 100 t-shirts are FREE to somebody that will put them to good
use. There was one Pot protest in Edmonton where the first 10 in the
support group all got one. I've got a lot more types now.
SpectateSwamp knows how to Lunch and Buffett. One of my greatest
office tips for all time.
How to buy your co-workers lunch for next to nothing
One can spend their whole life learning and not doing. Kids are forced
into school way too early. Too little play time for our young.
Exchanged for school worries and pressures. For what. Honestly are any
of your jobs so complex that you couldn't teach a grade 8 Student with
a passion how to do it? I don't really hate learning, Just excessive
learning. Computing has always been about learning and then it got
more complex. Too many widgets to know. With Spaghetti Swamp code I
can settle back and enjoy computing. No more learning for me. Maybe a
little more play time.
Nearly 1000 takers on the exe as well. I have no counts on the source
but your little site must be helping. Thanks. Now nobody can stop this
search from reaching it's potential.

P.S. Everybody with a Tokin Stone shirt is always welcome at the big
dances (near Swamp Shack). These dances are rare rare like the
t-shirts and Dino Mummy Skin.
100 T-Shirt Challenge. I have the finest Pot relate t-shirts on Earth
right here. Any gutsy Swampies in the Bay area want to do a write in
vote for poor poor old SpectateSwamp at the NetSquared mashup? I have
the t-shirts (each accompanied by a mini ToKin stone). 12 or 13
different artistic creations. Mostly XL and XXL
I'm not talking about remapping the keyboard. I saying use jjj instead
of Ctrl/Alt/Del use kkk to close down, that is way quicker than
reaching. Multiple keys having meaning (jkl) (m,.) what every you
want. Anyway that is why you all have access to the source code. Put
in whatever really really fast keys you want. Any key where you have
to move your hand from the home position is a waste of time.
                               Page 150
                              may 27.txt
The lady I was thinking of implementing the lefthanded numeric keypad
for had the tips of her fingers on the right hand taken off in an
accident at the papermill. There are others that are missing a finger
or two on their right hand. It is just so easy to do these little
improvements. When entering a numeric field, like phone number or
Postal code (US only) it's so easy to translate "jkl" to "456" The
turd that came up with alpha numeric alpha numeric alpha for postal
codes in Canada should be horse whipped and get a Damn big horse.
Way back I was a pricing clerk. I used an adding machine all day. At
that time auditors were considered the very fastest at adding numbers
up. I was even faster. How about the speed of telegraph operators.
There could fly with just tappity tap. People will learn shortcuts if
they are real time savers. At the pulp and paper mill. The users would
be in 4 or 5 different sessions at a time. Finding a purchase order or
inventory item, supplier or vendor number. In those sessions. I'd save
the entry in Spectate_invent.txt or Spectate_po.txt ... file
containing the last 10 occurances. When they switched to the other
session all they had to do to call it up, was enter "." (period)
enter. If they wanted the most recent number, another enter would
select that item. I showed it to the staff. None of them jumped right
in. I was working 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off then. When I came back
they were all using it. And pointing out places where I missed
implementing the utility. The people that designed the system were all
smarter than poor poor old SpectateSwamp and I improved on their work.
Left handers shouldn't be ignored either. Do inset numeric and quick
keys for them. Keyboards should have an enter key on the left as well.
Typewriters did.
That dog must have been "Jim the wonderdog". He was smarter than all
of us here. I'm sure this group will explain him away somehow.
I was doing some testing obviously with mp3 stuff. Just jamming it. I
deactivated it and left the other test functions commented out as
well. Sometimes it's better to leave a little junk around for others
to find. This is a good place to hardcode and jam mp3 tests.

There is other stuff you'll find that I never use. But they are clues
as to where you might want to make a change yourself. Or myself. If I
can remember why I left that code there. Or was it me?
My best guess on that code was left there for others to mess with. It
doesn't do anything. This was deactivated by looking at the code
above. change it to "MP3" and Jam it. Don't think Do. Activate some of
the print for forum header changes to see where it goes. If your
friends don't have VB do the build for them. So they can jam it. You
can only make it better.
                              Page 151
                              may 27.txt
Better be some screen reshoots and SSDS running all over the place.

What's up with MasterPlanSwamp? He's being awful nice lately. I'm
worried about him.

Re the dino skin sites. I talked to the other 2 Dino Skinnies. They
are both going to go look and take some pictures. I'll reshoot the
dino mummy skin I have here. I wonder if Dinos have skin like those
weird toads. If you licked them you got high?

Sasquatch Hunter. I know of 2 places where Sasquatch have been
sighted. Nobody else knows the crossing spots for these Beasties but
me. This summer at least one of these locations will be covered with a
camcorder. I'm having so much luck with aliens, dinos, weird birds and
stones. I expect to Vid Sasquatch. I have a drawing done right after
the most recent of these sightings.

Besides the above 2 Saquatch sightings. There was a sighting by a
postal worker's family maybe 50 years ago. They were on their way to
the Okanagan valley in BC for a vacation. The ones riding in the
camper saw big stinky cross the road after they had passed. The other
well known one was at The beardies reserve (26 July 1998) I saw
pictures of the foot casts. That was on my 50th Birthday. Same as Mick
Jagger not that feakie KR. Sasquatch is a very powerful sign.
Vent stack crawler. The total sequence is 1 and 2/3 seconds. How fast
would it be if something was chasing it?

Action hi-lited scene by scene

Original video is at:
66mb file view 1:30.06 thru 1:31.25 for the fast moving object on the
The ones that are looking at the cloud videos and cloaked motherships
won't be laughing. They will have some excitement in their lives. They
will want to come up to swamp shack to check everything from Aliens.
Dino Mummies, Medicine Stones, Sasquatch and the best software on the

Right now I'm plotting the path of the Dumb old FlyerSwamp that gives
away the mothership location. Hi Mamma I'm here...

Used the Swamp search to show the 49.16 thru 50.05. Looking good. The
end frame is at 52.17 Is anybody else looking at these videos?

                               Page 152
                              may 27.txt
Download the original mpg file and check for yourself. Or are you
scared of what you might see.

anyway I'll post the camstudio capture of the playback in an hour or
2. This alien tracking is sorta fun. Try it. There are quite a few
more flights in the 1:06.00 area. Lots and lots. Somebody else plot
this explosion of flyers. Or can't anybody here do better than poor
poor dumb old SpectateSwamp
You didn't show Her the vent stack high speed crawler did you.
Crawling so fast that they can't be seen. I just finished making 51
jpg scene captures from the crawl video segment. Then played it back
again with a 1/10 second delay between jpgs. Nothing new other that it
was moving extremely fast up and about the vent pipe. Creepy isn't it.
We need a Fly expert.

66mb file view 1:30.06 thru 1:31.25 for the fast moving object on the

Just how fast is it crawling? Are they in your backyard? What do they
feed on?
(Whitecourt is currently in an open debate about building a Nuclear

I hope your friend doesn't get a job around Whitecourt. Videoing One
mushroom cloud. Then have an exact duplicate at the same spot 2 weeks
later. And viewed by someone that isn't Crazy. That is a sign and a
pretty big one. --- or two.

Don't be doing any video of beautiful clouds. If you play that footage
back slowly. You might see something. Then what.
I'm sure there are quite a few jobs that can't be taught to an
apprentice. I just didn't come across any in my career. And for
passion. It should be easy to get their passion going. Try introducing
a camcorder in the next training session. Make it fun. Swamp Search
does video very very well.
The Plant management system was massive. I could easily teach a novice
that system twice as fast than it took me to learn it. A change or two
here and there and Jam it. Don't think do.

The more complex the systems are the more screen captures you need.
Not for yourself but for others in case you don't have luck getting to
work one day. A number of the TelCo conversions were done because the
                               Page 153
                              may 27.txt
lone programmer was old and quite sick. Another system hadn't had a
software update in a decade. (we shipped the tape to a US colledge to
get it converted) Do these screen captures because they're fun. Don't
do it because it's work. Play them back randomly with SSDS. Keep lots
and lots of screen captures. It's good to know that you can leave and
not cause the collapse of the company. As a consultant I didn't want
them to miss me in that way. I kept many notes and then got into
screen captures. Good documentation of errors makes it so simple to
solve the problem a 2nd time.

Getting along and working in groups comes natural to us, we are
humans. Especially when we are having fun.
My little finger on the right hand can reach that without moving from
the home position.

No doubt they need to know these keys if they want the speed. But
being I wrote this for Me. I know them. The code is provided so they
can check it out. Maybe even make other quick key combinations to
replace some of the other slower entries.

When people use a program lots. They will take advantage of any means
to make it faster.

Don't worry SpenkSwamp I'll do some more video demos.
Actually it would take a 'jjj' then enter to make it work. Not that
likely that it would happen accidentally. And if it did. It would be
no big deal. It's not a delete everything on disk function.
People say things like "what if somebody hit "jjj" by accident and
didn't want "Ctrl/Alt/Del" so what. They could just as easily hit
Ctrl/Alt/Del. It's not a big deal. The repeat keys options could be
turned off on on as you like. Using any keys that the user has to look
for is slow. Terribly slow. Too slow.

ie select the file to search at prompt #1 by using inset keys ie "j"
for file 4 "k" for file 5 etc. way way quicker than reaching for the
upper row or a mouse (mouse won't work here) But a nice new skin would
fix that...

The other main conspriacy is "political plants" at forums. Hillary
Clinton did it. Got in lots of trouble for it and should. A camcorder
exposes them. Plants don't like to see a record of their deeds. The
last few forums were remarkably free of plants. They were scared that
I would expose them. Here in Canada the chamber of commerce puts on
most of the forums and is about the worst for rigging questions. They
want their members to be elected to council. They select other phoney
                               Page 154
                              may 27.txt
winners for "citizen of the year" usually their members as well. Watch
them with a camcorder they are easy to catch.
Too busy capturing aliens to be answering all these questions and
challenges. The challenge I want is these NetSquared folks or a
showdown with the other desktop searches. They can't do anything worth
a damn. Swamp search is way better.

All this showing off has got me interested in doing a little alien
hunting every week. Even if it is just 10 minutes. I'll be showing you
some fresh flyers soon.

Don't feel to bad about being afraid to look at the source.txt Any new
program is intimidating to everybody. I've seen lots of code over the
years. On one occasion the originator who was working at another
branch of Govt. said "don't touch that code". I flowcharted the logic
changed it and the fix worked. I became the maintenance guy. I worked
with a lot of code over the years. The key element was, does it work?
For the most part I didn't have time to clean up working programs.
Only when the program badly needed it.

I'll do some templates to demonstrate other SSDS features in the next
day or 2 so cheer up swampies. Fresh Aliens and more swamp search
demos. Dino Mummies and more of my old media clippings maybe.
My next video evidence will be Screen ReShoots of the Tobacco leaf
flyer and the Cloaked MotherShip. Creating the jpgs from the video
using ulead. Then SSDS to play those pics back fast seem to have made
the flyers easier to see. I have always had trouble showing these
flyers to people. Even more difficult to explain than a Search Engine.

More complex in that it does a lot more. In the beginning it just did
text. then pictures then video and music then background jobs and
other complexities.
Actually it's pretty amazing code. Most of it was written nearly 10
years ago. A lot of the so called bad coding habits were done just to
pick somebody's ass many years later and it's working. This code is
simple enough and has lots of internal notes and crumbs. My memory has
never been all that great and it doesn't have to be. I know who wrote
the code and that it's easy to go into the source and make a change
and jam it. This is a simple working search engine. Don't be scared.
The only complex part has a flowchart. And doesn't need to be
touched(much). See the changes that were required to add scrolling
text. (use SSDS) with scource.txt at prompt #1, at prompt #2 enter "c"
for context search and at prompt #3 enter "12/dec/2004" and you will
have them displayed 1 after the other.(enter enter...) Then look at
                               Page 155
                              may 27.txt
some other date change. This program has had quite a few changes and
is more complex than ever. Good luck.

The Yellowhead political run was very interesting to say the least.
Yellowhead is the last riding on the list in Canada. There I was very
last. I always say if you are going to be last be very last.
And who on earth would want to look at those monstrosities. Too
intimidating. Too much to learn. I'm surprised some of you are so
brave as to look at this bad code. Yup. Nobody needs much more than
Swamp search. Being simple. I have kept it simple. So any stup should
be able to make changes and fixes.
The dougheredoug is a code I put in when I'm doing changes. Then I can
go in and find the current changes quickly. I may want to do more
testing. Some of these dougheredoug get left behind. When you have a
10,000 line program. You need to leave some notes and queues around.

SSDS is fast at the startup and shutdown. Makes it extremely quick to
change and jam

I'm wanting to see some "CodeSwamphere" in the code.

I will be getting my power unit for my camera back from repair. So
much better than that CamStudio crap this group talked me into. There
will be an audio playbyplay of these screen reshoots from the alien
I don't do those kinds of checks during the search function. If it
involves keyboard input then at that point speed doesn't matter. So
Boo to boolean when you can. I just like the way Un-Boolean reads.
Computing is pretty much like doing video. Break all the rules you can
and those that won't break use. That means jamming it. A lot.

P.S. I'm sure glad you are looking so closely.
My Bird. What a beauty.

I've been told that WC above is in a nature and wildlife book. More
famous than poor old SpectateSwamp

Back to quick keys. When swamp search is in text input   mode. a "v"
then enter does the same as a Ctrl/v and much simpler.   You can still
do the Ctrl/v if you were a masochist and knew nothing   about speed. If
the quick keys are handy and they use the system lots.   They'll
remember them.

How come that crow is in my back yard? Spookie birds these medicinie
                               Page 156
                              may 27.txt
That's a pretty good story. Way better than I could have put it. A few
points I'd disagree on but good.

The large fishhead stone is so big that It wouldn't have moved far.
That picture is the worst I've seen to. Just a tiny bit better than

The Dolphins in the bank story. Was from 40 years back. I went with my
friend looking for the spot. He wasn't sure if it was upstream or
down. But either way there are only so many banks to check. If there
were 2 Dino Mummies there could have been more. Maybe new ones are
exposed now. Seems everything that died around here got mummified.
Dino Mummy central is my backyard. Of course the Aliens would want to
check it out. Learn my secret dino skin site.

Crazy. If you want people to think your are crazy. Wander around in
the back alley with your camcorder in a tripod videoing clouds and
muttering times and dates to the camera. Probably even right now some
of my swampies are looking at their fresh cloud videos in super slow
motion searching for aliens. That's how you Hunt and capture Aliens -
with Swamp Search

I just finished downloading I'm sure I can program in
just as badly as VB5.0 Geez me taking advice and not giving it. Looks
like it's time for SpectateSwamp to move on and find another group to

For my VB build I'll have SSDS run a control file of edits on the
original Source.txt file. Making all the changes that are required
that way. Comment out the stuff that doesn't work and work on it
later. If the progress isn't that good. I'll look at another language.
I'll make changes to the VB5.0 version. then process the edits
and Jam the both of them. That should be fun.
I'll have to dig up more old media. Search out local legend or capture
fresh Aliens on video. Things are going good with work on a
version. Once you get the first copy running. You are hooked. Bash it
through the various tests. fixing and patching as you go. Wow I'm
jealous.. I need a copy of just to see if I can get it to work
there. Then a C version, Java maybe.

Having this VB5 version around to compare the net version against will
be handy. Like what if you build it and dumb dumb old SpectatSwamps
version is way faster. Then what?

Soon the swampies will be in control of this thread. The fixes and
                               Page 157
                              may 27.txt
features they add to SSDS will be spectacular. Once they get the hang
of capturing Aliens on video. Then we'll see entertainment
thats pretty much it. But in spurts. When a program evolves over a
number of years. The best methods of implementing each new feature
isn't rushed. When you have the luxury of not doing anything on the
program the best ideas surface that are too good and easy to resist.
It is seldom the first thought or idea that is the easiest to

With debugging people are always encouraging the use of "debugger"
utilities. I use these print and form header changes to do the same
thing. Leaving these around to be reactivated by some dumb SOB that
wants to customize the swamp search. If you don't have a copy of VB5
or VB6 then maybe somebody you know will do a quick build for you. The
video of this step exists and a new one will be done. When I can find
a video assistant. One handed typing and videoing is gonna be harder
than capturing aliens.
Yup a bad picture done of a bad picture. You'll have to wait a bit for
a better view of this Monster.
Victims from the Cretaceous epock found. 3 different Dino Mummy sites
miles apart, indicate this area fell within the splash zone from the
final impact. This is the last page from the final chapter in the book
on Dinosaurs! Here in sandstone for everybody to see.

Using the wrong bait and not making the Paleos mad enough, because
SpectateSwamp is a kindly old guy.
Jargon from our elders is more educational that Geek Speek. These are
your great grandfathers sayings.

Just finished uploading the last video with the tobacco leaf flyer in
it. Just 1 pass to add to the other 9 or so. I flagged it as temporary
(30 days) so not to wear out my welcome at
The action is from 00:08.18 to 00:08.23

How fast is this flyer. At what speed is it gaining altitude. Anybody
out there a rocket scientist.

Interest is picking up on the Hooded crow videos. I'll have to upload
all 230 videos of this bird as a warmup for the complete trapline
collection (hundreds more)

Still not much action on the Dino Mummy baits. Must be out of season.

                              Page 158
                               may 27.txt
Given all this collaboration going on. How in H*** could the Swampies
lose at the NetSquared $100,000 mashup?
Jamming it is more fun and it works. You might want to read my "How to
Build a Search Engine" post on channel9 - 52,000 others have. Your way
works but not as fast and as fun as Jamming it. When the Designer
isn't the Jammer and <> the programmer. Look out. Sometimes the
results are not so good. With this program. It was an evolution from a
text search to photo display to video and audio play. Now being able
to do that through a backgrounder SSDS (exact same just a different
name) copy. Opens SSDS up to even more furious testing. If any of you
have found a serious problem (not just cosmetic) with the search let
me know. I'll make and test the change and put a hear????SwampHere in
the source code. Of if you just want to go your own way with this fine
fine desktop search that's OK.

Not to repeat myself but. Way way back in 75 my good friend Grant C.
said if it was up to him "all systems would be built using plain text
files". No packed numbers to save space etc. That makes even more
sense today than back then. The computers are a kazillion times faster
now. Maybe even more faster than that.

As well the other day a friend said her son wrote his first code at 9
years old. I bet the kids coding habits wouldn't sit well with this
group either. Jam it kid. jam it.

Jam it with video. Jam it with pictures. Jam it with SSDS. Designing
it. Phooy
The fellow (maybe somebody from here) that emailed me yesterday saying
he got the picture viewer going. Along with a 'Yea' in there for joy.
Said the only way he could stop it was to kill the process. That got
me testing my family pics and then I noticed that nasty "still in
screen saver mode" problem again... When I just wanted 1 photo
displayed at a time. This sucker was running away on me. But not a bad
feature. The thing is. There is a exit out at every spot that's needed
and that's not many. Or Kill it - Kill it - Kill SSDS. Kill it lots. I

Only the morons would be interested in this search. Such bad code and
all. What a way to leave the Know-IT-Alls in our dust.
Before it was open source. I would seldom make changes. There was a
minor one that was bugging me today. I was in screen saver mode for
pictures "ww" I interrupted it and used "x" to back up to the search
prompt. Then another "enter" to get back to prompt #2. I enter "p" for
1 at a time photo display and it would revert to screen saver mode. I
made a couple changes and jammed it before I found the element that
                               Page 159
                              may 27.txt
needed clearing. Anybody but anybody can fix this program by jamming
interrupt_prompt2 = ""     '12 April 2008
My whole object in computing is to learn as little as possible and
have fun with computers. That means no version control program. Using
dates in the source code, works for me. I can follow changes through
the code and add new features that require similar modifications. (ie
mpg, avi, wmv and mp3) Now that I'm sharing this crap for code.
Version control might be OK. I can visit the site and give the most
recent edition a spin. I sure hope the new Swampie developers make
home movies to show how the latest version works.

My first VB net project won't be SSDS. I'm waiting on my Swampies for
a demonstration of that. Maybe my #2 and #3 programs of all time. Just
a page or 2 of code each. Damn already taking on another language.
Maybe that's the least I could. These 2 Feature programs are extra
easy and a great pair to start programming with. Leave the tuff stuff
to others.
The only one I saw. It could be a airplane. With no real change in
Sure hope he doesn't eat any tape. Instead of suet I use unsalted
butter burried in the middle of the unsliced bread. Sometimes there
are other treats in the middle. The Hoodie can rip through the
wholewheat bread like it was butter.

I'll try and upload the only video clip where I saw something strange
while videoing. Maybe a plane (a very shiny one) or maybe not. I'll
put it up temporary at
I'll have to do the builds for you. Email me the source.txt or
otherwise make it available. It just takes seconds. Not being able to
test the existing one by enabling a print / display makes it difficult
to follow through. I know I need it. As far as the search and replace
for the code. I'm sure I'll have to add a couple features that pertain
only to edits from a file. Line removal, multiple line inserts. Allow
for control characters to be inserted at the beginning of a matching
line. Ie comment out the line with " 'Clear for " being
inserted in front of the line. If I can clear out everything other
than the text display features and get that to work. What a start that
will be.
Good going BstorerSwamp. I would leave the original Errors_31000
intact and trap the few errors that will occur locally. I wouldn't
worry about the MCIsendstring stuff to start with. Just the try and
                              Page 160
                              may 27.txt
get the text search and display going. Then maybe pictures. I know it
won't be easy. There have been enough changes to SSDS over the years.
That a tiny change here or there breaks some other feature. Lots of
testing required.
Then one of the Swampies will just have to write a MCI replacement.
Won't they.
I was going to add another key for the right hand to do the Ctrl/v
option but found it was already there. "h"

     Context_cnt = -1      'november 10 2000
 '17 December 2004    add in the V or H prompt for insert
     If UCase(ttt) = "V" Or UCase(ttt) = "H" Then
          If Clipboard.GetFormat(vbCFText) Then
              ttt = Clipboard.GetText(vbCFText)
          End If           '17 December 2004
     End If               '17 December 2004

This code is used at prompt #3 for the search string. Good thing we
all got a copy of the source.txt handy. Add whatever quick keys you
want to your version. It's easy.
You bet. Now that I'm in the taking advice mode. I'll read these
suggestions carefully. I might have to make one or two minor changes
to SSDS just so it does the edits the way I need them. If getting the version running, is too tuff. I'll try another language. or
Operating System

I'm getting pretty proud of you Swampies. Keep it up.
When I left the British Columbia Building corp job. I had a pizza
party. One of the attending chefs cooked up a magic mushroom pizza.
Everybody was given a warning. Some ignored it.

When I got the boot at Weyerhaeuser I had a 3 Kegger and pizza party.
The local Dominos sold me 60 Doughs for $2 apiece. I gave lots away. I
told the invited to wear stripes and clean underwear. In case there
was a raid. The police notified the landlord that I was having a
pizza, beer and pot protest party. The best landlord in the world, had
to come the next day to get his shoes.

We can joke about the older generations drugs: LSD, Magic Mushrooms,
Pot. But not the stuff of today - Crystal Meth - This concotion is
destroying Whitecourts' young.
Could be a Medicine Bird. Maybe the Aliens brought it here to distract
                               Page 161
                              may 27.txt
Me. Or maybe.. what.
How come I have to find out about de-interlacing from my Spook post
friends. If you are know-it-alls, then you sure aren't letting on that
you know. I could see the extra image but ulead couldn't do a capture
to jpg. The old standby a screen reshoot will solve the problem. Any
of you Swampies want to post the EXTRA tobacco leaf flyer close-ups?
Or maybe those who claim there are no Swampies are right.

(a spook friend of mine QUOTE)

Can't d/l atm, are these recorded at 60fps?

If not, a standard mini dv camera footage can be de-interlaced to 60
frames per second which would result in better results. Example:


Spaghetti code vs Bubble code (Natural vs UnNatural coding). We
spaghetti coders won't let it slip away that easily. Vive la Spagett
libra. Pass the sauce.
If you all are so vehemently against keeping VB5 around. Then it's got
to be the right thing to do. We Swampies are Luddites. XP and VB5 will
be around for a long time. Long time. That and the greatest desktop
search engine on the planet. Don't let them fool you. SSDS does
everything. I use it all the time. If there were real problems I would
have fixed them. This program will go a long way if you want to take
it. Maybe sticking with VB5 a little longer is the best and easiest
approach. SSDS has helped me capture Aliens and I have used it for
hunting Dino Mummies. The possibilities are endless.

The Swampies are not afraid to tussle with Microsoft or Google, even
Aliens. A braver bunch I never knew. There could be repercussions.
They could be watched. Maybe lumped in with the rest of the crazies.
But the rewards of simple desktop search are astronomical.
If Microsoft was smart they would market it along with a copy of SSDS.
For now I can do some VB5 builds for Swampies. If that gets me in
trouble with Microsoft. Then I've found the target for my warmup
dance. Evil doers and a big corp to boot. VB5 will be around for a
long time. If I have anything to do with it. Any software change, that
makes it harder to program using the old tested and true Natural
coding as compared to UnNatural coding isn't a good thing. Long live
VB5 worked great for SSDS and I'll make sure I keep a extra VB copy on
                                 Page 162
                              may 27.txt
other machines. Just in case I want to make a final change or 2. I'm
not so sure it would be as easy to create with I could be
wrong. But that would be a first. People whine and whine about the
Search being bad and nogood. They are wrong and the source is out
there now and will continue for some time. Because it kicks ass.
Anybody's ass. Nobody has access to their video and computer data like
Me and the Swampies do. With the defaults set. It's tapity tap tap
tapity tap in and tapity tap to get out. If it's fast you will use it.
If your are fast, you'll blow the rest away. SSDS is fast from startup
to shutdown.

-- Anyway do you think those Aliens could be attracted by playing the
video back to them. With hi-lites just to let them know the Swampies
are watching. They are no longer undetectable to the human eye. That's
IT the aliens were here to steal the source code. Sneaky thieving
I don't think I'd make it across the border to the NetSquared $100,000
mashup. On my last US excursion I was turned back 3 times (pre 9/11).
They needed some hotshot lawyer to do the deed. Comming back from the
border each time was pretty funny. I did get 4 going away suppers.

How impressive will it be to have a full featured GUI SSDS running on
.net. Everybody can grab a copy, customize it, improve it and be free
to jam and jam their computers so much the room lights dim. Just like
I'm doing with VB5. Sure hope VB5 is around for years to come.

Stones Shaker & Feather

Stones Shakers Feather
Tenny Whitfield. He was my dope t-shirt drawer. No better at it than

BstorerSwamp is the greatest of the greatest.   I sure like the code. It
reads so easily. This will be a great help in   my implementation of #2
and #3 programs of all time. I'm pumped. Good   going swampies. P.S. I
like my swampies weird. Far more interesting.   Most most techies are

Another real life story. Way way back. 1979. I was working for Rogers
and Associates in SanFrancisco. My friend Peter Mc* had taken the
whole group of Rogers Geeks sailing. I was busy that weekend and
couldn't attend. They had the worst storm in the bay area in years.
All kinds of sailing boats up on the rocks. The only one scared was
                               Page 163
                              may 27.txt
Peter. The ruffer it got the bigger the smiles all round. So sad poor
poor old SpectateSwamp doesn't get to visit his SF friends. Damn
NetSquared cheats.

upload tokinstone with pouch top view dbp0297.jpg

ToKin Stone with pouch
Gold Tokinstone in holder

uploaded pictures Gold tokinstone in glass holder dbp0704.jpg

No more of this HiJacked handle shit. I'll upload a different picture
with each new comment. Don't worry Swampies I've got lots and lots of

One thing I know for sure. The demise of VB5 isn't a good thing. It's
far easier to build desktop search on VB5 than Too bad for the
I didn't make that rediculous statement. I've made others but not this
These Shirts would make the Netsquared Mashup more colorful. All the
Swampies wearing different t-shirts. Yesterday was the big 4:20 yearly
pot protest. Quite a group protesting in Ottawa. Good going.

Pot CopMagic MenPuff the magic tokin stone#1 StoneMagic ToKin
StoneDragon and Head StoneHemp the final cureUN JustPower StoneBongo
Stone-oWhat's not to Stone

The above ones are stored temporary at for a month. The
other pictures urls listed will be more perminent. See I'm not a
jackass all the time.

And who's got the coolest T-Shirts on the Planet?

Pot Cop      tshirts001

Magic Men    tshirts003
                               Page 164
                              may 27.txt

Puff the Magic Tokin Stone    tshirts005

#1 Stone      tshirts007

Magic Tokin Stone   tshirt009

Dragon and HeadStone   tshirts011

Hemp the final cure tshirts013

UN Just       tshirts015

Power Stone   tshirts017

Bongo Stone-O tshirts019

What's not to stone tshirts021
Geez isn't anything like VB5. This is the last programming
language I'm going to struggle with. Luckily there are lots of good
examples on the Internet. Things always seem to work this way. The
more I yap and yap the more it comes back to bite me. I'll do lots of
documentation for the steps required in building my first program.
Screen captures & notes with a screen reshoot or two explaining it
all. I tend to forget faster than I learn. It's lucky I have SSDS
around when I have this affliction. A greater documentation system I
never knew (or forgot). Overall it's sorta fun doing something new
                               Page 165
                              may 27.txt
where I can Jam it. Thank the Stones, all my Swampies are much
smarter than me. Converting SSDS to probably won't be as easy
as I hoped. A Mac or Linux version could possibly handle this
spaghetti code better.
Bright and shiny artifact. The most visible of all. (No slomo or
Screen reshoot zooms needed here)

The last 15 to 20 seconds is where the action happens. Right before I
turn the camera off.

I'm pretty sure this 2 minute clip was zoomed slightly into digital
focus by mistake. I always have that feature turned off.

You just get more Aliens if you have free time. SSDS frees time. Come
on Swampies use some of that time pointing your camcorders to the
clouds. Don't be scared of what you'll see. Ol Swampie has you covered
with Stone power.
Not just real fast but fast and tricky. That's why SSDS is so quick to
use. I don't really hate Know-It-Alls so much anymore. The search and
the net have become my source. They don't lord the trivia over me when
I ask for answers. I can quote 10 year old heated email discussions
word for word. What recall. what a mind. Phooie. Geeks I feel sorry
for having to deal with the technical mess. For the nerds. Go outside
and play.
SpectateSwamp knows all about speed. Check it out at this posting.
(I hate bragging too much and repeating myself is even worse)

That's why SSDS is so speedy. What else would you expect from a dude
that can move that quickly.

Being that I'm a know speed expert. I'm telling you that vent stack
crawler has faster little legs than anything on the planet. It is
probably faster than the horses in tomorrows Kentucky Derby. This
video clip is from the same afternoon as the Cloaked MotherShip video.
The afternoon of 19 October 2003 will go down as a turning point in
Alien Video history. Big big day.

For best viewing results use SSDS and grab a copy of the original
video at:
Be informed check them both.
                               Page 166
                              may 27.txt
As this discussion declines only the real real flakes remain. Good
going DerulaSwamp ant the rest of our fellow flakes. Too bad for those
NetSquaredSwamps missing out on all this knowledge sharing,
collaboration and flakyness. Every possible critic and extremist
opinion on SSDS have been expressed and poor poor old SpectateSwamp
thanks you.

Watch out for the hooded crow

Watch out for this bird.
They all need an audience. New Dino Mummy finds, Aliens and Stone
Dances even Swampies with CamCorders. And the Audience needs them.
They just do.

I hope that driving home these points isn't driving you mad mad. Too

That's not you MPSwamp. You are not the same. They got you. You knew
too much. Sorry.
This forum knows more about Digital Video & Desktop Search - Dino
Mummies - Sasquatch - Aliens homegrown & extraterrestrial - Medicine
Stones than anybody on the planet. Swampies you all graduate. Those
that don't want to be graduating. Too late, You graduate anyway.

Some of you deserve special recognition. For arguing and arguing
without end. A double Swampie so to speak. Some people just don't know
when to ride off into the sunset. Getting famous on the net using my
coattails. How bad it that. Very Bad.

That 1/2 day at SwampShack would more funl than ever. Jamming SSDS and
Digital Video.

These pics from the last post are more perminent that the

The original video so you can verify the video and do the math.
SSDS made the whole video process easy and fun. Without it and
slowmotion playback. I would have never captured these flyers. There
was lots and lots of video with nothing. Lots.

                                Page 167
                              may 27.txt
SSDS is just too fast for these flyers. Unseen to the human eye.

Tobacco leaf flyer 5226

Tobacco leaf flyer 5301

Tobacco leaf flyer 5307
Could be the tobacco leaf flyer is a newly discovered life form. So
sad it's just us Swampies making all these exciting video discoveries.
SSDS makes it so. For those of you that don't like going outside.
Clean a window and shoot from there. No animal on earth moves faster
than the tobacco leaf flyer. This is not your normal leaf blowing in
the wind.
With the demise of XP many other great projects will suffer. How smart
would it be to leave XP as is. Selling millions of copies. OS's no
longer need an end date. Not like in the old days when customer
support came with the hardware and Operating System. Even then they
would support the old OS at a premium. The way MicroSoft has it. If my
computer dies I'll have to buy a used one. I sure hope the group for
"Saving XP" is successful. Then there will be no reason to worry, XP
will be around for another 10 or 20 years. That would give the SSDS
VB5.0 spaghetti code a pretty big window. Long live XP long live VB5.0
Maybe a curse can save XP or the threat of a curse. Yes then again
maybe no.
Spooky around here lately. This has been the coldest april since 1954.
Snow came a week or so back and has stayed. The Birds are everywhere.
When I walk out and about swampshack it is like being in an averary.
Birds singing and fluttering everywhere. And they are hungry.

In 1954 there was some grain in front of a garage door. We scared the
birds inside and and caught them (6 or 8 different types). Putting
them in a nearby porch. 149 was the count. My friends grandma kept all
her shoes there. What a mess.
Thanks for the SlashDot link. I replied to it. But doubt that it will
get past the censors there. SlashDot is infested with know-it-all

You are right that I am incapable of running for office. The only
promise I made the people of Yellowhead was that I would never run
again for anything. That was my first and last shot at anything
political. I keep my promises. I am looking for new YellowHeads that I
can support. They can run where ever they like. One term limit and
honesty are the only requirements.

                               Page 168
                               may 27.txt
Osoyoos has lots of wildlife. I'll find a new bird or two here for
sure. My new camcorder is a cannon DC310 for under $400. It's better
than my old $1400 Hitachi 350a
Penticton. Thats where I'm going to get my camcorder tomorrow.

The White Crow has plently of friends so he will be OK. But I miss
that bird.
Now living in southern British Columbia. 11 hrs drive from Whitecourt.
The radio signal to my computer is weak. But don't worry Swampies when
I get my new camcorder this weekend. I'll move closer to the router
when uploading the latest screen reshoots. It will be harder to
capture Aliens on video here. There are way less clouds. I'm pretty
sure they will show up.
Just as I thought. A dead end site with a bunch of Bots to distract
me. SSDS is just that important. They want to keep it quiet. 2100
replies here and 2511 on the other post. This is not human.
There are some of those dance videos kicking about. At CFRN tv and
BCTV and CBC tv Maybe I can get them to post a copy to their archive
sites? Otherwise they would be cursed for sure. Don't take chances
with Medicine Stones. Not worth it.
That last great 175mb alien video just doesn't want to work properly
on Maybe there was a tattle tail or two warning them
about the misuse? I'll have to find another place to put the original
videos. Anyway the 92 jpg pictures of the tiny flyer hooking up with
the Cloaked object are at:

Play them at high speed using SSDS and you'll see the sneaky sneaks.

A greater alien videoer I never knew. What a camera guy. Who has more
Aliens. Just think if everybody started hunting aliens. We would
probably wipe them out. Then again forget the hunt stuff.

On repeat keys. The 3 fastest keys in data entry are "j" "k" "l" use
them. People will appreciate it.
This is the 3rd and final try at uploading the LAST bright and shiny
flyer. After that I'll upload the various flyer video action jpgs (to
Flickr), for You swampies to check out. See the Cloaked mother ship
more easily this way. Now you know all my tricks. (video aliens,
repeat keys for pure speed, desktop search, flowcharting, medicine
stone power, gifted dino mummy hunter...) Capturing your local aliens
on video is something everybody can enjoy.
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                              may 27.txt
It's not easy being annoying. Sometimes I just don't have anything
cruel to say. But look at your side of the argument. I wrote a search
engine. none of you have but you argue. I have Medicine Stones (36
years) and spent 30 to 40 hours in 4 different libraries reading up
about them. And you argue. I know of 3 DinoMummy sites and I brag and
brag. And you mostly remain silent. I have video of Aliens or New
LifeForms and you argue and diss the discovery. The WhiteCrow
appearing in a Shawmans backyard would be considered a very important
symbol. Do some research and come back with some more facts. (saves me
time) find a copy of VB5 and you are good for 10 years of Jamming it
(that'll make 20 years of SSDS). It's fun and simple. Soo simple.

Yup I have some of you so mad that you remember everything I have said
and throw it back at me . With a copy of VB5 and all that knowledge
you would be ahead of my version of SSDS in no time. That's good
enough reason to be annoying. I'll have to start using those smily
faces symbols when I'm jee hawing. Keep being annoyed. Don't leave.
You have come too far.
More alien video uploading to the net right now. 175Mb That takes 5
1/2 hours. Good thing I don't have to do anything. I'm fitting in here
at LazyForum. If I had found the Agreeables forum. What could I
possibly learn. Lucky again. Anyway this latest video is of a bright
and shiny that goes behind a cloud. My cloud guy from another forum
will check it out more closely. CloudySwamp.

When hunting aliens I would suggest a HD format and Mpg like mine for
general shooting. Both would be best but I'm a video nut. I should get
a small HD file just to test on SSDS.

Question: Do you think the Tobacco Leaf Flyer looked over my shoulder
into the viewfinder? Are they watching you? Watch them back with SSDS.
Or Is it just here in Alien Central that these flyers exist.
You are wrong HannahRochSwamp. The Shiny flyer is there. Clean your
screen. It comes in from the right side of the screen 2/3rd's the way
up the screen. Then it passes behind the cloud and out the other side.
I hope it's your screen not your eyes.

Don't worry swampies we will be able to collaborate aliens with SSDS
for at least 10 more years. XP will be around for quite some time and
VB5 runs just fine on that. Covering every OS from Windows 95 on up.
You just need to find a copy of VB5. I have one. Lucky Me.
Some topics should remain open forever.

That's what I hate most about other forums. People make a few comments
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                              may 27.txt
and are sure that all that has been said, is all that can be said on a
topic. Because they are so smart. What could anybody else add. That's
when they find out they are dumber than the Stupidest Man On Earch.
cklamSwamp you have been swamped.

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