World Championship Show _ Sale World Championship Show _ Sale by chenmeixiu



   World Championship
           Show & Sale

          September 16 - 18, 2011
                Iowa Equestrian Center
                     Cedar Rapids, Iowa
       Welcome to the 2011 LFA World Futurity Show and Sale,
       hosted at the Iowa Equestrian Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
       This year the LFA Board of Directors has made a concerted effort to put together a Show and
       Sale that will appeal to all members of the llama community. We’ve made a big effort to add new
       classes and activities to participate in.
       The Fall Harvest Show on Friday will lead off the weekend’s events. This year the show is
       sanctioned by ALSA and ILR, and will be judged by the legendary Hank Kaufman. An
       additional highlight is the Fleece Show being judged by Fran Soukup. This is a great opportunity
       to have Fran judge your fleece and to gain some valuable information from her. The Fall Harvest
       show is also going to offer you some fun classes …check out the entry forms on the LFA website and
       find a llama in your pasture that can win the class and take home the prize. The Silent Auction, a
       new twist on the Herdsire Auction, and of course the infamous “Bean Drop” will be available for you
       to participate in. All this, plus a cocktail party with free hors d’oeurves on Friday evening.
       Saturday will be chock-full of events. The new Claims Futurity will start the day. The BOD wanted to create new events
       that would give you increased opportunities to show your llamas. The Claims Futurity is a great way to showcase your
       Males…those who are established and those young males worthy of being Junior Herdsires. The Claims Futurity is an
       intriguing marketing venue. Each male entered is made available to purchase for $1000. The males will be shown in their
       respective age groups, and as in any futurity, each will be looking to win the big “purse.” You’ll have the opportunity prior
       to the show to purchase the male of your choice; should your new male win, you’ll split the premium money. Be sure to
       watch the LFA website for the males entered in the Claims Futurity and definitely plan to shop on Friday for your new
       herdsire. If you have a male you want to enter in the Claims Futurity, be sure to go to the website to enter.
       The events continue on Saturday with the LFA’s Premier Event…the LFA Sale. New this year…all consignments are
       female and again this year we offer an excellent line-up of quality llamas. It’s your opportunity to bring new genetics to
       your herd, find a great new show llama, or maybe buy this year’s futurity winner. Successful llama breeders are constantly
       looking for new genetics that will improve their breeding program and their herd. The LFA Sale Selection Committee,
       made up of Ryan Laux, Venesa Carter and Bob Minto, know this and have made a great effort to select some of the best
       llamas in the country for this year’s sale -- llamas they know will be great additions to anyone’s herd.
       Sunday the excitement and anticipation continues with The Futurity Show. Along with the Traditional and Suri classes,
       this year we’ve added the Maturity Futurity. It’s a wonderful opportunity to show your males and females over 24 months
       old. Don’t retire them from the Futurity Ring…..put them in the Maturity Class and continue their winning success.
       All fiber types will compete together. Check the website for entry forms. Note: Males can be entered in both the Claims
       Futurity and Maturity Futurity.
       We hope you’ll take advantage of all the classes and opportunities we’ve made available, and we hope you’ll consider the
       advantages you have in participating in the LFA. The LFA offers reduced entry fees, no mandatory herdsire nomination,
       and we take pride in paying the highest possible premiums with regards to class entries and sponsorship money.
       Sponsors are key to the success of the LFA weekend and we want to say a special Thank You to all who have contributed.
       Our sponsors are generous people committed to the mission and focus of the LFA and the llama community.
       We’ve designed this year’s LFA Show and Sale to appeal to every llama owner in the country. We hope we’ve given you a
       lot of great reasons to join us along with your llama friends and fellow llama enthusiast for a great weekend in Iowa.

                                                                                                     Bill Schultz
                                                                                                     LFA President	                                                                                                         2011	LFA	Sale		•		1
                               2011	Schedule	of	Events
      Thursday 9/15/11
      	                9 am	   Arrival.	Access	only	to	wash	stalls.	Stalling	of	animals	not	possible	until	after	12:00	PM.
      	                Noon	   Arrival	and	stalling	of	animals,	setup	displays	in	vendor	and	sponsor	areas.

      	Friday 9/16/11
      	             7:00 am	   Fresh	Pastries	and	complimentary	coffee.	Thank	you	to	Bill	&	Margo	Schultz,	and	Terry	&	Penny	Lage.
      	                    	   Continued	arrival	and	set	up
      	      8:00 am - 4 pm	   Display	and	Vendors	areas	open.
      	      9:00 am - 4 pm	   Walking	Fleece	judging	begins.	Open	show	only.
      	      9:00 am - 4 pm	   Llama	Bean	Drop
      	             9:30 am	   Judges	meeting	for	Fall	Harvest	Show
      	            10:00 am	   Dual	ALSA	and	ILR-SD	Fall	Harvest	Show	begins	with	female	mini’s.
      	                TBA	    Cafeteria	is	open
      	             5:00 pm	   Consignors	meeting
      	             5:30 pm	   Annual	LFA	membership	meeting
      	             6:00 pm	   Evening	of	Camaraderie.	Open	Bar	–	Thank	you	to	Jerry	&	Barb	McRoberts.
      	                    	   Complimentary	Hors	d’oeurves	served	at	the	Equestrian	Center.

      Saturday 9/17/11
      	             7:00 am	   Fresh	Pastries	and	complimentary	coffee.	Thank	you	to	Bill	&	Margo	Schultz	and	Terry	&	Penny	Lage.
      	             8:00 am	   Display	and	Vendor	areas	open.
      	             8:00 am	   Claims	Futurity	begins.	Hands	on	and	last	chance	to	claim	before	placings	are	announced.
      	 9:00 am to 11:00 am	   Llama	Bean	Drop
      	11:00 am to 11:45 am	   Bloody	Mary’s	and	Tangy	Mimosas	served.
      	                    	   Individual	Introduction	of	Sale	Animals	are	presented	across	the	RED	CARPET.
      	11:45 am to 12:45 pm	   Hands	on	inspection	of	sale	animals.
      	 12:45 pm to 1:45 pm	   Sandwich	Buffet	is	Served.
      	             2:00 pm	   LLAmA FuTuRITy ASSoCIATIoN SALE	begins.
      	                    	   Phone Bidding	is	available	by	contacting	Darrell	Anderson	at	765-427-8551.
      	                    	   Snacks	and	beverages	will	be	served	during	the	auction.	Thank	you	to	The	Bensons,	Sapaveco	Ranches.
      	                    	   Silent	Auction	closes	30	minutes	after	the	last	auction	sale.

      	Sunday 9/18/11
      	             7:00 am	 Fresh	Pastries	and	complimentary	coffee.	Thank	you	to	Bill	&	Margo	Schultz	and	Terry	&	Penny	Lage.
      	             8:00 am	 Futurity	Classes	begin	–	starting	with	the	Suri	Male	Classes.
      	 11:30 am to 2:00 pm	 Pizza	and	soft	drinks	will	be	available.
      	             3:30 pm	 At	the	completion	of	all	Futurity	classes,	announcement	of	ALL	Futurity	Class	Top	10	and	Class		 	
      	                      	 Champions	and	presentation	of	the	awards.
                         All llamas must depart the premises on Sunday unless prior arrangements have been
                                             made with the facility, through Bob minto.

2		•		2011	LFA	Sale	                                                                                         
                      LFA	Futurity	Show	Information
                         Show Date & Location:                                                                       Deadline:
          September	16-18,	2011	                                                           Entries	received	prior	to	09/01/2011	will	be	$250.00.	
          Iowa	Equestrian	Center,	Cedar	Rapids,	IA                                         After	09/01/2011	will	be	$275.00.
                                                                                           Non-Members	-	$350.00	per	entry.	
                          Move In Date & Time:                                             Entries	will	be	accepted	until	after	the	sale.
          September	15,	2011,	12:00	p.m.

                                                                 World Futurity Classes
                    Classes 1 through 4:                            Classes S1 through S4:                                     Total 2011
             Silky//All Other Fiber Type Llamas                                      Suri Llamas                            Payout Per Class
           1	 Intact	Males	5	-	15	months                          S1	Intact	Males	5	-	15	months                                1st					$3,000.00
              born	between	6/18/10-4/18/11                        	 born		between	6/18/10-4/18/11
                                                                                                                               2nd					$1,500.00
           2	 Females	5	-	15	months                               S2	Females	5	-	15	months
              born	between	6/18/10-4/18/11                        	 born	between	6/18/10-4/18/11                               3rd					$1,000.00
           3		Intact	Males	16	-	24	months                         S3	Intact	Males	16	-	24	months                                4th					$750.00
              born	between	9/18/09	-	6/19/10                      	 born	between	9/18/09	-	6/19/10
                                                                                                                                5th					$400.00
           4		Females	16	-	24	months                              S4	Females	16	-	24	months
              born	between	9/18/09	-	6/19/10                      	 born	between	9/18/09	-	6/19/10

                              Claims Futurity:                                            Classes m1 and m2 maturity Futurity
     The	Claims	Futurity	is	for	male	entries	only.	The	Claims	Futurity	               m1 Intact	Males	25	months	and	older	born	9/19/09	and	later
     is	meant	to	be	an	opportunity	for	LFA	members	to	market	their	                   m2 Females	25	months	and	older	born	9/19/09	and	later
     males	 -	 of	 any	 age	 and	 of	 any	 wool	 type	 or	 coverage.	 The	 entry	         Showing & Selling: You	 do	 not	 have	 to	 sell	 your	 animal	
     fee	is	$100	per	llama.	Claimants	may	claim	their	llama	for	$1000	                if	 you	 show	 it,	 and	 you	 do	 not	 have	 to	 show	 it	 if	 you	 sell	 it.	
     any	time	before	the	placing	of	the	class.	A	hands	on	opportunity	                All	 llamas	 must	 be	 fully	 registered	 or	 screened	 as	 a	 llama,	 as	
     will	 be	 offered,	 after	 showing	 of	 this	 division	 is	 complete	 but	       approved	by	ILR	and/or	the	LFA.
     before	placing	the	classes.	The	sale	will	be	on	a	private	treaty	basis,	
     with	 LFA	 receiving	 a	 $100	 commission	 on	 all	 sales.	 Since	 LFA	 is	          Herdsire Nominations: $250.00: Herdsire	 nominations	
     supporting	the	sales	of	these	breeding	males,	proof	of	DNA	testing	              are	optional,	so	the	herdsire	does	not	have	to	be	nominated	to	
     is	required.	Please	submit	DNA	testing	results	to	the	clerk	or	with	             show.	If	the	herdsire	is	nominated	then	20%	of	the	winnings	
     payment..	Ribbons	will	be	awarded	to	sixth	place.	Payouts	will	be	               are	 awarded	 to	 the	 herdsire	 owner,	 if	 the	 herdsire	 is	 not	
     split	 between	 the	 owner	 and	 the	 claimant.	 Pay	 outs	 are	 70%	 for	       nominated	the	LFA	is	the	acting	nominee	and	receives	20%	of	
     first,	20%	for	second,	and	10%	for	third	place,	based	upon	entry	                any	winnings	for	the	herdsire.
     fees.	Judging	criteria	will	be	the	same	as	the	World	Futurity.                       Herdsire Row: $250.00: Showcase	your	sire	in	Herdsire	Row.	
       Classes C1 - C3 Claims Futurity                                                   Transit Stalls: $50.00: Transit	 stalls	 are	 available	 for	 LFA	
     C1	Intact	Males	5	-	15	months	born	between	6/18/10-4/17/11                       Members	ONLY	@	$50.00	each,	2	animal	maximum.	Please	see	
     C2	Intact	Males	16	-	24	months                                                   above	regarding	sod	as	bedding	is	not	included	in	the	cost	of	
        born	between	9/17/09	-	6/17/10                                                the	stall.	Stalls	are	limited	and	will	be	allocated	on	a	“first	come”	
     C3	Intact	Males	25	months	and	older	born	9/18/09	and	later                       basis.	Health	requirements	must	be	met	for	all	llamas	in	transit.
                                                                                          Veterinarian: Dr.	 Charles	 Abraham	 will	 be	 available	
                            maturity Futurity:                                        as	 an	 on	 call	 veterinarian.	 Dr.	 Abraham	 is	 a	 staff	 vet	 for	 the	
                                                                                      Equestrian	Center	and	he	also	has	a	private	practice	in	Cedar	
     The	Maturity	Futurity	is	being	offered	for	those	llamas	who	are	over	
                                                                                      Rapids,	IA
     two	years	of	age.	It	is	open	to	any	fleece	type	or	coverage.		There	is	not	
     age	limit	for	entries.	This	is	a	wonderful	opportunity	to	show	off	and	              Health Requirements: All	Llamas	entering	the	state	of	Iowa	
     market	your	mature	breeding	llamas,	male	and/or	female.	Ribbons	                 must	be	accompanied	by	a	current	30	day	health	certificate.	
     will	 be	 awarded	 to	 sixth	 place.	 The	 entry	 fee	 is	 $250	 per	 llama.	    Send	all	entries	and	checks	to:
     Judging	criteria	will	be	the	same	as	the	World	Futurity.	Payouts	will	           Kay	Berg	
     be	the	same	as	those	for	the	World	Futurity.	Class	winners	will	be	              P.O.	Box	838,	W4155	570yj	Avenue,	Ellsworth,	WI	54011.		
     eligible	to	compete	for	the	World	Futurity	Best	of	Show.                         Phone:	715-273-5230	                                                                                                                                  2011	LFA	Sale		•		3
                       Show	&	Sale	Site	Information
Direction from Host Hotel to the                                                         Cedar	Rapids	is	located	on	I-380	
Equestrian Facility: 2.9 miles                                                           and	US	Highways	30,	151	and	218.	
(about 5 minutes)                                                                        Kirkwood	Community	College	is	
Direction:                                                                               just	South	of	Highway	30	and	I-380	
1.	 Head	east	from	33rd	Avenue	                                                          interchange.	From	I-380,	take	Exit	
    SW	–	go	0.2	mile                                                                     13	and	go	East	to	Kirkwood	Blvd.	
2.	 Turn	right	on	to	the	I-380	S	                                                        Then	turn	left	and	go	North	until	
    entry	ramp	–	go	0.8	mile                                                             76th	Avenue	and	turn	right.
3.	 Take	the	US-151/US-218	N/                                                            From the Airport:	Head	East	
    US-30	exit	16	to	Tama/Mt.	                                                           towards	I-380.	Cross	over	that	
    Vernon	–	go	0.1	mile                                                                 and	when	you	come	to	a	stop	
4.	 Take	the	US151-	N/US-30	E	                                                           sigh,	follow	the	signs	to	Kirkwood	
    ramp	to	Mt.	Vernon	–	go	0.9	                                                         Community	College.	You	will	turn	
    mile                                                                                 left	on	Kirkwood	Blvd.	and	when	
5.	 Turn	right	at	Kirkwood	Blvd.	                                                        you	come	to	another	4-way	stop	
    SW	–	go	0.7	mile                                                                     you	will	turn	right	on	76th	Avenue.	
                                                                                         We	are	on	the	right	hand	side.
6.	 Make	a	U-turn	at	Kirkwood	
    Blvd.	SW	–	go	0.1	mile           Iowa Equestrian Center
7.	 Arrive	at	6301	Kirkwood	Blvd.	    6301 Kirkwood Blvd. SW
    SW,	Cedar	Rapids,	IA	52404         Cedar Rapids, IA 52406

                                                              Host	Hotel
                                        Country Inn & Suites Airport
                                            9100	Atlantic	Drive	Southwest
                                            Cedar	Rapids,	IA	52404
                                            (319)	363-3789
                                            (319)	363-3781
                                            Request	the	Llama	Futurity	Block	of	rooms,	for	$79	+	tax.	
                                            Rooms	will	be	held	until	September	7,	2011.
                                            Please note: There is a Kirkwood College Homecoming football game this weekend.
                                            We suggest you take advantage of the block of rooms.

                                        Alternate	Hotel:
                                        Red Roof Inn, Cedar Rapids
                                            3243	Southridge	Dr	SW	
                                            Cedar	Rapids,	IA	52404	

4		•		2011	LFA	Sale	                                                                               
                                                                                                     Bill Schultz
                   LFA	Sponsors                                                                        President	
                                                                                                Phone	#:	715-796-5218	

                                                                     LFA	Board	Of	Directors
    Gold Leadership Sponsors            Sponsor for Female                                     Central	Regional	Director
                                       Championship Classes
       Ken	&	Celia	Austin	
       Rain	Dance	Ranch	               Chris	&	Venesa	Carter	
         Newburg,	OR                      CriVen	Llamas	                                             Bob minto
                                         Rogersville,	MO                                             Vice	President,	
                                                                                                 Show	Superintendent,	
      Mike	&	Wendy	Gerken	
    Hard	Rock	Llama	Company	
                                                                                                 Phone	#:	231-768-4931	
            Ada,	OH                     “Friends of the LFA”                        	
                                             Mike	Gobel	                                        Central	Regional	Director

  Grand Entrepreneur Sponsors             Diamond	V	Feeds	
                                          Cedar	Rapids,	IA	
                                                                                                    Fran Soukup
     Bob	&	Monte	Houseman	             Thank	you	for	donating	
                                                                                              Secretary/Treasurer,	Vending	
       Lla-Mirage	Llamas	             the	use	of	your	generator	
                                                                                                 Phone	#:	608-666-3600	
       Woodland	Park,	CO                 for	The	LFA	Event
                                                                                                  Fax	#	608-565-2284	
      Jerry	&	Barb	McRoberts	            Mike	&	Vicki	Gobel	
      McRobert’s	Game	Farm	               Cedar	Rapids,	IA	
     Thank	you	for	sponsoring	
                                      Thank	you	for	donating	                                        Ken Austin
                                    the	use	of	your	generator	for	                                 Chair,	Marketing	
   the	Friday	evening	Open	Bar.
                                           The	LFA	Event                                        Phone	#:	503-538-7053	
                                                                                                 Fax	#	503-537-1009	
       Tom	&	Barb	Parsons	                                                                        raindancellamas@	
                                            Bob	Minto	
       Animal	Acres	Llamas	                                                               	
                                          Jasmine	Llamas	
          Dousman,	WI                            &	                                            Western	Regional	Director
                                            Nel	Vickers	
                                         Maplewood	Farm	
      Supporting Sponsors               Llamas	and	Alpacas	                                      Courtnee Benson
                                          Charlevoix,	MI                                            Silent	Auction	
         The	Bensons	                                                                            Article	Development	
       Sapaveco	Ranches	                                                                        Phone	#:	512-751-5363	
         Florence,	TX	                      Patti	Morgan	
     Thank	you	for	donating	           Thank	you	for	donating	
                                                                                               Midwest	Regional	Director
        the	Sale	Snacks             the	signage	for	The	LFA	Event

         Lisa	Labendeira	               Ali	&	Fran	Soukup	                                         Venesa Carter
             Oregon                     Sugar	River	Llamas	                                        Herdsire	Auction
                                        Lyndon	Station,	WI                                    Consignments	&	Advertising	
      Margo	&	Bill	Schultz	                                                                     Phone	#:	417-753-4966	
         Marbil	Llamas	                                                               
         Hammond,	WI                   Wil	&	Sherri	Tallmon	
                &	                   Hidden	Oaks	Llama	Ranch	
      Terry	&	Penny	Lage	                  Estacada,	OR
                                                                                                     Ryan Laux
 Hum	Hum	Hum-n-Away	Llamas	                                                                     Chair,	Consignments	&	
         Gladbrook,	IA	                  Sharon	Williamson	                                         Claims	Futurity	
 Thank	you	for	providing	the	LFA	        Pine	Haven	Llamas	                                      Phone#:	612-670-6631	
   Morning	Hospitality	Center            Tremepealeau,	WI                             	                                                                                             2011	LFA	Sale		•		5
                                                    LFA	Judges
                          Hank	Kauffman		                                                      Tami	Lash		
                          LFA Fall Harvest Show                                                LFA World Championship Futurity
                               Hank Kauffman was raised on a dairy                                 Tami Lash lives in Michigan along
                            and horse farm in Ohio. From a young                                with her husband, Lloyd, of 29 years.
                            age he was trained in conformation, herd                            They have raised and shown llamas for
                            management and animal husbandry tech-                               nearly 22 years. They actively show their
                            niques. An electronics engineer by educa-                           llamas in both halter and performance
                            tion, he founded and was CEO of three                               events and enjoy all events equally. The
   biomedical electronics manufacturing, sales and marketing cor-                               Lash Farm, Lash’s Unique Animals, has
   porations that were sold in 1990.                                                            produced Several Champion Llamas
      Hank and his wife, Connie, live in Martinsburg, Ohio and
                                                                        which have earned Top Honors at all levels: Regional, National
   raised llamas and alpacas for 25 years. They showed llamas for 20
                                                                        and The World Futurities.
   years, founded and were superintendents of a number of Llama
   Shows, and were llama 4-H club advisors for 10 years. Hank is a        Tami has served on various Committees and Boards for both
   frequent speaker at conferences and meetings, and a writer for       current show associations, and much of her life is devoted to the
   industry magazines. Many of you have read his column “Ask the        wonderful world of llamas. She has superintended several llama
   Herdsman” in the Llama Banner. He is currently working on a          shows and futurities, and has a vast amount of experience. Tami
   book titled “Ask the Herdsman.”                                      enjoys working with youth and she has been involved with 4-H
      A charter member of the Ohio River Valley Llama Association,      and in Judging Clinic instruction. Tami feels that it is an honor
   Hank served on the ORVLA Board of Directors six consecutive          and a privilege for us to be able to share our lives with that of
   years, serving two of those as president. He is a former member of   the llama.
   the ILA Research Committee, the Lama Medical Research Group,           Tami has been a certified Llama and Alpaca Judge for 11
   and served two terms as president of the Alpaca & Llama Show
                                                                        years, as well as a Llama and Alpaca Fleece Judge. She enjoys
   Association (ALSA). He helped conceive and developed the ALSA
                                                                        judging and she has judged the nation’s largest futurities as well
   Regional and Grand National championship show programs and
                                                                        as national and regional shows. As a judge her experience in the
   chaired the first ALSA Grand National Committee. He also served
   as the show superintendent for the ALSA Grand National for the       halter, futurity and performance rings, coupled with her desire
   first 4 years. Hank in an ILR-SD teaching judge and has been an      to produce top quality animals, allows her the necessary insight
   ALSA Level III llama judge for 23 years and was an ALSA Alpaca       for judging.
   judge for 13 years. He was also an ALSA Judges’ Clinics instruc-
   tor for 10 years. He is currently semi-retired and on the board of
   directors of the International Camelid Institute (ICI).                                     John	McDougall	
                                                                                               LFA World Championship Futurity
                                                                                                   John and his wife, Debra, live in an
                          Darrell	Anderson	                                                     18th Century home, Westerham Farm
                          Claims Futurity & Sale Auctioneer                                     and Studio, in Montpelier, Virginia,
                             Darrell Anderson was born and raised                               with 60 stunning llamas, a Labradoodle,
                          on a general livestock farm in southern                               a Poodle, a Blue Macaw, 22 chickens
                          Minnesota. He graduated from South                                    and 5 barn cats. In 2005, John retired
                          Dakota State University in 1972 with B.S.                             from Junior Achievement Worldwide as
                          in Animal Science. Darrell has been an        Regional Vice President and Corporate Officer after a nearly
                          auctioneer for many of the major llama        25-year career that included stints in Jacksonville, FL; Atlan-
                          and alpaca sales since 1985, including the    ta, GA; San Diego, CA; and Richmond, VA. Debra and John
   $3.2 million world record-setting llama sale of Feather & Friends    have been active in owning, breeding and showing llamas since
   Farm in 2003. Darrell has judged llama shows in 10 states, in-       1995. John is a certified ALSA and ILR Judge, and has served as
   cluding the Grand National Llama Show and First Ever ILR             President of the Board for The LFA and L.A.M.A.S.; as Chair
   Gathering of Friends Show in June in Des Moines. Darrell owns a
                                                                        of the Judges Committee for ILR; Member, Youth Committee,
   small, but competitive llama herd with wife Merlene (Solid Rock
                                                                        ALSA; and Member of the Nominating Committee, ILR. John
   Llamas). Together they have shown many state fair champions,
                                                                        and Debra are members of ALSA, ILR, The LFA, L.A.M.A.S.,
   including champions in both sexes at the North American Inter-
   national Livestock Expo in Louisville.                               LASC, GALA, and Argentine Aficionados.

6		•		2011	LFA	Sale	                                                                                             
   Allen	Davis                                                                 Fran	Soukup	
   LFA World Championship Futurity                                             Fleece Judge
      Currently, I am living in New Castle, IN. We have lived on our              Fran Soukup has been raising llamas since 1991 with her
   farm for the past 25 years. Our farm name is Rose Cottage Llamas            daughter, Ali, in Lyndon Station, WI. In 2007, Fran and Ali were
   after my wife’s favorite book, Anne of Green Gables. We began               awarded the World Celebrity Small Breeder Award. 2007 also
   our quest into the llama industry about 15 years ago when my                found Sugar River Llamas having the high selling male in the
   wife and daughter first viewed llamas at the Indiana State Fair.            Celebrity sale. Sugar River Llamas has won at least one Celebrity
   Since that time, we have enjoyed showing and breeding excellent             Futurity class 7 years in a row and has had numerous wins at the
   llamas. We are proud of our herdsire, Conductor, who was for-               LFA World Celebrity. Thirty five percent of the breeding stock
   tunate to obtain title of National Grand Champion Heavy Wool                are ALSA and/or ILR-SD halter champions and/or sire/dam
   Male in 2005. My full time job is serving as the proprietor of A J          champions, including an ALSA Elite Champion, Sugar River
   Pools located in Anderson, IN for the past 35 years.                        Randolph, and the only female to have won all three national
      My judging days began around 6 years ago after attending a               shows, SRLL Mona. Suffice it to say, the herd does well in the
   judge’s clinic and deciding my interests had moved from breed-              show ring.
   ing excellent quality llamas to observing and judging them. I have             Fran is an ILR-SD Llama Fleece Judge and instructor. In 2009,
   been fortunate to judge many 4-H llama shows, local state shows,            Fran began her work as Chair of the ILR-SD Fleece Committee.
   several state fair shows, and the ALSA Grand National Show in               Fran is an instructor for ILR-SD, having served as an ALSA in-
   2009. I continue to admire the hard work associated with raising            structor previously. In 2007, Fran was elected to the LFA Board
   and breeding llamas. The llama industry is comprised of many                of Directors, hoping to further promote llamas and what they
   admirable individuals who have shared their commitment and                  can bring to one’s life. Fran currently serves as Secretary/Trea-
   dedication to producing examples of top quality llamas.                     surer for the LFA. Fran also judges some county fairs and works
      To date I am serving my second year on the ALSA Board of                 with 4-H and FFA.
   Directors. This has provided me with an incredible opportunity
   to meet many wonderful people within the business.

                          Grooming	Your	Sale	and	Show	Llamas?
                  Let	the	professionals	do	it!
   Your	LFA	has	contacted	Jessica	Kramer	to	be	available	to	assist	                    Show and Sale Grooming Services are
   you	starting	on	Thursday,	September	15th.		Jessica	worked	for	                       Private Treaty at the following rates:
   Wilkins	 Livestock	 for	 3	 years	 and	 groomed	 the	 high	 selling	
   llama	at	2011	Celebration	Llama		Sale.		She	also	groomed	for	                    Quick Groom and Wash......$50.00
   Park	View	Alpacas	when	they	won	the	Suri	Breeder	of	the	Year	at	
   The	2011	Alpaca	Futurity.		All	day	Thursday	will	be	designated	                   more Detailed Grooming and
   to	those	looking	for	assistance	with	their	sale	entries.		After	all	                     Wash.....$100.00
   sale	 entries	 are	 completed,	 show	 animals	 will	 be	 scheduled.	    	
   Jessica	 will	 put	 the	 finishing	 touches	 on	 the	 llamas	 prior	 to	             Starting from Scratch!
   going	 on	 stage	 for	 the	 sale	 preview	 and	 again	 before	 the	 sale	
   begins.		If	you	choose,	Jessica	will	take	your	llama(s)	onto	the	               Total Groom and Wash....$200.00
   stage	for	you...just	let	her	know	in	advance.		Saturday’s	preview	
                                                                               Not Having to Do it yourself.......Priceless
   and	pre-sale	touch-up	services	are	provided	by	the	LFA	at	no	
   charge	 to	 you.	 Need	 help	 with	 showing	 in	 the	 main	 Futurity	                        For your appointment,
   on	Sunday?		Check	with	Jessica	and	she	will	put	you	in	contact	                       call Jessica Kramer • (402)363-8890
   with	 a	 show	 person.	 Please	 contact	 Jessica	 for	 a	 confirmed	
   appointment	prior	to	arriving	in	Cedar	Rapids.	                                                                                                                2011	LFA	Sale		•		7
                                     Show	&	Sale	Personnel
    Darrell Anderson	—	Sale	Manager/Auctioneer                 Norris Berg	—	Panels	and	Gate	Keeper
    mike Gerken	—	Sale	Color	Coordinator          Jessica Kramer	—	Grooming	Manager	/
    Barb Parsons	—	Sale	Preview	Color	Coordinator    Private	Treaty	Showing	and	Grooming		
    Jeff & Sally Ruckers	—	Ring	Stewards
                                                  Courtnee Benson	—	Stalling,	Coordinator	of	
    merlene Anderson	—	Sale	Office	Coordinator       Ag	Youth	Show	Support	&	Silent	Auction
    Robin Lucas	—	Sale	Office	Clerk               Venesa Carter	—	Herdsire	Auction
    Ryan Laux	—	Sale	Committee	Chair                           Bob Houseman & Bill Schultz	—	Bean	Drop
    Bob minto	—	Show	Superintendent	                           Rick and Brenda Anderson	—	Photographer	/	
    Kay Berg	—	Show	Clerk	                                        Golden	Photo	Videos
    Eric olson	—	Show	Announcer                                Able Printing Company	—	Catalog	Production

        2011	LFA	Fall	Harvest	Show

                             W           e	 will	 once	
                            offering	 the	 LFA	 Fall	

                           Harvest	 Show	 with	 the	
                           weekend’s	 events.	 	 This	
                           will	 be	 a	 sanctioned	 ILR-
                SD	 Show	 and	 an	 ALSA	 sanctioned	
     show,	 taking	 place	 on	 Friday,	 Sept.	 16th.	 All	     Misty Morn Farms
     animals	 will	 be	 judged	 once,	 by	 age,	 sex	 and	
     fiber	 coverage.	 Placings	 will	 be	 made	 for	 the	
     entire	class.	After	all	classes	in	the	division	are	
     judged,	 the	 top	 two	 entered	 in	 the	ALSA	 class	
     and	the	top	two	entries	for	each	ILR-	SD	class	in	
     the	division	will	be	called	back.	Separate	Grand	
     and	Reserves	will	be	awarded	for	each	division,	
     for	 both	ALSA	 and	 ILR-SD.	 Our	 judge	 for	 the	
     event	is	Hank	Kaufman,	Gambier,	OH.
        Following	 the	 dual	 sanctioned	 halter	 show,	
     will	 be	 the	 fun	 classes:	 Tallest	 Llama,	 Color	
     classes,	and	Bred	and	Owned.	An	Open	Walking	
     Fleece	 show	 will	 be	 running	 all	 day,	 Friday,	
     judged	by	Fran	Soukup.	Lyndon	Station,	WI.
     Where	else	can	you	do	it	all	-	two	sanctioned	shows	
     from	 two	 show	 associations,	 a	 world	 class	 sale,	
     and,	the	LFA	World	Futurity	Show!	And,	fun,	too!

8		•		2011	LFA	Sale	                                                                   
The Competitive Edge…
                          Producing Champions from Champions!

  LUA Glowing With Glory Status • Top 4 Celebration World Futurity                                LUA Glorious Status • Best of Show Mountaineer Show!
       Grand Champion Suri Fe • ILR International Gathering                                        Res. Champion Silky Fe • ILR International Gathering
                                                                                                         6 x Champion • Finished Halter Champion

LUA StarShine Status • 17 x Champion • Finished Halter & Performance Champion!                   LUA Thanksgiving Status                           LUA Bravado’s Mist
       Grand Champion Nov. Performance • ILR International Gathering                               Res. Class Champion                            Res. Class Champion
                                                                                               ILR International Gathering                    ILR International Gathering
                                                                                             5 x Class Winner • 2 x Champion                      Top 2 each time out!

LUA Bravado’s Brilliance • Top 4 Celebration World Futurity     LUA Bravado’s Butterfly      LUA Bravado’s Heaven Sent • Top 8 Celebration World Futurity
               Best of Show • Fairfield Co.I                        1st time out top 4             Res. Champion LWF • ILR International Gathering
      Class Champion • ILR International Gathering
       11 x Champion • Finished Halter Champion!              ILR International Gathering!                 4 x Class Winner • 4 x Champion!
                                                                                                     Show males…available for sale
                                                                                                                                                                                    Status Symbol x LUA Champagne Wishes
                                                                                                                                              GVL Chilean Icon x Hearts & Flowers

                    Thank You Gary & Pat
                                                                                                              Bravado x LUA Champagne Toast

                     Simmons Family, IN
                                                                                                                 LUA Bravado’s Illumination

                     on your selection of
                                                                                                                                                                                             LUA ShowMe Status

                   LUA Wave’s Of Wonder,
                                                                                                                                                        Healing Rain

                      LUA Nike Status &
                   dam-WLK Phenomenal!
                       We wish you the
                         Very Best!

                                                                          Contact us for
                                                  Lash’s Unique Animals • Lloyd & Tami Lash
    • (517) 467-2709
             New in 2011:
         The	Herdsire	Auction	is	going	
         to	be	a	Silent	Auction.	Posters	
       and	descriptions	will	be	available.	
           Bidding	will	start	at	$500.	
       Highest	bid	wins.	Any	herdsires	in	
       attendance	entered	in	the	herdsire	            Argentine Fresco                Argentine Kobra’s Kornerstone
                                              Argentine Don Zunca x Argentine Moore    Argentine Kobra x Argentine Chiquita
      auction	will	be	walked	down	the	red	                                                DOB: 7/13/2005  ILR #265457
                                                  DOB: 7/13/2005  ILR #233492
         carpet	during	the	sale	preview.         Donated by Randy & Tara Ciprano        Donated by Loretta & Gerry Abbott
                                                   RTC Llama Ranch, Nebraska             Abbott’s Big Sky Ranch, Montana

               Fleetwood mac                   Hard Rock’s Absolut Citron                Lla-mirage Liquid Silver
         Silver Moon Jamali x Lullabye Luv         GVL Icon x Absolut Sedona            Tillman’s Slam Dunk x MV J’Rika
          DOB: 10/4/2007  ILR #271655           DOB: 7/12/2002  ILR #249794             DOB: 8/8/2009  ILR #277802
         Donated by Chris & Venesa Carter        Donated by Bill & Margo Schultz            Donated by The Bensons
              CriVen Llamas, Missouri              Marbil Llamas, Wisconsin            Sapaveco Ranches, Texas & Colorado

            Nextstarr’s Sambuca                     Peruvian Precedent                     Tillman’s Slam Dunk
               Cristobal x Nextstarr            Peruvian Keno PC-1 x T.J. Precious       HCLA Bolivian Over Exposed x
          DOB: 11/6/2006  ILR #269056           DOB: 4/22/2002  ILR #240454               Chilena C. Maldiva #397
            Donated by Carlos Mendoza            Donated by Wil & Sherri Tallmon         DOB: 9/10/2006  ILR #269485
           Rancho Linda Vista, Colorado         Hidden Oaks Llama Ranch, Oregon        Donated by Bob & Monte Houseman
             & Mary Beth McCormack                                                       Lla-Mirage Llamas, Colorado
               Llamarage, Colorado

10		•		2011	LFA	Sale	                                                                                    
  LOT                   Consignment of Ryan & Lindsey Laux
   1                Pleasure Valley Llamas, Lake Park, Minnesota

                ALOHA WINGS OF GOLD
                            3-in-1 w/Male Cria
             Bred Female • DOB: 7/26/2002 • ILR #244358
       Service Sire: AAL High Octane • Bred Date: To be announced
                    Peruvian Pardo B1004 #LL-I106461
           RDRL Mystro #LL-R192485
                    MW Symphoneva #LL-R109891
                    McKinnon #LL-R75456
           Wings #LL-R139379

Wings of Gold is a large female with a great pedigree and perfect conformation. She
                    Wai Wurri #LL-R86494

has produced an ALSA National Reserve Champion Suri Female and several other show
animals. Her wild appy boy at side is sure to be a show winner and future herdsire. He
is a great outcross silky male that someone will have a lot of fun with. She will be bred to
AAL High Octane, a hot young male that has had exceptional animals including Wings of
Gold’s previous male, PVL Golden Eye, now owned by Terese and Dakota Evenson.

  LOT                    Consignment of Jean & Gary DeBoom
   2                        Santana Llamas, Algona, Iowa

              Maiden Female • DOB: 6/10/2010 • ILR # 280085
                      Lock Ness #LL-R244556
           PVL Silver Knight #LL-R266205
                      Bauernheim’s Lexxus #LL-R191001

           Titikaka #LL-R196877

Sensational, Silver, Suri and Sweet -- This girl is one of the last generations of llamas
                     Titi #LL-R177425

to be bred by Kay Patterson. Tangles was purchased at side of her full Peruvian dam,
Titikaka, at the Hinterland dispersal. Her silver sire, PVL Silver Knight (a multi-Champion
& Celebrity Top 10 winner), is producing some outstanding show winners for Carlos
Mendoza of Colorado. The deep silver coloring, suri fiber and strong conformation come
by no accident; it’s proven by taking a look at her pedigree. Even with a limited show
career, Tangles has already proven herself by claiming a Reserve Grand Champion as
one of the youngest in her large suri division. Any way you look at it, Tangles would be a
fantastic addition.

  LOT               Consignment of John Porter & Duane Gjerning
   3                   Blue Hills Ranch, Rice Lake, Wisconsin

                      BHR BELLA DONNA
                   Female • DOB: 5/28/2010 • ILR # 280702
                     FFF Chiri Colipe #LL-R235609
           Metalic RTC #LL-R262812
                     Kala Shay RTC #LL-R214164

                    Aficionado #LL-R131551
           BHR Fantazzi #LL-R224076

BHR Bella Donna is a rare treasure. Style, Poise and Personality -- all wrapped up
                    T.J.’s Fantasia #LL-R105305

in this beautiful package. Bella Donna comes from the heart of our breeding program,
and carries over 20 years of our top quality genetics. She is a true “Foundation Female,”
and you will definitely want to stop by her stall and take a “Second Look” at her.
For more information, visit our website: or telephone
us at 715-234-7400.	                                                                                2011	LFA	Sale		•		11
                         LOT                          Consignment of Bob Minto
                          4                        Jasmine Llamas, Leroy, Michigan

                                                 JF GRACIE SLICK
                                           Female • DOB: 8/6/2010 • ILR #281176
                                            FFF Punta Negro #LL-R243772
                                   LLA-Mirage Slick 50 #LL-R273145
                                            Carrot Tapa #LL-R257848

                                             Andazia #LL-R113933
                                   Fabulous Frenzy #LL-R180041
                                             Fabulous Fringes #LL-R113911

                        Gracie combines some fresh bloodlines with bone, fiber, conformation and
                        market appeal. She will be a great show animal before you put her into your elite
                        breeding program. Enter her in the Futurity and get an immediate return on your
                        purchase. As usual, Gracie is backed by the Jasmine Llamas farm guarantee.
                        Questions: 231-388-0421 or

                         LOT      Consignment of Tom & Barb Parsons and John & Barb Reinecke
                          5              Animal Acres Llamas & La Mara Springs Llamas

                                    SILVER MOON’S SASSAFRAS
                                           Female • DOB: 4/05/2007 • ILR #270439
                                                Service Sire: GC’s Gold Strike
                                                  Breeding Date: To be announced
                                             Peruvian Alcoa #LL-R215523
                                   Silver Moon Copperwind #LL-R257935
                                             Senorita Rojo Caliente of Bolivia #LL-S208928

                                             The Canadian #LL-R54890
                                   Susan’s Sugar & Spice #LL-R194096

                        What an opportunity to acquire a colorful appy girl, previous LFA Champion, Great Lakes
                                             PBL Black-Eyed Susan #LL-R129938

                        Regional Champion and a granddaughter of “The Canadian!” Her first cria out of LAMS
                        Nutcracker is a colorful, big, correct boy. We are certain she will continue to produce
                        gorgeous offspring for ANY breeding program. Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire
                        genetics that have added so much to our industry. Contact either of the Barb’s for more
                        information on Sassy.

                         LOT                  Consignment of Courtnee & Robin Benson
                          6                      Sapaveco Ranches, Florence, Texas

                                          SKANSEN’S EUFLORIA
                                       Bred Female • DOB: 6/18/2006 • ILR # 268372
                                              Service Sire: MSF The Patriot
                                                     Breeding Date: 1/29/2011
                                             Bolivian Dimension #LL-R91486
                                   Skansen’s Private Enterprise #LL-R191488
                                             Skansen’s Dramatic Dolly #LL-R130945

                                             FW El Zalate #LL-R203629
                                   Skansen’s Uforia #LL-R250473

                        Eufloria has won many times in the show ring including a Best of Show title. She has eight
                                             Skansen’s Haxa #LL-R170574

                        grand champion wins. Her first daughter has followed in her footsteps, winning grand
                        or reserve each time she is shown. Eufloria and The Patriot should create a knockout
                        show cria that you can enjoy winning the blues with. Eufloria has uncommon bloodlines,
                        allowing her to be bred to most any male you desire. Contact us for more information.

12		•		2011	LFA	Sale	                                                              
  LOT                    Consignment of Mike & Wendy Gerken
   7                     Hard Rock Llama Company, Ada, Ohio

                 HARD ROCK’S SEQUOIA
              Maiden Female • DOB: 7/17/2010 • ILR # 281664
                    GNLC Dom #LL-R228539
           No Compromise on the Ridge #LL-R250430
                    WoodsEdge Medicine Woman #LL-R227640

                     BR Absolut #LL-R76853
           Absolut Sedosa #LL-R145726

Sequoia is from one of our best and favorite dams, Absolut Sedosa. Sedosa consistently
                     Patchera #LL-R83762

produces correct animals with excellent conformation, size, stretch and style. Sequoia is
the result of crossing Sedosa with our super suri male, No Compromise on the Ridge. She
was a good-sized girl from the start and we had looked forward to breaking her out in the
ring. Her first show was the 2011 Celebrity Futurity where in a large and strong class she
picked up a 3rd. Since that time she has also garnered a Grand Championship, then lost
out on a Best of Show to her maternal sister, but together they won Sedosa the Produce
of Dam class! Sequoia is only a year old and will have another year of strutting her stuff
in the show ring before she can start producing show wins for you with her wonderful
genetic background.

  LOT                      Consignment of Larry & Barb Laux
   8                    Pleasure Valley Llamas, Adell, Wisconsin

                    PVL VANILLA DREAM
                   Female • DOB: 5/23/2010 • ILR #281464
                    Chileno Siricache #LL-R223157
           SSRMT Chilean Jumanji #LL-R260990
                    Tincuda De Tumuco #LL-R182975

                    GC’s Willow Sun #LL-R232421
           Four Hawks Fortune Cookie #LL-R264143
                    Aloha Fortune Hunter #LL-R233063

PVL Vanilla Dream is a fancy suri show female. Her dam has been an exceptional
producer, always throwing large, stretchy females with great presence and
conformation. Her sire, Jumanjii, produced 1st, 2nd and 5th place winners at this
year’s Celebration Futurity. Vanilla Dream is qualified for ALSA Nationals -- you may
want to buy her so you don’t have to stand behind her in a couple of months.

  LOT                  Consignment of David & Sue Mubarak
   9                 Mubarak Midwest Llamas, Tomah, Wisconsin

                          MISSULA’S LUNA
                Bred Female • DOB: 5/14/2009 • ILR # 279584
                        Service Sire: GNLC Prestige
                               Breeding Date: 5/22/2011
                     Kantu P5 #LL-S177344
           Kinetix #LL-R245814
                     Storm King’s Nola #LL-R145124

                     Camanchero #LL-R58195
           Missula #LL-R82529

Luna is the last daughter out of one of our greatest females, Missula. We originally
                     Sula #LL-R48567

purchased Missula from the Patterson herd, and Luna has inherited many of her
great traits. She is a very stretchy girl with great conformation and has an easy-going
personality. She is bred to GNLC Prestige and is due for a spring 2012 baby. Prestige is
an awesome, athletic suri male. Be the first one to have a Prestige cria with this girl. For
more information and pictures, visit us at	                                                                                2011	LFA	Sale		•		13
                           LOT                          Consignment of Terri Strouse
                          10                       New Ventures Suris, Caledonia, Michigan

                                                           MGF TIARRA
                                              Female • DOB: 8/29/2006 • ILR #270005
                                                 Service Sire: M.R.S. Night Vision
                                                            Breeding Date: June 2011

                                     Chilean San Juan #LL-S245719

                                              RAR Richochet #LL-R103584
                                     MGF Tiarella #LL-R203537

                        Tiarra is tall and statuesque with an amazing mosaic of dense, appy suri fleece. She
                                              MGF Mirabelle #LL-R168965

                        displays overall body structure and great substance. She has a royal face and a sweet
                        personality to compliment her grace and beauty. Special Bling ... Bred to M.R.S. Night
                        Vision, who maintains a closed breeding program to keep his genetics exclusive. Only
                        chance to get his offspring. Very special female!

                           LOT                 Consignment of John Porter & Duane Gjerning
                          11                      Blue Hills Ranch, Rice Lake, Wisconsin

                                                         BHR ROSARIO
                                             Female • DOB: 10/06/2010 • ILR #280839

                                               Peruvian Alcoa #LL-R215523
                                     Silver Moon Copperwind #LL-R257935
                                               Senorita Rojo Caliente of Bolivia #LL-S208928

                                               WSL Aztec #LL-R235690
                                     Surina #LL-R262396
                                               AAL Cammeo #LL-R243683

                        BHR Rosario is a new spark of excitement for your pasture. Not only is she colorful,
                        statuesque and perfectly balanced; she has fabulous suri fiber locked to her toes. BHR
                        Rosario will be only 11 months old on sale day; plenty of days ahead for more show
                        ring adventures. For more information, visit our website: or
                        telephone us at 715-234-7400.

                           LOT                      Consignment of Mark & Karen Brant
                          12                     Twin Lakes Llama Ranch, Monroe, Michigan

                                                         SIRIUS GOSSIP
                                            Female • DOB: 9/18/2010 • ILR # Pending
                                               Peruvian Keno PC-1 #LL-R190453
                                     Peruvian Sirius #LL-R215574
                                               Peruvian Renatta PC-1 #LL-R190554
                                              Kantu P5 #LL-R177344
                                     Gossamer #LL-R229429

                        Twin Lakes Peruvian Sirius Gossip stands extremely strong on her sound robust frame, drripping with
                                              Guten Golly #LL-R125471

                        beautiful white exotic Suri Fiber. Her Peruvian Suri Pedigree runs very deep, representing 28 years of
                        selective breeding here at Twin Lakes Llama Ranch. Almost all of the Peruvian Sirius daughters have been
                        kept back for our own group of Foundation Females. Peruvian Sirius Gossip is the type of Female you will
                        want to add to YOUR show string, who will then proudly step up and take her place within YOUR foundation
                        females. Not only does she stand correct on her frame, but she has the bone and fiber to back it up. Please
                        keep Sirius Gossip in mind when making your decision on what type of Suri Llama you want to add to your
                        breeding program as this Great Suri Female is no mistake. Sirius Gossip is the real deal when looking for
                        years of proven dependable suri genetics on strong bodied frames with beautiful faces.
                        Visit:, or find us on Facebook to view more photos of Peruvian Sirius Gossip or
                        her mother, as well as many of the Famous Peruvian Sirius.
14		•		2011	LFA	Sale	                                                                            
   LOT                    Consignment of Mike & Wendy Gerken
   13                     Hard Rock Llama Company, Ada, Ohio

              JJ-HH’S RIBBONS AND LACE
               3-in•1 Package with 2011 Male Cria
              Bred Female • DOB: 1/22/2006 • ILR #265767
     Service Sire: GVL Chilean Icon • Breeding Date: To be announced
                       Peruvian Platine 975 #LL-R215554
            Sharp’s Platinum Sensation #LL-R241563
                       Sharp’s Silver Sensation #LL-R216299
                      JJ-HH’s Centennial #LL-R204236
            JJ-HH’s Kahlua and Cream #LL-R246933

Ribbons & Lace is a very correct suri girl that exhibits nice balance, correct conformation and has
                      Kiana Kate #LL-R199541

been a wonderful dam. Her first offspring, Hard Rock’s Silk & Steel is a high luster suri male by
GVL Chilean Icon that has made the Top Ten at the Celebrity Futurity this year and won Reserve
Grand Champion suri male, all as a juvenile. She will sell with her 2011 cria by our new herdsire,
WoodsEdge Phast & Phurious, by side. We have named him Hard Rock’s Speed & Style, and he is
really sharp! He stands up with amazing presence and has the flash to turn lots of heads. To top
it off, we are going to breed her back to Icon so that you may get a taste of both of these great
genetic combinations. She will surely produce another sharp show prospect in 2012.

   LOT                    Consignment of Ryan & Lindsey Laux
   14                 Pleasure Valley Llamas, Lake Park, Minnesota

                             PVL DUPLICITY
                 Bred Female • DOB: 5/15/2009 • ILR #278001
                        Service Sire: AAL High Octane
                         Breeding Date: 5/11/2011
                      Kantu P5 #LL-S177344
            Lock Ness #LL-R244556
                      Peruvian White Silk #LL-S200190

                      Chilean Leroy Brown #LL-R67453
            RAR Chilean Duplicaty #LL-R124615

Duplicity is a beautiful, correct female with outrageous fiber. Her dam was 2nd at the
                      Amorio’s Pocaleona #LL-R76581

Celebrity World Futurity out of more than 60 animals. Her sire, LockNess, has been
known for producing some of the best fiber in the country. Duplicity was Reserve
Champion at the Kettle Moraine Classic and is qualified for ALSA Nationals. Her service
sire, AAL High Octane, is going to be hot. His first crias have been amazing and he comes
from some of the best show lines available. This is a girl sure to create some excitement,
and she tops it off with a great personality.

   LOT                      Consignment of Ken & Celia Austin
   15                  Rain Dance Ranch Llamas, Newberg, Oregon

                     Female • DOB: 4/11/2010 • ILR #280316
                     Chileno Smokin Gun 130B #LL-S200545
            FFF Smokin Rock #LL-R232865
                     Chilena S Hola Lola #LL-129B 200544

                      Chileno El Toro #LL-R227488
            Chilean Petunia #LL-R261830
                      Polilla De Temuco #LL-155720

Chilean Persimmon was just named Best of Show (Red) at the Jingle Bells
Extravaganza and #4 ILR Top Halter Juvenile Female. A darling girl, Persimmon’s
maternal grandfather, Chileno El Toro, is perhaps our top stud ever. Her sire,
FFF Smokin Rock, is producing winner after winner for us. A real sweetheart, with truly
gorgeous fiber, Persimmon would be a great addition to your llama family.
See more at or call 503-538-7053.	                                                                                       2011	LFA	Sale		•		15
                          LOT                      Consignment of Bob LaMorte
                          16                 Northwind Llama Ranch, Sawyer, Michigan

                                             CVL DEVINE DESIGN
                                       Female • DOB: 11/15/2006 • ILR #267503
                         Service Sire: Frameworks Polomo • Breeding Date: To be announced
                                            Cornucopia #LL-R199247
                                   Hard Rock’s Peacemaker #LL-R243401
                                            Springhill’s Miss Medicine Hat #LL-R154390

                                            Big Breeze #LL-R227968
                                   Lonesome Pines Chilean Raindrop #LL-R247875

                        Here is one amazing female! This girl never has a bad day! She looks her BEST around
                                            Chilean Hollyhock Honey #LL-R213725

                        the clock! Perfect conformation with a wonderful head and ear just tops off what this
                        girl is actually hiding!! A flawless pedigree! With animals like Silverspirit, Chrysantha,
                        Fuzzmaster, Chilean Leroy Brown, Kachi Macha, etc, etc. you just can not go wrong!
                        No matter how you wish to breed this girl in the future, you are just about guaranteed
                        perfect production! Make this an easy one to circle in your catalog. Currently bred to
                        Frameworks Polomo and with a breeding back to PVL Typhoon, there is a program right
                        there! The name says it all.....DIVINE DESIGN!!

                          LOT                  Consignment of Bob & Monte Houseman
                          17                Lla-Mirage Llamas, Woodland Park, Colorado

                                               LLA-MIRAGE CHER
                                           Female • DOB: 5/25/2010 • ILR #280140

                                              HCLA Bolivian Over Exposed #LL-S185622
                                   Tillman’s Slam Dunk #LL-R269485
                                              Chilena C. Maldiva #397 #LL-S185622

                                             FFF Punta Negro #LL-R243772
                                   Lla-Mirage Cherisse #LL-R270284
                                             Sweet’s Clarisse #LL-R250109

                        I Got You Babe! Believe! Moonstruck! Burlesque! Cher is a Diva! She’s tall, slender, sexy,
                        graceful, and in this case, a gorgeous lustrous suri! Cher’s sire is Tillman’s Slam Dunk, a
                        manly suri who has produced lots of suri offspring! Cher is a half-sister to the champions
                        Liquid Silver and Dawn. Cherisse is her dam, a beautiful suri out of Punta Negro --
                        another producer of beautiful champion suri offspring. Cher will be a legendary star and
                        will take center-stage in any breeding program.

                          LOT                    Consignment of Larry & Barb Laux
                          18                  Pleasure Valley Llamas, Adell, Wisconsin

                                                      PVL GODIVA
                                          Female • DOB: 5/30/2010 • ILR #281466
                                            Chileno Siricache #LL-R223157
                                   SSRMT Chilean Jumanji #LL-R260990
                                            Tincuda De Tumuco 3LL-R182975

                                            Peruvian Interez B1066 #LL-I106517
                                   ABSE Panda Sue Peru #LL-R168437

                        PVL Godiva is a show female deluxe. She is a flashy, large, correct female with an
                                            Lacey’s Curly Sue #LL-R113835

                        exceptional pedigree. Her dam has produced two Top 5 Celebration Futurity winners,
                        and her sire produced 1st, 2nd and 5th place winners this year. She has only been out
                        once and is qualified for ALSA Nationals; she’s sure to make an impact. Check out her
                        full brother in the Claims Futurity.

16		•		2011	LFA	Sale	                                                               
  LOT                     Consignment of Tom & Barb Parsons
  19                      Animal Acres Llamas, Dousman, WI

                  Female • DOB: 06/14/2002 • ILR #252241
                       Service Sire: AAL Nuttin’s Easy
                         Breeding Date: 5/29/2011
                     LW Kissam #LL-R61645
           LW Gucci #LL-R98825
                     Gypsie #LL-R73184MGF

                     Don Divo #LL-R100753
           Chilean Lucky Charm SSRMT #LL-R186716

Beautiful lady with an outstanding pedigree to match. Her production has been strong
                     RAR Chilean Cheerios #LL-R153397

-- 2 suris, 2 silkies. Her 2010 suri male cria by GC’s All the Marbles was spoken for
before he was weaned! Bred to our LAMS Nutcracker Suri Champion, AAL Nuttin’s Easy,
for a spring 2012 baby. This cross should be outrageous. Contact Barb for more photos
or questions. As always, we back our consignments with our farm guarantees.

  LOT                Consignment of Wil, Sherri & Logan Tallmon
  20                 Hidden Oaks Llama Ranch, Estacada, Oregon

             Bred Female • DOB: 9/17/1998 • ILR #199703
  Service Sire: Peruvian Precedent • Breeding Date: To be announced
           La Raya Peru #LL-R106527

                     Don Juan Quixote #LL-R53072
           Constance #LL-R55302

We are excited to offer this very special 3-in-1 package! Concertina is a full sister to the
                     Dulcenea #LL-R53071

well-known herdsire, Silver Peru, and has given us several beautiful offspring. She is a
super mom that is easy to work with and has tons of milk! This gorgeous suri female
cria at her side was born 6/25/11 and is by Peruvian Precedent which also makes her
a paternal sibling to the outstanding female, Star Dynamica, the 2009 LFA high seller!
We have bred Concertina back the same way for Spring 2012. This package would be a
great asset to ANY breeding program ... whether you are new to llamas or an established
breeder. For more information, please visit our website at www.hiddenoaksllamaranch.
com or give us a call at 503-630-5173.

  LOT              Consignment of John Porter & Duane Gjerning
  21                  Blue Hills Ranch, Rice Lake, Wisconsin

                              BHR NIKITA
                  Female • DOB: 8/30/2010 • ILR #280707
                     Peruvian Alcoa #LL-R215523
           Silver Moon Deal Me In #LL-R267562
                     Chilena Dyna #018 #LL-S227487

                     Black Russian #LL-R175613
           DDH’s Black Beauty #LL-R223142

BHR Nikita was designed by combining solid pedigrees, of both suri and silky
                     Aspen Hills Tamara #LL-R168080

genetics. This mating has produced a great female with total coverage, and high
luster, silky fiber. Size, Stretch, and Style are what every breeder strives for, and
it’s all here for you. BHR Nikita will be a great addition for your breeding pasture.
For more information, visit our website: or telephone
us at 715-234-7400.	                                                                                2011	LFA	Sale		•		17
                        LOT                     Consignment of Jean & Gary DeBoom
                        22                         Santana Llamas, Algona, Iowa

                               HARD ROCK’S GOLD STANDARD
                                     Maiden Female • DOB: 11/11/2009 • ILR #280171
                                             Bolivian Taylor Made #LL-R244182
                                  M.R.S. Alberta Gold #LL-R265325
                                             RAR Chilean Lacy Lady #LL-R162931

                                           Kutawa’s Elliston #LL-R161660
                                  Shaumalee Lady Jemaya #LL-R231685

                        Gold Standard knows she is something special! But how could she not be with her
                                           Karma Lady Jessica #LL-R103087

                        upright attitude, brilliant RED suri fiber & outstanding pedigree?! Hailing from a
                        long line of show winners, Gold Standard is the 3/4 sister to the phenomenal World
                        Champion, WF Canadian Idol, now owned by Holly Russell of Oregon. We planned to
                        add this lovely lady to our line-up of females for her wonderful neck to back union,
                        popped tail, extreme fiber and soft disposition. Unfortunately, we recently were faced
                        with unexpected health problems and need to quickly reduce our herd size. Please take
                        advantage of our sacrifice and everything this lady has to offer, both as a serious show
                        contender and a breeding female.

                        LOT                      Consignment of Ken & Celia Austin
                        23                  Rain Dance Ranch Llamas, Newberg, Oregon

                                         CHILENA PORTIA RDRL
                                     Maiden Female • DOB: 10/28/2009 • ILR #279116
                                             Chileno Lazaro #LL-R83239
                                  Chileno El Toro #LL-R227488
                                             Chilena S Spirolina 127B #LL-S200548

                                            Rebano Escondido Julio #LL-S204026
                                  Chilena Primavera #LL-R258079

                        Chilena Portia has amazing white fiber with red accents. A true show girl, she just
                                            Chilena S Marinara 55 #LL-RR223154

                        took Reserve Grand Champion (Red) at Jingle Bells Extravaganza. We expect her to
                        be a top producer, following in the footsteps of her grandmothers, Chilena S Spirolina
                        and Chilena S Marinara. We can’t ignore the tremendous contribution of her sire and
                        dam to our herd. See more at or call 503-538-7053.

                        LOT                   Consignment of Courtnee & Robin Benson
                        24                       Sapaveco Ranches, Florence, Texas

                                                RING OF BEAUTY
                                     Bred Female • DOB: 6/24/2008 • ILR #275629
                                Service Sire: MSF The Patriot • Breeding Date: 4/07/2011
                                             HCLA Bolivian Soul Man #LL-S234155
                                  M.R.S. Lord of the Rings #LL-R262300
                                             M.R.S. Kountry Secret (CAN) #LL-R232137

                                             Quick Flash #LL-R93934
                                  Beautiful Bonita #LL-R239398

                        Beauty will be a fantastic addition to any herd. Her beautiful suri fiber drapes her
                                             Kootenay Capella #LL-R142817

                        elegant body in tight twists. Beauty was shown as juvy and yearling winning several
                        championships and placing Top 10 in the LFA Futurity. She comes to you bred to our
                        champion herdsire, MSF The Patriot. The Patriot consistently adds size and beautiful
                        fiber to his crias. His is a proven producer of show and futurity champions.
                        Contact us for more information.

18		•		2011	LFA	Sale	                                                              
   LOT                  Consignment of David & Sue Mubarak
   25                 Mubarak Midwest Llamas, Tomah, Wisconsin

                     RUBY’S PROM QUEEN
                 Bred Female • DOB: 4/25/2009 • ILR #279582
                         Service Sire: GNLC Prestige
                                Breeding Date: 5/15/2011

                      Kantu P5 #LL-S177344
            Kinetix #LL-R245814
                      Storm King’s Nola #LL-R145124

                     Kat Fish #LL-R226074
            Ruby Tuesdae #LL-R268980
                     Minnie Brown #LL-R251678

Prom Queen is a beautiful girl. She is very correct and has perfectly hooked ears.
She is due for a spring 2012 Prestige baby. For more information and pictures, visit
us at

                          Consignment of Mike & Wendy Gerken
                          Hard Rock Llama Company, Ada, Ohio
                 Bred Female • DOB: 4/15/2003 • ILR #252647
                   Service Sire: WoodsEdge Phast & Phurious
                             Breeding Date: To be announced
                     Mashuga #LL-R138510
            Machuco #LL-R203303
                     MCF Estonia #LL-R107987

                     FFF Dream Weaver #LL-R186705
            Dream Patches #LL-R227165

This lovely silky female has a divine llama head with extraordinary ears. She is also large with
                     Kesling’s Calico Patches #LL-R93580

wonderful presence and size. White Diamond impressed us as a youngster with her gorgeous
ears, size, silky fiber, topline and overall appeal. The bonus was that Overman’s main herdsire at
the time, Machuco, was her sire. Machuco stamped out large showy offspring with nice head and
ears. White Diamond came to Hard Rock where we bred her for her first cria, Hard Rock’s Cash
on the Spot. Cash is a large silky appy male by M.R.S. Direct Deposit. Cash now resides in New
York with Bob Bartholomew. Her second was a showy Campaign gal who again exhibited nice
size and bone. To sweeten this deal we have bred her to WoodsEdge Phast & Phurious, our new
guy on the block, who has been producing flashy and correct cria for us this year!

   LOT                         Consignment of Terri Strouse
   27                     New Ventures Suris, Caledonia, Michigan

                  NV’S MYSTIC TWILIGHT
                    Female • DOB: 10/15/2008 • ILR #276049
                       HCLA Bolivian Soul Man (CAN) #LL-S234155
            M.R.S. Night Vision #LL-R258698
                       M&W Dustry Rose (CAN) #LL-R251798

                      Chileno Canaletto II LL-R248922
            HCLR Chilean Enchantress #262616
                      Chi-Chi Picante #LL-R168334

Beautiful suri maiden sired by M.R.S. Night Vision. High luster suri fleece with
strong overall body structure and an amazing personality. Her dam was one of my
best, and her sire still maintains a closed breeding program which allows you to be
in the forefront of today’s suri industry. Dam and sire are not related to any of the
common suri lines in the industry. Amazing in the show ring. Dare to be different.
All this and she has Night Vision’s personality . . . sweetest llama you will ever own!
Needs to be on your “to buy” list.	                                                                                      2011	LFA	Sale		•		19
                          LOT                   Consignment of Venesa & Chris Carter
                          28                     CriVen Llamas, Rogersville, Missouri

                                                  CVL PINK LADY
                                           Female • DOB: 3/26/2010 • ILR #280355
                                              Chileno Chiri Chico 74 #LL-R200567
                                   FFF Full Throttle #LL-R252616
                                              Traviesa #LL-S208915

                                            Big Breeze #LL-R227968
                                   Lonesome Pines Chilean Raindrop #LL-R247875
                                            ChileanHollyhock Honey #LL-R213725

                        We are proud to offer our sweet girl, CVL Pink Lady. “Pinky,” as she is known around
                        here, is a beautiful suri girl with advanced suri fleece, high luster, excellent coverage,
                        and a sweet personality. Her pedigree is full of who’s who in the industry, both current
                        and greats from the past. For more information, please email

                          LOT                     Consignment of Larry & Barb Laux
                          29                   Pleasure Valley Llamas, Adell, Wisconsin

                                             PVL ILLUMINATION
                                           Female • DOB: 3/07/2010 • ILR #280432
                                            WSL Peruvian Silver Lining #LL-R242609
                                   AAL Peruvian High Octane #LL-R269205
                                            White Star’s Peruvian Avida #LL-R235684

                                              Rebano Escondido Julio #LL-S204026
                                   PVL Illusion #LL-R255081
                                              PVL Jasmine #LL-R199570

                        PVL Illumination is exactly what you would expect some of the best show lines
                        available to produce. She has a perfect frame with beautiful fiber draped with an
                        array of colors. She is the first offspring out of High Octane and he has been on fire
                        since. Check out PVL Illusion’s offspring and you will be amazed. This is an amazing
                        female with a top notch pedigree and some of the best repeatability in the business.

                          LOT               Consignment of John Porter & Duane Gjerning
                          30                   Blue Hills Ranch, Rice Lake, Wisconsin

                                          BLUE HILLS QUECHUA
                                           Female • DOB: 5/29/2010 • ILR #280799
                                             Peruvian Alcoa #LL-R215523
                                   Silver Moon Copperwind #LL-R257935
                                             Senorita Rojo Caliente of Boliva #LL-S208928

                                            Machuco #LL-R203303
                                   Overman Keecha #LL-R244732

                        Blue Hills Quechua is an incredibly gorgeous female. She is solid and statuesque, has
                                            Keevie #LL-R121637

                        perfect conformation and a pleasing personality. Her pedigree boasts the likes of
                        Kantu, Peruvian Alcoa, Crazy Mountain Man, MCF Estonia and Escondida; you can’t
                        go wrong here. Quechua is a true beauty that will enhance your breeding program.
                        For more information, visit our website: www.Blue or telephone us at

20		•		2011	LFA	Sale	                                                               
  31                          Consignment of Bob Minto
                           Jasmine Llamas, Leroy, Michigan

                 HEART’S INSPIRATION
                  Female • DOB: 6/22/2010 • ILR #281173
                      Peruvian Alcoa #LL-R215523
          Spirit Hill Chinchero #LL-R264232
                      Anjolie #LL-R111677

                    Axiom I #LL-R228418
          JF Inxs #LL-R261198
                    Fabulous Frenzy #LL-R180041

“Heart” is the product of recognized lineage and has the fiber, stretch, density and
conformation to keep her show career on track and then the potential for superior
production. ‘Heart” would be a great candidate to enter in the futurity -- a chance to
get some additional benefit from her purchase! “Heart” sells with Jasmine Llamas farm
guarantee. Questions: 231-388-0421 or

  LOT                    Consignment of Bob & Toni Skousen
  32                    Goose Valley Llamas, Payson, Arizona

                      MGF MARQUESINA
                 Female • DOB: 7/08/2005 • ILR #263038
        Service Sire: LAMS Nutcracker • Breeding Date: 4/30/2011
          Chilean Aviator

                   RAR Richochet #LL-R103584
          MGF Fanfare

MGF Marquesina is an elegant suri girl with good bone, correct conformation and lovely
                   MGF Resonance #LL-R119012

suri fiber. Her baby-making abilities are first rate. She gets pregnant fast, has easy
deliveries, and has a huge milk supply. The exciting news is that she is bred to LAMS
Nutcracker, Goose Valley’s premier suri herd sire, who is producing champion blue
ribbon winners one right after the other. Their baby should be a “killer” because we
already have, at home, a daughter from Nutcracker and Marquesina, who is tall, stretchy
and beautiful. Grab this opportunity to enrich your breeding program with a solid suri
mom plus the promise of a spectacular Nutcracker baby!

  LOT                    Consignment of Ken & Celia Austin
  33                Rain Dance Ranch Llamas, Newberg, Oregon

                    FLOWER GIRL RDRL
             Maiden Female • DOB: 4/08/2010 • ILR #280315
                   Chileno Smokin Gun 130B #LL-S200545
          FFF Smokin Rock #LL-R232865
                   Chilena S Hola Lola 129B #LL-S200544

                   Confucius #LL-R144314
          RDRL Wildflower #LL-R232411
                   RDRL Sunflower Sonata #LL-R152880

Flower Girl is out of our all-time favorite dam line. We just lost her great grandmother,
MW Symphoneva, who passed her sweet disposition on to multiple generations. Her
grandfather, Confucius, goes back to Don Juan Quixote and another of our favorite
dams, Miss Chi Chi’s Leona. Flower Girl is a beautiful girl and is one of the best of our
20 years of breeding llamas. Number seven ILR Top Halter Juvenile Female. See more
at or call 503-538-7053.	                                                                             2011	LFA	Sale		•		21
                                       LOT                    Consignment of Mike & Wendy Gerken
                                       34                     Hard Rock Llama Company, Ada, Ohio

                                                           POWERFUL PIZAZZ
                                                    Bred Female • DOB: 6/04/2006 • ILR #265751
                                                  Service Sire: GVL Chilean Icon • Breeding Date: TBA
                                                          Kantu P5 #LL-S177344
                                                Star Power Seeker #LL-R249165
                                                          MGF Plaza Suite #LL-R168945

                                                           The Royal Canadian #LL-R70294
                                                Lollie 2 Shoes #LL-R183320

                                    Pizazz is a strongly conformed suri girl with years of powerful breeding behind her and
                                                           Olallieberry #LL-R67052

                                    years of powerful breeding ahead of her. If you need proof of that, look no further than
                                    the gorgeous female by her side out of GVL Chilean Icon. We’ve named her Hard Rock’s
                                    Sizzlin’ Hot, not only because she was born on a hot July day, but because we feel she will
                                    heat up the show ring next year when she is of age. After being supremely impressed
                                    with the two suri/Icon crosses we had in 2010, we bred him to several of our suri girls
                                    for 2011 an his offspring have not disappointed. Crossing Icon with the suris still results
                                    in lovely fiber, but adds the size, conformation and style that Icon has been stamping out
                                    for over a decade. In looking through our pastures for an LFA consignment, we felt we
                                    found a premium offering in this lovely pair.

                                       LOT               Consignment of John Porter & Duane Gjerning
                                       35                   Blue Hills Ranch, Rice Lake, Wisconsin

                                                                  BHR KALEKA
                                                        Female • DOB: 6/09/2010 • ILR #280703
                                                          FFF Chiri Colipe #LL-R235609
                                                Metalic RTC #LL-R262812
                                                          Kala Shay RTC #LL-R214164

                                                         Sirocco #LL-R143802
                                                BHR Tikachew #LL-R224077
                                                         T.J.’s Tiki Lark #LL-R112519

                                    If you like color, then BHR Kaleka is the girl for you. She has captured the eye of several
                                    visitors to our farm. Color, Style, Silky Fiber, and Great Genetics: what more could you
                                    ask for? For more information, visit our website: or telephone
                                    us at 715-234-7400.

                                       LOT                  Consignment of Bob & Monte Houseman
                                       36                Lla-Mirage Llamas, Woodland Park, Colorado

                                              PKS HIGH VOLT’S CLASSY CHIC
                                                     Female • DOB: 7/17/2008 • ILR #275011
                                          Service Sire: GC’s Fire in the Hole • Breeding Date: 7/17/2011
                                                          Bolivian Radical #LL-S226899
                                                6P High Voltage #LL-R258502
                                                          Bolivian Evita #LL-S231477

                                                         High-Land’s Titan #LL-R75855
                                                High-Land’s Amanda #LL-R151527

                                              Chic is the complete package! She will sell with a baby at her side and then will
                                                         Sharp’s Ivory #LL-R86127

                                              be bred back to our super suri, Fire In The Hole. Chic is out of the Wattigny
                                              P.K.’s Mini Farm suri stud, 6P High Voltage. She is half Bolivian with Chilean
                                              lines mixed in. Chic is a beautiful suri with a wonderful disposition, charisma,
                                              style and CLASS. Classy Chic . . . she has it all!

                        Cria: Chic-N-Noodle

22		•		2011	LFA	Sale	                                                                            
  LOT                 Consignment of Courtnee & Robin Benson
  37                     Sapaveco Ranches, Florence, Texas

                              GHLC WILLA
               Bred Female • DOB: 11/30/2007 • ILR #273134
                  Service Sire: Argentine Poltergeist (ET)
                        Breeding Date: 3/11/2011
                      GC’s Chock Full ‘O Nuts #LL-R227682
           GC’s Totally Nuts #LL-R256624
                      Tomollas Popcorn #LL-R215222

                    RAR Richochet #LL-R103584
           MGF Calinda #LL-R187093

Willa is a flashy paint sure to add style to your herd! She is a proven producer of
                    Adobe #LL-R83806

correct show cria with silky fiber. Her bloodlines go back to GC’s Chock Full O’ Nuts
and RAR Richochet. Willa was a champion in the show ring and has been bred to the
2008 National Champion HW Male, Argentine Poltergeist! The Poltergeist crias are
big with abundant fiber and are doing well in the show ring. Here’s a chance to add
some Argentine flair to your herd! We see a colorful show cria in the future with this
combination. Contact us for more information.

  LOT                       Consignment of Terri Strouse
  38                   New Ventures Suris, Caledonia, Michigan

                   NV’S RAISEN THE BAR
                   Female • DOB: 6/30/2010 • ILR #280336
                      HCLA Bolivian Soul Man (CAN) #LL-S234155
           M.R.S. Night Vision #LL-R258698
                      M&W Dustry Rose (CAN) #LL-R251798

                     Chavago #LL-R145798
           FFF Chavago’s Lara #LL-R232856
                     Senorita Hermosa #LL-S208910

Another amazing suri female from M.R.S. Night Vision, 2009 Celebration Double Grand
Champion - Best of Show Suri Male. Beautiful suri fleece, excellent body structure, heavy
bone and his amazing sweet disposition. Her full sister, NV’s Bijous, sold here last year.
This female will add all the extra bling to your program. Also she is not related to any
of the top suri lines in today’s industry. Breed her to YOUR best and have top bragging
rights! She’s a real lover with lots of kisses to share.

  LOT                   Consignment of Ryan & Lindsey Laux
  39                Pleasure Valley Llamas, Lake Park, Minnesota

               PVL CHILEAN KIDDY CAT
                   Female • DOB: 5/27/2010 • ILR #281467
                    Chileno Siricache #LL-R223157
           SSRMT Chilean Jumanji #LL-R260990
                    Tincuda De Tumuco #LL-R182975

                     PVL Chilean Next Generation #LL-R197759
           Kiddy Cocktail #LL-R231506
                     Chilean Cattail #171 #LL-R88913

PVL Chilean Kiddy Cat is a flashy heavy wool girl from two great lines. Her dam sired PVL
Chilean Jagermiester, a LFA Futurity winner, and has consistently produced beautiful
fibered, large offspring. Jumanjii’s offspring placed 1st, 2nd and 5th at the Celebration
World Futurity this spring. This girl is pretty to look at and has a great outcross full
Chilean pedigree to back her up.	                                                                              2011	LFA	Sale		•		23
                                            LOT                    Consignment of Bob LaMorte
                                            40               Northwind Llama Ranch, Sawyer, Michigan

                                                                    GHLC Mia Mia
                                                        Female • DOB: 8/19/2003 • ILR #254243
                                             Service Sire: GNLC Hayduke • Breeding Date: To be announced
                                                             Peruvian El Gris B1028 #LL-R106481
                                                   GC’s Banana’s Foster #LL-R204922
                                                             Hannah’s Bananna Nut Bread #LL-R165875

                                                             Epitome #LL-R113938
                                                   Silver Moon Miadora #LL-R 218166

                                      As pretty as a picture from the top of her perfect head and ears to her ample frame and
                                                             Ezra’s Monica #LL-R72476

                                      structure, this girl has the pedigree to take you right along to the show ring with her
                                      production! Sometimes saying less is more! JUST LOOK AT THIS GIRL! A perfect package
                                      and you get a free breeding back to the Northwind Llama Ranch male of your choice or
                                      breed her to that special male of your own and put HIM on the map as well! Mia Mia is
                                      currently bred to GNLC HAYDUKE!! What a baby that will be!! Add a touch of beauty to
                                      your herd! MIA MIA!!

                                            LOT             Consignment of John Porter & Duane Gjerning
                                            41                 Blue Hills Ranch, Rice Lake, Wisconsin

                                                         BLUE HILLS VERONICA
                                                          Female • DOB: 4/09/2010 • ILR #280797
                                                             Peruvian Alcoa #LL-R215523
                                                   Silver Moon Deal Me In #LL-R267562
                                                             Chilena Dyna #018 #LL-S227487

                                                             Kesling’s Sweepstakes #LL-R81559
                                                   Chilean Sweep’s Irish Legacy KE05 #LL-R231109
                                                             Chilean Flowers of the Field #LL-S171018

                                      Color, incredible suri fiber, and a solid frame is what every great female needs; Veronica
                                      has it all. Her pedigree is an exciting cross of both the Peruvian Alcoa-Kantu lines and
                                      the Chilean, Kesling’s Sweepstakes-Top Flight breeding. Take her home and see what
                                      this graceful beauty can do for your herd. For more information, visit our website: www.
                             or telphone us at 715-234-7400.

                                            LOT                Consignment of Bob & Monte Houseman
                                            42              Lla-Mirage Llamas, Woodland Park, Colorado

                                                              LLA-MIRAGE KENO
                                                        Female • DOB: 7/18/2008 • ILR #275476
                                             Service Sire: Tillman’s Slam Dunk • Breeding Date: 6/25/2011
                                                             FFF Punta Negro #LL-R243772
                                                   The Instagator #LL-R261209
                                                             Cricket’s Kharma #LL-R225810

                                                              WL Laces Sand Dollar #LL-R216555
                                                   Double J’s Sands Of Reno #LL-R264656

                                             Lla-Mirage Keno is a beautiful, silk female out of Instagator, a super suri Punta
                                                              MGF La Chicha #LL-R220650

                                             Negro son. Instagator placed 2nd at the 2006 LFA Futurity. We purchased her dam,
                                             Sands of Reno, at the same 2006 LFA Sale. Keno has excellent conformation and size.
                                             She sells with a beautiful DDL Mr. Sweets son. We brought Sweets out of retirement
                                             because we knew that with his size, wool quality and conformation, we would get
                                             a show stopper out of Keno . . . and we did! Keno is bred back to our super suri
                                             Tillman’s Slam Dunk and is due in the spring of 2012. Don’t let this packaged deal
                                             pass you by!
                        Cria: Deuces Wild

24		•		2011	LFA	Sale	                                                                             	   2011	LFA	Sale		•		25
       The	Original	Source	for	Suris

   Contact us for information on our Suri Stud Lease Program
26		•		2011	LFA	Sale	                                                 	   2011	LFA	Sale		•		27
                                                   Consignors	Index                                                     Lots
         Animal Acres Llamas, Tom & Barb Parsons, Dousman, WI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5, 19
         Blue Hills Ranch, John Porter & Duane Gjerning, Rice Lake, WI . . . . . . . . . . . .3, 11, 21, 30, 35, 41
         Cri-Ven Llamas, Venesa & Chris Carter, Rogersville, MO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
         Goose Valley Llamas, Bob & Toni Skousen, Payson, AZ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32
         Hard Rock Llama Company, Mike & Wendy Gerken, Ada, OH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7, 13, 26, 34
         Hidden Oaks Llama Ranch, Wil, Sherri & Logan Tallmon, Estacada, OR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
         Jasmine Llamas, Bob Minto, Leroy, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4, 31
         La Mara Springs Llamas, Barb & John Reinecke, Fon du Lac, WI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
         Lla-Mirage Llamas, Bob & Monte Houseman, Woodland Park, CO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17, 36, 42
         Mubarak Midwest Llamas, David & Sue Mubarak, Tomah, WI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9, 25
         New Ventures Suris, Terrie Strouse, Caledonia, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10, 27, 38
         Northwind Llamas, Bob LaMorte, Sawyer, MI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16, 40
         Pleasure Valley Llamas, Ryan & Lindsey Laux, Lake Park, MN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1, 14, 39
         Pleasure Valley Llamas, Larry & Barb Laux, Adell, WI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8, 18, 29
         Rain Dance Ranch Llamas, Ken & Celia Austin, Newberg, OR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15, 23, 33
         Santana Llamas, Jean & Gary DeBoom, Algona, IA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2, 22
         Sapaveco Ranches, Courtnee & Robin Benson, Florence, TX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6, 24, 37
         Twin Lakes Llama Ranch, Mark & Karen Brant, Monroe, MI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

                                                   Advertisers	Index
         Animal Acres Llamas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IFC
         Heartland Ridge Ranch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
         Hartsong Llamas of Dawn of Promise Farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
         Hidden Oaks Llama Ranch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
         Lash’s Unique Animals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
         Misty Morn Farms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
         Santana Llamas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
         Sapaveco Ranches . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .BC
         Silver Knoll Llamas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
         Stonehenge Clipper Sharpening . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
         Sugar River Llamas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
         Trimbelle Valley Fiber Farm. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
         Twin Lakes Llamas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
         Wild Oak Llamas. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25

28		•		2011	LFA	Sale	                                                                                                                              
                                            LFA	Terms	and	Conditions
The	following	Terms	&	Conditions	including	any	announcements	by	the	Auc-                   TO	THE	ANIMALS	IN	THIS	SALE.	The	foregoing	is	the	full	extent	of	the	re-
tioneer	before	or	during	the	auction,	constitute	the	entire	agreement	between	             sponsibility	 of	 the	 Seller,	 and	 by	 way	 of	 illustration	 and	 not	 limitation,	 in	 no	
Llama	Futurity	Association,	on	the	one	hand,	and	the	bidders	at	the	auction,	              event	shall	the	Seller	be	liable	for	incidental	or	consequential	damages,	or	for	any	
on	the	other	hand.                                                                         changes	or	expenses	of	any	nature	incurred	without	Seller’s	written	permission.
	I	am	a	member	of	the	LFA	and	hereby	enter	the	above	registered	llama	in	the	               Terms:	Terms	of	the	sale	are	cash	or	check.	Payment	in	full	must	be	made	
LFA	Llama	Sale	to	be	held	September	16-18,	2011.                                           to	the	cashier	immediately	following	the	sale.	Personal	checks	are	to	be	made	
  I	am	in	good	standing	with	the	LFA	and	have	no	outstanding	debt	due	to	                 payable	to	“Llama	Futurity	Association.”	Seller	reserves	the	right	to	require	a	
the	LFA.                                                                                   certified	check	as	settlement	before	releasing	an	animal.
	Enclosed	is	my	check	for	$300	to	pay	the	consignment	fee.	I	understand	and	              	Financing:	Financing	is	available	on	some	lots,	which	will	be	announced	at	
agree	 that	 this	 fee	 is	 nonrefundable	 and	 nontransferable	 for	 any	 reason	 once	   the	 	 preview	 and	 before	 the	 llama	 sells.	 The	 financing	 conditions	 and	 terms	
confirmation	is	made	of	my	sale	entry.	Once	accepted,	this	entry	will	be	reserved	         are	the	same	for	any	financed	llama	sold.	The	conditions	are	as	follows:	1.)	The	
for	the	LFA	Sale	only,	and	in	the	event	it	is	sold	prior	to	the	sale,	I	will	pay	LFA	      owner	 must	 have	 signed	 an	 agreement	 to	 offer	 financing	 on	 their	 llama,	 and	
10%	of	the	selling	price	in	addition	to	my	entry	fee.                                      only	those	llamas	announced	at	the	sale	as	being	available	on	terms	will	be	sold	
	Commission	is	based	upon	a	two-tiered	system.	Animals	selling	for	$2,999	and	            using	the	promissory	note.	2.)	Terms	are	only	available	on	llamas	selling	for	at	
under	shall	be	charged	a	20%	commission.	Animals	selling	for	$3,000	and	over	              least	$5,000.	3.)	At	least	50%	of	the	purchase	price	will	be	paid	as	a	deposit	with	
shall	be	charged	a	10%	commission.                                                         the	balance	due	in	1	year	with	10%	interest	being	assessed.	4.)	All	llamas	being	
	If	I	choose	to	exercise	my	right	to	be	the	final	bidder	and/or	reserve	on	my	            financed	must	be	insured	before	leaving	the	facility.	5.)	Seller	will	retain	original	
own	lot,	I	will	be	charged	the	same	commission	for	the	final	bid	based	upon	the	           registration	papers	until	the	llama	is	paid	in	full.	6.)	The	promissory	note	for	
above	20%/10%	parameter.	If	for	any	reason	I	withdraw	this	entry	other	than	as	            the	balance	is	strictly	between	the	Buyer	and	Seller.	Llama	Futurity	Association	
certified	by	a	veterinarian,	I	will	be	charged	a	$300	withdrawal	fee.                      assumes	no	responsibility,	legal	or	otherwise,	in	regard	to	the	promissory	note.
	Commission	fee	will	be	deducted	from	proceeds	of	the	sale	when	making	payment.           If	Visa	or	MasterCard	are	used	to	purchase	animals,	the	charge	is	subject	to	bank	
	No	Substitutions	will	be	allowed	without	prior	approval	from	the	LFA	Sale	               approval,	and	a	processing	fee	will	be	added	to	the	purchase	price.
Management.                                                                                	Bidding:	The	highest	bidder	recognized	by	the	Auctioneer	shall	be	the	Buyer.	
	A	minimum	opening	bid	of	no	less	than	$1,000	will	be	accepted	by	the	auc-                Bids	tendered	after	the	fall	of	the	hammer	are	not	valid	grounds	for	dispute.	If	
tioneer.	If	your	llama	fails	to	receive	an	opening	bid	of	$1,000,	it	will	be	consid-       any	dispute	arises	between	two	or	more	bidders,	or	in	the	event	of	doubt	on	the	
ered	a	no	sale,	and	the	minimum	commission	of	10%	($200)	will	be	charged.                  Auctioneer’s	part	as	to	the	validity	of	any	bid,	the	Auctioneer	will	have	the	final	
	All	sales	constitute	a	contract	between	the	buyer	and	seller	of	each	animal	sold.	       discretion	either	to	determine	the	successful	bidder,	or	to	re-offer	and	resell	the	
LFA	assumes	no	responsibility,	legal	or	otherwise,	in	regards	to	the	sale	contract.        llama	in	question.	The	Auctioneer’s	determination	is	conclusive	and	not	subject	
	I	understand	that	no	payment	will	be	made	to	me	until	such	time	as	the	buy-              to	challenge.	The	Auctioneer	reserves	the	right	to	reject	any	bid.
er	has	made	satisfactory	payment	to	the	LFA	and	as	soon	as	the	buyer’s	check	              	Title and Delivery:	Title	passes	to	the	Buyer	upon	the	fall	of	the	hammer.	All	
clears	the	bank.	As	soon	as	the	check	clears	the	bank,	the	registration	papers	will	       risk	of	death	or	injury	to	the	llama	becomes	the	Buyer’s	risk	upon	the	fall	of	the	
be	sent	to	the	buyer	and	I	(the	consignor)	will	be	paid	by	check	less	commission.          hammer.	Each	Buyer,	following	their	purchase,	shall	sign	an	Acknowledgement	
	If	any	animal	is	sold	as	a	result	of	being	at	the	LFA	event,	whether	entered	in	         of	Purchase.	Please	write	your	full	name	and	address	clearly.
the	auction	or	only	the	show,	the	sale	must	be	registered	in	the	LFA	office	and	           	Registration Papers:	All	registration	papers	will	be	delivered	by	First	Class	
appropriate	commission	will	be	assessed	and	charged	to	the	seller.                         Postage	 when	 checks	 clear	 the	 bank.	 Please	 write	 your	 full	 name	 and	 correct	
                                                                                           and	current	address	on	the	envelope	provided	for	you	by	the	cashier.	Buyer	is	
WARRANTIES:                                                                                responsible	for	all	transfer	fees.
  Proven Producers:	A	proven	producer	is	a	female	that	has	already	had	a	                  Default of Purchase:	If	any	person	shall	purchase	a	lot	and	fail	to	pay	for	it	
cria.	Proven	producers	will	be	considered	to	be	fertile.	There	are	no	expressed	or	        in	the	manner	described	above,	the	Seller	shall	have,	in	addition	to	all	other	
implied	warranties	for	proven	producers.                                                   legal	rights,	the	right	to	resell	the	lot,	or	at	Seller’s	option,	bring	an	action	for	
	Newborn Crias:	There	are	no	expressed	or	implied	warranties	on	newborn	                  specific	performance,	in	which	event	the	defaulting	Buyer	agrees	to	pay	all	costs	
crias	sold	with	their	dams.                                                                of	such	suit,	together	with	all	reasonable	attorney’s	fees	and	costs.	In	the	event	
                                                                                           of	a	resale,	the	defaulting	Buyer	agrees	to	pay	all	costs	of	the	resale,	plus	any	de-
	Bred maidens:	A	bred	maiden	is	a	female	that	has	not	yet	had	a	cria,	but	is	
                                                                                           ficiency	between	the	original	total	purchase	price	and	the	total	purchase	price	
determined	to	be	pregnant.	There	are	no	other	expressed	or	implied	warranties	
                                                                                           upon	resale.
for	bred	maidens.
	young Females:	Young	females	are	guaranteed	to	have	anatomically	normal	                 	Transportation:	The	Buyer,	at	the	Buyer’s	own	expense,	shall	transport	the	
reproductive	 tracts.	 There	 are	 no	 other	 expressed	 or	 implied	 warranties	 for	     llama	from	the	auction.	Any	arrangement	or	disposition	of	the	llama	after	pur-
young	females.                                                                             chase	other	than	immediate	removal	must	be	made	directly	between	the	Buyer	
                                                                                           and	Seller.
	Proven males:	A	proven	male	is	a	male	that	has	settled	a	female	or	that	has	
been	tested	fertile.	Proven	males	will	be	considered	to	be	fertile.	There	are	no	           Catalog:	Every	effort	has	been	made	to	assure	correctness	of	the	catalog,	but	
expressed	or	implied	warranties	for	proven	males.                                          the	Seller	is	not	responsible	for	errors	or	omissions.	Any	corrections	made	to	
                                                                                           the	catalog	at	the	time	of	the	sale	from	the	Auctioneer’s	podium	shall	supersede	
	young males:	Young	males	have	been	checked	by	a	veterinarian	and	have	been	              the	catalog.
found	to	have	anatomically	normal	reproductive	organs.	There	are	no	other	ex-
pressed	or	implied	warranties	for	young	males.                                             	No Liability:	Any	person	attending	the	sale,	whether	as	a	Buyer,	observer,	or	
                                                                                           the	agent,	employee	or	assign	of	any	persons,	does	so	at	their	own	risk.	No	li-
	young males and Females:	Buyer’s	veterinarian	must	notify	the	Seller	in	writ-            ability,	duties,	obligations,	and/or	responsibilities	of	any	kind	or	nature	shall	be	
ing	within	one	year	of	the	sale	of	any	claimed	abnormality	with	respect	to	Young	          imposed	upon	the	Sellers,	the	Auctioneer,	or	any	owners,	employees	or	assigns	
Males	or	Young	Females.	The	Seller	shall,	at	the	Seller’s	option,	either	(1)	replace	      of	Llama	Futurity	Association,	for	any	accident,	injury,	mishap,	theft,	damage,	
the	llama	with	a	llama	of	equal	quality,	or	(2)	give	the	Buyer	credit	toward	the	          and/or	other	harm	regardless	of	cause.
purchase	from	Seller	of	another	llama	of	the	same	or	different	sex	in	an	amount	
equal	to	the	total	amount	of	the	purchase	price.                                           	Disclaimer of Liability of Auctioneer:	Neither	the	Auctioneer,	the	Sellers,	nor	
                                                                                           any	agent,	make	any	representation	or	warranties	whatsoever	with	respect	to	the	
	All	sale	animals	must	be	fully	registered	or	screened	as	a	llama,	as	approved	by	
                                                                                           sale	animals.	All	representations	contained	herein	are	made	by	the	seller	only.
the	ILR	and/or	the	LFA.
                                                                                           Authorized Agents:	Persons	acting	as	agents	must	so	indicate	when	signing	
                                                                                           Acknowledgement	of	Purchase.
PARTICULAR	PURPOSE,	NOR	DOES	SELLER	MAKE	ANY	WARRANTY	EX-                                  	Governing Law:	The	laws	of	the	State	of	Iowa	will	govern	the	sale	and	all
PRESSED	OR	IMPLIED	OF	ANY	NATURE	WHATSOEVER	WITH	RESPECT	                                  transactions	between	the	Buyer	and	Seller.
                                          Sapaveco Ranches
                 Champagner crias are
                              Hot! Hot! Hot!
                                                        El Fuente x Champagne Ice
                                                    2010 Celebration Futurity Champion
                                                    2009 LFA Futurity Reserve Champion

        Sapaveco’s Shameless
              Champagner x Kantu Kandi

                                                                                                      Sapaveco’s Bellini
                                                                                                      Champagner x Berry Preserves
Sapaveco’s Southern Belle
Champagner x Mighty Joe’s Smokin Lady Remington

                                                                                          Sapaveco’s Mimosa
           Sapaveco’s Flying Zambo                                                        Champagner x CTW StarCatcher
               Champagner x WINS Hoot N Harmonee

                       Sapaveco Ranches • Courtnee & Robin Benson • Texas & Colorado • (512)751-6943

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