THE FIVE-FOLD Fingers of the hand

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					THE FIVE-FOLD / Fingers of the hand

The little finger represents the teacher, one who highlights the details of the Lord’s
Word. This is the finger which gets into the “ear” best. The teacher is connected with and
works in close proximity with the pastor finger, which is

The ring finger. The pastor is married to the church and washes the bride with the
Word, so that she will become without spot or wrinkle. He loves the church as his own

The third finger represents the evangelist. It is the longest finger and reaches out to the
world. The evangelist must work together with the prophet and pastor.

The second finger represents the prophetic finger. This finger points the way, being a
corrector and a director and one who unveils the rhema will of God.

The thumb is the lowliest finger of all. It is intimately connected with all of the fingers,
working along side and enabling and strengthening the other fingers to grip and function.
This represents the apostle finger and is a foundation to the working of the entire hand.

5-Fold Ministry
Office         'G' quality    Finger

Teacher        Grounder       pinky
Pastor         Guard          ring
Evangelist     Gatherer       middle
Prophet        Guide          pointer
Apostle        Government     thumb

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