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Forthcoming Gigs


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									 Forthcoming Gigs
          Please phone to confirm, check website for updates ok

May        18th Edinburgh Bongo Club 01315 565204

          19th Glasgow Nice ‘n’ Sleazy

          26th Kings Lynn Foster Sports and Social Club Clenchwarton

June      9th Nottingham The Maze 0115 9475650

          16th Leicester The Shed 0116 2622255

          17th Kettering Rising Sun 01536 483774

          23rd Margate The Lido-Kent Sovereigns Scooter Rally

          29th Derbyshire Run to the Shires Scooter Rally

July      6th Ashton -Under-Lyme Witchwood

          7th OldhamThe Castle

         12th Nottingham The Old Vic

         13th Bristol The Black Swan withThe Tonics and Purple Peach
         19th Camden - The Verge supporting Capdown

       Space is limited. We’re taking a luxury double-decker coach to
       Bristol on July 13th. £10 for the coach then you get a voucher for
       £5 entry to the gig. Pick-ups from Leicester, Hinckley, Nuneaton
       and Birmingham. Leaving Leicester 4pm, leaving Bristol 4am!
       Phone Ross to book 07789 796706 or collar one of the band.
                           How the eel are ya? This month it’s yer diaboli-
                           cal-liberties- taking BLO special issue in which
                           no one is safe from critical analysis.After last
                                                                                 Great yorky pud tips
                           month’s 2 page centre spread diatribe exposing        Thanks to Will, a Yorkshire pudding and toad-in-the-hole guru from
                           the dire tribe that is the Thplitterth is we have a   Leicester for these failsafe tips.
                           very small article extolling the weell hidden         1. Always ensure your eggs are fresh! (vegans can
                           virtues of the aforementioned musicians (using        use egg substitute)
                           the term loosely). Not to mention eel nonsense.       2. Beat yourself off into a sticky mess then gradually
                           You must have noticed that everything is some-        add a little liquid (a bit at a time - don’t rush it)
                           how related to eels. Chars. See you in Ely or         3. Make sure the oven is really hot before you bang it
                           Ealing. Dedicated to Graham Eel of the                in there.
 Editor: Steenie McRelieve Meellfield Massive Eel Appreciation Society.          4. Once your batter has reached its climactic height
                                                                                 turn down the heat just to keep it up there.
   Bookings, Info contact Ross on 07889 796706                                   5. Gobble it up!
   eel-mail: splitters@splitters.co.uk
   website: www.splitters.co.uk
   Press Office eelmail: steve@estevez.freeserve.co.uk
   Postal address: Blue Line Order, 22 Halifax Drive
                                                                                   BE                        A            CULT
                                                                                   Y      ou could become a bit of a cult figure by creating a
                                                                                          saying that catches on. eg. “we are becoming your sys-
                                                                                   tems” or “Eels are not edible”. Believe it or not we, at the
Have they split up or what? Everyone knows Spunge do a                             Blue Line Order, know how this can be accomplished and
gig 365 days of the year so what was the bass player doing                         we’re spilling the cat out of the bag here and now and also
at our gig in Worcester with Four Foot Fingers on a                                revealing the secret of how it’s done. And eating the beans off
saturday? (see review later)                                                       the floor. You can eat off that floor, the cat does, when it’s not
                                                                                   in a bag.
      Yeah we’re doing some gigs with Purple Peach.ska DJS. One                    You will require the services of two foreigners with a limited
      at the Black Swan in Bristol St Pauls and one at Camden                      command of english. The limiteder the better. Select a short
      Underworld. We’re taking a double-decker to Bristol, if you                  sentence at random and ask the first foreigner to translate the
      want to go see back page for details. . See contacts page for                sentence into a tape player.
      Purple Peach.
TO STAY ON THE LIST OR NOT TO STAY ON THE LIST?                                    Then play the tape back to the second foreigner for them to
                                                                                   translate back into English creating the *saying* The Chinese
The mailing list is becoming a bit of a handful so to make sure
                                                                                   whispers effect may have evolved the sentence into an attrac-
it only goes to people who want it, we’re giving you a reply
                                                                                   tive phrase. Testing is of course required to ascertain whether
card. If you send it back you get £2 off the price of the new                      this is in fact the case.
album ok.
health and nutrition
                                       with the Thplitterth            WELLINGBOROUGH...WELLINGBOROUGH...WEELLINGB
                                                                       500 groovers packed into the Thunderbird Rock ‘n’ Roll
Thanks to Steve Cracknell of Leicester for This month’s recipe.        school dinner hall in Wellingborough for a skin-tastic night of
Sosmix shits are an excellent centre piece around which to base a      two-tone. Splitters were followed by the boisterous Ska man
sunday dinner.                                                         doing baldy, bouncy covers in boots and braces. Then im-
                                                                       pressionists More Specials. One confused skinhead re-
Ingredients to serve two (for 4 people just double everything)         quested Baggy Trousers. Lady-legs Braidley (vocals) claimed
- Half a pack of Jusrol puff pastry.                                   to have sustained “second-rate burns” from a rogue hot dog
- Enough sosmix to fill 2 sausage rolls each 30cm long. (Sosmix        onion. You know how they dangle down and stick to your chin?
available from wholefood shops and some supermarkets) You could        Ooh Ouch! Stingy!
use sausage meat.
- Plastic flies - available at joke shops.
Instructions                                                           Splitterrs linked up with Four Foot Fingerrs at Johnny
- Defrost the Jusrol puff pastry and cut into 2.                       Marr’s Marr’s Barr just down the rroad from the Snickerrs
- Mix up the sosmix as if making burgers or sausages.                  Arms. A good music pub this, run by a musician and housing
- Roll out the pastry into a sheet 30cm by 10cm and 2mm thick.         a well equipped recording studio and a sprung dance floorr
- Make a 30cm snake of Sosmix and place it down the edge of            because the building used to be a ballet studio. Did you know
the pastry.                                                            that? I don’t think you did goodbye. Soon to undergo altera-
- Roll it up to make a 30cm sausage roll.                              tions to the ceiling to improve acoustics. Betterr and betterr.
- Repeat with the other bit of pastry.
- Now coil it up like a walnut whip shaped shit.                                             US style ska punk
- Bake in a pre-heated oven at 220 degrees for about 15mins
or until golden.                                                       Wannabe Americans Four Foot Fingers’ singer came
- Garnish the shits with the plastic flies and serve while still hot   straight from his job at Wal-Mart to the gig, still in his work
and steaming.                                                          shirt, pausing only to clip on the ubiquitous wallet chain before
                                                                       fearlessly punking up the atmosphere, heckling the defence-
Enjoy your delicious Sosmix shits!                                     less audience ruthelessly. The mixing desk whimpered in
                                                                       terror as the one-man-riot pummelled the hapless kit.
Variations: Spice up the Sosmix with herbs, pepper, crushed garlic
and chilli powder or make a long, wiggly sosmix eel.

                                     Keep sending ‘em in!
Dr G (guitar) - Crighton
Jay (bass) - Piglet
                                        EEL BANDS
                                        The Eels
                                        Eely Dan
                                        The Beateels
                                                                  SKANt Real young bunch. Precocius talent isn’t it. Jazzy ska pop punk wiv kewl
                                                                  horns www.SKANKt.com. email: info@skankt.com. Tel. 01242 704764.
Ross (manager) - Arkwright                                        Caesor Soze - ska/punk from Japan akira-sato@mte.biglobe.ne.jp. Big up Tokyo massive!!
Braidley (vocals) - Lady-legs           Eelectric Eel Orchestra   Travis Cut - Melodic punk from Leicester - mac@angelheart.worldonline.co.uk
Fez (drums) - Splash, Fizz, Fierre.     Mareellion                Schkmph - funk, ska, African styles from Leicester. eelmail: gwynfa.simon@virgin.net
                                        Eel Eye Span              Drugsquad - skunk for your ears- have a new CD out now. Dave, 8 Glebelands,
Drew(vocals) -Guus Meeuwis                                        Headington Oxford OX3 7EEL. Teel. 01865 763493.
(Pronounced Hoos Merris)                The Feel                  The Skalinskis great vodka swilling ska with hot trumpet want bookings, supports etc. Phone
                                        Laureel Aitken            Dean or Jackie 01782 624693
                                                                  Pigfish - punk/ska - The Reverend James album £7. Mark Sampson, 78 Alcester Rd.
                                        Eel ‘Scratch’ Perry       Birmingham B13 8BB. Tel Tony 01543 304549.
EEL MEET AGAIN....                      Peters and Eel            Belinda Carbuncle spiky oi! type comedy punk 45 Claremont Place, Canterbury, Kent tel.01273
                                                                  233091 www.belindacarbuncle.com
What is the favoured estuary of eels?   Seal                      Martin. Diverse punk, ska, with brass (esp. trombone). Hide Inside The Cabbage CD
The Moray Firth                         Manic eel Preachers       £1.50 also 3 more CDs including new 17 track album Broken Binding.
                                        Dalziel and Pascoe        SKA VENUES AND CLUB NIGHTS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
What instrument do eels play?           Starsky and Eel           Purple Peach hold their well respected Ska City monthly club night at Decades, 45 Bartolomew
                                                                  St, Digbeth, Birmingham B5 featuring DJs Jay Dorfman, Si Lane and Tipper + guest DJ playing
The Congers                             Skeelinskis               ska, rocksteady, reggae, 2 tone, nu stuff & Northern Soul. 8-3am £2 £3after10.30. Phone 0121
                                        Sex Pisteels              6930293 or 07747 186376 or eelmail purplepeach.co@virgin.net
Why didn’t the eel have any pelvic                                Mark Wyeth’s bi-monthly ska stomp-down at The Rayners Hotel 2 mins walk from
                                        Boney Eel                 Rayner’s Lane tube. Owen Gray to record a live album there on June 2nd. Derrick
fins?                                                             Morgan on 23rd June. Phone pub for lowdown or eelmail rayners@rockinat.co.uk
Because eels don’t have them.           Rebeelation               Sublime at The Underworld, Camden on wednesdays. Ska/punk DJs doors 11pm. Phone 0207
                                        Speelitters               482 1932.
                                        Benny Eel                 SKA RADIO SHOWS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
A man took his eel to the vets coz                                Hardcore Street Sounds in Meelton Keynes Sunday 8-10pm on CMRK 89.8FM.
it was                                  Jimmy Saveelle (DJ)       Contact Anna Maria HSS,CRMK, 14 Vincent Ave, Meelton Keynes MK8 0AB
                                        Smoke Like an Eel         SpyTime Italian internet radio show http://www.listen.to/spytime
floating on the top of the tank. The
                                                                  Ska-line radio show, Dublin. Monday 8.30-10.00pm on NEAR FM. Contact the show
vet diagnosed death as the cause.       Cypress Eel               through Ska-Line (below)
“Well can’t you do anything?” the       Beelly                    SKA Zines>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
                                                                  Pulped, George Marshall’s broadsheet ska newspaper. PO box 12
man asked.                              The Bee Geels             Lockerbieel DG11 3BW, SCOTLAND (£10 for 6 issues or free with pages missing)
“Well, if you insist” said the vet      Meteellica                ska, punk, Oi!. Offering discount CDs to subscribers and free compilation CDs!
leaving the room, coming back                                     Mad not Mad zine are ya mad or not? Big E Taylor 4 Mountmores Close, Over Hulton, Bolton,
                                        The Average Eel Band      Manchester 1BL51HT.
with a labrador which sniffed all                                 Ska Face zine 50p 42 Cranmere Road, Melton Mowbray, Leics LE13 1TB. http//
                                        GG Eellin
over the eel. Then a cat which also                               members.netscapeonline.co.uk/markskapunk
sniffed the eel. “That’s £400 de-       Discharge (electrical)    Do The Dog zine. An encyclopaedia of the current world ska scene. Respect the Berkshire
                                        The wombeels              massive. 26a Craven Road Newbury, Berks £5 for 4 issues. Also does compilation CDs
manded the vet. “What? Just for                                   sometimes. Worth a pester.
telling me my eel is dead?” cried       Bounty Keeller            Ska patrol zine, Ska Line 4 Swan’s Nest Ave, Kilbarrack, Dublin 5, Eeland.
                                        Toots and the Mayteels    Time Longer Than Rope zine (£2.50inc) sounds of JA ‘60s and ‘70s for collectors 103 Gaskell
the man. “It would have been £5                                   Way, Lynn, Norfolk PE30 3SG.
but with the lab test and the cat       Etheel Merman             The Origineel Sin a monthly zine that only writes about small and unsigned bands
scan.....”                                                        of eel styles. C/O Didier Becu, Jozef Guislainstraat 6, 9000 Gent, Belgium. Price 36BF
                                                                  stamp or 1 IRC or $1.
                                                                              Report: Belgium, Holland.
                                                                             What was the best gig on the tour?
                                                                             Cafe Welfaard in Den Bosch in Holland. After hitting the coffee shop for errr
If you pay tax ,or even just VAT, some of your money is going into the       coffee we drank free beer then played to a packed bar of tall trustafarians and
New Deel for Music scheme. Some of us can remember when the                  bohemian types. Bit like Gaz’s Rocking Blues but with space.
Macc Ladds did an album on the Young Enterprise Scheme (or
something.) Laminator are a product of the universal and wholly                     What was the tour catchphrase?
                                                                                    six more beers! The natives soon picked that up and shouted it back at
justified culture of use of this scheme to produce subversive material.             us.
It’s more fun than the usual Raw Deal slave labour gulag salt mine
routine. Then again salt mines are great if you like salt. A cross be-        Who were the most interesting/unusual characters you met?
                                                                              Certainly the Portugese were the most unusually interesting and challenging
tween the Dwarves and the legendary G.G. Allin (RIP). keep yer eels
                                                                              people we met. “want to try something new?”, “If you are sick I can help.”
peeled for an interview with these sickos. http://uk.geocities.com/
vilegenerationuk/LAMINATOR.html                                                     What are the 3 best things about Belgium?
                                                                                    Beer, beer and beer, oh yeah and our friends in St Denijs. Sante!
Back to the days of Space Dust, Jamie and the Magic Torch, The Red
                                                                          What are the 3 best things about Holland?
Hand Gang, Sherbet Dib-Dabs... http://tv.cream.org
                                                                          Ganja, asking the police the way to the coffee shop (in Utrecht), Queen’s day in
                                                                          Amsterdam when the police sell seized cannabis in aid of childrens’ charities. “It
Double entendres www.dickshouse.com
                                                                          wouldn’t ‘appen ‘ere...”
Big gay bears www.eurobear.com                                                      What’s it like gigging back in the UK?
                                                                                    No food, No free beer, great audiences and good to be back home.
                                                                            Did the band make any progress as a result of the tour?
                                                                            Yeah, Pierre, who booked the Holland gigs wants to book more gigs in Holland
NEXT MONTH.....                                                             and maybe release our new album in Holland.
                                                                                 How did you get the tour?
                                                                                 Yeah! bands sometimes ask us how they can get gigs. Someone just
Reviews of the Belgium and Holland gigs hopefully from our
                                                                                 asks us to do it. When you do a few gigs you get more if people see you
Belgue correspondent Ingrid Bakaert.                                             and like it. Tony from Rebelation put us in contact with Barney in Belgium
                                                                                 after they played there. Word of mouth innit? Be nice to everyone you
Foreign language skills workshop with our cosmopolitan                           meet they might be a promoter or worse.
drummer Nick ‘itchy’ McFerran (drums)
                                                                               What was the worst thing about the tour?
Nose picking techniques including bogey disposal                               Toilets with a shelf or ‘stool plinth’. It’s in the room with you. Brrrr.
                                                                                Not exactly the most prolific of bands, why don’t you release more
Drinking games from continental Europe                                          recordings?
                                                                                How many do you folking want? We’re always gigging. the songs just
                                                                                come. If we try to force it we make rubbish songs.
                               CD album International Smuggeelrs...............£10+£1 p+p
Splitters second album         Crop top t-shirt...............................................£6 inc.
International Smugglers        Unisex Skinny -ribs T-shirt........................... £6 inc.
£10                            Polo shirts with embroidered logo.................£10inc.
                               T-shirts ................................................(s,m,l,xl) £8inc.
                                     New album cover design full colour
                                     Rock or Riot album cover full colour
                                     Trojan Records style Mohawk design in black
                                     Small logo black T
                                     Blue Line Order Records logo Black/white (XL only)
                               Hooded sweatshirts.........................................£20 + £1p+p
                               Rock or Riot mug (last one) ............................£5 inc.
T-shirt also in black, all     Zip-up feelce tops ..............in black (m or kids) £25+£1 p+p
sizes                          Girl design mouse mats..................................£5 inc.
                               Girl design key rings ......................................50p inc
                               Neck ties..........................................................£2.50 inc.
                               Badges............................................................40p..3 for £1
                               Caps black or green as modelled by Linus below..£5 inc
                               Stickers (see below, right)..................................60p inc.
                               Denim jackets with HUGE Rock or Riot cover design
                               embroidered on the back. 260 thousand billion stiches.
                               About fifty quid. Yes, but they are good.

  Hooded Top
  Black/Navy or any
  colour you want just
  ask we are flexible.

                                        Caps                                         Stickers

 Hooded Top embroidered
                             Please make cheques payable to “The Blue Line Order”
 logo any colour (green      Send to Blue Line Order, 22 Halifax Drive, LEICESTER,
 looks good)                                      LE4 2GT.

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