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					     Consigned by HUNTERTON SALES AGENCY, Agent for James L. Avritt, Sr.
                   Raised at Meadow Creek Farm, Lebanon, KY
HIP NO. 92              STUNNING LADY (NY)                    Stable 4, Row C, Stall 2
                                    Bay Filly. Foaled March 5, 2010. Tattoo No. 2H7979.
                                                             Artsplace .................................... { Miss Elvira
             ART MAJOR p,4,1:48.4 ....................   {
      {      STUNNING BEAUTY p,3,1:53 ..........
                                                             Perfect Profile ............................ { Rodine Hanover
                                                             Camluck ...................................... { Cam Fella
                                                                                                              Lucky Lady
                                                             Dominique Semalu p,3,1:56.2f .. { Big Towner
                                                                                                              Midi A Semalu p,3,1:54.2
             Second Foal                                      7 in 1:54                                       2 in 1:54
             1 in 1:52, 1 1:55 2YO                           11 in 1:58                                       5 in 1:57
             1 $225,000 Winner                                5 $100,000 Winners                              4 $100,000 Winners
             1 Stakes Winner                                  7 Stakes Winners                                3 Stakes Winners
  1st Dam
STUNNING BEAUTY p,2,Q2:00.1; 3,1:53 by CAMLUCK. Winner of 5 races and $177,220 at 2, 3 and 4. At 2, second in
    elim. and $106,600 ONTSS Gold Final at Mohawk, $105,300 ONTSS Gold Final at Flamboro and ONTSS Gold elim.
    at Windsor; third in ONTSS Gold elims. at Flamboro Downs and Mohawk and KYFS; timed in 1:53.3 (finishing
    second). At 3, winner of ONTSS Grassroots at Hanover; second in ONTSS Grassroots at Clinton and Georgian
    Downs and ONTSS Gold elim. at Woodbine. This is her second foal. Dam of -
  SWINGING BEAUTY p,2,1:54.1; 3,1:52-'11 (f, Art Major). Winner of 3 races and $246,853 at 2 and 3. At 2, second in
    $95,000 American-National S.; third in $105,000 Bluegrass S. and $96,927 Eternal Camnation S. (in Pretty
    Katherine's 1:50.4 world record), timed in 1:52.1. Now 3 and winner leg and final of Town Pro Series at Mohawk;
    second in elim. and $279,175 final of Empire Breeders' Classic (to See You At Peelers); third in $272,600 Mistletoe
    Shalee Pace and Fan Hanover S. cons.; timed in 1:49.3f (finishing second).
  2nd Dam
DOMINIQUE SEMALU p,2,1:59f; 3,1:56.2f by BIG TOWNER. Winner of 7 races and $118,346. At 2, winner final of Le
    Montrealaises Series and legs of Lanaudiere and Chateauguay Series; second in Champlain S. and leg of Les
    Montrealaises Series; third in Pitcher S., leg and final Chateauguay Series and final Lanaudiere Series. At 3, winner
    leg Venus Series; second in legs of Les Demoiselle, Les Amazones Series and Les Elegantes Series; third in Bronx
    Filly S., final Les Elegantes Series. Full or half sister to CHARLES SEMALU p,2,2:03.1f; 3,1:54; 1:53.2 ($295,649),
    R SMART ALEC p,2,2:00.4f; 3,1:57.4f; 1:55.4f ($134,560), TITANIUM SAKRA p,3,1:56.2f; 4,1:54.2f; 1:52.3f
    ($119,073), CATHERINE SEMALU p,2,Q1:59.2; 3,1:58.2f; 4,1:56.3 and to the dams of IRISH LUCK p,2,1:58.1f;
    1:53 ($120,277), SO FINE p,2,1:57f; 3,1:51.4 ($111,477), LARGE LIVIN LOUIE p,2,Q1:59.2; 3,1:56.3; 1:54.4f,
    WESTERN PLEASURE p,2,Q2:00.3f; 3,1:55f, etc. From 11 foals, dam of 11 winners (7 in 1:54, 11 in 1:58) -
  BEST OF LUCK p,2,1:56.2–1:59h; 3,1:53 (h, Camluck). Winner of 26 races and $221,017. At 3, winner of ONTSS
    Gold elim., ONTSS Grassroots, City Of London Series and a Preferred; third in leg and final of Clearwater Pace.
  STUNNING BEAUTY p,2,Q2:00.1; 3,1:53 (m, Camluck). As above.
  PANORAMIC p,2,1:54.1; 3,1:51.2f (h, The Panderosa). Winner of 9 races and $124,028. At 2, timed in 1:53.2. At 3,
    13-7-2-1; winner leg and final of Silver Buckets Series, Nat Christie Memorial elim. and Western Canada Derby
    elim.; second in leg of Rocky Mountain Series; third in Nat Christie Memorial; fourth in Western Canada Derby.
  PRECIOUS BEAUTY p,2,1:53.3 (m, Jate Lobell). Winner of 7 races and $112,842 at 2 and 3. At 2, 10-6-0-1; winner
    of her first 6 starts, including $141,750 Kentucky Standardbred S. and 2 legs and consolation of KYFS; third in KySS
    consolation at Lexington. At 3, winner of KYFS; second in Kentucky Summer Championship Final; third in KySS
    elimination at Lexington; timed in 1:52.2. Her first 3 foals are SPORTSWRITER p,2,1:49.2; 3,1:48.3 ($1,566,460),
    INCREDIBLE BEAUTY p,2,1:58.3f; 3,1:54f ($134,630) and SILENT PARTNER p,3,1:53.3f-'11.
  PRO PROSPECT p,2,1:54.3f; 1:52.4f-'11 (g, Western Hanover). Winner of 6 races and $128,288. At 2, winner of
    Reynolds Memorial; second in $88,320 International Stallion S. and PaSS at The Meadows; third in Geers S. and
    PaSS at The Meadows; timed in 1:52.3, 1:53.2f.
  SPECIAL BEAUTY p,2,1:54.1; 3,1:53.4 (m, Rustler Hanover). Winner of 8 races and $83,296 at 2 and 3. At 2, winner
    of Lexington LC; second in ONTSS Grassroots at Kawartha Downs. At 3, winner 2 legs and final of Silver Reign
    Series at Woodbine, final of Miss Vera Bars Series at Woodbine and leg of Princess Series at Mohawk; third in 2
    legs of Miss Vera Bars Series. Dam of SPRIG HANOVER p,2,Q1:57.3; 3,1:52.1 ($438,458), SPENDER HANOVER
    p,2,Q2:01.4h; 3,1:52.4f ($154,012) and STEELHEAD HANOVER p,2,1:52.3f-'11.
  HILARIOUS p,2,1:56; 3,1:52.3 (m, Die Laughing). Winner of 5 races, $58,461 at 2 and 3. At 2, winner 2 legs Starlet
    Series and Peninsula Farm LC; third in leg and final of Starlet Series; timed in 1:55. At 3, winner of NJSS; second in
    Scarlett O'Hara S. and leg of Blossom Series; third in leg Blossom Series. Dam of MILLIONDOLLARSMILE
    p,3,1:50.2 ($439,904), THE COMEDIAN p,2,1:54.1f; 4,1:51.3 ($150,593), HESTIA p,2,1:57.1; 3,1:53.4f ($108,469),
    THE JOKER p,3,1:54f and CENTS OF HUMOUR p,3,1:58.3h; 4,1:58.2h-'11.
  PATTY MAC p,2,1:56.1f (m, Camluck). Winner of 1 race and $51,149 at 2 and 3. At 2, second in elim. and $100,000
    ONTSS Gold Final; third in ONTSS Gold elim.; timed in 1:55.2f. Her first 2 foals are OPEN RANGE p,2,1:57.1f;
    4,1:55f ($110,643) and BOLD BEAUTY p,2,2:03.3f; 3,1:59.2f.
  ART THIEF p,3,Q1:54; 4,1:51.1; 1:50.3 (h, Artsplace). Winner of 5 races and $20,056.
  WESTERN FRONT p,3,1:57.2h-'11 (g, Western Hanover). At 2, timed in 1:57.2f. Now 3 and timed in 1:56.3f.
  PARTNER p,2,Q1:57-'11 (c, Ponder). Now 2 and timed in 1:55.4 in first pari-mutuel start.
Then To: MIDI A SEMALU p,3,1:54.2 by Most Happy Fella–Silent's Sister p,2,2:07.1f by Henry T. Adios.
                                                             STAKES ENGAGEMENTS
Delvin Miller Adios      Cane Pace            Max Hempt Memorial         Landmark               Reynolds Memorial      John Simpson
Arden Downs              Champlain Filly      Historic Series            Little Brown Jug       Art Rooney Pace        Tattersalls Pace
Bluegrass Series         Cleveland Classic    Hoosier Stake              Messenger              Simcoe Filly           Tompkins-Geers
Breeders Crown           Empire Breeders      Horseman No. 104           New York Sires

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