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									    VUEWorks                       ®

    Integrated GIS Asset & Work Management Solutions

                                                                   How are You
                                                                   Managing Your

                   With VUEWorks Web-based Integrated
                 GIS Asset and Work Management Software.
    Map &                                  Work                                   Strategic Asset
    Data Sharing                           Management                             Management

•    View maps & data                  •    Document & track citizen issues   •    Track depreciation & value
•    Manage users                      •    Manage time & expenses for        •    Condition rating: UCI/PCI
•    Search & report                        labor & equipment                 •    Prioritize consequences
•    Display & manage layers           •    Preventive maintenance                 of failure
                                            scheduling                        •    Forecast capital budget needs
•    List & edit attributes
                                       •    Create & track work orders        •    Create & manage capital
•    Link documents & data
                                       •    Manage quantity & expense              projects
•    Manage non-GIS facilities              for inventory
VUEWorks                             ®

Integrated GIS Asset & Work Management Solutions

                                                         Key Challenges Fac-
                                           Citizen Response &
         Customers Say...
                                           Customer Satisfaction
                                           The public requires municipalities to invest significantly in infrastruc-
     “The VUEWorks interface is            ture systems. Therefore it is critical that cities and towns leverage the
     easy for anyone, regardless of        use of technology to demonstrate that they are working efficiently and
     their familiarity with computers                                             productively to meet the needs of
     or this application, to under-                                               their citizens. Advanced soft-
     stand what is going on. It is a                                              ware solutions like VUEWorks
     valuable tool for our staff and                                              are being introduced to improve
     to show our constituents what                                                the way operations and mainte-
     we are doing…”                                                               nance are accomplished. VUE-
                                                                                  Works provides a fast, flexible,
     •    Ryen Tarbet, Information                                                easy way to log, track, display
          Systems Supervisor,                                                     and report on calls from citizens
          Northstar Community                                                     and internal clients, ultimately
          Services District                                                       increasing customer satisfaction.

                                           Retiring Workforce
     “Utilizing the risk assessment
     features in VUEWorks allows us
     to systematically prioritize where    Organizations make daily decisions aimed at reducing the risk of
     to focus our resources and fore-      costly failures. But as time goes on, systems change, people retire,
     cast the impact that capital im-      the knowledge base is lost, and the probability of costly failures in-
     provements will have on the con-                              creases as infrastructure ages. The new gen-
     dition of our entire system – al-                             eration of managers is finding that the old tac-
     lowing us to get the most out of                              tics of replacing aging assets en masse or
     our budget.”                                                  fixing them after they’ve already broken are
                                                                   no longer cost effective.
     •    Tom Holder, Director of
          Water and Sewer Division,                               The days of rummaging through old paper
          Framingham, MA                                          documentation and “picking the brains” of
          Department of Public Works                              senior staffers are rapidly coming to a close.
                                                                  Current processes for managing aging infra-
                                                                  structures are being rendered obsolete be-
     “...With VUEWorks we now use                                 cause of higher demands, more regulations,
     the GIS for maintenance, moni-                               time limitations, and tight financial constraints.
     toring and management of our                                 Advances in GIS and wireless communication
     assets. In this regard we are get-    technology integrated with asset and work management software
     ting a better return of our invest-   tools like those found in VUEWorks are the “here and now” of infra-
     ment in GIS.”                         structure management, offering a more cost-effective, time-saving
     •    Pat Giralt, Relational           solution that helps:
          Database Administrator 3,        • Mitigate risk
          Summit County, Ohio              • Document and transfer institutional knowledge
                                           • Make information readily available to all

     VUEWorks, Inc. ● 10 Ferry Street, # 434 ● Concord, NH 03301 ● (p) 877.636.6413 or
ing Municipalities Today
                                                                                   Benefits of
Fiscal Responsibility
Massive amounts of money are spent every year to rehabilitate or re-             the VUEWorks
place deteriorating infrastructure. The all-too-commonplace “fix as you
go” methodology of maintaining assets may relieve short-term problems,              Solution
                                     but does little to ensure the long-
                                     term viability of infrastructure sys-   •   Using integrated GIS asset
                                     tems, leading to higher operating           and work management tech-
                                     costs and increased risk of property        nology benefits municipali-
                                     and environmental damage.                   ties by providing tools that:

                                    Forecasting the necessary budg-          •   Make information about as-
                                    ets for maintaining and rehabilitat-         sets more transparent and
                                    ing infrastructure assets is a com-          available to those who need
                                    plex process – but it is also where          it, when they need it
VUEWorks asset and work management technology offers signifi-
cant benefits. VUEWorks provides a systematic means with which               •   Integrate citizen service calls
to record, evaluate and track the condition of assets and then use               with work order management
that information to assign a condition index value and the associated
consequence of failure. The use of technology to collect and analyze         •   Provide a straightforward
asset data simplifies the creation of capital improvement plans that             method for tracking cost of
facilitate increasingly accurate long-term budget forecasts.                     operations

                                                                             •   Automatically update asset
                                                                                 values for GASB 34 report-
                                                                                 ing when an asset is up-
Infrastructure Sustainability                                                    dated or replaced
Municipalities must know what assets they have, what condition
they’re in, and what needs to be done to sustain acceptable service          •   Track asset condition and
levels to the community – not just for today or next year, but for the           perform risk analysis for
long-term. To meet the requirements of the EPA’s Sustainable Infra-              evaluating the conse-
                                  structure Initiative, cities and               quences of failure
                                  towns are also increasingly need-
                                  ing to ensure that their infrastruc-       •   Reduce the frequency and
                                  ture is environmentally sound and              cost of emergency repairs
                                  not contributing to problems like
                                  energy waste and pollution.                •   Plan and budget for future
                                                                                 replacement projects
                                    The easy-to-use, web-based VUE-
                                    Works asset and work manage-             •   Share data with other de-
                                    ment software solution provides              partments and connect with
the tools necessary to meet these challenges. It supports the sys-               other systems improving
tematic implementation of asset management programs that effec-                  overall communication and
tively leverage long-term budget planning, life-cycle cost estimating,           coordination
criticality, preventive maintenance and capital replacement planning.

       603.228.8100 ● (f) 603.223.3390 ● info@vueworks.com ● www.vueworks.com
VUEWorks                           ®

Integrated GIS Asset & Work Management Solutions

                The VUEWorks Web-based Integrated GIS Asset
                   and Work Management Software Solution
     VUEWorks at its most basic level brings your GIS       •   If a computer can run a browser, it can run the
     to all users in the organization as a “share the           VUEWorks interface – no need for additional user
     map” viewer without the expense or technical de-           hardware or software
                                          mands of desk-    •   Modular pricing structure allows you to only pur-
                                          top licensing.        chase what you need, when you need it, at an
                                          Everyone can          affordable price
                                          use the maps      •   Minimal IT resources required to manage the system
                                          without the
                                          steep learning    VUEWorks Works!
                                          curve normally
                                                            •   Innovative municipalities are successfully using
                                          associated with
                                                                VUEWorks today to deliver services and manage
                                                                their infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of many
                                                                other solutions
                                                            •   VUEWorks’ channel partners provide local support
                                                                for system integration, data generation, hosting
                                          At its next
                                                                options and other services.
                                          level, it is a
                                          work manage-
                                          ment system
                                          that enables
                                                            VUEWorks 2009
                                                            VUEWorks 2009 is the most powerful version of VUE-
                                          users to cap-
                                                            Works yet. The VUEWorks web-based suite of modules
     ture and address citizen concerns and issues; to
                                                            is designed to allow an organization to start managing
     initiate, plan and capture work efforts; and to man-
                                                            work     processes
     age all resources used in work orders (i.e., labor,
                                                            and capturing citi-
     materials, equipment).
                                                            zen concerns with
                                                            a minimal invest-
     At the highest level, VUEWorks is a strategic as-
                                                            ment of time and
     set management solution that incorporates condi-
     tion assessment, risk analysis, valuation, budget
                                                            • Start with just
     forecasting, and project planning.
                                                                the modules
                                                                you need and
     Easy to Implement, Learn and Use                           add others
     •   Browser-based user interface and ‘plain Eng-           later when the
         lish’ terminology makes the program accessi-           resources are available
         ble to everyone                                    • Modules work independently as well as in concert
     •   Run on your own server or host externally              with each other
     •   Implementation takes days, not months or years     • Connect with SCADA and other systems through
                                                                enhanced ODBC compliant Data Link features
     Cost Effective                                         • Trigger work orders automatically from SCADA data
     •   VUEWorks integrates with your existing ESRI
         GIS and data files                                     Contact us today for more information
     •   Using mobile phone wireless cards, staff have            and to schedule a demonstration.
         real-time access to the full functionality of
         VUEWorks modules as well as linked data
         and documents that are stored back at the
         office, saving valuable time in the field

          www.vueworks.com ● (p) 877.636.6413 or 603.228.8100 ● info@vueworks.com

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