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									Learning and Teaching Funding - Updated 01/11/2011
            Funding body                           Type of funding             Call type

Higher Education Academy, Art, Design
and Media

Sir Halley Stewart Trust                  Research and development             Open

Royal Society of Chemistry                Travel and conference attendance     Open

Higher Education Academy, Languages,
                                          Travel and conference attendance     Open
Linguistics Area Studies

Higher Education Academy, English
Subject Centre

Arts and Humanities Research Council      Research and development             Open

The Leverhulme Trust                      Research and development             Open

Economic and Social Research Council                                           Open
Economic and Social Research Council

Higher Education Academy                  Travel and conference attendance     Open

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation                Research and development             Open

Higher Education Academy, Centre for

Royal Society of Chemistry                Travel and conference attendance     Open

Higher Education Academy, Psychology      Research and development             Open

Higher Education Academy, Physical
Sciences Centre

Higher Education Academy, PALATINE -
                                          Research and development             Open
Dance, Drama and Music

Higher Education Academy, Languages,
                                          Host a seminar or visiting speaker   Open
Linguistics and Area Studies

Higher Education Academy, English
                                          Travel and conference attendance     Open
Subject Centre
Higher Education Academy, Social Policy
                                          Research and development             Open
and Social Work (SWAP)
Higher Education Academy, Engineering
Subject Centre
Economic and Social Research Council
                                          Research and development    Open
Higher Education Academy, The Centre for
                                         Resources and case studies   Rolling
Education in the Built Environment

The Higher Education Academy, Subject
                                          Research and development    Rolling
Centre for Education Escalate

Higher Education Academy, Art, Design
and Media

Higher Education Academy Physical
                                          Research and development    Rolling
Sciences Centre

Higher Education Academy, History,
                                          Research and development    Rolling
Classics and Archaeology Subject Centre

Higher Education Academy, Subject
                                          Miscellaneous               Rolling
Centre for Education
                      Discipline                                Scheme2

             Art and Design           Resource Reviews

             Social Sciences          Social and Educational Grants

             Science and Technology   Education Division Travel Grants

             Arts and Humanities      Travel Bursaries

             Arts and Humanities      Case Studies

                                      Collaborative Research Training Scheme - Student Led
             Arts and Humanities

             Interdisciplinary        Research Project Grants

             Interdisciplinary        Mid-Career Development Fellowship

             Interdisciplinary        Postdoctoral Fellowships

             Interdisciplinary        UK Travel fund

             Interdisciplinary        Main Fund

             Biosciences              Case Studies

             Science and Technology   Chemistry Education Activating Research

             Social Sciences          Psychology Network miniprojects

             Science and Technology   Effective Practice Resources

             Art and Design           PALATINE Development Awards

             Arts and Humanities      Guest Speaker Fund

             Arts and Humanities      Teaching Sessions at Research Conferences

             Social Sciences          Case Study
Science and Technology         Setting up a Special Interest Group

                               Standalone Research Grants: (1) Standard Grants Scheme
                               (>£100,000) and (2) Small Grants Scheme (<£100,000)

Architecture, Design and the
                               Case Studies
Built Environment

Education                      Hot Topic

Art and Design                 Case Studies

Interdisciplinary              Departmental Projects

Arts and Humanities            Classics Small Grants

Education                      Sharing ideas
Resource reviews: The Subject Centre's collection of Resource Reviews has been written by colleagues
who share experiences & recommendations, & describe their use of various learning resources in the
context of art, design & media education.
In the UK the Trustees wish to support innovative projects, which attempt to :-accept responsibility
for disseminating results to practitioners in a form which is likely to result in changes in their way of
Travel grants to fund attendance at conferences and events which are primarily concerned with the
dissemination of good practice in learning and teaching in the chemical sciences i.e. pedagogy
Up to £50 forUK based participants at our workshops. In return for the bursary, we request a report
on the workshop attended. Travel brsaries will be paid on receipt of a satisfactory report within two
week sof the event.
Possible areas: Innovations in teaching practice & curriculum design; the solution of a specific
problem in L&T; the experience of working with students with particular requirements; technology in
teaching; collaboration with organisations.
The aim of the Student-Led Initiative route is to support the establishment of innovative collaborative
research training programmes, originated by and run for postgraduate doctoral students that have a
subject – or discipline – specific focus.

To provide financial support for innovative and original research projects of high quality and potential.
To enable outstanding researchers to develop their careers by taking their research in a new direction
or to a new level.
Application are encouraged from Economics, Education, Management and Business Studies, Advanced
Quantitative Methods, Social Work, and Socio-Legal Studies

Disseminate good practice in learning, teaching and assessment and engage with peers

Work that: addresses a significant gap in provision; develops or strengthens good practice;
challenges convention; tests new ideas/practices; takes an enterprising approach to achieving its
aims; sets out to influence policy or change behaviour more wide
Open call for case studies, priorities: Employer Engagement; Plagiarism; Final year project work/
student research; E-learning - Mobile assessment, JORUM and Web 2.0, digitisation; Linking teaching
& research; Transition; Widening participation

The Education Division has instigated a scheme to assist members of the Royal Society of Chemistry
to activate and energise their research in the field of chemical education. Bursaries are available for
attendance at conferences and arranging collaboratio

To promote the use of effective learning and teaching activities in Psychology, to encourage the
development and sharing of innovative approaches and to raise awareness of the importance of
evaluating the effectiveness of educational methods.
Sharing developed resources, approaches, strategies and materials which effectively promote student
learning in physical sciences and professional skills development.
Better teaching - developing excellent teaching for all students
Flexibility of learning; enhancing the learning experience;
Graduates' impact and contribution to society and the economy
Funding to support colleagues in UK HE institutions who wish to invite Guest Speakers to contribute to
staff development in the learning and teaching of Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies within their
The Subject Centre can pay the expenses of up to two speakers at teaching-related sessions within
Research conferences (up to a maximum of £200 per person). Claims must be supported by
appropriate documentation.
Capture of learning and teaching practices in social policy and social work in the form of short case
Are you interested in setting up a Special Interest Group? Funding opportunities for co-ordinating
Special Interest Groups within the engineering community are currently available.
Funding decisions are based on four key criteria: Scientific quality; Timeliness; Track record of
applicants; Value for money

Examples of good learning, teaching and assessment practices in built environment education

A hot topic enhnaces teaching or learning in a simple, imaginative, creative way. Suggested topics
might be; new technology, sustainable development, accreditation, new ways of looking at
assessment and feedback, student engagement
Case studies: ADM Subject Centre invites you to submit a case study describing, reflecting upon and
evaluating an initiative that you have introduced in your own teaching practice.
Projects that promote change and enhancement in learning and teaching across an academic
department, addressing one of the following Academy themes better teaching; flexibility of delivery
graduates with impact
Small Grants provide support for individual projects, which may take the form of, eg, development of
innovative teaching programmes, surveys of practice and issues, or the creation of resources for
teaching (including electronic resources).
Enhancing teaching and learning by encouraging staff in Education departments to take existing ideas
that are working well within a module, a programme or with a cohort of students, and to develop a
dissemination strategy to encourage the ideas' adoption
Budget        Deadline         Duration

         50              N/A

          0              2-3 years








          0              12 months


     100                 N/A





     200                 N/A






    300   N/A


   1000   1 year

Applications are welcomed from individual staff and/or departments within higher education
institutions or further education institutions in receipt of direct or indirect funding from one of
the UK Higher Education Funding bodies.

Grants are normally limited to 2 or 3 years, but are sometimes extended. They are paid to or
through registered UK charities.

Travel grants to enable members of the Royal Soceity of Chemistry. Applications are welcome
from those in the early stages of their career in the area of chemical education.

Initiatives funded through this scheme should be open to all relevant arts and
humanities doctoral students where appropriate.

The scheme is open to all social science disciplines; interdisciplinary research is particularly
encouraged. Awards can be two or three years in duration.
Applicants shold have no more than three years' active postdoctoral experience when they take
up the award. See web link for further details

Institutions may only hold one application at a time from the Main Fund.

To be eligible the applicant must be:

  *   a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry
  *   employed at an higher education institution
  *   in the early stages of a career in research in chemical education
  *   able to provide evidence of a high

Funds of up to £7500 are available for projects that enhance or support learning and teaching in
higher education dance, drama or music and are of use beyond applicants' own departments
and institutions.

Topics offered must be pedagogic and relevant to the teaching and learning of Languages,
Linguistics or Area Studies in HE. Other criteria apply, see the web link for details.

It is a condition of the funding that a report of between 300 and 500 words be produced for the
Subject Centre website.
Any academic or group of academics involved in teaching engineering at higher education level
can apply. There is a limit to one submission for a SIG per department.

Applications may be for basic research or more applied research topics.

Teachers and students in Education departments in UK publicly funded universities and FE
Applications are welcomed from individual staff and/or departments within higher education
institutions or further education institutions in receipt of direct or indirect funding from one of
the UK Higher Education Funding bodies.

This year the Higher Education Academy is particularly interested in pursuing the following
themes: student engagement, enhancing quality and education for sustainable development.

Staff and students in Education departemnts in UK publicly funded universities and FE colleges
                                  Other information
Reviews will be selected on the basis that they identify an appropriate resource, analyse
and evaluate potential use of the resource, and that they are written in such a way that
others will be able to benefit from your experience.
Applications are welcomed for research, feasibility, pilot studies or development projects
that are likely to improve the conditions of a particular group of people, as well as
having wider implications.

Case studies should be at least 1,500 words long and describing innovative work by HE
English teachers

We are keen to see proposals outlining innovative practices that will benefit a wide
range of postgraduate researchers, either by their involvement in the organisation of the
programme, or by participating in the scheme.
The great majority of awards involve a spend of up to £250,000 over a duration of two to
three years.
Aimed at individuals with between five and fifteen years' active postdoctoral or
equivalent professional experience.

To be used to travel to an event related to at least one of the HEA's current seven
priority themes

We are happy to consider requests to fund core or project costs. These may include
running costs such as staff salaries and overheads but generally not equipment. We do
not fund capital costs.

Guidance and a template are available online

Applications should be submitted by the last working day of November and May each

We are encouraging all colleagues in chemistry, physics and astronomy to submit
summaries of such practices and materials to our resource database.

PALATINE welcomes applications for Development Awards at any time.

The funds available can be used to cover speaker travel costs (within the UK only) and a
small honorarium (not in excess of £150) if appropriate. The maximum sum for which
institutions can bid is £200. Bids can be submitted at any time.

Submit a case study on tried and tested or new practice which your students benefit
All proposals must be specific to engineering education and are welcome on both generic
engineering or discipline specific aspects. See the web link for criteria.
Awards ranging from £15,000 to £1.5 million (100 per cent FEC) can be made to eligible

Max of 2,000 words

Hot topics - short pieces, usually an electronic offering. A contribution to solving a
problem or a challenge.

Funding for Case Studies is normally available throughout the year. £300 for each study

There is no deadline for applications and applicants are welcome to apply at any time.

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