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					                            Bear Valley Springs

                           Bear Tracks
Volume 6, Issue: February 2011
 A Monthly Publication of The Bear Valley Springs Association
      and The Bear Valley Community Services District
          IN THIS ISSUE
BVSA And CSD Staff ................. 2
BVS Telephone Numbers .......... 2
2011-2012 BVSA
 Budget Process ...................... 4
President’s Message ................ 4
BVCSD Manager’s Column ....... 6
Governor Brown’s Proposed FY
 2011-12 Budget ..................... 6
History Of
 Our Current Newsletter .......... 7
Winter Driving Tips .................. 8
Message From The
 Environmental Control
 Committee ........................... 10
Sportsman’s Club .................. 11
The Kids’ Page ....................... 12      Bear Valley Elk, Robert Lugibihl
BVSA Shining Stars ................ 13

                                                                                   BAKERSFIELD, CA
Leash Law .............................. 13

                                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                                     PERMIT #840
BVSA Leash-free

 Dog Park At Cub Lake .......... 13
Clubs And Organizations ....... 14
BVS Carriage Driving Society . 18
The Lakes .............................. 18
Golf News ............................... 19
Whiting Center Activities ....... 20
Fitness Classes At The
 Whiting Center .................... 22
Photography .......................... 22
Shooting Range Update ......... 22
Whiting Center Update .......... 23
 The Parking Lot Is Slippery .. 23
Skate School .......................... 23
Introduction To Geo-caching . 24
Sports Scene
 At The Whiting Center ......... 24
The Oaks Restaurant
 Twilight Diners Menu ........... 24
Oak Branch Saloon
 Superbowl ............................ 25
The Oaks Restaurant
 Valentine’s Weekend
 Sweetheart Special .............. 26
The Mulligan Room ................ 27
The Oaks Restaurant ............. 28
Oak Branch Saloon
 Live & Kickin’ & Spinnin’ ..... 29            Bear Valley Elk, Solvieg Thompson
        BEAR VALLEY SPRINGS                                                             BEAR VALLEY COMMUNITY
           ASSOCIATION                                                                     SERVICES DISTRICT
                  29541 Rolling Oak Dr.                                                               28999 S. Lower Valley Rd.
                   Tehachapi, CA 93561                                                                   Tehachapi CA 93561
                  Phone: (661) 821-5537                                                                 Phone: (661) 821-4428
                 Website:                                                                Website:
      ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                                CSD BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Todd Lander ........................................................... President      Rob Northcutt ........................................................ President
Kay Bryant .................................................... Vice-President         Rick Zanutto .................................................. Vice President
Terry Quinn............................................................ Treasurer      Bill Mason ...............................................................Director
Tim Hawkins ...........................................................Director        Al Romano ...............................................................Director
Scott Miller .............................................................. Director   Bonnie Shea .............................................................Director
     Monthly open meetings of the Board are held on the                                  The CSD Board of Directors meets the 2nd Thursday of
     3rd Saturday of each month at 8:30 am at the OTCC                                         each month at 6 pm and the 4th Thursday
                                                                                               (as needed) at 6 pm at the District Office.
                   MANAGEMENT STAFF                                                                        You are invited!
Administration:                                                                                          MANAGEMENT STAFF
Kirk J. Wooldridge....................... General Manager-ext 212                      John Yeakley ............................................. General Manager                                                              Sandy Janzen ............................ Assistant General Manager
Cheramy Krueger .......... Assistant Assoc. Manager-ext 213                            Clint Stewart ...................... Superintendent of Public Works                                                           Rudy Hernandez ........................................ Finance Director
Julia Stavlo ............................ Accounting Manager-ext 219                   John W. Murray ........................................ Water Supervisor                                                             Frank Brooke ............................................Roads Supervisor
Jennifer Smith .............................................. Payroll-ext 217          Dan Saunders ....................................... Facilities Supervisor
Pat Hignite ....................................... ECC Secretary-ext 211              Patrick Calhoun ............................... Wastewater Supervisor
Lee Luginbuhl ............... ECC Field Representative-ext 214
Karen Luginbuhl ............Board Secretary and Assoc. Office ........ Admin Assistant-ext 231
Ken Holden .............................. Project Coordinator-ext 227
Equestrian Center Manager ............................ Liz Beckham                         DEPARTMENT
Facilities Manager ....................................... Mark Gonzales            
Golf Course Superintendent .........................Brad Batchelor                            25101 Bear Valley Rd.
Golf Pro ............................................................ Duane Gore               Tehachapi CA 93561
Special Events Manager .......................... Tina Warren-Diaz                               (661) 821-3239 ..................... 821-5521-ext 223
Food & Beverage Manager ...... David Zimmerman-ext 225
Tennis Pro ............................................................ Rick Lund      Terry Freeman............................................... Chief of Police
Whiting Center Manager ................................ Debbie Papac                   Dave Watts ........................................ Investigative Sergeant
Executive Chef ........................................ Gonzalo Higareda               Joshua Motley .............................................. Patrol Sergeant

                                 BEAR VALLEY SPRINGS PHONE NUMBERS
  Animal Control........................................... 868-7100                   Golf Shop .................................................. 821-5144
  Association ................................................ 821-5537                Mulligan Room .......................................... 821-4107
     Association Fax .................................... 821-5406                     Oak Tree Country Club ............................. 821-5521
  CSD, ....................................... 821-4428                      Oak Tree Tennis ........................................ 821-6523
     CSD Fax............................................... 821-0180                   Police Dept ................................................ 821-3239
  Equestrian Center ..................................... 821-3960                     Post Office ................................................. 821-6834
  Fire Dept. (business) .................................. 821-1110                    Road Conditions ............................... (800) 427-7623
  Gate (passes)............................................ 821-5261                   Weather Information .................................. 393-2340
     Gate Fax .............................................. 821-3507                  Whiting Center .......................................... 821-6641

                                                                               Page 2
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                                                                      -Howard, Bear Valley                  knee pain?
                                                                                                          . Do the activities you
                                                                                                            enjoy cause pain around
                                                                                 I had given                your knees?
                                                                                    up golf     If you answered YES to
                                                                                    because      any of these questions,
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                                                                   - Carlos, Stallion Springs   20241 Valley Blvd.

                                                                  Return to Freedom. Freedom from Pain. Freedom to Move. Freedom to Live.


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2011-2012 BVSA                                                        PRESIDENTS
BUDGET PROCESS                                                        MESSAGE
Kirk Wooldridge BVSA General Manager                                  Todd Lander, BVSA Board President

    What is a Budget?                                                     Last month, we completed the rotation
A budget, also known as an annual                                     of having all BVSA Directors write in this
operating budget is a financial plan for                              column in an effort to give you the
the upcoming fiscal year. (July 1st, 2011                             opportunity to get to know them better.
to June 30th, 2012). This budget is a                                 Many of you have commented favorably
guide for the BVSA Management Staff                                   to the rotation so we will continue to do
and Board of Directors to use to insure the Association’s financial   so throughout this term.
goals are met by the end of the fiscal year. The Budget is broken         There are many exciting irons in the fire as I write. Your BVSA
into “operating periods”, which in our case are monthly periods       Board of Directors has selected a location for a new dog park to be
that are added up to give the total forecasted or anticipated         built at Cub Lake inside the circumference of the dirt path on the
revenues and expenses for the entire fiscal year. The Budget          north side. This project has already been approved by the CSD at
contains the Associations Revenue (Income), Payroll, and              their January meeting. We are currently looking at a five-foot
Operating Expenses. Based on these revenues and expenses it           high, three-rail wooden fence with no-climb wire in keeping with
also provides Staffing Guidelines for the Amenities.                  the esthetics of the valley. The fence posts will be treated against
    The Finance Advisory Committee                                    rot and come with a thirty-year guarantee. This was of some
One of the responsibilities of the Finance Advisory Committee is      concern because of the high water level during our rainy season in
to assist in building and reviewing the fiscal year budget. The       that area. The advantage of wood beyond the look is the costs at
Finance Advisory Committee is comprised of members of the             less than half of what we would have to pay for an oil pipe fence
Bear Valley Springs Association, which are actual residents that      (the only viable other option). We are currently looking for dona-
have input on how the BVSA money is spent. The members who            tions from our members to help with the cost of the dog park. If you
serve on the Finance Advisory Committee represent a cross             are interested in either giving a tax deductible donation or perhaps
section of the community. Of course, there are some members           your labor in helping to build the fence, please contact the BVSA
willing to serve who have expertise in areas such as insurance or     office. The good news is we already have one member who has
finance that contribute their expertise. The committee members        offered to dig the post holes. And the cost of this project will not
are volunteers and they hold regular monthly meetings throughout      come from your annual assessment fees.
the year, currently scheduled on the fourth Tuesday of the Month          Speaking of donations, the Schroder family (Dennis and
at 1:00 pm at the Association Office. The BVSA Board of Directors     Deborah and their children) will donate a generous sum of money
Treasurer is a member the Finance Committee. As a member of           to complete the construction of an outdoor racquetball/handball
the Finance Advisory Committee the Treasurer’s job is to keep         court. In appreciation for their donation the BVSA will name the
Continued on page 30                                                  Continued on page 31

                           If you need a Realtor/Broker that will
                            represent you in the highest possible                 Bear Valley Springs
                             manner, whether buying or selling,
                            consider Chris Walters. I work hard,
                           do what I say, and listen to my clients.
                                                                                BEAR TRACKS
                                                                           Bear Tracks is published monthly by Maurice Gubler,
                                                20412 Brian Way,
                                                                       20316 Mesa Dr., Tehachapi, CA 93561. Each monthly edition
                                                    Building 3         is delivered via the U.S. Postal Service to all property owners
 BVS Resident since 1984                         (661) 822-1555        of record (approximately 3,200). The balance of 4,100 printed
                                                                       copies is distributed throughout Bear Valley Springs.
                                                                                          Submissions Welcome
                                                                           All articles included in the Bear Tracks issues are submitted
       STATE FARM                                                      by the Bear Valley Springs Association or the Bear Valley
   INSURANCE COMPANY                                                   Community Services District. If you have something of interest
                                                                       for Bear Tracks, you may submit information to Karen
   STATE FARM         LIKE a good neighbor,                            Luginbuhl 821-5537 ex 231 (} or
                                                                       Sandy Janzen 821-4428 ( in a Microsoft
                       State Farm is there.            HOUR            Word document or as an AcrobatTM.pdf file only.
                           We insure in            GOOD                        For advertising information contact
    INSURANCE          Bear Valley Springs.        NEIGHBOR            Maurice Gubler • (661) 823-8700 or Email:
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w w w. g r e e n b e r g c o n s t r u c t i o n . c o m                                     RELIABLE PROFESSIONAL INSTALLERS
MANAGER’S COLUMN                                                        GOVERNOR BROWN’S
John C. Yeakley, General Manager, CSD                                   PROPOSED FY 2011-12
    In last month’s column, I elaborated on
                                                                        Rudy Hernandez, CSD Finance Director
the failure of the special tax for lockable
mailboxes and what the implications to
                                                                            Sacramento – Governor Jerry Brown
the community were. In a similar vein,
                                                                        will release a balanced state budget
this month I would like to talk about
                                                                        today (January 10, 2011) that slashes
another failed tax—one which failed a
                                                                        spending by $12.5 billion, including an
number of years ago, as a matter of fact.
                                                                        8 to 10% cut in take-home pay for most
This one was for a road tax. As complaints, comments, etc. come
                                                                        state employees, and proposes a “vast and historic” restructuring
in at an ever-increasing rate regarding road conditions and
                                                                        of government operations.
repairs, it may be time to bring it up again.
                                                                              “These cuts will be painful, requiring sacrifice from every sector
     Most property owners are probably aware that (among
                                                                        of the state, but we have no choice,” Brown said. “For ten years,
numerous other amounts) there is an item on their property tax bill
                                                                        we’ve had budget gimmicks and tricks that pushed us deep into
in the amount of $340 entitled, “road assessment”. Prior to the
                                                                        debt. We must now return California to fiscal responsibility and get
passage of Proposition 218, the road assessment was reviewed
                                                                        our state on the road to economic recovery and job growth.”
by the board on an annual basis, typically increased by CPI, and
                                                                               Brown’ budget also calls for temporary continuation of taxes
re-imposed on the public at the new (slightly higher) amount.
                                                                        while the state pays off debt, moves forward with his realignment
Passage of Proposition 218 no longer allowed the board to
                                                                        plan and consolidates or eliminates functions.
increase the assessment. There was no requirement for rescind-
                                                                              “Since it will take some time to fully implement these changes,
ing the existing assessment—just no way to increase it. The only
                                                                        I propose to ask the voters for a five-year extension of several
way to obtain additional road monies post Prop 218 is by means
                                                                        current taxes so that we can restructure in an orderly manner,” the
of a special tax. This tax can only be imposed through a vote of
                                                                        Governor explained.
the folks who will be paying it. An attempt a number of years ago
                                                                              He said the proposed spending plan, which puts $1 billion into
to pass such a tax failed to garner even a simple majority—let
                                                                        a “rainy day” reserve fund, closes California’s budget deficit “now
alone the required 2/3’s. As a result, the revenue available for
                                                                        and into the future.”
road maintenance and repair has been completely static for a
                                                                            The Governor said his realignment plan, which he called “vast
number of years.
                                                                        and historic,” will return decisions and authority to cities, counties
     While the revenue has been static, the cost of maintaining the
                                                                        and schools and “allow government at all levels to focus on core
roads has been anything but. The cost of motor fuel, asphalt and
                                                                        functions and become more efficient and less expensive” by
other materials, equipment rental, etc. have all gone up substan-
                                                                        reducing duplication of services and administrative costs.
tially. Several years ago we would contract a million dollar project
                                                                            The one area of state spending spared from cuts is kindergar-
every other year. After passage of Prop 218, that became every
                                                                        ten through 12th grade education.
third year and then every fourth year and finally, not at all.
                                                                              “Schools have borne the brunt of spending reductions in recent
    Aside from the contracting aspect of road repair, we also have
                                                                        years, so this budget maintains funding at the same level as the
to pay ever-increasing costs for our own road crew. Salaries have
increased. The cost of health care and worker’s comp has                Continued on page 31
skyrocketed. The crew is the same size it was ten years ago.
The cost of maintaining the crew, however, is greatly in excess of
what it was then.
    The roads we were able to overlay (or otherwise repair in a                                        Connie Williams
lasting manner) before the passage of 218 are now beginning to                                       661-822-6517
show wear again. Secondary roads and a number of cul-de-sacs
                                                                                                     22118 Old Town Road
are starting to show significant wear—in some cases they are
beginning to crumble and deteriorate at an alarming rate.
     It is obvious that a system of fixed revenue attempting to cover
ever-increasing expenses is simply not viable. I don’t claim to
have the solution, but something will eventually have to give.                                            Tax Preparations • Bookkeeping
                                                                                                          & Payroll • 30 Years Experience

                         O P T O M E T R I S T
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                                  822-1212                                                    (661) 822-9171
                         20231 Valley Blvd. (Santa Lucia Plaza)                        501 W. Tehachapi Blvd., Tehachapi

                                                                 Page 6
THE HISTORY OF                                                            Two proposals for a monthly newsletter were considered at
OUR CURRENT                                                           the May 2006 CSD meeting and then forwarded to the Liaison
                                                                      Committee to work through the details with the Association. By
NEWSLETTER                                                            going with Mr. Gubler’s proposal the District was allowed to
Sandy Janzen,
                                                                      provide residents with monthly verses quarterly information. The
Assistant General Manager
                                                                      CSD has received criticism that providing Mr. Gubler with articles
Communications Committee
                                                                      written by CSD staff subsidizes his business. Since hearing the
Staff Member
                                                                      criticism, staff has forwarded the articles supplied for Bear Tracks
                                                                      to all papers showing an interest in publishing CSD information.
    Bear Tracks has almost hit its five-
                                                                      Mr. Gubler’s contract with the Association will be up for renewal
year birthday! It is a joint publication of
                                                                      in May and will be discussed at the next CSD Communications
the Bear Valley Community Services District and the Association.
                                                                      meeting (February 8, 2011 at 10:30 a.m.). Staff continues to
The CSD Board of Directors approved the joint effort in 2006
                                                                      receive positive comments regarding the newsletter and
following recommendations from both the Communications and
                                                                      appreciation of the more timely information. Some residents
Liaison committees. The CSD requested proposals for the
production of the newsletter and Maurice Gubler won the process       have provided help in regards to grammar and a few residents
by offering to provide the mailing and publishing at no cost to the   have requested less advertising – but all in all the Bear Tracks
district or the association. The CSD Board of Directors viewed        has served our residents well for nearly five years and appears
this as a financial WIN for all. Mr. Gubler has continued to sell     to be a worthwhile project.
advertising to cover the cost of producing and mailing the publica-
tion, while articles are provided by both the Association and CSD.
Some concern was voiced regarding advertising appearing in a
CSD newsletter or a CSD newsletter competing with other
                                                                          Drapes • Blinds and Design
publications for advertising dollars. In 2006 District Council
                                                                                                   By Charlotte
assured the Board (as well as staff) that the project was legal and                                 661 972-6774
provided his seal of approval. The CSD in no way endorses the                                      • Custom Draperies
advertisers and has not entered into any agreements with them.
A five-year contract between Mr. Gubler and the Association was
                                                                                                   • Free Estimates
signed by General Manager (at the time) Bob Mariani. The CSD
                                                                        Over 30 Years Experience   • In-Home Shopping
                                                                          21547 Oak Pass Ave.
later (November 17, 2007) signed a Memorandum of Understand-         • Residential & Commercial
ing with the Association concerning the joint publication.

                                                          Dr. Tony Miszklevitz
                                                 Bear Valley resident, Dr. Tony Miszklevitz, is
                                              now accepting new patients in Bear Valley Springs.
                                            Experience the benefit of chiropractic care in the comfort
                                              of my home or yours. Call (661) 618-6638 or email
                                         for an appointment.

                                          “The power that made the body, heals the body”
    Dr. Tony Miszklevitz established chiropractic clinics at Lake County Tribal Health and Lucerne
    Community Clinic in Northern California. He practiced for 20 years in Santa Barbara during which
    time he served as chiropractor to the University of California Santa Barbara Men’s Volleyball Team,
    Pepperdine Men’s Volleyball Team, Santa Barbara Spikers professional volleyball team, and to the
    atheletes on the United States Olympic Track and Field team at the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

    His credentials include:
     • Graduate, Palmer College of Chiropractic
     • Diplomate: National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
     • Board Certified: in Physical Therapy and X-ray
     • Advanced Studies: in Directional Non-force Technique and Applied Kinesiology

                                                               Page 7
WINTER DRIVING TIPS                                                   move. Tune-in to local radio or check the internet for road condi-
Sgt. Watts, Bear Valley Police Department                             tions in and out of town. But, you all know these tips by now.
                                                                          It’s still true that nobody has figured a way to get “Mother
    Can you believe that another year has                             Nature” to cooperate. It’s still apparent that she doesn’t watch the
passed and Ms. Winter has her sites aimed                             evening news and no matter how many times we jump up and
directly at us? So, as we do each year, it’s                          down and curse, she seems to plant a generous helping of snow
time to write a safe winter driving article.                          and ice upon our paths without a moments notice.
It’s time to remind you to “winterize” your                               The next thing we know, ten cars are sideways and stuck;
car. Check your fluids (including gas), your                          blocking the entire roadway. No one is getting through. Nobody.
tires, battery, wipers, and the like. We suggest                      Not even a plow. The road is blocked. People are stranded.
carrying extra blankets, a phone, some snacks, and of course,         Pedestrians (including the Police) are now ice-skaters sliding
chains. Stay informed and ahead of the game by knowing weather        around the traffic rink. After assuring that no one is injured, the
predictions for the coming days and nights. Getting updated with      task of moving vehicles, without further collisions, is in full force.
the latest weather reports just prior to heading out is always a wise What you don’t need here, is more cars.
                                                                                                      Meanwhile; traffic at the gate has come
                                                                                                  to a complete stop. Those with their new
                                                                                                  (and yes, they are large) 4wheel drive
                                                                                                  decals, are becoming frustrated and angry.
                                                                                                  Since the blockage ahead is out their sight,
                                                                                                  they cannot understand why the gate has
                                                                                                  shut them down.
                                                                                                      Once again, as it’s declared each winter;
                                                                                                  someone growls that they grew up in
                                                                                                  Buffalo, New York, and this alone is reason
                                                                                                  to compel the Officer holding back traffic to
                                                                                                  allow just that person, to pass on through
                                                                                                  as, apparently they have the magic ability
                                                                                                  to float above an accident scene and head
                                                                                                  safely home. Well, through the years, this
                                                                                                  hasn’t ever passed that test. What we have
                                                                                                  learned; is that drivers, who grew up in
                                                                                                  Buffalo, have short tempers.
                                                                                                      It doesn’t matter if it’s in Bear Valley, or
                                                                                                  on a state highway. Please try to under-
                                                                                                  stand that when traffic comes to a halt
                                                                                                  during a snow storm, there’s only ONE
                                                                                                  reason that this has come about; you can’t
                                                                                                  get through. Sure, there’s restrictions
                                                                                                  placed upon your cars’ equipment, such as
                                                                                                  the need for four-wheel drive or chains but,
                                                                                                  none of these benefits matter when there’s
                                                                                                  a dam of vehicles across the road.
                                                                                                      You should get the point by now. So, as
                                                                                                  we begin a new decade, the winter driving
                                                                                                  tips are gonna change. Beginning this new
                                                                                                  year, 2011, we have new and effective
          Tehachapi Flower Shop, 119 East "F" Street                                              winter driving “tips” for all to consider.
                                                                                                  (These will work)
                             Main Street Tehachapi                                                1. The best advice for driving in bad winter
                  Apple Shed, 333 E. Tehachapi Blvd.                                              weather is; not to drive at all, if you can
                                                                                                  avoid it.
                                                                                                  2. Don’t go out until the snow plows and
                                                                                                  rock trucks have had a chance to do their
                                                                                                  3. Allow yourself extra time to reach your
                                                                                                  4. Pack a plentiful supply of patience.
                                                                                                  5. SLOW DOWN.
                                                                                                  6. And, finally, all those other tips I men-
                                                                                                  tioned earlier. (They’re important too)
                                                                                                      In short; if you must drive in snowy
                                                                                                  conditions, make sure your car and its
                                                                                                  driver are prepared and that you know how
                                                                                                  to handle winter road conditions. Be safe
                                                                                                  and have a terrific 2011!

                                                                   Page 8
                                                       Lic #01009634
                                                                       Specializing in Equestrian Properties, Joni Gibson is one of Tehachapi’s proven Top Realtors
                                                                       23021 HOMESTEAD WAY
                                                                       PROPERTY SHOWS PRIDE OF
                                                                       OWNERSHIP! WONDERFUL EQUES-
                                                                       TRIAN PROPERTY. 3 BEDROOM
                                                                       2 BATH HOME ON 1.39 ACRES HAS
                                                                       BEEN TASTEFULLY DECORATED AND
                                                                       HAS A GREAT OPEN FLOOR PLAN. A
                                                                       MUST SEE HOME LOCATED ON THE
                                                                       VALLEY FLOOR CLOSE TO GOLF,
                                                                       POOL, AND HORSE TRAILS.

                                                                       23681 LAKEVIEW
                                                                       GREAT HORSE PROPERTY. ALL
                                                                       FENCED. BEAUTIFUL VIEWS OF CUB
                                                                       LAKE, ACCESS TO HORSETRAILS.
                                                                       HOME IS IN BEAUTIFUL CONDITION.
   Fax: 661 821-2018         On the web at      HOME IS SITUATED ON 1.71 ACRES.
                                                                       3 BEDROOM PLUS OFFICE. NEW
Tour our listings at                            GRANITE COUNTERS THRU-OUT.
                                                                       HORSE ARENA, 3 HORSE STALLS,

List with Gateway! Why pay 6% when you can pay 4.5% total commission   TACK AND HAY ROOM.

24351 PUEBLO CT                                                        30731 FOXRIDGE
HOME IS IMMACULATE! PRICED FOR                              $310K      BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM HOME. TWO
A QUICK SALE. MOVE IN READY.                                           PERSON, JETTED TUB IN MASTER                                                   $399K
CURRENTLY NOT SET UP FOR                                               BATH. GRANITE SLAB IN KITCHEN
HORSES BUT LOTS OF ROOM FOR                                            AND BATHROOMS, STAINLESS STEEL
THEM. THE HOME OFFERS PRIVACY                                          G.E. PROFILE KITCHEN APPLIANCES,
AND BEAUTIFUL OAK TREES. ONE OF                                        FULL KITCHEN BACKSPLASH W/
THE BEDROOMS IS CURRENTLY                                              DECORATIVE LINER, MILGARD DUAL
BEING USED AS AN OFFICE.                                               GLAZED, VINYL FRAMED WINDOWS
4 BEDROOMS. 1.04 ACRES.                                                THROUGHOUT. 3.63 ACRES.

                                        Double Mountain,

                                We have RV & Motorcycle parts on hand.
    Winterize your RV Now
        $49.00 - $59.00
                (depending on your RV)

    Come see our new location
    and get geared up with our
    Great Motorcycle Specials
              Under New Ownership                                               Full Service shop for your RV.
                                                                                  Over 20 years experience.

                                                               Page 9
Pat Hignite, ECC Secretary                                                                                         Jake McAfee
Owners/Tenants Responsibilities
    With the increasing numbers of renters in Bear Valley, property                                            (661) 316-2387
owners should be aware of their responsibilities in regards to their                                                        Fax
tenants.                                                                                                         (661) 872-9099
   (1) Any requests submitted to the ECC must be submitted by
       the owner, not the renter.
   (2) Any ECC Violations attributed to the renters will be sent to         2421 Haley Street #8 ~ Bakersfield, CA 93305
       the property owner(s).
   (3) Vacant rentals must be maintained by the Owner, both
       property and structure.
Please refer to C & R’s 7 b. 4. Each lot and improvements located
thereon shall be maintained by the Owner in good condition and
repair and in such a manner as not to create a fire hazard, all at
Owner’s expense.
Holiday Lights
    Winter holidays have come and gone. Holiday lights may not
                                                                                          Interior & Exterior
stay up, even if they are not turned on. Please refer to ECC Section           Residential/Commercial Coatings
113 B which states: holiday lights “. . . . must be removed within          Specializing in Bear Valley ECC Color Requirements
4 weeks after the holiday.”
Tarps                                                                       Josh Tickenoff • 661 972-9049 • Lic # 873752
    Not everyone can fit all the toys into a garage. Then there’s the
woodpile to cover and now the roof leaks. What’s a person to do?
    Please refer to ECC Rules, Article 1, Section 109B reads, “No
white, blue, shiny or reflective silver or other brightly colored tarps
are allowed for exterior use.”
    Please plan ahead and purchase black, brown, tan or dark green
tarps to use during inclement weather. Help keep our valley
Lighting Rule
    The intent of the ECC lighting rule (Section 113) is to maintain
the subtle low-level lighting on residential lots that is in keeping with
the rural character of Bear Valley Springs. All exterior lighting,
except solar should be extinguished by 10:30 P.M. Motion detector
lighting should be set to a 15 minute cycle. Exterior lighting must be
shielded and not to exceed 40 watts, incandescent, 750 lumens.
    Solar lighting should be low-wattage less than watt per fixture
and each light needs to be no less than 18 feet apart. When
considering adding color lights to your landscaping, adding more
lights to your landscaping, or adding more fixtures, remember you                 Bear Valley’s Premier Pet Service
need to submit a request to the ECC prior to installing them.                       Experienced, Insured & Bonded
Indicate the type, locations and amount of lighting on your submittal.         Pet Sitting • Dog Walking • Waste Removal
    The purpose and intentions of the C&R’s are to preserve the                 Take to Vet • Purchase Food • Overnight
natural environmental of Bear Valley Springs. We urge any property                 Mark: 661-821-0253 - 818-427-8012
owner to contact the Association office Monday through Friday,                  
8:30 – 5:00, (661) 821-5537 to clarify any questions or concerns                  “Sit all sizes from hamsters to horses”
you have regarding any of our Governing documents.

                            OLD CROW                                                        EdwardJones
                                                                                               Ben Graham
                            CHIMNEY SWEEP                                                              Financial Advisor
                                                                                             20300 Valley Blvd Suite C, Tehachapi, CA 93561
                       Over 39 years experience
                         with the Fire Service                                                       661-822-2312
                              Dan 661 822-7427                                                          Member SIPC
                              Josh 661 972-9049
                                     License # 016074

                                                                   Page 10
SPORTSMAN’S CLUB                                                       the usual: hiking boots, water, sunglasses, dress warmly, hat, etc.
Kay Bryant                                                                 Sportsman’s Club Monthly Meeting: Meet at OTCC Card
                                                                       Room from 6:00-7:00 pm. We look forward to
    Sportsman’s Club is gearing up for another exciting year of golf   seeing you there. All of us were once first
tournaments, RV trips, excursions, progressive dinner, wine and        timers and felt very welcome. You will too
cheese event, deep pit BBQ, Fall Dinner, monthly hikes and Toys        and we’d love to have your input. And,
4 Tehachapi Children. If you’re not already a member, just look at     join us for dinner afterwards either in the
what you’re missing. Some of these events are Members-Only             bar or the restaurant.
events. If you are a member, ask yourself where you could
volunteer as volunteers are what makes this club so successful.        Here’s What’s Coming So Far:
    2011 Club Officers: Bill Marquardt will not be able to be Club     Lunch Golf Tournament  May 21
President for 2011. Pat Engel, as First Vice President will take       Chili Cook-Off         June 5
over as Interim President until a new President is confirmed.          Hot Dog Booth          July 2-4
Please let Pat know if this position would be a good match for you     Dinner Golf Tournament July 30
or if you have someone you would like to recommend. Pat’s              Deep Pit Bar-B-Q       August 25
number is 821-1625                                                     Wine & Cheese          September 17
    Sportsman’s Club Dues: Just a reminder that 2011 dues              Fall Dinner            October 15
need to be in by February 28, the deadline for you to receive          Horseshoe Tournament   October 16
newsletters, etc. Please call Pat Engel at 821-1625 if you need a      Toys Social            December 6
membership form. Membership forms must be sent along with
your check to: Sportsman’s Club, PMB#4, 25101 Bear Valley                 Still planning those RV trips and excursions.
Road, Tehachapi, CA 93561.                                             Where would you like to go? Let us know.
    February Hike: Join us on Saturday, February 5 and hike to         Remember, the more involved you get with this
Wild Oak Canyon. Meet at Equestrian Center parking lot at 9:00         club, the more fun, the more friends and
am. Anyone is welcome to the hikes (great for families). Bring         the more rewards you will get.

                                                                             It’s not all about breakfast anymore!
                                   Open Daily 5:00 am - 9:00 pm

                                    Come as
                                    you are,
                                   Shop from
                                    your car!
  20521 Hwy 202 Tehachapi • Corner of Woodford-Tehachapi & 202

     Nelson Horse
       Waterers                                                            Serving the Best Steaks in town, but...
                                                                                     YOU Be The Judge
                                                                                     Sun-Mon 6 am-2 pm • Tues-sat 6 am-8 pm
                                                Lic # 829562

         General Contractor                                                         20424 Brian Way • 822-1608
   Improvements • Repairs • Electrical • Welding
        Trenching • Postholes • Excavation
                   Over 30 Years Experience
                                              No Job too Big
                                               or too Small
    Randy Waterworth, Weld Shop Coordinator
  •Custom Shop Welding and Fabrication
  •Specializing In:
    Mig Welding, Tig, Aluminium & Stainless Steel
  •Sheet Metal Fabrication & Repairs
  •Heavy Equipment, Truck & Trailer Repairs
  •Custom Tie Racks & Horse Wash Stalls Installed
  •Portable Welding

                                                               Page 11
                                         CREATED BY JESSICA MATTINSON, SECRETARY, CSD

                                                  H J M B E E E L E P P                 U
                                                  M R A K S K V N E T G                 L
                                                  F V E B I Q O P R A I                 Z
                                                  C E L E B R A T E H D                 N
                                                  L A R E D E F T O V P                 E
                                                  A L N Z O E A L R T O                 P
                                                  K M Y Q K T I A N B H                 T
                                                  G U D J S D H E G C L                 H
                                                  X M T X A U M I V B I                 C
                                                  R X X Y B N A U W Y O                 A
                                                  K Y L L R Z V L H N D                 L
                                                  F R H E K P L A Y L P                 A
                                                  C H V H W Y J C N F K                 X
George Washington quotes                                                                              GOVERNMENT
“Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation;                                LOCAL
   for it is better to be alone than in bad company.”
“The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that
   disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained”

                                                  Great $$$$$                                                             Monday Nite
                                              R.R. Ties & Timbers                                                          Specials
                                                                                                                          Med Margarita 2.75
                                                   from $8.99                                                               Kamakazi 1.75
 Great Prices, Quality & Service Since 1973      2,500 in stock                                                            Well Tequila 1.75
 Corral Panels - Gal. 5’x12’ - 4 Rail ......... FROM $83.56
 Ranch Gates - 12’ - 5 Rail ........................ FROM $65.00                      Mexican & Seafood Restaurant
 Horse Fence Wire - 48”x100’ - lite .......... FROM $103.98                We cater banquets, weddings and all special occassions
 T-Posts - 5, 6, 7, 8 Length Available ...... FROM            $3.09
 Stall Matts 4’x6’x1/2” thick ..................... FROM $41.27                      Express Buffet
 Ivermectin Wormer ................................... FROM $5.79
 40 Lb. Dog Food ...................................... FROM $15.95         Mon:     Chicken Fingers, Chile Colorado, Arroz con Pollo
    The Professionals For All Your Fencing Needs.                           Tues:    Fajitas de Pollo & Taquitos
  We Sell the Only Post & Rail With a 30-yr Warranty.                       Wed:     Chicken w/ Mushrooms, Arroz con Pollo,
                         822-9101                                                      Beef Fajitas
                                                                            Thurs:   Chicken & Broccoli, Flautas, Chile Verde
                                                                            Fri:     Steak Ranchero, Vegetable Fajitas,
    30 YEAR                                               Install &
                                                          Delivery                    Chile Verde & Chile Colorado
                       * All Prices Subject to Change *
                                                                           661 822-7611 • 20416 Valley Boulevard • Old Towne

                                                                      Page 12
Bear Valley Association’s Shining Stars!                       BVSA LEASH-FREE DOG PARK
                                                               AT CUB LAKE
                                                               Katy Jacobson and Paul Cooke – BVSA Members

                                                                   A lot of people in Bear Valley Springs own and adore their
                                                               dogs. Our dogs, Rat Terriers, are energetic and love to run and we
                                                               try to exercise them everyday. One thing we have missed, since
                                                               we moved here, is being able to let them (legally) run leash-free
                                                               and do things like chase balls. We presented a proposal to the
                                                               Bear Valley Spring Association (BVSA) Board of Directors to have
                                                               a leash-free dog park at Cub Lake and after some additional
                                                               discussions, research and alterations, it was unanimously
Hats Off to the Following BVSA Employees who                   approved at the BVSA Board meeting on Saturday, January 15,
                        have received                          2011. One BVSA member even mentioned that he was surprised
                                                               no one had suggested it before. The Bear Valley Community
                   “On the Spot Rewards”                       Service District (BVCSD) Board of Directors approved the project
These individuals have been recognized for going               unanimously at their Board meeting on Thursday, January 13,
the extra mile to help their own                               2011 as well.
                                                                   BVSA Staff has been researching different fencing options for
or other departments in their daily routines:                  the dog park. On January 15, the BVSA Board approved a
Oak Tree Country Club           Oak Branch Saloon              5-foot 3-rail wood fencing with no climb wire, including 5-foot
Cheyanne Warren-Diaz            Cher Hutchison                 access and man gates. There are to be two sections of the dog
Connie Cosley                   Marshall McCullough            park, a smaller section for dogs 20 pounds or less and a larger
Danielle Decant                                                area for dogs over 20 pounds.
Devin Hayes                     Oak Tree County Club Kitchen       Dog parks give dogs much needed healthy exercise and
Megan Engle-Gray                Estaban Benitez                socialization time. It also gives the owner some time to chat and
                                Lorena Benitez                 share information with other dog owners. If you are not feeling
Mulligan Room                   Colby Tharp                    able to take a walk it allows you to rest on a bench while your dog
Danielle Tildahl                Guillermina Ramirez            gets to play.
Gabby Reyes                     Kevin Thompson                     When it comes to dog parks, the research has already been
Maximina Garcia                 Lupita Higareda                done and suggested guidelines have been provided by the
                                Maria Florez                   American Kennel Club. There needs to be signs, rules, pet
Facilities Maintenance          Santiago Higareda              stations, trash containers, benches, water and hydrants. If you are
Andres Cardenas
                                                               interested in the guidelines you can check the American Kennel
Flaviano Reyes                  Oak Tree Country Club Office   Club website to see examples. You can also visit the BVSA
Teresa Reyes                    Anita Baver                    Association office and take a look at the dog park proposal, and
Veronica Barajas                Caren Wallace                  proposed rules they are working on.
                                                                          The project location is shaping up to be within the outer
LEASH LAW                                                              “dg” portion of the walking circle at Cub Lake. We sug-
Jim Carmichael, Ranger                                                 gested a 300’x175’ feet in size. BVSA Board members
                                                                       expressed an interest in having a shape that matches the
    This Kern County law comes with a large fine                       aesthetics of the area. BVSA staff feels the fenced dog park
for those who violate it. All dogs must be on a                        would use about 60% of the space inside this walking circle
leash in Bear Valley Springs this is a rule, an                        area, and would be located in higher grade area.
ordinance and a law. Electronic leashes are not                           Many people have verbally said they would like to
approved, to some, this type of leash is consid-                       donate money and/or time to the project. Now that we are
ered inhumane because it shocks the animal.                            approved, it is time to get a base of people on an email list
The dog has to be in your control, one end of                          and get definite contributions of labor and or money. Luckily
the leash is held in your hand, the other is                           we have a 501(c)3 Tax-Deductible organization in Bear
attached to your pet.
                                                                          Continued on page 31

  Sign up for the world’s most
      popular martial art!
  Judo Signups February 7th & 9th, 7-8 pm!
  The fee is $75 (includes 3 months instruction
  and a Judo uniform (gi)! Signup at
  Stallion Springs Rec Center
  27850 Stallion Springs Drive, Tehachapi.
                                                                                                   (661) 805-1203
  Questions call John at 832-8852 or 342-2961

                                                         Page 13
                (Note some of the contacts may have changed, but we don’t have the new information)
O AIM (Actively Involved Mothers)                                         O BVS WOMEN'S CLUB
Contact Pres. Lisa Benya, 821-0484 - Organizes fun, safe,                 President Lorie Weinroth 714-727-8512. Provides an opportunity
structured events in BVS for the kids.                                    for good fellowship among the women of BVS. Visit us on our
Website                             website at
O ALLIES & ALBUM MAKERS                                                   O CARRIAGE DRIVING SOCIETY
Julie Amstutz 821-9000. Meet: 3rd weekend. Friday 5-10 pm,                Dawn Wright, 821-8970. Meetings are the 2nd Thursday every
Saturday 10 am-4 pm & Sunday 1-7 pm! Make progress on scrap               month, 6 pm at the Equestrian Center Lounge. We promote safe
booking & digital albums.                                                 driving, drive and ride outings and good horsemanship.
O BEAR VALLEY 4H                                                          O CERT (COMMUNITY EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM)
Community Leader Laurie Hamilton, 821-2406. Open to all                   Jim Nelson, 821-5205. Training BVS residents “to be prepared
children ages 5 to 19, current projects include shooting sports,          and ready to serve” in the event of a local disaster situation.
arts & crafts, home economics, horse, llama, poultry, sheep, goats,       O FRIDAY NIGHT BRIDGE PARTY
and rabbits. 4-H community meetings are conducted 2nd Monday              Carol Burdick 821-7213 or Elaine Williams, 821-5768. Friendly,
of every month at 7:00 pm, Whiting Center Arts & Crafts Room.             relaxed atmosphere for couples and singles to enjoy social bridge.
O BEAR VALLEY BUCKAROOS                                                   O GENE'S BRIDGE CLUB
Jeanne Gray 821-1745. Promotes safe, fun, western cowboy                  Ray Stewart, 821-4745. Provides a friendly and relaxed
activities for kids and adults alike. All levels of riders welcome.       atmosphere for enjoying duplicate bridge.
O BEAR VALLEY PONY CLUB                                                   O HISTORICAL PRESERVATION SOCIETY
Megan Burford at 331-0597 or email:                 Judy Reynolds, 821-7035. Provides an opportunity for good
Website http://bvspc.blogspot. BVSPC is part of The United                fellowship and encourage the residents of Bear Valley to become
States Pony Club, an international organization, which promotes           interested in the preservation of this community’s historical past.
the development of the young English rider (to age 25).                   Primary concern shall be the preservation of the old Bear Valley
O BEAR VALLEY SPINNERS & WEAVERS                                          School House and its service as a mini-museum.
Elaine Maxwell, 821-1680 or Rona Samuels, 821-5828. Exchang-              O OAK TREE CC WOMEN'S GOLF CLUB
ing of techniques & support.                                              President Diane Griffin 821-3903. Weekly 9-hole & 18-hole play
O BEAR VALLEY YOUTH SPORTS CLUB                                           day for members. Mondays 4-person scramble open to all ladies
Pete Smith, 821-0850. This club will assist with the fund raising         who wish to play.
and distribution of raised funds for the betterment of youth-sports       O OAK TREE CC MEN'S GOLF CLUB
activities in BVS. Monthly meetings are held the 4th Thursday of          Meet monthly 9 am, 2nd Tuesday in the Card Room at the
the month 6:00 pm, at the OTCC Card Room.                                 Country Club. Information, call Gary Jones at 821-0218.
O BVPD VIPS (V       olunteers in Police Service)                         O OAK TREE TENNIS CLUB
For brochure and application. Captain A. Dameron, 821-1157                Tennis Pro, Rick Lund, 821-6523. Promotes interest in tennis
O BVS CHESS CLUB                                                          activities among members and families.
Jack Wildermuth 821-1521 email at             O P&J BRIDGE CLUB
We meet the 3rd and 4th Tuesdays from 9:00-12:00 noon at the              Terry Papac, 821-1334
OTCC Card Room. Just show-up and have fun!                                O PAN PLAYERS
O BVS CRAFTY LADIES                                                       Adele Conners, 821-2411
Verna Williams, 821-1023 or Rosemarie Schermer 821-5706.                  O R/C MODELERS
Meets at the Equestrian Center Lounge, every Tuesday, 1- 3 pm.            Ken Holden, 821-0152
Bring your own project and get acquainted!                                O TRAIL TREKKERS ENDURANCE CLUB
O BVS CULTURAL ARTS ASSOCIATION (CAA)                                     Carol Miller, 821-8966. Enhancing club member enjoyment of
President Terry Papac 821-1334,Co-Membership Chairs:                      existing trail system within BV, increase knowledge in safe
Catherine Smirnoff 821-0817 & Linda Turco 821-1505. CAA                   long-distance trail riding and equine metabolic system.
provides performing arts programs to enhance our way of life.             SPECIAL INTEREST GATHERINGS
O BVS DEBATING SOCIETY                                                    O BEAR VALLEY DIRT RIDERS
BJ Mitchell, 821-5110. Present public debates on issues of
                                                                          Oganized for off-road motorcyclists and quad riders looking for fun
interest to BVS property owners and residents.                            places to ride and good people to ride with. Of f-road motorcyclists:
                                                                          Billy Dean at 821-1026,
Lois Quinn, 821-6323. Active in many equestrian dressage
                                                                          Quad riders: Erin Cross 821-0383 or email
activities in the local area.                                             O BETA SIGMA PHI
O BVS EMERGENCY AMATEUR RADIO TEAM                                        President Arlene Weed, 821-7888. Our organization is social and
John Carnakis, 821-2067. This team is made up of licensed                 philanthropic and everyone is invited. We meet once a month for
amateur radio operators in BVS who donate their services in               a luncheon or for social events.
times of an emergency. Weekly net check-in Sunday evenings
                                                                          O BOY SCOUTS TROOP 135
at 7:00 pm 146.700Mhz(-) PL123.0                                          Scout Master, Kirk Newman, 821-7011
                                                                          O BOY SCOUTS TROOP 594
Linda Coverdale, 821-0489 or Caron Castner, 821-0388. The
                                                                          Scout Master, Brian St. John, 821-1241
garden club meets March through October at the Equestrian                 O BVS CONDO ASSOCIATION
Center Lounge. Plan garden tours, programs, etc.                          Pat Kelley 821-6625, Jed Hannan 818-414-2430. All owners,
O BVS HORSEMAN’S ASSOCIATION                                              renters and interested parties meet the second Saturday of the
Ron Hayton, 821-3206. Promotes fellowship, equestrian activities          month at 10 am in the Oak Branch Saloon.
and facilities, supports acquisition and preservation of riding trails.   O TEHACHAPI MOUNTAINS BIRDING CLUB
                                                                          Al Crisalli Jr. 823-0474. A non-profit, independent club dedicated
Tim Hawkins, 428-0372. A group of men joining together for                to a better understanding of Tehachapi birds.
service to the community and fellowship.
                                                                          O TEHACHAPI MOUNTAIN QUILT GUILD
O BVS SPORTSMAN'S CLUB                                                    Meets the 1st Monday of the month at the BVS Community
President, Bill Marquardt 821-0775 - The club coordinates a wide
                                                                          Church between 9:00 and 9:30 am. Social time and business at
variety of social, sports and RV activities.                              9:30. Visitors and new members are welcome.

                                                                  Page 14
Notice 1
Notice 2   Cont’d on Notice 3 & 4
                             I have moved to Country Real Estate
                             On the go making things happen!

You’ll find this wonderful 3 bedroom, 2                 One of Cannon Constructions most
& half baths, 2,834 square foot home                    prestigious floorplans located on a
has a lot to offer. With a family room,                 stunning lot. This 2,669 sq. ft., 5
living room and den. Professionally                     bedroom 3 bath home has a split wing
landscaped yard in front and back,                      design and oversized four car garage.
separate work shop, 1,400 square foot                   This home is complete with natural
3 car garage. There is something for                    gas and central air throughout, and a
everyone in this fabulously priced                      propane gas generator and chair lift
$329,000 home.                                          from garage to living area. A great
Call Terri Juergens at 303-6868!                        bargain at $399,000!
                                                        Call Terri Juergens at 303-6868!

                                                  Cell 303-6868
                                                Office 822-4433
  107 E. Tehachapi Blvd., Tehachapi
25101 Bear Valley Rd. #217, Tehachapi

                    Some of our Menu items
Our food is prepared fresh daily, Please call to check availability as menu and prices are subject to change.

Mon Wed Thur Fri Sat 11-8 • Sun 11-7 • Closed Tuesday
   426 East Tehachapi Boulevard • (661) 822-0772
                                        Homes starting at                                                                          Land starting at
                                           $85,000                                                                                    $12,000

                                          Serving Bear Valley for over 30 years
    OFFICE                            The only real Estate office inside Bear Valley
 661 821-5567                           Trish Trower Broker Designee 972-0897
Free Trail Maps • Call 821-5567 for a Gate Pass • Free Information Center
                                                                                     ENCHANTING HOME! The meandering, paved
                                                                                     driveway will bring you to the 3172 SF home, not
                                                                                     visible from the road by design and desire for
                                                                                     privacy. You will be delighted by the formal, yet
                                                                                     rustic entrance to this home. Sunny kitchen,
                                                                                     complete with an island, a breakfast area, a pantry
                                                                                     and to the right a formal dining room, all with views
                                                                                     to enjoy nature outside, 4 bedrooms, 2
                                                                                     baths. $354,264 Call George
PROPERTY!! This 3BR, 2BA home sits on 1.12 acres
of horse property. It has been recently updated with
hardwood flooring, paint, newer carpet, updated
bathrooms, newer light fixtures, under cabinet lighting,      AMEE
newer window coverings, newer water heater and               KEESEY                                                                               GEORGE
much much more!! On the exterior of the home you
can’t help but take in the beautiful views of the lake,      301-6068                                                                              DOME
mountains and pastures! $199,000.                                                                                                                 301-8495
email: •                                                                                 
                                                                                                                    NEWLY REMODELED 1925 sq ft 3 bdrm/1.75 bath
                                                                                                                    home on 2.89 acres, Granite, slate tile flooring, new
                                                                                                                    cabinets, carpet, paint and fixtures. Meadow and
                                                                                                                    mountain views from the great room. Convenient
                                                                                                                    valley floor location. All this plus HUGE 1600 sq ft
                                                                                                                    insulated steel building just waiting for your projects,
                                                                                                                    storage, or convert to a barn for your equine friends!
                                                                                                                    CALL BETH HALL 661 699-2855. For a video tour

                                 TOO MANY EXTRAS TO MENTION!!
                                 This 3BR, 1 & 3/4BA contractors has an
                                 impressive open floorplan! High quality upgrades.      BETH HALL
                                 Vaulted pine ceilings, wood laminate flooring,
    SUSAN                        majestic granite formations, and beautiful              699-2855
 CZAJKOWSKI                      mountain views. Walking distance to the CC, golf              email:
                                 course, tennis courts, pool and lakes. $163,000
           email: •                                                                   Plus a 1600 sq ft shop!
                                                                                     NEW LISTING, This stunning home is move in ready!
                                                                                     3 bedroom plus office or 4th bedroom and 2 baths.
                                                                                     Landscaped front and back yards with a fenced backyard
                                                                                     and beautiful views. Tile flooring and countertops, RV
                                                                                     parking, walk-in pantry, spacious bedrooms, and a large
                                                                                     master suite. This one wont disappoint and is priced to
                                                                                     sell! $335,000. Contact Brittany Osmond 661-549-9499
                                                                                     for more info or to schedule a showing!

feet, hand crafted by master builder Bill
Worthington, is waiting for a connoisseur. The
traditional Craftsman Lodge has 4 bedrooms, 3.5
baths and a large workshop that could serve as a                                                                                                   BRITTANY
guest home. Situated on 8.46 oak studded,
                                                            SOLVEIG                                                                                OSMOND
private acres with pristine views. Sellers have
been transferred and offer this immaculate home            THOMPSON                                                                                 549-9499
for an incredible $ 695,000.                                747-2025
email: •                   •
                                                                                            BVS CARRIAGE DRIVING SOCIETY
                             Serving Tehachapi Since 1963
                                                                           CHAMBER OF       Dawn Wright, President BVSCDS
                                                                          COMMERCE 2010
                                                                          SMALL BUSINESS
                                                                           OF THE YEAR
                                                                                                There was a time when 2011
                                                 Dozen Roses                                seemed so far in the future. The
                                                                                            best part is we are living our days
                                                  Starting at                               in Bear Valley Springs! This has
                                                    $39.99                                  to be the best place to live if you
   661 822-3117                                                                             ride or drive horses. Now, if Ol’
119 East “F” Street Downtown Tehachapi
      119 East “F” Street Downtown Tehachapi                                                Man Winter would just give us a
                      (Next to Yogurt Junction)                                             break, we could get out and enjoy.
                                                       I just do not want to waste a day
                                                                                            while my horse and I have our
                                                                                                The January meeting was
                                                                                            celebrated with our traditional
                                                                                            ‘Chili Cook Off’. The officers
                                                                                            made their favorite chili and
                                                                                            cornbread...yumm. We had pork,
                                                                                            turkey, and beef chili.
                                                                                                Our speaker for the evening was Sue Pearson and Kristi
                                                                                            Bret Hart. They were accompanied by their service/hospice
                                                                                            dogs, Ernie and Penny. Therapy pets can make a huge
                                                                                            difference in the love they give to those in need, especially for
                                                                                            a patient and their family in time of a crisis. Kristie is involved
                                                                                            with Optimal Care, and Patient Visitation. They offer patient
                                                                                            and family support. This is an amazing program where you
BEAUTIFUL BUILDABLE LOT on                                                                  can make a difference. They accept dogs, horses, and even
the valley floor of Bear Valley                                                             guinea pigs.
Springs. Gentle slope with view of                                                              Care Pal is designed for pets in pet therapy. The pet must
the valley filtered by majestic oaks.
                                                                                            pass a “Good Citizen Certification.” These pets give warmth to
One of the best priced lots in the
area. Plans also available. Perhaps                                                         shut-ins. Many miniature horses are in this program. The
you would like to make this 1.41                                                            minis wear tiny tennis shoes so they do not slip on the floors.
acres your own ................... $19,500                                                  The VA hospitals love having the pets in to cheer up our
                                                                                            troops. The Children Hospitals love the Minis. Some have
Marie Ellwood                                                         765 Tucker            never even seen a miniature horse. Roy Rogers use to take
         Broker Associate
   Bear Valley Springs Resident                                         Road,               “Trigger” in all of the hospitals especially the Children Hospital.
                                             BEST REALTY              Tehachapi             He would put him in an elevator so all the children could see
      (661) 301-7176                         Each Office Independently Owned and Operated   him on all the floors. Roy says he was a very, very special
                                                                                            horse! If you are interested in becoming involved with your pet
                                                                                            or in need of their services call (661) 717-6291 or (661) 597-
                  Dog Boarding                                                              6115.

Dawn Heir Kennels
         (661) 823-7552 • Cell (661) 204-9493
                                                                                                We can make 2011 a better year in giving of ourselves.
                                                                                            Time to share our time, energy, and talents. Now we can
                                                                                            make someone smile with just a visit with our pet.
                      1098765432109876543210987654321                                       Ride or Drive
Marty Griffith        1098765432109876543210987654321
                      1098765432109876543210987654321                                       Smile and Laugh
25707 Banducci              20%
Cummings Valley       1098765432109876543210987654321
Pick-up available        DISCOUNT
40 years exp.            1st time Boarders
By app. 24-7          1098765432109876543210987654321
                                                                                            THE LAKES
                                                                                            Jim Carmichael, Ranger

Mountain Gardens                                                                                Attention fishermen….. trust me! We did stock Cub and Four
                 Nursery & Pet                                                              Island Lake with real fish. Both lakes are stocked. With all the
                                                                                            storm runoff the water is very murky and fishing won’t improve
 Spruces 20-50% OFF 4’ and up                                                               until it settles. I have no magic tricks to get the fish to
                                                                                            bite….However, if you do catch a Trout, remember, only three per
      Wild Bird Seed $19.54                                                                 fisherman.
                                                                                                Remember, if you use a boat to fish from, or just for recre-
       Bare-Root Here Now                                                                   ational purposes, it needs to be a registered at the Whiting Center
 Garden flowers - Grass - Poppys - Wild Flowers                                             and the BVSA sticker needs to be place on the left side (port), at
                                                                                            the front of the boat (bow). People in the boat need to have a life
  (661) 822-4960 • 503 S. Curry St
                                                                                            jacket (PFD). Three people in the boat, three life jackets.

                                                                                      Page 18
Notice 3
Notice 4
 We are proud to announce that Terri Juergens has joined
        Country Real Estate as a Broker Associate.
        Terri has been a realtor for 29 years.
     She and her family moved to Bear Valley
   Springs in 1989. The past 20 years Terri has
  sold real estate in Bear Valley Springs, Stallion
     Springs, and the greater Tehachapi area.
     We are pleased to have Terri as a part of
              Country Real Estate.
     822-4433 ext. 227, or cell 303-6868.

                             107 E. Tehachapi Blvd.
                              Tehachapi, CA 93561

Ingram Electric of California
          C-10 554448
    Barns - Custom Homes - Remodels
        Additions - Inside Lighting
             Panel Upgrades                            “We’re all about Service!”
              Call for a Free Estimate
           No Job too Large or too Small!
821-1469 • Don Ingram 40 Years Experience

                     State License 515683
      Specializing in Service & Repair
Licensed & Bonded with 30 Years Experience
• Drain Cleaning           • Water Heaters
• Faucets, Disposals       • Slab Leaks
• Pressure Regulators      • Circulating Pumps
         • Wall & Floor Furnaces Repair
Call Mike for your plumbing needs!

                                             Page 19
GOLF NEWS                                                                         the peak of the storms.
Duane Gore, BVS Golf Pro                                                          I would like to take a moment to recognize the winners of last
                                                                                  year’s major golf tournaments and congratulate them on their
    Most of our December golfing rounds here in Bear Valley were                  exceptional play in 2010
washed away down Sycamore Canyon with one of the wettest                             Men’s Club Champion              Vic Keesey Jr.
months I can remember. Most predictors forecasted a La Nina                          Senior Club Champion             Mel Beck
cycle this winter, which I thought was supposed to be a drier                        President’s Cup Champion         Rod Bower
pattern…. go figure.                                                                 Most Improved Player             Dan Shobe
    Our local weather station located on the 7th hole showed a                       Women’s Club Champion            Linda Cross
monthly total of 5.71 inches. The totals from Tehachapi showed                       Senior Club Champion             Linda Cross
6.18 inches, so it depends on where you are. Never the less that                        *Linda also won Horse Thief’s Club Championship*
is a lot of much needed water to get us through this coming                          President’s Cup Champion         Lanae Brandolino
summer. Check out the photos of the 2nd and 7th holes during                         Vice President’s Cup             Nancy Williamson
  The following is a schedule of the tournaments that have been set for 2011. Please note that some may be subject to
change. Keep this schedule handy and come join the fun this spring when we get going again.

                                   OAK TREE COUNTRY CLUB 2011 TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE

          DATE         DAY          START TIME      EVENT
          JAN 8        Saturday     10 am           Shotgun Oak Tree Men’s Golf Club – No Tournament
          FEB 12       Saturday     10 am Shotgun Oak Tree Men’s Golf Club            – 4 Man Scramble
          MAR 12       Saturday     10 am Shotgun Oak Tree Men’s Golf Club            – 4 Man Best Ball
          APR 9        Saturday     10 am Shotgun Oak Tree Men’s Golf Club            – 4 Man Better Ball
          MAY 14       Saturday     9 am Shotgun    Oak Tree Men’s Golf Club          – 3 Clubs & A Putter
          MAY 21       Saturday     9 am Shotgun    SPORTSMAN’S SCRAMBLE
          JUNE 4       Saturday     9 am Shotgun    Oak Tree Women’s Golf Club        – Couples
          JUNE 11      Saturday     9 am Shotgun    Oak Tree Men’s Golf Club          – Presidents Cup
          JUNE 15      Wednesday    12 pm TX’s      Junior Tournament                 – Oak Tree Golf Shop
          JUNE 24 & 25 Fri-Sat      10 am TX’s      Oak Tree Women’s Golf Club        – Presidents Cup
          JULY 9       Saturday     8 am Shotgun    Oak Tree Men’s Golf Club          – 2 Man Better Ball
          JULY 13      Wednesday    12 pm TX’s      Junior Tournament                 – Oak Tree Golf Shop
          JULY 22 & 23 Fri-Sat      10 am TX’s      Oak Tree Women’s Golf Club        – Club Champ.
          JULY 30      Saturday     12 pm Shotgun SPORTSMAN’S SCRAMBLE.
          AUG 12 & 13  Fri-Sat      8 am Shotgun    Oak Tree Men’s Golf Club          – Member/Guest
          AUG 17       Wednesday    9 am Shotgun    Oak Tree Women’s Golf Club        – Invitational
          AUG 24       Wednesday    12 pm TX’s      Junior Club Championship          – Oak Tree Golf Shop
          AUG 20       Saturday     8 am Shotgun    BUCKAROOS
          AUG 26 & 27  Fri-Sat      10 am TX’s      Oak Tree Women’s Golf Club        – Sr. Club Champ.
          SEPT 9       Friday       8 amShotgun     Rally for the Cure
          SEPT 10 & 11 Sat-Sun      8 am TX’s       Oak Tree Men’s Golf Club          – Club Championship
          SEPT 16 & 17 Fri-Sat      10 am TX’s      Oak Tree Women’s Golf Club        – Eclectic Tour.
          OCT 8        Saturday     8 am Shotgun    Oak Tree Men’s Golf Club          – Skins Game
          OCT 19 & 20  Wed-Thursday 9 am Shotgun    Oak Tree/Horse Thief Tehachapi Cup
          NOV 12       Saturday     8 am Shotgun    Oak Tree Men’s Golf Club          – TBD
          NOV 19       Saturday     8 am-12 pm TX’s Turkey Shoot

  * Oak Tree Men’s League starts Tuesday, June 7th and will run for the following 13 weeks.     2011 Oak Tree Men’s Golf Club President – Gary Jones
 ** Couples will start at 4 pm June 9th and will run every Thursday through October at 4 pm.    2011 Oak Tree Women’s Golf Club President – Diane Griffin
*** Oak Tree Men’s Golf Club holds tournaments every 2nd Saturday of the month.                 Golf Course Golf Advisory Committee Chair – Sandy Williams

  Tehachapi Auto Glass
                        For all your Auto Glass needs
                         All Work 100% Guaranteed                                     10% OFF all automotive repairs
                                                                                      “Tehachapi’s #1 Pass-or-Don’t-Pay Smog Shop”
                         151 North Mill St., Suite E
                           (behind Tehachapi Transmission)                              Lowest Prices Guaranteed!
  20+ Years Experience • Custom Work • Mobile Work
                                                                                       220 E Tehachapi Blvd., Tehachapi, CA 93561
  972-6411 Cell                 822-4500 Shop

                                                                         Page 20
Mon - Fri
                 5 am - 9 pm
                 7 am - 9 pm
                                             WHITING CENTER                     Schedule subject to change
                                                                                Daily Guest Fees:
Sun              12 pm - 8 pm
                                                 821-6641 Campground 821-2267   Whiting Center $2.00
Bad Weather call first 821-6641
                                                   BVS Pool 821-POOL (7665)     Weight Room $10.00
                                                       Subject to Change








                                KEITH & KIMBERLY CLOW
                                       (661) 821-3673
                                 CUSTOM DESIGN & BUILD CONTRACTOR
                                      IN TEHACHAPI SINCE 1980
                                NEW CONSTRUCTION • ADDITIONS • REMODELS


                                                                   Page 21
FITNESS CLASSES AT THE                                                  PHOTOGRAPHY
WHITING CENTER                                                          James Carmichael
Katie Gurnee
                                                                            Bear Valley does have an active, but small, camera group who
    Do you know why Bear Valley Springs is the best place to live?      like to get out and take photos around the area. We like to put
Because here nature stays simple and gets to be nature, here oak        people in our photos. One of our favorite photographic medias is
trees and horses are what you see instead of skyscrapers and            the environment around us. If you’re interested in being part of the
cement, and here in this beautiful town everyone is your neighbor       group, register at the Whiting Center and Someone will contact
and they are always willing to help. Natural beauty and a strong        you.
sense of community is what got me and my three kids to move to
Bear Valley Springs five years ago. Taking care of my town and
my neighbors is why you can now find me at the Whiting Center
                                                                        SHOOTING RANGE UPDA
five days a week.                                                       Jim Carmichael, Ranger
    Hello everyone, my name is Katie Gurnee and I'm the new
fitness instructor over at the Whiting Center. I'm a certified Yoga         The shooting range is open every Saturday from 9:00 am to
                                                                        2:00 pm, weather permitting and if road conditions are good. You
and Zumba instructor and I would like to help you make YOU feel
                                                                        may use the Gun or Archery Ranges on any other day during these
good. I offer Yoga, Zumba, and Pilates up to six times a day, so
                                                                        hours, with a phone call to the Range Master at least 24 hours in
there is a class to fit in your schedule, and best of all, no driving
                                                                        advance. The range provides target frames to hold your paper
all the way into town. Each of my classes is meant for everyone,
                                                                        targets and bowling pins for
meaning that if you've seen and wanted to try a new exercise
                                                                        plinker or the shooter. We
program now is the time to do it. The expectation for every class is
                                                                        have a number of different
to have fun, enjoy yourself, and just move. There are classes for       trap machines for the
beginners, for those of us who prefer a more gentle pace and            shotgun people. Paper
classes for those of us that are ready for more of a challenge and      plates make great targets.
are ready to get sweaty. Since I'm a mommy, I understand the            Bring tape or a stapler to
need to make sure that my little ones will be cared for while I'm       hold your targets on the
gone, so, there will be baby-sitting services offered to make sure      frame. No glass targets are
your baby is taken care of, giving you a moment for yourself.           allowed.
    Still, there's more. As construction finishes at the Whiting
Center and Spring rolls around, the schedule will begin to include
more exercise programs, evening classes, and PE classes
designed for our home schoolers. Each new addition to the                 FIREARMS AND ACCESSORIES
schedule will be posted when it begins. Speaking of schedules,
you can find mine at the Whiting Center or by giving me a call at                                       • CCW classes available
661-750-2477. I can email you a copy of the calendar each month
so you can plan your time. Finally, if price has been a concern,                                        • Large ammo supply
you can scratch that one off your list also. $40 a month gets you
any class, any time. Unlimited classes that fit into everyone's                                         • In-house Gunsmith
schedule and getting to stay close to home? That's just the way
we like it around here.
    So come by and check out what's new at the Whiting Center.
Not only will you find the place looking new and improved, you
can also find you looking and feeling new and improved. Can't
wait to see you!

         Custom                                                                              Olsson
  Furniture & Cabinets for                                                                 Enterprises
  Home, Office and more
                                                                                           Phone: (661) 330-1847
        Brian Venter,
      Master Craftsman                                                          RV REPAIR & REMODELING
     40 Years Experience                        License #725132            CUSTOM INTERIORS • TRAILER REPAIRS
                                                                           HORSE TRAILERS • GOLF CART REPAIR
     (661) 821-0407 • (661) 972-0531                                            WELDING & FABRICATION
  Brian’s Cabinetry, Inc                                                     DAVE OLSSON • Mobile Service Available

                                                                Page 22
Debbie Papac, Whiting Center Manager                                        SKATE SCHOOL
    February 1, 2011 is the grand Re-Opening of The Fitness
Center. One of the first requests for the DFAC money when it                The Whiting Center is offering FREE
came available was to expand the weight room. Our weight room               Introduction skating lessons for future
averages 1,250 people per month! The project was approved to                hockey stars, ages 3-6 yrs.
create a new weight room from the combined gym storage and                  Saturday's 8-9 am. In bad weather
craft room locations.                                                       please call first 821-6641.
    I would like to thank Steve Munoz; a local contractor chosen to         INSTRUCTION WILL BE LEAD BY:
take out the existing wall, plumbing and electrical. He did a great         -USA Hockey CEP certified
job blending the two rooms together when the original flooring                Coach Dylan Johnson
contractor did not complete the job to product specifications.              -Tarah Steinbach
    January 24-26, we closed the weight room and moved all the              -And numerous special guest coaches
equipment; servicing all the cardio equipment and putting all new               The Whiting Center is
cables on the two multi-station pieces. We will get bids and submit         committed to providing a
for new equipment that will fit into the new Fitness Center. After all      skating school program for youth hockey players
final touches were completed it was reopened for use. It has been           of all skill levels that's exciting, challenging and fun. We take pride
a long process, and I want to thank the hard work that has made             in offering you a hockey program that is first class all the way. If
the new Fitness Center possible. Our appreciation to the BVSA               there is anything we can do to make your experience more
and CSD Boards for their backing, the BVSA Maintenance                      enjoyable, please let us know and we'll do our best to
Department for their long hours developing and completing                   accommodate your individual needs.
different aspects of this project, also Ken Holden, our Project
Coordinator, Steve Munoz and his workers, the Whiting Center
staff, and all those who helped with the move. Everyone has
worked together for a job well done!
    Watch for the next step. We will now be converting the “old”            Hockey Gear Required: Skates, Helmet, Knee Pads, Elbow Pads
weight rooms into three different rooms: a new smaller storage,                                   and Shin Guards
a cozy meeting room, and our new ‘Green Room’ (this will be the
new multi-purpose room used for exercise classes, scout meet-
ings, painters groups, and even rented out for birthdays and other
private parties! Until completion please work with us as we juggle
all the regular activities into any nook and cranny we have
available. The construction on the whirlpool spa is almost
completed and it will be reopening shortly!

                                                                              Tehachapi Tile

    If you haven’t noticed, the Whiting Center parking lot is
designed to drain the runoff from the gas station, the store, the                (661) 805-1979                           CA lic # 889176 • Insured
Whiting Center, and the equestrian trail across Bear Valley Road.                          Many Bear Valley References
The trail runoff comes through a drainage pipe onto the pavement               Call Steve for a FREE Estimate             Granite Slab Fabrication
by the garden and flows across the parking lot – sometimes like a
stream! Beware; anything that looks wet may be icy; especially
after dark!
    The Whiting Center opens weekdays at 5:00 am. When you                    Mountain Hearing Center
arrive at 4:45 am, no one will have cleared the walkway or put                 Serving Tehachapi
down ice melt, please be careful! Contrary to popular belief, the                 Since 1999
Association is not liable for slips and falls during inclement
weather, and the liability insurance does not cover any medical                 Hear What You’re
expenses. Anytime you are walking on frozen ground, you do so                       Missing!
at your own risk.
    Walk on the grass or existing snow when possible or use the                  45-day risk free
handrail on our walkway. In the parking lot, it’s a little more difficult          trial fitting
if you can’t find space on the edge. The best preventative measure
you can have is some anti-slip cleats that go on over your shoes.              Dr. Eleanor Wilson, Au.D.
Some of our staff purchased them in town for under $15.                            Doctor of Audiology
    We want your visit here to be a pleasant and safe one. Pease
walk carefully!                                                                823-0717 • 695 Tucker Rd., Suite B, Tehachapi

                                                                    Page 23
INTRODUCTION TO GEOCACHING                                             SPORTS SCENE AT THE
Billy Dean, Instructor                                                 WHITING CENTER
                                                                       John Whitlock, Sports Director
   Sign-ups now being taken at the Whiting Center (821-6641)
to develop a class.                                                        February is here and hockey is in full
   Geocaching is the new way to play hide and seek – but with a        swing. Games are Friday nights starting at
GPS receiver. It’s a great way to mix the fun of a treasure hunt       5:30 pm and Saturdays starting at 9:30 am and
with hiking and biking. It’s a good excuse to get outdoors, and                                              ,
                                                                       running throughout the day. So far no heart attack, but the
                  whether you’re 8 or 80, you’ll soon discover that    season is electric and full of ups and downs. Remember the
                  searching can be as fun as finding. Here is how      action is so good that we always have a full house. So if you want
                  it works: there are 24 Geographical Positioning      to check it out, come down early to get a seat!
                  Satellites orbiting the earth. Somebody hides a          Believe it or not, baseball, softball, and T-ball season is here!
                  geochache, then posts the latitude and longitude     No, not just Major League spring training, but the Bear Valley
                  of the location at a website such as                                                                        s
                                                                       brand which is exciting and far less expensive! It’ FREE! W       e
         You load the coordinates into        don’t have a Don Mattingly managing, but we do have Pete Smith
                  your GPS receiver, then go looking for it,           who is actually a more experienced manager! Maybe Don could
                  because those satellites are continuously telling    come by and ask Pete for some tips! Our pitch limit is much less
                  your GPS how to get from where you are to            than the Major Leagues, necessitating more pitching changes and
                  where the cache is. Here’s a closer look at how      making it a much more cerebral game. You think!
                  to join the fun of Geocaching continuously telling      All kidding aside, the Bear Valley evaluations will be held
                  your GPS how to get from where the cache is.         Tuesday, February 15th, Wednesday, February 16th and Thurs-
                      Handouts and outdoor practice are included,      day, February 17th starting at 5:00 pm each night (weather
                  and it’s FREE! Bring your GPS or partner with        permitting). That is a key phrase in Bear Valley Sports; “weather
                  somebody who has one. You will learn how to:         permitting”! Make up dates will be the next week, if necessary       .
   • Identify GPS receivers that match your intended use                  All ages from 3-18 are eligible to sign up. Sign-ups have
   • Manually load a waypoint into your GPS receiver                   already started so sign up as soon as possible so we can plan the
   • Find geocache hidden near the Whiting Center                                                     ,
                                                                       leagues. If you sign up later this results in over-stocked teams
   • Follow the track for a nearby trail.                              and less playing time for your child.
                                                                           See you in March when baseball, softball and T-Ball will be
                                                                       starting. Hopefully the weather will improve,
                                                                       “weather permitting”.

                                                                                                        February 2011

    821-5521                                                                   Featured Items
Twilight Diners Menu                                                       Southwest Chicken Breast
     Available Wednesday - Sunday                                           Served over Rice and topped
                5 - 6 pm                                                    with Southwestern Tapenade
                         Only $12                                               Includes Vegetables
             (tax and Gratuity not Included                                    Classic Fish and Chips
          Dinner Includes...                                            Freshly Beer-Battered Cod Fillets
      Choice of the Oaks Salad,                                        Served with Country Fries and Our
    Caesar Salad or Tonight’s Soup                                         Freshly Made Tarter Sauce
    and Warm Freshly Baked Bread
                                                                       Classic Italian Meat Lasagne
         With Chefs Choice Dessert                                              Served with Garlic Bread
                                                               Page 24
                     February 2011


           Page 25

Page 26
     February 2011

We hand-slice our Prime Deli Meats

                               Page 27
               Fly into February with our Fabulous Festivities


                           Page 28
                                                                  February 2011

                                       Live & Kickin’ & Spinnin’
821-5521 MONDAY          Closed
        TUESDAY          Closed              Super Bowl Sunday
        WED & THUR       4 - 9 pm
        FRIDAY           4 - 1 am
                                                  February 6th
        SATURDAY         4 - 1 am             Saloon open at NOON
        SUNDAY           10 am - 9 pm

                     DJ               Boys’ Nite Out Band
                Tony Capco         Good ol’ Classic Rock & Roll
              8:00 - Midnight           8:00 - Midnight

               Rhythm Gyrls         - NEW - Brad Wilson Band
                Karaoke 7-9       Rockin’ the Blues/Rippin Guitar
             DJ 9:00 - Midnight           8:00 - Midnight

                     DJ              - NEW - Coldshot Band
                Tony Capco        Rhythm & Blues/Classic Rock
              8:00 - Midnight            8:00 - Midnight

               Rhythm Gyrls         Honky Tonk Truckers Band
                Karaoke 7-9         Rockin’ n’ Classic Country
             DJ 8:00 - Midnight          8:00 - Midnight

                                  Page 29
2011-2012 BVSA Budget Process (cont’d from page 4)                         Finally, the General Manager will present the “final’ Budget to
                                                                       the BVSA Board of Directors for approval at the regular April 2011
everyone on track as the budget process takes place and the            Board of Directors Meeting on Saturday April 16th, 2011 at
budget is prepared. The 2011-2012 Fiscal Year Budget Process           8:30 am in the Oak Tree Country Club. The meeting is open to
Schedule has been published in the February 2011 Bear Tracks.          the public. At that meeting the Board will set the assessment
    The BVSA Board of Directors has issued written direction to the    amounts for the 2011-2012 fiscal year.
BVSA General Manager this past January 2011, in a formal Budget            How does the Finance Advisory Committee and the Board
Direction Memo. These written guidelines come from the collabo-        of Directors analyze the Budget?
ration between the Finance Advisory Committee, the Board of            The BVSA General Manager and the BVSA Treasurer make sure
Directors and the BVSA Management Team, giving specific                the Board and Committee understand the three components of
instructions to management, as to how much or how little the           the budget and the financial heath of the Association.
budget should be for each of the many “line items” that make up            1-Operating Funds and Expenses are needed for daily
the categories of Revenue, Payroll, and Operating Expenses.            operation of the Bear Valley Springs Home Owners Association.
    The BVSA Management Team Role                                      These are broken into non discretionary expenses which would be
Following the “Budget Direction Memo” from the Finance Advisory        required costs such as common areas electricity and water,
Committee, the BVSA management team has created the “first             grounds maintenance, insurance, BVSA Management and
draft” of the budget for all sixteen departments (Amenities) that      general maintenance. Most of these expenses are either contrac-
comprise the Association “business units”. The General Manager         tual or can be reasonably estimated based on past amounts, past
works with the BVSA Management staff on preparing their                experience, or other cost allocation algorithms or formulas. Then
individual budgets to meet their operational needs as directed.        there are Discretionary Expenses that are budget based on
    The General Manager will present the “first draft” of the          estimated business and service levels that can be spent during a
proposed 2011-2012 Budget to the Finance Advisory Committee            budgeted month based on actual business levels that occur. An
during a Public Meeting on Tuesday February 15th, 2011 at              important consideration when looking at the “line items” in the
1:00 pm in the Oak Tree Country Club – Oak Branch Saloon.              operation budget funds is what are the expectations of the
The Finance Advisory Committee will review the budget and              community members and what is the balance that needs to be
returned it to the General Manager for discussion, and make            achieved between costs of operation and the service that can be
changes.                                                               provided. If these expenses are too high, the Finance Committee
    This year for the 2011-2012 Budget Process the Finance             and BVSA Management will look for ways to lower expenses
Advisory Committee will review the “first draft” of the budget with    without comprising service. If budget does not balance, the
the individual Managers for their respective departments. These        Finance Advisory Committee may have to make some tough
Public Meetings will take place on Tuesday February 22, 2011 at        decisions.
1:00 pm and Wednesday February 23, 2011 at 12:00 pm in the                 2-Reserve Funds needed to be maintained at the sufficient
Oak Tree Country Club – Oak Branch Saloon.                             levels. The Reserve Funds provide money for on going the repair
    After this process, again the General Manager and BVSA             and replacement of the community assets such as buildings,
Management Staff will make changes to the proposed budget,             pools, roofs and asphalt, etc…
based on the Finance Advisory Committee’s recommendations.                 3-Development Funds for additions for enhancements to the
    The Budget “Final Draft” Process                                   existing Bear Valley Springs Association property. This is a
The Finance Advisory Committee will meet on Tuesday March              function of what community members want and are willing to pay
15th, 2011 at 1:00 pm in the Oak Tree Country Club – Oak               for. The community should provide input and approval for this
Branch Saloon to review it’s changes and recommendations to            component since in California major renovations; additions and/or
prepare it’s final draft to the BVSA Board of Directors.
    Following review and changes recommended by the Commit-
tee, the “final draft” or budget will be presented to the BVSA Board
of Directors by the BVSA General Manager and Finance Advisory
Committee at the regular March 2011 BVSA Board meeting on
Saturday March 19, 2011 at 8:30 am in the Oak Tree Country
Club and the meeting is open to the public.
    The BVSA Board of Directors then analyzes the budget and the
financial plan it contains and holds a public “Special Meeting” on
Tuesday March 29th, 2011 at 6:00 pm in the Oak Tree Country
Club – Oak Branch Saloon, the meeting is open to the public, for
the purpose of hearing comments and requests from the general
Association members concerning the proposed budget.
    If necessary based on the March 29th, 2011 Meeting, the BVSA
Board of Directors returns the proposed budget to the Finance
Advisory Committee and management with recommendations for
the joint “Special Meeting” for the BVSA Board of Directors
and Finance Advisory Committee on Tuesday April 5th, 2011
at 1:00 pm in the Oak Tree Country Club – Oak Branch Saloon;
the meeting is open to the public.
    The Finance Advisory Committee and BVSA Board of Directors
will hold a joint “Special Meeting” on Tuesday April 12th, 2011 at
1:00 pm in the Oak Tree Country Club – Oak Branch Saloon.
The meeting is open to the public. This is the final review and
assembly of the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2011-2012
and will determine the Annual Assessment, and need for a Special
Assessment for 2011-2012 fiscal year.

                                                               Page 30
some improvements or maintenance projects might require a                      Major spending reductions include $1.7 billion to Medi-Cal,
“Special Assessment” (which requires approval, when the amount            $1.5 billion to California’s welfare-to-work program (CalWORKs),
is greater that 5% of the Associations fiscal year budget).               $750 million to the Department of Developmental Services, $500
    In Closing                                                            million to the University of California, $500 million to California
With this knowledge, the Finance Advisory Committee, BVSA                 State University, and $308 million for a 10 percent reduction in
Board of Directors and the BVSA Management staff will analyze             take-home pay for state employees not currently covered under
the proposed budget drafts and the final draft. The final budget          collective bargaining agreements. Brown also plans to trim state
that is adopted will be then used to determine the Annual Member          government operations by $200 million through a variety of
Assessment that will balance the budget and cover all the Fiscal          actions, including reorganizations, consolidations and other
Budget years’ expenses for the Bear Valley Springs Association. It        efficiencies.
takes the entire Budget process, the BVSA Board of Directors and              The Governor’s spending plan proposes additional reductions
Finance Advisory Committee all through volunteer hours and the            throughout state government, including corrections, the judiciary
BVSA Management Staff, to work numerous hours to prepare the              and resources.
optimal financial plan for the upcoming year, for the approval of a           The budget also proposes to change the role that state and local
new Fiscal year budget.                                                   governments play in local development activities by eliminating state
                                                                          tax benefits for enterprise zones and phasing out the current funding
President’s Message (cont’d from page 4)                                  mechanism for redevelopment agencies. This will return billions in
                                                                          property tax revenues to schools, cities and counties and help pay
courts after the Schroder family upon completion. The current             for public safety, education and other services.
estimations for the project have run between a low of $30,000 for             The revenue component of the budget calls for an election this
one court and $64,000 for two. Jeanne Gray, president of the Bear         coming June where voters will be asked to continue current
Valley Springs Recreational Facilities Foundation (of which paid          personal income and sales taxes, as well as the Vehicle License
for the covered arena with member’s donations), reports members           Fee rate, for five years. Brown said revenue from the sales tax
have already given $1,500 towards the courts. More (tax deduct-           and the vehicle license fee will be transferred directly to local
ible) donations will be needed to complete this project. We can all       governments to finance the first phase of his realignment plan.
be proud to be apart of a valley with such tradition of generosity                    s
                                                                               Brown’ budget also requires all corporations to use a single
and spirit of enhancing our beautiful valley.                             sales factor when measuring income attributable to California and
    The BVSA Board has approved funding for the final phase of            calls for an amnesty program for taxpayers who have avoided or
their construction of the bunkers on the golf course. The project is      underreported income owed to the state.
paid for out of the reserve funds already set aside and will not add            Brown called the spending plan “a tough budget for tough
to your annual assessments. The construction will be completed            times” that will close the state’s structural deficit and provide a
in late spring by our own IGM golf maintenance crew who did               “strong and stable foundation” to meet future needs.
such a great job with the first two phases.                                    “Without decisive action, the state’s severe budget problems
    The new larger spa at the Whiting Center is well on its way to        will persist, threatening economic recovery, job growth, public
completion with the gunite already installed as of this writing. The      education and the quality of life in California,” he said. “The
new Fitness Center will be completed with a new padded floor              adoption of this budget will position the state to lead the country
and will be installed this week. Hopefully, you will be soaking in        as it slowly recovers from the Great Recession.”
our new spa to ease those sore muscles after a workout in the                 The Governor’s spending plan assumes that all statutory
new gym by the time you are reading this article.                         changes to implement budget actions will be adopted by the
    Lastly, the annual election for BVSA Board of Directors is            legislature in March, allowing the necessary ballot measures to be
coming up quickly. My five (and final) years of participation has         put before the people at a June special election.
been a rewarding experience in working with other board members
                                                                          BVSA Dog Park (cont’d from page 13)
to improve all our amenities while keeping costs down. Though
challenging at times, in the process I have made many new                 Valley Springs called the Bear Valley Springs Community Recre-
friends. I encourage anyone interested in giving their time and           ation Facilities Foundation (BVSCRFF). Donations have funded a
energy to the betterment of our community to consider participat-         variety of projects over the years, recently the Equestrian covered
ing in this worth-while endeavor. Those interested in being a             arena through the BVSCRFF donations, and past projects prior to
candidate please contact the BVSA office and you will be directed         BVSCRFF inception like the tennis court pavilion, refurbishing the
through the process. Until we meet again, have a good one.                driving range, the heliport at the fire station, the patio at the
                                                                          Mulligan Room—just to name a few. The BVSA Board of Directors
Governer Brown’s Proposed Budget (cont’d from page 6)                     wish to have this project funded totally from BVSA member
                                                                          donations, but if necessary they will review other sources of
current year,” the Governor said.                                         funding from DFAC funds or BVSA funds based on timing of other
      Brown’ budget proposes total spending of $127.4 billion for         projects they are currently working on.
the 2011-12 fiscal year. Of this amount, proposed General Fund                If you are interested in donating, stop by the BVSA Association
spending is $84.6 billion.                                                office and make your check out to BVSCRFF and designate the
     The spending plan eliminates an 18-month budget gap                  Dog Park. Another way to support the project is to donate specific
estimated at $25.4 billion, comprised of a current year shortfall of      items like a bench, a tree, pet station or a section of fence. You
$8.2 billion and a budget year shortfall of $17.2 billion. A combina-     could dedicate it with a plaque to those favorite dogs you will
tion of $26.4 billion in actions is needed in order to have a $1          always remember. (If the project does not happen your money will
billion reserve. In addition, the deficit will grow to $26.6 billion if   be returned.)
the proposed sale of state office buildings, blocked by court order,          Please also call and leave us your name and email so I can
does not proceed, requiring $27.6 billion in budget actions in order      send updates about how the project is progressing, when there
to have a reserve.                                                        are work parties for those who are enthusiastic to help, and how
      Brown’ budget proposes $12.5 billion in spending reductions,        much money we have collected. If you are willing to donate your
$12 billion in revenue extensions and modifications, $1.9 billion in      labor let me know that too. Call 661-821-0971 or email
other solutions to close the gap and provide for a $1 billion reserve. Katy Jacobson and Paul Cooke.
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