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					                                                                  South Eastern Distance Riders Assn
                                                       The Sentinel Newsletter March 2011

                                        Steve Rojek Lives Life To The Fullest

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       Today's Baby Boomer Horse Riders Redefining "Middle-Age"
Baby boomer women are currently the largest and most financially powerful demographic group in the U.S. Unlike our mothers, we don't plan to sit in a
rocking chair and knit, quietly watching the world pass us by. Not now, or twenty years from now. We are redefining what it means to be "middle-
aged". We look forward to decades ahead of a happy, healthy, active lifestyle. More and more older women are continuing an active, even competi-
tive, horse riding career into their 60's and 70's. In greater numbers than ever, the so-called "mature women" are just beginning to live their life-long
dream of horse ownership.

Sure, the kids have their youth and that sense of immortality, but we have the intelligence and self-discipline to research and do our "homework" to
solve horse training problems, improve our riding skill, learn about horse psychology or whatever is needed to overcome obstacles as they arise. Also,
most baby boomers have more spendable income now than any other time in our lives, which can help eliminate some of the obstacles we may have
had in our youth.

With the right mindset, physical fitness (and a couple of handy gadgets) there's no reason we shouldn't continue riding well into our later years. In fact,
research shows that horseback riding in people over 40 is actually very beneficial. To read more click on The New “Older” Rider

              Six Defy-Your-Age Strategies, an except from Tips to Keep Riding Midlife and Beyond
                                               By Jennifer Forsberg Meyer on
#1 Be Fit, Strong, Flexible. This is the biggie in terms of defying your         So, getting the heart beating is one part, and for the others--strength and
age. As the experts will tell you, there is a fountain of’s called    flexibility work
move your body. When we were young, being strong and flexible enough             The key, of course, is to modify routines so they’ll work for you and you
to ride a horse was a given; that level of physicality is still attainable at    can remain faithful to them. When you do, you'll be amazed at how much
midlife, but we must work for it--although not as hard as you might think.       more youthful and active--and ready to ride--you'll feel. And those age-
"What we're talking about here is 'serviceable fitness,' sort of analogous to    related aches and pains? Greatly reduced--or gone.
serviceable soundness in horses," explains Katie Phalen, a longtime rid-         "What's made a huge difference for me is returning to yoga," says Debbie
ing instructor in Clarksville, Md. "You need just a basic level of physical      Moors, a Berthoud, Colo., pleasure rider who's successfully managing old
fitness for balance and effectiveness in the saddle, and to keep yourself        injuries in her knees and foot arches, plus new tenderness from bursitis in
safe."                                                                           a shoulder and tendonitis in an elbow. "A 20-minute practice early in the
So what must you do to achieve this basic level? A bottom-line ideal is 30       morning means I'm not hobbling as I was before. I'm able to go out to the
minutes of aerobic activity (enough to cause you to break a sweat) on            barn and be active."
most days, plus 10 to 15 minutes of strength and flexibility work on two or      Of course, the other part of the fitness equation is healthful eating, which
three days per week.                                                             is simply consuming an appropriate number of nutrient-rich calories for
If you can't manage 30 minutes daily, start with five or 10 minutes and          your level of activity. Nothing new here--just eat real food in moderate
work up as you begin to notice results and develop a habit. Contrary to          amounts, and skip the junk.
what experts used to tell us, all physical activity of any duration counts, so   Specifically, put your emphasis on vegetables, whole grains, low- or non-
any amount you do will start moving you toward your goal.                        fat dairy, and lean meats, while voiding empty carbohydrates such as
Walking briskly is excellent aerobic exercise; if the weather precludes          white bread and sweets (including that barn area staple, soda).
walking, use a stationary bike or climb the stairs in your home for an           When you get in shape to ride, you earn overall life-enhancing bonus
equivalent period. Your goal over time is to get your resting heart rate         points, too. Increased endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance pay
down to about 60 beats per minute (or, for easy measurement, 15 beats in         huge dividends as you age by building up your heart and protecting you
15 seconds). This will improve your endurance, as a slower pulse means           from the injuries (notably hip fractures) that can quickly lead to frailty and
your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to get the job done. (If you've not      declining health.
exercised before, do ask for your doctor's OK before initiating a program.)
#2. Rethink Your Horizons. The riding-achievement goals you once had               #4. Get in (the Right) Gear. Items that may prove helpful to midlife riders:
likely no longer suit you, and that's natural. So change them.                                Extra-cushioning saddle pad. It will reduce jarring to your lower
"I was gutsy and competitive in my 20s and 30s," says Sue Pearson                             back, plus help your horse stay comfortable under you.
Atkinson, a pleasure rider in Shingle Springs, Calif. "In my 40s and 50s--                    Tush cushion. This extra pad for the seat of your saddle can
and now in my 60s--I want riding to be fun and safe, period. Plus, I've                       provide an even more comfortable, cushioned ride.
discovered that the older I get, the more interested I am in the relation-
                                                                                              Helmet. Aging is hard enough on your gray matter; protect it
ship/partnership with my horse. I love the challenge of learning more
                                                                                              from injury in the event of a mishap or fall.
about this."
Indeed, acquiring natural horsemanship skills is a favored new goal for                       Crop and/or spurs. Though you may not have needed them be-
midlife riders, and educational opportunities for this abound in magazines,                   fore, these tools may be handy in midlife and beyond, depending
books and DVDs and at clinics (look online and inquire at local retail out-                   on your horse. "Learn how to use them to compensate for loss of
lets for what's happening in your area).                                                      strength in your seat and legs," suggests Patty Brumley of Port-
                                                                                              land, Ore., whose students include older riders.
Trail riding is another popular midlife activity, either informally with friends
or as part of the low-pressure competitive opportunities offered by a grow-                   Broad-spectrum sunscreen. Aging skin is especially vulnerable
ing crop of groups.                                                                           to damage from the sun, so make sure the product you use pro-
                                                                                              tects against all UV rays and will stay on when you’re active.
An important part of setting and meeting new goals is working with a pro.
An instructor who understands everything you're dealing with (from physi-          Beyond that, "never be too proud to use a mounting 'assist,'" advises
cal limitations and time constraints to prior experience and fear issues)          Bonnie Davis, whose Two Horse Enterprises (
can help you decide where you want to go and how you’re going to get               offers products and educational materials for trail riders of all ages.
there. This keeps your riding sessions productive and enjoyable.                   "Rocks, stumps, trailer fenders, mounting blocks, a rise of ground--your
                                                                                   horse should stand quietly next to any of these. This is especially impor-
"Get a good coach who can encourage, challenge, and inspire you," says             tant for those of us with bionic parts--I've had a knee replaced, and I al-
Paula Zdenek, whose Whispering Hope Equine Training Center in Placer-              ways use a mounting block or whatever's available."
ville, California, deals with many midlife clients. "He or she can help you
focus on what you're capable of, and improve that to its fullest extent."          #5. Share the Love. If possible, get involved with like-minded friends.
                                                                                   "Surround yourself with people who share your riding goals," says Paula
"This will require commitment on your part," Zdenek adds. "Consistency is          Zdenek. "They'll be your support system, challenging and inspiring you.
important, so schedule your lessons on your calendar and make them a               Someone will always want to be doing something with the horses, and will
priority the way you would any other appointment."                                 invite you along. It's much more fun this way."
#3. Ride the Right Horse. Note that this particular strategy addresses             If appropriate, include your own family in your horse activities, as well. "I'm
every one of our midlife goals--that's how important riding the right horse        hoping to involve my girls more at the barn come this spring," says Debbie
is. You can't have fun if your horse intimidates you, or be safe if he's hard      Moors. "Making it a family activity allows it to be much easier to find the
to control, or be comfortable if he bucks you off, get the idea.         time."
"I can't ride the same horse I did in my 20s and 30s," observes Mary               Sharing your love of riding is another area where the effort involved will
Watts, a pleasure rider and trail enthusiast from Wagener, S.C. "I want            benefit not just your horse life, but also your health in general. Why? Re-
any horse I ride now to be safer, smarter, slower, and sounder."                   search shows that people who involve themselves with others are less
This requirement can be tough, however, if the horse you have and love             likely to suffer stress or develop dementia. Nice bonus!
now turns out not to be the one you need at this point in your life. If so,        #6. Lighten Up! Keep things in perspective, and maintain a positive atti-
"you need the wisdom to sell or switch horses," insists Shelly Mix, a bar-         tude at all times.
rel-racing enthusiast from Harrisburg, Pa. "A reliable horse at this stage of
life means no fights, whether on the ground or in the saddle."                     "I work with so many midlifers who engage in negative self-talk," com-
                                                                                   ments Zdenek. "They say, 'I'm too old for this,' or 'I'm too short/too fat,' or
If you do find yourself seeking a new horse, don't discriminate against one        'My joints ache too much.' They seem to have it in the back of their minds
with a little age; for your purposes, older can be better, anyway.                 that riding, for them, is a pipe dream that will never really work. And that
"We more mature riders appreciate the stability and wisdom an older                shows in their riding. I always counter, 'Concentrate on what you can do.
horse offers," says Steve Price, a New York City horseman who's been               Keep a sense of humor. Enjoy yourself, and your horse, in all the mo-
riding for almost 60 years. "Though nothing in life is certain, entering into a    ments you have together.'" And to that we say, Amen.
partnership with a horse that's seen and done it all is as close as you can
come to an insurance policy."
Alternatives to buying if you do need a new mount are share-leasing a
friend's horse, or riding lesson horses at a barn that has them.

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                                                                             have been posted:
                                                   Volunteers: FHA September Distance Clinic, FHA 25 CTR, Doe Lake, Spooktacular,
                                                   Boggy Creek, Ocala No Frills, FHA 25/50 CTR, River Rise Romp, Goethe Challenge,
                                                   Spruce Creek 1&2, Gator Run, FHP 35/35/70, Withlacoochee 30.
                                                   CTR: FHA 25 CTR, Doe Lake, Spooktacular, Boggy Creek, FHA 25/50 CTR, Spruce
                                                   Creek 1&2, FHP 35/35/70, Withlacoochee 30.
                                                   Endurance: GERA Classic, Big South Fork, Alabama Yellowhammer, AERC National
                                                   Championships, Blackwater Boogie, Skymont, River Run, Ocala No Frills, Carolina
                                                   Sandhills, River Rise Romp, Goethe Challenge, Gator Run.
                                                   If you volunteered at any SEDRA sanctioned rides that did not submit a volunteer
                                                   list, please send that info to Carol Thompson ( It’s a
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Kresnoselky, Mary Nord, Cassandra Roberts                               2000 Mile Volunteers Carolyn Maillard
250 Mile Horses - AM Bright Brighella (Maris Ramsay), CA Ebony          2000 Mile Riders Stephanie Bishop, Louise Bower, Kyle Gibbon, Pat-
Constanzeefa (Cheryl Van Deusen), Chance of Trad (Shelley Scott-        sy Gowen, Susan Wilson
Jones), Dasher (Mallory Capps), Diesel (Jean Shaw), Ghazamighty
                                                                        2500 Mile Horses SA Csea Mistral +// (Maris Ramsay)
(Vicky Turner), Hoover the Mover (Cheryl Van Deusen), Ima Charmer
(Emily Harrison), Jadyn (Mary Nord), JS Bey Chayton (Kelley Turner),    3000 Mile Horses Shar-Po (Roxanne Ciccone), Silko Desert Rain
Kohl Miner (Julia Shewchuk), Masterpiece Vlad (Cheryl Van Deusen),      (Donna Shoaf)
Nick Says No (Erika Wilson), Reggae Woman (Jo Harder), Sandi Balle-     3000 Mile Riders Debbie Parsons
rina (Cheryl Van Deusen), Sequoia (Cindy Nourse), SES Dreamweav-        3500 Mile Volunteers Carol
er (Sherry Moseley), Shakoal (Deborah Walker), Windstalker (Denise      Thompson
Secino)                                                                 3500 Mile Riders Lindsay
250 Mile Riders Tammie Girard, Marcia Peddicord, Cindy Nourse,          Campbell, Norma Caron,
Penny Staffney, Kelley Turner                                           Brenda O’Donnell
500 Mile Volunteers Helen Koehler, Wes Maillard, Deena Meyer, Paul      4000 Mile Horses FM Spirit
Moore, Adrian Scott-Jones                                               Wind (Roxanne Ciccone)
500 Mile Horses Cobra (Deborah Walker), Crank It Up (Shelley Scott-     4000 Mile Riders Maris
Jones), CR Extraordinaire (Peggy Hogan), Found One Maximum Bay          Ramsay
(Debbie Buick), Hungry Eyes (Lisa Winburn), MD Virgo (Diane Haw-        4500 Mile Horses DA Al
thorne), Nazeef’s Pinot Noir (Cheryl Van Deusen), Slim Pickens (Caren   Capone (Cheryl Van Deu-
Stauffer), UDM Marquee (Donna Normand),                                 sen)
500 Mile Riders Mary Kathryn Clark, Leah Greenleaf, Diane Haw-          4500 Mile Riders Maris
thorne, Peggy Hogan, Elaine Lemieux, Donna Normand, Cindy               Ramsay
Nourse, Denise Secino
                                                                        5000 Mile Rider Megan
1000 Mile Horses Majeco (Maria Florkiewicz), Sey Enuf Proof (Steven     Savory-Davis
                                                                        8000 Mile Rider Roxanne Ciccone
1000 Mile Riders Maria Florkiewicz, Carla Wade, Deborah Walker,
                                                                        8500 Mile Rider Darlene Krell
Lisa Winburn
                                                                        9500 Mile Riders Steve Rojek, Cheryl Van Deusen
1500 Mile Horses Dazzlyn Lady (Vickie Doler), Precious Beaunita
(Cheryl Van Deusen), Shamwari (Megan Savory-Davis), Trooper Toby        10,000 Mile Riders Cheryl Van Deusen
(Louise Bower)

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    SANCTIONED                                            Jun 25th SEDRA Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet – SE Livestock
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    Mar 19-20 CHARLOTTES WEBB 30 CTR Punta
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D   239-731-3445 SANCTIONED                               RM Eric Rueter
N   Sand Hills State Forest, H Cooper Black Field Trial   RIDE 3 days 30/55 miles at Talladega National Forest, Talladega, AL. RM
    Area Patrick, SC RM Vance Stine vstine@sifford-       Tamra Schoech 770-554-1599 or SANCTIONED
G 803-222-0401 SANCTIONED
                                                          Oct 8, 9 DOE LAKE 25 CTR Ocala National Forest, Doe Lake, Altoona, FL.
    Mar 25-26 RED BARN RUN ENDURANCE,                     RM Sam Duval 352-669-6166 SANC-
P   25/50/75, Chester, GA. RM Cheryl Perry 229-686-       TIONED
A   2278 or SANCTIONED
                                                          Oct 15 THE RAPTOR RUN 25/50 Bankhead National Forest- RM Jody Rog-
R   Apr 9-10 GREENWAY GETAWAY ENDURANCE                   ers-Buttram 256-565-5250 ( 1105 County Rd 309,
    25/35/50/75 –CTR/Drive 25 Ocala Greenways, FL          Hillsboro, AL 35643
T   RM Leah Greenleaf 352-
N   620-4510 SANCTIONED                                   Oct 22 SAND HILLS STAMPEDE 35- 55-75 miles Sand Hills State Forest, H
                                                          Cooper Black Field Trial Area Patrick, SC RM Patsy Gowen 803-329-0077
E   Apr 22-23 RIDE IN THE LOW COUNTRY, END      
R   25/50, Broxton Bridge Plantation, SC 4050 Buck
                                                          Dec 3 RIVER RISE ROMP ENDURANCE 25/50, O’Leno State Park High
    Smith Road, Loganville, GA 30052, RM Joseph
S   Schoech, 770-554-1545,
                                                          Springs FL Ed Bisch, 352-463-0668 PO Box 840, Bell,
                                                          FL 32619
    May 7 BILTMORE CHALLENGE END 50/75/100                Dec. 17, GOETHE ENDURANCE CHALLENGE, 25/50/75/100 miles at
                                                          Goethe State Forest, Black Prong Equestrian Center, Morriston, FL. RM
S   Biltmore Equestrian Center Biltmore Estate Drive,
                                                          Susan Kasemeyer Connie or Helen Koehler 352 317-0273 or Black-
    Asheville, NC 28803 RM Cheryl Newman 41
E   gah View Ranch Rd Chandler, NC 28715 828-665-

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