Information booklet for foreigners by yurtgc548


									      Information booklet
         for foreigners

The project of the City of Pilsen implemented
 with support of the Ministry of the Interior
            of the Czech Republic








                                                           	3.	Valid	 passport	 or	 a	 copy	 to	 verification	 of	
    Employment of foreign citizens in the                      identity ( if the application is dealt with autho-
  Czech Republic, ie in the Member States of                   rized person, that person must submit pho-
  the EU, the EEA and Switzerland and their                    tocopies of passports of all persons who re-
  families governing these basic rules:                        presents)
  	 •	 Law	No.	435/2004	Sb	about		employment	rate,	        	4.	Notarized	copy	of	proof	of	professional	compe-
       as later statutory text                             	 	tence	 in	 the	 field,	 in	 which	 the	 foreigner	 will	
  	 •	 Law	 No.	 262/2006	 Sb.	 Labor	 Code	 as	 later	
       statutory text
                                                               work in the territory of the Czech Republic
  	 •	 Law	 No.	 97/1963	 Sb.about	 the	 International	    	 	(vocational	 certificate,	 school-leaving	 certifi-
  	 	 Law	and	Procedura,	as	later	statutory	text               cate, diploma…)
  	 •	 Law	 No.	 325/1999	 Sb.	 about	 asylum	 and	 to	    	5.	 a)	 Notarized	copy	of	proof	of	professional	com-
  	 	 amend	the	law	283/1991	Sb.,	about	the	Police	
                                                           	 	 	 petence	in	the	field,	in	which	the	foreigner	will	
       of the Czech Republic, as later statutory text
  	 •	 Law	No.	326/1999	Sb	about	the	Residence	of		                 work in the territory of the Czech Republic
       Foreigners in the territory of the Czech Repub-     	 	 	 (vocational	 certificate,	 school-leaving	 cer-
       lic and about and amending certain laws as          	 	 	 tificate,	 diploma…)	 according	 to	 a	 national	
       later statutory text                                	 	 	 system	of	professions	(	
  	 •	 Law	 No.	 634/2004	 Sb.	 about	 administrative           b) health card – if a man will be working in
       charge as leter statutory text                               the healthcare, hospitality, food, mas-
  	 •	 public	 notice	 No.	 192/1993	 Sb.,	 about	 duty	
                                                           	 	 	 sage	facilities	or	in	fields	that	required
                                                                c) written consent from the Ministry of Health,
    1st	 Janury	 2008	 comes	 into	 force	 Law	                     in the case of employment in professional
  No.	 382/2008	 Sb.,	 changing	 the	 Law	 No.	 	          	 	 	 occupations	in	health.
  435/2004	Sb.,	about	employment	of	foreign-               	6.	A	foreigner	may	ask	the	Labour	Office	about	
  ers	as	later	statutory	text,	Law	No.	326/1999	           	 	the	extension	of	foreigner´s	work	permit	(first	
  Sb.	 about	 the	 Residence	 of	 Foreigners	 in	          	 	3	months	and	no	later	than	30	days	before	
  the territory of The Czech Republic and to               	 	the	expiration	of	the	work	permit	issued).	To	
  amend the law as statutory text and and                  	 	this	 request	 must	 be	 accompanied	 by	 re-
  other	related	laws.                                      	 	quirements	in	items	1,	2,	3	and	4.	The	foreign-
                                                           	 	er	presents	a	copy	of	a	valid	work	permit	too.
INFORMATION FOR FOREIGNERS                                 	7.	Administrative	charge	for	foreigner	to	issue	a	
                                                           	 	work	 permit	 is	 500	 CZK.	 Administrative
seeking a work permit – extension of
                                                               charge for foreigner to extension of work
foreigner´s work permit                                    	 	permit	is	250	CZK.
 Foreigners may be admitted to work only if a               Requests	 are	 handled	 in	 administrative	 pro-
work permit, document for a residence permit               cedures under the current version of the law
was granted them and have entered into an                  No.	 500/2004	 and	 and	 it	 is	 possible	 to	 appeal	
employment contract or contract of services or             against	it.
agreement on work activities and must also be
entered in the payment of social and health in-            WORK PERMIT
surance.	You	can	apply	for	the	work	permit		the	           	•	includes	identification	data	of	the	foreigner,	place	
Labour	Office	according	to	the	place	where	you	            	 	 of	work,	kind	of	work,	employer	identification,	in	
work.                                                          which the foreigner will work, a period which
                                                               shall be issued and other information necessary
FOREIGNERS MUST PRESENT:                                       for the performance of employment
	1.	Written	application	about	the	work	permit	for	
                                                           	•	is	not	transferable	and	is	issued	for	a	certain	
	 	individuals	 on	 form	 of	 	 Labour	 Office.	 The	
                                                           	 	 period	 of	 time,	 but	 maximum	 up	 to	 2	 years,	
	 	permit	is	issued	for	a	specified	period,	maxi-
                                                               the foreigner can apply for the work permit
	 	mum	period	of	2	years.	Foreigner		can	apply	
	 	for	the	work	permit	repeatedly,	see.	Item	6.	
                                                           	•	is	valid	only	for	employment	with	the	employer,	
	2.	Expression	of	the	employer	that	he	employs	for-            which is listed in Decision, if it is to occur at a

	 •	 zaměstnavatel	 employer
	 •	 pracovník,	zaměstnanec	 employee
	 •	 pracovní	smlouva:	 employment contract
			       –	na	dobu	neurčitou	 emloyment contract for an indefinite period
			       –	na	dobu	určitou	 employment contract for a specified period
			       –	uzavření	pracovní	smlouvy	 the conclusion of employment contract
			       –	zrušení	pracovní	smlouvy	 cancellation of employment contracts
			       –	prodloužení	pracovní	smlouvy	 extension of employment contract
			       –	rozvázání	pracovní	smlouvy	 termination of employment contracts
			       –	dodatek	k	pracovní	smlouvě	 supplement to the contract
	 •	 výpověď	 termination of employment
	 •	 zkušební	lhůta	(3	měsíce)	 probation (for job, 3 months)
	 •	 dohoda	o	provedení	práce	 contract of services
	 •	 dohoda	o	pracovní	činnosti	 agreement on work activities
	 •	 plný	úvazek	 full-time job
	 •	 poloviční	úvazek	 part-time job
	 •	 pracovní	a	personální	agentury	 personal placement services
	 •	 nekvalifikovaná	práce	 unskilled work
	 •	 kvalifikovaná	práce	 skilled labour
	 •	 manuální	práce	 manual job
	 •	 náročnost/obtížnost	 difficulty
	 •	 vnitřní	pracovní	řád	 Internal Regulations
	 •	 bezpečnost	práce	 safety at wort
	 •	 nástroj,	nářadí,	přístroj,	pomůcka	 tool, tools, device, aid
	 •	 pracovní	(speciální)	oděv	 work clothes
	 •	 pracovní	obuv	 work boots
	 •	 čepice,	helma	 safety helmet
	 •	 pracovní	kázeň	 work discipline
	 •	 dovolená	 holiday
	 •	 pracovní	neschopnost	 incapacity for work
	 •	 výdělek,	mzda	 pay, wage
	 •	 výplatní	páska	 salary cheque
	 •	 hrubá	mzda	 gross income
	 •	 čistá	mzda	 net pay
	 •	 odvody	daně	 levy a taxes
	 •	 odvody	záloh	povinného	pojistného	 health and social insurance
	 	 (zdravotní	a	sociální	pojištění)
	 •	 úřad	práce	 Department of Labor
	 •	 rekvalifikace	 staff retraining
	 •	 podpora	v	nezaměstnanosti	 unemployment benefit
	 •	 výběrové	řízení	 selection procedure
	 •	 životopis	 curriculum vitae
	 •	 živnostenský	list	 Trade Certificate
	 •	 předmět	podnikání	 objects of business
	 •	 sídlo	podnikání	 place of business
	 •	 živnostenský	úřad	 Trades Licensing Office
	 •	 finanční	úřad	 tax office
	 •	 daně	 taxation

  Address:	Kaplířova	2731/7,	301	00		Plzeň	–	Jižní	Předměstí
  Telephone:	+420	377	411	111
  Fax:	+420	377	429	670	
  Opening	hours:	 Mon	8:00	–	17:00,	Tue	8:00	–	13:00	
  		 	             Wed	8:00	–	17:00,	Thu	8:00	–	13:00
  		 	             Fri	8:00	–	13:00	

    time before the expiry date of permit to employer           and he submits the application during period
    to any change in the facts in this permit – the         	 	 of	 protection	 –	 60	 days	 after	 termination	 of	
	 	 foreigner	 must	 ask	 the	 Labour	 Office	 about	 a	        employment, or if he have stayed continuous-
	 	 new	work	permit.                                        	 	 ly	for	at	least	2	years,	in	this	period	is	counted	
	•	Is	 required	 for	 all	 labour-law	 relations	 with	     	 	 the	duration	of	visa	for	residence	over	90	days	
    employers or foreigners working in the ter-             	 	 and	permit	to	permanent	residence.	Is	neces
	 	 ritory	of	the	Czech	Republic	under	the	Labour	              sary to prove that the employment obtained in
	 	 Code	 i.e.	 employment,	 contract	 of	 services,	       	 	 the	central	register	of	job	vacancies	suitable	
    agreement on work activities, and even if               	 	 for	green	card	holders.
	 	 such	activities	are	parallel.                           	•	The	 green	 card	 is	 for	 foreigners,	 citizens	
A work permit shall terminate with                          	 	 of	the	12	countries,	which	are	not	members	of	
	•	the	 expiration	 of	 the	 time-period	 for	 which	 it	   	 	 the	European	Union.
    was issued                                              	•	Jobs	for	green	card	holders	can	be	found	in	
	•	the	termination	of	the	employment	prior	to	the	          	 	 the	central	register	of	job	vacancies	suitable	
    time period for which its was issued                        for green card holders accessible on the in-
	•	the	expiration	of	the	permission	to	stay,	or             	 	 ternet.
	•	the	ceasing	to	exist	of	the	right	to	stay	for	other	
	 	 reasons	-	on	these	facts	will	be	Labour	Office	     	   3 kinds of cards
	 	 informed	the	Police	of	the	Czech	Republic                  type A:	for	qualified	workers	with	university	
                                                               education and key personnel – maximum up
  A Labour Office may withdraw a foreigner’s                	 	to	3	years
work permit if employment is being carried out                 type B:	 for	 workers	 in	 jobs	 with	 a	 mini-
in contravention of the work permit, with the               	 	mum	 educational	 requirement	 –	 maximum	
exception of the performance of other work in               	 	up	to	2	years
the	 transfer	 §	 41	 subsection	 1.c	 Labour	 Code		          type C:	 for	 other	 workers	 (unqualified)	 –	
(when the pregnant worker or is breastfeeding               	 	maximum	up	to	2	years	(can	not	be	extended)
carries out the type of work that may not per-
form or if such work endangers the pregnancy                 For green card types A and B it is possible to
or maternity) or if the work permit was issued              extend their validity under certain circumstanc-
on	 the	 basis	 of	 untrue	 information.	 An	 appeal	       es	for	up	to	3	years.
against the decision to withdraw a work permit                Jobs for green card holders can be found in
does	not	have	dilatory	effects.                             the	central	register	of	job	vacancies	suitable	for	
Work permit not be issued to foreigner who:                 green	card	holders	accessible	on	the	internet.
	•	apply	 for	 conferment	 of	 international	 protec-         Offices	 of	 the	 department	 for	 asylum	 and	 mi-
    tion or who which have been assigned visa               gration	policy	of	the	Ministry	of	the	Interior-	you	
	 	 for	 over	 90	 days	 for	 purpose	 of	 sufferance	      can	here	collect	your	green	card,	Adress:	Pilsen,	
    (tolerated stay) by law about asylum, for a             Americká	3
	 	 period	of	12	months	from	the	date	on	which	
	 	 the	 request	 for	 conferment	 of	 international	         More information can be found on the web-
	 	 protection	has	been	submitted.                          site	of	The	Ministry	of	Labour	and	Social	Affairs	
	•	Does	not	fulfil	any	of		the	conditions	establish
    by law about the employment to issue a work

	•	The	 green	 card	 is	 both	 a	 residence	 permit	
	 	 and	a	work	permit.	
	•	The	application	for	a	green	card	is	submitted	
    at the relevant embassy of the Czech Republic
	•	The	foreigner	can	apply	for	the	Green	card	in
    the territory of the Czech Republic – if
    there have already stayed at the green card

FOREIGNERS – THE THIRD-COUNTRY NATIONAL – standard options for residence permits
           Short stay                              Long term stay                                        Permanent residence (PR)

   (maximum	up	to	3	months)        a visa for residence over 90 days – 1 year                   1. Permit to PR without prior conditions
                                                                                                 of continuous residence in the Czech
          without visa                            for the purpose of                                            Republic
                                         	employment	/	business	/	studying
          airport visa                  in order to coexistence whole family                   2. Permit to PR provided prior continuous
                                                                                                    residence in the Czech Republic
          transit visa             can	be	extended	maximum	up	to	1	year,	sub-
                                   mit	 an	 application	 14	 days	 before	 the	 expi-          conditions	for	the	2nd	type	of	PR:
 tourist visa – within 90 days
                                   ration of the time period of residence permit               •	 5	 years	 of	 continuous	 residence	 in	 the	
                                   –	Inspectorate	of		the		Alien	police,	according	            Czech Republic be based on visum residen-
                                   to your location                                            ce	over	90	days/permit	temporary	sojour
                                                                                               •	 for	 the	 purpose	 of	 studying	 included	 half	
                                   submit the application – administrative char-               with an actual period of stay
                                   ge	is	1000CZK	(persons	below	the	age	of	6	
                                   years old are exempt from the fee)                            3. Permit to PR in the Czech Republic
                                                                                                 after the end of the asylum procedure
                                             Permit to Long term stay
                                                                                               conditions for all types of permanent resi-
                                                  for the purpose of                             dence permit in the Czech Republic:
                                         	employment	/	business	/	studying
                                        in order to coexistence whole family                   confirmation	 of	 the	 test	 –	 Czech	 language	
                                                                                               –	 level	A1	 (Some	 universities	 and	 language	
                                     can		be	extended	maximum	up	to	3	years	                   schools)
                                                (for the purpose of)
                                                                                               submit an application to permanent residence
                                   can	 	 be	 extended	 repeatedly	 –	 max.	 for	 a	           Offices	of	the	department	for	asylum	and	mi-
                                   period	 specified	 in	 the	 first	 residence	 permit	       gration	policy	Pilsen,	Americká	3
                                   (when the same purpose of residence), sub-
                                   mit	 an	 application	 14	 days	 before	 the	 expi-          If	you	have	a	child	born	in	the	Czech	Republic	
                                   ration of the time period of residence permit               and you stay as a legal representative in the
                                   –	Inspectorate	of		the		Alien	police                        Czech Republic on the basis of permanent
                                                                                               residence	have	an	obligation	within	60	days	
                                   submit the application – administrative char-               of	 its	 birth	 to	 the	 Offices	 of	 Ministry	 of	 the	
                                   ge	is	1000CZK	(persons	below	the	age	of	6	                  Interior	to	apply	for	the	permit	to	permanent	
                                   years old are exempt from the fee)                          residence for child
                                   to residence permit is possible to change the               After	 the	 granting	 of	 the	 permit	 to	 PR	 get	
                                   purpose in the residence in the territory of the            proof	 of	 residence-	 is	 valid	 for	 10	 years	 for	
                                   Czech	 Republic	 –	Alien	 Police	 issue	 a	 new	            adults,	children	under	15	years	5	years.	Ad-
                                   permit                                                      ministrative	charge	is	1000CZK,	children	un-
                                                                                               der	15	years	–	500CZK.
                                                      Exit permit
                                                                                               the validity of the proof of residence may be
                                   Alien	 Police	 issue	 exit	 permit	 -completion	 of	
                                                                                               extended	90	days	before	the	expiration	vali-
                                   legal residence for foreigners in the territory
                                                                                               dity of the proof of residence
                                   of the Czech Republic - foreigner is forced to
                                   leave	within	a	specified	perio                              against	the	adjudication	can	be	appealed	wi-
                                                                                               thin	15	days

More	information	can	be	obtained	from	the	Alien	Police	Inspectorate	in	Pilsen

   Territorial Inspectorate of Alien Police Plzeň
   Department of Permit of Soujour
   Leader:	ppor.	Josef	Wohlmuth
   Address:	Slovanská	alej	26,	307	51	Plzeň	       	                                       	                	               	
   Telephone:	+420	974	325	801,	+420	974	325	800
   Fax:	+420	974	325	808
   Other	informations	and	details:

   Address:	Americká	3,	301	00	Plzeň	 	  	                                                 	                	

APPLICATION FOR SHORT-TERM STAY                            	•	proof	 of	 resources	 needed	 for	 residence	 in	
citizens of 3rd countries                                  	 	 territory	of	CR	(according	to	§13	law	number	
	•	passport                                                	 	 326/1999	Sb.),	or	document	proving	that	for-
	•	2×	photographs	(just with changed appearance)               eigner is granted by domestic hosting organi-
	•	document	 of	 provision	 of	 accomodation	 (ac-             sation)
   comodation contract or accomodation confir-             	•	document	 of	 provision	 of	 accomodation	 (ac-
   mation)                                                 	 	 comodation	contract	or	accomodation	confir-
	•	document	confirming	that	the	person	is	stay-	               mation)
   ing in CR with a citizen of EU                          in order to coexistence of the whole family:
	•	document	of	health	insurance                            	•	copy	of	passport
APPLICATION OF LONG-TERM STAY                              	•	decision	of	employment	office	(=	úřad	práce)	per-
                                                               mitting employment
citizens of 3rd countires
                                                           	•	2×	photographs
for purpose of business:                                   	•	document	 of	 provision	 of	 accomodation	 (ac-
	•	copy	of	passport                                        	 	 comodation	contract	or	accomodation	confir-
	•	resources	 for	 staying	 in	 the	 territory	 of	 CR	        mation)
	 	 (according	to	§13		law	No.	326/1999	Sb.)               	•	document	confirming	the	purpose	(family	re-
	•	2×	photographs                                              lationship)
	•	confirmation	 of	 state	 of	 deliquent	 tax	 at	 Tax	   	•	document	showing	total	earning	of	family
	 	 Office	(=	finanční	úřad)                               	•	agreement	of	parent	or	legitimate	representative
	•	confirmation	OSSZ	(=	district	office	of	social	         	•	before	designation	of	visa	for	residence	over	
    security)                                              	 	 90	 days	 (in	 order	 to	 getting	 permit	 of	 long-
	•	Trade	Certificate	(=	živnostenský	list)	or	Trade	           term stay) should be presented document of
	 	 License	(=	koncesní	listina)                               travel health insurance for the time of resi-
	•	document	 of	 provision	 of	 accomodation	 (ac-             dence in territory of CR
	 	 comodation	contract	or	accomodation	confir-
                                                             For application for continuation of long-term
                                                           stay (in order to coexistence of the whole family)
	•	document	of	travel	health	insurance
                                                           foreigner	presents	the	same	requirements.
  For application for continuation of long-term
stay (for purpose of business) foreigner presents          APPLICATION FOR PERMANENT
the	same	requirements.                                     RESIDENCE
for purpose of employment:                                 citizen of 3rd countries
	•	copy	of	passport                                        	•	passport
	•	decision	of	permit	to	employment	(granted	by	           	•	2×	photographs
	 	 employment	office	=	úřad	práce)                        	•	document	 of	 provision	 of	 accomodation	 (ac-
	•	2×	photgraphs                                           	 	 comodation	contract	or	accomodation	confir-
	•	document	of	provision	of	accomodation	(accomo-              mation)
	 	 dation	contract	or	accomodation	confirmation)          	•	extract	from	the	police	records	(from	the	native	
                                                           	 	 country)	–	for	request	(persons	over	15	years)
  For application for continuation of long-term
                                                           	•	agreement	of	parent	(persons	under	18	years)
stay (for purpose of employment) foreigner pre-
                                                           	•	document	of	resources	for	staying	in	the	terri-
sents	the	same	requirements.
                                                               tory of CR
for purpose of studying:                                   	•	confirmation	of	the	test	–	Czech	language	–	level	
	•	passport                                                	 	 A1	(Some	universities	and	language	schools)
	•	document	confirming	studying
	•	2×	photgraphs                                           APPLICATION FOR EXTEND
	•	in	 case	 of	 person	 „under	 age“	 –	 agreement	       OF PERMANENT RESIDENCE
   of parent or legitimate representative with             relative of EU citizen, citizen of 3rd countries
   residence in CR                                         	•	passport
                                                           	•	2×	photograph	(just	with	changed	appearance)

	 •	 krátkodobé	vízum	(do	90	dnů)	 short-stay visa (within 90 days)
	 •	 Vízum	k	pobytu	nad	90	dnů	–	maximálně	1	rok	 visa for over 90 days (up to 1 year)
	 •	 za	účelem	zaměstnání	 for the purpose of employment
	 •	 za	účelem	podnikání	 for the purpose of business
	 •	 za	účelem	studia	 for the purpose of study
	 •	 Dlouhodobé	vízum	–	přechodný	pobyt	v	ČR	delší	než	1	rok	 Long term stay – in the Czech Republic longer
     than 1 year
	 •	 za	účelem	společného	soužití	rodiny	 in order to coexistence the whole family
	 •	 povolení	k	dlouhodobému	pobytu	 long-term stay permit
	 •	 Trvalý	pobyt	(od	2009	povinnost	zkoušky	znalosti	českého	jazyka	–	není	nutné	u	cizinců	starší	65	let	a	pro	
	 	 udělení	trvalého	pobytu	za	účelem	sloučení	rodiny)	 permanent residence (from 2009, it is necessary to pass
     an examination of Czech language)
	 •	 cestovní	doklad	 travel documents
	 •	 průkaz	o	povolení	k	pobytu	 document for a residence permit
	 •	 azylant	 asylum seeker
	 •	 žadatel	o	mezinárodní	ochranu	 applicant for international protection
	 •	 prodloužení	pobytu	(lhůta	90	dnů	před	uplynutí	doby	platnosti)	 extension of stay (Deadline is 90 days before
     the expiration)
	 •	 platnost	víza	k	pobytu	 validity of the visa to stay
	 •	 doklad	o	zajištění	ubytování	 proof of accommodation
	 •	 hlášení	místa	pobytu	(do	3	dnů	po	vstupu	na	území	ČR	–	cizinec,	nebo	ubytovatel)	 reporting their place of stay
     (within 3 days after entering the territory of the Czech Republic reported a foreigner himself or his quartermaster)
	 •	 hlášení	změn	(např.	pobyt	–	do	30	dnů	ode	dne	změny)	 to report a change (for example the stay – within 30
     days of the change)
	 •	 ohlášení	ztráty,	poškození,	odcizení	dokladu	policii	do	3	pracovních	dnů	 to report a loss, damage, theft to the
     police document no later than 3 working days
	 •	 prostředky	k	pobytu	 wherewithall to stay
	 •	 ubytovací	zařízení/ubytovna	 lodging-house
	 •	 nájemní	smlouva	 hire
	 •	 pronajímatel	 lessor/landlord
	 •	 podnájemní	smlouva	 underlease
	 •	 správce	 administrator of an estate
	 •	 ubytovací	řád	 Accommodation Rules
	 •	 hygienické	podmínky	 sanitary code
	 •	 Ověřování	veřejných	listin	(např.	notář	–	nutný	překlad)	 data authentication (For example, a notary must be
     translated into Czech)
	 •	 Rejstřík	trestů	české	republiky	 rap sheet of the Czech Republic
	 •	 Výpis	z	rejstříků	trestů	u	cizinců,	které	mají	v	ČR	přidělené	rodné	číslo	(poplatek	50	kč	/kolek	–	v	rámci	Czech	
	 	 Pointu	(program)	žadatel	dostane	ihned	 extract from the police records for foreigners, who have in the Czech
     Republic assigned personal identification number – charge 50CZK – program Czech Point, the applicant will
     receive an extract from the criminal record immediately.
	 •	 je	zaslán	na	adresu	žadatele	do	2-3	týdnů)	 employer
	 •	 Státní	občanství	v	ČR	/pobyt	5	let	+	znalost	českého	jazyka	 nationality Czech Republic – stay of 5 years and
     knowledge of Czech language
	 •	 Cizinecká	policie	 Alien Police
	 •	 Kontrola	 control
	 •	 Sankce	 sanction
	 •	 Pokuta	 sconce
	 •	 Výjezdní	příkaz	(max.	60	dnů)	 exit command (maximum of 60 days)
	 •	 Správní	vyhoštění	 renvoy

    If	the	foreigner	avoids	residential	control,	it	means	offense	against	the	law	No.	326/1999	Sb.	about	the	stay	
  of	foreigners	and	he	can	get	a	fine	of	up	to	10	000	crowns.
     Foreigner - The third-country national - who is not in the Czech Republic permanent residence, is obliged
  to show proof of identity for control and too document which proves his legal residence in the Czech Repub-
  lic	(own	passport	with	the	visa	sticker	pasted	or	residence	permit).	And	at	the	same	time	is	able	to	pay	own	
  health	insurance	(must	have	a	certificate	of	health	insurance,	travel	medical	insurance	or	cash,	etc.)

   Health service is provided on the basis of             WHO IS PAYING INSURANCE?
health	 insurance.	 Each	 health	 worker	 has	 to	        	•	Insuranced
give	first	aid	to	anybody,	who	is	in	danger	of	his	       	•	Employers for their employees (workers) – one
life or his health, immediately.	In	case	the	per-             part of insurance is taken directly from sala-
son does not have the health insurance, health            	 	 ry,	second	part	of	insurance	is	paid	by	employee.	
service is provided for payment (from not insur-              Employer must inform relevant insurance com-
anced	person).                                            	 	 pany	up	to	8	days.	If	employee	(worker)	realize	
                                                              that employer did not inform insurance company,
TYPES OF HEALTH INSURANCE:                                	 	 he/she	must	do	it	on	his/her	own.	(relevant	insur-
	1.	Obligatory	health	insurance                               ance company – depends on place of business)
	2.	Private	 health	 insurance	 (short-term,	 long-       	•	Country –	 pays	 health	 insurance	 just	 for	
    term)                                                     foreingers with permanent residence in those
                                                              cases: for unprovided children or students up
1. OBLIGATORY HEALTH INSURANCE                            	 	 to	26	years,	for		old-age	pensioners,	for	mothers	
   Legal	 claim	 for	 using	 systém	 of	 health	 insur-       on maternity leave, for people who take care of
ance have:                                                	 	 an	up	to	7	years	old	child	(all-day,	properly)	or	
	•	foreigners	with	permanent	residence	in	Czech	          	 	 who	take	care	of	2	children	up	to	15	years,	for	
    Republic                                                  foreigners with permanent residence who are
	•	asylum	seekers                                         	 	 registered	in	Úřad	práce	(=	employment office,
	•	foreigners,	 who	 are	 working	 for	 employer	 –	          Boureau of Labour), for applicant for interna-
    which has place of business in Czech Repub-           	 	 tional	protection	and	his/her	child,	for	foreigner	
	 	 lic.	 And	 at	 the	 same	 time,	 foreigners,	 who	    	 	 with	 visa	 for	 	 time	 of	 sufference	 and	 his/her	
	 	 have	 visa	 for	 more	 than	 90	 days	 OR	 long-          child, for a child who was born to asylum seek-
	 	 term	visa	on	purpose	of	working.                          er, for a child who was born to person with an
  Foreigner, who does not have permanent                  	 	 additional	protection.
residence,	can	have	insurance	just	for	the	time	          	•	Exceptions in health insurance – cases
when	 he/she	 is	 working	 for	 employer	 which	          	 	 when	person	earns	less	than	2000	Kč/month	
has place of business in CR (accordind to law             	 	 (=	„započitatelný příjem“;	from	2009	it	is	2000	
number	 48/1997Sb.).	 Such	 person	 (=	 foreign           	 	 Kč,	chargeable	earning	that	is	considered	for	
worker)	 must	 be	 written	 on	 „Hromadné	 ozná-          	 	 paying	health	insurance).	Among	noticed	ex-
mení	zaměstnavatele“	(=	mass announcement                     ceptions belong for example:
of employer).	                                            	 •	members	of	co-operative	group	(=	„družstvo“)
                                                          	 •	people	working	on	the	basis	of	Agreement	
  As soon as employee (worker) is signed on,
                                                                  of work
he/she	 can	 get	 „Green	 card“	 (=	 zelená karta).	
With	a	green	card,	foreigner	can	use	full	health	         EXAMPLE OF RIGHTS OF FOREIGNER who
care	 in	 CR.	 Foreigner	 has	 green	 card	 in	 the	      is participating on the system of public health
time	he/she	is	employed.	Until	the	green	card	is	         insurance:
made, employee (worker) can have temporary                	•	choice of health insurance company – insur-
„Náhradní	průkaz	pojištěnce	VZP	ČR“	(=	substi-            	 	 ance	company	can	be	changed	just	once	a	12	
tutional certificate od insured person).                  	 	 months,	to	the	first	day	of	calendar	quarter,	
  Labour	 relation	 when	 person	 participate	 on	        	•	choice of doctor and medical device (ex-
public health insurance:                                      ception is medical device of company) – must
 a) employment contract (contract of work)                    have a contract with relevant health insur-
	b)	agreement	on	work,	minimally	400CZK	/	month           	 	 ance	company;	this	right	can	be	used	once	a	
                                                              three months
  ATTENTION! Agreement on work is not Agree-
                                                          	•	choice of health transiton service – must
ment on performance of work (in the second
                                                              have a contract with relevant health insur-
case, there is not participation on public health
                                                              ance company
insurance); according to § 66 law. n. 435/2004
                                                          	•	medical care without direct payment (ex-
Sb., about employment – work agency must not
                                                              cept of operations that are not paid from pub-
make Agreement on performance of work
                                                              lic health insurance by the law)

office in Plzeň – Východní předměstí
Address:	sady	5.	května	2708/59,	301	00		Plzeň
Telephone:	+420	952	228	111
Fax:	+420	377	448	700	
Opening	hours:	 Mon	8:00	–	17:00,	Tue	8:00	–	14:00	
		 	              Wed	8:00	–	17:00,	Thu	8:00	–	14:00
		 	              Fri	8:00	–	14:00	

	•	right to get medicaments without direct                 2. PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE
   payment (in case of medicaments that are                A) SHORT-TERM – in case of urgent service
   paid from public health insurance)                          (suitable for short-term staying in CR – for
	•	right to complain, in case you feel the                    example	 tourists).	 Just	 necessary	 and	 ur-
   service is not appropriate (can complain to                gent health service – range and conditions
   head of medical device, its founder, health                according	 to	 contract	 –	 min.period	 of	 insur-
   insurance company)                                         ance	is	3	days
MAIN DUTY OF INSURANCED                                    B) LONG-TERM – in case of complete health
 • pay insurance rate to relevant health insurance            service
    company                                                     Period	of	insurance	is	from	6	months	to	24	
	•	cooperate	on	treatment                                     months, count for whole months, can be pro-
	•	in	case	of	need	submit	to	preventive	measure               longed.
	•	do	not	wittingly	harm	your	health                            This type of insurance has smaller range of
	•	in	 case	 of	 providing	 medical	 care,	 show	 your	       medical service than public health insurance
	 	 green	card	or	substitutional	certificate	of	insured	      –	range	and	conditions	according	to	contract.	
    person (no need for buying medicaments and                Paying	in	czech	currency	for	the	whole	period	
    medical technics)                                         in	advance.
	•	notification	 duty	 (for	 health	 insurance	 com-       Health insurance companies that offer pri-
	 	 pany	–	in	case	of	loss	the	card	up	to	8	days,	         vate health insurance:
    in case of change of name and description up           	•	Všeobecná	zdravotní	pojišťovna,	a.s.	(VZP)
	 	 to	30	days	from	any	change)                            	•	Victoria	Volksbanken,	a.s.
                                                           	•	Pojišťovna	Slavia,	a.s.
                                                           	•	Maxima	pojišťovna,	a.s.
                                                             ATTENTION! – there is hazard with health
                                                           insurance companies that do not have right
                                                           registration accoding the law – can hap-
                                                           pend that it would not pay medical service
                                                           for you.

	 •	 zdravotní	pojištění	 health insurance
	 •	 zdravotní	pojišťovna	 insurance company
	 •	 nemocnice	–	(	poplatek	60	Kč/den)	 hospital (60 crown per 1 day)
	 •	 lékař	 doctor
	 •	 závodní	lékař	 occupational doctor
	 •	 vstupní	prohlídka	do	zaměstnání	 check-up for job
	 •	 zubař	 dentist
	 •	 dětský	lékař	 paediatrician
	 •	 zdravotní	sestra	 nurse
	 •	 poplatky	u	lékaře	(poplatek	za	návštěvu	lékaře	30	Kč)	 charge for doctors (30 crowns)
	 •	 zdravotní	prohlídka/kontrola	 medical check
	 •	 Co	tě	bolí?	 Where do you feel the pain?
	 •	 Bolí	mě	hlava	a	v	krku	 I have got a headache and a sore throat.
	 •	 Vyšetřím	Vás.	 I will examine you.
	 •	 Otevřete	ústa.	 Open your mouth.
	 •	 Dýchejte	zhluboka	 Breathe deep.
	 •	 Svlékněte	se.	 Undress your clothes please.
	 •	 lékárna	 pharmacy
	 •	 recept	 prescription
	 •	 poplatky	v	lekárně	 charges in a pharmacy
	 •	 volný	prodej	léků	 free sale of medicines
	 •	 lékařská	pohotovost	v	nemocnici	 emergency rescue
	 •	 lékařská	záchranná	služba	–	bezplatné	tel.číslo	155	 Medical rescue service, call the number 155
	 •	 sanitka	 ambulance
	 •	 tablety	 tablets
	 •	 mast	 ointment
	 •	 teploměr	 thermometer
	 •	 kapky	 drops
	 •	 náplast	 plaster
	 •	 bolest	 pain
	 •	 horečka	 temperature
	 •	 hlava	 head
	 •	 oko,	oči	 eye, eyes
	 •	 ucho,	uši	 ear, ears
	 •	 nos	 nose
	 •	 ústa	 mouth
	 •	 zub,	zuby	 tooth, teeth
	 •	 krk	 neck
	 •	 ruka	 hand
	 •	 paže	 arm
	 •	 prsty	 fingers
	 •	 záda	 back
	 •	 prsa	 brest
	 •	 břicho	 belly
	 •	 noha	 leg
	 •	 plíce	 lungs
	 •	 ledviny	 kidneys
	 •	 játra	 liver
	 •	 srdce	 heart
	 •	 žaludek	 stomach
	 •	 krev	 blood
	 •	 moč	 urine
	 •	 stolice	 stool
	 •	 dieta	 diet
	 •	 očkování	 vaccination
	 •	 injekce	 injection
	 •	 úraz/pracovní	úraz	 employment accident
                                EDUCATION AND CULTURE

  Persons	 who	 are	 not	 nationals	 of	 Czech	 citi-      COMPULSORY BASIC EDUCATION
zens and reside legally in the Czech Republic                Compulsory education lasts nine years and is
have access to elementary, secondary and                   free	except	for	private	schools.	free	education	is	
higher education as well as citizens of the                possible for children of the EU Member States
Czech Republic including serve of constitutional           as well as for children from third countries, if is
education.                                                 their	residence	legal.	Documents	certifying	the	
  Foreigners are becoming students respec-                 legitimacy	 of	 residence	 shall	 be	 subject	 to	 the	
tive schools under the conditions provided for             Director of the school no later than the date
Education Act if they prove their residence in the         of	 entry	 into	 school.	 Sign	 child	 to	 compulsory	
approval	of	the	Director	of	School.	Persons	are	           education	 is	 the	 responsibility	 of	 the	 child’s	 le-
nationals of the EU do not have to prove the               gal	representative.	In	the	event	of	failure	of	the	
legitimacy.	Persons	who	are	not	citizens	of	the	           legal representatives of the obligations threat-
state and received previous education in a for-            ens	sanctions.	In	the	event	that	the	child	is	not	
eign school is remission for the entrance tests            able to attend school, it is necessary expertise
for secondary education at a secondary or high             by doctor, special psychological worker centers
school	 at	 the	 request	 of	 the	 Czech	 language	        or	 educational	 psychological	 counseling.	 The	
test.	 Knowledge	 of	 Czech	 language,	 which	 is	         reason for the suspension of compulsory school
essential	for	education	in	the	field	of	education,	        attendance	may	be	only	insufficiently	physically	
as	verified	by	an	interview.                               or	 mentally	 mature	 child.	 To	 the	 compulsory	
  Education – during the school year, school year          school education must be child enrolled during
begins	on	1st	August	of	the	year	to	31st Septem-           the	entry	of	selected	primary	school.	Time	to	en-
ber	the	following	year.	School	year	is	divided	into	       try	–	15th	January	–	15th February of the year in
the	classes	and	school	holidays.	School	year	is	           which the child starts compulsory school attend-
divided	 into	 two	 half.	The	 period	 of	 school	 holi-   ance.	Information	on	the	entry	can	be	found	on	
days constitute autumn holidays, Christmas holi-           the bulletin boards at school, in the local press,
days, the half-holidays, spring holidays, Easter           etc.	Legal	representative	of	the	child	chooses	a	
holidays	and	major	holidays	(2	months).	Teach-             school	itself.	In	the	Czech	Republic	–	nine	years	
ing	week	at	school	is	a	five-day.                          compulsory school education divided into two
                                                           cycles	–	1.		(first	to	fifth	grade),	2.	(sixth	to	ninth	
TYPES OF SCHOOLS:                                          grade).
	•	nursery
	•	elementary	school                                       ORGANIZATION OF THE SCHOOL YEAR
	•	secondary	 school	 (Grammar	 schools,	 Sec-               School	year	begins	on	1st August of the year to
   ondary vocation schools, Secondary appren-              31st	September	the	following	year.	School	year	
   tice training scools)                                   is	divided	into	the	classes	and	school	holidays.	
	•	conservatory                                            Children – foreigners are entitled to the same
	•	art	scool,		language	school                             services as the Czech children, have the same
                                                           entitlement to the selected school supplies and
  Preschool education	is	carried	out	in	nursery.	          textbooks,	Czech	children	receiving	free.
Preschool	education	relates	to	the	exemption	of	             School year is divided into two half, at the
children	 from	 3	 to	 6	 years.	 Children	 are	 taken	    end of each half student gets to school mark
to	the	nursery	school	at	the	request	of	parents	           (report), some schools have added also verbal
(legal	representative).	The	preschool	education	           comments.
children receive priority in the last year before
the	start	of	compulsory	schooling.	Parents	mus	            SCHOOLS EDUCATION
pay for the stay of children – foreigner in the              Pupils	 who	 have	 fulfilled	 the	 nine-year	 com-
nursery, payment of stay, food, leisure activi-            pulsory school attendance can apply for study
ties	of	children.	Payments	for	the	child’s	stay	in	        at	a	secondary	school.
nursery are mostly monthly – include child care
during	the	day,	the	cost	of	food,	etc.                     SURVEY OF SECONDARY SCHOOLS
                                                           	•	Grammar	schools
 You	 can	 enrol	 child	 in	 nursery	 at	 the	 time	 of	   	•	Secondary	vocation	schools
entry, which is usually in the spring (March to            	•	Secondary	apprentice	training	centers
June)	before	the	start	of	school	year.	

ŠKOLSTVÍ A KULTURA Education and culture
	 •	 Předškolní	zařízení	 Nursery from 3 to 6 years, optional
	 •	 Základní	škola	 primary school (compulsory education)
	 •	 Střední	škola	 high school (gymnazium)
	 •	 Konzervatoř	 conservatory
	 •	 Vyšší	škola	 VOŠ college
	 •	 Vysoká	škola	VŠ	(veřejné,	státní,	soukromé)	 University (Public, state, private)
	 •	 Denní	studium	 daily study
	 •	 Distanční	studium	–	dálkové,	zpravidla	několik	dní	v	měsíci	 distance education – usually a few days of the
	 •	 Kombinované	studium	 Combined study
	 •	 Rozvrh	hodin	 timetable
	 •	 Domácí	úkoly	 homework
	 •	 Vysvědčení	 report, certificate
	 •	 Žákovská	knížka	 student book
	 •	 Klasifikace	(známky	1	–	5)	 mark
	 •	 Slovní	hodnocení	 verbal classification
	 •	 Omluvení	hodin	absence/omluvenka	 absence from class/letter of apology
	 •	 Neomluvené	hodiny	 unexcused absence
	 •	 Školní	družina	 public nursery
	 •	 Školní	stravování	 school meals
	 •	 Učitel/ka	 teacher
	 •	 Třídní	učitel/učitelka	 class teacher
	 •	 Ředitel/ka	 headmaster/headmistress
	 •	 Spolužák	 schoolmate
	 •	 Zápis	do	prvního	ročníku	ZŠ	–	(období	15.	1.	–	15.	2.	na	ZŠ)	 Minutes into the first year of primary school
	 •	 Třída	 class
	 •	 I.	stupeň	ZŠ	–	5	let	(1.	–	5.	ročník)	 primary school (first to fifth grade)
	 •	 II.	stupeň	ZŠ	–	4	roky	(6.	–	9.	ročník)	 secondary school (sixth to ninth grade)
	 •	 Odklad	školní	docházky	 deferment of taking up school
	 •	 Školní	rok	na	ZŠ	–	1.	září	–	31.	srpna	 School year from 1st October to 31st June
	 •	 Prázdniny	 holiday
	 •	 Přezůvky,	školní	pomůcky	 protective overshoes, teaching aids
	 •	 Přijímací	řízení	 admission process
	 •	 Uznání	zahraničního	vzdělání	–	nostrifikace	–	žádost	se	podává	na	Krajský	úřad	–	odbor	školství	 recognition
     of foreign education, application shall be submitted to the Regional Office of Department of Education
	 •	 Ověřený	překlad	dokladu	o	vzdělání	ze	země	původu	 A certified copy of proof of education from the count-
     ry of origin
	 •	 Kurzy	češtiny	pro	cizince	 Czech courses for foreigners
	 •	 Rodičovská	schůzka	 A meeting of parents in school
	 •	 Zájmové	kroužky/volnočasové	aktivity	 hobby groups/leisure activities
	 •	 Kino	 cinema
	 •	 Divadlo	 theater
	 •	 Výstava	 exhibition
	 •	 Koncert	 concert
	 •	 Hřiště	 playground
	 •	 Plavecký	bazén	 swimming pool
	 •	 Vstupenka	 ticket
	 •	 Představení	 performances
	 •	 Předprodej	vstupenek	 ticket office
	 •	 Otevírací	doba	 opening time
	 •	 Zavírací	doba	 closing-time
	 •	 Rezervace	 reservation
                               EDUCATION AND CULTURE

  To study can be accepted applicants – in stud-           Pilsen	is	a	relatively	wide	range	of	leisure	and	
ies following completed secondary education              sporting	activities	for	children	and	adults.	In	the	
with a leaving exam and must meet the con-               city there are three swimming pools and many
ditions	 for	 the	 entrance	 examination.	 Higher	       sports	facilities	open.	
vocational education deepens general and                   Most popular is Škoda sports park, which is
professional	 knowledge,	 study	 is	 finished	 by	 a	    situated	in	the	city	district	Pilsen	2.	Here	is	avail-
certificate.	Study	takes	three	years	in	the	daily	       able: playground for skateboard, playground for
form,	practice	included.	Students	must	pay	tui-          team sports (hockeyball), playground for volley-
tion	fees.	Schoolmaster	decides	the	amount	of	           ball and football-tennis, playgroung for beach-
tuition	fees.	Foreigners	pay	for	higher	education	       volleyball, universal playground for beach
at a vocational training school the same amount          sports,	playground	for	petanque,	way	for	roller	
as	citizens	of	the	Czech	Republic.                       skating,	 outdoor	 climbing	 tower,	 cable	 center.
                                                         Ice Park with skating way is located in the city
                                                         district		Pilsen	1	and	is	freely	accessible.
  Most universities have the following accredit-
                                                           In	 the	 center	 of	 the	 city	 has	 opened	 a	 new	
ed	degree	programs:Bachelor’s,	Master’s,	doc-
                                                         shopping and entertainment center, where
toral	 programs.	 Universities	 are	 public,	 private	
                                                         is available cinema, bowling and new play-
and	state.	State	University	is	a	military	or	police.	
                                                         ground, the place where many entertainment
The public and state universities can foreigners
                                                         events.	 Night	 life	 in	 Pilsen	 is	 very	 rich.	 Pilsen	
to study regardless of whether they have short
                                                         has plurality of musical and dance clubs, which
stay, long-term stay or permanent residence in
                                                         provide	high-quality	music	programs	of	various	
the	Czech	Republic.	Foreigners	studying	at	uni-
                                                         genres,	 combined	 with	 a	 pleasant	 place.	 Most	
versity under the same conditions as other citi-
                                                         enterprises offer a wide range of drinks and rich
zens of the Czech Republic, if they are able to
study	in	the	Czech	language.	If		Czech	students	
are	not	required	to	pay	the	study,	the	same	con-
ditions	 applies	 to	 foreigners.	 Foreigners	 who	        Programs	cinemas,	theaters,	clubs	and	other	
want to study at a university in the Czech Re-           terms exhibitions and offer cultural events, for
public in a language other than Czech must pay           example, see the website:
their	own	study.                                         	•
  More information can be found on the web-
side:	 Ministry	 of	 Education,	 Youth	 and	 Sports
  Pilsen	has	a	lot	of	quality	and	extensive	edu-
cational	institution.	List	of	schools	and	contacts	
– in Contact Center for Foreigners

                     SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS
BASIC DIVISION INTO THREE GROUPS                             	   c)	in	a	register	Labor	Office	–	entitled	to	un-
                                                             	     	employment	benefit
1) FOREIGNERS WITH THE PERMANENT                                 d) pensioner
   RESIDENCE ON THE TERRITORY OF THE                              Class	 of	 persons	 entitled	 to	 such	 benefits	
   CZECH REPUBLIC – they have the same                           determined	§	3	law	No.	117/1995	Sb.
   status as a citizen of the Czech Republic
  Right to a benefit                                             Benefits under the Law on assistance in
  	 •	of	 Labor	 Office	 of	 the	 department	 of	                material distress (need)
      state social support – child benefit, birth                  For the citizen shall be assessed so-called
      grant, parens benefit, social contribu-                    personal scope, which eliminates the re-
      tions, housing allowance                                   quirement	 of	 permanent	 residence,	 enters	
  	 •	of the social welfare department of the                    into	 our	 system	 of	 social	 benefits.	 But	 it	 is	
  	 	Municipal	Office	(10	urban	districts)                       banned	 from	 export	 benefits,	 it	 means	 not	
  	 •	according	 to	 the	 law	 on	 assistance	 in	               pay	out	benefits	abroad.
         material distress, for example: contri-
         bution to subsistence, additional hous-                   Basic benefit under the Law on assistance
         ing, immediate emergency assistance                     in material distress is contribution to subsist-
  	 •	for	 handiccaped	 people,	 for	 example:	                  ence.
         contribution to the operation of a mo-                    Right	to	a	benefit	meets	citizen	who	works	
  	     	tor	 vehicle,	 extra	 benefits	 for	 handic-            in the territory of the Czech Republic
  	     	caped/disabled	people                                    a) employed person – participant of health
  	 •	contribution	 to	 the	 long-term	 care	 for	                   insurance
         disabled people                                          b) self-employed – be entered in pension
    Entitled	 to	 these	 benefits	 arise	 and	 the	                  insurance
  fulfillment	 of	 legal	 conditions	 set	 out	 in	 the	         	c)	in	a	register	Labor	Office	–	entitled	to	un-
  public	notice.	                                                	 	employment	benefit
                                                                 (the	same	as	for	the	benefits	of	state	social	
    The above mentioned issues settled by this
                                                                 support but non-pensioner)
  	 •	 Law	No.	117/1995	Sb	about	state	social	support            Claim meets the family (dependent), who is:
  	 •	 Law	No.	111/2006	Sb.	about	assistance	in	mate-            	a)	a	person	under	21	years	of	age
       rial distress
  	 •	 Public	 notice	 182/1991	 Sb.	 the	 implementation	
                                                                 	 	husband/wife,	children
  	 	 of	 Law	 on	 Social	 Security	 and	 Law	 Czech	 Na-            unprovided for
       tional Council about the operation of institutions         b) Relatives – for example: parents of de-
       in the Czech Republic                                         pendent family member, without their own
  	 •	 Law	No.	108/2006	Sb.	about	social	services                    income
2) FOREIGNERS FROM THE EUROPEAN UNION                             Attention – in no case help-mate.
  Right to a benefit                                              In	 the	 event	 of	 failure	 to	 comply	 with	 these	
  	 •	of	 Labor	 Office	 of	 the	 department	 of	                conditions is a citizen of the European Union is
      state social support                                       entitled only as a citizen from third countries
  	 • according to the law on assistance in
      material distress                                      3) CITIZENS OF OTHER COUNTRIES so-
  	 • according to the law on social services                   called third countries
      § 4 z. č. 108/2006                                           Only	benefit	under	the	Law	on	assistance	in	
  State social support benefits                                  material	distress	§	2	No.	111/2006	Sb	about	
    Claim meets the citizen, who works on the                    the assistance in material distress – only if
  territory of the Czech Republic                                there	is	a	risk	of		actual	bodily	harm.
   a) employed person – participant of health                      In	 administrative	 proceedings	 to	 remove	
      insurance                                                  the	 condition	 of	 territorial	 jurisdiction	 under	
   b) self-employed – be entered in pension insur-               the	Code	of	Administrative	Procedure,	terri-

   Urban District limits
 1 - Urban District Pilsen 1, Alej svobody 60             11 - Provincial Directorate of the Alien Police, Slovanská alej 26
 2 - Urban District Pilsen 2 - Slovany, Koterovská 83     12 - Labour Office in Pilsen, Kaplířova 7
 3 - Urban District Pilsen 3, sady Pětatřicátníků 7       13 - Regional Authority of the Pilsen Region, Škroupova 18
 4 - Urban District Pilsen 4, Mohylová 55                 14 - CAN - Central bus station, Husova 60
 5 - Urban District Pilsen 5 - Křimice, Prvomájová 21     15 - Main railway station, Nádražní 9
 6 - Urban District Pilsen 6 - Litice, Klatovská 243      16 - Contact Center for Foreigners, Resslova 14
 7 - Urban District Pilsen 7 - Radčice, V Radčicích 19    17 - Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna – Health insurance company
 8 - Urban District Pilsen 8 - Černice, Veská 11                in the Czech Republic, sady 5. května 59
 9 - Urban District Pilsen 9 - Malesice, Chotíkovská 14   18 - OAMP Offices of the department for asylum and migration
10 - Urban District Pilsen 10 - Lhota, K Sinoru 51             policy of the Ministry of the Interior, Americká 3 (Permanent
                                                               residence, The issuing of the Green cards)
                     SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS
   torial	jurisdiction	is	the	office	of	the	quarter	of	   WHERE YOU CAN APPLY FOR:
   the	city	of	Pilsen	1-10,	in	whose	district	the	        State social support benefits:
   event	was.                                             Labour	Office,	adress:	Martinská	2	Plzeň
    For entitlement to all state social security          Benefits in material distress (need), benefits
   benefits	 from	 the	 Labor	 Office	 must	 be	 the	     for handiccaped people:
   condition of long-term stay - continuous stay          Municipal	office	–	according	to	place	of	residence
   365	days.
                                                          Urban districts in Pilsen:
BENEFITS OF STATE SOCIAL                                  	•	MO1	 –	 Urban	 district	 1	 for	 the	 city	 district:	
SUPPORT IN CR:                                            	 	 Roudná,	Bílá	Hora,	Košutka,	Lochotín,	Bolevec,
	•	child	benefit                                          	 	 Vinice
	•	parents	benefit                                        	•	MO2	 –	 Urban	 district	 2	 for	 the	 city	 district:	 	
	•	birth	grant                                            	 	 Slovany,	Božkov,	Doudlevce	(part),	Hradiště,	
	•	social	contributions                                   	 	 Koterov,	Lobzy	(part)
	•	housing	allowance                                      	•	MO3	 –	 Urban	 district	 3	 for	 the	 city	 district:	
                                                          	 	 Center,	 Bory,	 Doudlevce,	 Skvrňany,	 Nová	
                                                          	 	 Hospoda,	Zátiší,	Valcha,	Radobyčice
                                                          	•	MO4	 –	 Urban	 district	 4	 for	 the	 city	 district:	
                                                          	 	 Doubravka,	Letná,	Lobzy,	Bukovec,	Červený	
                                                          	 	 Hrádek,	Újezd	a	Zábělá
                                                          	•	MO5	–	Urban	district	5	for	the	city	district:		Křimice
                                                          	•	MO6	–	Urban	district	6	for	the	city	district:	Litice
                                                          	•	MO7	–	Urban	district	7	for	the	city	district:	Radčice
                                                          	•	MO8	–	Urban	district	8	for	the	city	district:	Černice
                                                          	•	MO9	–	Urban	district	9	for	the	city	district:	Malesice
                                                          	•	MO10	–	Urban	district	10	for	the	city	district:	Lhota

  Contact Center for Foreigners

FOR WHOM WE ARE HERE:                            WE OFFER:
•	Foreigners	living/working	in	the	city	of	  	   •	the	 provision	 of	 support	 and	 information	
                                                 	 to	 the	 individual	 needs	 and	 taking	 into	
•	Foreigners	 from	 third	 countries	 in	 the	   	 account	 the	 possibility	 Center	 and	 in	  	
	 aftermath	of	the	adverse	social	situation      	 particular	in	the	following	areas:
•	Foreigners	 from	 the	 European	 Union	    	   	 	 –	residence	status
	 living	now	in	the	city	of	Pilsen		             	 	 –	job
•	Foreigners	 without	 discrimination,	 the	 	   	 	 –	living
	 status	 of	 residence	 (short-stay,	 long-	    	 	 –	education
	 term	stay,	permanent	residence)                	 	 –	Social	Security
  Services	do	not	target	groups	of	people	       	 	 –	health	care
who	 are	 under	 the	 influence	 of	 narcotic	   	 	 –	obtaining	 citizenship	 in	 the	 Czech	  	
drugs	or	alcohol	or	if	using	verbal	or	phy-      	 	 	 Republic
sical	violence.                                  •	Assistance	Service	for	Foreigners	–	ac-	
WHERE TO FIND US:                                	 companiment	 in	 negotiations	 with	 the	   	
       Kontaktní centrum pro cizince             	 authorities,	visit	your	doctor	atc.
        Resslova	14,	Plzeň	–	1.	patro            •	mediation	of	interpretation	services
Telephone:	725	874	975,	725	874	976,	            •	information	 on	 educational	 events	 for	  	
	 	 		       725	874	977                         	 foreigners
   e-mail:           •	improving	 the	 level	 of	 awareness,	 ori-	
OPEN:                                            	 entation	and	self-reliance	of	foreigners	   	
  Monday    8.00       –   16.00                 	 of	their	rights	and	and	obligations	in	the	 	
  Tuesday  12.00       –   20.00                 	 Czech	Republic
  Wednesday 8.00       –   16.00                 •	improve	the	living	situation	of	foreigners	 	
  Thursday 12.00       –   20.00                 	 in	 order	 to	 have	 better	 conditions	 for	
  Friday   12.00       –   20.00                 	 their	lives	in	the	Czech	Republic
  Saturday  9.00       –   14.00
                        SOCIAL SERVICES FOR FOREIGNERS

  In	 Pilsen	 operates	 system	 of	 organizations	 that	                           KATALOG
provide	social	services.	Objective	of	social	services	                            SOCIÁLNÍCH
is	to	provide	support	for	those	who	find	themselves	                                SLUŽEB
in adverse situation and are unable to solve the
situation		for	various	reasons.	List	of	organizations	
– counselling centre, where provide social services                                        I

you can get in the catalog of social services – avail-
                                                                                 KATALOG POSKYTOVATELŮ SOCIÁLNÍCH SLUŽEB
                                                                                        (VČETNĚ NEREGISTROVANÝCH)
                                                                                           NA ÚZEMÍ MĚSTA PLZNĚ

able in Contact Center for Foreigners.

  In	Pilsen	work	many	organizations	that	offer	social	services	to	foreigners	in	the	area	of	social	and	
legal	advice.	Complete	list	of	social	services	-	for	different	types	of	social	situations	-	including	con-
tact	information	of	social	service	providers	-	you	can	get	in	the	catalog	of	social	services.

AND REFUGEES                                               (OPU)
Address:	Cukrovarská	16,	Plzeň	301	00                      Address:	Tylova	1,	Plzeň	301	00
Tel./fax:	377	441	736                                      Tel.:	739	413	983
e-mail:                                    e-mail:                                            
Opening hours:                                   
Mon,	Tue,	Thu:	8:00	–	12:00;	13:00	–	15:00	                Opening hours:
Wed:	8:00	–	12:00;	13:00	–	19:00                           Mon,	Tue:	10:30	–	16:30	
Fri:	8:00	–	12:00;	13:00	–	14:00                           Our services
(possible, in another time by telephone deal)              	•	 informations about labour law in the Czech Re-
Our services                                               	 	 public	(enter	the	apply	for	Office,	change	of	em-
Foreigners and asylum seekers can appeal for                    ployment with regard to residence status)
counselling if they have problems in these areas:          	 •	 Informations	associated	with	the	Law	on	foreigners
	 •	 social	problems	(conditions	of	the	social	security	   	 •	 Risk	for	client	systém	–	and	the	possibility	of	a	
     for foreigners and refugees, assistance in resolv-         solution
	 	 ing	housing	problems,	when	seeking	a	job	etc.)         	 •	 Counselling	 for	 social	 security,	 nostrifikation	 di-
	 •	 legal	 aid	 (permanent	 residence,	 conditions	 to	        plomas obtained in the country of origin, living,
     obtain Czech citizenship), we have a lawyer           	 	 life	events	(weddings,	births,	deaths,	etc.)
	 •	 health	service
	 •	 education	(school	attendance,	language	course,	
     computer courses)
	 •	 information	about	life	in	the	Czech	Republic
	 •	 if	you	need	an	interpreter	for	communication
	 •	 Czech	courses	open	to	all	interested	person               ALL SERVICES ARE PROVIDED FREE
	 •	 PC	Center	for	Foreigners,	free	access	to	the	In-                    OF CHARGE
	 •	 writing	 missives,	 withdrawal	 and	 presentment,	
     we will go with you –easier contact and commu-
	 	 nication	with	institutions	and	offices


URBAN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION                                     trips during the day indicated on the ticket
   The city may be delivering the public trans-              If	I	go	every	day	to	and	from	work	is	the	better	
port, which includes:                                      time	to	buy	a	season	ticket.	this	ticket	may	be	
 • Trams                                                   for	a	week,	month	and	two	months	to	a	full		year.	
 • Buses                                                   The	longer	period	to	buy	a	ticket	that	is	cheaper.	
 • Trolley buses                                           I	need	to	have	Pilsen	card.
 To carry the public transport is possible only              Pilsen	card	(PC)	is	a	contactless	smart	card,	
with	a	valid	ticket.                                       which functions as a subscription in the urban
                                                           public	transport	and	electronic	money.	This	card	
PRICES OF TICKETS                                          is	not	transferable.	Pilsen	card	can	serve	as	an	
                                                           electronic wallet that you can apply, for exam-
              Types of fare                   Price
                                                           ple,	in	the	zoo,	swimming	pool,	etc.	The	issue	of	
  Full non-changing fare (Full changing                    Pilsen	cards	need	a	photo	and	170	CZK,	card	
    fare for – ticket is issued through       12	Kč        will	be	issued	within	10	days.
                Pilsen	card)
                                                             Control of tickets carry out controllers, who
      Full changing fare	(only	PC)            16	Kč        must prove identity of badge or ideentity of
     Full	changing	fare	180	minutes                        transporter.
                                              26	Kč
                (only	PC)                                     Passengers	 without	 a	 valid	 fare	 document	 is	
  Full	changing	fare	24	hours	(only	PK)       40	Kč        required	to	pay	the	fare	and	a	fine:
                                                           	•	For	traveling	without	valid	travel	document	to	
                                                           	 	 pay	a	fine	of	1000	CZK.
Reduced tickets (children from 6 to 15 years,
                                                           	•	In	 the	 event	 that	 passengers	 pay	 a	 fine	 in	
parent who is accompanied by at least one child
                                                           	 	 place	or	within	10	working	days	from	the	date	
under 6 years)
                                                           	 	 of	controll	at	cash	desk	(adress:PMDP,	a.s.,	
              Types of fare                   Price        	 	 Palackého	tř.	16,	Plzeň)	reduces	the	amount	
    Discount non-changing fare (Full                       	 	 of	the	fine	to	600	crowns.
   changing fare for – ticket is issued        6	Kč        	•	If	the	passenger	does	not	carry	a	valid	Pilsen	
          through	Pilsen	card)                                 card activated for the relevant period of valid-
                                                               ity with him, but the passenger can show own
    Discount	changing	fare	(only	PC)           8	Kč        	 	 active	Pilsen	card	by	the	following	day	to	the	
  Discount	changing	fare	180	minutes	                      	 	 fifth	 day	 to	 control	 (adress:	 PMDP,	 a.s.,	
                                              13	Kč
              (only	PC)                                    	 	 Palackého	 tř.	16)	 then	 pay	 a	fine	 of	only	 40	
     Discount	changing	fare	24	hours
                                              20	Kč
                (only	PC)                                  THE PLACE WHERE YOU CAN BUY TICKETS
                                                           	•	Center for customers PMDP, a.s. – Hydro
You can buy a ticket:                                          adress: Denisovo nábřeží 12
	 a)	 Pilsen	salesrooms	in	urban	transport	com-            	 	 Mon	–	Fri:	7:00	–	18:00,	Sat:	8:00	–12:00
      panies                                               	•	salesroom	PMDP,	a.s.- adress Tylova 12
  b) for the authorized dealers                            	 	 Mon	–	Fri:	7:00	–	18:00,	Sat:	8:00	–12:00
  c) in machines for tickets outside the vehicle           	•	Czech	railways	–	KURÝR	(Main railway sta-
  d) in vending machines in the vehicle through-               tion, lower hall)
	 	 Pilsen	card	(PC)	with	sufficient	cash	in	your	         	 	 Mon	–	Sun:	6:00	–	11:30,	12:00	–	13:45,	14:00	–	
      wallet                                               	 	 17:30	a	18:00	–	21:30
  e) by the driver of the vehicle public transport         	•	salesroom	 ČSAD	 (Czech	 bus	 transport)	
      immediately after the boarding the bus into              adress: Husova street (cash counter No. 2)
      the front door of the vehicle                        	 	 Mon	–	Fri	6:00	–	18:00	
                                                             Pilsen	card	you	can	recharge	for	the	self-serv-
Season ticket for multiple trips with the pos-
                                                           ice	areas.
sibility to crossing passage:
                                                             More	 informations	 about	 Urban	 traffic	 trans-
	 a)	 In	vending	machines	in	the	vehicle	through	Pilsen	
                                                           portation,	including	traffic	order	can	be	found	at	
	 	 card	(PC)	with	sufficient	cash	in	your	wallet
                                                           on	the	website:
  b) one-time ticket for an unlimited number of

	 •	 autobus	 bus
	 •	 vlak	 train
	 •	 trolejbus	 trolley bus
	 •	 tramvaj	 tram
	 •	 osobní	auto	 car
	 •	 nákladní	auto	 truck
	 •	 motocykl	 motorcycle
	 •	 autobusové/vlakové	nádraží	 bus station, railway station
	 •	 městská	hromadná	doprava	(MHD)	 urban public transportation
	 •	 nepřestupní	jízdenka	(MHD	Plzeň	–	12,-	Kč,	u	řidiče	20,-	Kč)	 full non-changing fare (12 crowns – CZK, if you
     buy a ticket by the driver of the vehicle cost 20 CZK)
	 •	 Plzeňská	karta	 Pilsen card
	 •	 měsíční	jízdné	(MHD	Plzeň	–	390,-	Kč/měs.)	 monthly ticket (CZK 390 per month)
	 •	 přestupní	jízdenka	(pouze	na	Plzeňskou	kartu	–	1	hod.,	2	hod.,	1	den	–	40,-	/měs.	apod.)	 full changing fare
     (you can buy this ticket only if you have Pilsen card, this ticket may be on the 1 hour, 2 hours... 1 day, 1 month
     etc. For example, a ticket for one day cost 40 CZK)
	 •	 poloviční	jízdné	(dítě	do	12	let	–	6,-	Kč)	 half-price ticket (for children under 12 years of age is 6 CZK)
	 •	 dobíjecí	automat	 machine to charge
	 •	 prodejní	místa	MHD	 places for the sale of tickets on public transport
	 •	 zastávka	 stop
	 •	 zastávka	na	znamení	 request stop
	 •	 revizor	 controller
	 •	 pokuta	 fine
	 •	 řidič	 driver
	 •	 cestující/spolucestující	 passenger/fellow passenger
	 •	 autoškola	 driving school
	 •	 řidičský	průkaz	 driving licence
	 •	 technický	průkaz	o	stavu	vozidla	 registration book
	 •	 silniční	kontrola	 road check
	 •	 bodový	systém	 points system
	 •	 taxislužba	 taxis

INTERCITY TRANSPORT                                    DRIVING LICENCE
   Intercity	public	transport	in	the	Czech	Repub-         To drive a motor vehicle in the Czech Republic,
lic	include	mainly	transport	by	bus	or	by	train.	      it	is	necessary	to	have	a	driving	license.	Driving	
   National	air	transport	is	used	only	marginally	     license issued to holders of the relevant Munici-
and	among	the	largest	cities	(Prague,	Brno,	Os-        pal	Office	or	Municipal	authorities	in	the	territory	
trava).                                                of	 the	 Czech	 Republic.	 The	 license	 is	 subject	
   Intercity	bus	services	provided	by	the	territory	   to completing the practical training, theoretic in-
of	 the	 Czech	 Republic	 many	 bus	 transporters.	    struction in a driving school and an examination
Each of these transporters has its own tariff sys-     of	professional	competence.	License	holder	has	
tem, which offers a single tickets and season-         to have a driving license while driving by him
tickets.                                               and	on	request	him	to	submit	to	control.	
   Rail transport in the territory of the Czech           For driving on the territory of the Czech Re-
Republic	 provide	 Czech	 Railways	 (http://www.       public also authorizes a valid driving license	Czech	Railways	offers	a	system	of	tariff-      issued by a member of the European Union,
base fare and the various discounts that are           license and an international license issued by
available	to	a	large	group	of	passengers.              a foreign state under the Convention on Road
   Connections for rail, bus and public transport      Traffic.	Anyone	who	wants	to	use	his	vehicle	on	
can	 be	 found	 on	 the	 website	 http://www.idos.     the territory of the Czech Republic must be reg-
cz.	On	this	website	you	can	find	links	for	each	       istered at the Municipal Council (with the excep-
type of transport separately, or you can combine       tion of persons whose stay in the territory of the
different types of transport, and search for the       Czech	Republic	last	no	longer	than	185	days	in	
optimal	connection.                                    the	calendar	year).	

 a uniform                      a policeman‘s badge


company car                        service card

  On	the	territory	of	the	Czech	Republic	is	required	to	comply	with	applicable	laws	and	other	legal	
standards.	In	the	event	that	any	of	these	laws	violate,	you	may	be	prosecuted	or	will	be	against	you	
started	administrative	procedure.
   Not	only	you,	you	may	violate	any	of	the	laws,	but	you	may	be	reduced	your	right.	If	that		happens,	
it	is	necessary	to	turn	to	for	help	of	various	institutions.	In	the	case	of	crimes	such	as:	theft,	robbery,	
wittingly bodily harm, rape,domestic violence, blackmail, violation of domestic freedom, assault,
counterfeiting	 or	 forgery	 documents,	 attack	 on	 a	 public	 official,	 illegal	 arming	 –	 it	 is	 important	 to	
lodge	a	punishment	complaint	to	any	police	or	to	the	prosecutor’s	office.	
  If	you	perpetrate	a	crime,	or	you	will	be	suspected	of	the	perpetration,	then	you	will	be	try	for	it	by	
the	Police	of	the	Czech	Republic.	In	some	cases	you	have	the	right	to	a	lawyer	free	of	charge,	but	
the	Police	of	the		Czech	Republic	will	have	to	provide	an	interpreter	for	you	always.

                             DISTRICT POLICE OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC
 District police Plzeň 1	(for	the	city	district	Lochotín,	Bolevec,	Roudná,	Bílá	Hora)
 Kaznějovská	2,	306	11	Plzeň,	tel.:	974	325	391,	fax:	974	325	618,	e-mail:
 District police Plzeň Vinice		(for	the	city	district-	Vinice,	Košutka,	část	Roudné)	
 Strážnická	16A,	306	11	Plzeň,	tel./fax:	974	325	397,	e-mail:
 District police Plzeň 2 (for the city district Slovany)
 Slovanská	163,	Plzeň,	tel./fax:	974	325	392,	e-mail:
 District police Plzeň – Bory (for	the	city	district	Bory,	Borská	pole,	Doudlevce,	Litice,	Radoby-
 čice	a	Valcha	)
 Družstevní	16,	306	11	Plzeň,	tel./fax:	974	325	395,	e-mail:
 District police Plzeň centre (city	centre	–	centrum	města)
 Perlová	3,	306	11	Plzeň,	tel.:	974	325	513,	fax:	974	325	563,	e-mail:
 District police Plzeň Skvrňany (for	the	city	district	Skvrňany,	Nová	Hospoda,	Křimice,	Radčice	
 a Malesice)
 Vejprnická	56	,	306	11	Plzeň,	tel.,	fax:	974	325	396,	e-mail:
 District police Plzeň 4 (for	the	city	district	Doubravka,	Lobzy,	Újezd,	Červený	Hrádek	a	Bukovec)
 Hřbitovní	1,	306	11	Plzeň,	tel./fax:	974	325	394,	e-mail:	
 Provincial Directorate of the Alien Police (Slovany)
 Slovanská	alej	2046/26,	326	00		Plzeň,	tel.:	974	320	229,	fax:	+420	974	320	228,

  In	the	event	that	you	become	the	victim	of	a	crime	or	you	have	any	doubts,	you	can	contact	for	
advice	and	assistance	advice	bureau	White	circle	of	safety	o.s.,	Pilsen	Husova	11,	every	Tuesday	
from	4	p.m.	to	6	p.m.	Telephone	number/fax:377	637	695.	But	here	you	have	to	speak	Czech	or		it	
is	good	to	have	an	interpreter	with	you,	to	which	you	trust.

              MUNICIPAL POLICE

patches                           municipal police office shield

          municipal police officer uniform

  In	the	city	of	Pilsen,	you	can	meet	with	city	police	Czech	Republic,	its	work	is	to	ensure	order	in	the	
city, to ensure compliance with the rules of coexistence, detecting of the violations or other offenses
and	also	noted	individual	or	fictitious	person	for	violation	of	general	laws	and	make	measures	to	
 The	 most	 common	 violations:	 violations	 against	 the	 security	 and	 continuity	 of	 traffic,	 violations	
against	public	order	for	example	disturb	the	peace	at	night	–	from	22	p.m.	to	6	a.m.,	the	violation	
against	property,	the	violations	in	relation	to	the	protection	against	alcoholism	and	other	tocikomania.

                               PLZEŇ MUNICIPAL POLICE - OFFICES
 Perlová	3,	Plzeň
 chief	constable	MP:	JUDr.	Luděk	Hosman,	tel.:	378	036	914,	e-mail:
 office Lochotín a Vinice
 Alej	Svobody	60	Plzeň	tel:	378	036	918	e-mail:	
 Office	Vinice:	Plzeň,	Brněnská	65,	310	00,	tel.:	378	036	970,	e-mail:	
 office Slovany
 Koterovská	83,	Plzeň,	tel:	378	036	920,	e-mail:	
 office – city centre
 Divadelní	4,	Plzeň,	tel.:	378	036	933,	e-mail:
 office Bory
 Heyrovského	40,	Plzeň,	tel.:	377	377	604,	e-mail:
 office Doubravka
 Rádiová	42,	Plzeň,	tel.:	377	265	592,	e-mail:
 office Skvrňany
 Terezie	Brzkové	35,	Plzeň,	tel:	378	036	966,	e-mail:
 office Křimice
 Úřad	městského	obvodu	Plzeň	5-	Křimice,	Prvomájové	ulice	100

  But	you	may	be	reduced		for	your	rights	in	the	field	of	labor	law.	In	this	case	it	is	best	to	go	to	one	
of	the	non-governmental	organizations	for	assistance.

	 •	 Policie	ČR	–	tel.	č.158	 Police of the Czech Republic telephone number 158
	 •	 Hasiči	–	tel.	č.	155	 Fire Department telephone number 150
	 •	 Lékařská	záchranná	služba	–	tel.	č.150	 Medical rescue service, call the number 155
	 •	 Městská	policie	Plzeň	–	tel.	č.	156	 Municipal Police telephone number 156
	 •	 Cizinecká	policie	 Alien Police
	 •	 Policista	–	označení	na	uniformě	 markings on the uniform
	 •	 Strážník	–	znak	 police officer – shield
	 •	 hasič	 fireman
	 •	 hasicí	přístroj	 fire-extinguisher
	 •	 právník	 lawyer
	 •	 přestupek	 violation
	 •	 trestný	čin	 crime
	 •	 oznámení	 announcement
	 •	 pachatel	 offender
	 •	 svědek	 witness
	 •	 oběť	 victim
	 •	 stížnost	 complaint
	 •	 vydírání,	zastrašování	 blackmail, discouragement
	 •	 výtržnictví	 disorderly conduct
	 •	 krádež	 theft
	 •	 podvod	 imposture
	 •	 fyzické	napadení	 physical assault
	 •	 znásilnění	 rape
	 •	 rušení	nočního	klidu	(noční	klid	od	22.00	hod.)	 disturb the peace at night (silent hours from 10 p.m.)
	 •	 opilství	 drunkness
	 •	 záchytná	stanice	(„záchytka“)	 sobering-up station
	 •	 užívání	drog	 drug taking
	 •	 rasismus	 racism
	 •	 trest	 punishment
	 •	 vězení	 prison
	 •	 správní	vyhoštění	 renvoy
	 •	 vzetí	do	vazby/vyhošťovaní	vazba	 take in charge
	 •	 soud	 court of law
	 •	 tlumočník	 interpreter
	 •	 Státní	zastupitelstvo/státní	zastupitel	 prosecution/prosecutrix
	 •	 Podat	trestní	oznámení	 lodge a punishment complaint
                    IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS
               FIRE DEPARTMENT                        150
           MEDICAL RESCUE SERVICE                     155
         POLICE OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC                 158
               MUNICIPAL POLICE                       156
INTEGRATED RESCUE SYSTEM (you can speak english)      112
                POWER FAILURE                      371 101 111
               WATER ACCIDENTS                     377 413 444
                GAS ACCIDENTS                         1239
                PHONE FAILURE                        13129

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