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                             GOVERNING BOARD

                                 UNADOPTED MINUTES


A regular meeting of the Solano County Community College District Governing Board was
called to order at 7:03 p.m., on Wednesday, November 20, 2002, in the Administration Building,
Room 626, Solano Community College, 4000 Suisun Valley Road, Fairfield, CA 94534-3197,
by Barbara J. Jones, President.


At the request of Board President Jones, Trustee James M. Claffey led those present in the
pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.

3.     ROLL CALL

Members Present:

Barbara J. Jones, President
Bill Thurston, Vice President
James M. Claffey
Denis Honeychurch
Pam Keith
Willie McKnight
Jerry R. Wilkerson
Christopher Adams, Student Trustee
Armond Phillips, Interim Secretary

Members Absent:


Others Present:

James Bracy, Vice President of Student Services
Willard Wright, Vice President of Administrative and Business Services
Patricia Y. Cordry, Executive Coordinator, Superintendent-President/Governing Board
Sandra Dillon, Director of Human Resources
Kris March, Director of Community Services and Public Information
Rick Ida, Interim Associate Vice President, Workforce and Community Development
Monica Brown
Solano County Community College
District Governing Board
Unadopted Minutes— November 20, 2002
Page 2

Jonnie Hoggan, Financial Aid Office
Sherri Luna, ASSC
Larry Hansen, Fiscal Services
Marc Lancet, Art Department
Al Purdy, CCA
Lisa LaFarga, ASSC
Ona Smith
Sal Alcala, Dean of Financial Aid and EOPS
Nancy DiPasquale, Financial Aid


Board President Barbara J. Jones stated that item 9. (d) was removed from the agenda and will be
submitted at a later date.

Moved by Vice President Bill Thurston and seconded by Trustee Willie McKnight for approval
of the agenda. The motion passed unanimously.


There were no comments from members of the public.


(a)    Associated Students of Solano College (ASSC)

Sherri Luna reported that:

--ASSC purchased a defibrillator from their capital improvement fund in the amount of $2,600
for the campus. Senator Elizabeth Veldsman has coordinated an effort for the Pepsi scholarship
and guidelines for administration of the scholarship were recently approved by ASSC. ASSC
has set aside $1,500 to assist with the Adopt-A-Family Program for 100 families.

--ASSC is running a holiday food drive.

--World Aids Week will be held December 2-6. The Aids quilt will be on display during the
week in the back half of the cafeteria.

--Solano’s football team will be on ESPN on Thursday. On Saturday, Solano will play Sierra
College. Solano’s basketball game will be at Monterey Peninsula College at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

(b)    Academic Senate

Board President Jones reported that Academic Senate President Barbara Pavão is unable to
attend the Board meeting and the Board looks forward to hearing from her at the next meeting.
Solano County Community College
District Governing Board
Unadopted Minutes— November 20, 2002
Page 3

(c)    Shared Governance

President Phillips reported that the Shared Governance Council met November 13 and heard
reports from each area. The students provided information on the goals for ASSC. Dr. Wright
gave updates on the revenue and expense report. Esther Pryor, Jo Ann Smith and Tom Carpenter
gave updates on happenings in their unions. The Shared Governance Council discussed the
bond election and the next steps. No action was taken at the meeting.

(d)    Superintendent

President Phillips reported that:

--we are thrilled with the results of the bond election. The absentee ballots came in and the vote
went up. President Phillips stated that much work needs to be done now that the bond has
passed. At the Community College League of California (CCLC) Conference last week,
President Phillips attended a session, ―After the Bond Passes.‖ Many things have to occur
concurrently. One strong message for the campus community is that there will be involvement
by faculty, staff and students in the process of looking at the buildings to be built, including the
use and flow of buildings. We want people to feel that they contributed significantly to the
outcome of the remodel and the buildings. Faculty, staff, management and students are
encouraged to go to other campuses that have just built buildings to see what is occurring in the
region and ask people what is working and not working at their institutions. At the same time,
we will be working with the cities for off-campus centers. We will seek center designations for
the off-campus centers from the state. We need to work with the developer in Vallejo. President
Phillips stated that he would recommend either a study session or Board retreat bringing in the
attorney who worked with us on bonds.

President Phillips stated that a priority system will need to be established on what should be built
first. The priority system would be a building plan, not a priority system on the worth of the
program. We want to minimize any disruption of our programs and services. Ray Ogden and
Dr. Wright will work with architects to minimize the disruption.

President Phillips stated that we hope in the next six to eight weeks to get things in motion for
the next President.

--the accreditation visit took place on November 7-8 and was a very positive one. The team felt
that the College is making significant progress with respect to planning and communication.
They were pleased that student participation has increased significantly. The team liked our
operational plans including enrollment management. The team feels that it is critical that the
District holds dearly to its five percent reserve. The bond people at the conference indicated that
to get the very best rating on the issuance of bonds, they will look at the reserve of the campus.
They also stressed the significance of financial stability. President Phillips credited all faculty,
staff, managers and Board members who participated as a positive statement that we are on the
right track at Solano.
Solano County Community College
District Governing Board
Unadopted Minutes— November 20, 2002
Page 4

--the Board will move forward with the presidential search process. President Phillips stated that
he has heard nothing but positive things from the committee that interviewed the candidates.
The committee worked well together and feels there are outstanding candidates. President
Phillips stated that we all need to be thankful to the committee for their time and energy on the
presidential selection process.

--at the last Board meeting, there was an item on the agenda for the selection of a consultant to
be hired for the Associate Vice President of Technology and Learning Resources. It was
indicated at the last meeting that the item would return to the Board on November 20. President
Phillips stated that there was no alternative plan to bring to the Board at this time. President
Phillips stated that the concerns of the Board were listened to very intently. The Board concerns
appeared to be on the contract with the consultant and the consultant’s fee. Dr. Campbell has
initiated a second plan to see if there is anyone in the Learning Resources area who would be
willing to step forward for the Spring Semester to help manage the area. An announcement
went out to faculty asking if there was anyone interested in being an interim manager of
Learning Resources for the Spring Semester. If this is possible, it gives Dr. Campbell a great
deal of flexibility in dealing with the technology aspect of the position. President Phillips stated
that he would keep the Board informed on the matter.

Board President Jones expressed appreciation for the efforts that have gone into resolving the
issue. She stated that it was a real pleasure to serve on the Superintendent-President Search
Advisory Committee. Board President Jones stated that it was interesting to see the interaction
among members and that the main goal of everyone was what is going to be best for Solano. She
stated that regarding accreditation, the visiting team really stressed the importance of the five
percent reserve. They want to know the unfunded liabilities including health benefits and
retirement. Board President Jones informed the team that the Board Audit Committee is
discussing all aspects of these items.

Vice President Thurston stated that he has been associated with the College since the 1960’s and
he did not remember any single thing that was more uplifting than having the bond pass. He
stated that he was pleased with all of the efforts of everyone who worked on the bond. Board
President Jones recognized Dr. Willard Wright, in particular, for his leadership on the bond and
to all those who worked after hours seeking passage of the bond.



(a)    Minutes for the Meeting of November 6, 2002

Human Resources

(b)    Employment – 2002-03; Approval of Job Descriptions; Elimination of Job Description; Request
       for Reduced Workload 2003-04 (Attachment A)
Solano County Community College
District Governing Board
Unadopted Minutes— November 20, 2002
Page 5

Administrative and Business Services

(c)    Warrant Listings (Attachment B)

(d)    Authorization to Increase General Fund Budget, Resolution No. 02/03-14

(e)    AB 2910 Quarterly Report, First Quarter of FY 02/03

Academic Affairs

(f)    Consideration of Sabbatical Leaves

Moved by Trustee Willie McKnight and seconded by Vice President Bill Thurston for approval
of the Consent Agenda. The motion passed unanimously.


There were no items removed from the Consent Agenda.


Human Resources

(a)    Public Hearing and Adoption of CCA/CTA/NEA Openers to the CCA/CTA/NEA and
       District Collective Bargaining Agreement or 2002-03

Board President Jones recessed the regular meeting at 7:23 p.m. and opened the public hearing.
In hearing no comments from the public, Board President Jones closed the hearing and
reconvened the regular meeting.

Moved by Vice President Thurston and seconded by Trustee Pam Keith for approval of the
CCA/CTA/NEA Openers to the CCA/CTA/NEA and District Collective Bargaining Agreement
for 2002-03. The motion passed unanimously.

(b)    District Openers to the District and CSEA, Chapter #211 Collective Bargaining
       Agreement for 2002-03

Moved by Vice President Bill Thurston and seconded by Trustee Pam Keith to accept the
proposal and set a public hearing for December 4, 2002. The motion passed unanimously.
Solano County Community College
District Governing Board
Unadopted Minutes— November 20, 2002
Page 6

Academic Affairs

(c)    Resolution in Support of the Fire Technology Program, Resolution No. 02/03-15

Moved by Trustee Denis Honeychurch and seconded by Vice President Bill Thurston for
approval of Resolution No. 02/03-15.

Jim Ignatieff, Dean of the Trade/Technical Division, introduced Roy Pike, Coordinator of the
Fire Science Program, to the Governing Board. Mr. Ignatieff stated that we are in the process of
seeking re-certification for the Fire Science Technology Program. The process has involved
curriculum revision, program revision, support from the local fire community, and support from
the Governing Board.

Board President Jones commented that she is the Board representative to the Fire Science
Advisory Committee. She stated that Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Pike have put in many hours meeting
with the public and the fire department. Board President Jones stated that this is the first step
toward re-accreditation and part of a three-year planning stage. She stated that the lease with the
California Medical Facility will expire in 2004 and the various options are being considered.
Board President Jones thanked both Dean Ignatieff and Mr. Pike for their efforts.

The motion passed unanimously with the roll call vote as follows:

STUDENT TRUSTEE ADVISORY VOTE—Christopher Adams concurred.
AYES—Trustee James M. Claffey, Trustee Denis Honeychurch, Trustee Pam Keith, Trustee
Willie McKnight, Vice President Bill Thurston, Trustee Jerry Wilkerson, Board President
Barbara J. Jones

Student Services

(d)    Solano Community College Workability III Program Fiscal Year 2002-03

This item was tabled until a later date.


(a)    Special Services, Financial Aid/EOPS

Sal Alcala, Dean of Special Services, distributed packets of information containing his
PowerPoint presentation, a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application and a
schedule of classes. Mr. Alcala explained that the Financial Aid Office is in the Student Services
Building while the EOPS, Job Placement and Tutoring departments are located in the portable
buildings. He expressed his staff’s enthusiasm in that in the future all areas under Mr. Alcala
will be housed in one building as a result of the passage of the bond.
Solano County Community College
District Governing Board
Unadopted Minutes— November 20, 2002
Page 7

Mr. Alcala informed the Board that the Financial Aid Office staff have accumulated over 69
years of experience including Jonnie Hoggan (Financial Aid Analyst), Jeanne Hansen (Financial
Aid Advisor) and Nancy DiPasquale. Mr. Alcala introduced Ona Smith who has been in the
Financial Aid Office for just four months. Ms. Smith is also a former student.

Mr. Alcala called a list of 2001-02 Financial Aid actual presentations in Solano and Yolo
counties to the Board’s attention. He also reviewed a list of 2001-02 federal and state total
awards and dollars by program under Special Services. Just over a year ago, Solano College
hovered at $2.3 million allocated to students. Last year, the amount increased to $5 million in
terms of fiduciary responsibility for the Department of Education and the California Student Aid

The fee waiver programs and federal Pell grants continue to be the workhorses. Financial Aid
provides grant money, federal work-study or loans.

Mr. Alcala provided a chart of information showing the income levels of students seeking
financial aid. Almost 50 percent of the independent students on financial aid are women.
Almost 50 percent of the financial aid students have an income of less than $9,000. The
Financial Aid Office has set up 28 scholarship/financial aid/educational Web sites for students.

Mr. Alcala indicated that he is serving on the Solano County Community Action Committee on
the Homeless. Mr. Alcala stated that he would be partnering with Dr. Shirley Lewis in the
Student Development area and Dr. Ella Tolliver in the Counseling area.

Board President Jones stated that during the meeting with Congressman Miller, tuition sensitivity
was discussed with him. Board President Jones stated that it would be timely in January or
February to send a letter to Congressman Miller on this issue. Mr. Alcala expressed appreciation
to Board President Jones for her comments and concerns and stated that he would commit to the
letter to Congressman Miller.

Trustee McKnight commented that Congressman Miller had asked us for some information to
help him further the matter with other legislative leaders.

(b)    New Job Description – Art Lab Technician

Sandra Dillon stated that this position was the number one priority for the Educational Master
Plan for 2002-03; however, it has been Marc Lancet’s priority for the last 17 years.

The job description will be brought back for action at the next Board meeting. Board President
Jones expressed appreciation for the input in getting the job description to this point.

(c)    Revenue and Expenditure Report for the Period Ending October 31, 2002

Dr. Willard Wright stated that we have received revenue in the amount of $11.2 million and paid
expenses in the amount of $13.7 or a difference of $2.7 million. He noted that he has been
Solano County Community College
District Governing Board
Unadopted Minutes— November 20, 2002
Page 8

keeping the Board informed of the problems that we will encounter when the state decided to
hold onto our COLA increase and put it in the form of taxes. It is due the second week of
December. We have turned to our TRAN (Tax Relief Anticipation Notes) for $2 million to
make up the cash flow difference. This will be a normal way of doing business from now on
with the state’s decision and the slow payment of reimbursements. The TRAN will cost us $1
million back in December and another $1 million in April. Rather than cost, it is a loss of
revenue. We borrow at 1.68 percent and they loan it out, invest it at 2.52 percent and the
difference is about $58,000. All K-12 districts in Solano County and most community college
districts use the TRAN.

Board President Jones stated that people should know that Solano College is not doing deficit
spending. Solano College is continuing to move forward; however, the state is not paying us in
the normal procedure to which the College had grown accustomed. The state owes the College
$12.7 million in taxes and yet we have not received a dime. Dr. Wright anticipated that the
College would get $7 million during the second week in December. Dr. Wright commented that
the College has not yet received any lottery monies and is expecting to receive $1.1 million.

Trustee McKnight asked if the state was holding onto the funds in order to make interest for
themselves to which Dr. Wright replied affirmatively.

(d)    Proposed Calendar of Board Meetings for 2003 Calendar Year, Procedures for Policy

President Phillips stated that the calendar of Board meetings continues with the regular schedule
of meeting on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.

Board President Jones brought up the possibility of holding Board meetings in Fairfield. She
stated that it does seem to make an impact when the Board meets in Vallejo and Vacaville.
Trustee Claffey stated that he would talk to the Assistant City Manager in Fairfield about the
idea. She stated that this would help to make the College more visible in the community.


President Phillips shared a flyer on World Aids Day with the Governing Board. The opening
ceremony will be held on Monday, December 2, at 10 a.m.

President Phillips called the Board’s attention to an article in the newspaper about the state
clearing toxic soil near Solano Community College. President Phillips clarified that the soil was
next to WestAmerica Bank. The soil was farmland where pesticides were used to keep insects
off of cattle. Two and a half feet of soil needed to be removed. President Phillips stated that 150
truckloads of contaminated soil at a cost of $450,000 were removed. President Phillips indicated
that he would contact the Vacaville Reporter about the article’s reference to the soil next to the
Solano County Community College
District Governing Board
Unadopted Minutes— November 20, 2002
Page 9


Board President Jones stated that when she attended the national Association of Community
College Trustees (ACCT) Convention she was impressed with Jacksonville Community College.
Based on what we see happening with the state and knowing that it will continue to happen, she
recommended that two administrators be sent to Jacksonville Community College to see what is
working and what is not working for them. Board President Jones explained that Jacksonville
Community College was able to get $45 million in grants and donations from industry within
four years. She expressed her opinion that as we look to the future and what will be happening
with funding, instead of reinventing the wheel, we should go to other community colleges and
see what is working extremely well. Board President Jones stated that she wanted this to be an
agenda item; however, President Phillips advised that an agenda item was not necessary and that
Board direction would suffice. She stated that the information gained from visiting others could
be used in the planning process for the bond and as the College builds and develops future
programs and services. Board President Jones stated that Jacksonsville was doing things in
aviation, nursing and computers that were very exciting using technology. She stated that this
was particularly important as we hire the new Associate Vice President of Technology and
Learning Resources. She asked the Board for concurrence. Board President Jones clarified that
it would help people become more knowledgeable so that they look at how we spend bond
dollars and link back into the community. She stressed the importance of really beginning to
start linking back into our communities. She stated that by learning from others, it would help us
know what areas would be successful and which would not be successful while being a wise
expenditure of dollars. President Phillips stated that the return would really be in terms of
planning in the Educational Master Plan. It was the consensus of the Board to support Board
President Jones’ suggestion and direct that two administrators go to Jacksonsville for the purpose
outlined above. President Phillips indicated that he would pursue the idea. Board President
Jones asked that information be brought back to the Board. She asked that President Phillips let
her know that this is in process.

Board President Jones stated that during the meeting with our Congressman, there was a major
discussion on pursuing a grant. One of the comments that Congressman Miller made was that
yes, he is on the Education Committee and there are not many dollars there. He suggested that
there will be discretionary dollars in the Homeland Security area. Board President Jones
reported that she met with Dr. Kathryn Campbell and the Fire Science people. Board President
Jones stated that now that the Homeland Security Department has been formed, they are
interested in giving out dollars for this purpose. There is a tight timeline (a year and a half). She
commented that she has been talking with President Phillips and Vice President Campbell on this
matter. She reported that the Congressman stated that Solano College staff should try to write
something unique that brings people together from a variety of sources. Board President Jones
stated that one of the things being discussed is the first line of responders and how they will be
trained, i.e., police, fire and nursing. She stated that since we have Fire Science and Nursing at
Solano, we have some opportunities to get grant money and to help meet community needs.
Congressman Miller suggested looking at other entities with whom we can work closely. She
felt that this concept could help bring Solano College to the forefront and help our communities.
President Phillips reported that Congressman Miller also stated that he would direct his staff to
Solano County Community College
District Governing Board
Unadopted Minutes— November 20, 2002
Page 10

come to Solano College to help us spell out how to get funds, if we came up with the ideas and
the connections. Dr. Campbell stated that the Division Deans were at a meeting yesterday
regarding on-line learning. A course shell would lend itself to better discussions on the matter.
Dr. Campbell has already put the topic of Homeland Security out for discussion. Rick Ida stated
that Lawrence Livermore Lab and UC Davis will receive multi-million dollars in Homeland
Security as it pertains to agriculture. The Director of SedCORP and Rick Ida will make contact
with UC Davis to try to develop a consortium of colleges that might be able to take advantage of
this opportunity. Already there are handheld devices that have been developed that are used in
agricultural areas to determine if there are chemicals dangerous to human life. We are looking at
how we can tie our Biotechnology program into this.

Trustee McKnight stated that he has seen that if we go to war, first-line people such as nurses,
fire people and doctors would be needed leaving the home country a little short of services
provided by people in these valuable professions. Trustee McKnight stated that we should
consider this as we look to the future.

Board President Jones also stated that the Board used to receive police reports. She asked if the
Board could once again receive the police reports. President Phillips indicated that Dr. Wright
would again provide the police reports.

Board President Jones called a break at 8:07 pm.

13.    Closed Session
       1. Public Employment
          Title: Superintendent-President

Board President Jones called the Closed Session to order at 8:12 p.m. and adjourned the Closed
Session at 9:07 p.m.


Board President Jones reconvened the regular meeting at 9:08 p.m.


Board President Jones reported that the Board met in Closed Session and had discussion on
public employment of the potential Superintendent-President. No action was taken.
Solano County Community College
District Governing Board
Unadopted Minutes— November 20, 2002
Page 11


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:09 p.m.


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